Netgear N300 USB Adapter - Connected But No Internet Access?

Nov 4, 2011

My desktop was connected to wireless router by ethernet cable but it seems the ports on the router are now US. Bought netgear N300 USB adapter and installed. Had problems getting "limited connectivity etc" messages 'cos wasn't getting IP address allocated. Have now manually allocated IP address and connection status is now "Connected" (with no warning about limited connectivity etc). However I can't connect to the internet.

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Setting Up Internet Connection With Netgear N300 USB Adapter?

Jun 8, 2011

I built my first computer today (woot!) but I'm having issues using my netgear N300 usb adapter to access the internet.

I am using a DLink router but for some reason I am getting some weird issues.

First of all, after using the netgear usb adapter, my mac address is something like E0-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx with the xx being the other numbers. Is having a macaddress starting with E0 wrong? All the other 5 devices on my router have mac addresses starting with 00.

Secondly, I am getting a 169.xxxxxx ip address. This is really starting to bother me because I can't set it up using DHCP.

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N300 WNA3100 - Wireless Adapter Connected But No Internet

Feb 19, 2013

OK, so what is going wrong, I just bought this new HP computer windows 8 on Sat, have hooked up my net gear N300 WNA3100, and still can't get on line, and it was working fine on my windows XP machine, but it was 7 years old, and giving me trouble, and my WNA is less than 9 months old, so where do I go from here,

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Wireless :: Netgear N300 Internet Access Is Disconnected

Oct 10, 2011

I got 3 windows 7 pc's at home. IP V6 and IP 4 are enabled. I setup my wireless system and it worked 100%. After 3 months I add a LAN cable to two of my PC's. This is when it all started. My internet browsing became very very slow. When i shutdown the one machine it become fast again. I did the following. Pulled the LAN cable and it was still slow. I then put the cable back and disabled the Wi-Fi and it still was very slow. I rested the defaults and restored my old backup and it still slow. Now I can get any access to the internet any more. I the disconnected the netgear router and take a cheap router with only LAN ports and it work 100%. All the above i did with many router and server reboots.

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Netgear N300 Wireless Adapter Driver For Linux / Windows 98 And Xp?

Sep 26, 2011

What I need is a net gear n300 wireless usb adapter driver that works for linux, windows 98, windows 982nd edition and windows xp because i'm switching this computer to windows xp and i need a solid internet connection throughout the entire process or a way to switch my computer to windows xp with out the internet conection like a download of the windows xp instalation file.

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Check If Netgear N300 Adapter Wna3100 Is Compatible With Apple TV Device

Jan 12, 2012

how can i check if my netgear N300 adapter wna3100 is compatible with apple tv device I was told that I needed a dual band router to play HD movies from itunes (ipad)

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Connected To Netgear But Unable To Access Internet

Oct 11, 2012

My laptop says i am connected to the netgear but i am unable to access the internet-

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Netgear Wndr 3400 Cannot Access Internet When Everything Connected

Jun 3, 2012

Tried to set up with my AT&T dsl moden. Cannot access internet when everything is connected. At&t says they do not support Netgear, so they couldnt facilitate. They sell Netgear on their website.

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DGN2000 - Network Adapter Connected To Router But No Access To Internet?

Jan 8, 2011

I have a Netgear DGN2000 router wired to a desktop machine running windows 7. In another room i have another desktop machine running windows XP. I have a netgear WN111v2 network adapter connected to this machine. The network adapter says it is connect to the router, the icon in the bottom right hand corner is green and the signal strength is in high 90%s, yet when i start up internet explorer the message i get is "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

Also, in the house there is a laptop running windows 7 (connected wirelessly - no problems) another laptop running windows xp (connected - no problems) and an Xbox 360 (connected ok). Been on to netgear tech support all they could suggest was to lower the security settings on the router, ultimately lowered down to disabled - still nothing. Disabled homegroup on the windows 7 machine still nothing running out of ideas now.

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Connecting Netgear N300 Usb Internet

Dec 7, 2012

I recently got an older dell laptop that doesnt have automatic availability to wifi i had purchased a netgear n300 usb internet thing and it still will not connect to my home wifi how do i fix this?

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Netgear N300 - Configuring Extender And Router For Limited Access

Mar 26, 2013

I have a Netgear N300 and am using a linksys wrtg54g flashed with dd-wrt as an extender. I would like to setup my wireless network to limit various devices (laptops, iPod touch, etc) to certain times of the day.

How do I configure both devices to limit connectivity? I've got it down pretty much on the NetGear using a MAC address filter and scheduling the services, but I am not sure how to get the extender to do the same.

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Wireless :: Netgear Router Connected To Comcast Modem - Internet Access Failing

Mar 23, 2011

Every day for the past week my Internet access goes down. I have a netgear router connected to Comcast modem. I have to reset the modem then the router constantly and it gets irritating. I called comcast and they say reset them. But why should I have to constantly reset.... Sometimes I just ignore it and it comes back up later... what is going on??

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Wireless :: N300 USB Wireless Adapter (Netgear)?

Oct 31, 2011

I am trying to install the adapter for wireless however my PC (Packard Bell Imedia MC H1519) does not read the adapter. Blue light comes on but immediately turns off. Have tried adapter in another PC and light stays on.What can I do to allow my PC to accept the USB cable?

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Netgear Wireless Adapter WNA1100 Can't Stay Connected

Apr 6, 2011

I have a Netgear Wireless Adapter WNA1100 and I'm trying to connect my 2nd desktop comp using it. I'm having trouble staying connected. The wireless connection says 100% but when I ope IE and yahoo homepage comes up it only stays connected for a sec and it says "unable to stay connect, do you wish to work offline" then it automatically put in offline mode, which doesnt work. Now it's saying IE cannot display webpage.

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Netgear N300 (DGN2200) Connection - Internet Port Had No Ip Address?

Dec 16, 2011

I recently purchased the netgear n300 ADSL2+ modem router. I have tried all day to get it to work, but I have not have any success.

ISP: Verizon (Now frontier I think)

DSL light will be solid green, along with the port, wifi, etc... But the internet one stays solid red.I've tried changing dns settings and things, but to no avail. Though I am able to login to the router, and I can get internet if I directly connect to the modem.

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Robert-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid[code].....

I noticed in the router settings that the internet port had no ip address, as in it was just

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Belkin Routers :: N300 Wireless Bridges Be Connected To Same Access Point

Nov 21, 2012

Can 2 N300 wireless bridges be connected to the same wireless access point ?

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Routers / Switches :: Netgear N300 Wireless Router - Cannot Connect To Internet

Feb 27, 2011

I have a Netgear N300 Wireless Router (WNR2000), and I am trying to connect the internet through it. The internet light stays amber, and though the router recognizes it, I can not connect to the internet. My computer also doesn't seem to recognize the router at all. Installation CD will not work either.

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Limited Access When Using Netgear WNA3100 Wireless Network Adapter

Sep 29, 2011

I bought a Netgear WNA3100 wireless adapter today but when connecting, it says limited access after entering the SSID and the passphrase. I currently have windows 7.

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Belkin Routers :: No Access To Internet Via A N300 Wi-Fi Extender?

Mar 10, 2013

My N300 Wifi Range Extender does not let me connect to Internet. I can access other systems connected on the main WIfi network, but I cannot access Internet.I observe as well that all systems connected to the Extender appear, from the main Wifi network, having the same Mac address. I believe that my ISP (Telenet) does not accept that, and that this is the reason I cannot connect to Internet. Is there any way to change that behaviour ?

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Belkin Routers :: N300 Internet Access Through Router

Dec 9, 2012

i m using belking sufr n300 but i m not able to access internet. if i connect brodband cable directly to computer then i am able to browse.

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Netgear WG111 V3 Adapter - Disconnected From The Internet Randomly?

Feb 18, 2013

The problem is basically that my home wifi runs from a router that renews its IP adress every hour or so, and I keep getting disconnected from the Internet for 15 mins. or so every single time and then again not always; sometimes a page fails to load and then the connection is re-established a moment afterwards - it's very random.

The odd thing is that while my desktop Pc gets disconnected for long peiods of time my PS3, phone and laptop all seem to be able to reconnect during other periods of time where the desktop is unable. Also my parents and sister seem to be disturbed in different intervals. This makes me think that besides the annoying short disconnection on every device, my wifi adapter might cause the desktop additional problems reconnecting.

I'm using a Netgear WG111 v3 adapter. I should probably note that when I was running Windows 7 it already gave me trouble installing drivers and I had to run compatibility mode for Vista, and now with Windows 8 Pro 64-bit I had even more trouble, installer crashing and me having to manually go to the Device Manager and search for the install data for the driver. It's only been causing me problems since I bought it and though it works as I write this there is no way for me to know if it goes offline again or not in the next second.

I've recently reformatted my Pc and that didn't change a thing in this context and I've also been in contact with my Internet provider (the largest of such in Denmark, where I live), and they are the ones that told me that the router needs to reaquire a new IP every now and then for security reasons.

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Netgear N900 Wireless Adapter Not Accessing Internet?

Sep 9, 2012

I have finally got netgear adapter to connect to router, and its connected, but not able to access any webpages. I am not receiving any bytes back. I had to manually type in a IP address, as it was not picking it up automatically. I have other devices connected to the router (laptop, ipad, iphones) and access web easily. I have tried hard resets, and shut downs all with no avail

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Netgear DG843N / XP Connected To Router But Not The Internet

Sep 30, 2011

I have read most of the responses to the same type of problem but none of them have got my XP pc to connect to the internet. I am using Wireles and LAN.My router was Netgear DG843N which was intermittently dropping the connection to the net. I tried corrective action but the problem continued.On the advice from Netgear tyech support,I tried just using LAN - that didn't work. Then they suggested using another router,so I purchased a Netgear DGN1000 Router.This did not resiolve the problem so I contacted Netgear who suggested several things to do.As the XP was connecting to the router both wireless and LAN we decided that it was not a router problem.All of my devices attached o the router ( printer - Vista pc- Win 7 laptop)are working correctly,just the XP pc that is not.

Details of the pc are :-

Windows XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600

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Netgear N300 - How To Enable Dmz

May 5, 2011

The first time i had to set dmz i had free tech support from the company. no my free tech support has expired and they want money for tech support now.I would like to know what ip to put in my dmz setting, my ip is supposed to be static, but it changes every few months anyways.I'm aware that having dmz open is a risk, but i have a software firewall.i have my router setup so my 360 and my pc so i need dmz, , if i did not have dmz i would be setting up forward ports for quite some time, as i play multiple pc games.

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Configure Desktop To Get On Neighbors Internet Connection With Netgear Wireless Adapter?

Nov 13, 2011

How do I configure and set up my desktop to get on my neighbors internet connection with the netgear wireless adapter.

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Netgear N300 Loses Connection

Mar 26, 2013

Mediacom is my cable provider. They came out a few months ago and thought the problem was their Motorola modem. They replaced it with an RCA (Thomsen) which worked great for about 3 months.Now (3/13) I am losing my connection at least once a day.I started to download the new Netgear Firmware update, but in the middle of that, you guessed it, the connection dropped. So now my router is useless. There's probably a way to reset it, but I haven't found that yet. And so far the Netgear phone # is locked inside the router somewhere! I'm hard-wired to the RCA modem now, so we'll see. I have a feeling, after reading the previous thread, that my connection will be fine.I have my own cable modem, needed for a previous cable provider, and a new Netgear N600 2-frequency router.

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Get A Netgear N300 To Work With Windows 98?

Jun 26, 2011

I have an old compaq running windows 98. I just bought a netgear n300 wireless usb adapter, knowing there might be compatibility issues.

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Routers / Switches :: Netgear N300 Will Not Respond?

Jul 19, 2011

I just got digital cable, phone and internet and when I try to use the digital phone and internet at the same time, the internet wouldn't work. Its connected through Netgear N300. The wireless connection will not stay connected.

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Connect To Netgear N300 Wireless Router

Feb 26, 2012

Child at college having significant connections issues with Sony VAIO VPECB trying to connect to Netgear N300 wireless router. Upped the bandwidth - no impact. Other MACs in the house have no issue.

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Switches :: New Netgear N300 Router Will Not Connect

Jan 29, 2011

I just bought a new Netgear N300 router to go along with the Mediacom cable internet I just signed up for. I can plug the ethernet cable straight from the modem into my computer and get internet. Unfortunately this only works after I run the windows diagnostic to correct the errors that wont allow me internet access (unable to connect to IP address, lack of DNS server) but eventually I get access. The instruction then tell me to run the ethernet from the modem to the router and then another cable to my computer from the router. When I do this, I lose all internet access. I thought I just had to instal the router using the provided disk but it never gets past the internet connection test.I have tried to provide the correct IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and dns servers like requested but clearly I am messing something up.

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New Netgear N300 Dropping A Wireless Signal?

Apr 12, 2011

My linksys never dropped a wireless signal in four years of use, this one has dropped 3 days straight.Dunno about the wireless part of the router; Terry, etaf, any input on the quality of this router?

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Adding Device To Netgear N300 Router?

Oct 20, 2011

I'm trying to connect a latop (Packard Bell - Easy Note) onto a Netgear N300 wireless router (WNR2000v3).I have already connected a separate laptop which is working fine but the Packard Bell (about 6 years old) wont connect, it will detect my wireless network but then asks for a "Network Key".I'm assuming this the same password that I set up when I configured the router but when I enter it I get the following message:The network password needs to be 40bits or 104bits depending on your network configeration. This can be entered as 5 or 13ascii characters or 10 or 16 hexadecimal characters".

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Netgear N300 Dual Band Route Lag?

Jun 25, 2011

I have recently purchased a netgear N300 Dual Band router. I am getting some problems with it! I replaced my bog standard belkin 54g router (which never dropped out, never lagged), you just plugged it in, stuck your isp settings in and away you went. Not the same story with this netgear, it promises to give you a better connection in game, but since installing it, all games lag, my laptop is slow browsing, it is getting to the point where we cannot game at all and I am giving up waiting for websites to load! My xbox is connected with ethernet my laptop is wireless, but both lag. Is it to do with the router settings? I am running windows 7 on the laptop, windows xp on another desktop pc, 2 xboxes, one wired one wireless and a wii wireless. All lag!

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