Cisco :: Application Layer Service The Same As Application Layer Software?

Apr 3, 2012

I am taking an introduction class to CCNA and we are focusing on the Application Layer,and I'm having some difficulty in understanding what is an Application Layer Service. Is the Application Layer Service the same as Application Layer Software?

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Cisco Application :: N55-D160L3-V2 Be Installed For Layer 3 Performance

Oct 9, 2012

For the Cisco Nexus 5548P chassis, must the N55-D160L3-V2 (Nexus 5548 Layer 3 Daughter Card, Version 2) be installed for Layer 3 performance.

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Cisco Routers :: RVO42 / 4400 N - SIP Application Layer Gateway Disable

Jul 22, 2012

We use a phone system that requires SIP Application Layer Gateway to be disabled on the router.  We replaced the older RVO42 routers with the WRVS4400N routers and the VOIP phone works fine with this check mark option disabled.
Does the new RVO42 router allow you to disable this option?  I did not find it in the manual so far.  I do not want to buy two routers and find that it will not work with the phone system.  We need Dual WAN this time so I thought we would try RVO42 model again as long as it is the latest version. Any issues with newer RV042, RVO82 with NEC VOIP phone systems?

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Cisco Application :: CSS 11503 - Layer 5 Content Rule Match Wildcard And Suffix

Oct 2, 2011

Is it possible on the CSS11503 to create a layer 5 content rule that matches a url "/*/_edit".

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Sg300 And SLM2024 VLAN As Layer 2 And Layer 3 Switches Connection

Mar 18, 2012

I want to setup VLAN with the switches SG300 and SLM2024. What is the suggestion to connect these 2 switches. We have the Juniper net screen.

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Cisco Infrastructure :: Stacking Catalyst 3750 Layer 2 And Layer 3

Nov 15, 2011

I have a question if I Stack a Catalyst 3750 L3 with a Catalyst just L2, will we able to use all L3 capabilities?

Switches are  


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Cisco :: Possible To Have Service Policy On Layer 2 Uplinks To Routers

Jan 10, 2013

I have the following scenario: Pair of Cisco 887VA routers acting as Layer 3 for Voice/Data VLANs with a pair of 2960 LAN Base switches acting as Cores and possibly then 2960 LAN Lites hanging off them as access switches. Our Service Provider has provided an example config where the class-maps match based on dscp values for the QOS policy applied to the DSL circuits. We can obviously trust the attached phones but I want to be able to mark data traffic on my core switches based on destination IP/port to allow application definition. My major question is can I have a service policy on my Layer 2 uplinks to the routers where the linked classes setting dscp vlaues are based on class-maps matching on the contents of IP access lists based while at the same time not remarking the EF marked packets from the phones?

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Cisco Application :: ACE 20 Service-policy Out Of Service / Still Able To Connect To VIP

Feb 28, 2012

We have a situation where services are stopped on the real servers. The probes fail and we confirm the services are not running on the server. We cannot access the ports from the ACE directly. We can still however acces the VIP on the TCP port (L4 VIP class-map). So we can still telnet to the VIP on the port from thr Client side of the network.This is on ACE 20 Modules deployed in Routed mode. The version of software is A2(3.3).
Tried removing multi-match and loadbalance policies as well as class-map and re-applying then re-appyling the service policy to interface. Same behavior,This is a problem at another level as some services are being monitored by GSS via TCP keep-Alive and this obviuosly causes a problem as the service then never goes off-line.

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Cisco Application :: CSS 11503 SSL Service Suspended

Mar 24, 2013

i have two CSS-11503 in redundant mode running 8.20 code.  We had an incident in our network where a layer 2 loop caused some high traffic through the CSS' and had to shutdown some network gear(including the CSS) to clear the problem.  When the CSS' were powered back up, the SSL service was suspended, why this would occur?  There rest of the config appeared normal. I am the only person on these boxes, the configs were written, and I have never had a reason to suspend the ssl service.

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Cisco Application :: CSS 11501 Not Dropping Flows If Service Is Down

Oct 14, 2012

some misconfiguration (?) may be the reason for an undesired behaviour we are experiencing with our Cisco CSS 11501s. Balancing mechanisms work fine, however if a service transitions to the "down" state, the corresponding flows remain "alive" leading to a temporary outage of our service. Subsequent client requests are still being sent to the "down" frontend which is unresponsive.

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Cisco Application :: Ace 4710 SSL Proxy Service Using FQDN

Nov 28, 2012

I have an ACE4710 with a few basic farms running and it works great however I now need to implement an SSL proxy service for the first time. The requirement is that clients who are already using FQDN's need to be sent to diffent real server IP addresses as each client will have their own VM. All the clients will use the same global IP address with different A records.

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What Application / Service Is Sending Out Netbios Broadcasts On A Network

Dec 20, 2011

i need to be able to find out what application/service is sending out net bios broadcasts on a network segment the requests are for machines that no longer are on the network but something is trying to obtain there ip address as they are not in dns any more i am assuming this is why they are resorting to netbios broadcasts i need to some how isolate what application or service is trying to find out.

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Cisco Application :: Password Recovery For ACE Service Module 6500

Dec 27, 2011

I have an ACE10-6500-K9 (Application Control Engine service module for Catalyst 6500) but I can't access it because I lost the admin password.I would like to know how to perform a Password Recovery Procedure on this device.Is it similar to the password recovery procedure on an ACE 4700 appliance?

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Cisco Application :: Does ACE Service Module Support SHA2(256) Certificates

Sep 1, 2010

Does ACE service module support SHA2(256) certificates? I see that private key generation defaults to SHA1 and does not provide any option, also the cipher suites in SSL parameters map do not show SHA2 options. Can it handle SHA2 in any software release? I am currently running A2(2.3) build 3.00

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Cisco Application :: ACE30-MOD-K9 Module Crash Due To Service Cfgmgr

Dec 2, 2012

My ACE module ACE30-MOD-K9 crashed today, and at the show ver output i see  "last boot reason:  Service "cfgmgr" ".the curent version we running is Version A5(1.2) [build 3.0(0)A5(1.2).

After doing some research i found known bug that supposed to be fixed in this version: CSCtu36146
CSCtu36146—The ACE becomes unresponsive due to a configuration manager (Cfgmgr) process failure with the last boot reason: Service "cfgmgr."

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Cisco Application :: 3945 - WCCP Redirection For WAAS On Same Platform Using Different Service Group?

Nov 9, 2011

if a Cisco router or switch can handle wccp redirection enabled for both waas and some other web content filtering appliance using a different service group?
seems like the priority value would come into play determining which service group gets handled first?
we currently do WCCP for WaaS on our 3945s.
I am going to advocate to my customer that we separate this out for CPU load issues, config complexity issues, IOS issues, etc... but the question is going to come up - "can we do WCCP for different applications on our Catalyst 3750 core switch, or our 3945 WAN routers?"

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Cisco Application :: ACE20 - Config Application In Progress Message

Dec 3, 2012

Everytime I make a config change to one of the contexts on our ACE20, I get this message: Config Application in Progress. This command is queued to the system
If I run show download info, I get:
context : context1
Interface                     Download-status
187                         In Progress
199                             Pending
Regex download optimization status : Couldn't get status[TNRPC Timed out]
It eventually seems to complete, but it takes a very, very long time. We are running Version A2(3.5) [build 3.0(0)A2(3.5)].

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Cisco Application :: Application Slowness Through ACE 4710

Mar 27, 2013

Report run via Individual Web server URL’sThe report takes less than 20 minutes (average 15 minutes) to fetch and return the data. This is observed 9 out of 10 times.Report run via ACE Load Balanced URLThe report keeps on running for more than 20 minutes and never completes. The front end keeps showing report is running.The data in general when tested directly by running queries against the database (bypassing the platform) completes in 15-18 minutesThe network connectivity for each and every ports involved (Loadbalancer/Servers) have been throulgly checked.

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Cisco WAN :: SM-ES3-16-P Works As Layer 3?

Apr 29, 2013

SM-ES3-16-P works as a layer 3 module which means that the uplink which connects to router  ( Internally ) is a layer 3 interface . Is there a way we can use it as a layer 2 switch and connect the uplink as a trunk port ?

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Connecting Layer 2 Switch To 3

Mar 10, 2011

Here is a second paragraph from official BCMSN book page 93:

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Connecting Two Subnets At Layer 2

Jul 2, 2012

I have :

- two different subnets (S1, S2)

- these subnets are connected to an IP backbone via wirelles acces points

I would like to physically connect these subnets together so the networks devices in S1 could directly communicate with the devices in S2 and vice versa without going through the backbone.

The obvious solution seems to interconnect these subnets with a router or a switch L3. But I would like to connect these subnets and stay at layer 2.

So, is it possible to connect S1 and S2 with a switch L2 ? If I do that, what is going to happen? Can I create just one subnet S3 from this two subnets when I connect them together and have my two separate subnets back as soon as I disconnect them?

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Cisco :: Layer 3 Managed Switch?

Apr 30, 2012

I need a ≥ 8 port layer 3 managed switch. What would be the cheapest solution for this?I've been looking at some stuff like Cisco 4908G, but that only supports 1000base-X. I need something that supports the standard 1000base-T. I've also looked at a Cisco WS-C3508G-XL-EN, but correct me if I'm wrong, this is only layer 2?

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Cisco :: EoMPLS Using Microwave As Layer 1?

Mar 18, 2013

i am trying to do EoMPLS using microwave as my Layer 1. i am doing the same thing using Fiber as my layer 1 and it is working. the minute i use microwave its not working. the EVC will be showing as up, but no traffic will be moving. i am using 2 3750Metro series swicthes. i have tries to tweek the MTU to be above 1500 and below 1500 but nothing is working. LDP is establishing, OSPF is working, but the EVC is just not forwadign traffic from end to end.

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Cisco :: Can QoS Be Retained From Layer 2 To 3 Without VLANs

Feb 9, 2013

I have a question about QoS and how, or if, it functions between a layer 2 switch and a router. My question is, can a frame's COS sent from a layer 2 switch to a router be recognized and converted (mapped) to a DSCP setting without the use of a vlan (not the native vlan1), and can the reverse be done from a router to a layer 2 switch? Can QoS be preserved as it passes through the different devices? I know, pretty basic, but I have to start somewhere.

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Cisco WAN :: 3560 - Possible To Use Layer 3 Switch For BGP

Apr 22, 2011

can i use normal  two L3 Switch(3560) for BGP Multihoming with 2 different isp

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Cisco WAN :: Nexus 5K With N2K Layer 2 Mode With VPC

Mar 19, 2012

N5K will be running on Layer 2 mode. vPC configured between N5K and N2K Servers are part of Vlan 10, 20, 30 and Juniper SRX firewall is the gateway for all the servers. SRK firewall is Active/Standby mode.
Questions are

1) Is there any non-vPC link required between N5K in this scenario?

2) N5K will pass in/out traffic to juniper SRX firewall durining SRX failover as well as normal operation

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Do These Protocols Match Correctly To Each Layer?

Apr 17, 2011

Data link-ARP,RARP, presentation-SSL,TSL,ASCII,JPG, Session layer-ASP(apple talk session protocol),SCP are these correct?can your provide 2 new protocols for each with the long name?

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Which OSI Layer Is Responsible For Error Correction

Jul 22, 2011

which OSI layer is responsible for error correction nd which method is use for far i have studied i thnk data link layer perform both error detection and correction..?

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Does SOCKS5 Expect Layer 4 Header

Apr 11, 2012

I managed to narrow down my question to this.SOCKS5 proxy is able to handle both TCP and UDP transport protocols.If I have IPinIP encapsulated tunnel, will this work?
in other words, does SOCKS5 expect Layer 4 header immediately after Layer 3 header or not?

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Certified Traffic Model (OSI Layer 3 And 4 TCP / IP)

Jun 23, 2011

I am looking for a certified (e.g. by the ITU) traffic model for the OSI layer 3 & 4. (TCP/IP). If there are definitions for different kinds of traffic, like idle-traffic (protocol only), surfing, file-transfer and all these mixed up.The reason why i am looking for it is that i am actually working at my bachelor thesis and need to simulate network traffic and its behaviour in/at a router. In particular i want to simulate the RTO (retransmission timeout) of a router with "realistic" traffic.

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Why Layer 2 Switches Need Mac Address Even It Does Not Have Any Interface

Dec 27, 2011

Why layer 2 switches need its mac address, even it does not have any interface ? (does not have stp and etc)

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Layer 3 Managed Switch - HP V1910-24g

Mar 6, 2012

I'm looking to get a layer 3 managed switch. The HP we currently have only does layer 2.I'm looking at a HP v1910-24g. It has 24 10/100/1000 ports and looks to be layer 3 as well.It looks like they can be had for around $350.Anything different I should be looking at with similar specs? Any issues with the v1910-24g?

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Cisco :: What Does A Firewall Block At The Transport Layer

Dec 18, 2011

What does a firewall block at the transport layer?

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