HP Pavilion - Lost My Wireless Connection

Mar 12, 2012

I recently took my laptop (HP Pavilion) running Windows Vista, with me on vacation. I got it to work there but it won't work wirelessly now that I'm home.

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HP Pavilion Wireless Connection Not Detected

Feb 20, 2012

I have win7 on an HP Pavilion dv7. I came to my friend's house before, and his WiFi didn't come up as an option to connect to. I unplugged and plugged back in the router, and that worked and I was able to connect with no problem. But today, that didn't fix the problem. I have restarted my computer and the router several times, I have deleted the corresponding wireless profile under "manage wireless networks" list, I have turned off my McAfee firewall to see if that was blocking the connection, I have tried connecting manually through the network and sharing center, I have troubleshooted my wireless adapters (Atheros AR5009 802.11 a/g/n and Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter), I have turned off and turned back on my HP wireless assistant, I have updated the dirvers for the two adapters, I have installed the latest windows updates, I have done all I can think of. And it's not the router, because my cell phone can connect, as well as the other computers in the house, without any problems.

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Wireless Connection Get Lost

Jul 15, 2011

to play Xbox Live and use my computer at the same time and all of a sudden my connection would be lost. I eventually figured out that my laptops Wireless connection being lost was completely to blame on my Wired Xbox connecting to the internet.

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HP Pavilion A1430n - Unable To Get Internet Connection?

Jan 29, 2011

i have an HP Pavilion a1430n that I've had for a while, so i went to hook it up because i moved and well, i can't seem to get an internet connection. i had this happen at my old place as well, that's where it started, it worked fine one night then just stopped working the next day....I've tried about 15 different things to fix it and it just doesn't work,

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Lost Wireless Connection In One Room?

Aug 25, 2011

recently I have been using my laptop downstairs where the router is in the same room, and now, when I attempt to connect to the network in my bedroom it connects for maybe a few seconds and indicates an average connection and I can also see other available networks before suddenly all connectivity is lost, I can't even see other available networks. Previously I would be able to get strong signal in my bedroom and I was able to use the internet without any fault.I have tested a family member's laptop in my bedroom, and theirs seems to be working just fine in my room. I can only use my laptop downstairs now and I need to know if this is a fault with my laptop's network adapter or if it's a problem with connection between my laptop and the router.

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Lost Wireless Connection - Can't Get It Back

Apr 3, 2011

My wife and I both have Win XP laptops. For some reason, one day we both lost our wireless connection. However, my wife's machine later was able to reconnect - mine wasn't. My machine sees the wireless network, sends the key, and tries to acquire the ip from the router. That's where it gets stuck. The ip address never gets updated.

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HP Pavilion Desktop P6531 - Wired Connection Not Working

Aug 19, 2012

I have a HP desktop Pavilion p6531 p-b (Windows 7) that is hardwired to a Linksys 2500 Router. Internet worked fine until this morning where it can't connect at all. It can pick up the Wireless connection from the router but I can't get it to go online even wirelessly (although I am not sure if I'm doing that part right). I called my ISP and they reset the modem, etc as well as bypassing the router and we still cannot connect to the web. We looked at the Network Center and made sure that in the Local Area Connection, the Internet Protocol Version properties all have "Obtain address" and "Obtain DNS server" automatically checked. At that point their tech support was stumped.

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Connection To Shared Drive Lost Over Wireless

Jan 4, 2011

My problem: Shared network drive (folder), when accessed over wireless from more than 1 PC (2 or 3) simultaneously, drops everywhere with a "The specified network name is no longer available" (in Windows Explorer), or "File cannot be read" (in a program). And I don't mean accessing the same file; yes, the files I've tried with are in the same folder, but when the connection is lost a)one client is streaming video from one file and b)another client is copying over some other file to the same folder. It even happens, for example, when one client is transferring a file, and another tries to list the folder. The connection for the file transfer is immediately lost.

My setup: Home network. 4 clients (3 laptops - 2 running XP and one running windows 7, and a desktop, running windows XP). 1 server, running windows server 2003 Enterprise Edition, 2Gb RAM, 2.66 Celeron CPU, and with a 1.3 TB Shared drive partition. The idea is to use the server as a NAS. The desktop and the server are connected via 100MBit UTP/Ethernet, to a DLINK DI-604 Router (WAN port of the router used for Internet). To another one of the LAN ports is connected a Wireless router, NETGEAR WGT624 v3. Wireless connection for the laptops is established at 54 Mbits. The share is mainly used for movies and music sharing between the PCs. When using the shared drive from the desktop (or if I use a LAN cable to plug directly to the DI) I have zero connection problems. For the wireless, however, as I mentioned before, the second I do two twings on two different machines that are connected over wireless simultaneously (and I've tried *all* combinations) the connection is lost for 5 seconds, which is not significant, but enough to be annoying if watching a movie or trying to use the "robust" file transfer of Windows.

What I've tried so far: Perfmon was showing that Page Reads were high, so I upgraded the RAM TO 2Gb(previously the server had only 1Gb or RAM). I tried having each client map the drive using its own account, that did not work either. I've been dealing with shared drives a lot (on win 2000-win 2008 servers), but not nearly as bad of behavior. Worst I've had is having to remap the drives every once in a while if not used or a client gets restarted and loses the mapping. However, I've dealt primarily with sharing over Ethernet, and not WiFi. I'm not a rookie by any means (I've covered CCNA and have done quite a bit of sys admin work as a hobby) I've done all of the basic troubleshooting, the problem is very specific and not a general networking problem by any means.

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Lenovo T420 - Lost My Wireless Connection

Dec 9, 2011

I got a new laptop l and it asked for the p number under the router. I gave the number and it changed my unsecured router to a secured one. Not how do I get the password and the security key.

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Laptop XpSDell1530 - Lost Wireless Connection?

Sep 13, 2012

I have lost my wireless conection on my lap top XpSDell1530.I have installed Ulities, drivers. Ihave 4 G Verzon but it will not down load on my Dell due to know oprerating sys.

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PS3 Has Recently Lost Wireless Connection To Network

Aug 5, 2011

my PS3 has recently lost wireless connection to my network, whenever i try to reconnect i get the following error messages. failed to get ip address, or attempt to obtain ip address timed out.i thought i would try to renew ip addresses but when i try to release ip address , via command line (ipconfig/iprelease) i get the following message. this operation cannot be performed on local area area connection while it has media disconnected.

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Wireless Internet Connection Is Lost On Windows 7

Jan 19, 2012

At power on and off on my laptop, the wireless internet connection is lost on windows 7.

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Lost Both Wireless And Wired Network Connection?

May 11, 2011

I have a laptop running win xp. It was running fine this morning. I then brought it to a Honda dealer. The problem started there ...At first, I got a strong wi-fi signal but not network connection. I tried to repair (by right clicking on wireless network icon on the lower-right corner). The first time it seemed trying to do something but nothing worked. The 2nd time when I tried to run repair, the process hang and the machine could not be rebooted or shut off. I have to hold the power key for a few seconds to turn it off.Now, I am at home using another computer to post this message, which indicates my home lan and my router are working fine. But my laptop still has no connections - neither wired or wireless

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Cisco Wireless :: WRV210 - Why Connection Lost So Often

Nov 1, 2012

I'm looking for support on why I'm always loosing my internet conection due to my WRV210 Router.
This is being used in a business, and it has the most up to date Firmware, I'm also using a spliter hub which was making things work better, but now it seems about every second day I have to unplug the router only and my connection is back..

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Wireless :: Linksys WRT54G - Internet Connection Is Lost?

Jan 23, 2013

my compaq presario CQ50 suddenly will not connect to internet.my router is a linksys WRT54G.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Wireless Connection Is Lost When Switching On Desktop Pc?

Jan 31, 2011

I've got a bit of a weird situation here as soon as I switch on my desktop pc my wireless connection is lost. This is only the desktop pc, I aso have a HTPC on wire, this one doesn't have any problems. If my wireless fails, my wired clients can still go on the internet. (see for detail the drawing at the bottom of this post).

The other weird thing is as soon as I set my wireless to WPA-TKIP there are no problems, but my wireless is set to WPA-AES due to the wireless N standard.

I also noticed as soon as my wireless drops out the router starts changing channels.

Part of my network is DHCP (in the range of - the other part has fixed adresses (,,

What i've tried thusfar
- other firmware
- replaced cables
- rebooting/restarting router
- setting up from factory defaults

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G - PCs Lost Connection

Aug 19, 2011

I been using my WRT54G with no problems for 2 years now. I lost wireless. I have 1 pc wired to the router and it works fine, e-mail, accessing the internet, everything. But I have 6 wireless devices ( 2 PCs, a printer, Nintindo 3Ds, a laptop and a nook) that use the wireless part of the router at different times. Anyways, last night, one of the wireless PCs lost connection, not seeing the router. Then I checked with each of the other wireless devices. None of them see the router. I tried many different things: powering down the router for two hours, hitting the reset button for 30 seconds, I even uninstalled the router and re-installed it and ran the setup-wizard. Again the pc I have wired to the router works but none of the wireless devices can see the router.

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Dell :: 1745 Lost Wireless Internet Connection

Feb 24, 2013

I have lost my wireless internet connection it has been working perfectly, I phoned Sky and they say I will have to speak to dell to see where my internet has gone. I have a Studio 1745 Laptop. Is there a manual disable button on my laptop that I may have disabled by mistake.

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Dell :: Lost Wireless Connection To Inspiron 1545

Dec 3, 2011

How can I get my wireless capablities back to my Inspiron 1545, it just went off all of a sudden and I have reset everything but to no avail.

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HP Pavilion P6130y PC Not Recognizing Internet Connection After Changing Graphics Card

Aug 27, 2012

I recently changed my graphics card (geforce 9100 to radeon hd 7750) because i wanted to enjoy some simple gaming and my previous graphics card (geforce 9100) wasnt capable of doing so. (This is my pc : HP Pavilion p6100 Desktop PC series*-* HP Pavilion p6130y Desktop PC Product Specifications - c01748306 - HP Business Support Center ). Before changing the card i uninstalled all nvidia related drivers (both in control panel and device manager) because i heard thats what youre supposed to do.

I successfully changed my graphics card (i think...) i can run all the games that i couldnt run before but.. I am having trouble connecting to the internet after changing the card. it seems like my computer isnt recognizing the inernet network. i know the network is fine because im writing this w/ my itouch which is connected to the network wifi. When i right click the red X icon w/ two computers and click "connect to a network" , it says "windows cannot find any networks" and i have no network options to choose from. Is it because i uninstalled drivers related to the network connection..?

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Routers / Switches :: Lost Wireless Connection - Unable To Connect

Jun 9, 2011

I have a wireless router that was named and all the wireless equipment (laptop, ipod, phones) was connecting easily with no problems. Everything is saying "unable to connect". I have no clue what she did but she said her laptop asked her for the 8 number code from the router and she entered it.

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Lost Wireless Connection And Can't Find Icon In System Tray?

Jul 26, 2011

lost connection and can't find icon in system tray or anywhere else to search for wireless routers in range.

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ASUS X42J Wireless Driver - My Computer Has Lost Its Connection

Apr 10, 2012

My computer has lost its wireless connection. where can I download the driver?

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Gateway NV53 Notebook Lost Connection To Wireless Adapter?

May 15, 2012

My Gateway NV53 laptop has suddenly lost the ability to connect wirelessly to any network. Ethernet connection works fine. Wireless light is turned on, but laptop does not "see" any wireless networks. It is as if the wireless adapter is no longer there. It does not show up in Device mgr.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 - Xbox Lost Connection?

Dec 27, 2011

The problem: running a standard single band 2.4gz BT homehub. When using my xbox and wireless headset (razer chimeara) the xbox loses connection. When i tuen the headset off i no longer lose connection. This suggests to me that the headset is simply emitting on the same frequency and bullying the connection, thus the xbox disconnects I have purchased the wireless N adapter to allow the xbox to run on the 2.4 or 5ghz band. I am now looking for a duel band router to allow my xbox to connect to the 5gz band and hopefully this will rectify my interference issue with the headset. I have been lookijg at the e4200 as this supports seperate ssid for 2.4 and 5ghz band, so the xbox can run on the 5ghz and the intererence from the 2.4ghz headset should subside - do you think this would work? Also, with the single ssid duel band routers, where 2.4/5gjz share the same ssid - how would my wireless N devices know to run on the 5ghz and not the 2.4?

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D-Link DIR-600 :: Connection Lost After Inactivity In Wireless / Wired Mode

Jan 18, 2012

I am using InnoMedia MTA6328-1Be2S from Reliance and D-link DIR-600 for sharing internet connection. I have a strange problem here after using internet for sometime..I will not be able to use internet unless I shut down and restart both Innomedia and D-link.I tried changing configurations in D-link but with no luck. I lost the connection no matter I am using wireless or wired mode.I do not know how to login to InnoMedia MTA6328-1Be2S as well.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Lost Wifi Connection Often With Wrt54g

Jul 20, 2011

My router's wireless connection goes down intermittently,about once a day.  I can access the network with a machine that has a hardwired connection to the router only.  To get it back up I have to perform the following steps.1) Reset the router.2) Go to the router web page, http:\ Set router name4) Set router password5) Set wireless network name6) set wireless network secuity mode: WEP7) set wireless network password
LinkSys WRT54G V3.1 router with firmware update V4.21.1

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2000 Lost Connection After 10 Minutes

May 5, 2012

I switch on router and connect my iPad on router linksys cisco e2000. During 10 minutes, There is no problem. After 10 minutes, I have always the connection with my router but no internet. To Avoid this problem, i restart the router with switch and after, no problem. Do you have any ideas to avoid this lost connection after 10 minutes when I switch on my router.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt54g Lost Wifi Connection

Apr 29, 2012

My WRT54G lost the WiFi connection. I can get the internet if I connect the cable from my modem to my computer but my wireless connection is gone. So it's an issue with the router or settings. I called Linksys and was told the settings would have to be reset/updated. I was told there would e a fee. I did not want to pay a fee. I'd like to try to resolve myself.
I have a Mac laptop. Verizon ISP. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Connection Between EA3500 And Modem Appear To Be Lost

Sep 2, 2012

I used the CD to set up my new EA3500 with my Wild Blue Satellite internet modem.An IPhone or IPad can connect and work like a charm, remaining rock solid at all times.  Windows 7 on the other hand, will work and then lose connection to the internet.  The PC appears to remain connected to the EA3500, but the connection between the EA3500 and modem appear to be lost.  I can click on the bar Icon at the bottom and it shows everything to be fine.  I click on disconnect and then wait a few seconds and click on connect again and it works for a few minutes before having to do it again. When I look at the router properties the CD set it up for DHCP. 

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Cisco Wireless :: Connection Lost With 1310 Repeater And 1130AG AP?

Jul 19, 2012

I have a Problem with a customer WLAN. The customer has a Aeronet 1130AG AP. Now i should configure a Aironet 1130 Repater for this WLAN. The initial connection from the Repater with the AP is no Problem. But after some time the Repeater lost the connection. On the AP i see following Messages:20Jul 19 19:05:28.061InformationInterface Dot11Radio0, Deauthenticating  Station xxx Reason: Previous authentication no longer valid 21Jul 19 19:05:28.061WarningPacket to client xxx reached max  retries, removing the client 22Jul 19 16:43:59.412InformationInterface Dot11Radio0, Station yyy  Associated to Parent xxx23Jul 19 16:43:57.901InformationInterface Dot11Radio0, Deauthenticating  Station yyy 24Jul 19 16:43:56.536InformationInterface Dot11Radio0, Station yyy  Associated to Parent xxx 25Jul 19 16:43:51.555InformationInterface Dot11Radio0, Station zzz  Associated KEY_MGMT[WPA PSK] 26Jul 19 16:43:29.078InformationInterface Dot11Radio0, Station Repeater01 xxx Associated KEY_MGMT[WPA PSK]  

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: WUSB600N Connection Lost After A Few Minutes?

Oct 1, 2010

I have the problem that my WUSB600N loses the connection to the internet after a few minutes. I boot the system and the wireless stick run impeccable. After a few minutes the windows 7 network icon show me a yellow exclamation mark and no more internet access is possible. When I unplug the WUSB600N from the system und plug it on again the internet connection is possible again and run then over houres without a problem.

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HP Pavilion Elite HPE-580t / Internet Connection Randomly Drops In Short Spurts?

Oct 7, 2011

ISP: RCN Type: Cable Security: None, had Microsoft Security Essentials running but uninstalled that to see if it was causing an error. Basic Windows Firewall is enabled (although have tested without)

The problem I'm having is the internet on my HP Pavilion Elite HPE-580t PC will drop for these short 10-30 second bursts. After the drop it will automatically start working again. This happens with all programs I'm running on the computer. The odd thing is that it's in a way random. Sometimes I won't get these drops for 30 minutes but then I'll get them every couple minutes.

I've been trying to pinpoint the problem but haven't come up with anything. I tried plugging the computer directly into the cable modem and still had a problem (which I assume ruled out the router as a problem). It also would seem to rule out this being strictly a wireless issue. I removed antivirus (Microsoft Security Essentials) and have tweaked with turning off the firewall completely. I've tweaked the power saving settings to make sure the adapters are not turning off. Even went as far as blanking the hard drive and re-installing the factory settings.

It's worth noting that I have no problems with other devices online. I have a laptop (uses XP) that uses both wireless and a direct connection to the router without issues. An iPad and Xbox 360 has had no drops when in use. This issue only happens with the desktop. The only difference in this device is it uses Windows 7.It doesn't appear to be the ISP (unless there is something they would do to cause issues with Windows 7) and the issue happens regardless of the router being used or not. It doesn't appear to be the wireless card since it still had issues plugged in. So I feel like it has to be either some setting on Windows 7 or some other hardware issue (Motherboard?).

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