Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 Sending Email Alerts?

Oct 14, 2012

I will be configuring port forwarding to a phone system on the network for remote management. I would like to have the ASA send an email alert when a connection has been made to the open port. Is this possible to do and if so how to configure it.

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Cisco :: Configuring Email Alerts From CiscoWorks LMS 4

Nov 6, 2012

I am looking for a way to get CiscoWorks LMS 4 to send me an email alert when a switch port goers into a security violation (err-disabled).

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Cisco :: 2504 - Email Notifications / Alerts From Controller

Jul 22, 2012

Can I configure the 2504 to send email notifications for particular alerts? how?

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Email Alerts - Where To Put From Address

May 27, 2011

From the WAP4410N admin pages or console you can enable e-mail alerts. You have to set the essential TO address and mail server address. Where can I put the FROM address ? From what I can see it uses the hostname value as from address. The hostname in my case is ap02. Then you could try setting a mail address in the hostname field, but thats not allowed.


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D-Link DCS-942L :: Change Subject Line Of Email Alerts That Are Sent?

Feb 8, 2012

Is there any way to change the subject line of the email alerts that are sent?  Right now mine are coming with the MAC address, date and time.  I would like to remove the MAC address and date and time so that I can sort them into one folder when I sort my email by subject.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 - Nat Internal Network Before Sending Over Tunnel

Oct 27, 2011

For a customer I have configured a new ASA 5505 firewall with 8.42 software. I had to build 3 ipsec tunnels to different locations and firewalls. All tunnels are working except one. I have to translate the inside network 1 to 1 to a different private range before it is sent over the tunnel. Each host from network /24 has to be translated to a /24 host and then sent over the tunnel. (e.g. translated to

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Routers / Switches :: Without Wan Email Sending

Jul 2, 2011

No School havn't own email server, Just we want email within the Lab. (There are 20 PCs on all PCs Windows XP (Service Pack 2) & MS Office 2003 installed.Now tell me how can we send/receive email via using outlook.

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Broadband :: Sending Reports And Invoices Via Email?

Nov 4, 2011

sending emails from simply accounting- I don't have outlook installed on my computer- is there another way to send invoices,reports or emails from Simply Accounting to my customers if I or they don't have outlook installed

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Firms That Refuse To Stop Sending Email?

Feb 10, 2011

Firms that refuse to stop sending me emails, when I keep telling them to stop.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Sending Logs Via Email Using Schedule

Feb 21, 2012

DIR-615, HW rev. H1, FW v8.02

As the subject says... Sending logs using "On schedule" option doesn't work. I have my own personal email server I used to test this. When the router time reaches the defined "Start time" nothing happens. I tried both time formats (12h, 24h). The router does NOT initialize the process of sending the email. I see that in my server mail logs. If sent manually from Status -> Logs -> Email now, it works. If sent using "On Log Full" option, also works.

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Cisco Firewall :: Email Port Open For ASA 5505?

Jan 16, 2012

when I want to let email to come through the ASA5505 from outside to DMZ and Inside network, are the below command lines correct and good enough?
access-list  outside_DMZ extended permit tcp outside-network-ip dmz-network-ip eq imap4
access-list outside_DMZ extended permit tcp outside-network-ip dmz-network-ip eq pop3
access-list outside_DMZ extended permit tcp outside-network-ip dmz-network-ip eq smtp
access-list outside_inside extended permit tcp outside-network-ip inside-network-ip eq imap4
access-list outside_inside extended permit tcp outside-network-ip inside-network-ip eq pop3

Are there any other TCP ports want to be allowed and other command lines need to be added?

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Cisco :: WAP 200 Wireless G Access Point Keep Sending Empty Alarm Email

Nov 5, 2012

We have a WAP 200 wireless G access point.  It worked perfect before.  About two weeks agao,  we didn't change anything, it began to send empty alarm email every 10 minutes.  We upgraded the software to newest version,restarted it several times. But till now, it still keep sending empaty alarm email. 

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 / ACL To Allow Email Traffic Only To DHCP Clients?

Nov 14, 2011

So here's what I think I should do to give email access only to a segment of addresses of my inside network.
1) Create a network object for 62 machines that will represent my dhcp clients.I plan to use So I will use address with netmask Then set DHCP server to service this address range.
2) Create an ACL which will Permit Any to use tcp port 110 (pop3) to get to the outside. Which leads me to question #1:
How do I permit the source "Any" to communicate with "Any Less Secure Networks" like the implicit rule that gets zapped once I create new ACL? Is "Any Less Secure Network" implied by the "Any" destination?
3) Create an ACL which will Deny my DHCP range to talk to the outside.
4) Create an ACL which will Permit Any to talk to Any Less Secure Network(essentially recreating the implicit Permit ACL that got zapped).

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Cisco Firewall :: 5505 - Users Unable To Access External Email Servers ASA?

Nov 28, 2011

I have a issue that i am at a loss as how to solve it. I have an ASA 5505 as my firewall. I have users from other companies who visit from time to time and are unable to use their outlook email to send messages. They can however receive messages without a problem. I also have a situation where users who use windows live to access gmail are unable to send messages.
I have narrowed it down to the fact that these uses are using  ssl/tls to send the mails. I did some research and found out about the inspect esmtp setting in the ASA.  I have disabled it and i still have to problem. I have also removed all outbound deny statements and still no luck.
Of note is that i can send emails without attachments. They take a long time to go out ( from minutes to hours) but eventually they do. Emails with attachments of even 10k do not go at all.
I was running image 8.2.3 and i downgraded to 8.0.5...still did not work...i upgraded to 8.4.3...still did not work. I am now back at 8.2.3.
My Firewall config is attached. I am at my wits end as to what else to try. The company has not renewed support for the device so i am on my own here!

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Cisco Firewall :: FWSM 4.0 Email Server Cannot Connect To Email Gateway

Aug 8, 2012

I have a question about NAT behavior on FWSM 4.0. The problem is email server (Company A) cannot connect to email gateway (Company B) on the outside network and it randomly happen. I got this error from server guy "Detail: xlate has blocked the connection between A’s mail gateway and B’s mail gateway". It work fine again after clear xlate on firewall. [code]
1. How FWSM create xlate table like that? I mean it look like NAT0 for but it doesn't has any nat rule for on firewall.
2. What does it mean "connections 24" at the first of line? In the normal time, I only see the connections is 0 like the second line of xlate
3. After clear xlate global, the first line of xlate table is gone then email server can connect each other. Does is a bug on FWSM? or This is a normal NAT behavior of FWSM.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 8.4 / Receive Alerts On Connection Threshold

Oct 4, 2012

On a Cisco ASA 8.4 code is it possible to receive an alert once a certain number of tcp/udp connections is reached?  I'd like to see if I can get an email alert or syslog if the ASA reaches say 2,000 connections for example.  Once I get an alert I could then investigate the cause of so many connections.

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Cisco Firewall :: Land Attack Alerts ASA 5510

Mar 21, 2013

We are getting below logs in our Syslog, how could i stop this."%ASA-2-106017: Deny IP due to Land Attack from to "

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Cisco WAN :: Open Up Port 25 Going Into 5505 For Email Server?

Feb 19, 2013

Do I create an SMTP Network Object and send TCP traffic throught NAT?
Or do I go to the ASDM's Configuration/Firewall, choose Public Servers, and choose Private Interface=inside, Public Interface=outside, set the private/public IPs, and choose SMTP as the service? This seems much simpler, but is it the correct way to do it?
I am using ASDM 6.4(5) and would like to use that versus the CLI.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5550 Sending Reset With TTL Of 255

Oct 3, 2011

I have the following problem, right now we have an ASA 5550 connected to the client´s side. A reset is being received on the client´s side, but when we run the sniffers on both extremes of the network, we can see that the reset is not being sent by the server´s side.
We have narrowed it down to the 5550 ASA, but have found no bug that matches the description.
The characateristics of the reset packet are the following:
- It is the only packet with a TTL of 255.

- Both server and client have very different window sizes, and the reset packet even though has the server´s ip and port as source of the packet, it has the client´s window size.

- It has a correct ack number.

-Before the reset is received, there are a couple of retransmissions of the last packet sent.

- We´re handling a VPN tunnel between both servers.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5500 / 5580 Syslog Keeps Sending To Old Server

Oct 26, 2011

We use multiple ASA 5500/5580 cluster systems running  8.3 software versions.Actually we send all our FW syslog data to a SIEM appliance in a DMZ on a remote firewall (non-asa). Recently we suffered a strange incident while implementing a new SIEM collection station now situated in a dmz that is located on one of the ASA contexts. We redirected the syslog streams to the new client for one of the contexts on the ASA cluster that holds the new SIEM agent DMZ..since we did this and redirected the syslog we see double traffic and spoofing errors on that context
a/ the ASA keeps sending out the syslog traffic to the OLD SIEM agent server ip (there is however no trace of its ip in the config)

b/ the traffic leaving the interconnection interface towards the OLD SIEM agent gets a SPOOFING error on the traffic

c/ strangely the data gets also correctly forwarded to the new SIEM collection stations.
We started out with redirecting traffic on only one of the 5 contexts to the new environment and kept logging the others to the old system.I finally got out of the issue by reconfiguring al the other contexts to forward their syslog towards the same new server , since that moment we no longer have the double logging and spoofing error , all syslog traffic goes correctly to the new SIEM agent. It looked like some remenants of the old syslog config remainded on the asa event after deleting and introducing a new config line (we used the asdm to execute the action) as said either it kept the old config or it looked in the other context and "decided" to keep sending to the old server also mentioned in that syslog can find the behaviour in any buglists either way.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 Block Sending Emails From Windows XP?

Apr 16, 2013

I have cisco ASA 5510 with basic configuration (default policies). The problem is that windows XP users are unable to send emails form MS outlook and unable to log on to Hotmail , Gmail or any mailing site. While windows 7 and 8 users are not facing any problem.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5540 - Sending Logging Messages To Ftp Server Has Stopped Suddenly

Apr 21, 2013

on ASA 5540 ,   i configured the logging setup as following :
log in to the internal buffer : buffer size 1048576 bytes

Then i save the buffer to FTP server to save the log messages in continuously way everything was working fine but suddenly sending the ftp traffic to FTP traffic has stopped suddenly before in the live log viewer it was showing when ASA throws the ftp traffic to the ftp server but this stopped suddenly nothing has changed in the ftp server setting (same username and password and the connectivity is there) sending logging traffic to the ftp server came back just when i reboot the ASA.but this is not solution.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5510 How To Configure Local LAN SMTP Traffic Sending Through New Leased Line

Jun 11, 2012

We have configured ASA 5510. We have configure Ethernet 0/0 ( Outside ) connected with ADSL line and Ethernet 0/1 ( Inside ) Local LAN. we have configured NAT and all the traffic is passing through outside interface. Now we have connected ethernet 0/3 ( leasedline ) interface with static public IP. Now we want to allow  SMTP traffic to pass through  from this interface.
How to configure it if we want our local lan SMTP traffic sending through new leased line ( Static Public IP ).

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Wireless :: Deleted Item Email Troy From Incoming Email?

Mar 21, 2011

I deleted an incoming email titled troy from my email inbox by mistake I need to recover this email as it came from my son in bali [URL] edited by moderator: Deleted Email address to prevent Spam

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Cisco :: LMS 4.2 Alerts On Administratively Down Interfaces?

Jun 19, 2012

LMS 4.2.  I am receiving the alert below in my email inbox.  It was my understanding that DFM would not send alerts for interfaces that are shut down.  Is this a bug?  [code]

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Cisco :: 7600 DFM Alerts Operationally Down

Nov 2, 2012

im having lms 4.2.2 and monitoring a cisco 7600 router interface ten gigabit ethernet x/x under dfm. When ever the interface is down due to any media issue i am not getting any alerts in dfm., the interface used to go down for more than 10 minutes. I am able to do an snmpwalk to this interface when the interface was down and getting the value as 2(for down). I am getting other information and configuration mode alerts in dfm for this device.

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Cisco Firewall :: Getting Email Delay On ASA 5500

Jun 6, 2012

I have an issue with a Cisco ASA 5520. It seems to block some emails incoming from some recipients. The sender's mail server clearly reports my ASA as cause of the problem (see attached image). Unfortunately I have not the logs about that event and the time frame to close this issue is very narrow.

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Cisco Firewall :: Cannot Get RDP And Email Out Through ASA 5510 5520

Jul 24, 2012

I've been trying to switch out our old firewall which is a 5510 for our new 5520, but we keep running into this problem on both devices with almost the exact same configs. Currently I have the 5510 installed, and I cannot get our email server and RDP server to ping out to our internet gateway.
Attached is a sanitized config. From the config you can see the internal address of the email server is, external address is RDP server is internal address, external Our internet gateway is
From another computer with a 11.2.1.X address I can ping out to the internet gateway. The other two devices drop (I believe) when they hit the firewall.
Static mappings (again from config):
static (inside,outside) netmask
static (inside,outside) netmask
Original access list:
access-list outside_access_in extended permit tcp host eq smtp
access-list outside_access_in extended permit tcp host host


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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 - Get Email When Network Is Down

Jul 24, 2011

I am not sure if this can be done in asa 5510.  Is there any way we can configure that when our public ip goes down i get an email?

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Cisco :: LMS 4.1 Alerts On Unused Serial Interfaces?

Feb 2, 2012

I have been getting alerts on unused serial ports on my routers as being operational down. How can I stop these alerts?

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Cisco :: Unidentified Traps And Interface Down Alerts LMS 4.2

Feb 4, 2013

Sometimes we have unidentified traps in our log, we don't know where they come from.
In high severity faults we see an active alert with device name “Unidentified” event name unresponsive but with a certain ip address.
What are these alerts about? Can I filter them?,A second issue I have is that I get interface down alerts. But when we log on to the device, there is no interface down at all. We can also ping the device from the lms server at that time. I have been told that the admin state and operational state has to be up.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 - Email Logging VPN Traffic

Feb 29, 2012

I use ASA 5510 and I would like to log VPN traffic ( for example, as soon as a remote user try to connect to the asa). I would like this log be send to a specific mail address. I already configure Email Logging for severity  ( level 3) and it works well.
How I can add the VPN traffic Log ?

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Cisco Firewall :: 5520 - Two Private To One Public Email NAT Going

Nov 8, 2011

How to setup this Nat on an ASA 5520 running 8.3.2 code? I know this must be possible as I can do the same thing on my Check Point with no issues. I need to Nat two dmz mail servers to one public mx record. I will have an F5 to load balance inbound and outbound traffic from the mail servers. So I need to Nat two private IP’s to one public.

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