Internet Temporarily Slowing Down?

Jun 13, 2012

I live in Poland and my Internet supplier it's Polish firm UPC. It's DSL connection. I've got custom Windows Firewall and Norton Antivirus 2012. I used to have Norton Internet Security but I uninstalled it because of a presuppostion that my my problems could have been connected with it.My router: Thompson TWG870UG. My internet speed is high (60MB/s) so my problem is not related to that thing. I have Windows 7.The problem:I've got two notebooks. The problem is with the new one.Internet connection on the older never malfunctions. On the other hand my new notebook is a source of a problem. Despite quick downloading and good results of speedtests (30mb/s) the sites open really slowly. Neither can I watch videos (e.g. youtube) because they don't load. How should I proceed to fight this problem

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Internet Slowing When Using Router?

Jun 18, 2012

For the past month, I've had constant lag spikes for most of the day. When I connect the modem directly to my laptop it works perfect no lag at all. When I use a router it lags badly. I've even bought a new router to see if thats the issue[CODE]

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Uploads Slowing Internet Over Network?

Aug 1, 2011

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that our internet has been running slowly, phoned ISP and did the usual tests and they discovered nothing wrong with line etc.I therefore started monitoring our small network and noticed when a user uploads files to the internet, even small ones, the internet connections slows down significantly. I obviously would expect some noticeable change, but this is almost killing the connection all together... pain for other users considering we're an web design coThe users are connected over a network using a Netgear JGS524 Switch, which is unmanaged. The router is a Netgear DG834N. We do have several users, a printer and a Qnap server connected to it... maybe all the activity is slowing the internet, but can't see why it would only start affecting the network in the last week?

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Internet / Gaming / Netflix Has Been Slowing Down Lately?

Jan 15, 2013

My internet/gaming/netflix has been slowing down lately, some parts of the day there are no problems, other parts (4-10pm) its impossible. I live with one roommate, I have my own router and he has his own router. Mine is a Netgear router, not sure what his is. Ourinternet, with no problems is: 65ping, 4.8 mbps, and .60 upload. When its busy: 180ping, .30 mbps, and .09 upload. I constantly get kicked off xbox live and its super frustrating. The thing is, when my roommate is gone I am able to stream netflix in HD without any problems.However, when he's using netflix the quality of mine drops to the lowest signal and most times disconnects me from xbox live. I'm not sure if this is an ISP issue or a router issue

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Internet Keeps Slowing Down After Multiple Resets?

Dec 31, 2012

This problem only seemed to arise after messing with my MTU a few days back to 48 so I could play an online game with lower ping, but have since changed it back to 1500.Since then, my internet has been slowing down every 30 minutes to an hour and won't speed back up until I reset the router and the problem continues after that.I've fresh installed Windows 7, updated the Firmware on my DIR-636L, changed my DNS multiple times, unhooked my DIR-636L and have been only using my SURFboard SB6141 modem and the problem has yet to be fixed.I took a Netalyzer test and here are the results. I bolded the important stuff:

Major Abnormalities
Your ISP's DNS server is slow to lookup names
Minor Aberrations
The measured network latency was somewhat high
Network packet buffering may be excessive


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Gigabit Switch Slowing Down Internet?

Oct 20, 2011

I have ATT uverse Turbo max pro, I get direct connection to from the router 22mbs download and almost 3 uploadHowever I decided to place the router closer to my tv and PS3 rather than next to my computer... I hate nothing more than lag and I like the ethernet connection to my att uverse receiver rather than coax cable.Before I had a gigabit switch next to my tv and ps3 and apple tv, but I used to lag playing video games which is why I switched it. Now I have a direct connection with a 100 ft cat 6 cable from the router to my computer and now my computer is showing 7 mbs download. whether I use the switch or not My speed slows down significantly. I know that a cat 6 cable usually doesn't degrade until about 700 ft. So I'm really confused.Here is what I am usingAt&t 3800hgv-b uverse modem/ router3 cat6 7ft cables1 100ft cable5-port gigabit greenNet switch TEG-S50g2 PS31 Apple tv1 vip 2250 receiverhp pavilion dv7Even if all other devices are unplugged I still get only about 6 mb/s

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Home Network :: Wireless Router Significantly Slowing Down Internet?

Sep 19, 2011

I have cable internet with a speed plan in the 10-15 mbps range. I have a wireless Belkin g router that is several years old. Connected to the router I have my cable modem as well as my PS3. I connect wirelessly from my PC to the internet, as my PC is in the other room (more on that later). When I'm streaming movies via WiFi to my TV, the connection is highly unstable. Some days, I will not experience any stuttering (or very minor stuttering), whereas other times the stuttering is almost unbearable. Last night, I had trouble streaming a DVD quality movie whenever it went above 2 mbps total bitrate. Other times, I can stream HD movies without much stuttering (except for very action packed scenes).Interestingly, I stream Netflix movies over my PS3 via a *wired* connection. Last night, I conducted a speed test on my PS3. First, I had the PS3 plugged into the wireless router. I achieved speeds around 2 - 4 mbps on average. I then plugged my PS3 directly into my modem and achieved speeds around 10 mbps! The boost was instantaneous. I should note that on my PC, I speed test regularly over the WiFi and achieve around 4-6 mbps on average (only once did I achieve 11 mbps).

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG160N Slowing Speed While Connecting To Internet

Nov 29, 2011

A few weeks ago my internet speed suddenly became slow. Not so slow you can’t do anything without having to wait half an hour, but significantly slower than usual, and it also has occasional drop-outs. It can’t be an issue with the computers connecting to the router, which it’s doing fine as I can access my router’s setting though the IP address, but with the router connecting to the internet.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Slowing Internet Down But Fine When Directly Connected To Modem

Jun 9, 2011

I have been using my DIR-655 for about 2 weeks now with Road Runner wideband services. Starting yesterday my internet became very slow and I discovered the cause was the router. I tried resetting it to factory settings and things will be fine and run smoothly for about 5-15 minutes but after that it goes back to being extremely slow. My speed tests would go from 10ms (normal) to 250-450ms. Before this issue occurred the Dlink was perfect, had full speeds. I am running a wire Ethernet connection.

I am currently using revB and tried upgrading firmware to 2.01NA which had no effect, but make my internet seemingly go back to normal for the first few minutes then nosedive again. I have also changed my speed/duplex settings in Network Config to 1gbs Full Duplex. I've also disabled QoS, and still no change. Not sure what else to do. When directly connected to the modem everything seems fine. The modem is also the provided Motorola SBG6580 which I have called Time Warner to set the modem into bridge mode and have the DIR-655 connected to it.

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Linksys Wired Router :: RV082 Slowing Down Internet Connection

Jul 14, 2011

I have a RV082 Linksys router and at the moment it is slowing down my internet connection by a significant amount. With the router, I get about 3 Mbps and with a modem directly connected to my computer I get about 24 Mbps. Before with the router I used to get 15 Mbps, which is understandable because it is connected to 4 computers total. Maybe my setup has something to do with it. I got a cable that is connected to a modem, the modem is connected to the router, from which one port is connected to a computer, and another is used to connect to a Netgear switch, which in turn is connected to 3 more computers.
Everything was fine until I went on a trip and wasn't home for about 2 weeks, and when I came back, this happened. I tried restarting the modem, the router and all to no avail. I also tried to do a factory reset on the router and again got slow speeds.

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Cisco Routers :: WRVS4400N Slowing Down 100Mb Internet Connection

Jun 4, 2012

I have a Cisco WRVS4400N on the latest firmware and I have just had my Virgin internet connection upgraded to the 100Mb. Once i thought it was upgraded i checked with a broadband speed test and it came back as 15Mb download and 5Mb upload. Before i rang Virgin i thought i'd check with a direct connection from my pc straight to the modem. Ran the speed test and it came back as 100Mb download and 5Mb upload. I thought the best thing to do is restore my settings back to factory and its still the same.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt54g - Internet Speeds Slowing Down When Wifi Enabled

Jun 27, 2011

I have both the WRT54G and a E1000 wireless routers and this problem is occurring for both of them.I use AT&T DSL and the speeds are fine when it is :

1. Not plugged into router

2. Wireless Network Mode is disabled through the router configuration page, having all devices wired.
However when wireless network mode is enabled, speeds drop significantly, 15~17 ms ping goes to 250~800 ping, and download speeds are way lower also. When the router is reset, the regular speeds will return for maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute, then it'll drop back down. I'm positive there's no outsiders connected to my network and this problem still occurs, only when the router is giving out wireless signals. Sometimes the problem randomly goes away for a while but it will always come back. I've tried many things, firmware upgrades, factory restore, none of them seem to work, the only solution so far has been to disabling it, but I need it to be on as there are other devices in other rooms of the house that need WiFi to connect to the internet.

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Temporarily Losing Connection To Servers?

Oct 26, 2012

My issue is that for as long as I can remember I lose connection temporarily while playing computer games online. It has plagued me through location changes, ISP changes, router changes, and modem changes. What seems to happen is the internet losing connection for a second, causing my computer to reconnect to the server, which takes a few more seconds. This happens at random, and at least twice every fourty-five minutes or so. It happens regardless of the game I'm playing (though I've only tried to recreate it with LoL and Dota 2). For those gamers out there, you can understand how frustrating this could be.I have tried both wired and wireless connection. I am running Windows 7 Studio XPS 435T/9000, and have recently replaced the graphics card

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Temporarily Lock Out Remote Users?

Dec 30, 2011

One of our accounting administrators will be working in our server this weekend from his home remotely. He wanted to know if there was a way I could temporarily lock users from remoting in a few days to prevent them from messing up his work.The only way I could think of was disabling the accounts in Active Directory and then re-enabling them once he was done. Server is running Windows Server 2003 with the users remoting in via RDP. They all have accounts in Active Directory.

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Cisco :: LMS 4.0 Service Temporarily Unavailable

Jul 24, 2011

A few days ago we upgraded LMS to version 4. It worked fine, but after installing patches and updates from Cisco web, the web interface failed and we haven't been able to restore the service.
Service Temporarily Unavailable.The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. [code]

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Cisco :: LMS 3.2 Service Temporarily Unavailable

May 14, 2012

I was having some troubles with the LMS client itself (Any job I started would run forever, never finish, never error out, just "running") so I rebooted the server and after a reboot the web interface show up with a "Service Temporarily Unavailable" "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems.  Please try again later"

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Cisco :: LMS 4.1 WebUI Service Temporarily Unavailable

Nov 14, 2012

environment: LMS 4.1 on Solaris 10 from time to time Web-UI Login is not possilbe showing a message "Service Temporarily Unavailable".Troubleshooting the problem we discovered that lots of TCP-Connections are in CLOSE_WAIT state when WEBUI-Unavailabilty comes up. [code]

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Cisco Routers :: Rv120w - Temporarily Allow One URL Content Block

May 9, 2012

I managed to block as much of the streaming video (using URL Blocks of .flv, .wmv, etc...)  how do I block for 23 hours of the day (or allow access for 1 hour a day)...but maintaining all the other blocks intact 24 hours a day?
Also is there a way to block p2p file sharing (BitTorrent)?

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Security / Firewalls :: Temporarily Disable Actiontec PK5000 Router?

Mar 15, 2011

In order to get my wireless printer up and running I need to temporarily disable my actiontec PK5000 router.

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Belkin Routers :: N600DB - Temporarily Lose Connection During Reboot

Mar 23, 2013

N600DB - Currently configured with primary computer hardwired to router, 1 laptop via WiFi, a Network booster used by iPhone/iPads and every time I wake the primary computer I get the Router Monitor alert that my internet connection has failed. By the way, I am currently using the primary computer to post this and the Belkin Router Monitor still says my "internet connection has failed" and An Internet connection cannot be established at this time. Re-booting your router may solve this problem, but you will temporarily lose your connection during the reboot.

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Old Tv Slowing Router?

Jul 31, 2011

My Internet speed had been ridiculously slow (2mb/s) so I had someone from charter come and check it out. He replaced my modem/router and unplugged the old tv in my parents room. He said that the tv had gone bad and was receiving all types of air waves and sending them through the tv cable and into the router. The problem's already been solved, now I get around 32mb/s download speed, but how the tv received the signals and sent them to the router?

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Network Speed Is Slowing?

Feb 15, 2012

Is there a way to monitor network traffic speeds. Our companies network download speeds seem to start high, but then progressively slows to a near stop.Downloading small documents start out fast and finishes, but I noticed that the speed slows down significantly. This poses a problem when downloading larger files and documentsThe speed start out very high, but then slows to near zero and results in the file failing to complete.What i need is to find out what is causing the speed degradation and or where our bottleneck is. Is this a setting issue with the browser, security, etc.

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Wireless Printer Slowing Down Network?

Apr 21, 2011

I have a Wireless-N router, and all of my devices use Wireless-N with the exception of my wireless printer (Brother HL-2170W), which only supports Wireless-G.I seem to recall reading that only one Wireless-G device can slow the entire Wireless-N-capable network to G speeds. Is this so? If so, would the slowdown occur only while using the wireless printer?

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Wireless :: Dlink Router May Be Slowing Down Connection?

Feb 20, 2012

my internet has been acting slow, i have a dlink router 615 and high speed comcast internet

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Broadband :: Windows Vista Online Slowing?

Oct 24, 2011

I have updated drivers or roll them back. Under computer, I right clicked on computer, then it shows like of hardware. Then I looked at date on driver and tried to update past june 27, 2006 or to roll many back . This increased my online speed but I could not get all drivers past that 2006 date & year, my computer thinks its the most updated version. It is not. This inability to change them or update still causes windows vista to be slower while operating. I guess I could buy the fix offered on web but I feel I shouldn't have to when I know the problem that microsolft built in. To bad microsoft isn't forth coming with an answer.

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Packets Are Being Sent Whenever Receiving Slowing Download Speed?

Aug 6, 2011

Everything is fine except that whenever I am receiving packets, there is a corresponding upstream of packets which is subsequently slowing my download speed.I should be getting ~600kbps, but I am instead getting ~200kbps.The ratio of packets sent/received is almost 1:1.5, and of course when your upload bandwidth is being maxed it starts cutting your download speed.

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LAN Shares Dropping / Slowing On Private Subnet

Mar 12, 2012

The shares on the LAN constantly drop(for 4-5 seconds usually) or slow down and then speed up again. This only happens on the PCs using the private subnet but the internet is fine. We don't have any problems with shares on the public subnet though.Private subnet goes through a proxy server to reach the internet.Recently we had an internet outage in the building and suddenly shares weren't dropping or running slow anymore.

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D-Link DIR-825 :: Increased Bandwidth But Slowing Down Speed

Mar 7, 2013

i just increased my band width from my provider to 50 down ..3 up  ..I can get almost the 3 up while connected to my d link but only about 2.5 down ..when i bypass my d link i get mid 40's  down and 2.8 up .. for some reason my d link is slowing down my speed . I have a DIR825  hardwear B1   Ferm wear 2.07 NA

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E3000 Keeps Slowing Down To Snail Speeds?

Jun 20, 2012

I'm tired of resetting my router. Every so often my e3000 will like forget its supposed to supply bandwidth. What I mean is that I pay for 7mbps down .5mbps up cable broadband and when the router is working fine I always get really close or over that. When it forgets what its supposed to be doing I get a painful .15mbps~1mbps down/up (usually under dial up tho) I check the modem and all values are running a full speed with good voltages, SNR's, and frequencies. It doesn't seem to matter if I change any values in the router after the issue starts. I need to do a reset either through the firmware "factory defaults" or the red reset button. Then everything goes back to working but I'm seriously getting tired of resetting my router every week or more. Restoring settings also causes it to go into crawl mode. This effects wifi and wired connections. Its also been upgraded to the latest firmware version from linksys.

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Belkin Routers :: N300 MacBook Pro Slowing Down Entire Network

Mar 2, 2013

I have a belkin N300 router that works decent most of the time, but anytime my roommate connects with her macbook pro the whole network becomes slow to the point of uselessness. If i block her computer using mac address filtering, the latency and download speeds are right where they should be, but as soon as i allow her back on ping jumps to 800-1000 and DL speeds drop to under 1mb.

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Belkin Routers :: FSD 7632-4 Dropping Connection / Slowing It Down Intermittently

Feb 22, 2013

FSD 7632-4 Router.Have this 2006 router which has started dropping the connection and/or slowing it down intermittently. Before I replace it, would like to update the firmware. Have downloaded the update but cannot log-in on the setup utility page as I cannot remeber my password (apparently it is not set to blank!).

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1500 - Multiple Computer Slowing My Connection Down?

Feb 10, 2013

I'm using a Linksys E1500 on my Timewarner 20Mbs connection and I've noticed that anytime another computer on my network connects my connection speed take a significant drop.  This happens when Macs or PCs connect and there doesn't seem to be any common ground between any of them.  In addition the connection is slow wether the other PCs are idle or downloading anything, it seems to make no difference.  my ping in any game drops from 70 to 500 just for 2 other PC being on at the saem time on the network. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Wifi Connection Slowing Down When Downloading

Aug 2, 2011

I have the following setup at home:

-E4200 connected via Ethernet cable (100Mbs) to local ISP for internet access
-E4200 connected via Ethernet cable (1Gps) to my desktop PC
-E4200 connected via wireless (5Ghz with WPA2 personal) to my laptop
In general, everything works fine, I can download files from internet to my PC close to the maximum speed limit (80-90Mbs), the wireless connection goes up to 300Mbs and it can achieve around 10-14MB/s file transfer between PC and laptop.A lot of the time the wireless connection to my laptop is used for HD content streaming from the desktop PC. It works very well until I start downloading files to my PC with speed greater than 50Mbs, when the wireless connection speed drops very fast to about 500KB/s which results in interruptions on the video streaming. At the same time the router’s web interface reacts much slower than usual, as if the router’s CPU is overloaded.
I’ve read this follow up review on Small net builder url...and it’s clear that there are some issues when taking E4200 to the limit, but in my case it’s nowhere near that.

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