Home Network :: Can't Establish A Wireless Connection To / From Media Player

Apr 19, 2011

Trying to establish a wireless connection from WD TV Live Plus unit to Westell 327W router using an AirLink 150 adapter. The media player sees my network and seems to have a good signal, but keeps telling me "limited or no connectivity." The media player (with adapter) is about 20 feet from the router with direct line-of-sight.Also, 3 other Wi-Fi devices having no problem connecting anywhere in the house.Power down/power up, move adapter to alternate USB port, re-try connection multiple times.

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Home Network :: Media Player Asking For Username / Password For Windows 7 And 8 Computers

Jan 22, 2013

I have a media player on my home network, which consists of 3 desktop pcs (1 xp home, 1 win 7 home p, and 1 win 8 pro) and 2 nas boxes. Nothing is wireless, all cabled. All pcs can talk to each other and the nas boxes, all have internet access.Problem is when I try to access pc files with my media player. It can access the nas boxes and the xp pc fine, but when i attempt the win 7 or 8 pcs it asks for ausername/password. The win 8 pc has both, but the media player wont accept them, and the win 7 pc has never had a password. I tried putting a password on the win 7 pc, but the media player rejects the user and pw.

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Home Network :: How To Establish Wireless Connection Between Two Houses

Dec 26, 2011

I need to get the internet from my uncle and aunt's house to my grandma's house next door. I don't know exact feet or anything like that yet but I will get it measured off. My grandma's kids got her a laptop for Christmas but she doesn't have the internet or would be wanting to spend money on it a month since she already says she will not be able to use the computer, but I said we would just somehow get the internet from next door. I don't know off the top of my head but my aunts computer is an older Dell, early P4 computer with xp on it. It's slow but it does work so that is the computer. The router is some sort of D-link with one antenna on it and I'm pretty sure it's probably a G-router(2.4ghz) and not a N-router, but can get that info later too! They currently use Time Warner Cable Roadrunner Turbo for their internet. Both places are well built brick houses and at least 200-300 feet apart. I checked yesterday and the computer was able to pick up the signal in my grandma's house on the end that was closest to my aunts house. It was showing 2 bars but it wasn't extremely fast and that room had a bigger window in it probably allowing some of the signal in? If you moved from that point of the house though and tried to go to the other end, the signal was lost. The router in my aunt's house is one room away from the end of the house that is closest to my grandma's so it could be moved closer but I don't think that will fix the signal enough to do what I need it to do.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E3000 Media Server Not Seen By Windows Media Player?

Apr 18, 2012

I've enabled the Media Server on my E3000 router.  My PS3 can see the server and play media from it by my PCs can't!
I'm using Windows Media Player v 12.0 on Windows 7 and some older version on Windows XP and it's my understanding that the Media Server should appear under the "Other Libraries" section but it does not.
Am I doing something wrong? Is there a bug in the E3000 firmware (I have the latest as of this date) or is the Media Server simply not compatible with Windows Media Player? compatible media player for Windows 7?
I did read a post about a firmware upgrade on the 4200 that broke the media player, but I don't know if such a problem exists for the E3000.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E3000 - Unable To See Network Media Player

Jul 26, 2010

I am unable to see my network media player (wired CAT6 or wireless) using the SAMBA Share feature.  My UPNP works fine.  I do not have this issue when I am using the Linksys WRT54G or a Netgear WNDR3700 (I returned it to give the E3000 a try) - so I know all my share persmissions and device firewall is turned off.  How do I get it to work with the E3000?  I want to be able to transfer and stream media files to my media player using SAMBA.  Usually my network media player automatically detects SAMBA Servers/Devices and adds it to its list for me to access.  But when I use the E3000 that is not the case.

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Home Network :: Unable To Establish Remote Connection To Second Router?

Jul 15, 2012

I have a sky router (Netgear DG834GT), which i have connected a secound router to which is a D link DIR-615 (with DD wrt firmware D4).I can get access to the sky router remotely without any issues even when changing the port number. its the Dlink router i cannot get access to remotely (within the network i can by typing in the dlink's ip address and works). Main router Sky router IP is - Currently the port number is 8081.Secondary router Dlink IP is (Static ip) - currently the port number is 8080.I have tried to configure the ports but it just dont want to open. Ive tried to open the ports on main netgear and tried all the option my dlink for port forwarding. i must be missing something fundametal here.

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Sony SMP-N100 / USB Connection Between NAS And Streaming Media Player?

Mar 12, 2012

I have a Sony SMP-N100 streaming media player that I'd like to attach my old Buffalo Gigabit Linkstation (HD-HG400LAN) NAS via the USB ports that are available on each device. They each have USB A female ports, so I need a USB cable with A-male connectors on each end, right?Should it work?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Settings On WRT54G Restrict Windows Media Player?

Jan 4, 2012

I have a WRT54G router and for some reason I'm unable to receive the media stream at my home, but when I connected to my friends N-type router it works fine. I have no other connectivity issues. The only thing that I remember doing that may have caused this was to upgrade my firmware because my droid phone wouldn't connect.

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Media Player Lan Setup?

Jun 30, 2011

Ive been trying for days now to set up my Apacer AL460 Media Player to my computer but end up getting fraustrated Prompts Net User ID and password on my TV... what is that?Also DHCP says its not ready. All I want to do is view my movies/music/photos from my pc onto my tv via network cable. I was told its very easy to set up...yea right..

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Streaming From PC To Media Player

Feb 27, 2012

All I'm trying to do is play music files stored on my PC upstairs with my Dune Media Player downstairs which is part of my home cinema system. The Dune player is hardwired ethernet via Homeplugs and can "see" my PC and media library and the folders in there, but everything shows up as empty - photos/music etc. The Dune will "see" a netbook we have via wireless and displays the contents no problem. Netbook is running XP Home and the PC Win 7 64bit.Initially, all worked in that the Dune player saw the Win 7 PC and libraries. I could do a slide show of photos and see the music files but couldn't play them - unsupported Codec. All my music on the PC is lossless and in WMA Lossless format to make things easier when using WMP12. However, nothing really supports this format and most devices prefer FLAC/ non Microsoft - and here's the collision. WMP12 doesn't like FLAC - even with plug ins I've tried, it's hard work.Decided to dump WMP12, clear libraries and wipe it's database. Installed Mediamonkey version 4 instead as this will do all I want - apart from maybe photos. Have transferred some FLAC albums over to Music Library and Mediamonkey gets all artwork etc and plays them. Have enabled Mediamonkey to act as a UPNP server and it's running. However, the Dune Media player still sees empty folders in the PC Libraries - music and photos. All the folder are shown such as All Music, Albums, Artists etc, but there's nothing in them.When clearing WMP12 library and database, I stopped Windows Media Player Sharing Service in services.msc.I have restarted this in case it makes a difference. No change.

why can't the Dune Player (or Roberts Internet DAB radio we have) see what's in the library folder when using Mediamonkey. It's the same using WMP12 with FLAC files. It did see everything when WMP12 was fully loaded and set with WMA Lossless - but the codec isn't really supported by anything other thanm Microsoft.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G2 And Iomega Home Media Network HDD

Sep 28, 2010

So I am on my second HDD with Iomega. I am thinking now that this is a router problem rather than a HDD problem. I have a 1TB Iomega home media network drive, eversince I bought my router and began using it I have been unable to use my HDD. It is hard wired to the router via RJ-45 cable and both units have been reset and powered up in about every order you can imagine. I have reset factory defaults on the router and made security changes to ensure there was nothing blocking that port. I am at wits end. I cannot connect to the HDD and the drive flashes yellow and blue indicating it cannot estabilsh or receive an IP address from the router.

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Media Player On Server 2012

Mar 21, 2013

I have a micro-server at home running Server 2012 which is going to have a few virtual machines on hyper v.I also would like to use the server to watch films on which will be connected to by tv using a hdmi cable..I wanted to know is it ok to play films off server 2012 and watch them on the tv?

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Format HDD In NTFS For Media Player

May 3, 2011

How do I format the external HD in NTFS so may media player can read it as the meadi player viewsonic can only read NTFS or EXT3 my hard drive is FAT 32.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E3000 - How To Setup Iomega Home Media Network

Jan 26, 2013

I'm trying to set up an Iomega Home Media Network Cloud NAS and I'm having problems with opening ports 50500-50599.  I have opened port 80 and 443 successfully and included the above port range above as well, but when I check it on www.yougetsignal.com the ports 50500-50599 are still closed.  I even tried to split the range in two parts, and still no success.  I have been in contact with my ISP and confirmed they do not block any ports in the 50500-50599 range and that the cable modem (a Motorola SBV5120) is operating in Bridge Mode.

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All Program Opens Up With Windows Media Player?

Aug 18, 2011

all my program opens with media player.

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Sharing :: NAS Files Not Updating On Media Player

May 5, 2012

I have a Buffalo LS-XLBB2 Linkstation NAS streaming wirelessly to a Sony SMP-N200 media player. For some reason, whenever I add or edit a file on the NAS via my PC the file list is not updating on the media player.I have the database set to refresh at 20 minute intervals, but some files and folders never show up and some do after a few days. There are no problems with file type as I can play them back fine when I connect a USB drive to the media player, it just seems like the media player isn't getting a copy of the new database. When I manually refresh the database, it makes matters worse. All of the files disappear on the media player list, except for one folder (the same folder every time). The original file list comes back again if I restart the NAS and media player, but the new files are still not listed. I can access the new files on the NAS fine with my PC or laptop, so the files are there, the media player just isn't updating the file list.

Things I've tried:

- Checking that both the NAS and media player firmware is up to date

- Retarting both units

- Resetting both units to default

- Trying different files types (the first file has never shown up, the second file showed up in the list 5 days later)

- Changing the database refresh intervals on the NAS

- Manually refreshing/initialising the NAS database

The main advice on other forums seems to be to set up a media server on the PC and stream though that, but the whole idea of getting the NAS was so that I could watch videos on my TV without having to have the PC on all the time.

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Windows Media Player Won't Play Videos

Jan 23, 2013

Windows Media Player itself won't play videos or show photo images even, though the Icone and the name of the videos and/or photo images are listed on my TV but after the thing goes round and a round it just says "There is nothing to dsiplay or something like that.

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Use A Media Player Box To Play A Custom Stream

Nov 16, 2012

I am in need of playing a stream (generated by s program like VLC) on more than 3 TV's. The TV's are dumb lcd's with just hdmi connectors (no lan). I thought about getting some media players that I connect to the local network which will then pick up my stream and stream it further to the TV's.

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Servers :: Windows 7 Media Player Can't Connect To Server?

Oct 15, 2011

I am trying to set up to watch a live webcast and get the the following essage,"Windows Media Player cannot connect to the server. The server name might not be correct, the server might not be available, or your proxy settings might not be correct." I have tried to verify proxy server settings and it still gives me the message.

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UPnP Without Windows Media Player Video Stream

Oct 3, 2011

I posted this on a previous thread along with another question, but since I marked that as answered I'll post it here so people will see it.Is there any way I can use UPnP WITHOUT having to have the videos I want to stream in my WMP library? Windows Media Player has always been a pain for me, from my videos not showing up in the library when I know they're there to not being able to switch audio streams in a video. (If VLC Media Player or iTunes had a UPnP library.

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Home Network :: Get The Most Out Of New 100mbps Virgin Media?

May 11, 2012

Virgin Media just upgraded my broadband to 100mbps. My main PC is in a place where unfortunately I cannot hard wire it to ethernet, and also the wifi signal is a bit rubbish - therefore I have been using D-Link Powerline AV Homeplugs DHP-307 200Mbps (N.B. I am fully aware that 200mbps doesn't really mean that through homeplugs, please read on)

Ages ago when my I first set this up my connection speed from Virgin Media was 50mbps and, after installing, I tested it a few times and got about 45mbps, which I was happy with.

However, due to the upgrade I thought I would test it again, and now I'm only gettin about 20-25Mbps. I did some diagnistic checks as follows:

A laptop plugged directly into my router via ethernet got 97 Mbps My laptop sitting next to my PC connected via wifi got 54 Mbps My PC connected via wifi with the ethernet/homeplug disconnected got 26 Mbps (I think my wireless card in the PC and the aeriel are both a bit rubbish though anyway)My PC connected via ethernet homeplug with no wifi got 23 Mbps

What I don't understand is:

1 - In the configuration utility for the homeplugs it says that the link speed for this plug is 96 Mbps, so how come that's not coming through?

2 - Why would it have one time been higher and now not? If it wasn't for point 1 above I might put it down to interference in the elecrical circuits, but I thought that's what the link speed would be showing me

I guess the best option would be to try and get VM to install a proper ethernet port in my study, however I can't imagine how they would do this without running cables through the house, which I don't want, so I'm trying to exhaust other options. I'm happy to ditch the homeplugs if there is something better.

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Linksys Wired Router :: WRV54G - Windows Media Player Fails To Play

Feb 1, 2011

I have been able to play streaming video via Windows Media Player with no problems for just about forever until last month.No software has changed. i have the latest firmware (2.39.2e) for the router. i am able to play the same videos when i use my AT&T data connection or when i am connected at work, ,so i know it's not the files i'm trying to view. WMP fails to play whether i am hard connected or wirelessly connected.

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Home Network :: Connecting Two LANs To A Media Server?

Dec 2, 2011

We live in a large ranch styled house. Conversely, we installed two broadband connection at opposite ends of the home. One cable and one DSL. Reason: Kids share DSL and Parents have the cable all to themselves. We are currently wanting to setup a media server where both networks would have access to a database of media files. It would be in the middle of the house and each network would connect to it wirelesslyI guess first off, is this possible

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Creating Network Bridge Between PC And Blu-ray Player Via LAN Connection?

Mar 10, 2011

I am having trouble creating a network bridge between my PC and Blu Ray player via LAN connection. I have done it before, but always run in to problems. I took my computer on vacation and messed up the existing connection and settings. Last time I successfully created the connection, I stumbled upon the answer, but can't remember how I fixed it. I should say that I can create the bridge, but once I do, the wireless internet connection no longer works, and my blu ray player can't connect to the internet either. I have forced compatibility mode on the wireless network via DOS, but no luck. I did the same on the LAN connection just for the heck of it. Still no luck.

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Configuring Digital Fax To Network Folder Located On A Home Media Server?

Feb 13, 2012

I am having difficulty getting my HP Officejet Pro 8500(A910) configured to save digital faxes to my Iomega 2TB Home Media Sever (cloud edition). My home network is setup through a Linksys E4200.I was able to successfully configure it to save to a folder on my PC, but I do not want to leave it running 24/7.I believe the breakdown is in the Authentication part of the setup... It asks for the Windows username and password, which works fine for the PC setup but not for anywhere else. Do I use the UN & PW for the home media server if I'm saving to one of its folders? If so, how do I correctly type the path? It is communicating with the folder and leaving an alphanumeric file saved inside the folder when I use the 'save and test' option, but it breaks down from there.

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Home Networking Windows 7 And One Blu-ray Player

May 16, 2011

I have 2 computers running windows 7 home premium and wireless enabled bluray player. One of the computer is desktop and connected to router by wire. Another is laptop and is wireless.Bluray is wireless.I want to establish a network (sharing among all these 3 devices) so that i can stream media from both of the computers to the bluray. At the mean time it would be great to be able to share files between 2 computer when needed.I checked it on google, it says creating a homegroup. I did but another computer does not give me option to join the group, it also has option to create.

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Home Network :: Use Internet Of Workplace From Home Via Dial-up Connection?

Oct 3, 2011

I have ADSL modem in my workplace that is connected to a switch and other workplace computers are connected to this switch so the ADSL internet is shared in LAN network.(in each of computer I set default Gateway to ip of modem .....)I want to dial my workplace from home and then use of workplace internet or connect to workplace LAN.(such as VPN or Port Forwarding or I don't know...)

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Cannot Establish Connection Between Wired And Wireless Machines

May 7, 2011

Once again the sun sinks into its nightly reprieve; for the third time since I first set out on this mission. Before me, only the piercing glows of monitors that sting my eyes. Yet, I cannot look away. The clacking of keys, once triumphant battle drums of purpose, has grown sharp. They pierce my ears and my mind. It would be madness to continue. My body is weak. My resolve is waning. My sanity ...... tenuous. But if seeing this through means madness.....bring on the madness.

I'm trying to find a way to network my desktop (wired) and my laptop (wifi) so that I can swap files between the two easily. I've mostly been attempting this through Windows Homegroup, although I've also downloaded and installed TeamViewer. The thing is, the two just will not connect. After much poking around I found the specific symptom to be that wired connections and wireless connections refuse to speak. My laptop sees my roomie's laptop easily enough, though. And if I hardline my laptop to the router suddenly their best friends! - joining each others' Homegroup, swapping files, trading recipes!

Points of interest: I've noticed that, while both are enabled, only IPv4 connectivity indicates internet access; IPv6 says No Internet Access. Pings from one machine to the other result in "Request timed out" or "Destination Host Unreachable." I've disabled firewalls - Windows and the one on the router. Disabled and then uninstalled anti-virus. I've updated the router firmware and net adapter drivers I tried restoring router to factory settings, in case I changed something I shouldn't have along the way. I've alternated static and dynamic ip addresses - no difference there. I've just spotted a couple of errors in the Event Viewer that look like they could be leads;(!)ErrorDhcp-Client The IP address lease for the Network Card with network address 0x6CF049E337F0 has been denied by the DHCP server (The DHCP Server sent a DHCPNACK message).


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Configure Netgear Router To Samsung Blu-ray Player To Allow Wireless Connection?

Aug 23, 2011

How do i configure my netgear router to my samsung blu-ray player to allow wireless connection?

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Can't Establish A Wireless Connection To Access Point

Aug 31, 2011

So I've decided to use a different router to resolve some VPN issues, and want to use my DIR-655 as a pure wireless access point.  I need the access point to use the same range of IP addresses as the rest of the network (maintain access to networked printers, file shares, etc).  However, I can't establish a wireless connection to the access point.

- Defined a IP address for the DIR-655 within the DHCP range of the primary router
- Defined the proper subnet
- Disabled the DHCP server on the DIR-655
- Connect a LAN port of the DIR-655 to a LAN port on a switch (note that it's not connected directly to a router).

When I connect a device WIRED to a LAN port on the DIR-655, everything works fine.  The device gets assigned a DHCP address (which I know is being assigned by the main router since the DIR-655 DHCP server is disabled), and I can connect to the LAN and I can access the internet with no problem.  So I know the DIR-655 is acting correctly to pass thru traffic.  Also, I can access the DIR-655 web configuration page from any LAN device (even a device not directly connected to the DIR-655), so I know the DIR-655 is on that LAN correctly.

But when I try to connect WIRELESS to the DIR-655, it doesn't work at all.  Although the wireless NIC is connecting to the DIR-655 (e.g. it asks me for the WPA key), it can't pull an IP address, so there is no connection to the LAN or internet.

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Wireless :: Connecting Blu-ray Player To Network

Feb 27, 2011

I have a PC network in house using a netgear router. One of the PC is cable-connected to the router and the other using wireless network adapter. Now I have a Sony Blueray player which support network connection. How do I connect it to the network?

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Adding A Blu-ray Player To The Wireless Network

Jan 4, 2011

I own a Panasonic DMP-BD80 Bluray player. It has both an ethernet connection and a USB port. I'd like to add the Bluray player to my wireless network but I don't know what equiptment to buy or how to install it.

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Home Network :: Wireless Connection Between Sites?

Apr 28, 2011

Is it possible to connect two distant sites e.g. 30 miles wirelessly? Will there be any issues with Line of sight and interference? Will it be a better solution compared to that of wired counterpart?

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