Remove Business VPN Tunnel Access From Home Network?

Jul 17, 2012

"disconnect" home network from VPN tunnel to business location due to close of business. We had a business network that we could access from home. We've lost access to the business network, and it seems logical that we should be able to use the home network that is existing, but was fed internet from the office, and "re-direct " it to read just the home network.Currently at home we have a windows XP cmptr with a Netgear router, wireless access box, and Bell South Westell DSL box. How to we basically cut off the VPN link and just get what we have to read the home network?

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Remove A Home Network?

Feb 15, 2011

I tried to setup a network so i can access wireless printer. Now both my pc's are slow. How do I remove network I setup?

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Remove Other Home Device Network Map?

Feb 7, 2011

I want to remove au pairs computer from my home network as she's slowing everything down. Is there an way I can do this without her knowing?

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Business Network Setup -restrict Access To Some Of The Computers?

Jun 26, 2012

I have a client who has asked me to "optimize" their network.They currently have a few shared folders that everyone can see, but what they want is to restrict access to some of the computers on the network.More specific,they don't want the receptionist and the backroom workers to have access to those shared folders while the rest of the employees (the bosses) do have access to those folders.They have 2 computers with Windows 7, 2 computers with Windows XP, and a mac.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 And Small Business WRVS4400N VPN Tunnel

Mar 21, 2012

I'm trying to establish a VPN tunnel between our main office running a Cisco ASA 5505 [8.3(2)] and a remote user using a Cisco Small Business WRVS4400N firmware version V2.0.1.3.
The Cisco ASA 5505 is already configured to allow incoming IPSec VPN connections via the Cisco VPN Client.
Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about doing so? The remote user has a static IP address as well as the main office.
I'm trying to establish a VPN tunnel between our main office running a Cisco ASA 5505 [8.3(2)] and a remote user using a Cisco Small Business WRVS4400N firmware version V2.0.1.3.
The Cisco ASA 5505 is already configured to allow incoming IPSec VPN connections via the Cisco VPN Client. Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about doing so? The remote user has a static IP address as well as the main office.

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Home Network :: VPN Tunnel With Zyxel P-661HW-D And Dynamic IP

Aug 1, 2011

I need to create a VPN tunnel between two offices of the same company. I bought two Zyxel P-661HW-D to create the secure VPN tunnel but the problem is that the two offices has a ADSL connection with dynamic IP. Is possible, with this router, to use a DDNS service to create the VPN tunnel or it' s required to have static IP ?

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Setting Up Proxy On Home For Business Purpose

Mar 28, 2012

I am attempting to set up a proxy on a home network that is used for business purposes. I am not at all a networking person, I know enough to be dangerous. If I follow the steps listed here: URL Will this encrypt the data that is sent to the internet from any computer that connects to my network or just the one I follow the steps on?

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Cisco WAN :: C3750ME / Add Or Remove IPv4 Address From Tunnel Interface Getting This Log?

Jan 3, 2007

I have a Catalyst 3750 Metro running 12.2(25)EY4.Every time I add or remove an ipv4 address from a tunnel interface I have the following log:
Jan  4 10:42:19.088: %PLATFORM_HCEF-3-ADJ:  Insane handle in add LT7
-Traceback= 25222C A81C70 A7B28C B08958 B28940 B2A2E0 B2A684 B9EFA4 B9F004 B9F684 B9F814 B9F99C B8E3BC BA1BD8 3DFA94 39BA3C

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Cisco WAN :: 3845 Remove Tunnel Mode RBSCP Command

Sep 19, 2011

I am trying to implement RBSCP on two 3845s running 15.1(4)M1 Adv Enterprise over a satellite link.  The "show" commands all look correct, but whenever I policy route my machine through the RBSCP tunnel I dont even make it to the opposite side.  However, if I remove the "tunnel mode RBSCP" command so it acts like a regular GRE tunnel, I route through it just fine.  So I know its not a NAT, routing issue.  [code]

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Cisco Routers :: Is RV180 A Good Choice For Home Personal / Business Use

Apr 26, 2012

I am considering the RV180 as a wired router replacement to my current wireless and I can not find any user reviews, comments or ratings. I live in an area with a very poor wireless reception for our Sprint Cell phones (Still under contract) and I have a Sprint Airave which boosts the wireless signal for the cell phones. The Airave transmits on a 2.4Ghz band and it is stepping on my Internet wireless signal causing poor reception thought my 2-story house.
Due to this problem, I am considering installing a business class network with a router, PoE switch, and a strong Access Point. My house is pre-wired for with CAT5 wiring. I have looked at the EnGenuis EAP-350 Access Point (800Mw and 29dBm gain and PoE), The RV180 Gigabit Router, and the Cisco SD208P 8-port gigabit switch with 4 port PoE support for the Access Point. The switch will be located in a wall junction box so I need a switch with minimal ventilation requirements. Is the RV180 and SD208P the right choice to integrate in my network?
My experience with Linksys and Cisco products have been Great so I would like to stay with Cisco. I have looked at a competitors router (Netgear FVS318G-100) but the user reviews were very poor. I am not sure if I need a managed switch or not, as I will have one primary laptop running during the day and up to 3 other computes(2 laptops & 1 desktop), a wireless tablet (android), and a Xbox (wired connection) for the family (of course not all running at the same time).

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Wireless Access For Business Customers

Aug 22, 2011

I do alot with computers themselves, but, my networking skills are rusty and, I'm hoping this is a simple one!I have a customer with a medium sized network (about 20 desktop computers) that are setup with a Domain.The business is a car dealership and he wants to be able to offer wireless to the folks that are waiting (but not give them access to the network, printers, server).I've never setup a wireless network where access to only the internet and not the network itself is the goal, so I'm not sure how to do it properly.Is there an easy way to explain how I should be hooking it up? Or will the network information, type of router, etc. be necessary?

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Set Up Small Business Network?

Nov 16, 2012

I'm involved in setting up a new office for a business that's just starting out. I have some computer experience but not a whole lot in networking and security. We just have 3 people that will be working in the office and we need a way to store/backup/share files on the network as well as a way to access them remotely if need be. Our internet service is going to be providing us with a static IP. I was thinking that we could use an NAS with RAID 1 attached to the router, which is in turn connected to the cable modem, but I'm not sure if this is secure. Do we need some type of hardware firewall in between the cable modem and the router to protect us from the outside?

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Cisco Routers :: Small Business SRP527W Web Access Bug?

Jun 12, 2012

I'm trying to configure the newly install Cisco Small Business router SRP527W. This router is provide by one of Malaysia ISP
Problem I found is that, when a user (me) login to the router via web access, than I request my colleague (B), to test the feature I set to the router and try to login to the router via web access at his laptop.
Suprise, suprise, user B redirect to the basic setup page with Admin privilege without enter username and password. By upgrade latest firmware still unable to solve it.

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Home Network :: Use Access Point As Main Network Device

Aug 15, 2012

I currently have a BT Home Hub 3 router and an Ubiquiti Power AP N.What I am trying to do is use the Ubiquiti access point as the main device for all connections in my house (ethernet and wireless) so that I can use the QoS settings etc. I basically want the Home Hub router to play as little role as possible in the network except for providing the ADSL internet connection.I know I need to enable DHCP on the access point but everytime I do so the devices connected to the access point lose internet connection.(BTW I have an ethernet cable connected from one of the routers LAN ports into the access point's WAN port)

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Home Network :: Access Network Server From Internet?

Feb 8, 2012

i have an internet connection thrw USB from a ppp adapter from there i've made a netowrk with another computer now on the client computer from my network i have XAMP server who i want to be accessed from the internet .i have subdomain like ( registered at what IP i have to introduce there to make my server accessible

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Home Network :: Red X Over Network Icon / Have Internet Access?

Jun 30, 2011

I have been using a laptop to stream videos through my xbox for over 2years until recently. I setup a wireless network in the house to do this. All was fine until 3 days ago.I use a Dell Inspiron 1545 with Windows 7. I have a Dell Wireless 1397 Minicard, a cisco router (model #2425). Since my laptop was infected by Malware, my network has not worked since. I downloaded Malwarebytes Anti Malware to get rid of it and it appeared to work. I got internet access back. However, I still cannot connect to my network (visible in the Available Network list as normal) or stream any media.Windows Media Centre also has stopped opening and gives me the small box saying 'windows is checking for a solution', then closes with nothing. I can however open WMC if I right click and 'run as administrator'?! I have disabled all other network adaptors, only the Dell minicad is enabled and also tried disabling and enabling this main one with no effect. All problems point to the fact that my laptop can no longer connect to the home network but I cant figure out why?!Another (possibly unrelated) problem is occuring at boot up where I get an error message saying 'Bluetooth Software License not found. [2]' - Again this never happened before the Malware infection.

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Home Network :: Can See Network Share But Not Access Folders?

Aug 30, 2011

I have bought a new laptop and added it to my home network , two pc's and two laptops all running win 7. I share all drives on all machines. I know this is not very professional but it works for me.From the new laptop I can see all the network and see all the different drive folders but can only access the user folder on any PC from the new laptop. Also I can see the drives on the new laptop but only access the new laptops user folder from any other PC. I have checked this through a LAN cable and wireless with no difference.As the other PC's can see each other as normal I can only think there's a problem with the set up in the new laptop. I also note when I first try and access any other pc from the new laptop I am asked a domain name and password , I can put anything in these boxes and get to see the network but as I said above only access the user folders. I do have password access turned of.

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Small Business Network LAN Is Very Slow?

Sep 30, 2011

I just took a position and never had to work with networks that much before. Our lan is very slow and trying to figure out why. We have verizon business class 3 t1 lines dedicated 4 M. When I do a speed test we get about 4.05 average and 4.23 down. We have 11 computers on the network connected to a Dell power connect 2716. We have Two network printers and that is it. We are having problems with it being very slow when connecting to a share on the server or using RDP.

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Small Business Network Is Non Responsive

Jun 3, 2011

I work for a small business of five computers. We have a wireless network for internet traffic, and a wired network for file sharing. The wireless network works great for using the internet, but we are having trouble with the wired network.The issue is being able to communicate with all of the computers on the wired network. The ability to speak with all of the computers on the network is hit or miss. Generally, computer A can speak with computer B, C, and D, but D can only speak with A.

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Setting Up A New Network For A Small Business?

Feb 13, 2012

He currently has 1 server, and 11 workstations, he also has a network switch that we will be replacing.We have picked out a Dell server, running Windows Server 2008 R2 that will be used as the main file server, as well as the domain controller. Where I seem to be confused is on setting up the networking component, particularly how the machines will get IP addresses. As mentioned, I will be purchasing a new Ethernet switch, in order to get the fastest LAN speed possible; I have selected the Dell PowerConnect 2816, which is a 10/100/1000Mbs switch. My question is, will I be letting the switch handle the IP's/DHCP or would I be better off, setting up the server for DHCP? If so, do I also setup the server as the DNS server? From what I am reading online using the server as the DHCP/DNS server gives us more management capabilities and is more "secure". As a test, I loaded Windows Server 2008 R2 on a home machine and played around with this. I got a bit lost on the DHCP and DNS setup and it appears that one needs a Static IP from your ISP in order to setup your serve as the DHCP/DNS server for the domain. Is this correct? I haven't been to his office yet to check out all the existing equipment, is it safe to assume that his ISP provides a router or whatever is needed to feed the switch?

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Example Of Small-business Insecure Network Configuration

Aug 29, 2012

I need an example of a insecure network configuration that is may occur in small-business.For example insecure devices that can be used or how they are connected with each other. Also router/nas/pc configurations. With wireless network it is easy, but i am not familiar with wired networks. Specially I need weak points of a router configurations and weakly designed connections between different devices.I need to design a insecure small-business network configuration for my school project. For example 2 workstations, 1 laptop, NAS, network printer, VoIP telephone etc. After that I need to analyse these weak points.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Separate Two Groups On Business Network?

May 7, 2011

I've got a business network that I'd like to separate two sets of computers all together (thinking through a firewall rule or other method). Here's a text example of what I want to achieve:

Group A: PC 1, PC 2, PC 3 (can see each other and share files within this group)

Group B: PC 4, PC 5, PC 6 (can see each other and share files within this group)

But Group A & B can not see each other and are blocked from accessing each other.Can this be done with the DIR 655 or do I need to upgrade? Also, these two groups will be sharing the same internet connection.

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Networking :: Need Business Network Solution DS212J

Nov 10, 2012

Currently we have the Synology DS212J system and that backups to the cloud as well.The problems are not being able to access it remotely easily, space, and the cloud integration is too slow and not reliable enough.

So we need a larger network, that is easily accessible remotely and backs up regularly. The main thing that will be taking up a lot of space over time is a lot of artwork files. A lot of these don't require on site network access, so if we had 30% storage local and the rest remote that would be fine, everything needs to be accessible remotely still though.

One thing I was looking into was Amazon storage gateway, it is pricey though so I'm wondering what other options there are. URL

Perhaps a larger NAS with different backup would work? It needs to run more seamless than the cloud is. We used Jungledisk before this which worked great with only a few users but we are now at 10+ users and growing.

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Cisco Wireless :: E4200 - Small Business / Wi-Fi Access In Public Areas

Oct 5, 2011

We are looking into the possibility of putting in some public wireless access in the public areas of our organization. Its a fairly small building in terms of public access and it needs to span 3 rooms in total. We have a spare BT line into the building - ADSL 2+ - and so will utilize that instead of putting them on our network. We would like to run some router based content filtering on the router - but would use open dns if this isn't possible.I could do to find a good wireless router that will cover the 3 areas . Its not a large budget project as there isn't going to be very highly utilized. We are looking Cisco kit - and have drawn up a few options. Initially we were going to go with the 1140's - but these are access points and as per my understanding aren't going to work with the phone line - as it needs to be a wireless router.
The next area was the Linksys E series (E4200) - they do look really good, and they have the content filtering which we like. What the power and range of the E series is? The only issue we might have is its a fairly old building and so some of the walls are pretty thick - one of which is wooden lined.It has the 3x3 mimo antennas and so guess it would provide some pretty good range/power. If the hardware is cheap enough then we may be able to setup the routers in repeater mode - however I'm not sure if the home devices can work that way? - I think max would be £300 - but that will be decided when I have some better numbers.

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Home Network :: Cannot Access Particular Website On Network Only

Nov 8, 2012

I was able to access my website just fine before I changed the cPanel password. Now I cannot even load the site or load the cPanel login page here: All I did was change the cPanel password. When I use another computer that is NOT on my network, I can connect to the site fine. I'm assuming that my network is blocking it for some reason after the cPanel password change. I tried the IP address in the address bar as well (still no go). Cannot "ping" the IP address either. I reset my modem and router as well. Cleared cache in browsers as well. I also disabled firewall and anti-virus for testing.

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Home Network :: Connecting 2 Network To Access NAS?

Apr 9, 2013

I split my network into 2 to make it more accessible during peak time and to minimize internet traffic. However by doing this only the first network can access our Network Access Storage, the other network can access it because the two are separated by different router and switch also the supervisor need to see both network at the same time for monitoring purposes..

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Home Network :: How To Stop Internet Access Through Network Complete Internet Access

Jan 26, 2012

i would like to know that how to stop internet access through network complete internet access

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Home Network :: No Internet Access?

Sep 8, 2011

Since yesterday im unable to connect to the wireless connection in my dormsI'm able to connect but i get yellow triangle with exclamation mark in it, and it says "no internet access".In the living room im able to gain internet access, my friend also tried in my room and he was able to get internet access, he has tp-link adapter on his laptop.I have dell vostro 3500 with "DW1051 wireless-N WLAN half-mini card" as my adapter.I opened IE9 and pressed "Diagnose connection problems" and got the messege "Wireless Network connection" does not have valid IP configuration.OS: windows 7 ultimate x64

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Home Network :: Access Any System In LAN?

Dec 23, 2012

Actually i have a small network of 4 and 5 computers. i am sharing internet via lan not ICS.there are some computer showing me in my network places coz i am using windows 7 and the other computers have same window. i can ping their computers by name and by ip add, which is assigned by DHCP. i can see thir MAC address. can i access their computer i mean their data or something else. i don't know that this is the right place to share such information or not.

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Home Network :: 3 Windows 7 PCs - PC3 Cannot See / Access PC2

Aug 12, 2011

Three PC's all Win 7. Networking/Homegroup problem. In Network RV711 can see and access RC710 & Akoya. RC710 can see and access RV711 & Akoya. Akoya can see and access RV711. Akoya can see RV711 but not access RC710. Under Network Akoya can see RC710 but “You do not have permission to access...

In Homegroup. RV711 can see and access RC710 & Akoya. RC710 can see and access RV711 & Akoya. Akoya can see and access RV711. Akoya can see RC710 but not access RC710. Under Homegroup No other homegroup computers are available. In Homegroup the identical password is displayed on each PC. The Akoya is wired, the others are wireless. Summing up the Akoya cannot access the RC710.

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Home Network :: Access PC Over Router?

Mar 8, 2013

I am using TP-Link TL-WR740N.Now I have a problem. In side my LAN I have four different PCs listening as Telnet Server at port 23. I want to create a telnet session over Internet with one of my PCs at a time.How should I do this? I mean what IP and Port number I should use to connect to my desired PC since all of my PCs are showing same public IP and that is of my router's IP.

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Home Network :: Using PC As An Access Point?

Feb 17, 2011

my home has a wireless network, and I can get internet (wirelessly) on my PC perfectly. What I was wondering is if it would be possible for me to hook up an ethernet cable to the RJ port on my PC, and connect my PS3 to it to give me a wired internet connection on the PS3.

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Limited Access To Home Network

Jan 3, 2012

I have a home network that works perfectly fine on all my wireless devices except one of my laptops. I'm getting a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside of it in my connections map from "this computer" to the name of my wireless network. I am running windows 7 and I have no idea what is wrong. It used to work fine and just stopped all of a sudden. I'm not sure if my wife or I messed something up.

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