Cisco VPN :: ASA 5515 / VPN Users Cannot Communicate With The Internal Network

Aug 12, 2012

I have two ASA 5515 configured in failover (active / standby).I used the ASDM wizard to create connections through ipsec cisco client.Currently users are able to connect but can not do a ping to anywhere inside the network.
The ping request is received from the internal client but the internal client can not communicate with the remote user.The ping fail also directly from the ASA.
When the remote client is connected an entry is added to the routing table:

S 255 255 255 255 [1/0] via <ip of the ISP>, "WAN"

as if that IP was reachable directly from the Internet.I tried changing the settings of the NAT but in no way I can make them communicate.The ultimate goal would be to create different users with different access permissions to the LAN and the other subnets in the company.

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Cisco VPN :: VPN Users Unable To Access Internal Network - ASA 8.3.1

Nov 19, 2012

I have a base config of AnyConnect VPN below, however the ASA 8.3.1 code has deprecated some commands and the VPN/NAT/FW rule syntax is quite different. Can som point out what's missing from the pertinent config below that prevents the VPN Pool from accessing the internal LAN?
The Core LAN router is
ASA Version 8.3(1)
interface Ethernet0/0
nameif inside
security-level 100
ip address

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Cisco Firewall :: 5515-X Communicate Firewall Through ASDM-IDM

Aug 29, 2012

I have a ASA 5515-X-IPS firewall and I want to communicate firewall through ASDM-IDM. Already done the below procedure;

•1. Connect cable to Management port.
•2. Open browser and type and download the ASDM-IDM Launcher v1.5(55) and install my laptop(OS: windows 7)
•3. Connect asdm-idm launcher we put IP Address: and username, password enter.

Just whenever we login the wizard then the message shown “ Unable to connect the asdm manager”For your kind information we already setup jre6u7 java software.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5510 / How To Provide Only RDP Access To A VPN Users To Internal PC

Sep 27, 2011

we have a ASA 5510 firewall and i have created remote vpn user who connects the internal network via vpn any connect after connecting i want him to only access his internal PC via rdp and not access other internal website or shared folders without connecting to the RDP however now he can access the internal website wihtout connecting to RDP?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5520 - Communicate To EzVPN Client Side Internal IP From Server Side

Mar 13, 2013

i configured cisco asa 5520 as cisco ezvpn server and cisco 891 as ezvpn client .the configurtion is working fine.i am using client mode on the ezvpn client side.but my quesion is , is it possible to communicate to ezvpn client side internal ip from the ezvpn server side?and one more thing what is the benefit of network extension mode on the client side and how it will work what are possible changes need to do in the server and the client side.

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Cisco :: WLC 5508 - Keeping Internal Users Off Guest Wireless

Mar 22, 2010

Have a WLC 5508 running 6.x code with LAP's providing wireless for our internal laptops (WPA2 and EAP-TLS). I want to provide guest wireless which goes out a different port on the WLC to a guest firewall/cable modem. However, we want to prevent our internal laptops from being able to use the guest wireless. I have RADIUS (IAS) and LDAP for my AD available. We would prefer not to have use Lobby Ambassador and just have the guests use a simple password or web passthru. Guests may be laptops or smartphones. What options are available? I have tried a test setup using dynamic vlan assignments from RADIUS using the IETF flags, but can't seem to get it to work. Is there a way to identify the SSID is being used at the RADIUS server?

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Cisco Switching / Routing :: RVS4000 - Internal Users Not Accessing An External Web

Nov 13, 2012

we recently upgraded from an RVS4000 router which didn't have this issue.

the problem; Internal users from Site A cannot access the external owa address.From Site A i can successfully ping both the external/internal IP addresses/names and they resolve correctly, including pinging the address ('") resolves correctly to the external ip address.


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Cisco Routers :: Configure RV120W So That Internet Users Can Access Internal Company Websites?

Apr 4, 2012

How does one configure the router so that Internet users can access internal company websites? The only thing that appears is the Cisco router login. Also I need to configure Terminal Services and its not on the list under Service.

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How To Communicate A Network Switch With PC

Feb 9, 2012

A brand new network switch how i check this network switch on may pc how to communicate this switch very 1st time with pc

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Cisco WAN :: 3900 - Getting LAN Network To Communicate With WAN Gateway?

Mar 12, 2013

I have a cisco 3900 integrated services router. I am a little new to the cisco IOS. I am having an issue getting my LAN network to communicate with the WAN gateway. From hosts I can ping the interface IP address but not the gateway. I have used the default route command of IP route [wan gateway from ISP] I have already set up NAT, DHCP, I just cant seem to get the internet working, the following is my config.


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Cisco :: Network Design Task - None Of The Domains Will Be Able To Communicate With Each Other?

Mar 6, 2013

I've been tasked with designing a network consisting of 3 separate broadcast domains with each one representing a separate business accross 3 separate floors. None of the companies should be able to communicate with each other.I've been told that the design should only represent the first 3 layers of the OSI model so I'm only looking at Cabling, Switching and Routing.

I don't expect you all to tell me exactly how I should do this, however I just need a starting point. My main issue is with routing. I'm aware that each port on a router represents a broadcast domain so if I use one router, 3 broadcast domains, does that means that none of the domains will be able to communicate with each other? Should I use more than one router or can i get away with one? Also just so you are aware I've been told not to use VLans and each broadcast domain must have its own ip address schema.

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Cisco WAN :: 2811 SRST / K9 Fails To Communicate With Network

Sep 14, 2011

I have a Cisco2811 SRST/K9 router with a four port FXO that is part of our phone system.  It won't ping to anything on the network except for one particular switch.  I can ping that switch (but nothing else) and that switch can ping the router and telnet into the router; however, when I plug the router into any other switch on my network, it will still only successfully ping that one switch.  It won't ping the switch that it's physically attached to.  I can see the router from the switch when I do a Show CDP Neighbor.  And I can see the switch when I do a Show CDP Neighbor from the router.  But it won't ping.  When I do a Show Adjacency from the router, it returns only that one switch.  I've tried a Clear ARP on both the switch and the router.  I've also compared the config from the router to the config of a working router on the network and everthing looks the same. I can ping anything on my network from these switches - except that router.  I even tried changing the default gateway of the router to be the ip address of the switch with which it can successfully communicate.

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How To Allow Two Machines On Virtual Network To Communicate Statically

Feb 18, 2013

Implement the procedures required so that machine 1 and machine 2 can communicate statically with one another. Outline the TCP/IP settings to be used on each of the machines and set this machine up accordingly.

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Network / IP Fail Cannot Communicate With Primary DNS Server

Sep 11, 2011

Me and my wife just moved into a new apartment and got subscribed to a new broadband provider. They sent us through a cisco router (model no.epc2425) and we created a WPA2-Personel secure network, with encryption type TKIP. I have connected my macbook to it, my iPhone to it, and my wifes samsung netbook (running Windows 7) but I cannot connect my laptop running vista to the internet. I've tried playing around with different network security and could connect to it on WEP but I didn't want to keep it on that and I couldn't connect the net-book. The rest of the security types and encryption types have the same response.The computer connects to the network with an excellent signal, but it is the only computer that cannot connect to the internet through this network. I never had a problem like this with this computer and have tried it on other networks.When I run windows network diagnostics it says 'Cannot communicate with Primary DNS Server ('Network diagnostics pinged the remote but did not receive a response.'

When I try to automatically get a new IP setting for network adapter it tries to repair but then says 'there still seems to be a problem with your connection'. Likewise when i click 'reset the network adapter' the repair leads back to cannot communicate with primary DNS server.I have tried a wired connection, router to computer, but as soon as I plug it in I get the message 'Windows has detected and IP address conflict' - and it once again connects to the network but not to the internet.I don't know if this makes any difference, but this is a British computer and I moved to Sweden, obviously using a Swedish ISP..i used to have this problem, you need to set the network adaptor to all automatic, your new cisco router uses uPnP so your IP conflict is probably a result of your unconnected laptop trying to connect to the same IP address as another PC on your network (eg/ would be used by your iPhone, but your laptop has reserved that IP address for itself), to fix this, go to network and sharing center, navigate to adaptor settings on the left pane, right click the wireless card and choose properties>IPv4 properties, set everything to automatic, including all things in other tabs and click advanced and make sure DHCP is enabled on that card.Then reboot and try again.''I had a look at the wireless card (it's Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter) and on the IPv4 properties it's already on 'obtain and IP address automatically & obtain DNS server automatically' as well as 'automatic private IP address' in one of the tabs.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5515 With 8.6 - Blocking VPN

Jan 29, 2013

We just upgraded our ASA here at work to a new ASA5515-x with 8.6 (used to have a ASA5510). We used the VPN wizard to create a generic VPN Profile and Group. The profile works with split tunneling just fine from outside our network. But when I go home, I have an ASA5505 with 8.4. When i connect to work using the VPN Client on windows, it connects and gets the appropriate IP but i am not able to get to anything on our work network. When i try and connect using the built-in client on Mac OS X (10.5, 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8) using IP Sec, it comes back and says "Remote server did not respond". If i look at my console on the Mac, it shows it connected, built the first tunnel, then it sits. if i watch the logs on our 5515, it shows the same. But it will not authenticate the local user past the group. The Cisco VPN Client on the mac wont even attempt to connect, it just flashes connecting to x.x.x.x and disconnects about a second later.
Is there a setting that i am missing on my 5505 to allow VPN out? Is there a setting were missing on our 5515 that might not be allowing the VPN clients to connect from certain networks? 

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QoS On 150 Users Network / How To Set It

Oct 19, 2012

i have 2 ISP, each ISP is 20Mbps internet speed.. and i connect this 2 ISP to mikrotik router,so this network will have 20Mbps + 20Mbps line and this network have 150 users..any idea how to set the QoS? i don't want the user using p2p application will use the Full bandwidth then affect the others user become slow browsing and i want reserve some bandwidth for some user for gaming.

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Internal HD Into A Network Drive

Aug 28, 2012

I have a 1TB internal SATA HD that I want to turn into a network drive. Since the MB in the desktop I had this drive in fried, I'm looking for options to network this drive (that stores photos, music, utilities, etc). So far after brief research, looks like my most reliable option would be an external enclosure with USB and a router with a USB share port.

-what other options do I have?
-what would be a good wireless N/G router with a USB share port, great range or range extender option and can handle multiple devices online (xbox, ps3, wii, droid phones, 2x or more laptops, wifi Tv all not connected at once, but a few can be, so I need a router to handle the demand)
-a good reliable external enclosure

I need a router that has a good strong signal. The current G router I have (d-link di-524(?)) works ok, but the signal cuts out in the kitchen and virtually non-existent in my garage (to use Pandora on phone).

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Cisco VPN :: Can't Access Internal Network From VPN Using PIX 506E

Oct 28, 2012

I seem to be having an issue with my PIX configuration. I can ping the VPN client from the the internal network, but can cannot access any resources from the vpn client. [code]

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Cisco VPN :: ASA5510 SSL Access To Internal Network?

May 18, 2011

We have ASA5510s and I've configured an SSL VPN using AnyConnect.. The VPN address pool is and our internal network is 10.10.20..0/24. After successful login, using LDAP. the client receives a address from the pool, but cannot access anything on the internal network. I've toyed with access lists and NAT exemption, but to no avail. What do I need to do?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5505 - VPN Cannot Ping Internal Network

Nov 11, 2012

I have the connection working with my ASA 5505 but cannot ping the internal network. (Note external interface is getting the IP via DHCP)

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5520 - Remote VPN Via Internal Network

Jan 27, 2013

I have a small request.  I have a setup where the internal users within the corporate network need to remote VPN into the VPN concentrator.
The setup is as below
(202.x.x.x)VPN ASA 5520 ----------------    FW ------------- intenal network
The problem is that the internetl network establishes the connection via the outside interface. However, the return path is via the inside interface. But the vpn concentrator keeps showing next-hop not reachable for USP 500. Why does it show that when it has a route via the inside interface.
6|Jan 29 2013 13:44:38|110003: Routing failed to locate next hop for udp from NP Identity Ifc:202.x.x.x..29/62465 to outside:10.163..x.x/5892
Also, since we are trying to send traffic from outside to the inside interface, I tried to NAT the source ip i.e 202.x.x.x and left the source unaltered. But it still doesnt work.
I am wondering why is the ASA not routing via the inside interface and looks for the return traffic via the same outside interface the traffic entered in. The outside has a security-level of 0 and the isnide has a sec-level of 100.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5500 - Cannot Connect To Internal Network

Dec 29, 2011

setting up VPN IPSec with Cisco ASA 5505.  I've managed to successfully setup VPN andcan connect to it from outside and browse securely to the outside/internet via tunnel.  However, once I am connected to VPN, I cannot access any of my internal hosts/servers via VPN client.

hostname ciscoasa
enable password xxxxxxxxxxx encrypted
passwd xxxxxxxxx encrypted
interface Ethernet0/0


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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5515-x Self Power On?

Oct 28, 2012

Is there a way through the CLI to have the ASA 5515-x power back on after a power failure? Currently, the only way to restore power is to press the power button. The X series does not have a power switch the same as the 5500 series.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5515 - AnyConnect VPN Configuration

Jul 17, 2012

I'm trying to configure Any connect SSL RA VPN. I have followed the config guide for 8.4 & 8.6 but can't even get the Any connect page to load. I'm pasting the config below. Pl check and let me know what I have missed. Objectives are:
1. The user simply opens https://<outside-ip> and is prompted to install the any connect vpn client.
2. Is able to access internal LAN resources and browse the internet simultaneously (is split-tunneling required?)
ASA Version 8.6(1)
hostname Harpoon
enable password xxxxxxxxxx encrypted
passwd xxxxxxxxxxxx encrypted

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Internal Network Ok But No Internet

Dec 5, 2011

My router just dropped the internet. I checked with ISP and confirmed that their modem is fine - I can connect direct into that - but the DIR-655 won't connect externally.  I've tried wireless and wired and can connect fine to the router, but it is like the firewall has reset itself or something. at the moment I'm surviving because of a 30m long ethernet cable to the modem going out the window and round the house!

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ASA 5515-x Vpn And HP Pro-curve Vlans

Jan 22, 2013

I have a Cisco ASA 5515-x, setup as my router with a split-tunnel SSL VPN for remote users.. It works great, except when connected via VPN I can only access the same subnet the ASA and HP switch reside on. My VLANs provided via my core HP 5406zl L3 switch are inaccessible. This must just be a simple routing issue, but between Cisco and HP I can not wrap my head around it.

Comcast---> Cisco ASA (VPN) ---> HP (vlans)-----> VLAN 1 (Works fine over VPN), VLAN 45 - (No access over vpn), VLAN 99- (No access over vpn)

Intervlan routing works great, I can access VLAN 99 from VLAN 1 and vise-versa. I have a route on the HP switch for for internet access. On the Cisco I have a static route of I believe my issue is that the HP requires your default gateway to be your VLAN IP for the intervlan routing to work. With my split tunnel SSL VPN, I do not believe it uses the correct routes.

Where and what routes do I need to add so that I can access the other VLANs when connected via VPN?I have a test environment setup and I am going to start testing by disabling split tunneling to see if I can access the other VLANs.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 How To Map SSH From Outside Network Range To Internal

Feb 21, 2013

I have a Cisco ASA 5505 (version above) and I have someone that needs to SSH into a box behind the ASA. I'm having a few issues trying to configure this access-list and NAT. I've tried many combinations and clearly my IOS is not as good as I thought. What commands should I enter to accomplish mapping SSH from an outside network range to an internal host ?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 Configuration Cannot Get To Internal Network

Jan 25, 2012

I now need to configure an ASA 5505 for a small server farm.  It's fairly straightforward:isp -> asa5505 -> internal servers,'m using static addresses -- no DHCP involved.VPN works;  I can get into the internal network.pinging from the ASA to an external address works,However, I cannot get from a laptop connected to an internal port out to the internet, either using ping or typing an address in the browser.

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Cisco VPN :: Remote VPN With ASA 5520 - Can't Access Internal Network

Mar 14, 2011

I am trying to build a remote vpn in ASA 5520 Software Version 8.3(1). I am using ASDM 6.3(1) for the configuration. I went through the SSL VPN wizard and did the configuration. I tried connecting to the ASA using anyconnect VPN and I could successfully connect the VPN. My home laptop takes an IP (which I have defined in the wizard). Now my issue is, I can't access any office internal network from this laptop (none of the internal IP is ping ing even). Meanwhile, I could ping and rdp to this laptop(which is connectd by anyconnect VPN) from my office network. One thing I noticed is that when I give a traceroute to an internal IP from the laptop, the first hop goes to my home ISP router.

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Cisco WAN :: Get Mail Server On Port 443 From Internal Network

May 24, 2012

I write here to see if some kind soul can not solve my problem (which is common to seeso many people around the world). problem: I have a mail server ( configured static NAT because it is accessible byPublic IP (PPP.PPP.PPP.PPP). Everything works properly from the outside, but if I get my Mail server (on port 443) from the internal network ( there 'verse. This configuration is called Nat inside-to-inside is done by default by some SOHO routers(such as the TPLINK from 25 euros) but Cisco did not succeed. I search on the internet for 2 days without a get nowhere. PS: I have a Cisco 1801 router. (or 1941 as another router).

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5505 Can't Ping Any Device Internal Network

Feb 6, 2011

I'm new to this cisco 5505 and I want to carry out a task as simple as a remote access VPN, in my case I did the wizard, with time on my test, I could connect to the VPN, but I can not ping any device internal network. [code]

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Cisco VPN :: 5505 - Logged In VPN Can't Access DMZ From Internal Network

Apr 9, 2012

What I got is a 5505 ASA firewall and I'm connected to it via VPN.  I'm pulling an 192.168.169.x address because that's what we set their company's internet LAN to.  Which is what we want.  What I can't do while I'm VPN'd in is ping from the internet network to the DMZ, and the same when I try and ping from the DMZ to the internal network.
The DMZ is on a 196.0.0.x network.The internet network is 192.168.169.x network.
I don't need them to have internet access on the DMZ I just want to be able to access it from the internal network.  What is going on is we need them to be able to VPN into the DMZ and access their equipment.  At this point it would just make me happy to be able to ping from the internal network to the DMZ and I can figure it out from there I've setup rules and applied them and when I wasn't having success I referred back to defaults.  Right now the rules are set at default, any thing in and anything out, on both internal and DMZ.  I'm using a VPN client and going through Cisco ASDM Launcher to setup the rules and static routes, I haven't done anything with the command line.  All the research I've done everyone does it command line, I find it easier to do it GUI.  This is my first time working with an ASA firewall.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 - NAT And Internal Network Routing

Apr 16, 2013

I am having a problem getting my ASA to work properly.  I attached a diagram for reference and most of the config is below. When I finally got it to route properly between 2 sub nets on the internal network, the NO NAT statement broke routing for the VPN Clients who rely on a NAT statement for the same sub net that is listed in NO NAT access list.  I can get one of the 2 to work by replacing NAT statements but can't figure out a combination to allow routing for both the internal sub nets and the VPN clients to work. 

It's been about 5 days of tweaking this thing just to get the internal routing to work correctly and when I finally did I broke VPN client access.  To note, the VPN clients can still log in and get a session going, they just can't get anywhere once they are in.  I also think there's a lot of stuff in this config that is not needed like a lot of the object groups, etc. but I am being very careful about removing anything.  I took over support of this ASA after someone else put it in place and over this past weekend we moved it to a new building and new ISP and that is when I had to get it to route between sub nets.  The main point of this move was to remove building 1's reliance on building 2 for Internet and outside email access in the event that building 2 is not available (it is close to water and this has happened more than once over the past year). 

So that is why I can't go with the smartest option of just keeping the routes on the router in the other building.  I also know the 1600s are ancient but they're all we have for now.  I can provide those router configs also but they are VERY basic, all static routing. The IP for the Cisco router on the same sub net as the ASA is

This is the statement that allows the routing to work between the 2 internal sub nets but breaks VPN clients: nat (INSIDE) 0 access-list NO NAT

This is the statement that allows the VPN clients to work but breaks the internal routing: nat (INSIDE) 0 access-list INSIDE_nat0_outbound 

The rest of the config is below the diagram.
ASA Version 8.2(2)
host name Cisco asa
domain-name default.domain.invalid
enable password - encrypted
password - encrypted

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