Cisco WAN :: 5520 - Active / Passive ASA With Redundant ISP Connections

Apr 25, 2012

Currently we are using a single connection to our ISP and in the coming months will be moving to a two seperate connections (to same ISP). In our current setup we utilize active/passive ASA's (5520, single context) and would like to utilize that going forward as well, the reason being is our DMZ's all hang off of these ASA's and we have fiber connectivity between our datacenters.Our main datacenter and DR Datacenter are basically one big LAN with fiber between them, so we have our DMZ networks at both locations currently with both terminating in our ASA's. That way if the ASA at our current site fails the DMZ's are still accessible via the secondary firewall at our DR facility.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 Needed To Be Configured In HA Active / Passive

May 24, 2011

I have the following Setup, Two Cisco ASA 5520 needed to be  configured in HA Active/Passive. The Firewalls includes also AIP module. Does the ASA 5520 will internally make the AIP modules also HA Active/Passive? Is there a document regarding the issue? Is there a seperate license for the AIP modules for HA scenario?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 - Interface Reconfiguration In Active / Passive Failover

Dec 20, 2011

Currently l have two ASA 5520's in a active/passive failover scenario.  Currently the interfaces for the inside and outside are fixed at 100/FULL.I want to repatch them into GigE ports setup as Auto Negotiate.Is there anyway of keeping the connections through the firewall active in this type of scenrio or will l have downtime disconnecting and repatching?  or could l possibly disable failover and reconfigure each ?

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Cisco Firewall :: Show Active TCP Connections In ASA 5520?

Jun 5, 2013

how many active TCP sessions my ASA has but having a hard time finding this information.  When I do "show conn count" from the CLI it shows what I'm guessing is a sum of both TCP and UDP.  Is there any way to get just the TCP connections?

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Cisco VPN :: 5520 Active Monitoring Of Remote Access Vpn Connections

Apr 14, 2012

I am using asa 5520 and asa 5540 for remote access vpn connections. Is it possible to do active monitoring of my vpn connections so that there would be alerts for vpn tunnels that fail to establish due to other reasons other than user authentication?

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Cisco Application :: CSM Active / Active In 2 Redundant 6500s

May 7, 2007

our application team is mandating, that the solution we should come up with for SLB, should support Active/Active mode of SLB operation.
My question, is this mode of operation supported/accredited by Cisco, and what is the draw back from the traditional active/standby.

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Cisco :: What Is Active / Passive Port-channel

Feb 7, 2013

what is active/passive port-channel..? and how it will do load balancing when my network traffic is flowing on both the ports.

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Cisco Firewall :: Cannot Use FTP Passive / Active Of ASA5505

Sep 12, 2011

Users cannot download some files from a FTP in a software over VPN Explanation users work with a program and inside the program they download claim (the software goes to the FTP and download the file)
But the program returns an error 3018 in FTPGET. If the user goes to the old PPTP VPN it works like a charm  so the problem is the Cisco VPN.
I cannot post my complete config but we use the filter vpn value to associate a special access-list to a user.
The user that has this problem has this as an access-list.
access-list 201 extended ip permit
I've made some research and i've added this info
policy-map global_policy
class inspection_default
Inspection ftp
Still doesn't work. 
I have to  add that normally the internal network is 2.0 and not 202.0 but since we have user with 2.0 at home we had to do this.
So when a user sends a request to 202. the cisco fowards it to the Juniper inside the network and it translate it back to 2.0 Also that is the ONLY thing that doesn't work.  The client can work all day on that program and it will work #1 exept when she does the claims
I am also been working on this VPN for 2-3 months without any problems.

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Cisco Application :: ACE 4710 - Active / Passive Failover?

Nov 14, 2012

We have an ACE 4710 that has two web servers in an active/passive scenario.  The issue is that if node 1 fails and node 2 takes over connections to node 2 stay active even if node 1 becomes available again.  Is there are way to ensure that node one is not placed back into service if it becomes available again.
how active/passive failover shoudl be configured, so I can make sure I have it set up correctly;

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 Active / Passive Failed

Jan 12, 2012

i have a problem with a Failover Pair of 5510. The Boxes run with the software version 8.2.5.
If the Active ASA goes down, the Standby ASA switch to Active.
If i switch on the old Active ASA, both ASA are Active. This problem don't solved with the command 'no failover active' on the Standby box. This problem only solved with the command 'no failover' and then 'failover' on the Standby box.

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Cisco WAN :: 2921 - Network Design With BGP And Active / Passive ASA's

Mar 1, 2012

The following diagram is showing what I "Plan" on doing or "Hope" I can do. This is the most complicated deployment I have taken on in my profession, and Honestly it is very exciting, but had some questions.
1. The network between the ASA's and Routers, is that suppose to be a Private network or Public Network? I have to assume Public because I want my ASA's to take care of the NAT.
2. ASA's are runing single context Active/Standby so what way will the ASA push out going traffic?
3. The routers need to know about each other in a BGP configuration, correct? We accomplish this using iBGP so will that traffic need to be allowed through my firewall to allow the routers to share that information, or should these routers be talking to each other outside the firewalls?
Is this design possible? I am sure there are limitations as always, just trying to wrap my head around the flow of traffic and where to start.
Additional Details/Requirements -
BGP routers are 2921's that I have control of. Both routers have 4 port GigEtherswitches in them.
ASA's are Active/Passive and cannot be Active/Active due the limitations of the Active/Active Design (VPN limitations)
Both ISP's must be used for outbound traffic, I would like to be able to load balance, but can send some traffic one way and the rest of the traffic the other way based on Routes.
ISP's are not Symentrical, one is 50mbps and the other is 250mbps.
All NAT should take place at the ASA's
Additional Questions:
The routers that have gig etherswitches, can they run HSRP?
Should I be putting Layer 3 switches between the routers and the ASA's instead?
Where should I run my iBGP communication for the routers?

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Cisco VPN :: 5512x Anyconnect Ssl Licensing For ASA Active / Passive Pair

Aug 7, 2012

I am purchasing 2 5512x ASAs to be configured as an Active/Passive pair as a VPN device. Do I need to purchase anyconnect licenses for both devices?

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Cisco Security :: Adding 3 Node ASA5510 / Active / Passive Cluster

Jul 25, 2012

we operate an active/passive cluster with 2 ASA5510 in Routed Mode. Is it possible to add another node, so that we have one active and two standby nodes in the cluster? Unfortunately, I have found no documentation on this .... The data sheet say only up to 10 nodes can be mentioned as a VPN load balancing cluster.

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Cisco VPN :: 6500 VPN To Juniper Redundant Firewall Active

Jul 15, 2012

I am using 6500 with VPN Accelerator on this device.  I have a dozen other VPN connections GRE and IPSEC to routers and ASA and other Juniper Firewalls.
They all work perfectly.The error I get is map_db_find_best did not find matching map (Never seen this error be for) [code]I can't put the whole config for security reasons.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5520 - ASA Active / Active Failover And IPS Failure

Mar 30, 2011

I have 2 asa 5520 firewalls including and 1 AIP-SSM-10 module in each of them. the configuration is set using active/active failover and context mode.
Both of them run individualy the IPS module. The IPS is configured using inline mode and fail-open option. However when one of the module fails and the state is changing from up to init or anything else making the IPS to fail then failover is detected and ASA consider it as failover and bounce context to the other unit.
IPS soft is 6.0(4) and ASA soft is 8.0(3)
I have checked cisco doc and it is confusing to me. it says:  "The AIP-SSM does not participate in stateful failover if stateful failover is configured on the ASA failover pair." but it really does participate. Running is not really an option because of production network impact matter..

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Cisco VPN :: Active / Active ASA 5520 Remote VPN Access Limitations?

Sep 19, 2011

We have an Active/Active ASA 5520 setup, as i know in Active/Active setup there is no remote VPN access, So i could overcome this limitations?I have a solution but i dont know if it is ablecable or not? we have a spare ASA 5510, so i can use it behind Active/Active Firewalls and assign a public static NAT IP address to it and open all IPSEC and VPN ports and let the remote users to connect to it, is this ablecable setup or not?

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Cisco WAN :: 5520 - Connect Router To Passive Firewall?

Jan 28, 2013

I had a design question, Currently we have a active/passive asa 5520 firewall setup. We have our edge router (3845), on which Gig 0/0 connects to the internet, Gig 0/1 connects to a port on the active firewall. We also have a one port fast ethernet card on the router.How can i use the fast ethernet port on the router to connect to the passive firewall, so that if the active firewall fails, there is internet connectivity through the fast ethernet port on the router.

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Cisco Firewall :: Two 5505 Redundant With Active Standby Setup?

Oct 21, 2012

I have two 5505 ASA.  I would like to know can I make two 5505 failover redundant with active standby setup?

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Cisco Security :: ASA 5520 And Redundant Interfaces Design

Apr 17, 2011

We have two multilayer switches and only one ASA 5520. I'd like to connect ASA in the way described on the picture: each redundant interface includes two physical ones, which are connected to different switches

My question is what kind of link it is necessary to have between switches to make this idea work? I'd have subinterfaces like Re1.100, Re2.200 and so on for my traffic.
I understand that correct design approach is to have two redundant firewalls with failover but we cannot purchase the second one yet.

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Cisco WAN :: 2911 ISR - View Active Concurrent Connections

Feb 18, 2013

I have been looking for the command to view all concurrent active connections or sessions on our Cisco 2911. I want to see what the total connections or sessions are at peak times throughout the day.

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Cisco VPN :: DS3 - Limit Number Of Active IPSec Connections Per Host

May 18, 2011

I have a hub and spoke network with over 100 remote sites that connect to me via ipsec vpn. One of these locations, the only one using FIOS coincidently, is initiating 200+ tunnels back to my side which is causing saturation issues on my DS3. (I can post config if requested), and how can I limit the number of active tunnels it's establishing?

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Cisco Switches :: SG500X-24 Stacking - Keeping Connections Active

May 12, 2013

I am installing a network that has two SG500X-24 switches as core and several SG300-52 switches as access switches. I've seen in the SG500X-24 datasheet that there is a True Stacking feature. But in the data sheet there are not a lot of details about it. My doubt is the following. If I configure the two SG500X-24 switches as a single switch through stacking them, can I connect one SG300-52 switch to these two SG500X-24 switches through two cables (both configured as a LAG in the SG300-52 and in the SG500X-24 stack, one cable per SG500X-24), the  the first cable connected to the first SG500X-24 switch and the second cable connected to the second SG500X-24 switch and keep both connections active?

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Cisco Application :: ACE 4710 Active Connections View Wrong In Web Manager

Sep 28, 2011

I have a problem in the ACE 4710. In view of the connections of a web environment. When I view connections on Config> Operations> Real Servers, Conns column values ​​appear very high connections (Example. 1606317769078).Already in Config> Operations> Virtual Server the number of connections appear normal. Version 4710 ACE Device manger A4 (2.1a)

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT160Nv3 Display Active Connections?

Nov 24, 2011

is there a way to display the active wireless connections?

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Nokia-N900 - Multiple Active Network Connections In Windows Xp

Apr 10, 2011

My phone is a Nokia-N900, and I find the most useful way to interact with it from my PC is by ssh. Luckily it is possible to switch out the usb-networking module in the devices kernel to make it appear to windows as a generic RNDIS gadget. Plugging it into a windows PC I can now ssh into it, I can open an sftp session, everything works perfectly...

Except I can't access the web. I can't view other network resources. I look in the network connections section in the control panel and see my two connections, but I don't see any way to set which one to use for what. Seeing as I only use usb0 for ssh and eth0 for everything else, it seems I need a way to set it up so that usb0 only gets port 22 or something similar.

Is there any way to achieve this, or another method by which I could leave my phone connected to my Pc while using it for other network tasks?

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Cisco Firewall :: 5520 - Active FTP Does Not Work

Oct 9, 2011

I have an asa 5520 that works fine if you are using passive ftp and ftp inspection is on globally. It is not working for an active ftp session. I tried allowing all ports back to the external ip address of the internal client as a test and this did not work either.
Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.0(3)
Device Manager Version 6.2(3) 
policy-map Global_Policy

I read another article saying that this command needs to be on the asa "fixup protocol ftp 21"
If this is enabled will it show on the firewall?  How do I enable it?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 For Dual Active ISPs

Dec 14, 2011

I inherited a network redesign project mid implementation and ran across an issue that I was not 100% sure able to be resolved.  Implementation is occurring in which the organization is changing over to a different ISP and we have some customers that will not be able to change their settings over to our new addresses from some time.  I have seen a lot of posts about fail over and dual ISP configurations, but I could not relate them to this particular scenario.

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Cisco VPN :: Manage ASA 5520 (8.2.5) SSL Clients Through Active Directory?

Dec 24, 2012

We are trying to manage our Cisco ASA 5520 (8.2.5) SSL clients through Active Directory(ldap).

Currently the SSL VPN tunnel is up and all users are able to connect being authenticated by AD. but Group-policy to AD groups are not working. all the domain users are able to go to all the group policies .
I need to give access only to their respective Group policy in ASA.  Following are the available groups and GP.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 Active Standby And IPS Configure

Mar 3, 2013

I have two ASA 5520 version 8.2 in active Standay Mode. What is a good practice to setup IPS AIM ssm-20 for this setup.
Is IPS should be in Fail-Open or Fail-Close mode ?
Is Mangement ip for both IPS module should be same or diffrent. ?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 Active And Standby Preempt Functionality

Aug 6, 2012

Is the preempt option available in active standby ASA firewall setup with single context...somewhere i have read that same is available in active-active setup or active/standby setup with multiple context.If i active the multiple context mode on product environnement with two ASA5520 in Active/Standby mode, what are the impacts on the the production?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 Active / Standby Failover - IP Addressing?

Mar 15, 2011

I am getting ready to setup avtice/standby failover on our ASA 5520's and have run in to an issue.I currently only have one External IP address available. My Idea was to use a private/placeholder IP address for the standby external IP Address, will this cause any issues with the failover? I know I won't be able to access the secondary from the outside, but that is not an issue.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5520 - Login DN Account Locked Out In Active Directory

Mar 6, 2011

We are using ASA5520 as our VPN concentrator and has configured IPSec authentication using digital certificates with Microsoft CA for the remote access VPN. The AAA server used for remote user authentication is Windows Active Directory. Screenshot of the AAA configuration is attached. The problem we face is that the "Login DN" account (marked in red box in the screenshot) is frequently getting locked out in the active directory. I have confirmed that the password is the same on both ends and the account is not used any where else.
The NTP server configured for the VPN concentrator is the Active Directory itself but no accounts are configured (not required) for updating the time service in the concentrator.

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Cisco Firewall :: Upgrade ASA 5520 In Active / Standby Configured From 7.2(4) To 8.3(1)

Oct 9, 2011

I have been asked to look at upgrading two 5520 ASA configured in a HA pair Active/Standby, from version 7.2(4) to version 8.3(1) to bring it in line with some other ASA firewalls in the organisation.
My question is can I simply upgrade straight from 7.2(4) to 8.3(1) or will I have to step the upgrade from 7.2(4) => 8.2(x) => 8.3(1)
Having read a few articles on the forums and the release notes I think I should be able to go from 7.2(4) => 8.3(1) .
The second part of my query is around the upgrade itself, having researched this a little there seems to be various views on how to go about upgrading a HA pair and I cannot find anything specific on the website.
The approach I am thinking of is simply as follows;

- upload images onto both firewalls in the HA pair
- On the standby from the CLI
clear configure boot


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