Dell :: Inspiron Mini 1011 Won't Receive Enough Packets To Connect To Internet

Nov 12, 2011

I have a Dell Insipron Mini 1011 and recently I haven't been able to connect to the internet. The network connection says it's connect to linksys, but it sends out more packets than it receives. What can I do to get it to receive more packets? Could it be my area that's causing it not to connect?

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Dell :: Mini 1011 - Factory Installed Wireless Program?

Nov 28, 2011

I have a Dell Mini 1011 model.  When updating some software, I accidentally removed the factory installed wireless software.  I installed something but it constantly disconnects and says "multiple wireless networks are available" and makes me reconnect manually.  We have other laptops in the house using the same wireless, and they are having no issues. 

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Dell :: Inspiron Mini 1012 - Cannot Connect To Internet

Dec 15, 2011

I have a Inspiron mini 1012 and can connect to my wireless network but I cannot connect to the internet.

I have restarted  the modem, the router, and the computer with no effect.

I can pin my router and send and receive 4 packets ok.

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Dell :: Unable To Connect Inspiron Mini 10V Wireless N Network To Internet

Nov 20, 2009

I am having problems connecting to the internet. I've tried changing my security from WPA to WEP and back again. I've searched these forums for a solution and nothing has worked. I've changed my antenna output to Aux from Auto as one thread suggested, but no luck.

For a time, I could connect to my wireless BT Home Hub 2, but the range was pathetic (about 4 metres). I've tried connecting to my partners home wireless connection, and again, same problem. Now the connection is virtually nothing. If I am lucky enough to get a connection then it will be poor and usually fail within 2 minutes.

I've had my Dell Inspiron Mini 10v for nearly 3 months now. I wish I was brave enough to return it when I had the chance.People have commented that this could be a known issue. I don't know what the problem is. I've spoken to IT bods my office and nobody seems to know.

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Dell :: Inspiron Mini 1018 Cannot Connect To DSL

Aug 24, 2012

I replaced the internal hard drive on my Inspirion mini 1018.  I installed the Windows 7 operating system and all the drivers.  Yet I cannot access the internet, even with my DSL plugged in.  I do not use wireless and do not wish to. 

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Dell :: Internet Connection On Inspiron Mini 1012

Nov 15, 2011

I'm having issues connecting to the internet via wired or wireless connection. The Windows network diagnostics test advises to unplug the device, wait 10 seconds  and turn the device back on. I've tried that several times with no success.

I've opened the Network and Sharing Center and see an Unidentified network as the active network.

I've plugged a LAN cable in from my modem and the local connection status show's packets being received but nothing being sent. The IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity show no internet access.I have two other lap tops running on this wireless network with no problems.

This is a Dell Inspiron 1012 and the wireless is a Dell 5541. It has Windows 7 installed

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Dell :: Inspiron Mini 1010 - Internet IP Ping Failed

Oct 20, 2012

I have a dell inspiron mini 1010 with 1397 wifi card. I am trying to connect to internet through wifi but comp. wont connect. when i run diagnostic it says internet ip ping faild. my router( witch is an arris xfinity) is working fine with two other computers. strangly it connects with my netgear router just fine.

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Dell :: Neither Wireless Or Local Internet Connection Works For Inspiron Mini 10

Mar 15, 2012

The wireless network never picks up any signals and when I try to plug in to the modem it doesn't recognize the internet either. Is this a driver issue or what?

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Dell :: How To Turn Off Wireless Internet Connectivity On Inspiron 1012 Mini

Jul 23, 2012

Am planning on taking my laptop on a plane but can't work out how to turn of the wireless aerial.

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Dell :: Inspiron Mini 1018 - Wireless Connected But No Internet Connection

Mar 18, 2011

I have an Inspiron Mini 1018 which all of a sudden I cannot get internet access but I do have the wireless network as being connected. It was working fine but all of a sudden I can't get onto the internet. Have run diagnostics but it doesn't pick up any problems.

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Dell :: Inspiron 11z (1110) With 1397 Mini Wireless Card - Internet IP Ping Fails

Mar 30, 2012

I have a Dell Inspiron 11z (1110) with Dell 1397 mini wireless card. The wireless connection lags/drops persisitently at any time of day or night. When I connect the computer to internet via ethernet the connection is stable. When I run a diagnostics on the wireless card all pass, except the internet IP ping. I get the following message:

The wireless router/AP for your network is working, but your computer is not able to use an IP address to connect to the Internet. You will not be able to connect to the Internet, although you might be able to connect to your local network. Contact your network administrator or wireless router/AP installer for assistance.

I have installed latest driver for the 1397 mini wireless card, albeit a couple of years old.

The wireless router I am using is Netgear Rangemax Dual Band DGND3300v2. I can get into the router administration area but am at a loss as to how to reset/re-install it.

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Computer Sends But Doesn't Receive Internet Packets?

Aug 20, 2012

i have a avraetec 2200 sereis wich has a amd turion65 processer with windows xp professional and one day the internet didnt work and i looked at the activity it said aquiring network adress and it said sending packets but not receiving and its not a problem with wireless because i conected directlty to the modem and i had the same probem and also there are other devices conected to the modem and they hav

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Dell :: Inspiron N5010 / Can't Send Bluetooth But Can Receive

Jul 13, 2012

I have a new problem with my dell inspiron n5010 laptop. I use windows7 32bit already and I didn't have any problem with that (Bluetooth), but now I use windows7 64bit and install all update drivers successfully and my Bluetooth working but after 1 day or shorter my Bluetooth not working although It is installed on my laptop and I can see it's Icon in system tray and I see in control panel and device manager that is Installed on my laptop successfully and all Bluetooth setting is checked and It is OK and also I can receive file from other device to my laptop but I can't send, because I don't have Bluetooth Icon in right-click (send to). If I reinstall the Bluetooth driver It works 1 day or shorter again! and after it don't working again! I reinstall my windows7 64bit again and again and install all drivers successfully again but this problem appear all the time. I am sure my drivers are last version and up to date. how can I solve this problem and see Bluetooth choise in Right-Click when I want to send a file. Note that I can receive files but I can't SEND!

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Internet Running Fine But At Random Intervals Not Send Or Receive Any Packets

Jan 26, 2011

I've been having this problem on my desktop and it's really annoying when i try to play online games that need a constant connection.I have Windows XP and i'm using a wireless connection via a wireless USB adapter. The problem is that the internet is running fine but at random intervals it starts to not send or receive any packets. This will usually cause my to disconnecting during a game causing other players inconvenience. After I d/c the internet will usually take 5-30 seconds to start sending and receiving packets again and regain connection.

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Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Cannot Find Network

Sep 13, 2012

My Dell inspiron mini 10v laptop cannot find my network. States internet explorer cannot display the webpage. Also states network cable is unplugged. I previously did have my network up and rrunning fine plus shown on icon is gone. My desktop shows shows that dell laptop is part of the network but still cannot connect. how can i restablish internet connectivity on the dell without a cd installation for wireless usb adapter available?

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Dell :: Sliding Switch On Inspiron Mini A 10

Oct 10, 2010

i HAve dell inspiron mini A10 every time when i try to connect to wifi its says slide the switch to enable wlan .....but there is no switch on the machine .

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Dell :: 1390 WLAN Mini-card / Can't Connect To Internet Using Wireless

Aug 31, 2009

I can't connect to the internet using wireless.  Can access the internet just fine with my cable.  All I see is the red x and its not able to detect any networks.  I reinstalled drivers, it works fine for a second, and then dies out again. 

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Dell :: Mini 910 Inspiron Wireless Connection Via Windows XP

Feb 24, 2010

the computer was using a different program to manage the wireless connection. Even though it said it was connected, my internet didn't work. Not knowing anything about this new program, I removed it and tried to connect with the Windows wireless manager. It didn't acknowledge any of the wireless connections around, just a computer-to-computer connection. I took it to a friend's apartment to use their computer and internet to search for options and it still didn't recognize any networks around, now not even the computer-to-computer connection. It now tells me "No wireless networks were found in range. Make sure the wireless switch on your computer is on...." The Mini doesn't have a "switch," but I read where F2 can turn it on...however, pressing Fn-F2 is not working for me, either.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1012 Mini / Cannot Enable Wireless Connection

Aug 18, 2011

I have an Inspiron 1012 mini. A week ago, it worked fine and I was able to connect to the internet. Now I can't get it to enable a wireless connection. Using device manager, I can see that Radio is enabled. However, when I use the WLAN utility, the check box for enable/disable is unchecked and grayed out so that I cannot change it. Per suggestions from other forums, I have tried fn/F2, but nothing happens. Is this a hardware problem with my wireless card, or is there something I am missing?

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Dell :: Wireless 1502 WLAN Mini-Card For Inspiron 620

Dec 6, 2011

So I just got this Linksys E1500 wireless N router in hopes that I would get a better signal within my room as opposed to my older router. Unfortunately, nothing has changed, in fact I think I'm getting weaker signals. My previous router was a D-Link WBR-2310. I went to speed and tested 3 variables. My wifi on my desktop in my room, my wifi when right next to a router on my laptop, and my wifi using my neighbors wifi in my room.

What is the point of this new wireless N router, when it can't beat a G router older model in reach? And why does is have a 0.50 mb d/l speed but a 3.6 upload speed?

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Dell :: Unable To Enable Wireless Adapter On Inspiron Mini 10

Jul 18, 2010

here about it : [URL]

To reinstate here. It is a refurbished notebook. I don't know if that has anything to do with my problem.  But there is no wireless on/off switch. And pressing FN and F2 at the same time is not enabling my wireless adapter.  Is there any way to enable it? Or could I have a faulty wireless adapter?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1524 - Wi-Fi Mini Card Driver Download

Sep 23, 2012

I've just updated the WiFi mini card in my Inspiron 1545. It works great.....but, I have to download the driver every time I start the laptop.

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Dell :: Inspiron 8600 With Wireless 1350 WLAN Mini Card

Dec 16, 2011

I have an Inspiron 8600 with a Dell wireless 1350 WLAN mini card.  It operated perfectly with a Belkin 54G router but when we changed to a Plusnet Thomson Gateway router I started to lose the signal for about 20 seconds every few minutes.  I complained to Plusnet who replaced the router.  I have never been able to connect wirelessly since installing this piece of junk. After trying for three solid days I contacted a technician at Plusnet who tried all the usual tricks, even taking over full control of my laptop, without success. He is going to contact Thomson to see if there are any compatibility problems with the Dell 1350 adapter as there are known ones with other Dell adapters.

I suggest Plusnet should not supply this router and further reduce their charges so that customers could supply their own trusted versions.

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Dell :: Inspiron Mini 10 - Wireless Connection - Acquiring Network Address

Oct 5, 2009

I have a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook, when I'm trying to connect to a wireless network I get the message 'Acquring Network Address'. I can connect fine using a wired connection, but using the Wirless 1397 WLAN Mini card it won't connect.

I tried to log a call with Dell as the machine is only 2 months old and someone remotely connected and said it was a software fault not hardware and they would charge me to resolve the issue. I found that hard to swallow so thought I would try here.

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Dell :: Inspiron 620 - WLAN 1502 Half Mini-Card Driver

Dec 1, 2011

I've recently added a Dell Inspiron 620 to my home network.  Since it was close enough to hardware to my U-Verse router, I moved my Dell Wireless WLAN 1502 Half Mini-Card to my older XPS400.  What I cannot find out is whether or not there is an XP driver for this card. 

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Dell :: Inspiron 6400 - 1390 WLAN Mini-card Malfunction?

Nov 7, 2008

I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop running and with a Dell 1390 WLAN mini-card installed and a Broadcom 44/10x100 integrated controller.

Unfortunately I've never been able to get this laptop to function with my wireless Internet.

Everything's working out nicely, and the computer connects to the network smoothly. After 5-10 minutes of full and unproblematic Internet connection the computer crashes the wireless network i.e. the Inspiron and all other computeres connected to the network is disconnected and my wireless network no longer shows up on the list of available networks.

The network works perfectly with every other computer I've used with it.

I've installed the newest drivers for both the 1390 and the integrated controller from this site. And my Vista is of course also fully up to date.

I've also tried turning the antennae settings to "aux" - Alas, to no avail.

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Dell :: Wireless Connection Could Not Reestablish With 1390 Mini-Card On Inspiron 1521

Apr 21, 2013

For the past few weeks, I have been having trouble maintaining a steady wireless internet connection.  I intermittently lose the connection or the strength of the connection fluctuates.  I have an Inspiron 1521, with a Dell Wireless 1390 Wlan Mini-Card.  Also, I am running Windows 7.

A couple of hours ago, I suddenly lost my wireless connection and could not reestablish it.  I ran the diagnostic tool, which reported that there was a hardware or driver-related problem with my 1390 mini-card.  Now, when I go into Device Manager, it has an exclamation point next to it and it says "This device cannot start (Code 10)".

I have restarted my system and downloaded and installed this driver URL .  Device Manager now says, "Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date," but there is still a Code 10 error.

Does this just mean that the card needs to be replaced?  I am not sure what to do now -

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Dell :: Inspiron 1720 / 1390 WLAN Mini-card - Wireless Drops And Can't Find Network Again

Oct 28, 2007

I have new Inspiron 1720 running Vista with the Dell wireless 1390 WLAN mini-card.  I will be connected to the wireless network just fine, but it will then disconnect.  My problem is I cannot re-connect to it without having to do a total restart.  I go to the place to refresh the list, and it finds nothing.  I ask it to repair the network, and it can't becasue it cannot find a network.   I have at least 4 other networks in the area that I can normally see, and none appear when I hit the refresh button.  But I totally restart the system, and everything works fine again (until it drops again).

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Dell :: Vostro 1500 And Cannot Connect To Wireless Network With Dell 1395 WLAN Mini-card

Jan 13, 2012

I have a Vostro 1500 and cannot connect to a wireless network with a dell 1395 WLAN minicard os XP home, what are possible solutions?

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Dell :: Inspiron 518 - Can't Connect To Internet

Jan 17, 2013

I have an Inspiron 518 running Windows Vista.  I was having so many problems with the computer that I did a complete manual re-install of Windows.  When I completed this (and I tried it twice) the system won't recognize any internet connections.  I changed none of the wiring (I have an ethernet cable connection). 

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Dell Inspiron 1545 Does Not Connect To Internet

Mar 18, 2012

my laptop does not connect to my wifi gets local access but does not connect to told y others i tried to enable dhcp server but still its not getting connected to internet.when i go to run->cmd->ipconfig /all i get the following :

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{*generator Msftedit;}viewkind4uc1pardf0fs20 Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]par
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.par


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Dell Inspiron 6000 Pc Will Not Connect To The Internet?

Sep 5, 2011

My computer is a Dell inspiron 6000. It's old and slow but has never had any trouble connecting to the Internet until now. I just moved to a new house so I deleted all old networks and tried to connect to the new wifi, which works on my roomates laptop and on my iPhone. I click connect and it says waiting for connection and then prompts me with "windows is unable to connect to the selected network. The network may no longer be in range. " but tjis network is at full strength and at the top of my networks in range list.

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Dell Inspiron 1720 Can't Connect To Internet At All?

Jan 11, 2011

I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 and I can't get connected to the internet at all. Either wireless or hard wire. I have another laptop and desktop that are working fine, never any problems. This laptop has worked before, my brother in law had it before, and he said that he had connected before, but now nothing.

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