Networking :: Sharp Aquos IP Spoofing On LC 70LE845U

Jun 15, 2012

I just purchased a Sharp Aquos Quattron LC-70LE845U with SmartCentral user interface and I can not access any apps because I live in Puerto Rico which Sharp says is not part of the United States. I don't really care if it is or isn't but I do want to check out the apps because right now its not really a smart TV and I kinda feel a little jipped. Any way I want to spoof the IP to think that it is in the United States. However I don't think that I can go the software route because Sharp has its own operating system and browser so I don't know what would be compatible. I'm using a D-link DGL4100 router if that information is useful.

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Sharp Aquos TV Cannot Locate Wireless Network

Mar 14, 2013

I purchased the Sharp Aquos TV and it had connected to the internet NO problem. Here I am months later and it is not able to detect ANY wireless networks to connect to (and we have TWO wireless networks set up!). I have even tried to manually configure by entering all the wireless info and it still does not detect. What could possibly be wrong? My wireless is working FINE ~ I'm on my laptop now.


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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Media Server Doesn't Stream DivX To Sharp Aquos HDTVs

Feb 27, 2012

I have an E4200 with a USB hard drive connected to its USB port. I want to use the E4200 media server to stream divx and other video files on my Sharp Aquos HDTVs.I have an LC-70LE732U and a LC-52LE832U wired to my network. Both of them seem to discover and successfully connect to my media server however only MP3s and certain MPG files are detected. None of the AVI files show up.I have upgraded my E4200 firmware to 1.0.03 hoping that would fix the problem but it didn't. I don't want to run a Windows based media server as I don't have a computer that I can leave on all the time.

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Aquos TV Failure To Connect

Feb 15, 2012

having the same problem with my Aquos TV. We have a 2wire router, that is directly connected to a home computer. all other computers are connected via wireless with no problems. I have followed the manual instructions, the TV finds the router with enough bars, input the wep key, but it fails to connect. [code]

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Sharp Aqous Tv Won't Connect To Wifi

Oct 9, 2012

My laptop, cell and ipad all connect to my wireless router which is through time warner cable but when I tried to set up my tv to my wireless for netflix it said I need a lan usb wireless adapter? But all my other devices connect to my routers I cant figure out why it wont search my tv?

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Make A Wireless Connection From Sony Laptop To Sharp TV?

Jan 23, 2013

My son is trying to make a wireless conection from sony laptop to his sharp tv but the tv wont see his laptop

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Cisco WAN :: Anti Spoofing With 3825

May 5, 2011

Is there any way  to configure 3825 to ensure that all packets have a source IP address  that matches the correct source interface (similar to ASA's 'ip verify reverse-path interface')? Currently, we manage anti spoofing with a bunch of ACLs, however I'm looking for a more manageable solution.

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TP-Link ADSL2+ Wireless :: TD-W8951ND V4 - Does It Supports MAC Spoofing

Mar 31, 2013

Region : India
Model : TD-W8951ND
Hardware Version : V4
Firmware Version :

The product manual of TD-W8951ND V4 states that it's supports MAC spoofing. But in the product itself, it is nowhere to be found. I tried contacting the customer care via email but they are too lazy to respond. If they disabled this feature then why in the world they mentioned in the manual. I double checked the manual before buying this model. Now I stuck with it.

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Cisco Firewall :: To Enable Anti Spoofing ASA 5505

Apr 24, 2011

What is Anti Spoofing in ASA 5505. Can I enable it on ASA 5505. If yes , port will be inside or Outside. ? or both ?

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Cisco Firewall :: IS There Any Drawback To Enable Anti-spoofing In All PIX 535

May 30, 2011

We are runing PIX 535 with software version 8.02. In ASDM,  I see  anti-spoofing is diable in all interfaces. If I enable it, is there any negative effect? Can I enable it in DMZ, inside, and outside interfaces?

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Cisco WAN :: IP Spoofing And Redirect Inbound Traffic C3750

Oct 9, 2012

We want design a topology based on transparent proxies using WCCP. Our proxies can do spoofing of user ip addresses. So, the HTTP request will go out our network with the user ip address as source ip. The HTTP Response will arrive with destination address the user ip address. We want use WCCP to redirect inbound and outbound traffic because we have c3750 with L2 WCCP support. The outbound redirection, when the packet is going out our network is simple. But, the problem is the inbound redirection. How we redirect this packets to proxies by WCCP?. Is it possible?. This redirection is done by c3750 using TCAMs/hardware?. Our throughput could grow until 2-3Gbps and we are worried about the performance.

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Cisco Firewall :: PIX 525 Anti-Spoofing Attack Protection

Mar 19, 2011

I have multiple questions about the PIX 525 software version 8.0(2) ASDM 6.0 (2)I am a windows network admin that is new to Cisco and routing in general. I have read through the forums and the Cisco documentation, but have not been able to fully understand the topics discussed within.

1. Anti-Spoofing Attack Protection
2. Scanning Threat Detection - Auto Shun
3. NTP Sync Verification
4. QoS implementation5. IOS and ASDM Backup
This option is currently DISSABLED for all interfaces.I know what ip address spoofing is, but what is the functionality of these options specifically? How does it work and should I enable it and for which interfaces? Second Question: Scanning Threat Detection - Auto Shun
I found this option in ASDM under: Configuration --> Firewall --> Threat Detection.Enable Basic Threat Detection and Enable Scanning Threat Detection are both currently ENABLED, but Shun Hosts detected by scanning threat is currently DISABLED. Also, the Networks Excluded from Shun field is empty. I know what the shun command does. I have used it many times when I have been fortunate enough to catch some piece of **** trying to spam my mail server or gain access to it.
What I am asking specifically is how does the Auto Shun work? Should I enable it and what are the potential consequences? Also, what exactly is a scanning attack?
I am not familiar enough with the PIX and with the topics discussed in the document to successfully apply the info within. Plus, I'm not sure it covers the kind of basic, all-inclusive bandwith cap I would like to put in place.
The goal is to cap the maximum internet (outside) bandwidth that inside5 can use to a reasonable percentage while allowing the other interfaces to have the remainder.

How would I go about this implementation? 2. Is there a way to allow inside1 - inside4 to use max bandwidth when there is no traffic on inside5?
I am probably, at least, the third owner of this device and I do not have an account with Cisco nor can my tiny (perhaps non-exsistant given the current economic state) IT budget afford any form of support or software licensing with them.My goal is to backup the IOS and ASDM data in the event that I have to replace the device due to a hardware failure.
I found a file transfer function within ASDM which allowed my to copy the files pix802.bin, asdm-602.bin and tfp from flash to my desktop computer. I also have a copy of the activation key info and my current configuration.
1. Have I backed up all the data/info I would need to restore this software and ASDM to another unit.
2. The activation key screen also has a serial number field. Is this the hardware serial number or is it for the software? and is it tied to this device specifically or can I use it to restore another unit if necessary?
3. Is there anything else I should do or be aware of regarding backup and restore for the PIX?
4. What is the tfp file?

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TP-Link ADSL2+ Wireless :: TD-W8951ND V5 No Longer Have Mac Spoofing Option

Feb 20, 2013

Region : Malaysia
Model : TD-W8951ND
Hardware Version : V5
Firmware Version : V5
ISP : Streamyx

TD-W8951ND V5 No longer have Mac Spoofing support.i just bought this modem since my old one is faulty. and i realize that my modem is V5 my previous modem is V4 and there is Mac Spoofing support there.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA V8.4 Will Stop Pings With IPsec-Spoofing Logic

May 28, 2013

After hours of trial and error, and searching user groups, I have found that on occasion, ASA v8.4 will stop pings with the IPsec-Spoofing logic.  Interestingly, the packet-trace will say everything is allowed.
The fix (at least in my case, and one other) is to narrow the crypto-map to specific hosts, not subnets.

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Networking :: Wireless Networking On MT3707

Oct 23, 2011

I recently installed a very basic version of XP on my old laptop (Gateway MT3707).After hours of searching for the correct drivers, I found them, and installed them. After installing the correct drivers for wireless internet I was able to pull up the list and find my network on it.When double clicking on our wireless network it asks for a network key (also called WEP key or WPA key).Now we have a password for our network, but after an exhausting amount of tries that won't work. I not sure if that is what its looking for. In our apartment we run mac OSX, windows vista, etc., but usually the password for the network is satisfactory. I have never ran into this problem.I hate to be a noob, but I don't know where to go from here.

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Networking :: Fixing Networking With DIR-655

Mar 2, 2011

Having some serious problems on the networking front here at home. I have 3 PC's and 2 Xbox's that run constantly. Our Internet bandwidth is Insight's 50.0 which is 50Mb download speed 5Mb upload speed. The problem we're having is this. Ever since we upgraded from dual 20Mb lines on a Cisco RV042 to a 50Mb on a DIR-655 we've been having latency issues. I have everything turned off in the router. It's basically there to give out IP numbers and thats it. All security is handled from the PC's themselves. Bandwidth tests are fine, I sustain download speeds above 7MB/s using download managers. But pings are terrible. Xbox live is terrible, PC online gaming is terrible. is terrible. Only when behind routers. I've tried it behind 3 seperate routers. The DIR-655, the Belkin f5d8236 that insight provided me, and the cisco rv042 originally used for dual wan routing. all of which are met with serious failure.

If I plug directly in to the modem pings are fine. Add a router and pings go to shit.

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Way To Set Up Networking

Sep 24, 2012

I have 3 LAN connections. I m using 3 modems and 3 switches to connect all the pcs in LAN.but now i want 1 pc as a server which have connected all the 3 lan network with that everyone can share its file to server and even all clients. Should i have to create VPN or homenetwork to connect with server? and i must have to install microsoft windows server in server pc?

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Networking From XP To Windows 7?

May 30, 2012

My laptop (Win 7 x64) can currently access all the shares on the XP computers in my home network but,although I can see it, I cannot access the laptop from my main xp computer. I haven't tried to access it from the other xp computers downstairs. I have read the guide on this site as well as 3 or 4 other threads on this subject but am unable to resolve the issue. Completing the network setup so that I can look into my laptop from this main xp computer. My laptop has a wireless internet connection but I also have it plugged into my wired home network for sharing. I will provide other details as needed. I suspect that some essential services for file sharing may not be running on the laptop, but I'm not sure.

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USB Printer Networking?

Jul 16, 2012

I have been looking at ways of networking my printer in my office. The problem being that my printer does not have any kind of inbuilt networking capacity.So I thought I could connect it via USB to my router as it has a USB port on it.The router is an Orange Bright Box - In the specs for the router it says that the USB port is for file sharing, mentions nothing of connecting a printer to it

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Networking Between Windows 7 And XP

Sep 11, 2011

Trying to network between a Windows 7 computer and a Windows XP computer is possibly the hardest thing I have ever done.I have googled for hours and hours and none of the solutions seem to be working.I will try to explain what I have already done. Although I have done loads and I am sure I am missing some things.I have a Windows 7 laptop and for this exercise I shall call it WIN7. I have a Windows XP computer and for this exercise I shall call it WINXP.Both computers are in the same network which I have called SAMNETWORK. I have enabled permission to Everyone in folder sharing settings on WIN7. I have turned on Sharing and I have made myself discoverable with no password set on Network and Sharing Advanced Settings. Both user accounts on the XP and 7 machines are the same and both passwords are the same. I have turned all firewalls off. The WINXP computer has sharing enabled.

I have done a lot more things including installing LLTP (sp.?) and changing registry entries like Lsa/anonymous something like that (can't remember the actual directory) but I have changed registry entries as I have read elsewhere on the web and I have changed the network from home to work but that did nothing etc. etc. But everything that everyone suggests is just not working and I have been looking for about 4 hours now so you can imagine I have tried everything I have found!Anyway, my 7 laptop can see WINXP but when I click on it, it states that Windows cannot access \WINXP. The WINXP computer can see shared folders from WIN7 but it also states that it is not accessible. However, I did once get the WINXP computer to access the WIN7 shared folders. However, that doesn't even work now. I need the WIN7 to access the WINXP files. [code]

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Networking XP Machines - Can't Log In?

Feb 22, 2011

Running Windows XP Im a bit Dizzy as i can't seem to workout what's going wrong or what im doing wrong lol!!!8 Pc's on the network, all can view files etc.apart from one Pc Lets just call this "Bob1"It keeps asking for user name and password, now there's no user name or password on the giving pc, file and sharing is open and all the right ports giving. what i can't understand is that the reaming 7 pc's on the network has the same setup and files permissions, on the same subnet and can ping each other to my knowledge.So just to prove myself wrong i made a password for the pc that was asking for one on the network and this still did not to cut the story short 7 pc's can search each other fine but on "Bob1" keeping asking for user name and password.

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Networking Between Laptop And PC

Mar 3, 2011

I am having trouble with setting up connection between pc using windows 7 and a laptop using windows xp. Do I have to setup a separate network on my laptop?

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How Far Can Go RG-6 Cable For Networking

Feb 10, 2011

I am trying to use the existing rg-6 in a building for internet but am not sure how far a coax can go and still get a good signal strength?

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Networking XP To Windows 7

Dec 25, 2012

I am trying to add an XP computer to our (already) Win7 computer.Now...I have connected the xp computer to the external modem that gived the 7 it's signal by way of ethernet cable). I went through changing and matching up the workgroup names, and.....turned on "Network Discovery" on the 7 end....after everything is said and done...I DO get the internet signal to the xp, but knock out the 7, altogether.

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Networking Weird Error

Feb 24, 2011

networking error which seems to make no sense to me, i have computer 1 (tower computer) computer 2 (laptop computer 3 (tower computer1 & 2 have networked happily together for 4-5 years, sharing files and printers both ways. 3 was connected and happily joined the network but only with 2. 1 can see files on both 2 & 3, have now disconnected 3, have reset and rebooted router and both computers are up to date with software patches, i can not work out why 2 (or 3 before it was disconnected) can see 1 on the workgroup but can not access 1 in any way. i can, however, copy a shortcut from 1 through metwork places into 2 and access those files from 2. but network wizard or manual setting can not get full sharing.

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Remote Corporate Networking Via Vpn

Nov 22, 2012

I am the CEO of a small company with 5 divisions, 2 of which are remote. There is also my home office that I wish to be on the company VPN.We can't afford an IT department, so it is up to me to ask for a network diagram (as specific as possible) that lays out all the hardware required.My plan is to eventually have an intranet web server, file server, and database server all for internal use. Our external webserver is hosted by a well-known company. Growth must be considered both in hardware and network.

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How To Setup Networking With 2 NICs

Apr 22, 2012

I have two NICs and two seperated network connections on Windows Vista System. I want all visits to websites that are blocked by our Corporation LAN go to the external network, so I can use my personal emails etc.All the other applications still use corporation LAN.

1) Corporation LAN subnet: (Connection 1 - DHCP)
IP: 142.241.X.X
Gateway: 142.241.X.X

2) External network LAN subnet: (Connection 2 - DHCP)
IP: 192.168.1.X

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CPU Is Not Detecting Networking Hardware?

Aug 27, 2011

When i try to go online it says that i dont have a connection, and that it does not detect any networking hardware. How do i fix this?

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Networking XP With Windows 7 Machine

May 4, 2012

I am trying to link a Windows 7 machine with a laptop running Windows XP. The workgroup on both computers is the same. On the Win7 machine, I have a couple of folders set to be shared. The first is the C Drive and the share name is C-drive. The second is Quickbooks that I have named Quickbooks. On the XP machine, I went to map network drive and in the blank typed \Remote1C-drive. It asked for username and password and just like that we were connected. But I can't see all of the files on this drive. I don't even see all of the folders - one of which is Quickbooks. So I tried \Remote1Quickbooks and Windows XP couldn't find that path even though I'm positive that folder is shared on Win7. So no matter what I try, I can't see this folder on the XP machine, I even tried copying this folder to other locations around the computer and setting up shares in hope that something would work, but it never did. So I went back to the C Drive share on the XP machine. I tried to go in reverse, creating a file and putting it on the root of the c drive (I did this on the XP machine, but the file should have actually been located on the Win7 machine. When I check Win7, the file didn't exist. So I tried the other way. I right clicked on the c drive in Win7 and created a new bitmap image file. Back to the XP laptop, that file doesn't show. But if I look at the c-drive on Win7 from the xp machine, I see several other folders and some of them like Program Files contains actual files. But some of them are just empty such as \Remote1C.

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Networking Windows 7 Starter With XP

Jun 19, 2011

this is crazy - when i came back from out of town i tried to see if my problem still existed. it did - the win 7 laptop still could not "see" the win xp computers on the home network but all of the xp computers could see the win 7 laptop. just before sending this reply, i tried it "one more time". wa-lah, the laptop can see the other computers. this happened once before, it was seeing them, i had to leave the system and come back the next day - when i came back, the problem had returned. i did notice when i came back from out of town, my power had gone off and came back on- but this was b4 i checked it only to find the problem was still there, as just mentioned, i tried it just b4 writing this reply and the problem was no longer there. i just rebooted the laptop and as we speak, i can see all 3 of the xp computers from the win 7 laptop. i really can't make any sense out of what's going on but am beginning to think its in the modem.

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What Is Terminal And Workstation In Networking

Feb 11, 2011

what is terminal and workstation in networking? I assume they mean client computers.

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Networking Between Laptop And Desktop

Apr 18, 2011

I think that's what I want to do. I have an HP desktop with vista and cable high speed modem and a linkys attached to it for wireless. My laptop is a toshiba with wireless running windows 7 and I use it upstairs wireless to connect to the net. There are times I need a file from the desktop and I have to go down and put it on memory stick to copy it over. Is there any way I can access the desktop from the laptop without having to do that? Would need step by step instructions to set it up if it can be done with 2 different operating systems.

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Networking Using Microsoft Virtual PC?

Dec 5, 2011

I want to setup a lap environment for my studies using Microsoft Virtual pc. I have installed 3 virtual pc of which 2 are windows server 2008 named srv1 and srv2, the third virtual pc is running windows XP professional services pack 2 with the host operating system being windows 7.I have installed Microsoft loop-back adapter and i am trying to network the 3 virtual pc and the host.

srv1 ip address is
srv2 ip address is
wk1 ip address is

host pc's ip addresss for the loopback adaptor is when i check the workgroup i see only srv1 and srv2 i am only able to ping srv1 and svr2, the rest are unreachable.

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