Broadband :: Unable To Connect To The Internet?

May 3, 2012

However I cannot connect to the internet, the following message appears. The system cannot up date the telephone book file error 624. I am not connected to a telephone line for my system, as I use a modem USB, which is working ok.

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Broadband :: Unable To Connect To Internet?

Aug 15, 2011

diagnosis is indicating server is connected but internet is not connected

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Broadband :: Unable To Connect To Internet On Desktop

Jul 4, 2011

Ethernet driver or wireless undetected have a port to plug ethernet cord into on computer

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Broadband :: Unable To Connect To Internet After Removing Rogue Malware?

Dec 19, 2011

My computer was recently infected with the XP Antivirus 2012 rogue virus. I believe that it has been removed from my computer, but I am unable to connect to the internet. I am unable to obtain an IP address. The IP address is 00000 and the Submask is 0000. My operating system is Windows XP and I am using a High speed cable connection

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Broadband :: Unable To Connect To LAN?

Mar 13, 2011

My vista box is not connecting to internet. If I do a repair it appears to resolve the problem. However if I then attempt to pull up IE or Mozilla it takes a long time to load and eventually I lose the connection. Resulting in "cannot display webpage". I have scanned for virus and spyware and found very little spyware nothing malicous. Refusing to believe there was no virus I reformatted HD completly still having the same issue. Not sure what else I can do, I have searched for the most recent drivers. When check the status of my connection it shows that I am getting data packets sent and recieved. I cannot connect in safe mode either. I suppose it could be a bad NIC but I would think that if it was bad it wouldnt indicated that im connected and showing active data packets.

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Broadband :: Can't Connect To The Internet?

Nov 18, 2012

I have a laptop and a computer. The laptop works fine and so does the computer. My computer says I'm connected to the internet, But Whenever I try to get on the internet (GoogleChrome, Mozzila Firefox, Internet Explorer) It says I'm not connected to the internet. And I checked everything and it says I'm connected. I just can't get on the internet pages. Not even messenger.

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Broadband :: Connect To Internet Through Lan?

Jul 14, 2011

I recently reformatted and restored the original os on my Gateway MX6920 which is windows xp media center edition. Before and after restoring the original os, however, I still have not been able to connect to the internet through the onboard lan that doesn't seem to be active or even be seen by the computer. How should I fix this? Is there a possibility that the internal lan was disabled mechanically? Or would I have to get a pci lan card? as I have been trying to get this computer to work properly for the last 4 weeks. Also, before I restored the os, I put a pci lan card in but it still would not recognize that there was an internet connection when I would connect it to an active ethernet connection. I'm worried that I still will not be able to connect when I get a new pci lan card because of unknown reasons that I have been trying to figure out for quite some time now.

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Broadband :: Cannot Connect To Internet

Mar 4, 2012

I am trying to connect my laptop to the Internet and it isn't working. I have high speed broad band both modem and a nexxt router. My laptop does not recognize that there is a wireless network in the area. When I connect the cable directly from the router to my laptop jack it does not recognize it has an Internet connection. I have tried running windows network connection setup wizards but no luck. There is another computer on the network that connects with the Internet flawlessly. I also downloaded a new driver but that did not work. I have a windows seven 32 bit notepad.

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Broadband :: Have The Internet Connection But It Won't Connect?

May 1, 2011

i have the internet connection but it wont connect. and theres no file button to select to click to work offline the whole page is blank

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Broadband :: Can't Connect To Internet But Other User Can

Sep 9, 2011

I cant connect to internet but other user can. We use the same laptop but my internet connection was cut off whereas my son's internet connection on the same computer is working fine. I have used cable as well with no success. Obviously there is nothing wrong with the router or cable or wireless but there must be something wrong with my user settings. My son is using the same computer and can connect fine to internet as another user.

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Broadband :: Reloaded Xp - Can't Connect To Internet

Jan 23, 2011

reloaded xp. dont seem to have internet drivers. down loaded new drivers and seem to do no good. still unable to connect to internet.

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Broadband :: Can't Connect To Internet - Not Picking Up Network?

Jan 22, 2011

My internet connect sometimes and other time is won't do nothing at all it picking up the network just won't pull up anything. I just flush my dns and still no luck.

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Broadband :: PC Can't Connect To Internet Post-Lightening

Aug 8, 2012

A lightening strike hit us recently (last week) and fried electronics in the house. The next morning we didn't have internet on either our PC or Apple laptop. The modem wasn't doing its blinky green light dance. I used a multi-meter; the power supply was dead. I replaced it. It did its blinky dance. I turned everything on in order; turn everything off, turn the modem on and wait, turn the router on and wait, and turn on the PC and laptop. The good news was, the laptop got the internet, albeit much more slowly and intermittently than it used to. The PC got nothing. I've fumbled around with this for a week and can't fix it. I'm not sure if what's wrong is the router, modem, or something specific to the PC. Time Warner reported the internet is getting to my location (I called). They said the router was the problem and, consequently, not their problem. I tried connecting the laptop to the modem directly, leaving the router and PC unconnected. This works (I get the internet on the laptop, still). I tried connecting the PC to the modem and leaving the laptop and router unconnected. This *doesn't* work (I get no internet on the PC). Device manager shows that my ethernet card works. I tried sending a test packet to the modem. This also worked. Here's my ipconfig /all Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]

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Broadband :: Windows Laptops Not Connect To Internet

Oct 18, 2011

There are currently 6 laptops in my household.4 windows (1 vista, 1 xp2002 pro, 2 windows 7) and 2 linux (both ubuntu). Night before last, without warning, all 6 stopped connecting through the wireless router. I took the router out of the mix, and now only the linux laptops can connect to the internet via ethernet cable. comcast support is useless.any ideas what could be happening here? Only 1 of the linux and 2 of the windows laptops were connected at the time this occurred.

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DSL Broadband Link Error And Won't Connect To Internet?

Dec 28, 2011

It's not on one device, and it doesn't matter if you are connected wirelessly or by cable. It also doesn't matter what internet browser you use. I would guesstimate that every 5-15 mins the dsl broadband just gives and all internet goes down for probably 1-3 mins at a time.I honestly have no idea. I'm using a 2Wire, just what AT&T gave me. I'm guessing it's either the dsl filter, or the actually router itself, i'm just not sure how to go about troubleshooting and figuring out the root of the problem.

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Windows Xp Laptop Does Not Connect To The Internet Using USB Broadband

Jul 6, 2012

My xp laptop does not connect to the internet using USB broadband after deletion of the dns changer virus (although still shows a connection) , however still connects using LAN or wireless. The usb modem works on other xp computers.Tried ipconfig/dnsflush, cfs /runnow/ uninstall and reinstall modem and usb ports.

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Broadband :: USB Internet Is Not Connecting Connect Button Grayed Out

Oct 24, 2011

I am using USB internet connection. I am trying to connect internet, it shows all the signal but connect button is grayed out.

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Broadband :: USB Dongle To Connect Acer N30 Handheld To My Internet

Jul 1, 2011

I just need a usb dongle to connect my acer n30 handheld to my internet

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Broadband :: Browsers Not Connect To Internet Even Have Decent Connection

May 24, 2012

Firefox, Safari, SeaMonkey nor Chrome canīt connect internet even Iīve got internet connection

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Computer Cannot Connect To Wireless Internet But Fine With Broadband?

Jan 2, 2013

why my computer cannot connect to wifi but can only connect to ethernet and broadband only?

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Broadband :: Connect To Internet Using PPPoE Feature Of Router / Configuration Is Not Successful

Feb 4, 2013

I am trying to connect to the internet using the PPPoE feature of the router but the router configuration is not successful. Says something like "WAN connection not successful". I have supplied the correct username and password. The connection is ok in my laptop if i directly connect my laptop to the Ethernet port of the modem without the router. Is this a sharing problem from the ISP?

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Broadband :: Compaq Fs7600 Computer Running Vista Can't Connect To Internet?

Feb 22, 2011

ok so my moms computer (compaq fs7600) had vista an it went nuts so i wiped it an installed xp pro. Everything went fine but now it wont connect to the internet =/. I have a Belkin Wireless router and an Arris high speed modem from Brighthouse. When i checked the cmd prompt it said that the media is disconnected an network connections said that it was unplugged, but everything is plugged in

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Chrome And IE Can't Connect To Internet - Unable To Connect To The Proxy Server

Jun 8, 2011

Few days ago I started to get the following error message while trying to connect to the internet using Chrome and IE:"Unable to connect to the proxy server..."I don't have a proxy server configured - nothing is checked in the LAN settings page.In Firefox I don't have that problem - it seems it gets the proxy configuration from elsewhere.

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D-link Dir-601 :: Unable To Connect To Internet - Devices Able To Connect To Wifi

Mar 1, 2013

In my device I am able to browse through & connect to my HOME wifi network ; But after connecting it says 'No Internet Access'.I tried connecting with my SONY Bluray , iphone , ipad , laptops -- everywhere same story.I am able to plug in the ethernet cable directly from modem & able to connect to network.I am not able to open the -- ( When I am plugged in the modem directly)

Following are my router details

IC : 4216A-IR601
H/W Ver:A1
F.W Ver:1.00 NA

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Broadband :: Getting Error 769 When Try To Connect Broadband

Apr 1, 2013

i m getting error 769 when i m trying 2 connect my broadband.. when i searched for network adapter 2 make it enabled in d device manager duologue box.

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Unable To Connect To Internet Through Anything But Internet Explorer

Sep 30, 2012

I come here today with a problem that has been plaguing this laptop forever and a day. You see, about two or so years ago on this very laptop, it was just another day where I booted up my laptop and was going to get a good day of wasting time on the internet underway. I tried to open Firefox, and I got prompted to download an apparent update for the browser. Obviously I went along with it because it seemed pretty routine and identical to how Firefox had updated in the past.

After the update was all done and dusted, I found myself unable to connect to the internet through Firefox. I would just get a constant stream of "Unable to connect" messages. I thought it might have been a problem on my end since back then I had rather wishy washy internet. So I let it settle for a while. Later on that day I talked to a few of my buddies over Xbox Live and asked if they'd had any similar issues with the new Firefox update because at the time, we all used it and hadn't quite jumped ship to Chrome just yet. But no matter who I asked, I always got the same response "I didn't get any update." Which as you can imagine, confused me quite thoroughly.

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Broadband :: Unable To Sign In?

Jun 23, 2011

password problem no online soulution

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Broadband :: Unable To Start Rpc

Mar 19, 2012

How do you enable Window XP RPC,Had W32Blaster.worm and cleaned system, however Internet will not load lack of RPC ,Message; no or low connectivity.

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PC Unable To Connect To Internet

Jun 22, 2011

Simply what happens when I attempt to connect to the wireless network (Home network). I'll click 'Connect', it will start attempting to connect, it will keep attempting to connect for a good few minutes and then just stop, no error message, no 'unable to connect', it will just stop and I'll be back to square one, the home wireless connection will still be there but not connected.

The connection displays as full signal all the time, but will not connect. In the house we have also got 3 other laptops running from the same connection from time to time, these all connect fine without any hassle.

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Unable To Connect To Certain Sites On The Internet?

Mar 14, 2013

I'm having problems connecting to certain sites on the internet through one computer. I can connect ok on other computers going through the same home network. On the one computer that is having problems I can connect to the site but then when I click on a link I get unable to connect then I can reload the page and some times it connects to the page. So as I am browsing through the site almost every time I click on a link I get unable to connect and have to keep reloading the page.

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Unable To Connect Netbook To The Internet?

Jul 1, 2011

So my fiance picked up a netbook and we can't get it to connect to my wireless network. It is an XP computer with Service Pack 3. It sees the wireless network, which other devices can connect to with no problem but when I try to connect it I get a limited or no connectivity error. I get the same thing when I try to plug the computer directly into the router. Occasionally it will just connect to the wireless, but it still won't connect to the router, let alone the the internet. Currently it is not connected to anything.

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : your-17e2f2b317
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No


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Unable To Connect To Internet With Windows 7?

Mar 1, 2012

Basically my desktop computer no longer connects to the internet, and I'll try to describe the problem to you all to the best of my ability.I ran ipconfig /all and it is attached.The problem first started a few weeks back and I haven't been able to get around to it due to school. When trying to connect to my router it will connect with limited connectivity (in other words, at the bottom right of the screen when you check the SSID you're connected to, it will show the signal strength, but it also has a yellow exclamation mark indicating it has no connectivity. When I ran the built-in troubleshooter on it, I received multiple things:

- sometimes: "windows could not automatically detect this network proxy settings"

- sometimes: "no errors detected"

Of course I would've done a system restore long ago,however initially I thought the problem was the adapter so I kept re-installing the drivers, I even went to buy other network adapters to make sure my adapter wasn't the one that was defective (I have an ASUS adapter, the other adapters I've tried were D-Link, and Netgear which is also the brand of my router which is very old). Because of all these installs/uninstalls, the old system restores I had were gone. I have Windows 7 64 bit, I'm using wireless connectivity and cannot try ethernet cable due to the immobility of my desktop and problems it would generate around the house. I've attempted to change the IP address of my network properties of ivp4 to defaults, change the DNS server, check my DHCP, check my services, check my registry, and many other things found on the internet (including resetting with netsh)

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Unable To Connect Vista To Internet

Feb 23, 2012

I've been having connecting my other desktop pc (with windows vista) to the internet. I am connecting it via ethernet/cat 5 and every time I continue to get a message that says unidentified network and it wont connect me to the net. From a previous post, I tryed going in and working with the tcp/ip stacks thru the command prompt and had no luck. So what I did was copy all the information from the command ipconfig.

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