Small Network / Random Computers Lose Browsing At Random Times?

Dec 29, 2012

Network running about 60 computers, most of which are running windows 7 professional. Some are on a domain, some are not.At (seemingly) random times, some computer on the network will lose the ability to browse websites (including the web interfaces of networked devices). I can't identify what circumstances cause this to occur. I only find out about it when someone calls me.From the affected computer:I can ping sites I can ping our Cyberoam UTM (which acts as our DNS, DHCP, and firewall)disabling/enabling connection doesn't fix the problem releasing/renewing ip doesn't fix the problem flushing dns doesnt fix the problem uninstalled antivirus on two test machines, problem still randomly manifests.replaced the Cyberoam with newer model users have claimed that if they wait a long period of time (40+ minutes) the problem sometimes resolves.rebooting the computer resolves the issue until it randomly occurs again changing the computer's mac address also resolves the issue until it randomly occurs again.

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Home Network :: Getting Random Moderate Nat Sometimes - Other Times Its Opened

Nov 25, 2012

I keep getting random moderate Nat sometimes, other times its opened. I have made a static Ip and port forwarded 4 ports that xbox uses. 88 udp..3074 both...53 both...80 tcp... Now when i test my connection on the xbox dashboard a message will come up saying make sure my UpNp is enabled, which it is and it tells me to make sure port 3074 is enabled which it is. I have restarted both my modem and router multiple times to try and fix this.

I have a linksys cisco e4200 and I recently updated its firmware which i thought would possibly fix the problem.I have talked to linksys but no luck.I have talked to my internet Cox Communication but they tell me its the router and i believe it is because when i directly connect my xbox to the modem i never get the moderate Nat. I have also talked to Norton about my virus protection because I thought maybe it was blocking some ports, but they disabled it and I still get the message.

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Network Access Drops For 10 Seconds At Random Times

Nov 7, 2011

We have a bunch of computers(70 aprox) connected to a domain. Since couple weeks ago very strange issues started occuring, internet and network access(path to network share is lost) would come up at random times and on different machines and would last for about 10-20 seconds it would re-connect again.All the computers are using private addresses.Most machines are windows 7, some are xp.Using Windows server 2003 as dc.Since the occurance is so random it's very hard to pin point the cause.

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Lots Of Random Computers Or Devices Showing Up In My Network

Apr 20, 2011

I noticed a TON of random devices showing up in my Network within Windows 7. When I say a ton, I mean 739! I am not computer illiterate, but definitely not a pro. My router is WEP password protected, so I'm not sure on earth is going on here. I thought maybe I had a torrent program open that could be affecting this somehow, but I don't..

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Router Disconnecting At Random Times

Jul 22, 2012

The router is being good so far. I have a Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO router with windows XP operating system. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now and I really want it to stop because it is stopping me from doing things that require the internet.

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Huge Random Delays While Browsing Shared Folders On Wired XP LAN?

Nov 26, 2012

I administer a wired SOHO network at a business I own, which is nothing more than a XP Pro machine which doubles as a file server. Typically, there are only 3 or 4 work stations in use at any given time, with 3 printers being shared. Backups are done after hours through portable USB. I have a home quality Netgear router behind a cable modem, and unfortunately need to use two 8-port unmanaged switches due to limited cabling between the workstations and the server. Said switches/cabling could prove to be the culprit, except that it used to work nicely.

A few months ago, while browsing the shared folders where the bulk of the approximately 180 Gigs worth of largely graphics files...(browsing from ANY of the terminals)...I began to be aware of random delays of up to 30 seconds or more. It seemed to be a sudden change, but has grown worse over time.

The files in question typically reside under several subdirectories, ie My Network Places/GID/Designs/Stan/Photoshop Files/TeeShirts... and browsing to the actual goodies progresses nicely until the VERY LAST directory, then WHAMMO.....XP flashlight goes back and forth, back and forth, back and might wait half a minute before seeing the actual filenames in the window.

Its exasperating, and can randomly happen even if I'm the only person in the building, and the "server" seemingly has nothing else required of it.

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Internet Connection Keeps Disconnecting At Random Times?

Oct 26, 2012

I have fiber optic Internet with static ip and keeps disconnecting at very random times. It started 3 weeks ago, before it worked perfect. Most of times dcing 3 times per hour. But sometimes working for hours without dcs. Usually disconnects only for half minutes then reconnect, it can be very annoying. The provider keep saying that need change router. I'm tried three different of routers already, but keeps disconnecting. I'm tried connect the net directly into my cpu, without router, but not worked, dc-ing too. I tried ping the default gateway when its disconnected, and its saying: request timed out.What else can i try? It should be, that the provider has too many clients, and their router collapsing?

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Connection Intermittently Drops At Random Times

May 9, 2012

We recently moved and upgraded our internet service from 1.5 Mbps to 4Mbps with CenturyLink. However, since our service was activated last Thursday, the internet connection intermittently drops and will not recover unless I reboot the modem. The period of up-time will last anywhere between fifteen seconds to several hours, usually falling along the five-to-ten minute range. No difference when using ethernet/wifi. The DSL light stays on, and the Internet light remains on as well.

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Internet Access Keeps Dropping At Random Times

Feb 17, 2011

I have a brand new Dell laptop running windows 7 connected to a sky router wirelessly. My internet connection randomly just drops. At 1st I could just click on the yellow triangle and troubleshoot and it would reset the network adapter. I cannot do that now - Im having to disable the adapter and the enable it and Im back on the internet.I have set it up so I am connecting via a manual IP address as I wondered if when the kids PS3 was connecting it was pinching my Ip address.

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SMCD3GN - New NIC Losing Internet At Random Times?

Jan 29, 2013

I've been having some problems with my new custom built computer connected wirelessly to my Router. My router is an SMCD3GN. So it is a Router/Modem in one. I am currently using the Linksys AE3000 Wireless-N USB Adapter. I have had a past Wireless USB Adapter, & an internal Wireless network card. The USB quit working & in order for me to get it to work is I have to reinstall the drivers everytime I turn my computer back on. The internal wireless network card would randomly lose internet every 30mins - an hour. Being a gamer, this is very frustrating. So, right now I am using the Linksys USB, and I was just playing a game & talking to some friends on skype & I would lose internet for 2 seconds then it would automatically reconnect. So I am beginning to think that it might be my Router but I tried my USB on my laptop for like 10 mins (I disabled the internal wireless network adapter) & I went into cmd.exe and pinged google for about 10 mins, & it said "Request Timed Out." several times.

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Slow Internet At Random Times (usually During Peak Hours)?

Apr 30, 2011

isp is Comcast. They have had 2 techs come out here to look at problem and found nothing. I'm on a wireless connection with router in the next room. Modem was replaced a week ago and still problem persists. Landlady says she has no problem (shes the one in the next room and is connected directly) but I think that because she doesn't notice (I play online games so its very noticeable). I have excellent signal from router. This is my report:

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : *****
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No


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Cisco Wireless :: AP 1141 Disassociating At Random Times

Mar 24, 2013

We have about 15-20 APs out in the field, and at random they seem to disassociate from the WLCs and re-associate within a few minutes. We have not looked into that entirely yet, but we are having an issue with a few. Sometimes, they will disassociate and after a few hours reassociate.

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Huge Latency / Ping Spikes At Random Times With No Apparent Cause

Jun 20, 2012

Since about 3 weeks ago my DSL has been getting totally random ping spikes, from under 40 to over 1500MS for minutes to hours on end. Nobody else is using my internet, I've verified this. There is nothing sucking up bandwidth on any connected device or computer, as far as I can tell through troubleshooting to the best of my ability. I tried switching to a Cisco X2000 modem/router combo and it did nothing, still totally random latency. Also, when I called AT&T about this, they didn't even know what ping was. They ran an upload/download speed test (which is still mostly consistent regardless of latency) and told me I was basically making the issue up.

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Cisco WAN :: 2911 Router Hanging / Freezing At Random Times

Dec 16, 2012

I have a 2911 router hanging/freezing at random times, could work fine for a week then crash, or sometimes, could only go a few hours, completely random with timing. The onyl fix is to manually pull the power and reinsert.When this happens, all services/access stop working, including nothing on console access.This was on 15.2.1.T1 which im aware, has a few bugs, so i upgraded to 15.2.1.T2.The issue continued, so I swapped out the 2911 with a brand new one. The issue is still present.
One interesting thing, is when the router crashes/freezes, all lights appear to remain on working as usual, but when i unplug any of the ethernet links, the lights still continue to remain flashing and on for the ethernet LEDs, even once i have fully removed the cat6 cable.

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Acer Laptop / IPhone And Xbox360 - Disconnecting At Random Times All Day Long

Mar 12, 2011

i have an acer laptop an iphone and an xbox360 running on my connection not always all at once but my connection just randomly cuts out at any point whenever im on xbox live i get disconnected and i look at the router and its just resetting itself and i have to go and reboot it or just reset it and wait a wile before it will come back on. but even when it is on its not for long before it goes off on its own

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Disconnects Internet At Random Times

Oct 14, 2011

I check all of the settings and changed the channel to see if it works.  For some reason it disconnects my wireless internet at random times and i know before it never use to do that before with a older router. There is nothing blocking it, it worked before, and my computers can connect except two.  The only thing i can guess is my wireless card. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt400n / Wifi Stops Broadcasting At Random Times

Nov 10, 2011

The wireless drops specifically from my laptop constantly at random times. When the wireless drops in order for me to be able to reconnect i have to restart the router itself. There are also random times where the Wi-Fi stops broadcasting altogether. I have a computer connected via Ethernet and it does not lose connection during these times. All the computers are running Windows 7 and the Router is up to date on firmware.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Dropping Apple IPad 2 At Random Times

Feb 8, 2012

Had an E4200 for a couple of months now and have not been able to resolve an issue with the router dropping an Apple iPad 2 at random times.The E4200 is replacing a Cisco Aironet 1200, which never dropped any clients, iPad 2 or others, and never displayed any of the issues below.
TECH DETAILS:The E4200 is being used purely as an access point.  All extras are not in use and are disabled.

Firmware 1.0.03
Hardware version 1.
BASIC ISSUE:The E4200 drops an Apple iPad 2 off the 2.4 Ghz Mixed (B, G, N) network.  The user must then select the network to rejoin.  Rejoining occurs without incident.  The same issue occurs when the network is restricted to B, G.  The drops occur at what appears to be random intervals - sometimes 10 minutes apart, sometimes hours apart.  We can have as many as 6 drops in an hour.  A ping to the apple ipad shows the device stops responding to pings about 10 seconds before the user is prompted to rejoin a network.  Meanwhile, a ping to the E4200 itself from a laptop connected via the E4200 on the same radio as the ipad continues to work without fail during this incident.

1. The iPad 2's cannot connect to the 5Ghz radio.  I believe iPad 2's are supposed to support 5Ghz.

2. Both our Apple TVs do not connect to the 5Ghz radio: they fail with a "There was an error connecting to the network. Check your settings and try again. (-3914)" error.  Apple TV supports 5Ghz.

3. The admin interface for the E4200 is very slow sometimes.  Probably over 20 seconds to render some pages when it gets really bad.  As a comparison, Internet-based pages on fast sites that delivered via the E4200 itself load in less than 2 seconds.

4. The HTTPS version of the admin interface can only be connected to via Safari browers.  Both Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome 16 fail to connect with a "Connection reset" error.  In Chome, it says "Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset."  This is across multiple devices.  There is no issue with straight HTTP.
All other devices - including Macs and PCs - connect fine with the E4200 on both 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz radios, even if they cannot access its admin interface via HTTPS.I've presented quite a few issues above, but the main one is the drop outs for the iPad 2 devices.  I'd present logs on drops, but the thing doesn't record any useful logs.
Basic wireless config:

Network Mode: Wireless-N Only
Channel width: Auto (20 or 40 Mhz)
Channel: Auto (DFS)
SSID Broadcast: Enabled


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2975 Not Handing Out PoE Power To Phones And Access Points At Random Times

Oct 22, 2012

We currently have around 150 2975 switches and have had problems with it them not handing out PoE power to the cisco phones and access points at random times.  There is plenty of power left for the switch to use.  We have at least 15 that will be running fine for about a week and then all of the devices that use PoE power will shut off and will not come back on until we reload the switch.  If you console in there aren't any messages that pop up and if you look at the port it just shows on connected or will show IeeePD in the power inline.  We have contacted Cisco TAC and they just RMA them. 

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Network Card Dies At Random

Aug 23, 2011

At first it seemed to happen everyday at the same time, but now seems completely random (happening twice a day somedays). At some part during the day while the user is busy with this system it drops the network connection. The ONLY way to get it back is by restarting via the reset button. Shutdown or even logoff just hangs. Nothing regarding that card will work or respond, you can not even disable and re-enable. I can however get the wireless to work without restarting. I've done everything I could possible think of including format and re-installing Windows. Something new I've noticed is that the user always has MS Access (in runtime mode) running while network goes down and then you can not end that process.

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Random Network Dropping Mac Devices Only?

Sep 15, 2012

I have a mix of devices that all access the internet via a Deutches Telkom Speedport W 723v my windows devices, HTC phone and even the iPad 2 never have a problem, but my Macbook Pro (Unibody Late 2008 model) and my iMac (Probably 2007 / 2008) keep having a problem with the network dropping out. To fix it I have to switch off Airport and switch it back on again and it re-connects straight away.The Mac OSX software albeit now rather dated on both devices (The Macbook is 10.5.8) is kept up to date using Software Update.The problem amy also now be affecting my APPLE TV2 it never had a problem before but now I cannot connect to iTunes on my Macbook using Home Sharing it just does not want to connect!!!I did try before going into the Speedport and changing channels from AUTO to channel 1 but that did not resolve it. I am going to do it again and try a different channel but logging onto the Speedport is an absolute pain, I can only login using my Macbook Pro when it is booted into Windows XP and on Ethernet as we had all sorts of problems setting it up and could only do it using IE not SAFARI and now the Speedport login only recognises 1 x PC for logging in, if you try a different device it throws a wobbly and locks up!

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Random Wireless Network Dropout

Feb 7, 2013

I have been having intermittent wireless trouble. This includes Ping spiking, Wireless network drop-outs (The network stop appearing on available network list) and packet loss. This is all completely random (though very common) and is frustrating to say the least. As far as I know, the problem is not nearly as bad on other devices in the house , so I suspect that my network card has become shoddy. I have tried updating,removing,and re-installing network drivers to no avail. I have also used cmd and I have pinged, which shows random ping spikes, and some packet loss as well.

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Network Crashing At Random Point?

Jun 20, 2012

My router keeps crashing like it is restarting. it turns off then all the lights are beginning to turn un again after some time it repeats again and again....Last thing they did was turning down the internet speed for our Network. It worked in some time but then it begun crashing again...Then they said it was the cable in the road that could not take all the data stream... And something about and Bit error?I just dont belive the cable in the road thing because our neighbour are running 10 M/bits without a single error anytime... I am not an expert but i've found out that we are running a Sagembox or something like that. The hardware version (if that is important) is: 3DK04-02 Everybody in the house is running Win7 SP.1. If you need any more information then i will try to find them.

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Network And Internet Dropping At Random

Jan 15, 2012

We are having an issue on our domain where both internet and network connection drops at random, this lasts from about 30 secs up to a minute.The Domain server is running Server 2003 and we have afew XP and a few windows 7 machines.All of this is behind a SonicWall TZ-200 firewall.[code]

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Mapped Network Drive Fails At Random?

Mar 18, 2011

I am having an issue with 3 xp pc's in my network loosing connectivity to the file server. There are 4 network drives mapped to a win 2k3 server, when the user logs in everything is fine, after a while the network drives become unreachable and gives the following error - An error accrued while reconnecting (drive letter) to \servershare Microsoft windows network: The local device is already in use The connection has not been restarted” This happens from any user on only 3 boxes. The rest of the network is fine. These 3 are networked via a switch, I swapped that out for another hoping that might fix it, but nothing.

The other odd thing is the same time that the network drives error out it seems that DNS stops resolving anything outside my network. I can still ping the router and other pcs on the LAN but DNS fails to resolve any names for IE, and nothing outside the LAN can be pinged, no Google, no How ever restarting fixes the issue for a short while. There have been no network changes and all systems are fully up to date as far as patches go. I was thinking it's got to be a ether a DNS issue (the file server is also the Active Directory Domain controller) or something in to do with the router/fire wall we use (it's a Cisco ASA 5005).

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Use Intel Wimax 6250 To Connect To Random Network

Jul 31, 2012

I have this laptop with a built-in Intel Centrino Advanced-N + Wimax 6250 adapter to connect to WiMAX.Right now I have a WiMAX connection at home with a simple gateway. So what I want to do right now is trying to connect to this network using my built-in adapter.I'm facing right now is that the driver of the adapter only searchs for a certain provider from the US (Clear). I'd like to subscribe to their service but I live in Argentina so that's not a valid option. So my question is if you know of a custom driver or some other way to search for my local wimax network.

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Wired PC Randomly Disconnects From Network At Random Intervals?

Feb 11, 2013

Wired PC randomly disconnects from network at random intervals each dayoday it has done so 3 times. The only way I have found to get it working again is to reset the router which can be inconvenient. When it disconnects all wireless devices continue to work and I have no issues like this with my wired consolesI switched to using a static IP address, since having an automatic one gave me the same results [i have since switched back to automatic]Be happy for any suggestions on how to sort this. I am using W7 OS and I'm using an Orange router. I don't know if its relevant, but when I go to reset my router I have noticed that the download light on my router is flashing like crazy when my PC has disconnected.

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Cisco Switches :: SG200 - Random Network Dropout

Jul 21, 2011

I have SG200 50/50 Port Switch and the devices that connect into it are servers and workstations
Few days and until we experience network dropouts and when take a look at the switch log it gives me this?
  2147483423   2011-Jul-22 16:34:53 Informational   %LINK-I-Up:  gi3, aggregated (1)       
    2147483424   2011-Jul-22 16:34:53 Warning   %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: gi3: STP status Forwarding, aggregated (1)       
    2147483425   2011-Jul-22 16:34:50 Warning   %LINK-W-Down:  gi3, aggregated (1)       
    2147483426   2011-Jul-22 16:34:37 Informational   %LINK-I-Up:  gi3       
    2147483427   2011-Jul-22 16:34:37 Warning   %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: gi3: STP status Forwarding       
    2147483428   2011-Jul-22 16:34:27 Warning   %LINK-W-Down:  gi3       
Device connected to gi3 is a Web Server
This is also happening on more ports ie 20-printer, 13-Cisco Wireless Access Point, 24 File Server etc., which I don't know what is going on. With my research, it said something about spanning protocol. Is this possible to disabled?
The other cisco switch where desktop are also connected doesn't have this error.
My firmware is
Boot Version

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Home Network :: Random Network Drops / Disconnects Services?

Apr 15, 2011

I've been having some issues with my network connectivity for a while now, and I haven't been able to figure out what the problem is. I run a wired connection to an Ethernet port in the wall of my university dorm. I have verified that it is not a global network issue or an ISP issue; this problem only happens on my PC.My network connection drops/disconnects randomly throughout the day. When I say disconnect/drop, I mean that all attempts to ping or access the internet fail. A few minutes pass before the Network and Sharing center task tray icon shows a warning sign saying that my computer could not connect to the internet.This is temporarily fixed by doing an ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew, but I have to execute these two commands about 2-3 times a day on average.

There is no exact interval between the disconnects, nor does it happen when I am running particular programs. The disconnect happens regardless of what I am doing at the moment (gaming, browsing the internet, leaving the computer idle).A month back, I installed some Windows Updates and suddenly my internet connection was almost completely broken. I was experiencing the same issue, but much more frequently. My internet would die within 10 seconds of executing any download, but Windows wouldn't recognize that something was wrong. At first I thought the ZoneAlarm, Avast!, or the SafeConnect (as required by my university) services were causing trouble but uninstalling/disabling these services did not fix the problem.I also tried reverting to my default ethernet drivers, which did nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled multiple versions of my drivers to no avail.However, the internet worked just fine in Safe Mode with Networking, so I cross-referenced the processes/services running in Safe Mode w/ Networking against my normal startup, guessing something else was at play.After some poking around, I discovered that disabling the Server and Browser services permanently fixed the issue of instant connection death. But the initial problem I described still remains;random, less frequent internet connection drops.

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82579V Windows 7 - Wired Network Has Random Intermittent Failures

Jul 1, 2011

I just built a new computer running Windows 7 with an Intel 82579V Gigabit on the motherboard. Since last night while playing an online game, I have occasionally noticed sudden network failures where I either time out of my game or severely lag for 10 seconds before the game catches up.

My other network hardware and setup remains unchanged during this build.I have never had issues with my internet connectivity from my ISP.

The problem is not consistent and I'm not sure how to repeat it. I was playing my online game for several hours and then suddenly started having problems every 5 minutes with disconnecting.I can watch the network utilization in the Windows Task manager drop suddenly and then spike back when I reconnect to the game. Similar visual seen on the Tomato software on my router.

So far I've grabbed the latest drivers for the network chip from my motherboard manufacturer's website and turned off Teredo. I also made sure no power saving features were enabled on the network chip in the device manager.

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Home Network :: TL-WR340GD - Port 80 Blocked At Random Points Of Time?

Apr 15, 2012

The problems looks like this: I'm able to browse the web without any problems until at random points of time - might be 2 hours after I turn on my PC or 5 or even half an hour the port 80 gets blocked - actually more like it hangs it self. As whatever I try to open i get "waiting for response" going and going. It's not even returning "page not found" error or anything. To top everything all other ports work fine - i can use https, ping run tracert - no problem there.

I've spend two days looking for some answer on the web but came up empty. I've scanned for malicious software with ad-awar and malwarebyte anit-malware - nothing came up. After restart of the pc everything comes back to normal but its frustrating needing to do that every now and then.

My home network looks like this: I have some broadband modem that is connected to local wifi TP-LINK router (Model No. TL-WR340G/TL-WR340GD). There are four devices using this connection - two pc's (laptops), android phone and android tablet.

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Random Drop Outs From Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 Wireless Network

May 17, 2012

I have a Lenovo T420 with a Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 wireless network card that causes me some headache. It randomly gets disconnected from my router (Zyxel P-2601HN-F1) and home network, works fine though if i using cable. Right after it gets disconnected it reconnects and works fine until it gets disconnected again. I have an HP laptop connected at the same time and no problems there.It works fine in the network in our office (work laptop). I tried our IT dept but they were clueless and told me I had to figure it out by myself, as it works in the office..

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2 Computers On Network Lose Server Access Randomly

Feb 1, 2013

Roughly 10 or so computers and 10 or so printers connected to a server 2003 machine with att dal internet. Upgraded to att uverse and because of our program that we use (hotel management software) we have to keep the gateway / ip's all the same. Well for whatever reason, just so happen that our specific info that we have to use, the uverse modem has reserved for its self and we cant use it on there. We hook up a cisco e1000 router and have it act as the gateway so that we can configure our settings the way we need. Get everything going just perfectly fine. Sometime that night, 2 of the computers lose server/networked files access, but still have internet access. They only lose access to shared files, printers, etc... Logging off/on or restarting the pc's fixes the problem. But then every night almost like clockwork around the same time frame, it all happens again. I've changed ip's on the machines, changed settings here and there, but nothing has fixed the problem. The biggest pain is, I cant replicate the problem, I have to waot until that night to know if what I did worked or not. The last thing I tried was changing the lease expire timer in the router from 24 hours to 7 days. I figured I'd give that a try since it seems that its almost 24 hours exactly between errors.

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