Can't Connect To The Internet After Downgraded To A DSL System?

Nov 5, 2012

I am using Win XP and am hardwired to a router (NETGEAR N600 WIRELESS DUAL BAND ROUTER WNDR3400). This was connected hardwire to a cable modem and I had no problems. I recently downgraded to a DSL system and now have problems connecting to the internet. I was asked to disconnect my router and the problem seems to go away. After reconnecting my router it may be fine for a day or two and then the problems start again. Internet drops off while using it or I get a message saying "web page not available because DNS lookup failed. If I bypass my router at this time I can connect. Both my laptop (wireless) and my desktop (Ethernet) are having this problem.Norton Connect Safe is also in use which assigns its own DNS addresses.

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Cisco Wireless :: Can 3502i Be Downgraded To Autonomous

Oct 1, 2012

Can a 3502i be downgraded to autonomous mode?

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Can't Connect To Internet After System Restore

Aug 31, 2012

I went to a thread with the same name as this one and tried all of the things in it but it still won't work, although some programs now work a bunch of other ones still can't connect since the restore.

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Mariama-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No


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System Restored Computer Now It Won't Connect To Internet?

Jan 5, 2013

I recently system restored my computer, and it was connected fine to my d-link DIR-615 router, but now it does not connect, what do i do?

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Can't Connect To Internet After System Restore On XP Desktop

May 31, 2011

I did a system restore on my xp desktop. Now I can't connect to the internet. My connection says connected but when I go to mozilla it says can't connect to server. All other computers work fine just my fausto which is connected via ethernet.

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Cannot Connect To Internet After Virus / System Restore?

Apr 23, 2012

I have Windows Vista. So I had a virus that was making it impossible for me to open a web browser without it starting a fake security scan and spamming my screen with multiple browsers. I had no other choice but to do a system restore since I had this problem in the past and a system restore fixed my computer. But, after the system restore, I can connect to the network using a wireless, but when I try to open any browser(firefox/internet explorer) it says internet explorer cannot display the webpage or server not found on firefox. I've tried resetting my internet settings, but no luck. I also don't have an internet security anymore since I was trying to install Kaspersky, but kept having trouble installing it properly.

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HP 735n Desk PC - Can't Connect To Internet After System Restore

Mar 4, 2011

I have an HP 735n Desk PC running Win XP Home with SP 2. It reached a point of only starting under "Safe Start" so out of final desperation, I used (F10) System Recovery. The computer is starting AOK now and I have recaptured a lot of data by uninstall/install of programs where I'm told "Your Data Has Not Been Affected". However, when I reached the point of needing to reconnect to the internet VIA a wireless home LAN utilizing a D-Link DIR-615 (ver 3.21) Router with (1) computer connected thru a USB Adapter WUA-2340 (all working fine) I reinstalled a USB Adapter DWA-125 (ver A1) {Which had been working OK} and I get message "No Internet Connection Available" altho' all other indicators are "GO" The Device is working properly and net work indicators are all showing the D-Link USB Adapters on both my Compaq (with Win 7) and the HP (with XP) are working. I have worked on computers for years and never needed to do a System Recovery before and I have NEVER had any trouble getting on a network nor the internet before. REMEMBER, the HP W/XP CANNOT BE USED TO DOWN LOAD. It won't go on line! I can use my Compaq if we can make CD's, DVD's, or Flash Drive copies of anything needed for transport to the HP.

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Dell :: Dimension 2400 - Internet Connect-ability / New Operating System?

Aug 2, 2012

I just got my dell dimension 2400 up n running again.

1) I need a new operating system . i know how to do that what with windows being designed to make computers work properly or what is the latest thats not vista or could i just get a copy from a friend? <--- that may not be particularly legal but idc i just want to know if it would work if a new disk is too expensive  

2) I need internet connectability i have a working att wireless router brand new just got delivered today and i have a d link wireless reciever thing i just got from my buddy but how to get the internet up n running without boring holes in the floor / wall or dragging a cable 18 miles from the router to the computer so i need it to be wireless 

3) I am not sure what to do with it do i just need soft ware updates or do i need hardware updates to get it up to speed with the so called "big boys even though its far larger than any laptop my goal is to have a fast running internet capable game capable and multitasking computer with which i can do.

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Cannot Connect LAN On System

Apr 25, 2012

i want to setup lan on my laptop but there is no option for it, pls how do go about it?

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Connect To VPN On Remote System With Desktop?

Jan 15, 2012

We use Nortel VPN and the problem is that it's set so when you connect to it, you can only access company resources so no Internet. To mitigate that we use vmware and run Windows XP at the same time as our Windows 7 systems. I'd love to be able to use remote desktop though and connect to a system located elsewhere even another office computer and have that one on the VPN, but of course as soon you connect the remote desktop connection goes down with it.I'm just wondering if there's any ways around this. I'm assuming not, but I'm not sure how VPN fully works. Like if I had 2 network cards in the remote system, when I VPN in does it block connections from all network cards? Ideally I'd like to use something like Amazon Web Services since their Windows Server tier has the free option which is good, or will use another VPS type system running Windows Server.

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Di-lb604 To Connect System With Os Ubuntu 10.04

Oct 31, 2011

if i want to connect d-link router to system it asking for password i enter admin /password it is not accepting

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Protocols / Routing :: Rover System DVR 4CH Connect To Pc?

Sep 23, 2012

I have a Rover system DVR 4CH with 4 CCTV camera's connected to it i want to view it through a computer stream it on the internet for free i dont want to use DYN web hosting because it cost money.

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Cannot Connect Canon Printer Wirelessly To System?

May 25, 2012

I am trying to connect a Canon printer wirelessly to my system and it will not connect. What can I do to connect it?

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Accessing System From Internet?

May 7, 2012

I want to access my system from internet. My network scenario is as follows;
Internet ==> DSL Modem(s) ==> Load Balance ==> Gateway Firewall ==> My PC DSL 1 : ZXDSL 831CII (Fixed IP)DSL 2 : HG510a Load Balance : TL-R480T+Gateway Firewall : pfSense (BSD)

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No Internet After System Restore

Jul 31, 2011

The problematic PC is AMD triple core, with ASUS M3N78 motherboard and xp professional. PC should connect to internet through the router, TP-Link TL WR340GD, along with 3 other PCs which are all working fine. Basically, the PC caught a virus and I performed system restore. After that, the PC was working fine, except that there was no internet connection. I tried to reset winsock from command promp, but that did not sort the connection problem.I noticed that the yellow light on the back of the tower, for the ethernet cable connection, is yellow when the cable is not plugged in, however, as soon as I plug the ethernet cable in, the light disappears. The same cable is working fine when connected to other PCs so it does not seem to be the cable problem. The information in Network Connections says Limited or no connectivity. Full messages when prompted says: "You might not be able to access the internet or some network resources. The problem occurred because the network did not assign a network address to the computer.To restart the connection and try to establish full connectivity, cliick Repair." and then, after clicking repair, it says:"Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed:Renewing your IP address.For assistance contact the person who manages your network."I also tried to release and renew IP address from command promp, but that did not work either.

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Wireless :: Can't Connect Blu-ray Home Theater System To Network

Jan 1, 2012

I've tried everything possible to connect my blu ray player to my network. I've tried the auto setup, manual entry and cant come up with anything. I've followed all the instructions i can find on-line and i don't know if I'm overlooking something or what. I've got Philips blu ray home theater system and linksys wrt120n router

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Able To Ping Static Ip System But Unable To Connect Using MSTSC

Jul 5, 2011

I have strange problem I am using my static ip system since two year, I dont have issues so far, since two days I am facing a strange issue when I am piging my system I could able to see reply,

but when I am trying to connect via MSTSC..blank screen even I am unable to get login screen also...

I have tried to connect to log mein and team viewer all are having the blank screens

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Connect My Wireless Security System To D-Link (DCM-202) Router?

Sep 4, 2011

I have an older D-Link DGL-4300 wireless router, I've purchased a wireless home security system and can't seem to get the 2 connected. I've tried resetting the router & modem (powering down & waiting from 1-5 minutes), and my router just won't read the port that I've plugged the security system ethernet cable into.I think the problem is my firewall but I don't know how to set it to allow the router to read the port that I've plugged into, or it could be the firewall that my anti-wirus has or possibly both.My equipment is Comcast cable, router (as noted above) and a D-Link DCM-202 modem, Windows XP 3, and Norton anti-virus. Now I also have my phone through Comcast and it has it's own modem.

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E System 3087 Wont Connect To The Wireless Router?

Jul 18, 2011

Ive got an E system 3087, it had a virus and got restored but now wont connect to my wireless router which is an Echolife HG520b Broadband Wireless router. It is recognised on the laptop but when i have typed the network key in it constantly says aquiring network address and keeps connecting and disconnecting. The router is still connected to my iPhone and PS3 fine, its just the laptop. I have done the usual, switching everything on and off and re typing the network key but nothing has worked, it normally asks for our password when we're setting something up with the router

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Configure System To Connect To Remote Desktop Connection?

Nov 5, 2011

I want to know how to configure my system to connect to Remote Desktop Connection?

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Unable To Connect HDMI Cable Getting System Not Recognized

May 17, 2012

i'm trying to hook up mi lorex 4 edge+ dvr to my lcd tv (not. full hdtv) i tried using the hdmi cable and adapter but it gave me a message "system not recognized" i would like to know if there is something else i could try. tv daes not have vga connection.

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How To Connect Shared Canon Lbp 2900 Printer With Other System

Sep 16, 2012

Canon lbp 2900 attached on windows 7 32 bit system,i want to shared this printer on another system(windows 7 32 bit).

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Connect Belkin To Linux Mint 14 Operating System?

Jan 3, 2013

i am having trouble connecting my belkin router to my linux mint 14 operating system

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Home Network :: Internet Through Other System?

Sep 19, 2011

i have 2 system in same network connected in same switch sys-1 have internet access & sys-2 no internet blocked from fire wall,....Now i want to use internet on sys-2 through sys-1 without Proxy or lancard sharing...

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Internet Very Slow After System Restore

Jan 27, 2013

I use a dongle from my ISP as my main internet connection source. I needed to do a full system restore because one of the windows system files got corrupted.After the restore, my internet connection was extremely slow. I restarted the computer and I got my normal fast speed but only for about 10 minutes and it is now very slow again (about 10 mins to load Google home page, for example).Internet speed was never an issue before the restore. Also I tried the dongle on my work laptop at home and it's fine.I'm using Windows XP. I've tried everything suggested at Slow Computer/Internet AFTER complete system restore but it is still slow.

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Can't Share Internet Connection On System?

Aug 31, 2011

my system an emachine e350 wouldnt share wireless connection to other computers but can receive perfectly well.when i try to set up an adhoc network,it does not show me turn on internet connection sharing,so when other computers try to connect,it just shows they re connected only on my system but not on the other ones and they cant access the internet also.the network discovery too wont stay on, every time i turn it on and save changes it goes back to off.

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No Internet Access After Using System Restore?

Sep 20, 2011

A I went over to a friend's house to fix some problems with his computer. He has a Windows XP Home Edition desktop. I used System Restore to fix some kinks with it, and now the computer has no Internet access, and I have no idea how to get it back. I tried reversing the System Restore and turning it off, but that's not working. They said that the connection was fine, but that the computer could not read the modem.

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Controlling Particular System Internet With Router

Mar 2, 2012

In office we have a broadband internet to 6 systems one router .I want to control the partcular system internet

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How To Connect N76 Bluetooth Headset To PC System Laptop Works With Handset

Mar 19, 2012

How to connect N76 bluetooth headset to a laptop, works with handset (cell phone)?the laptop is not seeing the headset when searched

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Run Both LAN Connection And Dial-up Modem For Internet On The Same System?

Jul 19, 2011

Is it possible to run both LAN connection and dial-up modem for internet on the same system?

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Routers / Switches :: DVR System Not Accessible From Internet

Nov 6, 2012

I have a DVR system. Which is configure in DMZ on my firewall. DVR internal IP is and external IP is when I am able to access DVR by using internal IP and it works fine while accessing from the internet it not work proper. Though it prompt for username and password also. After enter the login credential its getting blank. I am able to telnet External IP from internet on port 80.

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System Asking Network Security Key For Wifi Internet

Mar 17, 2012

I am trying to open internet through wi-Fi but my system is asking for network security Key and I am unable to find it out.

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Sharing :: Configure Internet Setting 500 System

Nov 5, 2011

I want to configure same internet setting 500 system, Like,active x control setting

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