Install Webcam For My Dell Inspiron N5050?

Jul 10, 2012

I want to install web cam for my dell inspiron n5050


Dell :: Inspiron N5050 With Fresh Install - Won't Acknowledge Network Adapter

Dec 8, 2012

Computer got bad virus (the FBI one on the news) so after every attempt to eradicate it failed, I did a fresh install of Windows 7 onto the computer. However for some reason it won't even acknowledge that it has a Network Adapter. When I go to Driver Devices, there is no Network Adapter to even click on to see what the adapter is so I know what kind of driver to install.

So being an optimist I installed several drivers and nothing has worked. Its set on cable connection and I can't get it to acknowledge its wi-fi. I haven't tried plugging it straight into the modem yet. That's my next step.

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Dell Inspiron 1564 With Dell Webcam Central Will Not Allow Access

Apr 9, 2011

I have an Dell inspiron 1564 with dell webcam central I been useing it a while now and had no problems with it untill one day I logged on and I go on webcam chat sites and as you know theres a button you click for your cam to turn on and useally a warning sign would appear saying would you like to allow this site to acces your webcam and I would click allow but now nothing appears and i click the cam sign and nothing happens just black I set the settings to Allow and always remember but nothing will work I was told to get rid of all my toolbars as they might of caughts the problem so I did and now i don't have any toolbars but it's still in not working I think its the McAfee secuirty I have a on my computer that is not allowing it but then i think why would it one day just stop it from allowing.

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Dell Laptop N5050 / XP - Wireless LAN And Graphics Drivers Unable To Install?

Jun 13, 2012

I have Dell laptop N5050 model and installed Windows xp but wireless lan and graphics drivers are not able to install on XP. Which compatible drivers should work on this laptop mode

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Dell :: Cannot Specify WLan Driver For Inspiron N5050

Dec 19, 2012

my service tag :  G2XTMT1  i cant specify the wlan driver from the list but the bluetooth is working 

my os: windows 7 x64 ultimate

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Dell :: Inspiron N5050 - Cannot Connect To Internet

Aug 30, 2012

I don't know  why but  this laptop  is the  only one I can not connect to internet ,not even plug it with a cable to   the  modem

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Dell :: Webcam And Bluetooth Not Functioning In Inspiron 14R 4050

May 6, 2012

how to install the bluetooth and wifi so I can be reused.

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Dell :: Webcam And Bluetooth Not Working On Inspiron 15r N5110

Dec 29, 2012

i have issue with my webcam and bluetooth i have installed a fresh copy of windows 7 on it after that i have installed all driver from cd in right order which came with laptop. i have installed dell webcam central it shows no supported webcam found. installing fresh copy of windows 7 installs webcam drivers itself.

and problem with bluetooth is when i active wireless from wireless switch a window pops up showing usb not recognized i think that is only the problem but why i have installed chipset drivers also.

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Dell :: Inspiron N4010 - Computer Cannot Recognize Inbuilt Webcam

Sep 15, 2012

I have dell inspiron N4010, the computer cannot recognize the inbuilt webcam.

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Dell :: Inspiron N5050 / Which Driver For Wireless Card

Oct 14, 2012

Inspiron N5050.Fresh install Win 7 sp1 home premium.I have the Dell drivers disc.when I go through the list of drivers to install, there is one listed for the wireless card for this computer, but it does not have the 'tick' which says the device has been detected.i try to install that driver anyway and I am asked to "Activate Bluetooth Using Wireless Switch". I went here [URL] and then did a search for DW1702, which is the card listed on my customer invoice. From that search I am taken here [URL] which lists 3 kinds of drivers: A01, A02 and A03. I have tried all three. A01 and A03 give up quite quickly. With the A02 the InstallShield Wizard starts up and most of the installation seems to take place and then it gives up. Windows tells me the driver was not installed properly.Whenever there is a problem over drivers, Dell tells us to install the Notebook System Software. There is no NSS on my drivers disc. (It does not come up on the list of drivers to install when the disc is first inserted and is not listed under 'System Utilities'.)  Since I can't connect to the internet without at least an ethernet driver installed, how am I supposed to install the NSS first? In any case when I enter my service tag on here or do a search for the N5050, I am given 11 filtered results and 33 'all related drivers' but no NSS.I was charged extra for the drivers disc and it doesn't have what I want. The laptop without a wireless card is useless to me.

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Dell :: Can't Turn Wireless On - Inspiron 15 Intel N5050

Jun 10, 2013

Just purchased refurbished Inspiron 15 Intel N5050.  I know about Function-F2 and the wireless switch is on, but I can't get any wireless to work.  I have tried to download drivers but they can't find the wireless card either.  However, when I put the service tag in, it says I have the wireless card.  The service tag is <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>.

When I go to Device Manager, other "other devices," Network Controller shows up as not having a driver installed. However, the network adapter shows up just fine. 

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Dell :: Inspiron N5050 Wireless Disconnecting Frequently

Apr 21, 2013

I brought my laptop 6 months back, initially i was using the wired internet, so internet was working fine.

Later i have started using the wifi, from then wifi in my Dell laptop it's been disconnecting very frequently every 5 mins. I am totally frustrated. i have googled the forums and tried different instructions, but still i am facing.

it's works fine if we keeping working with the system, but when ever we are watching movies with out any introductions then it will start disconnecting.

No issue with Wifi as i am using another laptop (HP - windows 7) it's working fine absolutely. 

Below are system details:Manufacturer: DellModel: N5050Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) i3-2370M CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHzInstalled memory (RAM): 6.00 GBSystem type: 64-bin Operating System I have tried with below steps, but no luck.


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Dell :: Inspiron N5050 Won't Connect To Pixma Printer Via Wi-Fi

Apr 23, 2013

Just purchased Pixma 5350 printer. Laptop will not connect via WiFi. Printer is connected to router via WiFi,laptop is connected to router via WiFi but not to each other. Printer works perfectly when connected to laptop via USB cable. Have un-installed and re-installed several times but cannot get the two to connect to each other.

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Dell :: Inspiron 15 Intel N5050 - Laptop Does Not Connect

Mar 9, 2013

I just received a Wifi adapter from my internet provider and my laptop does not connect. I thought that my laptop comes with Wifi in it already. I called dell and they told me to buy it? I dont understand, I am connected with my network, I am able to connect wifi with my PS3 and Iphone but not with my laptop.

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Dell :: Inspiron N5050 - Can't Find Bluetooth After Driver Installation

Mar 24, 2013

i have inspiron n5050 laptop with windows8 installed and i updated all drivers from the support and for bluetooth i installed DELL WLAN AND BLUETOOTH CLIENT ver9 after calling to customer support. but i cant find bluetooth suite in my computer and have no bluetooth option in wireless in my pc settings.

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Dell :: Inspiron N5050 - Unidentified Network - No Internet Access

Jan 18, 2013

I purchased my Inspiron N5050 4 months ago. On 1/17/13 my internet went down.  My Internet provider replaced the router with a new one.  Now my computer is giving me a message in the currently connected to  "Unidentified Network, No internet access". Is shows that I'm connected in my "Wireless Network Connection, but not in my currently connected. 

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Dell :: Inspiron 1545 Crashes - Trying To Install Drivers

Feb 18, 2012

I am trying to use download manager to put drivers on a external drive but every time i try to download them it says no file selected.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1545 - Bluetooth Unable To Install

Dec 11, 2012

I installed Windows 8 (Build 9200)on Dell Inspiron 1545, Service Tag No -<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>. Peviously it was working in Windows 7 & Vista

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505 Modem And Wireless Adapter Install?

Aug 24, 2009

I recently reinstalled my OS of my E1505 and was installing drivers from the Dell Resource CD (which was for an ME051, is this a problem?).  But, after installing all of the drivers and system software my Intel ProSet Wireless program still says there is no supported wireless adapter on the computer...I also cannot create a connection when I connected the laptop to my hardline DSL cable. 

In addition, the video card driver will not install saying that one or more files needed to complete the install were missing and it closes the install wizard.  Just in case any of you can answer that as well.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1545 - How To Install Wireless Networking Hardware

Oct 8, 2012

I'm using a dell Inspiron 1545 with windows vista home premium x64 bit. I recently had to reinstall the operating system due to some severe problems, and ever since, when I try to connect to a network it says "windows could not find any networks", so I hit diagnose, and it said that no wireless networking hardware is installed and configured on my computer.

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Dell :: Not Able To Install Wireless Network Driver On Inspiron 15 R N5010

Apr 19, 2011

Recently I have bought Dell Inspiron 15R-N5010 DOS based laptop and installed Windows 7 OS from the dealer's shop from where I have bought.

Problem is that I'm not able to access internet via Wireless connection (but with Wired connection can access internet).

url... that install broadcom driver i.e. broadcom_wlan_5603506 but still the problem is not solved(after installing broadcoam driver) and I cannot see wireless network adaptor in Network and Sharing(in Control Panel) only Realtek and Bluetooth PAN adaptor is there.I tried to install :

- R252544 (Dell Wireless WLAN 1520 Half MiniCard) gets following error "No compatible hardware found. The software you are attempting to install is not supported on this system. The software will not be installed."  

- R252283 (Intel(R) WiFi Link 6200) gets following error "Software is not compatible with the OS" 

- R247430 (Intel (R) WiMAX Link 6250) gets following error "Software is not compatible with the OS".

I tried to install in Compatible mode but getting failure error message (Windows 7 service pack is not installed).System details : Windows 7 OS - 32 Bit System, Windows 7 service pack is not installed. Serial Tag - < ADMIN NOTE : Service tag removed per privacy policy >


- Which particular driver is required to be installed in Inspiron 15 R N5010 so that internet can be accessed via wireless connection?

- To install software in Compatible mode does Windows 7 service pack needs to be installed?If yes than which version?

- How can we check that Wireless driver is installed correctly ?

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Dell :: Cannot Install Driver On Inspiron 15R Wireless 5521 Win 7 32Bit

Apr 28, 2013

I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 I put a win7 32bit, but I partially solved installing drivers, pt. wireless fail to install ....; mention that software to install drivers I downloaded from Dell's website, depending on the type of laptop and operating system ... Computer Management mentioned that the warning signs for. Bluetooth Peripheral Device and Network Controller ..

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Dell :: Cannot Install Correct Drivers For Wireless On Inspiron 5521 - 6333

Jun 26, 2013

I tried all drivers I found, but cannot install the correct one for the wireless. It's not working at all and in device manager its with yellow !

I'm using windows 7

btw my Dell Service Tag is wrong. It shows a different model. It's <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

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Dell :: Inspiron 1750 / Belkin Bluetooth Adapter F8TO16 - Driver Won't Install

Dec 28, 2012

This afternoon, I plugged in a Belkin bluetooth adapter F8TO16 and paired it with a pair of 7dayshop headphones. Instead of leaving well alone with an old driver, I decided to update the Belkin driver - which went well. However, the  Dell 365 Module then reported an error and trouble shooting informed me that it now had a driver error. Windows searched for and found a driver, but could not install it.. I've since downloaded and installed new Dell drivers for it but I still get the same result - can't install driver. (The module was working fine before I up-dated the Belkin driver.)

I figure I now have to un-install the Module and then install an up-dated version. Is this the right way to go and if it is, how do I go about it?  I'm using Win7 64 bit on an Inspiron 1750.

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Dell :: N5050 - How To Activate Bluetooth

Jul 25, 2012

even i have bought a new dell Inspiron n5050 and am not able install the bluetooth driver the msg reads "Activate bluetooth using wireless switch".Even mobility centre dosent hv the to customize using Dell INC.

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Dell :: N5050 Wireless Shuts Down

Dec 28, 2012

i have a dell inspiron n5050. i bought it 2 months ago.  when i bought it i could connect to any wireless i wanted. 2 or 3 weeks later i restored the system to previus date because i had installed a couple of games which when i unistalled, i noticed that my computer was toooo slow.. after that when i try to connect to ONE specific network my laptop crashes the router and whoever is connected to it gets off. i don't have this problem with any other wireless. i have contacted the internet service and we fegured out it isn't a router problem.. by the way (and i don;t know if this is of any significance) this ONE specific network is the first network i entered when i restored my system. i run win7. for any more details ask.

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Dell :: N5050 - Wi-Fi Frequently Disconnects And Reconnects

Feb 8, 2013

About a week and a half ago my n5050 began disconnecting from the internet and reconnecting about 20 seconds later.  This happens pretty frequently, about once a minute or so.  It makes doing anything over wifi almost impossible.  Plugging in an ethernet cable (directly from modem or from wireless router) keeps the internet connected.  My wife's laptop, coincidentally also a Dell, doesn't have this problem.  Neither do mine or my wife's iPhones or my kids' Nintendo DSs.  I'm totally lost.  I've tried uninstalling the adapter, updating it, updating the firmware on the router, changing the power options on the wireless adapter, changing wireless channels, uninstalled and completely removed AVG 2013, tried a clean boot, and more.  I'm getting real close to scrapping this computer and going with another brand...

Here is my system info:

Host Name: OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium OS Version: 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601OS Manufacturer: Microsoft CorporationOS Configuration: Standalone WorkstationOS Build Type: Multiprocessor FreeRegistered Owner:


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Dell :: N5050 - Network Controller Not Found

Jun 17, 2013

I've bought a new Dell N5050, first it was on Ubuntu, then I formatted my disk and now working on Windows 7. Due to that, I've lost many drivers specially for wireless and network. I've downloaded many from here, but I'm still unable to find these 2. In other words, I can't connect to the wireless connection unless I use the Ethernet cable.

here is an image, it's french.

by the way, I've downloaded a lot of drivers, I wonder why I still got these two missing. ( did I download wrong ones?)

" Controleur de réseau = Network controller"

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How To Download Wireless Drivers For Windows 7 In Dell N5050

Aug 29, 2012

My internet has stopped working after windows7 installation. Wireless icon is missing after windows7 installation.

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Dell :: Installing N5050 Atheros WLAN Driver?

Mar 31, 2013

i bought a n5050 with ubuntu preinstalled so i installed windows7 but i cant find the wlan driver.The card is Atheros AR9485 but i cant find it anywhere in dell's driver list or anywhere else.

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How To Connect Re-install Laptop To Wifi Inspiron 1525

Mar 1, 2012

I reinstalled my inspiron 1525 but no wifi connections pop up when im trying to coneect

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Dell :: Wireless Not Functioning In Dell Laptops Inspiron 14r

Apr 18, 2012

I recently purchased dell laptops inspiron 14r.When i press the "A" key for activation of wireless network, it does not work. As my mouse and headset not function.

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Dell :: 610 Reinstall Can't Install Driver

Jan 23, 2012

Complete reinstall of Dell 610 Latitude, Driver 'Dell Wireless (US) WLAN Network Adapter Card, Rev A04 seems to be the correct one.  When the install starts, it never goes beyond 'Setup is searching for installed components.'  On the Drivers page it shows that the hardware is installled.

Device Manager, Hardware shows yellow for Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, PCI Modem, PCI Simple Communications Controller, which indicates to me I don't have the drivers yet.

Can't stop it, except via the Windows Task Manager.  When I do that I get a dialog box Titled 'Dell Wireless WLAN Installer, An error occurred while launching the setup. The remote procedure call failed.

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Dell :: Xps 12 - Widi Software Will Not Install?

Mar 4, 2013

Ok, last week got an XPS12 with win8 64 bit. It's advertised as being widi capable. However, it is delivered with no widi software. I've tried intel and dell software, and the widi software will not install. I've spent hours on the phone with dell "support". They have been of zero help and have absolutely no experience with widi. They first tried to tell me that intel does not support win8 with widi. I had to point them to the intel site.

I'm about to return the XPS12 within my return window if dell cannot solve this as I'm increasingly concerned with the obvious support gaps. Is there anyone running widi on an XPS with win8? Just trying all options before abandoning an otherwise nice machine.

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HD Camcorder That Could Be Used As A Webcam?

Oct 21, 2012

I've spent months looking for an HD camcorder that could be used as a webcam. Sony has confirmed that none of their camcorders function as webcams and I haven't had much luck with JVC addixxion which turned out to be rubbish. I'm using Windows 7 ultimate.

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Wireless :: How To Install Dell 968w To Another Laptop

Feb 7, 2011

Have a network already set up and I'm trying to add another laptop. I recall using a thump drive to install the last computers but can not remember how. Nor I can located original install disk.

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Dell :: 2010 - How To Install Wireless Driver Again

Jun 3, 2013

I reinstalled my windows7 again, because my laptop was jamming so much. But i cant connect to internet via wireless. I dont have any other options to connect my computer to internet other than using wi fi. I think it says i didnt install the wifi driver. i tried something, but it didnt work. btw i have inspiron 15r bought in the end of 2010

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Dell :: D600 Network Controller Will Not Install?

Feb 8, 2012

I have tried everything to install my broadcom driver with no luck . My chipset driver has two identicle drivers in device manager. Are they supposed to be there twice?  I have downloaded it and it looks like it installs but it never makes it to device manager? It will not install directly fron device manager. It is the only driver that will not install. I already know the chipset driver goes first.

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Dell :: 1545 Not Able To Install Bluetooth Module

Aug 12, 2012

I have Inspiron 1545 with windows 7 home basic. When I try to install bluetooth module it asks me to activate Bluetooth using wireless switch. How do I do it..

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Dell :: XPS 410 - Bluetooth Drivers Fail To Install?

Mar 27, 2010

xps 410 running win 7 64bit cannot get usb bluetooth adapters to work.  latest attempt is a micro innovations usb60bt that a Fry's salesman demonstrated in the store with an HP notebook.  took it home and three drivers fail to install correctly:

bluetooth hands-free audio
bluetooth remote control
bluetooth L2cap interface.

None of these gave problems when the guy installed it (plugged it in) in fry's; it immediately was able to pair with my BB 8900.  Since upgrading the XPS to win 7 have not been able to pair it to anything.  Is the bleeping bios that is no longer supported out-dated?  

I've tried my trusty old Belkin, a new IOGEAR class 1 and the latest, USB60BT by micro innovations class 1.  

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Dell :: E6410 Can't Install DW5550 Driver

Jun 27, 2012

I use  E6410 . Want install DW5550 on  windows 7 64 bit is fail .Driver unconpatible for machine

I want driver DW5550 for dell latitude E6410 Os windows 7 64 bit.

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Stream Webcam As IP Camera?

Apr 19, 2013

I have a IP Camera client app on my Nook Color (modified android based. Has select android apps available)) and would like to stream my laptop's webcam to it. The user agent's available in the settings of the client are:

Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 7
Netscape 3.x
Nexus One 2.2.1 US
Galaxy Tab 2.2 France
IP Cam Viewer 3

Here is the app on Google Play [URL]

How would I setup VLC to stream my webcam as a ip camera so I can view it with my app?

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