Dell :: Studio 1737 Laptop / Installing Windows 7?

Jul 17, 2012

I've got a customers laptop here which had Windows 7 64bit OS Installed when i received it. They wanted a fresh install with there own windows 7 disk (Which is in perfect condition) The problem I'm having is when the windows installation gets to a certain point i.e Completing Installation the resolution changes (which i know is normal) And then crashes!

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Dell :: ST Service Has Stopped Working On Studio 1737

Dec 23, 2009

Every time i power up my laptop I get the message STLog.dll not found.  St service has stopped working on my Studio 1737

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Dell :: Studio 1737 UMTS Connection Software

Mar 4, 2013

I am looking for the download of the connction Software for UMTS Networks in Austria for my Dell Studio. Where I can download the Connection Manager to use the t-mobile Network in Austria.

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Wireless Moving Extremely Slow

Feb 13, 2012

I purchased a Dell Studio 1737 about 2 years ago, and have not had any problems with my wireless service until about a week ago.  Now my wireless connects, but is extremely slow.  I am using a Dell wireless 1397 WLAN mini-card.   I ran a hardware diagnostic and nothing is wrong with the hardware.  I also ran a connection diagnostic, and it continually fails when it gets to either Gateway IP, or Internet IP.  The driver is fully upgraded, and I have ran Malwarebytes and have not found any malware problems. how to get my wireless working properly again.

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Shows Connected To Network With Internet Access But Doesn't Work

Apr 5, 2012

I have a Dell Studio 1737 running Windows 7 64 bit. I turned it on today and it automatically connected to my home network as usual and when I hover over the network icon it says there is Internet Access but when I open Firefox it can not connect to any websites. When I run the automatic troubleshooter, it does not detect any problems with the connectivity.

I ran ipconfig /all and this is what came up: 

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.C:UsersDanny>ipconfig /allWindows IP Configuration Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Danny-PC Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . : Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : NoWireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 2: Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter Physical (code)

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Dell :: Studio 1737 / 1397 WLAN - MS Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adapter Dead After Hibernate

Oct 22, 2011

I have a Dell Studio Laptop 1737 with Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN mini-card and Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Some days ago, I bought a HP WiFi mouse (model LQ083AA). This mouse connects via WiFi and you need no USB-port for a transmitter. Very practical - if it would work probably.First I installed the SW delivered with the mouse. During this installation, also the "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" was installed. The mouse connects via this adapter. And everything worked fine. The mouse was found, a connection was established and the mouse worked like a charm. Until I went to sleep. As usually, I hibernated the notebook. And after waking up the notebook from hibernate, the mouse did not work anymore. I found out it is because the "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" does not wake up correctly. After a reboot, everything works again. And if I use the HP software to reestablish the connection, I receive the error "SoftAP is not available".

I tried several things:I un-installed the "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" in the device manager and checked for new HW to install it again. But after it was installed again, it still did not work.In the device manager, I disabled "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" and enabled it again - but it stayed disabled.I updated the driver.I changed energy management, allowed the computer to switch of power of the adapter resp. disallowed that.Nothing I did worked. After hibernate, the "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" is "dead". Only a reboot works.The WiFi mouse is such a great Idea, but the "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" is such a mess.

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Dell :: 1737 Laptop Won't Connect Wi-Fi At Home

Jan 25, 2013

I deleted my browsing history cookies etc then turned comp off. Next morning i turned it on and wouldnt connect .I finally got it to connect no idea how but turned it off again and now cant connect . I have Windows vista , Dell 1737 2 other laptops connected by wifi and 2 XBOXs hardwired to router so I know it works .

I get that the computer is to far error or message which cant be it worked fine for MONTHS and Now I am right next to router hardwired to it ! The only thing I really did was change the Computers name ( Where you sign in the very beginning when you turn comp on ) Other then that I havent done anything to it.

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Dell :: 1535 - Bluetooth For Studio Laptop?

Jan 25, 2013

I have just updated my Studio laptop from Vista to Windows 8 but cannot find a driver, I was previously using

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software

Dell, Version

Is there a compatible drive?

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Dell :: Studio 1747 - No Bluetooth On Laptop

Apr 9, 2011

I bought Dell Studio 1747 which supposed to have built in bluetooth, on bios i can see it and its enabled.

however on windows 7 I cannot see it, it doesnt show up in device manager and i cannot find any driver for it.

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Dell :: Studio 1735 Laptop Will Not Connect To Internet

Oct 17, 2011

My laptop will not connect to the internet although it shows in the task bar that it is connected to my home WIFI network.

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Dell :: Windows 8 Drivers For Studio 1458?

Nov 12, 2012

Windows 8 just released not long ago, and I am eager to upgrade my laptop to this version. From what I am understanding that Bluetooth is an issue along with Dell own drivers and configuration caused the upgrade delay. Dell will resolve and make drivers available to Windows 8.

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Dell :: Wireless Suddenly Stops Working On Studio 1557 Laptop

Feb 25, 2010

I have a Studio 1557 laptop (purchased in late December 2009) that all of a sudden has lost wireless connection to the internet.  Went to use it last night (Thursday) for normal use and no wireless connection at all.  Before this issue, there were no problems connecting thru wireless at fact used it Wednesday evening for work/surfing and no problems whatsoever.  We are using a Linksys 160N router...have 2 other computers and 2 iPod Touches that are connecting just fine, absolutely no problems.  It can connect thru a wired connection with no problems but nothing thru wireless...this is a fairly new router, about 10 days old, but haven't had any issues with it since set-up.

I didn't have much of a chance to do anything about this last night or this morning.  I really don't want to bother calling Dell Support either. 

Dell Studio 1557 Windows 7 64-bit, 8gb 1066Mhz, 320HD

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Dell :: Studio Laptop 1558 - Can't Connect To Wireless After Reinstalling Drivers

Aug 18, 2012

I have a Dell Studio Laptop 1558. I recently reinstalled Widows 7 and then the drivers. I'm pretty sure I installed them in the wrong order. So how do I go about fixing that? Like I said I can't connect to any wireless networks. The networks don't even show up(I live in an apartment complex so usually I have a whole bunch of networks listed). I can only use the Ethernet cord to get online. I know the wireless works because my roomate can connect to the wireless internet.

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Dell Studio 1745 With Windows 7 - Can't Connect To Wireless Network

Dec 4, 2012

I am having trouble connecting to my wireless network sometimes it shows up sometimes it does not but when it is there it sometimes has full bars and others has none. I have tried resolving the the issues through windows and it either says windows cannot resolve your wireless connectivity issue or it says to unplug router for 10 seconds blah blah blah. sometimes it says there is an issue at the access point or wireless adapter. It is really getting frustrating and everything else that is wireless works in my house. I have a dell studio 1745 and windows 7 on it.

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Dell :: Studio 1558 - 365 Bluetooth Adapter Is Not Compatible With Windows 8

Apr 17, 2013

Dell 365 Bluetooth Adapter program for [ Dell Studio 1558 ] is not compatible with windows 8. please update this program for compatibility with windows 8.

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Dell Studio 1557 Running Windows 7 - Slow / Down Internet Connection?

Nov 3, 2011

I have a dell studio 1557 running windows 7. I live in my own apartment with roommates in college, and i've been having some very bad issues with slow internet or constant down time. Here are some key points:

- I have Charter internet.

- My 2 other roommates have NO ISSUES.

- My laptop works in my family's house. They have Comcast. I went on vacation a week ago and there were no issues on the hotel internet. No issues from the school's internet.

- I have been using my android phone as a tether because the internet is more stable. It's slow, but consistent for the most part. This is extra frustrating because I shouldnt have slow internet. And I sure as hell shouldnt be paying for internet I can't even enjoy.

- Charter has replaced 2 routers. Both are brand new. They are net gear. Charter is clueless to my problem.

- I have reinstalled windows. Dell told me to try safe mode. I noticed NO ISSUES WITH STANDARD BROWSING IN SAFE MODE. This leads me to believe it is a software issue.

- The connection is non-existent when coming out of hibernation or rebooting. In the morning, i have to boot up, make my coffee, and only then will it give me access to the internet. Otherwise, page timeouts. It can take up to 10 minutes for the internet to work.

- Youtube and general multitasking is very bad. Slower connection than ever, page timeouts, and I often need to wait for a video/music to buffer before I begin enjoying it.

My laptop has been this way for upwards of 6 months.

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Dell :: Windows 7 Studio 1458 Crashes When Entering Sleep Mode

Jul 21, 2012

indows 7 Studio 1458 Crashes when entering Sleep Mode

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Dell :: Studio 1735 / 1510 N WLAN Mini Card Compatible With Windows 8

Oct 29, 2012

I installed W8 on my Dell Studio 1735 computer. Wireless Internet access is very very slow. I have not this problem with W7 on the same computer. I tried it with an external Network cable. Very fast, 50mbps. I also tried it with an external USB Belkin wifi adaptor. It works fine. Computer has a Dell Wireless 1500 N WLAN Mini Card. Driver version: Date 2012-03-13. I cannot find any better driver.

 I have one more problem that I don't have with W7.  I cannot rate the computer. The Windows experience index cannot go past the test of Direct3D 10 Texture Load Assesment.

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Dell :: 1535C Installing Windows 8 RP On Latitude / No Wireless

Jun 2, 2012

I wait on Dell and other vendors to start pumping out Win 8 certified hardware, I have been running the Win 8 CP on my ST slate since February. With the release of RP this weekend I readily upgraded. Now i was able to get all functionality working previuosly but am now running into an issue with the wireless/BT card driver. Seems Microsoft sees the BT part of the Dell 1535C mini card but will not allow the wireless driver to load.

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Dell :: Windows Server 2008R2 Is Not Installing Any Drivers

Sep 16, 2012

I got a few of these NICs and Windows Server 2008R2 is not installing any drivers.

I tried downloading some drivers off Intel website and still no joy.

Since this is a Dell OEM product, how to get the correct set of drivers?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1520 Not Detecting Wi-Fi Networks After Installing Windows 7

Apr 14, 2012

I have a Inspiron 1520 which came with windows Vista and I recently did a Windows 7 clean installation. There were no drivers specified for Windows 7 in Dell Driver Download so I installed Vista drivers, connected to internet via LAN Cable and upgraded most of the drivers.

WiFI networks could be detected when installed for the first time but after a shutdown it never detects again. Sometimes it randomly detects, I tried using the laptop for 2 weeks now and only 2 times the WiFI automatically came up.

There is a switch to pull after turning on WiFI radio, which will display the list of WiFi networks in a window, that Switch is not responding now.

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Dell :: 1737 / Intel Wi-Fi 5100 AGN - Adapter Not Found On Scan

May 12, 2010

I have studio 1737, With my Intel WiFi 5100 AGN. I also instaslled latest drivers but when i want to scan for any wireless network it says adapter not found.

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Dell Inspiron Laptop With Windows 7 Can't See Router

Sep 8, 2012

Its a Dell Inspiron comp with Windows 7 & a BT buisness Hub router/modem,When searching for available wifi several come up in box as normal but his own router name comes up but there is a red cross where the rest have the usual green signal strength bars. When you hover over router name it says "this computer settings are not compatable" His router appears to be working as both him and myself coneccted our phones through it OK.

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Dell 1525 Laptop - Reinstall Windows

Jun 29, 2012

I recently purchased a used Dell 1525 Laptop and in an effort to make it more "Mine" I decided to contact Dell and purchase an original CD so I could wipe the HD out and reinstall Windows.

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Download Bluetooth For Windows 7 Dell Laptop?

Jan 2, 2013

I want to download bluetooth in my dell laptop?

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Dell Studio Wifi Is Not Connecting

Jul 28, 2012

I have been suffering with WiFi problem since last week, I am not able to connect to WiFi but all connections are visible. I called up my ISP guy to replace the modem but still I was not able to connect to. Yesterday I called up dell (my system is under complete cover), they have tried several things and I was sitting next to my internet modem It got connected. Then to be ensured I restarted the system and my laptop got connected to WiFi. When I moved bit far away from WiFi again the same issue I am not able to connect to.

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Dell :: Using Wake On Lan On Studio XPS 1645

Jan 29, 2010

I was wondering if you can use wake on lan on the studio XPS 1645.. i've been looking all over the internet but couldnt find anything usefull & the dell email option wasnt working.

My Networkcard : Intel(r) WifI Link 5100 AGN 

Broadcom Netlink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet

note: i couldnt find the WOL option in bios :(

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Bluetooth Not Working

Nov 10, 2009

I just received my XPS 16 and I was informed that it had a built in Bluetooth. I purchased a bluetooth mouse and tried to use it, but I am unable to get the computer to turn on the Bluetooth device. Had Dell support look at it, but the guy passed me off to someone else. So I still do not have this working. Is there an updated driver required to get this Bluetooth working.

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Dell :: Studio 540 - Wireless Card

Jan 5, 2009

I have a new Dell Studio 540. It is presently plugged into a wired router via an Ethernet cable. However according to the documentation I should also have a wireless card fitted. It should have the following fitted:

Wireless Network Card 1505 PCIe 802.11n

How I find out this information.

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Dell :: Wi-Fi Router For Studio 1749?

Mar 12, 2013

WiFi issues with his Dell Studio 1749. He has a Siemens SE587 ADSL modem/router which supports Mixed, B_only, G_only WiFi modes.  The laptop has a Dell wireless 1397 WLAN mini-card  which supports Loose 11h, Loose 11h+d, and Strict 11h WiFi modes. No matter what combination of modes I configure in the router and the laptop the wireless connection on the laptop only ever comes up as 1MBps or 2MBps (full strength signal, laptop right next to router). By contrast my ageing Dell Vostro 1700 always connects to the same router at 54MBps.

So I'm guessing that there is some incompabitility between the router and the laptop.  We're happy to replace the router, especially as recently the ADSL side of it appears to have gone a bit flaky.  I've scoured the 'net and cannot find any router which claims to support 802.11h, so (a) what should I buy and (b) how can I be sure it will work at a sensible speed with this laptop given that the one we currently have won't?

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Dell :: Can't Launch Wi-Fi On Studio 1537

Aug 10, 2012

I had installed Linux mint 13 on my notebook, after he start desktop i have noticed, that wifi light is off. 

I tried to run it, but .. I don't know, button doesn't work.

Now, I'm not sure - hardware problem or linux/driver problem. Wifi light is off and I'cant even launch it.

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Dell :: Studio 15 - How To Get Bluetooth Option

Apr 16, 2013

I had purchased Dell Studio 15 in 2009-2010 and before few days back i had formatted my system and installed Windows 7 ultimate SP1. Now i am not able to get the option of Bluetooth. i am sure the issue is with driver of it. Some way to reinstall the  driver or make it working properly.

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Dell Xps M1330 Laptop Windows 7 Wifi Won't Connect

Jul 20, 2012

I know the wifi in the laptop works, i know the laptop has no issues.I know this because i switched my hard drive from my 1330 to this laptop which is also a 1330...connects and works fine.Wifi IS turned on In device manager the driver is ok no exclamation marks anywhere When i try and connect with the ethernet i get identifying no network access, then it says currently connected to unidentified network, no network access! You cannot browse.So that being said it must be in the setting with windows 7.I uninstalled and reinstalled the wifi driver it did not make any difference.I also tried using a Ethernet connection and it would not connect either.When i use the win 7 trubleshooter it states a network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken.Remember this laptop functions fine with my hard drive in it with windows xp.

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