System Restored Computer Now It Won't Connect To Internet?

Jan 5, 2013

I recently system restored my computer, and it was connected fine to my d-link DIR-615 router, but now it does not connect, what do i do?

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Restored Computer To Factory Settings And Cannot Connect To The Internet

Oct 10, 2012

I just restored my computer (Windows XP) to factory settings and it won't connect to the internet. I'm running an ethernet connection. I tried to look up a solution online but nothing has worked. Also, Im sure its not an issue with the modem, because all the other computers in the office are connecting to the internet just fine. It's only this one computer?

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Acer Tablet Cannot Reconnect To (Wifi) After System Restored To Default

May 17, 2012

I have been using my ACER tablet with my Netgear router for several months with no problems at all. Then last night I decided to restore my tablet to its default settings, meaning that all my programs, apps, files, etc., were erased. Then I rebooted my tablet and started from scratch, entering the requested information. Everything appeared to be going just fine until I turned on Wi-Fi and attempted to connect to my network (Secured with WPA2), which was available and showed Good signal strength. I clicked on it, then attempted to enter my password. As soon as I entered the first digit of my password, the option to Connect to the Internet immediately disappeared, becoming greyed-out. Repeated attempts to connect failed for the same reason.

I called ACER Level 2 Support and tried a couple of procedures which didn't solve the problem. One was pushing the Reset Button twice. The technician told me that I may have a problem with my router settings. He suggested that I go to a local fast food outlet and see if I could connect there. I went to McDonald's and was able to get on the Net without using a password. I returned home and tried again to connect, but still was unable to enter my password.

Would it make sense for me to completely disconnect my router from everything, then reconnect and go through that set-up process all over again? I guess I would have to change my User Name & Password, or whatever is required. Also, if I go this route, should I change my security setting from WPA2 to a different option -- WEP, for example? I just don't want to foul things up to the point where my laptop wouldn't work. I doubt that would happen. I recently received the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade which has been working satisfactorily; however, it does mean that I'm now attempting to start over from scratch with a different operating system.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 Cannot Connect To Internet - Restored To Factory Configuration

Jul 9, 2012

I've bought the EA4500 and configured it to connect to internet. it works fine.however, one day after it, it can't connect to the internet anymore.†I go to the router setup page and try to manually connect it to the internet, but it keeps "connecting." I then restore to its factory configuration, then do the configuration again and it can successfully connect to the internet.however, one day after it, again, it can't connect to the internet anymore.

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Can't Connect To The Internet After Downgraded To A DSL System?

Nov 5, 2012

I am using Win XP and am hardwired to a router (NETGEAR N600 WIRELESS DUAL BAND ROUTER WNDR3400). This was connected hardwire to a cable modem and I had no problems. I recently downgraded to a DSL system and now have problems connecting to the internet. I was asked to disconnect my router and the problem seems to go away. After reconnecting my router it may be fine for a day or two and then the problems start again. Internet drops off while using it or I get a message saying "web page not available because DNS lookup failed. If I bypass my router at this time I can connect. Both my laptop (wireless) and my desktop (Ethernet) are having this problem.Norton Connect Safe is also in use which assigns its own DNS addresses.

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Can't Connect To Internet After System Restore

Aug 31, 2012

I went to a thread with the same name as this one and tried all of the things in it but it still won't work, although some programs now work a bunch of other ones still can't connect since the restore.

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Mariama-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No


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Can't Connect To Internet After System Restore On XP Desktop

May 31, 2011

I did a system restore on my xp desktop. Now I can't connect to the internet. My connection says connected but when I go to mozilla it says can't connect to server. All other computers work fine just my fausto which is connected via ethernet.

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Cannot Connect To Internet After Virus / System Restore?

Apr 23, 2012

I have Windows Vista. So I had a virus that was making it impossible for me to open a web browser without it starting a fake security scan and spamming my screen with multiple browsers. I had no other choice but to do a system restore since I had this problem in the past and a system restore fixed my computer. But, after the system restore, I can connect to the network using a wireless, but when I try to open any browser(firefox/internet explorer) it says internet explorer cannot display the webpage or server not found on firefox. I've tried resetting my internet settings, but no luck. I also don't have an internet security anymore since I was trying to install Kaspersky, but kept having trouble installing it properly.

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HP 735n Desk PC - Can't Connect To Internet After System Restore

Mar 4, 2011

I have an HP 735n Desk PC running Win XP Home with SP 2. It reached a point of only starting under "Safe Start" so out of final desperation, I used (F10) System Recovery. The computer is starting AOK now and I have recaptured a lot of data by uninstall/install of programs where I'm told "Your Data Has Not Been Affected". However, when I reached the point of needing to reconnect to the internet VIA a wireless home LAN utilizing a D-Link DIR-615 (ver 3.21) Router with (1) computer connected thru a USB Adapter WUA-2340 (all working fine) I reinstalled a USB Adapter DWA-125 (ver A1) {Which had been working OK} and I get message "No Internet Connection Available" altho' all other indicators are "GO" The Device is working properly and net work indicators are all showing the D-Link USB Adapters on both my Compaq (with Win 7) and the HP (with XP) are working. I have worked on computers for years and never needed to do a System Recovery before and I have NEVER had any trouble getting on a network nor the internet before. REMEMBER, the HP W/XP CANNOT BE USED TO DOWN LOAD. It won't go on line! I can use my Compaq if we can make CD's, DVD's, or Flash Drive copies of anything needed for transport to the HP.

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Dell :: Dimension 2400 - Internet Connect-ability / New Operating System?

Aug 2, 2012

I just got my dell dimension 2400 up n running again.

1) I need a new operating system . i know how to do that what with windows being designed to make computers work properly or what is the latest thats not vista or could i just get a copy from a friend? <--- that may not be particularly legal but idc i just want to know if it would work if a new disk is too expensive  

2) I need internet connectability i have a working att wireless router brand new just got delivered today and i have a d link wireless reciever thing i just got from my buddy but how to get the internet up n running without boring holes in the floor / wall or dragging a cable 18 miles from the router to the computer so i need it to be wireless 

3) I am not sure what to do with it do i just need soft ware updates or do i need hardware updates to get it up to speed with the so called "big boys even though its far larger than any laptop my goal is to have a fast running internet capable game capable and multitasking computer with which i can do.

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How To Add Another Computer To Wireless System

Jun 30, 2011

I'd like to add another computer to my wireless system but don't remember my password - what can I do?

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Seeing Dual Computer In System Tray?

Feb 28, 2011

Why do I see two dual computer in my system try in fact I have no LAN card but only Ethernet port only what cause this?

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Adding Another Computer To Wireless System?

May 29, 2011

I'm trying to connect another computer to our household wireless network. I have the security key but I can't get a window to come up asking for it when I click on our family network. How do I get a box to come up asking for the key?

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Add Another Computer To Existing Wireless System?

Jul 12, 2011

I'm trying to add another computer to an existing, wireless system. I followed the directions I found online, but when I get to the point where I'm supposed to "take note of the numeric code beside the Default Gateway icon", no such icon, and no code, is present. By the way, I'm attempting this from the current, wireless computer.

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Can't Connect To Internet On New Computer?

Sep 30, 2012

So I bought a new computer an Acer AX34703-ESTOP I don't know if that sais anything but anyways I was trying to connect to my internet which who would be listed and works fine on all my other products but my internet has a password and when I would click on it while listed it would say : Windows Was unable to connect to ..... Network and it would'nt even ask for my password

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Computer Will Not Connect To Internet

Aug 3, 2011

I am setting up two identical workstations at the company I work for. They are both brand new HP computers running Windows 7 64 bit. I set up one computer fine and added it to our domain. I tried connected the second computer and I can add it to the domain but for some reason it says "No Internet Access". I can ping our server and anything else on the network, but any website I try won't come up.

Most of the related issues I've searched for were all viruses but since this is brand new and has never been online that is not the case...unless an HP tech decided to play a cruel joke of course!

Could it be the network card? I didn't think so since it connects locally but who knows. I also disabled and enabled, took our sonicwall down and tried to obtain settings automatically, nothing works!

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Connect Computer To Internet

Apr 22, 2012

the internet connection to my computer was fine. Nothing wrong with it at all. I turned my computer off and went to bed. When I woke up the next day morning and turned my computer on, there was no internet connection. I turned my computer back off and went to school.I tried unplugging and plugging the Ethernet cable back in, but it will no longer connect with the Ethernet cable. I have managed to get it to work wire lessly.

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Computer Won't Connect To The Internet

Apr 22, 2011

My computer will not connect to the internet, it was working fine then all of the sudden disconnected, I have tried all the basic things like restarting the modem and using a different Ethernet, but none of those worked, so I am convinced that the problem is with the computer itself. I have it set up so that my netbook(which I am using right now) is wirelessly connected to the internet, and I have a ethernet cable going from the netbook to my desktop, giving the desktop internet(until it had this connection problem). I am using windows xp professional, and I have spent a lot of time browsing to try and fix the problem, but so far it is to no avail. First I'll start by saying when i try to repair the connection it comes up with the message " the following steps of the repair operation failed: renewing the IP address" I tried using ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew, but when I do this it says "an error occured while renewing interface local area connection: unable to contact you DHCP server. request has timed out" when I type in "ipcofig" it says my IP address is, after researching more i found out that this is bad, but when i try to renew to get rid of it it gives me the "unable to contact DHCP" message. I even tried reformatting with a different windows disc but the connection problem still persists.

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Computer Will Not Connect To Internet?

Dec 23, 2011

This morning I noticed my home computer would not connect to the Internet. I thought maybe it was my wireless router so I rebooted both my cable modem and my router.It didn't work, my router lights are all normal saying I have Internet access and such, and I realized I can get on from my phone wirelessly, however my computer that is wired has 0 connection, and WIFI works. When I go through my networks it says all my IP numbers are

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Computer Won't Connect To The Internet?

Mar 31, 2011

So last night I unplugged my modem from my computer because I had to move my computer to my other room. Now when I plugged everything to the computer today the internet didn't work. My computer only connects to a public network which is very slow. I want to connect it to my own home network but it doesn't

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Connect Internet Through Another Computer?

Dec 30, 2011

ihave a ip adress of anoter pc and i want to acess inter net how can i do it?

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New Computer Won't Connect To The Internet

Oct 28, 2012

i just built my own pc and managed to get it working. so i buy a 25 ft cable and connect one side to my pc and the other one to my modem. my modem recognizes there is a cable connected to it and so does my pc, but it can't find an internet connection.

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1 Computer Can Connect To Internet And Another Cannot

Apr 1, 2012

Recently I have had to forward some ports in my router settings for a game... but now my mothers computer (running windows xp) cannot connect to the internet. My computer however can connect to the internet. When I set up a manual broadband connection it does connect and everything works fine with my mothers computer.(with this I sometimes have to redial 2 or 3 times). My main concern is why all of a sudden the computer doesn't connect automatically to the internet?

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Connect Two Computer Via Internet?

Mar 10, 2011

how i connect two computer via internet

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Connect Internet Through Another Computer

Sep 20, 2011

I would like to use my laptop that is connected through an rj45 cable for internet somehow to m tablet, can it even be done.

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Computer Can't Connect To The Internet?

Aug 10, 2011

And I have tried everything I can to fix it in the last 3 days. It has always worked on my home network as a home network, and one day it seems to decide it's a public network. My computer has some limitations even with it being with administrator rights because it works from a school domain. And it happens to be that one of the few things that are limited is the ability to change a network status from public to home/work. Other Windows 7 computers like the one I'm using now can change its options, so why not mine? I have tried everything I can to fix the problem.

I started from the basics, resetting router, wireless, and all. Also, I tried a local area connection directly, of course this made no difference. I then went through every possible thing I could in the troubleshooter, still nothing.I then went straight for manually making my own static IP by finding the IP and DNS through the cmd and all, it made no difference. I even went to changing the option of "unidentified networks" to be recognized as private, but that didn't work either.I did this combofix utility process, but nothing came out of that either.

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Wireless Computer Cannot Connect To Internet?

Aug 11, 2011

I have a HP pavilion p6736f-b. It has wireless capability. It has wireless lan 802.11b/g/n. I know personal it can connect to the internet because I have done it before. Now when i try to connect to the internet it shows that no networks are available. This problems goes away when I use my wireless adapter and it can find my network name fine and I can connect to the internet. I want to be able to use my computer wireless without any usbs since it goes faster and I also use plenty of usb so I dont have the ability to always use a usb for my wireless adapter. I think the problem might be connected to me connecting my xbox 360 manually setting the ip address default gateway etc.

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Computer Could Not Connect But Other Connects With Internet

Feb 7, 2012

I'm working with a friend out with his computer, and he can't connect to the internet, but i can.But he uses a different computer system than me and turning on the wireless networking.

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Windows 7 Computer Can't Connect To Internet?

Dec 22, 2012

Internet was working fine this morning, then stopped just now.I have a Windows 7 computers connected via Wifi to my BT Homehub.Wireless icon in system tray has a yellow exclamation mark on it and cannot connect to the internet on any browser.Have tried a window restore to a couple of days back and have restarted numerous times, nothing has worked.

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Connect To Another Computer Via Ip Address On Internet

Jul 12, 2012

Myself and a friend used to play a game over the internet and join via ip address after a few years and upgrades to windows 7 we decided to do this again problem is we cannot seem to be able to connect via ip address using windows 7 does not even work after using port forward on my machine (host) and disabling firewalls on both machines.

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Computer Can't Connect To Internet Under Any Circumstances

Aug 31, 2012

I'm trying to connect to the internet through a Netgear wireless N-300 WNR3100 USB adaptor, but whenever I try to connect to the network, it says "The connection was unsuccessful. This computer currently has limited connectivity to MyNetwork." I have absolutely confirmed that it is not an issue with the device itself, because I went through an all-steps process with a Netgear representative trying to fix the issue, and once we tried to install and use it on my laptop it worked without a hiccup. But wait, there's more. My computer ALSO refuses to connect through a Netgear Wireless N WN111v2 adaptor, so it's very clearly not an issue with the adaptor. And I've saved the best for last: The computer won't even connect to the internet when plugged in directly to the LAN through an ethernet cable.

I've confirmed that the port and cable both work by trying to connect my laptop to them, and it works just fine. So the only option left is there's an issue with the ports on my desktop. They apparently only have problems connecting to the internet however; plugging in any other USB device has them work just fine, and even when the adaptors are plugged in, they have at least some connectivity capabilities, since the network shows up and allows me to attempt to connect to it.

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Why Will Internet Only Connect If Wired Computer Is On

Feb 10, 2013

I have a Belkin F5D8636-4 v2 N Wireless Modem Router. For some reason, it will only connect to the internet if the wired computer is plugged in and on. I tried starting the router without it plugged in and it kept trying and failing to connect to the internet. As soon as I plugged in the wired computer it connected to the internet. jhb019 has chosen the best answer to his/her question.Click here to view the answer that was selected.

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After Restoring Computer Cannot Connect To Internet

Jun 18, 2011

It's not wireless but the leads and cables are all plugged in?!

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