Personal Computer Suddenly Not Connects To The Internet

Sep 26, 2011

I am having a weird problem with one of my network PC's. I admin a small network which I inherited at work but am a novice when its comes to networking hardware.One of the PC's suddenly stopped connecting to the internet on Fri night, as the cables have all been run through the roof I went through every cable on the D-Link 10/100 ethernet switch and could not get it to connect. Connection wizard showed it was sending packets whenever I tried to ping but recieved 0.

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Transferring Personal Files From Office Computer Through Internet?

Mar 31, 2011

I have one machine at office and one at home, both Windows XP SP3, ADSL connection with static IP.On the office machine a have an archive of about 250 GB of files.When i am at home sometimes i need to connect to my office machine, search through those files, maybe preview some, and then download some needed files to my home machine, using a download queue feature is possible.

DC++ and many variations of it.

Note: am not allowed, and don't want to install any kind or sort of server application on office machine.

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Only My Computer Suddenly Can't Connect To Internet

Feb 20, 2013

A couple days ago my gateway nv53 running windows 7 suddenly shut down not too long after a virus was found, upon restarting the Internet is no longer connecting and saying it is connected with "limited access". My iPhone, Xbox, and other devices in my apartment still function normally and only my computer is not connecting.

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Computer Could Not Connect But Other Connects With Internet

Feb 7, 2012

I'm working with a friend out with his computer, and he can't connect to the internet, but i can.But he uses a different computer system than me and turning on the wireless networking.

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Internet Speed On Computer Suddenly Unbearably Slow

Sep 1, 2012

Soon after our router, modem been changed, all other computers are fine but my comuper become very very slow.

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Computer Only Connects To The Internet In Safe Mode?

Dec 1, 2011

my computer only connects to the internet in safe mode

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Windows 7 Computer Connects To Router But No Internet

Aug 29, 2011

I have a windows 7 computer that was connected wirelessly to my router and internet worked fine. One day i woke up and the internet would not work. The computer is still connected to the router but no internet access.There are other computers on the network that connect fine.I have also tried connecting my computer directly to the modem and still no internet.Running windows diagnositc tells me there is no default gateway available. Ive cycled the modem and router probably a million times and even taking the pc to another house to try on a different router and still no go.

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Router Disconnects From Internet Only When Certain Computer Connects

Sep 1, 2012

We have a Belkin N300 router connected to the internet through a cable modem(Comcast). Up until yesterday it worked fine for all the devices connected. But now whenever my brother's laptop connects(wireless) to the network it makes the router lose connection to the internet so all the devices connected lose connection, too obviously. Everything shows connected to the router, but the router releases it's DHCP whenever he connects. As soon as he turns off his wifi or manually chooses to disconnect... the internet fires right back up within a minute or so. We have no idea what is causing this. We did notice that his laptop was trying to connect with IPV6 while everything else was using IPV4

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Computer Connects To Router But Doesn't Get Internet?

Apr 25, 2011

Just purchased a new computer. Old one has a Lynksis wireless router. Tried to connect the old one and can't get internet.

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Computer No Longer Connects To Wired Internet

May 16, 2012

I woke up and my computer just refused to connect to internet. My roomates computer connects fine to the same modem (we use adsl). I tried switching cables and ports. The night before, my computer had an unexpected shutdown...

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Computer Connects To Internet / Pops Up Webpage Can't Be Displayed

Jan 29, 2011

My computer connects to the internet but when i try to get it on it pops up webpage cant be displayed.Then when i diagnose the problem it says somethings wrong with my proxy server ive followed the instructions.

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Laptop Computer Connects To Network (seemingly) But Not Internet?

Dec 30, 2011

We have a fairly new (about two weeks) wirless network set up in our home consisting of a Netgear modem (with wifi, which I have disabled) connected to a Belkin N wireless router. Our ISP is Optus.

My laptop (which is running Windows Vista service Pack 2) was connecting fine since we set it up until about 2 nights ago. Since then, it has had trouble connecting to the network (windows tells me it's taking longer than usual) and when it finally does, I have limited or no connectivity.The internet works fine when the laptop is connected directly to the modem, and if I unplug the wire, it stays connected to the network wirelessly for several minutes before it drops the signal.

At first I thought it was because I was using the laptop at the back of the house (with the modem and router being at the front), perhaps the signal experiencing interference, but no matter where in the house I try to connect, it has problems.I also tried updating the drivers and uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers for the adapter in the laptop, with no luck.

Xirrus pictures =

1. taken from the back of the house (not connected to the network) where the laptop is used a majority of the time. Although the strength isn't the best, there didn't seem to be any problems in the two weeks prior to this.

2. taken from the same room as the modem and router, connected to the network, but with "limited/no connectivity"

Command Prompt:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


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Computer Connects To Internet Fine But Some Programs Say It Doesn't

Feb 25, 2011

I have a printer connected to another computer (Win XP) and it wasn't showing up on the network so I followed some installation process to install a network driver or something. Now the printer is working fine. BUT... Now that computer is having internet problems. It connects to the internet fine but some programs say it doesn't. Like Microsoft Outlook. A message always shows up saying "Must work offline" or something. And I cant listen to some things on the internet because a message comes up saying you must connect to the internet.

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Dell :: 1501 - Computer Suddenly Would Not Acquire Internet Wired Or Wireless

Dec 27, 2011

computer suddenly would not acquire internet wired or wireless while at university.  Local techies tried to fix but no luck.  I'm trying to fix this but nothing has worked yet.  Seems to be a problem aquiring an ip address.  I've matched all the settings from my other dell laptop which connects no problem. 

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Computer Connects To Netgear Wireless Router But No Internet Access?

Aug 20, 2012

Have two other computers that connect with ease to the Netgear wireless router, but the new computer will not access the internet. I have been searching for answers and have tried about everything I can find nuder similar posts, but I still have not internet access. At varying times, I have had "internet access", but no actual ability to load websites. Right now, I do not even have access. I am at a loss.Even at my low level of experience, I am usually able to tinker until I fix the problem, but I am about four hours in and currently seem to have taken a step backward. I cannot even begin to explain what things I have already tried

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Computer Connects To Wifi But Internet Access Stopped After 5-10 Minutes

Mar 31, 2012

My computer connects to an unscured wifi near my home and i have internet acces for a few minuets, then it just stoppes. Sometimes if i reconnect it will run for a few more minuets 5-10. I have tried two different computers with same results. about a month ago the connection worked fine. This just started recently.I can connent and access internet at other public places with no problem. It seems only this network i have trouble with, why?I am running XP on one, and Win 7 on other, same results.I have read alot of things and tried them all,

-resetting internet options
- changing tcp/ip
- system restore with no results.

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Home Network :: Transferring Personal Files From Office Computer?

Mar 31, 2011

Here a have a quest that can't find the perfect solution for a half year now.I have one machine at office and one at home, both Windows XP SP3, ADSL connection with static IP.On the office machine a have an archive of about 250 GB of files.When i am at home sometimes i need to connect to my office machine, search through those files, maybe preview some, and then download some needed files to my home machine, using a download queue feature is possible.The task doesn't seem so complicated, yet, i did not find a perfect simple solution so far.

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Routers / Switches :: Cannot Get On Internet Using Personal Laptop

Sep 7, 2011

Want to get on internet with personal laptop. Window that pops up shows [URL] as way to get in but it won't accept the password shown on Net Gear router. What else should we do?

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Wireless :: Suddenly One Computer On Wan Has No Access

Oct 4, 2011

Using netgear wnr2000 for home network. All fine until one day no access for one computer. Router appears unable to assign ip address. Even if address is assigned no connection to Internet is made.Was working well previously and all other computers on network still have access.

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Computer Suddenly Cannot Find Networks?

May 15, 2011

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite, and two days ago it was connecting to the wireless internet just fine. Then it spontaneously disconnected. I went to re-connect and it told me there were no wireless networks in the area at all. I know there are at least 15 in our area my laptop picks up. It was not dropped or shaken in any way, so it is not a hardware problem, I don't think. Hardlining it failed; it said it was connected to "unknown network" and could not connect to the internet.

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Computer Suddenly Won't Connect To Wireless?

Oct 3, 2011

A few days ago my desktop was working flawlessly, then yesterday it became really slow and evensually disconnected every 5 minutes. Now today, it wont even connect to any network. Sometimes it doesnt even show networks, but my laptop is still working? What the heck has happened? Im running win7, the wireless card is Ralink RT61 Turbo and I have a BT home hub.

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Computer Suddenly Doesn't Recognize Router

Jul 23, 2011

My computer suddenly doesnt recognize my recognizes othrer routers, and my other PC's are recognizing the router.the router is located very close to the PC, and no other electronic devices located near by.

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Computer Connects But Local Only?

Apr 14, 2012

My HP laptop connects to our wnr0003(or whatever it is) router but it says local only. When we took it to best buy, it connected there to the Internet oddly. And even odder, last year we had THE SAME router and it DID in fact, connect to the Internet, using the same router and all. So my question is, how do I fix this?

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Computer Only Connects To WEP Can't Use WPA2

May 9, 2012

I have 3 computers running Windows and 1 running XP Pro.ISP is Charter. All these were connecting fine until Tuesday night storm came through. Power was out for a while due to a power pole being knocked down. Cable was on this same pole I think. Next day none of my computers could connect wireless.Used Ethernet cable direct to modem and finally got connection. To make a long story shorter, I find that now I can only connect unsecured or WEP. Can't connect using WPA2 at all.I wonder if it is possible that the ISP has blocked something to limit the speed?

WEP is only 54 MHZ
WPA2 is upto 300MHZ

Tried 2 different Netgear routers with same results Currently configured for WEP shared

System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E6600 @ 3.06GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 8190 Mb
Graphics Card: Mirage Driver, 2 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 428341 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., G41MT-S2PT
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

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Computer Suddenly Won't Load / Buffer Videos And Webpages?

Aug 8, 2011

my computer wont load some videos on the internet. youtube works fine though, also a majority of the time, my internet doesnt even load the page and just sits there with a blank screen making out it loads. and on facebook, the chatbox barely appears let alone even show me whos online. i have tried deleting all the temorary internet files, cookies, history, form data, passwords and inprivate filtering. i also tryed freeing up space and i deleted about 12gb of crap i didnt need[CODE]

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Computer Suddenly Cannot Get Online - Page Cannot Be Displayed Screen

Mar 3, 2011

The problem i am experiencing is that on my home network i have been using for several years now one computer on my network suddenly cannot get online..however it can connect. They determined that all is working well and all settings are as they should be. I then contacted my ISP, Cox communications and was essentially told the same thing. This is after going through several tests with each, such as ping tests, turning the gateway off/on, reviewing settings such as TCP/IP, DNS, etc, etc. The findings were that i have IP addresses and everything else that should be there. Ive turned off the firewall, disabled antivirus, reset tcp/ip stack and winsock. I have been working on this for two days and after paying for it still do not have it fixed. The computer acts as it normally does, no other problems except that when i press the IE icon to open a browser window it tries to go to my homepage, google, but then reverts to the "page cannot be displayed screen". This computer is running XP SP2 and is a wired connection(although it was wireless when i first experienced the problem because i have a network adapter installed as well..but i disabled it and enabled my LAC and used the ethernet cable because this is one of the exercises cisco ahd me perform to see if i could connect wired/wirelessly.. better bandwidth anyway at 100mbps compared to the 56mbps with the wireless-g adapter). The othe computer is a laptop running windows 7.

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Suddenly The Video Function On Computer Stopped Working?

Jun 26, 2012

Suddenly the video function on my computer stopped working. I've restored my system to the way it was prior to this loss, but it didn't resolve the problem.

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Computer No Longer Connects To Wireless?

Oct 12, 2011

I have recently bought a new computer and have been happily connected to my wireless network for three months. The other day the connection was lost and now I cannot connect to my wireless or parents wireless networks. I can connect via the ethernet only. I will attatch an ipconfig for you to have a look at when I am not connected can see my wireless network connections however when I tempt to connect it says windows cannot manage it. I am running windows 7 home premium 64 bit[CODE]

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Computer Connects To Network But Immediately Disconnects?

Aug 20, 2012

where with my computer where it will connect to my network for a second or two then immediately disconnect. Other computer and devices connect without a problem. I have also experienced this with every network I have tried to connect to; it does the same thing. I figure it is therefore a problem with my laptop itself, but trouble shooting has yielded nothing and most of the fixes I have found require connecting to the network, but obviously I cannot do that.I can connect with an Ethernet cable just fine. My guess would be that there is a setting that is incorrect within the wireless on my computer, but what that is I could not even venture to guess.

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Dlink DI-524 - Computer No Longer Connects To Wireless Router?

Jul 10, 2011

My Dell Dimension is no longer connecting to the internet via the wireless router. I have a dlink DI-524 and a dlink wireless USB key but it no longer connects. This just started today. When I try to repair the connection, it fails on "renewing IP".

OS is Windows XP.

P.S. I have tried power cycling the modem/router but nothing works. Other computers can get on the internet via the wireless router fine.

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Wpn824v3 - 1 Computer Connects To Wireless Other Doesn't See Network

Jun 1, 2011

I have two PC laptops. One operates Windows Vista, the other has XP. I recently just had to do a hard reset on my linksys wpn824v3 router and made a new network name and password. I also changed the password for the router (suspect I may have a virus). My girlfriends computer (vista) sees the new network name and connects fine, my XP computer doesn't even see the new network, but it sees my neighbors networks.. and the laptops are sitting right next to each other.

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D-Link DIR-655 Computer Randomly Connects And Disconnects From Network

Oct 10, 2011

The modem connects to a D-Link DIR-655 which connects to a computer (Vista) and a switch, the switch then connects to another computer (Win7) and an xbox. the problem is that the vista computer will randomly connect and disconnect from the internet/ network. The vista computer also generally runs very slow on the internet. The Win7 computer runs perfectly and there is never an issue, so I'm wondering if the problem has to do with the vista computer not being connected to the switch? It is not an issue with the router, I have tried two already and the same issue occurs.the vista computer is running with a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R which has a Realtek 8111C LAN chipset.

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Cisco Wireless :: AIR-CT2504-K9 Computer Connects To AP That Is Farthest

Apr 9, 2013

some computers is connecting to AP that is farthest, But there are two APS closer and the signal gets too low, the computer only connects to the closest AP if I disconnect and reconnect.I have 2 controllers series 2500 model AIR-CT2504-K9.

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