Internet Disconnects And Resets IP Continuously?

Nov 5, 2012

my internet will disconnect sometimes for a split second, for a few minutes or for hours at a time. My boyfriend and I have directly connected his computer to the modem, and the internet is working. I have also called our ISP and asked if there are any problems on their end, and our modem is working fine with no issues. So we had come to the conclusion that our router was at fault. It was a Linksys E1500, we investigated online and found that many people had the same problem and it was solved through buying a new router. We have since bought a new router a D-link N150, it worked for a week and a half, but now our internet is back to disconnecting randomly throughout the day. We have tried resetting the router back to factory settings to an avail.

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Internet Connection Randomly Disconnects Or Resets

May 6, 2011

The problem is that my internet connection either randomly loses connection for about 5-10 seconds until it gets back online or disconnects all together. When it disconnects and it can't get back online on it's own, I have to pull the power plug and plug it back in. My sister in law and I are sharing internet since our houses are about 100 feet between each other. We are using one modem, and two routers. All we did was just plug the second router to the first router and it worked! We didn't configure anything in the router control panels, we basically just plugged and play. Since it's been kicking us off or resetting on us, I feel it might be something that we had to configure in the two routers. But I don't know what to configure. Primary House Modem Belkin Router (we are wired and wireless) 150ft cable (LAN'd on Belkin, WAN'd on Linksys) Linksys Router (sister in law is wired and wireless) Secondary House

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WRT400N Wireless Router Continuously Disconnects?

Apr 26, 2011

My WRT400N wireless router continuously disconnects and I have to keep restarting it. I have tried to download an update for it, but once i download the zip file and try to open it, it just keeps duplicating the file.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: WS-C3524-XL-EN HP Flaps Up And Down / Disconnects / Reconnects Continuously

Mar 2, 2009

latest OS release for this Model number: WS-C3524-XL-EN switch.  I currently am running Version 12.0(5)WC17
The reason is, I'm having some issues installing some HP PC's connected to this switch.  The nic card on the HP flaps up and down, disconnects/ reconnects continuously.  The only way I get it to stop is to bring down the speed on NIC or the switch port to 10mbs. 
If I add a nic card and disable the system board nic all is well.The HP rep says that Cisco has a patch for this unit. Any recent patch or what the latest OS is for this switch?

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Internet Continuously Disconnecting

Dec 24, 2011

Happens every few hours, but is fixed by reconnecting my router. Although this is inconvenient because I run an IRC chat and a small web server. I'm not sure if those would cause such a problem, but I hope not

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Continuously Failing ISP / Internet / Network?

Oct 7, 2012

I have recently moved in a new apartment. At the building there is something like a centralized internet. There is a huge machine which is connected to every apartment of building via a cable modem(Netsys nh-300sp). Here is an image of system. And when I first came to apartment they gave me a username and password which I made login when i firstly opened a page on safari. When I plug in an ethernet cable to my macbook-air it connects and everything s good for a moment then it starts to kick me out randomly and continuously. When I look to Network Diagnostics: ISP is red, internet and network are yellow.I tried also using a manual DHPC address, but then ISP is green but Internet and server are red or yellow. I cant even reach to modems admin panel, maybe because of the system of building.

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Internet Connection Is Continuously Transmitting And Receiving?

May 11, 2011

My internet connection is continuously transmitting and receiving, even when there is no application running! is there any way to find out what is being transmitted or received and how to reset the connection?

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Internet Keeps Slowing Down After Multiple Resets?

Dec 31, 2012

This problem only seemed to arise after messing with my MTU a few days back to 48 so I could play an online game with lower ping, but have since changed it back to 1500.Since then, my internet has been slowing down every 30 minutes to an hour and won't speed back up until I reset the router and the problem continues after that.I've fresh installed Windows 7, updated the Firmware on my DIR-636L, changed my DNS multiple times, unhooked my DIR-636L and have been only using my SURFboard SB6141 modem and the problem has yet to be fixed.I took a Netalyzer test and here are the results. I bolded the important stuff:

Major Abnormalities
Your ISP's DNS server is slow to lookup names
Minor Aberrations
The measured network latency was somewhat high
Network packet buffering may be excessive


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Sharing :: Network Internet Access Resets In Every 30 Minutes?

Nov 16, 2011

ON WINDOWS 7 every 30 minutes or so i notice that "turn off network discovery and turn off file and printer sharing keeps resetting to ON" this is odd? i have to keep going and turning them off manually all the time.

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TP-Link ADSL2+ Wireless :: TD-W8961ND Light Blinking Continuously - Unable To Connect Internet

May 10, 2013

Region : India
Model : TD-W8961ND
Hardware Version : V3
Firmware Version : S/N: 12B79605315
ISP : BSNL Data One

I had Purchased a brand new TP-Link WifI Modem Router TD-W8961ND with S/N : 12CB5200872 from [URL] and it got delivered few days back. When I am trying to connect it to the internet the modem is not getting connected nor configured. The Power button light, ADSL Light and internet light are continuously blinking and nothing is getting steady. The modem is appearing to be a damaged piece of modem and it is very unfortunate that we have got a modem from flipkart in an unserviceable condition. It came with a warranty of 03 years and I wanted a replacement so that I can use the modem for connecting internet.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Random Internet Disconnects From Internet

Feb 18, 2012

I am experiencing random disconnects from the internet -- they have been occurring about 1-3 times per day, although I've just had four in the last 20 minutes.

ISP: Wow! Cable - 15/1Mbps
Modem: Motorola SB6121 (new)
Router: D-Link DIR-655 (new) Firmware 2.00NA

When the internet disconnects:
- Both the LAN & the WAN are affected, but I do not lose any wireless connectivity with the router itself.
- I am able to log into the router wirelessly but cannot access the modem.
- If I plug my laptop directly into the modem, I can connect to the internet.
- When I reboot (using the on/off switch on the surge protector), everything comes back up.

There are a couple of other wireless routers nearby with fairly strong signals, but they appear to be running on different channels.

My phones are DECT 6.0, so there shouldn't be any interference problems with those.

I've been poking around this forum, and have already made some setting changes that seem to be consistently recommended:
- Ensured DNS IP addresses are being filled in under Setup/Internet/Manual
- Turned off ALL QoS (DIR only) GameFuel (DGL only and if ON.) options. Advanced/QoS or Gamefuel.
- Turned off Advanced DNS Services
- Turned on DNS Relay under Setup/Networking.
- Setup DHCP reserved IP addresses for all devices on the router.
- Ensured devices are set to auto obtain an IP address.
- Set Firewall settings to Endpoint Independent for TCP and UDP.
- Using mixed G and N signal mode
- My security setting is WPA-Personal. WPA2-PSK

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Internet Disconnects On Laptop

Sep 15, 2011

we have 2 laptops in the house and one console, One laptop and the console are fine, but the other laptop disconnects from the internet every few minutes, both laptops are connecting wirelessly, the router settings and modem are fine,

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Internet Disconnects Very Frequently

Oct 13, 2012

My internet disconnects frequently when I'm either gaming or just browsing

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Internet Disconnects When Connect To WoW?

Dec 28, 2011

I have a situation that i would like a more experienced opinion on. We have 2 desktop computers in the house and do have a wireless router. Both of our computers are wired to the router, the wireless is generally only used for our iPad, and we have cable internet from Comcast. Whenever my fiance connects to World of Warcraft our internet disconnects and she needs to re-set the modem and the router. It is worth noting that not just the wireless disconnects but internet access all together is gone. What is likely the cause of this? I tend to lean toward a bad router but it only happens with this one program, so far, so i am also concerned it could be some sort of malicious virus/spyware.

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Constant Disconnects From Internet?

Dec 21, 2011

I keep getting disconnect from the internet about every 10-15 minutes.I had a tech from cableone come over yesterday he installed all new wiring and a new can i tell if it's my computer that is the problem or if it's just a service i need to get rid of?

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Internet Disconnects / One To Five Times A Day

Mar 30, 2012

I've been having an issue recently which is causing my internet to disconnect for under 20 seconds 1-5 times a day. This can be troublesome when online gaming, as I am normally disconnected from the server.

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Internet Disconnects When Use The Telephone?

Sep 1, 2012

Our telephone point is downstairs in the lounge. We then have a long lead which we have run from the Eircom point in the lounge to upstairs into our son's room. This lead has a splitter on the end which is in our sons room. We have the Eircom modem connected to the splitter and to our sons computer, which is a Dell XPS 630 and which has no built in modem. The cordless telephone is connected to the other port on the splitter. The splitter has two ports one for telephone one for broadband. We also have another PC and two laptops. The second PC and the laptops are wireless.

The problem seems to happen when our son is in the middle of a game (he's a bit World of Warcraft gamer!) and I then use the phone and he loses the connection and then there's troublWe have had the line tested by our telephone/broadband provider and have tried connecting the telephone and the modem directly into the telephone point and we have been told there is no fault on the Eircom line. We only become aware of the problem when he's gaming and the phone is used

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Sometimes Internet Randomly Disconnects

Nov 12, 2012

i have a fiber optics 75mbps internet , using a wireless n pcie adaptor on my computer,Dont know why but some times theres random ping spikes when im in game.Sometimes internet randomly dcs.Download speed is also very random from 2mb/s to few bytes.Also sometimes internet speed is so low that it is barely usable.

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D-link DIR 615 Disconnects From Internet?

Feb 3, 2011

I have a D-link DIR 615 and 2 laptops, a Toshiba (Vista) at about 35 ft away and a Dell (XP) about 15 ft away from the router. Both laptops connect to the router. The Dell w/ 4 or 5 bars and the Toshiba usually 2 bars. They stay connected to the router but lose the internet regularly. Anywhere from every day or two or 3 and 4 times a day. Usually shutting off the router for 10 seconds and turning it on again will reconnect to the internet but sometimes it takes up to 4 or more times and resetting the router before it works again. This happened when I was on a different cable network at a different address last year.

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PC Shuts Down When Internet Disconnects?

Jun 5, 2011

My pc has been running perfectly fine. My only problem is that it suddenly shuts down whenever my internet disconnects at random. i am totally clueless of what's happening with my machine. it worries me a lot for I think improper pc shut downs may cause damage to the hard drive. I use internet thru DSL service. My pc specs are as follows; AMD 64x2 dual core processor 5200+, 2.71 Ghz,120G seagate sata hd, 1Gig RAM,Nvidia Geforce 6150SE.

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Internet Disconnects Every 15-20 Minutes?

Dec 11, 2012

my idea net setter disconnect after 10 or 15 minute.

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Internet Disconnects While Downloading?

Jul 30, 2011

I'm having a issue where my internet will disconnect in middle of download and reconnect in like 10sec. I know its my computer cuz i can play on xbox live no problem all day. I'm running wireless it does not matter I can be wired and it will still do it. It does it while Skype,youtube downloading a file anything that requires a download and its very annoying. Its been doing it for months now and I don't remember when it started. It's not just here I took it to my parents house still did it. So i know its not my route

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D-Link DIR-651 :: Internet Disconnects When Try To Use It

Jul 25, 2011

I brought this router mainly for audio/video streaming, as well as multiplayer gaming.  I thought it would work.  However, whenever i try to watch a show online, or even play a flash game, it would disconnect.  I've only had this router for one day.  I have Time Warner Cable as my cable provider and honestly since I'm living alone, the only two device that'll ever use the router is my laptop and my desktop.  

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Nortel VPN Disconnects Internet - Any Alternatives?

Jan 15, 2012

We are a business partner of a larger company that gives us a VPN access to connect to one website. It's the Nortel VPN so it's old but it's set to disconnect our Internet when we connect which is really inefficient. I understand why it does that but right now we use two computers, we have one as our main one then another sitting here just for VPN.Does the Nortel VPN work system wide when it disconnects the Internet? Or is there a way to use Ethernet and Wifi and just have the VPN connect over Ethernet and just disconnect the Internet there but keep my local network on Wifi? Or is that not possible? I'm assuming it's not just wondering if there's any alternatives.

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Internet Connection Disconnects Frequently?

May 21, 2011

Recently came back from college to a terrible internet connection that frequently disconnects or drops in speed randomly (for all computers on network). This requires me to perform a hard reset to restore connection. This usually happens at least once a day and sometimes several. Current set up is a Motorola Surfboard SB5100 Cable Modem and a Linksys WRT54GS router.

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Internet Random Disconnects After Reformatted

Mar 2, 2013

recently upgraded most of my computer parts and reformatted from windows 7 enterprise 32bit to win7 enterprise 64bit. (all of this happened in a computer store) I never had internet problems before the reformat, however it has happened to me before when I had previous, newly reformats on my pc which usually goes away after 2-3 months. here is the problem, the internet is fine when I start using it and after an hour or two it will disconnect and when I troubleshoot it, it will just say "DNS server isn't responding" and what I do is turn the modem off and turn it back on and the internet will come back after 10-20 seconds. so basically my internet is fine and will just go down then to fix it I just have to turn the router off and on.

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Pc Disconnects When Connect Laptop To Internet

Oct 2, 2012

Basically, my brother has to use a laptop other than his PC to do some work on, now whenever that laptop connects, it disconnects my PC. I can reset the internet, get about 10mins before it disconnects again. We have in total, 3 PC's, 3 laptops that use the internet. It's fine whenever that laptop is not on. I have tried the method of giving everything it's own IP incase it's an issue, but no change. Also tried the resetting anything simultanously etc.

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Internet Disconnects And Cannot Find DNS Server

Jun 7, 2012

Atleast 2-3 times a day my internet will disconnect and will say cannot find DNS server. I have a brand new router and modem, my ISP is cable one, and this is very annoying. When the internet goes out my modem gets stuck on the sending green light. Only way for me to fix it is uplug everything for about 2 minutes and plug back in. Is there anyway to fix this? will post setting upon request

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Slow Internet Connection And Disconnects Sometime

May 28, 2011

I have got ADSL 196kbps PPPoe internet connection and lately there has been some problems with it. Sometimes the internet connection disconnects itself and again reconnects. And the internet connection is getting very slow. While downloading, I am able to download at full speed only at those download providers which provides full speed but at other download providers I am able to download with not even half speed. While browsing, the internet loses connectivity sometimes and from my guess I am able to browse with only half the speed. I have tried in different browsers and it is same with all of them.

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Yellow Signal On The Internet And Disconnects

Sep 2, 2012

My internet at completely random of times drops and can take anywhere from 2 minutes to reconnect or 20. This may happen once a day, this may happen 10+ times a day. Totally different all the time. Basically what happens is it I get the yellow triangle on my taskbar where the connection should be saying limited connectivity, sometimes I get a complete red X going through it saying there is no connection. It always reconnects at some point though.

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Gaming Disconnects Wireless Internet

Nov 9, 2011

I launch a game (HoN, Dungeon Defenders, Team Fortress 2, CSS, LoL, Whatever.) and my internet sputters out, disconnects and my wireless cannot 'discover' any networks.

I have (Check connection) (Check Packet Loss and Jitter)ping -t (Nothing but normal, for an hour)Reinstall/Update video driversSwitching Wireless card to new PCI-E slotResetting routerSwitching off router for 25 minsDisabling IPv6and; Removing my wireless network and making a new profile

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Internet Disconnects Randomly For 1 Or 2 Minutes?

May 4, 2012

I've been having this problem for a while now but something is coming up for which i require 24/7 internet connection with NO failures. problem: about 2 to 3 times a day i lose internet connection for about 1 to 2 minutes and after that everything is totally fine again. There are 5 lights on my modem in this order from top to bottom:

Internet: This light blinks green when im using it like downloading or playing something online. It stays green when i have internet but im not sending or recieving any data.
DSL: always green.
Wireless: I use wireless connection. its always blinking orange (i dont know why orange but it works fine)
Ethernet: This light is always off cause i dont use cables.
Power: always green.

What happens is that my DSL light which is supposed to be green. starts blinking. Then after 30 seconds or so it stops and just turns green again but my Internet light turns red. It stays red for about 1 to 2 minutes and then it turns green again and works fine again. Called the company many times but they dont detect anything because when we call, its always working fine. so all they tell me to do is reset the modem which does nothing. I never had this problem at my previous house 2 years ago. it just started at this address so it makes me think it is the line and not a computer/modem problem.

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Computer Randomly Disconnects From Internet

Jun 7, 2012

i have a desktop that tends to disconnect at random moments, and the only way to fix this problem is to restart for every time the internet disconnects. It is a wired connection and this desktop is the only computer in the house that has this problem.

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