Dell D630 Wireless Connection Keeps Going Off After 10 To 15 Minutes?

Feb 9, 2012

I have a Dell Latitude D630 that connects to the wireless network but goes off after 10 to 15 minutes. I have to restart the notebook for the wireless to pick up again.

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Dell :: Latitude D630 - Intel Proset Wireless Wi-Fi Software Connection Setup

Apr 13, 2012

I have a Dell Latitude D630. When i try to connect to wifi network using the  intel proset wireless wifi software, it denied to accept the password and give me some checksum error.

I have successfully connected to wifi network using windows xp zero wireless configuration utility.So, what is wrong with "intel proset wireless wifi software" ?

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Dell :: Latitude D630 Wired Connection?

Apr 15, 2012

My ethernet connection device does not seem to be working. I already tried to trouble shoot it, but nothing worked. First, I have checked that the ethernet cable, and internet port are working properly. Then, i have looked in the device manager, and it indicates that my wired connection device are detected and enabled. However, when I connect a network cable to the ethernet jack on my laptop, there is no network light showing up. I have also updated the BIOS and wired network driver.

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Dell :: Latitude D630 - Can't Get A Wired Internet Connection

May 8, 2012

I've got a Dell Latitude D630. I can get a wireless internet connection no problem. But I cannot get on the internet with a wired connection.

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Dell :: Docking Station Connector On Latitude D630 Not Working For Ethernet Connection

Mar 25, 2012

I cannot utilize my Ethernet connection when my Dell Latitude D630 is connected to a docking station.  I have tried this on two different docking stations.  I also have another Dell laptop that I have used in the one of the same docking stations and the ethernet connection is fine.  I'm looking for assistance to troubleshoot this (even just determining if I can replace the connector and how I determine what type I need)

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Dell D630 Wireless LAN Icon Disappeared?

Jan 10, 2011

dell inspirion d630 notebook wireless lan icon disappeared and i cannot connect via wireless only by the wired port.

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Dell Latitude D630 Suddenly Stopped Seeing Wireless Network?

Nov 15, 2011

My laptop (Dell Latitude D630) suddenly stopped "seeing" my wireless network. The Windows diagnostic seems to imply that I should "turn on" my wireless card. However, when I check the hardware settings in the control panel, it says it is working properly.

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Dell :: Latitude D630 / Wire Doesn't Work But Wireless Does

May 17, 2013

So I dug my old Latitude D630 out from the attic, turned it on, and it still works, and it actually connected to my router!  However, only the wireless connects, not the wired connection.  When I plug an ethernet cable in, the computer does not recognize the cable, and tells me a cable is unplugged...which of course it isn't.

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Dell Latitude D630 Vista 32bit - Download Speed Is Very Slow On Wireless?

Aug 8, 2011

dell latitude d630 vista 32bit.why my download speed is very slow on wireless .i had 2 laptops running speedtest together my friends showed 13.5 mps mine was woefully slower at 1.3 mps, sometimes it shows high speed but then it runs that slow it stops internet running .

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Dell :: Downgrading BT360 To XP On D630

Jul 28, 2007

Same Problem Is Begin on  D620 And Fixed  "Vista BLUETOOTH License Expires after 30 days in XP " - on this link - [URL] the Latitude D630 come with Windows Vista Business i need to downgrade to Windows XP PRO...... ?

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Dell D630 Laptop Will Not Work With Wifi

Feb 7, 2013

I have an old dell latitude D630 laptop that has worked for a while but has on numerous occasions stopped connecting to my wifi. Messing around with it to get it to connect has worked so far but I can't figure it out this time. It's says its connected but when I pull up my browser it has the "server not found" page. I've trying restarting it, resetting the router, and disconnecting and reconnecting.

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Installing Ethernet Controller Of Dell Latitude D630?

Apr 22, 2012

I have a problem with internet and for this i need to install Ethernet controller but still i did not success for Dell Latitude D 630

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Wifi Light Not Lighting On Dell Latitude D630?

Feb 25, 2011

I switched my Dell Latitude D630 on yesterday morning and the WiFi light wasn't lit, and I am unable to connect to any network. I'm completely baffled why this has happened. I was using it the previous night, streaming some music on Spotify, then I turned it off as normal, and when I tried using the internet the next day...nothing. The bluetooth light is lit as normal but the WiFi light stays off, and I've tried turning the external switch on/off to no avail.

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Dell :: Latitude D630 Bluetooth Module Compatibility

Jun 4, 2013

I want to know which of these Bluetooth module is compatible with Dell Latitude D630: 360, 365, 370, 375, 380.

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Dell :: D630 Broadband Facility Limited To Certain Service Providers?

Apr 27, 2013

is the dell d630 broadband facility limited to certain service providers coz im inserting my Econet simcard bt it still says no device detected

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Dell :: How To Check Availability And Activate Bluetooth On Latitude D630

Mar 4, 2008

I just bought Latitude D630 (2nd hand) but I don't know if my D630 have/haven't bluetooth device. how to check it? and how to enable it?

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Dell :: Latitude D630 - SIM Card Reader Device Driver And Activation

Feb 16, 2009

I recently discovered the SIM card slot under the battery in my Latitude D630.I placed the SIM card in the slot but nothing happened.

The broadcom utility indicates that there is no device detected.How do I activate this device?does it need a specific driver?

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Wireless Connection Stops After A Few Minutes Of Connection?

Jan 20, 2013

After connecting to the internet on my laptop, the internet connection will work great for 10 minutes or less than it slows down drastically or essentially not working at all. If I disconnect and reconnect it will work again but just for a short amount of time. The wireless connection works great on iPod, IPhone, and tablet. Downloaded Kaspersky Antivirus which said it fixed some viruses but internet got worse after that. Tried restoring the computer to factory settings and the internet stays connected for what seem a few minutes longer.

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Wireless :: Connection Lag Spikes Every 5 To 10 Minutes?

Feb 5, 2012

I have a problem with my wireless connection. I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit OS and bought a new NETGEAR genie router WNR2200. I am experiencing lag spikes in 1-2 second duration while playing games. These lag spikes freeze the game and send my ping sky high (ping 999ms). While browsing the interwebz I don't really notice the lag spikes because they are only a few seconds long.Changes I have made (PC):

Disabled Client for Microsoft Networks
Disabled ANOD Network Security Filter driver
Disabled QoS Packet Scheduler
Disabled File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks


Mode: Up to 300MbpsAfter all these changes and tweaks I still get the exact same problem I started out with. The above changes were recommended by users of random forums to fix wireless lag spikes. Using a cat5 cable is not preferred (and perhaps not possible) as I am renting from random people and the router is on the other side of the house.

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Wireless Connection Stops Every 3 Minutes Or So?

Apr 3, 2013

I turn my laptop on, start browsing in the internet, etc. A few minutes later I can't do anything. Pages won't load, skype stops working. So I go to Wireless Connections, disconnect from the channel and connect again. After that the internet is back and working fine. Same thing happens a few minutes later. I'm assuming that the problem's with my laptop, because phone still has internet connection and before my desktop PC broke it was working OK (with wired connection). My wireless card (not sure how it's called) is Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230.

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Wireless Connection Keeps Disconnecting After 30 Minutes

Apr 17, 2012

I have a Talk Talk Unlimited Internet connection in the UK.The modem they provided is D-link DSL 2780 N type ADSL+2 router.The wireless net connection is shared by 5 other people in my flat and as far as I am aware - their connections seem to be seamless..In my case - the speed of the wireless connection starts deteriorating after about 20 mins - i.e the pages start loading slower, and then a while later the pages don't load at all - but the signal strength and connection would be displayed as normal..When I try to disconnect and reconnect- Windows says it's unable to connect to the router..It runs some diagnostics and advices me to turn the router off and then on


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Laptop Wireless Connection Flicks On And Off For A Few Minutes

Sep 20, 2011

The wireless connection works perfectly fine nearly all the time - connection strength always says excellent. A couple of times a day, I'm in the middle of doing something online and find I've suddenly lost wireless connection. A couple of seconds later this is reflected in the network connection icon in the taskbar. A couple of seconds after that, I'm connected again. Several seconds later, it's off, then on, then off, then on.. until a few minutes has elapsed, when suddenly everything is back to normal and I have a solid connection again.I'm literally disconnected for a couple of seconds at a time, over a period of a few minutes, but enough for anything I'm working on (loading a page, downloading or uploading something) to cut out. And for a large majority of the day, it is perfectly stable.

The router is not losing connection to the internet (have checked the logs, and when it happens I normally plug in with a cable and have no problems). I've yet to be able to test whether the same thing happens to another computer connected to the same router at the same time. Our microwave used to interfere with wireless but it isn't being used here, unless it is a neighbour's - though that would cause things to slow down / hang for a little while, rather than flick on and off in such a predictable pattern.(Have also scanned for driver updates, but it says I have the latest version - Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN,

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Wireless Internet Connection Keeps Disconnecting Every 5 - 10 Minutes?

Feb 22, 2013

So, I'm connected to my router through wifi on my laptop and every 5-10 minutes I disconnect from my internet and I can't reconnect right away. I have to wait another 5-10 minutes for it to connect back. And I also can't connect the first time I start up my laptop. I need to wait 5 minutes before I can connect.

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Wireless :: Internet Connection Suddenly Stops For About 30 Minutes Of Using It?

Apr 29, 2013

My internet connection suddenly stops for about 30 minutes of using it. I need to restart so that I can connect again.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2000 Lost Connection After 10 Minutes

May 5, 2012

I switch on router and connect my iPad on router linksys cisco e2000. During 10 minutes, There is no problem. After 10 minutes, I have always the connection with my router but no internet. To Avoid this problem, i restart the router with switch and after, no problem. Do you have any ideas to avoid this lost connection after 10 minutes when I switch on my router.

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: WUSB600N Connection Lost After A Few Minutes?

Oct 1, 2010

I have the problem that my WUSB600N loses the connection to the internet after a few minutes. I boot the system and the wireless stick run impeccable. After a few minutes the windows 7 network icon show me a yellow exclamation mark and no more internet access is possible. When I unplug the WUSB600N from the system und plug it on again the internet connection is possible again and run then over houres without a problem.

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D630 Wireless Card Will Not Turn On?

Feb 17, 2012

I recently got a d630 and installed a wireless card the computer detects it and i installed the drivers computer says it's working good but no wifi light turns on and nothing happens when I push the wifi button and it is running windows vista and the card is shown in windows networking just want to get this fixed

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D630 Laptop / Cannot Connect To Wireless Network On New XP Install

Jan 3, 2012

I recently inherited an old D630 laptop. I have just formatted the drive, and installed Windows XP (SP1, then upgraded to SP3) onto it. I have not been able to connect to my wireless network.I have downloaded and installed the drivers and installed in the recommended order. Issue is that I cannot get a dynamic IP address issued to me. It says I am on the network, but the only packets are outgoing. I have been trying to sort this for the last 2 days, and the laptop is close to being chucked out of the wireless card is intel pro wireless 3945abg?

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Keep Losing Connection Every Few Minutes

Sep 24, 2011

What could b the issue with my internet connection i keep losing the connection every few minutes if im idol on sites not games related i stay connected when i go onto games i start losing the connection. [code]

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Keep Losing Connection Every 15 Minutes?

May 1, 2012

For the past 2 weeks i have been losing internet connection on my pc, ps3, laptops and phones every 15min and i have no clue what to do. It has never done anything like this.

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Internet Connection Will Cut Out Every 5-10 Minutes?

Sep 5, 2012

My internet connection will cut out every 5-10 minutes. Sometimes it will stay on but MOST of the time it cuts out every 5-10 min. other times my ping will jump to over 2000 or stay around 200 for no reason. It has gotten to the point of where I can not play any online games anymore, and there is no possibility of a wired connection.6-8 months ago we has slow internet speed and Comcast told us it was not their fault it was our router, and that routers go bad every year or 2, so we got a new one. My connections to the old router used to be 3-4 bars and with the new one it is 1-2. Ok so the big issues was it started getting bad where my connection would randomly cut out. I thought it was my wireless network adapter because it was old. I was constantly unplugging it and plugging it back in or releasing and renewing my ip every 5-10 minutes sometimes more often. Let me define cutting out, sometimes it would be everything, but most times it would be just one application like website or just the game I was playing but not steam chat.

So I got a new wireless adapter and we hooked back up the old router to find out Comcast had lied to us and our speed was fine on the old router ... in fact out connection was better. but still the problem remains.. random cutting out of internet completely and random huge lag spikes.... it is less frequent but still every 10-20 min something goes wrong. I have tried changing the routers channel, updating both routers. I tried setting myself up a static ip but it would not give me internet connection if I did... idk if i had the DNS wrong or something. Anyways I am at my wits end and about damn ready to try ANYTHING to make this work again. It did before so I know it can work! I will try anything and post any reportsSometimes I might be slow to respond because I have to try things out for a little bit to see if they worked.

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Internet Connection Get Disconnected Every Few Minutes?

Jul 10, 2012

I have brought a broadband connection from a local ISP called YouBroadband. (I am from India, if you are wondering.) For the first month of my plan, I was having internet connection without any issues. But since 2nd month, I am experiencing a very strange problem. When I turn on my PC and connect to internet by entering my password, I do so without any problem. But after a few mnutes of connectivity, I loose my connection. Even stranger is the fact my Windows 7 Ultimate edition does not recognise this. It still shows connected sign in the notification area. But I am not able browse any more using any browser. to solve the problem, I start network troubleshooting, which in a few seconds shows, resetting 'Local Area Connection 2' and then I am able to log in again. At times this solution also doesn't work. All i can do at that time is shut down my PC, wait a few minutes and restart again. To my extreme dismay, this keeps happening over and over again. I connect, get disconnected, reconnect and again disconnect. This is terribly disturbing and annoying.

I have searched on Google with no success. I tried changing DNS server settings and put Google open DNS address as my preferred DNS server but that didn't solve the problem too.( I received this tip from a friend of mine.) Here's what I get when I type ipconfig/all in Command prompt-Windows IP Configuration[CODE]

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Internet Connection Freezes Every 1 To 2 Minutes

Sep 24, 2012

I am on a home LAN with a high speed broadband connection, Apple TimeCapsule router, and Windows 7 laptop. Starting this morning every 1-2 minutes my Internet connection stops working. I can not load webpages, send email, etc. A yellow triangle with an exclamation point appears over the WiFi icon on the taskbar. When my Internet connection stops I can disconnect from the wireless then reconnect. That will work for another 1-2 minutes only.

I do not recall doing anything that could have caused this (obviously something caused it, but I have not been screwing with drivers or anything and it has worked fine since I bought this computer 2 months ago from Dell). I have read several threads from where people had this problem in the past, but to no avail. For instance some people had multiple firewalls in conflict with one another or needed to renew their DHCP lease, but that is not true in my case.

Here are steps that I have taken to repair the problem, but with no luck:

- Restart the computer fully, many times
- Renew the DHCP lease
- Run the troubleshooter
- Changed my DNS servers from the ISP's to Google's
- Uninstalled all OpenVPN software
- Removed the stored WiFi network data from Windows then reconnect
- Verified that only 1 firewall is installed
- Tried it with the ethernet, which works
- Tried other computers on the WLAN, which works
- Ran anti-virus and anti-malware scans (no infection)

I do have a VirtualBox installation, but I have not run it in weeks. Even when I was connected for that 1-2 minute period I was unable to connect to my work OpenVPN, which is what led me to try uninstalling the VPN software, but that doesn't seem to be related.

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