Cisco :: Port Forwarding On 5505?

Sep 2, 2012

I have the following configuration in my ASA 5505 and I'm having problems connecting with other players on my XBox.

I think my problem is that I need to forward ports tcp:3074, udp:3074, and udp:88 to my xbox which is at (vlan 3 below).

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Cisco Firewall :: Change Default SSH Port On ASA 5505 (port Forwarding)

Dec 2, 2011

So here is my network.
ASA asa831-k8.bin
Cisco 1841 c1841-adventerprisek9-mz.151-4.M2.bin
Cat 2960 c2960-lanbasek9-mz.122-55.SE1.bin
and here is my dilemma.
I can SSH from the internet to my ASA on default port 22, directly to my public IP.  I can SSH from the internet to my Cisco 1841 on port 2001. I can not however, SSH to my Cat 2960.  From what i can tell, on the Cat2960 i can't change the default port 22 for SSH to different port, just like i did on the Cisco 1841.  I looked to see if I can change the default port for SSH on he ASA, it does not look like this is an option.
The bottom line is that i want to be able to SSH to all three devices from the internet.  I only have one public IP.  As of now, what i can do is only SSH to the ASA on default port 22 directly to the public IP and Cisco 1841 on port 2001.  It appears that changing the default SSH port on Cat 2960 is not an option.  It also appears that I can't change the default SSH port on the ASA, if i could, i would and then i should be able to SSH to the Cat 2960 on port 22. No matter what i did on the ASA, it always listens on port 22 for SSH connections.
show asp table socket
TCP       001f549f  <<pub IP>>:22    *               LISTEN
how do i make it listen on different port?
Here is relevent config for SSH for cisco 1841 (port forwarding)
object network ROUTER


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Cisco :: Port Forwarding On ASA 5505?

Oct 30, 2012

Trying to do port forwarding so that one particular host located on the WAN can get access to a LAN box on a specific port via the public IP.

Here's what I've setup on the ASA (IP addresses and port number have been changed to protect the innocent):

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Cisco VPN :: 5505 LAN VPN And SSH Port Forwarding

Jan 23, 2012

I would like to be able to do SSH port forwarding from outside to an IP address inside. Normally, this is very straighforward.

The problem now is that if I do so, then the LAN to LAN VPN stops working!.There is a LAN to LAN VPN working flawlesly (so far) between an ASA 5505 and a Cisco 861 Integrated Router. However, I would like also, to give SSH access to an IP address behind the Cisco router. The moment I do this the VPN breaks!
I attached the Cisco 861 router configuration, where the problem shows. The ASA has public IP X.X.X.105 and the router has X.X.X.105. These two are used for the VPN tunnel.

The internal network in the ASA is and in the router. These talk to each other using the tunnelt. But, the moment I try to forward port 22 in the router from X.X.X.107 to the VPN breaks! I do that with the following line: ip nat inside source static tcp 22 X.X.X.107 22.Obviously, something is eluding me. The configuration is rather short and simple. But, I'm a newbie with Cisco rotuer configuration. Note that the tunnel stays up after I use the natting entry and I can talk from the router to the ASA, but not the other way around!The router is Cisco 861 with IOS version 15.0(1)M7.

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ASA 5505 Adding Port Forwarding On Cisco ASA

Mar 16, 2011

We have an ASA 5505 and I need to set up port forwarding for an unusual port number which will be used for FTP on an IIS server.It's a bit complex as there are 3 VLANs: these are called ISP, Server and LAN-side VPN. We need to add a TCP port 8521 forward from the server's IP in Server WAN to ISP WAN VLAN with public IP address.

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Cisco Infrastructure :: Port Forwarding With ASA 5505?

Jun 27, 2011

We are trying to install filter software at our main location and branches.  The admin console has been installed at the main branch, but I need to allow access to ports 58000-58003 through our firewall in order to successfully install the software at our branches. 

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Cisco Firewall :: Port Forwarding In 5505

Feb 25, 2013

have a couple of ASA 5505's which work fine for what they are doing VPN and all that - we have 1 DLINK DFR-700 Firewall left and I need to get a new ASA to replace this since it is old.All this box really does is port forward external clients to 1 address on the internal lan for client software updates.So lets say we have client a with IP and client b has - at the moment this is what happens client a and b come in through http and get mapped to the internal http server I need to setup about 100 clients which can come in through http only - get mapped to the internal IP and also keeping the internal server to be able to access anything outside.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 Port Forwarding NAT

Dec 6, 2012

I have ASA5505 and am having issue with port forwarding NAT . [code]

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Cisco Firewall :: Port Forwarding On 5505?

Sep 1, 2012

I have the following configuration in my ASA 5505 and I'm having problems connecting with other players on my XBox (moderate NAT).
I think my problem is that I need to forward ports tcp:3074, udp:3074, and udp:88 to my xbox which is at (vlan 3 below).
# sh run
: Saved


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Cisco Firewall :: Port Forwarding With ASA 5505

Oct 1, 2012

I am trying to forward specific ports from the outside interface on my ASA5505 to my servers inside and can not get it to work! I have a VPN that currently works and the firewall rule in place I am just overlooking something simple I'm sure. Here is the config:
ASA Version 8.2(5)
hostname ASA
enable password <removed>
passwd <removed>

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Cisco Firewall :: Setting Up Port Forwarding ASA 5505

Mar 15, 2012

We are trying to setup our ASA 5505 to do port forwarding to multiple internal servers and have run into some issues. A little background on what we are trying to do.
We have 1 static external IP. Internally we have one exsisting server ( that has port 80 forwarded to it and another exsisting server ( that has port 443 forwarded to it. Both of these servers are serving seperate web apps to our employees who of course use them offsite. We have now added an additional server ( that needs to use both ports 80 and 443. Is there any way to set it up so that these ports can be forwarded to all the servers that need them? Also, how would this work as far knowing what traffic will need to go to which server even though it is using the same port?
The equipment is: ASA 5505ASA Version 7.2(4)ASDM Version 5.2(4)   I appologize in advance if what I'm trying to do is difficult/impossible. I inherted the ASA 5505 at this location and I was not here when it was initially installed. In fact no one on staff was here when it was initially installed. I did manage to find the passwords to it though. I'm not at all familiar with the ASA 5505 or Cisco secuirty appliances in general.

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Cisco WAN :: Check ASA 5505 Port Forwarding Configuration

Apr 23, 2012

I've configured port forwarding on an ASA 5505 to connect to an Access Point web administration.This Is for testing purposes only.  I've followed the guidelines for port forwarding and I've created an access list but I can't connect to the AP.I know It's working because It connects fine when connected to my speedtouch router.I've attached a running-config.I'm getting hit counts on the ACL and I'm getting untranslate_hits on the nat but no translate hits.

interface Vlan1
nameif inside
security-level 100
ip address


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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 Can't Configure Port Forwarding

May 20, 2012

I have ASA 5505 with 8.4(2)8 software for one of my branch offices and I can't configure port forwarding.It seems to be very simple, but it's not working. I use my ASA as a gateway to the internet for users in office and for site-to-site IPSec VPN to HQ. I have pppoe-enabled outside interface, but ISP gives me static routable ip address. I have server behind my firewall and I should "publish" to the WAN some of its' tcp and udp ports, but I see that no packets forwarded through ASA. I tried to configure PAT as stated in official "Cisco Security Appliance Configuration Guide" through CLI and ASDM.[code]

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 Port Forwarding With Different IP Address

Dec 27, 2011

I have Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall with security plus license, Currently I open ports on 25,80,443 on public  IP address and perform static nat between the inside and outside IP address Such as i configured via CLI
access-list OUT_IN extended  permit tcp any host eq  80
access-list OUT_IN extended  permit tcp any host eq  443
access-list OUT_IN extended  permit tcp any host eq  25


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Cisco Security :: Configuring ASA 5505 Port Forwarding?

Apr 19, 2013

I have a Cisco home rack lab which is behind my ASA 5505. I use my ASA to connect to the internet. My situation is I travel a lot for work, and I am unable to do my labbing practice. I am pretty new to ASA and would like to do a port forwarding to access my access server which is connected to my Cisco routers and switches.My network topology is this: (internet)-------(ASA 5505)----------(3550)-------(CM32 Access Server)----------(Cisco Rack) This is how I setup my remote access:
ssh outside

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 Set Up Port Forwarding For Inbound SSH?

May 12, 2011

how to set up port forwarding for inbound SSH?
The outside interface on the ASA is on DHCP. I have a single dynamic public IP from my ISP. The inside interface provides Internet access for the network using NAT.
I have a server on the internal network with an IP of and I would like to access this via SSH (TCP port 22) from outside.
I've been able to do this in the past on a PIX with a static public IP block, but I'm new to ASA and I don't know how to do it with PAT.
Current running config attached for what it's worth, but it's pretty basic at the moment.

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Cisco Firewall :: Port Forwarding For Remote Desktop With ASA 5505?

Dec 16, 2012

Doing a port forward for remote desktop with asa 5505 9.1.1 and asdm 7.1.1 I could have done this with the previous versions of asdm but now it even more confusing?

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Cisco WAN :: 5505 - Limiting Port 25 Forwarding To Specific IP Subnets

Jan 26, 2013

just getting started with ASA's. I've got my 5505 almost 100% configured but my port 25 forward to my Exchange server. Currently I've got an access list forwarding all traffic that hits the outside interface on port 25 to my Exchange server (access-list outside-in extended permit tcp any object mail-port-25 eq smtp). What I'd like to do now is say that only port 25 traffic from specific IP subnets gets forwarded. I thought I read that there's a couple of way to do this (from the inside interface, from the outside interface).
Also, what happens to port 25 hits that don't fall within the range I specify? Do they get a disconnect reply or do they just get ignored (no reply whatsoever)?
Edit: ...just to clarify, the allowed IP's I will be entering are the WAN IP's of my AS/AV service.     

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Cisco Firewall :: Port Forwarding Exchange 2010 OWA Using ASA 5505?

Jun 26, 2012

I am trying to port forwarding Exchange 2010 OWA using ASA5505, wherever I used object NAT or Twice NAT it just doesn't work.... here is my config:
access-list outside-access remark "Exchange Server Access Rules"
access-list outside-access extended permit tcp any host <public x.x.x.11> eq smtp
access-list outside-access extended permit tcp any host <public x.x.x.11> eq https

note that i use public ip  <public x.x.x.9> on the outside interface for PAT, so all hosts in the same private can access internet

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 - NAT Rules Set Up For Simple Port Forwarding

Jan 15, 2013

Here is my environment: DSL Modem - ASA 5505 - switch ,Inside network (
What I have successfully done: 
- Modem online and passing on DHCP requests from the ASA to my ISP (ASA does get an internet address on the outside interface)
- ASA assigning DHCP to internal network
- All internal clients can access the internet.
What I am getting stuck on is getting NAT rules set up for simple port forwarding. What I would like: ANY internet address be able to access a server on the inside network address (192.168.2.x) over tcp/22 . I set up what I believe to be the correct NAT rule and Access Rule, but the packet tracer fails. Here is my config.  
ASA Version 9.1(1)
hostname xxxxxx
domain-name ugh
enable password xxxxx encrypted
xlate per-session deny tcp any4 any4
xlate per-session deny tcp any4 any6

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 881W - IOS Port Forwarding Commands For Port Forwarding

Apr 7, 2013

I am trying to open up port 32400 on my 881w Cisco router but I have not had any success I need to configure manual port-forward to enable my Plex Media server.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042G - Port Forwarding To 2 Different Destinations Based On Incoming Wan Port

Apr 22, 2013

how to: port forwarding to 2 different destinations based on incoming WAN port
The default HTTP service works fine: TCP80/80->
I have a couple of IP security camera's I'd like to be able to access remotely that also listen on port 80. I tried TCP & UDP 8009/8009-> without any luck. Not sure how to handle the port redirects on the RV042G? Seems simple and was on the Symantec, could be user training :-)
I was able to do port redirect with the Symantec Firewall I'm replacing.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042G Port Forwarding From Public Port To Internal IP?

Oct 11, 2012

Is it possible to create a service which will forward public port 9010 to an internal IP address with port 23 ?
First of all, I do not like to open the public Telnet port to the inside so I would use another public port and second my ISP does not allow some public ports beneath port 80

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Cisco :: Not Enough Port Fields In Port Forwarding For Linksys E4200

Jul 16, 2011

I have always used netgear routers in the past. After a series of issues regarding configurations not working correctly I invested in what appeared to be a semi pro router, the cisco linksys e4200.
I have a centralized server which I use to access a mass of different services such as mail, dns, VPN, FTP, Kerberos, http and many more. While I am not a massive networking ****, this server setup is like my garage project. To access these services externally to my LAN as far as I understand I would need to configure port forwarding for each service to my server. Unfortunately the control panel for the linksys E4200 only offers about 15 custom port fields for forwarding, and some documentation I have read shows that with it's basic install my server could be using up to 60 ports at once.
Is this router just not suitable for this sort of network. If so I will be very disappointed because I have spent a quarter of the price on netgear routers with more control than this.

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Cisco Routers :: SRP541W Set Up Port Forwarding From External Port

Apr 13, 2013

I've set up port forwarding from an external port (9000) to an internal port (80) on our SRP541W, and for some reason, it's not working externally. If I access the public address from within the internal network, it works properly.

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TP-Link ADSL2+ Wireless :: TD-8970 Port Forwarding To A Different Internal Port

Mar 7, 2013

Region : UnitedKingdom
Model : TD-W8970
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 0.6.0 0.11 v000c.0 Build 121203 Rel.46289n
ISP : Virgin Media

Is there any way of forwarding an external port to a different internal port on the TD-8970 ?I saw a question posed on an Australian forum implying that it might be provided in a later firmware release.Our TD- 8970 has replaced a previous NetGear WAG 320N which had this facility, and is useful to provide access to multiple machines without having to modify each individually to use a different port.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Subsonic Port Forwarding / Get Machine - Port From Outside / Internet

Feb 16, 2011

I am having an issue opening a port (4040) on the 655 for my Fedora-based subsonic server.  Inside the LAN, I can see the device from other peer machines, so I am confident the port is open and listening.  However, I can't seem to get to the machine-port from outside/internet. 

I have tried Virtual Server and Port Forwarding with single port.  The server has a stactic IP which I've included in the DHCP range and outside the range.  I have a DSL connection (AT&T), modem only.  I have updated firmware.  I have exhausted the Subsonic community's knowledge, everything points to the router, but all the settings seem correct.  What am I missing?  Is if possible there is a defect in the router? (don't laugh).  Is there a way to trace a request to that port to see where it is hanging?

(yes, I've STFA, but don't know what else to do).

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Home Network :: Port Forwarding Not Access Port

Jul 31, 2011

I want to create a Counter Strike Server and need to open some ports for that.The Problem: I cannot seem to open the ports for gaming.The Modem Setup: My Firewall is disabled.My guess is that, this is the area with the problem. I guess my modem is not forwarding onwards.The Problem: I tried checking my ports with websites like URL etc.It cannot access my port.

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Port Forwarding Port 80 Blocks Internet For Everyone Else?

Aug 7, 2011

I have a DSL-524B from D-Link. My problem is, whenever I Port Forward port 80 to my comp's IP to host a web server, all the other computers connected to the router are unable to access the Internet. So, I set up no-ip to use port 8080, but, this exposes my ip and even when masking, if you look at the HTML code, you get the ip.I need to know how to open up port 80 without restricting Internet access to only my comp, or any other work around.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 DMZ No Forwarding

Oct 27, 2011

I think the ASA5505 I have is in basic license. When I open the third interacse : dmz it must activate No Forward command then can work.
Any way to resolve this problem? is it must pay money to buy the license so that can work without No Forward command?
If have to pay to make it work without No Forward command, how to pay and make it work and how much is the cost in USD?

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Cisco Firewall :: 5505 Static Nat With Port Redirection 8.3 Access List Using Un-Nat Port

Aug 15, 2012

I am having difficulty following the logic of the port-translation. Here is the configuration on a 5505 with 8.3,So I would have thought the outside access-list should reference the 'mapped' port but even with 3398 open I cannot remote desktop to the host. If I open 3389 then I can connect successfully.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 / Port 5901 - Alternate Port?

Aug 18, 2011

With the Cisco ASA-5505, is there a more secure port that can be configured for VNC other than 5901? I am new to Firewalls We have a User who has requested that 5901 be opened but I was advised not to do so for security concerns.

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Port Forwarding In A Cisco PIX 501

Apr 1, 2012

I finally got my Cisco Pix 501 working on my network and everything is working great! However, I do host game servers on occasion and I have a 24/7 FTP server up and as of now, I can't connect to it because the PIX is blocking the ports!I have zero experience with Cisco, so I need step-by-step instructions on what commands to enter to get this thing working!

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