Cisco WAN :: 2801 / Assign Specific IP To Specific Host By MAC

Dec 18, 2012

I have a Router 2801 with the run conf :
no ip dhcp use vrf connected
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address

I want to assign a specific IP to a specifig host by MAC .. for example i want the ip to be assign to the host "client1" by mac.I've been creating a new dhcp pool static:
ip dhcp pool static
hardware-address xxxx.xxxx.xxxx
client-name client1
but the "client1" is still taking other ip.

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Cisco Routers :: RV082 - How To Assign Specific PC On Network To Wan 2

Nov 4, 2012

I have the RV082 v03 i set it for load balancing i have 2 8gb Adsl modem connected to Wan1 and Wan2

Question how can i assign a certain pc to use the connection on Wan2, what i would like is to assign a specific pc on the network to wan2 

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Cisco Routers :: RV082 - Route Specific Ip Address To Specific WAN Port

Oct 25, 2011

I use a router RV082 with load balancing. My problem is when I try to access a specific site, I get the error message that my IP address changes and I can not use 2 ip address. I want to specify an ip range to always use the same WAN port.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5520 / Define Specific IKE Proposal For Specific L2L Tunnel?

May 24, 2011

ASA 5520 running 8.0.4
ASDM v.6.1
Need assistance understanding how in ASDM/Configuration/Site-to-Site VPN/Connection Profiles/ "Any Entry" I can specify that I only want to offer an IKE Proposal of pre-share-aes-256-sha?
The IKE Proposal field has a number of possible options including: pre-share-aes-256-md5, pre-share-3des-md5, pre-share-aes-256-sha, pre-share-aes-192-sha, pre-share-3des-md5, pre-share-aes-sha and pre-share-3des-sha.
I am able to pick a specific IPSec Proposal w/o issue but when I attempt to do the same for the IKE Proposal, and click OK the choice does not "stick" but rather returns to the entire list as defined above.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WRT160N Router Can Assign To Specific MACs Their Own IP Address

Jan 13, 2010

I am thinking about purchesing this router. But I need know if this router has DHCP reservation function. If router can assign to specific MACs their own IP adress. I had WRT160N for a week, but my ISP change technology. WRT160N had this function, but I am reading here, that WAG160N not.

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Routers / Switches :: Rate Limit On Specific Port From Specific Range?

Jul 1, 2012

Is it possible to enable an absolute value rate limit using QOS on a HP ProCurve 5406 switch for a particular IP range on a specific port? Is there a way to configure our HP 5406 with an absolute rate limit on "WAN" port for that server's IP range? I would like to limit it to only being capable of sending 1Mbps worth of traffic over the head end at once.Everything in the documentation points towards priority queues, which as far as I can tell, isn't really what I want.Baring accomplishing this goal using rate limiting is there a better way to prevent our services from accidentally saturating this connection?i thimkong about somthing like that:

class ipv4 rate-limit-port-A1
match ip any
policy qos port-a1-ratelimit
class servers-to-be-slowed action rate-limit kbps 1000
interface A1 service-policy port-a1-ratelimit inI'm not sure about this.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5505 Block Port 80 On A Specific Host In LAN

Apr 22, 2012

I'm using an ASA5505 (8.4(1)) and would like to block port 80 on a specific host in the LAN so machines in other remote LANs connected via VPN can't access this port on the host. Devices in the local LAN should have access to this port on the host. Here are the commands I'm using:
-access-list block_port extended deny tcp any host eq 80
-access-list block_port extended permit ip any any
-access-group block_port out interface inside
These commands are not working as I would expect them to. When I browse to from a remote machine over the VPN tunnel I am able to access the host web server.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Filter A Specific Host(s) From OSPF Routing Table On A ASA 5550 (ABR)?

May 22, 2013

I am attempting to filter a specific host(s) from my OSPF routiing table on a ASA 5550 (ABR) using LSA prefix lists.  However, when I look at the other routers in that area, I notice that ALL LSA type-3's are being removed (10 hosts are now missing from the routing table). I have verified the filter is working on the ABR, but I can't figure why ALL hosts/routes that were coming into the area are now being filtered instead of the specific one that I want to filter out.
Here is the config on the ABR:
prefix-list pdm_pl_000 seq 10 permit
router ospf 1
network area 0
network area 10
network area 10

The host is actually coming from Area '3'.  Am I doing something that is removing all type-3 LSA's?

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Can't Set A Specific Ip In Network

Nov 23, 2012

I am using win 7 in my company network , still am using a specific in my network just it turned to apipa and am changing 2 or more it cant possible still am set a new ip it set and working properly what happend to my old ip.

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Cisco :: To Drop Specific Application Using Qos In Asr

Sep 15, 2012

As per CISCO QoS document URL, IOS from 12.2(13)T support drop command in policy map. But our CISCO ASR 1013 having IOS of Version 15.2(1)S1 doesn't have drop syntax.How can we drop specific application using QoS in ASR 1013 of IOS version 15.2 and higher?,Can I allow few users for a particular application (like P2P) and drop other users based on users source IP?

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Cisco WAN :: Allow Only Specific URLs On 861 Router Using MQC

Feb 27, 2013

I configured a Cisco 861 router to allow only and block all other URLs. I used the below configuration but is not working. Actually everything is blocked even the access to the router. Is there any other way to acheive this requirement?
class-map match-any YOUTUBE
match protocol http host **
class-map match-all YOUTUBE-ONLY


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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5510 - Set Up Domain Specific DNS?

Feb 17, 2013

Is it possible to set up a domain specific DNS on an ASA 5510?The problem I am having is that while the site to site VPN is up the DNS servers on the main site are serving ip addresses for the remote site. Main site is on CBeyond and remote is on Time Warner so when doing an nslookup at the remote site it returns one IP address and when the remote site uses google DNS servers it returns another. The main difference being download speed (weird that it relates) as using main site DNS it was 3 hours and google DNS it took 10 minutes. I am looking for a way to serve DNS for the main site domains and for all public domains use google DNS or Time Warner DNS.

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Can't View Specific Website?

Feb 28, 2011

A website that I usually go to has all of a sudden stopped working for me. It is which I know is up because I have been on it outside of my home network. Every computer on my network will not allow me to go on . I have not added it to a firewall or anything. I have even set my router back to factory default and it still won't let me view from inside my network.

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Cannot View Specific Site

Jul 6, 2011

I can't view a specific site from my machine, but can from 2 others on the same network. Tried both IE(8) and FF(4) and still no luck. Running Norton AV and disabled.still no luck. Flushed DNS as well as rebooted. Still no luck. Was able to access at will 3 days ago, but not now.

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Cannot Access Specific Website

Sep 22, 2012

I've gone through a variety of diagnostics and I honestly don't know what to think. It's not my computer, as I can access the site on this computer on a different network. It's likely not the whole of my LAN network either, because my kindle can access the site through it. I can always access it on this computer with a proxy as well. I can ping it fine, and tracert it equally as well.I've tried everything from socket fixes, DNS flushes, getting new WAN IP addresses. When I got a new WAN IP address the first time the site was accessible once, and then it stopped again after that. I can't clone the MAC address from the router, because it doesn't allow it.

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Slow Communication Between 2 Specific Pc's

Jul 10, 2012

I have a network at home with 3 wired pc's and 2 laptops I usually connect through wifi and occasionally hard wire. The setup is one router, one switch and a wireless access point. I just added one new pc and I am having a specific problem with that pc and one of the laptops. The transfer speeds are really slow between this one pc (seemed capped at 30kbits) and the one laptop whether through wifi or hard wire and the issue is both ways. Both have absolutely no issues with any other computer on the network and transfer files without any issues. Both are win7 ultimate.

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Cannot Access A Specific Website

Feb 14, 2011

For some reason, there is a specific website that I cannot access. I am a member of the website and they have a community forum for contacting them and requesting support, but obviously I cannot contact them if I cannot access their site!

The website is [URL]. I read in another post that I should do the TRACERT command and post the results so I am doing that here.

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Can't Connect To Specific Website

Jul 20, 2012

I am unable to connect to facebook with any reliability. It will go to the site every once in a while but I would say a very small success rate.

I don't have this problem with any other website and my hosts file hasn't blocked facebook.

Also when I enter the url and press enter, it goes to a google search with a very long url, this doesn't happen with any other url.

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Can't Access A Specific Website

May 26, 2012

Ever since last night ive not been able to get onto a site that i use every single day. I can get on the site through my 3g on my phone and ive tried it round my friends house and it works perfectly.Tried releasing and renewing my IP Address, no effect and have just ran a Tracert:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Tracing route to []


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Cannot Connect To One Specific Website

Mar 27, 2012

I am having trouble connecting to Articles - Articles - Dirt Nap Gaming on my computer. I've contacted the site and no intentional IP block by them.

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Can't Connect To Specific Website?

Sep 10, 2011

I was trying to enter Minecraft but none of my browser could connect. If I connected through hidemy***.com it would load normally. When I try to join any server through the game, it gives me an error. If I change to my other network it doesn't connect, but I can if I use another OS or computer

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Slow Internet On Specific Pc

Oct 2, 2012

I have a g74s Upgraded laptop, very fast, best computer BY FAR in my house. We just got new internet, modem and everything. Every computer in the house has about 6mb/s download speed, mine varies from 800-1.6mb. I am the closest in the house to the router, and I even plug it in directly and that doesn't even work. My ping is over 800 -_- I also cant watch any videos. Just black screens. But the really messed up part, I took my laptop to my friends house, and everything worked perfectly as it should. I tried disabling firewalls and everything, I just can't do anything here. I don't really download anything, Ive cleared my cookies, everything, I pretty much just play starcraft, and I can't like this.

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Specific Website Won't Load?

Sep 30, 2012

all of a sudden my browser wont let me load this one certain site ( I think my internet is blocking it because i cant even go on my phone that is connected to my wifi. Also i have tried other browsers. Still doesn't workPS: I go on this website almost everyday. And i verified the site is working on my friends computer. So maybe my router is blocking it??

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Can't Connect To A Specific Network

Dec 20, 2012

After not using my computer for a week due to illness I've turned it on to discover that it cannot connect to the wifi network that has been working fine for the last few months. The network is shared and I don't personally have access to the router, and the network administrator is away at the moment so I can only attempt solutions at my end.It seems it might be an IP configuration issue. Network diagnostics gave me the error message "Wireless Network Connection 4 doesn't have a valid IP configuration", as well as one or two other IP-themed error messages.

My computer thinks it's connected. It says I'm connected to the network and that I have internet access, but there's no actual connectivity.Finally, weirdly, I did seem to manage to connect briefly at one point. It took about three minutes to load the Google homepage and then dropped again. I have no idea what the significance if any of that is.I know the following for sure:

- the wifi network does work; I'm using it on my laptop right now

- the network adapter on my computer also works, it can connect to the wifi hotspot on my phone

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Can't Connect To Specific Site

Jan 6, 2012

I don't think this is specifically an internet explorer problem but i could not figure out which category it could have gone in. A few months ago random websites started becoming completely inaccessible to my internet connection, no matter how often i would try. The most recent one to have happened allowed me to connect just yesterday, but today i cannot connect to the website from this connection. I was able to connect to the website when i used the computer at a friend's house.

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Can't Access A Specific Website?

May 26, 2012

Ever since last night ive not been able to get onto a site that i use every single day. I can get on the site through my 3g on my phone and ive tried it round my friends house and it works perfectly.Tri[CODE]

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Can't Connect To One Specific Website?

Jan 11, 2012

I know the website isn't down, as I can connect to it by using a proxy.[CODE]

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Specific Website Not Opening

Apr 28, 2011

I need opening up a particular website. The website name is [url].... Apparently, using various web based ping tools to ping the website doesn't work as they all get packet loss, so maybe the website is unpingable. However, upon using a proxy server or VPN, the website does open.

Here are the steps I've tried.Used a different OS (ubuntu)- didn't work.Tried on another system, different network, same ISP and it opened. It was an office connection.I did a traceroute on this and this stopped on the 3rd hop.Used various different DNS from google, to opendns, to my ISPs dns (airtel India).Tried different browsers, didn't work. My ISP gives out dynamic IPs. Is it possible to specify routing on this website through my router?


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Cannot Connect To Specific Websites

Apr 14, 2011

I have two webites hosted by the same company. Yesterday I thought their server was down. To make a long story short, everyone I talk to can access the sites and I cant my hosting company says its a router problem. I contacted the service provider and reset the router but that didnt fix it. I have 3 computers on this router and none of them work to access the site. I reset the ip config, I've tryed EI and Firefox. I checked the IE diagnostic log but dont know what it means and it says:

0" ?>
<?xml-stylesheet type='text/xsl' href="xpnetdiag.xsl" ?>


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Cisco :: IOS Version Specific To Number Of Ports

Apr 30, 2012

Is the Cisco IOS version specific to the number of ports?IE, would a 24pt 2960 switch use the same IOS version as an 8 pt 2960 switch? Or is there a different IOS for each number of ports?

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Cisco :: / WLC And ACS Specific Authentication Criteria Query

Sep 29, 2011

I have a wireless network with WLC and WCS and ACS integrated for user authentication.Web login has been enabled on the WLC and authentication of Username is done through ACS.
Q1. For specific SSID (TEST) specific username (Tom) is used for authentication,where as Tom cannot be used for authentication for any other SSID.
Q2. Weblogin page pushed by WLC is https on virtual IP want it to be pushed through http protocol.

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Cisco Switches :: SG300-10 MAC ACL - How To Allow Specific Mac Address

Apr 24, 2011

What i am trying to achive is allow only specific mac addresses on switch and deny all others by using MAC ACE. What should i do? First deny any any and then permit or ?

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Cisco :: LMS 4.2 / Discovery Based On Specific IP Address?

Nov 27, 2012

1)is there any methods to let LMS 4.2 discover Cisco devices based on specific ip like Loopback address ? coz in my Cisco devices i have more than ip address configured?

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