Creating LAN Between 3 Computers With Windows 7 Installed?

Mar 2, 2013

i want to create a LAN between 3 nos of windows 7 installed computer

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Installed 4 New Computers - Can't View Other Workstations Now

Jul 15, 2011

I have an office server set up to about 10 computers. We hired 4 new people and had to set up their computers on our network. Set up was easy and quick as usual. But when I was done, the other computer users, and even the new ones were complaining about not being able to access the DEFCON5 (name of our server) folder to get what they needed.

Basically the only workstations that show up when I click Network are the computers I added the other day, and the computer that is used more than any other computer (the CEO's). We can still access the files by typing the location as \DEFCON5****** and find what we need. But not everyone at my office is computer savy (no body is) and I would like to not have to keep running around and showing everyone this.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Installed Computers Stop Communicating

Nov 21, 2011

I,ve used a network for a number of years with no problems. I have databases on computer 1 and access them with computer 2. After installing a Cisco e2500 I can connect to the databases but after a short period of time I am disconnected. If I search my network computer 1 is not found. Waiting a few minutes the network will find computer 1 again. At about the same time my firewall software has started to show an attack from an 2 different IP's I don't recognize but its always one of those 2 IP's. I'm assuming the two problems are related. I,ve considered going into my firewall and allowing the unknown IP access, BUT who knows where that IP is coming from. I've checked the Cisco setup but couldn't find an IP address that matched the attacking IP address.

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Servers :: Creating A Remote DNS Server On Windows 7?

Aug 14, 2011

I am wanting to improve my download and upload speeds. I read this statement at "Solution for requesting pages is set up your own DNS server, with is kinda complicated (basically what happens, is instead of asking some remote server (takes time) for the site IP needed to connect to, youll request it on your own pc, giving you a higher site access speed).

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Creating A Home Wireless Network Using 3 Different Windows Versions?

Feb 4, 2013

I have 2 laptops, one is running VISTA and one is running Windows 8. They are connected to my wireless router. I also have a desktop running Windows 7 that is wired to router. I have searched the internet and cannot find how to set up a new network without using a HOMEGROUP?

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Wireless :: Creating Wifi Hotspot Using Windows 7 Desktop?

Jun 20, 2011

I have desktop with windows 7. I am connected to internet through D-link ADSL 2+ router using RJ 45 cable. I want to create wifi hot spot on this desktop. I tried installing connectify software. But when I try to configure hot spot with connectify it says No wi-fi device present. Now what hardware do I exactly need to turn my comp into wifi hotspot?

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Re-installed Windows XP Pro On Cpu Can't Connect To Internet Or Network?

Dec 27, 2011

I just re-installed Windows XP Professional on my Dell XPS Gen 4. Everything works fine on it but the internet. I can open IE, but it just says "This page cannot be displayed" and on and on.Since I re-installed it I believe their are not many drivers on it, I don't really know, and I think that might be it but I am not sure. And I am not sure which drivers I need if it is missing drivers.

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Installed Windows 7 - Broken Internet Connection?

Oct 27, 2011

Same problem on Dell Inspiron 530. Thinking about inserting a new network card.

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Installed Windows 7 - Wireless Card Has Vanished

Sep 14, 2012

I'm off to university on Monday but I couldn't afford a laptop (I have a huge Dell gaming desktop!) so my awesome parents gave me their little Acer Aspire One D260-A netbook; Intel Atom Processor N450 (1.66GHz, 512K), 1GB, 160GB HDD. It's a couple of years old, was running XP and literally everything was broken - no sound, no backlight, faulty touchpad etc. - so first port of call was a clean install of Windows 7 and updating every driver (and BIOS) off the Acer website from a USB.Problem is, everything is running like a dream... except for the wireless. When I tried to install the latest Atheros drivers (doing all of this from a USB due to lack of connectivity) I received a Code 10: driver cannot start error, so after some troubleshooting I was pointed towards different drivers, only for Windows to inform me that it can't find the hardware.

Looking in devices, I'm seeing an Atheros Ethernet connection device but the wireless card seems to have taken a walk. Xirrus isn't seeing anything either. My current internet is between Virgin and BT (mine and my partner's house) but we move in together on Monday and we'll be setting up Sky, so I can't give you much information on internet. I do have an ethernet cable I can plug into our Virgin wifi home router (D-Link DSL-2640R Broadband Wireless G ADSL2+) if need be. One of my main problems seems to be finding the correct drivers as due to the wireless card disappearing, I'm not sure how to tell what the wireless hardware actually is.

Here are the finer details:

C:Windowssystem32>ipconfig /all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : CJ-Netbook
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :


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Installed Windows XP On Alive 6100 - No Internet?

Sep 20, 2012

I Installed windows XP on my Alive 6100 computer, and now it wont detect my ethernet cable. I tried updating the drivers off the ECS website but nothing works. I cant go through ethernet or wireless, probably dont even have the drivers (I Installed the ones listed on the site).

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How Many Images Can Be Installed On Windows Deployment Services (wds)

Feb 21, 2013

WDS allows you to capture and deploy images on a network to client pcs. I Was wondering how many images wds allows you to capture and deploy and if there were any work a-rounds that would allow you to deploy more.

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Installed Windows 7 Now Have Broken Internet Connection

Feb 25, 2011

For about two months now I have been experiencing a problem with my Internet connection. It started when I upgraded my Dell Inspiron 530s from 64 bit Vista to 64 bit Windows 7. After a day, I started getting the "Local Area Connection: A network cable is unplugged or broken internet connection." However, the cable is not unplugged. My other PC and laptop (which is wireless) can connect to the Internet, so I know it's not my ISP or my router. It only happens about every other day. It would work perfectly on day and other day I would go to my internet and I would have no connection. The weird thing is that when I restart my computer, it connects right away. My other two computers that was upgraded also does not have this problem.

First, I thought it may be the cable, so I replaced it with another cable I had. No luck.Then I thought it may be the port on the router, so I plugged it into one of the other ports (including the port that the working PC was plugged into). Next, I checked Device Manager > Network Adapters > Intel(R) 8256v-2 10/100 Connection. There is no exclamation point next to it. Plus, under Properties, it indicates that this device is working properly.I shut down all my computers, and unplugged the dsl modem and router. I waited a few minutes and then plugged in the modem, followed by the router. Once both of those were fully booted, I turned my computers back on. Still after a few hours, I lost connection.Following this, I went to Run, typed "cmd" and then "ipconfig." Under Windows IP Configuration, it reads:"Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection: Media State.........: Media Disconnected."

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Network / Ethernet Controller Not Installed After Reinstalling Windows 7?

Oct 31, 2011

I just reinstalled windows 7 on my Intel i3 M380 laptop, and now I cannot connect to the internet wirelessly and I can't connect with a ethernet cable. In device manager, it says those devices aren't installed. I can't install them because the laptop has no internet. I can't seem to find the drivers for them either on intel. Seems like the reinstallation deleted my network adapter.. I can't find the correct link on intel.. I've tried like 3-4 on my laptop and none of them seem to work..

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Windows Did Not Find Properly Installed Network Adapter

Nov 12, 2011

months ago, i installed a USB card so that my dvd burner could run at 2.0 or 3.0. it has worked fine. every now and then the card becomes unlodged from inside the computer, and i have to push it back into the slot.Tonight, while the computer was on, i was putting it back in, and it popped all the way out, my computer shut down and when i restarted it, i got the error message "windows did not find properly installed network adapter/ if you have network adapter update/re-install drivers"Only problem i have is when i go to device manager, i see NO network adapter?

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No Properly Installed Network Adapter / Windows 7 64bit

Oct 2, 2011

I purchased a new built system, worked great 5 days, major trojan forced a reformat of drive. Now Win 7 64 Device Manager is empty- no network adapter found - I get the notice that "there are no properly installed network adapters". I use the on-board network adapter on the mobo, no plug in network card, hard wired to DSL -- like I said, it worked fine for a few days now it's GONE after reformat.

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Windows Did Not Detect A Properly Installed Network Adapter

Nov 11, 2012

My laptop keeps saying "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter.If you have a network adapter, you will need to re-insatll the driver". I've found the right one and it still want install. Says it's the wrong one but i'm pretty sure it's the right one. I just did a fresh install where i put windows 7 extreme on a laptop and i can't seem to ge the right drivers i guess. I don't know if it's the wrong driver or a bad NIC Card.

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Avast / Windows Defender Installed - Wireless Authentication Failed

Jul 6, 2012

While the home PC and my brother's laptop can connect to the wireless internet, my sister's laptop has never been able to. The antivirus software installed is Avast! and there is also a Windows Defender. It can connect no problem using an ethernet cable.

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Dell :: Inspiron 15r Network Controller Not Installed After Windows 7 Reinstall

May 18, 2013

i have to re-installed windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron 15r but now can't connect to the internet, the device manager shows the network controller in not installed at well as the PCI Simple Communications Controller.

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Dell :: 5010 Install Bluetooth For Newly Installed Windows 8

Apr 28, 2013

install Bluetooth for my newly installed Win8.I tried all the posted links for Bluetooth.I have Win8 on Dell Inspiron 5010, so which one will be suitable for it?

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Dell :: Inspiron N5010 - Re-installed Windows 7 Home Premium But No Wireless Connection?

Jul 21, 2012

I'm trying to figure out what my network card is called and how I get drivers for it. Here is my computer model:

Inspiron N5010
It is a laptop.

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Dell :: Inspiron N5110 - Missing Network Controller Driver After Re-installed Windows 7

May 16, 2013

I have to re-installed windows 7 32- bit on my dell inspiron n5110

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: AE2500 Installed In Windows 7 Machine - Dropping Internet Connection?

Mar 4, 2012

I am having problems after installing the ae2500 adapter in my win 7 machine had to remove malwarebytes and avg to get it to work but now it constantly has problems dropping the internet connection. I have to disable the adapter then enable it to reconnect to the internet. Are there other compatibility problems with this setup that I need to address?

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Windows 7 Computers Not Seeing Each Other

Jan 19, 2011

I have a wireless ADSL Router with 2 Windows 7 Computers Connected to it via Wireless.They can see the internet and the Network but not each other.I have connected a wireless HP Officejet 1050 Printer to the Wireless and it can see the wireless and connects.No computers can see the printer or each other on the wireless network and I can not setup the computers to print to the wireless printer.

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Seeing Other Network Computers With Windows 7?

May 3, 2011

My home network was made up of a desktop running windows XP home (wired) and a desktop also running XP (wireless). I have recently added a desktop running Windows 7 (wireless) to the system. When I turn on the Windows 7 machine, it sees the other two machines and I use the files from them easily. But after the new machine has been on awhile, it does not see the other computers. (I can, however, still access the shared files on it (the Windows 7 machine) from the other desktop (haven't checked the laptop). If I power down the Windows 7 and then turn it back on, the other machines show up immediately. I've got them all named to the same workgroup and in the network settings in the control panel, I think that it is set to discover the network.

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Windows 7 Laptop Cannot See XP Computers?

Jan 11, 2012

My windows 7 wireless laptop does not see my XP desktop computers (hard wired to my router). My windows 7 wireless laptop can access the internet via the 2.4gh band of my new dual band router.

My XP desktop computers can see my windows 7 wireless laptop and access shared files.

I just upgraded to a new dual band router. The prior router was a single band and my windows 7 wireless laptop could see my XP desktop and access shared files.

how I get my windows 7 wireless laptop to be able to see my wired XP desktop computer?

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Windows 7 Stopped Seeing Some Other Computers On LAN?

Jun 26, 2011

Windows 7 ultimate has stopped seeing 3 XP machines & two HP servers but sees Win 7 pro machine & still connects to the internet. Backups to server are still working. All the latest updates on all machines. Virtual XP on Ultimate machine sees all other machines. The only machine that still sees the ultimate machine is the Win 7 pro. The win 7 pro machine sees all the others. Up until 5 or 6 days ago all machines saw each other

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Windows 7 And XP Computers Can't Detect Each Other On Network?

Sep 3, 2012

How do I fix my network so that my Windows 7 and XP computers automatically detect each other on the network. Right now, they cannot browse each other by computer name, instead I have to type their IP addresses (for example: \ in the windows explorer address bar, and then I can browse to their shared folders. And under "Network" (in Windows Explorer) each computer only displays itself, and not the other (unless I have already typed in the other's IP address, in which case it displays the other computer as the IP address).

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Network Is Not Showing Up On Only Two Windows 7 Computers?

Dec 6, 2012

My Macbook Pro connects and mom's Windows 7 laptop connects, and (though having done it manually) and my iPhone connects as well. But my Windows 7 desktop and my dad's Windows 7 laptop don't detect the network.

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Sharing Printer With XP And Windows 7 Computers?

Oct 15, 2011

TSG SysInfo:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb[code]...

I am trying to share my printer with the other 2 computers on my home network. I have the printer connected to my XP machine. The other 2 computers are running XP and Windows 7. The Windows 7 machine is directly connected to the router and my computer and the other XP computer are connected wirelessly.I've shared my printer and given it a share name. But the other 2 computers cannot access my computer for some reason.I'm not sure why they can't access my computer to see the shared printer.

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Establish A Network Between Two Computers With Windows 7 And XP?

Jan 3, 2012

I have spent a couple of hours to find an easy way to connect my old laptop with Windows XP with my new notebook running Windows 7. I have obtained a little bit of background information but am lost in the WWW.

I now know that I would need a special USB cable or a cross-over ethernet cable for a wired connection. As I don't have either at the moment I looked into creating a ad-hoc WiFi network between both computers. I found instructions how to set one up under Win XP and another one for Win 7 but I have found no information whether and how I can actually connect both. I reckon that I only need to set one up on one computer and then would have to somehow make the other computer detect and join that network.

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Windows XP Computers Can't Browse Others Over WAN Link

Feb 24, 2011

We have two offices separated by a WAN.Office A is our main office that has all of our servers, including domain controllers and active directory, on our own network.Office B is a temp. office that is piggybacking off of our sister company's network, but the computers there still connect back to Office A servers to login/access services. However, Office B connects to the sister company's local domain controllers for DNS/WINS.We're having an issue where NetBIOS names of the other office are not always showing up when browsing for computers within the WinXP Windows Explorer (My Network Places --> Entire Network --> MS Windows Network --> domain A). It seems entirely random whether or not we can see the other office's computers. We can still ping/remote to them, but cannot browse to them.

It would normally be a non-issue, but some of our software apps require us to "Browse" to the network server location, rather than being able to type in the address, during installation. Can't install if we can't browse the Office A servers. Obviously has something to do with WINS not always populating/updating, but I'm not sure what or how to fix this.

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Moving Files Between 2 Windows 7 Computers?

May 10, 2012

It was so much easier to transfer from xp to win7, but now that I upgraded both to win7 I can't just simply share it and transfer my files. I need to share 1 entire drive, what's the easiest way to do it.

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Cisco :: 881-W - How To See Computers In Windows Network

Nov 8, 2011

My router is cisco 881-w my server pc ip address is, but my wireless clients from till, how can i see each other computers in windows network... I can ping computers, but i can't browse... I preffer to use cisco configuration proffesional v2.1, but also i'm learning CLI...
Short: I want to access my computers with \SK1 till \SK20
I can ping from wireless to wireless with names eg "ping SK20"
but i can't ping wireless to LAN eg "ping SERVER" but when i ping my server ip adress eg "ping" result is successfully
In my opinion i need some kind of bridge from LAN to WLAN
my Router Conf
Current configuration : 7126 bytes
version 12.4
no service pad


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