Dell :: 5010 - Bluetooth Turn Off Automatically

Jan 15, 2012

What is wrong with my Dell Inspiron 5010 "Bluetooth" module?It just turns off and Icon disappears. How can I turn it back on?Why does it just "turn off"?

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Dell :: Bluetooth Drivers For Windows 8 64bit Inspiron 15 5010

Jan 29, 2013

Bluetooth drivers for windows 8 64bit  model is Dell Inspiron 15 5010.

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Dell :: Inspiron 5010 - Bluetooth Driver Update Messages

Dec 18, 2011

I have an Inspiron 5010 and am constantly getting messages and flags that my bluetooth drivers need updating. I have tried the latest driver install from broadcom but this stops almost immediately with a message to contact hardware manufacturer as the install cannot proceed.

Sometimes I get messages prompting me to update driver. at other times driver appears to be installed and working perfectly

I use Dell support center and Dell download manager to keep up to date and don't usually have any problem but this bluetooth messaging has been going on for months now.

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Dell :: 5010 Install Bluetooth For Newly Installed Windows 8

Apr 28, 2013

install Bluetooth for my newly installed Win8.I tried all the posted links for Bluetooth.I have Win8 on Dell Inspiron 5010, so which one will be suitable for it?

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Dell :: Latitude E5510 - Can't Turn On Bluetooth

Dec 29, 2011

I can't turn on the bluetooth on my laptop. Laptop Details - Dell Latitude E5510. - Windows 7 32-bit.

Problems - The bluetooth light is not lit (WiFi is lit). - The bluetooth icon is not in the system tray. - There are no settings in 'Control Panel' for bluetooth. - There are no drivers in 'Device Manager' for bluetooth.

Troubleshooting Already Attempted - Ensured that bluetooth was enabled in the BIOS. - Updated BIOS to version A11. - Downloaded and attempted to install drivers (R285455.exe, R260222.exe, R296919.exe). When I try to run R260222.exe, it tells me that it is incompatible. When I run the other two drivers, it extracts the items but then asks me to "activate bluetooth using wireless switch". The switch is already on but no light appears for the bluetooth symbol. It's a catch 22! - Ensured that the 'Bluetooth Support Service' was started.

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Dell :: Turn On Bluetooth Adapter In Latitude 620?

Jan 5, 2010

I've been trying unsuccessfully for weeks to find out how to turn on the Bluetooth adapter (turn Bluetooth radio on) on my Dell Latitude D620.

Firstly does the D620 have a built in Bluetooth adapter? I've done a search on the web and it appears it does. Also I see a Bluetooth symbol just above my keyboard, but it is not lighted up. How do I turn it on?

I went to Control Panel, Device Manager -> Network adapters, but I don't see any Bluetooth devices listed there.

Do I need to install some software? I went to and downloaded the installer for Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Internal Module driver. But when I install it, it is tries to install the Vista Profile Pack, and it fails because it "Could not find compatible bluetooth chip on your system" and "DFU install failed with returncode 137".

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Windows 7 / Automatically Turn Off Wifi When Docking Laptop

Jan 10, 2012

How do I automatically turn off Wi-Fi when docking Laptop

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How To Turn On Bluetooth

Sep 24, 2011

know how do you turn on a bluetooth usb dongle that didnt come with software (plug & Play.Im using Windows 7 pro x64. My PC picks it up fine but bluesoleil says no devices found.

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Dell :: Wi-Fi Driver For 5010

Sep 10, 2012

I am dell laptop user . My service tag no is <Admin Note:service tag removed per privacy policy~RK> I am unable to download the WIFI driver and Bluetooth driver for my laptop, I need to use this benefits on the laptop currently.

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Dell :: 5010 With Window 7 / Wi-Fi Not Showing?

Sep 22, 2012

I am using dell 5010 with window 7. For last some day i facing problem with internet so i download window again.Now i wont be abt to find wifi network or you can say wifi not showing.i have to add network wire for internet connection.

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Turn On Bluetooth In Laptop Acer Aspire 4755 Model

Jan 3, 2013

how can i turn on Bluetooth in my laptop ACER ASPIRE 4755 model;usually I was getting a window for bluetooth & wifi , when press Fn+F3?

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Wireless :: Dell Inspiron 5010 Laptop Wifi Keeps Disconnecting

Sep 11, 2012

What should i do to my laptop so that the wifi could not turn off frequently it is dell inspiron 5010.

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Dell :: Inspiron 5010 - Can't Get Wireless Internet Connectivity Reestablished

Dec 16, 2011

We've had a home wireless router for several years.  My wife's one-year old laptop computer (Dell Inspiron 5010) worked fine until this week when it suddenly lost connectivity and I can't get it back on-line.  My laptop still works fine.  I first ensured that the wireless function is on.  I then clicked on the connectivity icon which shows "No connections available".  It also won't show me any available wireless conection options.  Under the "Open Network and Sharing Center" link, I've tried the "Set up a new connection of network" and "Connect to the internet".  Under "How do you want to connect?" it only gives me "Dial-Up" as an option initially and adds "Broadband" when I choose "Show options the computer is not set up to use".  When I choose broadband, and enter my user name and password, I get a message that "The wizard cannot create the connection".  I also went to Control Panel, Internet Properties, Connections, Set-Up, and it takes me back to the same "Connect to the Internet window mentioned above with the same issues.  I also plugged my wife's computer dirrectly into the router and still got no connectivity.  How do I get my wife's computer back on-line? 

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Dell :: Bluetooth Driver For Dell N5010?

Jan 15, 2013

I tired to insttal R241623 bluetooth drivers when driver insttal 

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Dell :: Automatically Restart / XPS17 L702X

Nov 28, 2012

some days ago a technical Dell replace on my XPS17 L702X the fan because more often, while I was working, fan get started (noise, decrease in performance, and so on ...). After some hours my laptop dies, I found it tourned off and it didn't start again. So, afert two days, another technical Dell changed XPS17 's motherboard and the power connector. The same day I worked with my notebook without any problemes, but at the end of my workday I shut down the system (Windows server 2008)  and It restart automatically. I tried again more than once, but at the end my laptop restart automatically again (I have two partitions: Win 7 and Win 2008 server Both OS has the same issue: automatic reboot afert shut down). This morning I turned on my laptop and immediatelty I shut it down and It dind't restar, during the day while I was working, sometimes I turned it off and all seems ok, but this evening (after a workday and after backup) it restarted automatically again after shut down !

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Dell :: Inspiron N5520 / Wi-Fi Sometimes Get Disconnected And Reconnects Automatically Again

Jan 4, 2013

i have dell inspiron n5520.My laptops wifi sometimes get disconnected in the middle and and reconnects automatically again..when I use lan internet works fine without getting disconnected..

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 Dell Wi-Fi Clients Not Automatically Associating To AP

Apr 16, 2013

We have a Cisco 5508 controller with 1142 LWAP's running version 7.4.100.We have several Dell laptops which will not associate to the access point UNLESS you stand directly underneath it, power off the wireless, turn it back on then eventually the PC will associate to the AP.Once the PC is associated to the AP and user is authenticated then all is well.
Have tried updating the wireless drivers downloaded from both Dell or INTEL. This does not happen to all of our laptops. However, without making any changes to the WLC or the PC's, we have begun to expirence this problem with laptop which previously did not have this issue.

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Dell :: 1750 Wireless Won't Turn On

Feb 27, 2012

My wifi was working just fine this morning, then my 1 yr old pushed some keys when I turned away for a minute, now my wireless won't turn on. I have tried the F2 + Function key several times, I've rebooted and tried to search possible solutions. My other laptop is connected to my router just fine, so I am sure it is just a computer issue. I have an Inspirion 1750. Also, is there any indicator of wireless on this computer? I have to go into network to see if it is on, it seems there should be an easier way (my other computers have a wifi light).

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Dell :: Inspiron 530 Wi-Fi Card Won't Turn On

Jan 26, 2012

I had turned my computer on and I hadn't been on it in a week or 2 because for some reason my computers WiFi connector was not turning on in the back. Usually, if the wifi is turned on, there is a green light flashing in the back which tells me it is picking up or searching for a signal. And once I turned it on, it had started working again. So I played on it a bit and got off. But when I went to turn it on today, it wont pick up any signals. My router is working perfectly fine since I'm typing this on my iPad.

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Dell :: Bluetooth On XPS M1530

May 7, 2012

I bought a used XPS M1530 from a friend a few months ago and he told me it did have Bluetooth, but I've tried everything I can think of and can't get it to work. I went to computer management services, it's says it's set to automatic and is running, nothings happening.

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Dell :: Can't Use Bluetooth M5040

Jun 23, 2012

i just bought a new inspiron m5040 but i can't use the bluetooth.

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Dell :: Bluetooth Driver 365 Win 8

Nov 29, 2012

Bluetooth Driver 365 win 8

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Dell :: Wireless On Inspiron 1501 Won't Turn On

Mar 31, 2009

I press the fn and then the F2 button and it doesn't turn on. When I restart my laptop I know all the lights like capslock,num lock etc are supposed to flash once. but it does EXCEPT the wifi . I tried everything. there is no wireless icon by the clock. my wifi used to work but all of a sudden it hasn't worked. I've checked everything on control panels and nothing..

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Dell :: XPS M1210 - How To Turn On Wireless Adapter

Jan 1, 2009

I have a XPS M1210 laptop running Windows XP. It has a Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG Net adapter for wireless connection. Following a recent reinstall of windows XP, my wireless no longer works. The Intel Proset / Wireless software is controlling the wireless connection and it indicates that the wireless is turned off. It states that I should use the wireless On/Off switch to enable it. I can find no such switch to enable the wireless.

I have seen that the Fn + F2 combinaion should toggle the switch, but it does not work on my system. In the device manager, everything seems to be installed and working correctly. In Control Panel / Network Connections, the Intel Pro/Wireless is shown for the wireless Network Connection, but it is shown as not to turn on the adapter so that I can make a wireless connection?

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Dell :: N5010 - Can't Turn Off Touchpad With Button To Right Of F12

Jan 8, 2013

I've got a Dell N5010 with Windows 7, after dropping my laptop and breaking the hard drive I replaced it with one I bought from Amazon, all is well apart from I now have to use an external antenna for WiFi to work. Without it I just get ' No connections are available'. I also can't turn off the touchpad with the button to the right of F12 like I used to. I read somewhere it might be to do with the Dell Drivers CD?

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Dell :: Inspiron M5110 - Laptop Will Not Connect To Wireless Automatically After Sleep Mode

Feb 10, 2013

I have a Dell Inspirion M5110. Windows 7, 64 bit.

When ever I open the lid to the laptop it takes 5-10 mins before it will automatically connect to a network. Diagnose this network does not find anything, nor provides any troubleshooting.  Typically if I open the network connections center and disable the wireless, let it sit for 30 secs or so, and re-enable, it will finally connect.

I know it's not my router, as the laptop does the same thing at work, and multiple different friends house.

I've confirmed that DHCP is set to automatic connect. I've also checked Device Manager/Network adapters/ and unchecked the box "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

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Dell :: N5050 - How To Activate Bluetooth

Jul 25, 2012

even i have bought a new dell Inspiron n5050 and am not able install the bluetooth driver the msg reads "Activate bluetooth using wireless switch".Even mobility centre dosent hv the to customize using Dell INC.

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Dell :: 1525 No Sign Of Bluetooth / Wi-Fi

May 24, 2013

Following a new HDD & install of the OS my Dell 1525 is not showing wifi or bluetooth and is not letting me connect via wireless. I have tried installing drivers but nothing. I can only connect via ethernet. I also tried removing the card and replacing it to ensure it was in correctly but still nothing. The set up menu on boot shows wireless card present and all enabled to factory defaults.

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Dell :: XPS 14Z Bluetooth Connection To Jawbone

Apr 13, 2012

Just bought a new XPS 14Z that is supposed to have bluetooth. But I have been unable to connect to my Jawbone Icon earbud. Have updated drivers for both devices but can't get the laptop to recognize Jawbone while searching for devices.

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Dell :: N5040 - Bluetooth Not Working

Dec 29, 2011

I baught a dell n5040 more time i tried activate bluetooth.but not activate

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Bluetooth Not Working

Nov 10, 2009

I just received my XPS 16 and I was informed that it had a built in Bluetooth. I purchased a bluetooth mouse and tried to use it, but I am unable to get the computer to turn on the Bluetooth device. Had Dell support look at it, but the guy passed me off to someone else. So I still do not have this working. Is there an updated driver required to get this Bluetooth working.

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Dell :: N5110 Bluetooth Not Working

Mar 6, 2013

My Bluetooth aint working

My Intel (R) 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller 1C2D and 1C26 not working as well.Both have same problem.They get uninstalled by their own and as an when i install them they are los

I have re installed my windows 8 but still got the same problem.I Use INSPIRON 15R N5110

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Dell :: E4300 Bluetooth Not Working

Feb 5, 2013

i have dell e4300 i cant send via bluetooth any doc some driver i vl instal but not working i find to my mobile serch bluetooth my computer find id but no option to send.

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