Cisco WAN :: 10001 / IPSec VPN With NAT-Transversal?

Mar 19, 2013

I am using Avaya VPN client & when I am getting connected succesfully to IPSec VPN Server, it is showing in status that IP NAT-Transversal is active on port 10001. In this case my IP is behind the NAPT router. When I am checking the logs, it shows that the request from my IP has gone through port 10001 (UDP) & hist server IP on port 10001 (UDP).But in some cases when the request from my IP is going through any other port than 10001 & hit server on port 500, I am not getthing authenticated for VPN. So, I am understanding that for my VPN connection, the requested has to be go on port 10001 of VPN Server and port 10001 of client.
how I can force every IPSec request to my VPN server to hit on port 10001 (UDP) so that i will not face any issue.

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Cisco WAN :: Internet Interface Protection On ASR 10001 Router?

Apr 30, 2013

I want to provide some outside interface protection on an ASR 10001 router. The Internet facing interface is the ingress for all remote access home users that have created a DMVPN. I want to protect the network from the Internet but, at the same time protect against breaking the tunnels created from the home users.We are running EIGRP between the home users and the HQ router. How would you build the access-list applied to the outside interface and what protocols would you allow through?

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Cisco :: LIC-10001 Migration File Provided Is Not Valid

Jun 6, 2012

I am trying to upgrade/migrate my WCS license file, via XML export, through the Cisco licensing portal and I keep getting the error listed above.

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Cisco Routers :: Can RV042G IPSec VPN Support Apple IOS IPSec VPN

Apr 29, 2013

I tried any type of combination and just couldn't make it works.  Only PPTP works well. Whether Apple iOS IPSec VPN is supported or not?

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Cisco VPN :: 892/K9 GRE Over IPsec

May 11, 2011

I'm trying to establish vpn session between 2 Cisco 892/k9 routers. but when i apply the crypto map in the GRE tunnel interface this type of message apears.
NOTE: crypto map is configured on tunnel interface.
        Currently only GDOI crypto map is supported on tunnel interface.
As the same crypto map is easily applied to the physical interface instead of GRE, and It works too...  What causes the problem based on the Debug output and configurations which i have attached with this message.

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Cisco :: VPN IPsec IOS Cannot Ping

Mar 3, 2011

The VPN connection seems to be etablish but I can not ping the LAN behind the router .I can see the errors with debug ipsec CLIENT VPM >>>>>>>ROUTEUR VPN 212.94.A.B>>>>>>>>>LAN
212.94.A.B (Router with configuration IPSec VPN) (Client VPN vpnc) (Client VPN remote ident : tun0 )


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Cisco :: IPSEC Over GRE Configuration

Dec 4, 2012

I'm trying to setup an IPSEC tunnel above GRE using the topology in the attached image file.However the traffic between the 2 endpoints: lo0 on R5 ( and lo0 on R4 is traveling via the GRE tunnel without being encapsulated in IPSEC: I'm using 2 routing protocols:

- OSPF area 0 for the connectivity between R1,R2 and R3
- EIGRP AS 1 for the internal sites connectivity

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Cisco VPN :: ASA5510 7.2 - GRE Over IPsec / ASA And NAT-T?

Nov 20, 2011

I want to establish GRE over IPsec tunnel between four branch offices and head office. At branch offices, I have 1841 router with Advanced Security software. At head office, I have a ASA5510 7.2 as frontend with one public IP addres and 1841 router behind it in private address space. Since ASA is not supporting GRE tunnels, can ASA be endpoint for GRE over IPsec? If not, can ASA pass this tunnel to the 1841 router behind it, so 1841 would be logical tunnel endpoint? What should I pay attention? Should both ASA and every 1841 support NAT-T, or just ASA?

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Cisco VPN :: Two IPSec VPN On ASA5505?

Jun 17, 2012

Can I have two IPSec tunnels over two different Internet links to two different destination?

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Cisco VPN :: Allow IPsec Through ASA 5505?

May 29, 2011

We have Cisco ASA 5505 and an internal user (behind NAT) needs to connect via VPN to an external company. I just cannot get this to work. I have enabled IPsec Pass Through from ASDM Configuration --> Firewall --> Service Policy Rules --> Edit Service Policy Rule --> Rule Actions --> tapped IPsec Pass Through I have tried to find some info from the log but all i get is this message: IP = [remote gateway ip] Invalid  Packet Detected!"I cant find anything that is blocked from the log.

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Cisco VPN :: To Have IPsec On 2951

Mar 22, 2011

I'm setting up IPsec for a DMVPN between a 2811 and 2951s in a test lab.  I have enabled IPsec on the hub (2811) but I am unable to do so on either of the 2951s.  After researching, it seems that I may have the incorrect IOS for this, but I am at a loss which IOS I should be using. Currently the 2951s are on "c2951-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-2.T2.bin".

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Cisco VPN :: Ipsec Tunnel Between Two 881

Oct 19, 2011

- Ipsec tunnell between two 881's
- An Aruba access point trying to set up a tunnell back to controller through the ipsec tunnell, on udp 4500
- Even though traffic shouldn't be NAT'ed (and other traffic is not), udp 4500 is NAT'ed
I guess this might be default behaviour, thing is that it used to work when it was set up as a route based easy vpn.

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Cisco WAN :: 1841 / QOS Over IPSEC VPN?

Mar 25, 2011

i have 6 sites using tandberg visioconference system, each site have a cisco router 1841 configured with ipsec vpn, i have a 4 conference a week and my bandwidth is 2 meg, and when people are working we have a lot of problems and cut in our visio conference.
I have a big problem, i want to make a high level QOS priority to my TANDBERG visio conference system between my sites, the issues is that there is an IPSEC VPN in my cisco routers between those sites and as i know if the traffic is crypted we can not separate the packets or give higher priority to packets over anothers.
can i mark traffic in the lan interface and and make a high priority befors the packets go through the ipsec tunnel?

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Cisco :: IPSec Between WLC 4400 And ACS 5.2

Apr 3, 2011

I found [URL] that it's possible to create IPSec between WLC and MS IAS server. Is it possible to use ACS 5.2 instead of IAS and establish IPsec between WLC and ACS?

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Cisco VPN :: IPSEC Over TCP For PIX 515E 6.35?

Jan 18, 2012

Currently I have  a IPSEC VPN access to the PIX 515E using UDP, how to setup the PIX with IPSEC over TCP?
The OS version I am using is Cisco PIX Firewall Version 6.3(5)
I cannot type in command like isakmp ipsec-over-tcp port 10000Does it mean IPsec over TCP is not supported in this version?

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Cisco VPN :: IPsec VPN On 871 Router

Sep 27, 2011

I have a cisco 871 router and I have set up an IPsec vpn on it. I can connect to the vpn but once connected I can only ping the router ( but nothing else on the network. I can access the router via ccp/telnet and from the router I can ping other machines on the network, so I know that they are connected, but I can't access them from the vpn connected machine. Also the vpn connected machine can't access the internet while connected to the VPN. How can I get computers that connect via the vpn to see other machines on the network, and how can they access the internet while connected to the vpn?
Here is the running config:

Building configuration...
 Current configuration : 6760 bytes
version 12.4
no service pad

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Cisco WAN :: 3925 BGP And IPSEC VPN

Jul 25, 2012

I need 3925 router that support BGP as well as IPSEC VPN. is this correct part number i ordered? CISCO3925-SEC/K9. Its always hard to understand Cisco licensing, specially new one. will above package will have router wth ipbasek9+seck9?

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Cisco VPN :: 877 - Configure L2L IPSec?

Feb 27, 2011

I would like to configure a vpn l2l ipsec for a friend. i have a router cisco 877 i configure it but vpn doesn't work.Above my configuration:

Current configuration : 5443 bytes!version 12.4no service padservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecno service password-encryption!hostname Laboratorio!boot-start-markerboot-end-marker!!aaa new-model!!aaa authentication login default localaaa authorization exec default local!aaa session-id common!resource policy!ip cefno ip dhcp use vrf connectedip dhcp excluded-address dhcp excluded-address dhcp excluded-address!ip dhcp pool HostPc   network   default-router   dns-server!ip dhcp pool MPLs   network   default-router   dns-server!!!!crypto pki trustpoint TP-self-signed-4019649088enrollment selfsignedsubject-name cn=IOS-Self-Signed-Certificate-4019649088revocation-check nonersakeypair TP-self-signed-4019649088!!crypto pki certificate


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Cisco VPN :: 5510 IPSec VPN Map

May 5, 2012

i have started managing a asa 5510 firewall which is already having 10 ipsec tunnels , the problem i am facing is they are configured as "ipsec vpn map"
i have attached sample config, i am finding it difficult to understand the parameters used in each tunnel as the configration seems bit complex to me, how it works .

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Cisco :: Small IPSEC 2-eth Ports Box

Oct 19, 2011

I wonder if any of you now if there exists a small IPSEC box that can be put between units that don't support IPSEC? I'm not looking for a Wireless router with a WAN port. Only a small box with 2 ethernet ports and IPSEC client support.

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Cisco :: Unable To Ping Over Ipsec VPN?

Mar 25, 2011

I have created a site to site Ipsec vpn with a cisco 2610 and a linksys RV042. Running a show "crypto isakmp sa" command I get a qm_idle status and when running a "show crypto ipsec sa" I see that packets are being decrypted and encrypted. Also when running the "show ip access-lists" command I do have matches to that connection.The problem is that I am unable to ping hosts from one network to another. For example, from the Cisco router in network I am unable to ping the remote network and vice versa.

I am not sure what is happening. Do I need to create a route to that remote network? I guess it could also be a problem with NAT or an ACL.Here is what running-config shows:

crypto isakmp policy 1
encr 3des
hash md5
authentication pre-share
group 2
lifetime 28800

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Cisco :: How To Create Ipsec Tunnel

May 4, 2011

how to create ip sec tunnel using these parameters. customer ip where tunnel has to be connected

ISAKMP Parameters: (Phase I)
Encryption: AES-256 or 3DES
Authentication Mode: Pre-shared key


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Cisco :: Why 2 Encryption Keys For IPSEC VPN

Oct 7, 2011

how IPSEC VPN works but i hit a stumbling block understanding symmetric encryption keys.Here is my understanding about the process

1.Peers will negotiate plocies

2.Authenticate using pre-shared or certificates

3.Exchange DH Public Keys

4.Using Public keys encrypt symmetric key and exchange the same key which will be useful for communication

5.maintain sessions

But when we are configuring we will define encryption keys in isakmp phase and ipsec transform set ,i thought we will use the same encryption key for both management and data communication in fact i thought management phase is to give us a securely exchanged encryption key for the data tunnel.But we can use 2 different encryption keys in 2 phase i am bit confused.

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Cisco :: IPSec VPN Not Forwarding Traffic?

May 25, 2011

why my VPN setup is not working correctly. The device is an ASA 5505 running IOS version 8.2. It has a license for 2 SSL VPNS, and 25 IPSec VPNs. The previous Admin had set up both but only the SSL VPN apparently works. I attempted to set up my own IPSec VPN using the ASDM wizard, with an IP range of I am connecting from a Mac, 10.6. My local network (home) is a standard; the remote networks are and I tried connecting using the built-in Snow Leopard client, and although it said I was connected I couldn't actually contact anything on the corporate LAN.\

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Cisco :: IPsec VPN Tunnel Between 2820 And 871?

Mar 9, 2011

We have a Cisco 2820 that serves as a hub and our spokes are Cisco 871s. Its been working for a while and for some reason last week. Http and https traffic over the tunnel is having connection issues. I can Remote desktop or PCanywhere into the remote PCs. From that PC I can ping internal IP address or IP of the webmail server or internal webserver with no issue. But if I access it over the browser it times out or it will work and stop working again. Basically ica, icmp, pcanythere, rdp traffic works over the tunnel but not http or https.

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Cisco :: Ipsec On Noisy Channel?

Nov 15, 2011

I have a couple of clients which connection to our network via intranet to our VPN.Clients using the 3g connection to connect to the internet .The encryption is DES.But some of them due the bad channel(poor coverage,non-stable channel and etc) cannot conne to my asa with vpnc(the cisco ipsec client for *nix) .They have this problem - vpnc: expected xauth packet; rejected: (ISAKMP_N_PAYLOAD_MALFORMED)(16)[CODE]

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Cisco VPN :: Configure IPsec L2L To Allow Only One Way Traffic

May 9, 2011

We have a business need that we have to set up a IPsec L2L tunnel (from multiple locations) to a business partner, we require that the connection can only be initiated from our side, not business partner side. I searched the web, one option is configure our side ASA to initate IKE only, this does not seem to meet our requirement, because once IPsec SA is up, IP layer traffic will flow freely in either direction; the other option people suggested is to use VPN filter in tunnel group policy, but the documention of how to use this vpn-filter to enforce one way traffic policy is not crystal clear to me;  I actually configured reflexive ACL on core L3 switch before the traffic hits ASA to reflect/evalulate specific traffic to businness partner's LAN network, that worked well. However one of our branch office's core L3 switch is Cat4K which does not support reflexive ACL with the image it is currently running, so I am stuck again .

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Cisco VPN :: IPsec L2L VPN Between A ASA5510 And ASA5505

Jul 25, 2011

I have set up a IPsec L2L VPN between a ASA5510 and a ASA5505 which is working just fine.Every now and then our management station receives the following syslog message: Session disconnected. Session Type: IPsec, Duration: 2h:23m:23s, Bytes xmt: 3283338, Bytes rcv: 8637607, Reason: Phase 2 Error.I have already searched the forum for this message to exclude all the possible reasons for this message:
- the complete crypto maps are the same on both ends (lifetime, psk, pfs etc)

- the ACL's used in the crypto maps are exactly the opposite of each other

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Cisco VPN :: 877 - IPSec Traffic Is Only Initiated From One End

Apr 27, 2013

I have configured the IPsec vpn between Cisco 877 and ISA server which is working fine and ok. But the issue is I have multiple subnet on the TMG "Treat Managmenet Gateway" side and only one subnet on the Cisco 877 side. I can only sending some subnet's traffics from Cisco 877 through the vpn tunnel to the other side which is TMG server and I have recieved teh timeout request for the rest of teh subnets.
However, if I initiated the ping from inside the ISA with different sources , I can reached the Cisco 877 and from then I can be able to send traffic.
So, the tunnel is up and active but it should be initated from ISA server to have a full connectivity. 
Here is the IP sec configuration on Cisco side:
crypto isakmp policy 1
encr 3des
authentication pre-share


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Cisco VPN :: Force Use Of NAT-T On IPSEC L2L Tunnel

May 4, 2011

can I force an IPSEC L2L tunnel to use NAT-T encapsulation no matter what? Automatic detection says none of the endpoints are behind NAT. I know I can disable it by the "crypto map XXX set nat-t-disable" command, but I want the exact opposite.
I have a very strange issue where asynchronos routing is making my life as a technician very hard.
A side question; Can I do something about an ISP that is policy-base-routing its ESP traffic (and/or translating it)?
ASA5505 ===>===>===> ISAKMP traffic ===>===>===> ASA5510                                                        (traffic source IP:


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Cisco VPN :: 837 Router To ASA5510 IPsec VPN

Mar 19, 2012

I have a 5510 running 8.42 code with multiple site to site tunnels coming into it.  Sites vary from ASA 5505's, 1841 and 1921 routers which all work perfectly.  That being said I think the ASA side is good.  I have an 837 running 12.4 code, Cisco IOS Software, C837 Software (C837-K9O3SY6-M), Version 12.4(5b), I'm trying to configure it for site to site VPN back to the ASA.  When I ping from the E0 interface I get the following debug output and nothing else.  I've made a lot of changes to no avail in getting closer to a successful configuration. [code]

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Cisco VPN :: IPv6 Support On ASA 8.4 IPSEC

May 7, 2011

I need to implement IPv6 for ASA VPN. According to the ASA_8.4_cli_cfg.pdf , IPv6 is not supported on ASA IPSEC vpn and remote client vpn. I do not have a ASA 8.4, any way to verify on ASA8.4 whether the crypto command support ipv6 address ? If  the crypto command do support ipv6 address then probably there is chance it will work.what i mean is eg. crypto map xxx set peer <ipv6 address| ipv4 addres> able to set ipv6 address.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA5510 / Remote IPSEC VPN ASA Behind NAT?

Mar 18, 2012

i want to create Remote IP Sec VPN on Cisco ASA5510.Problem is this 5510ASA is behind another 5520ASA and it dont have any public IP address on any of 5510 interface.if i do static NAT of ASA 5510 Private IP on internet facing 5520 IP Public POOL, then will VPN work on 5510 ASA? and what ports need to forward on 5520 for 5510 to become IPSEC VPN head end

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