Cisco Routers :: RV180W With Firmware - Static DHCP Have No Buttons To Add New Static Lease

Mar 12, 2013

Today I installed the Firmware on a RV180W. I only have now two problems regarding the Static DHCP support in the GUI.

1. Via the Networking > LAN (Local Network) > Static DHCP I have no buttons to Add a new static Lease.
2. Via the Networking > LAN (Local Network) > DHCP Lease Clients I can thick a Lease and click on Make Static IP. The result is an error: Operation failed.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 - Static IP Lease From DHCP Server?

Jul 8, 2011

I just bought an e4200.  I was using a LinkSys WRT54GS running DD-WRT alternative firmware.
One feature that I really liked in DD-WRT was the ability to assign static IP leases from the DHCP server.  I liked having all of my devices running with a predictable, known IP address on my network.  I have a Home Theater PC, and various controller applications that run on iPhones, etc. - some pretty homebrewed.  Configuring the firewalls, etc. was much easier with IP address based controls.
Is there a way to achieve the same within the e4200's stock firmware?

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Cisco Routers :: RV180W - Setting Up WAN Static IP Connection

Jan 10, 2013

I've read and read about setting up the WAN static IP connection, and can't get it to work. I purchased this router to replace an older Linksys Router (WRT150N) so that I could better implement VPN. All I need is 2 remote connections. The Linksys Router has been working great with a static IP setting, so I figured all I need to do to is enter the same IP, subnet, gateway, and DNS settings in the RV180W and it should work fine. Well it doesn't provide any connection to the internet. As far as I can see, it has all the same settings set that the linksys has.
Is there something additional I must do for a WAN static IP setting setup.  I even contacted the ISP but they say their modem is fine and of-course they won't assist with the router. As soon as I connect the linksys back to the modem, I get access to the internet.
I'm no engineer, but something isn't allowing any Internet services.  LAN is fine. I attached a W7 laptop to the router, and it says it can't reach the internet due to something about proxy services. There is no proxy server so not sure what it is referring to.
By the way I tried another manufacturer router just to ensure that it wasn't a defective RV180W, but that router didn't connect either - same issue. If I set it up on my home service, both work albeit only with DHCP WAN settings.

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Cisco Routers :: RV180W Site To Site VPN Static On One End Dynamic

Mar 22, 2013

I am having a heck of a time configuring 2 RV180W's to establish an IPSEC VPN tunnel.  I have some experience at this with other Cisco products (RV042/082) but I can't get these beasties to cooperate.One RV180W is at a client's office and there are to be 1x RV180W and 1x RV120W located at 2 employee's residences.The office has a Static IP and the homes have dymamic IP.I figured I would config the units in the homes to be initators and connect to the office where the static IP is.  This is failing for me so far. Any example (screenshot?) of a config where this is working?  The firmware on the RV180W's I am trying to configure first are current.I even tried testing from my office (where I have multiple static IPs available) from RV180W here to RV180W at client's office (static at both ends) and I can't get a tunnel to come up.  Obviously I am missing the boat at some point in the setup.

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Cisco Routers :: RV220W - Firmware Port Forwarding With Static IPs

Apr 24, 2012

I have read every post here about port forwarding on the RV220W and none are clear. Here is my scenario.
I have 5 static IP Addresses. I want to use one of the IP addresses to setup remote access using Remote Desktop Connection from outside the office using port address translation. for example i would like to use RDC and a specific port such as 7000 and connect to an internal PC on port 3389. sounds simple. i do this all the time on Cisco ASA's, Netgear, D-link, etc. but for the life of me cannot do it on this cisco firewall. so the port address should look like and connect to i have tried everything based on the posts without luck.

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Cisco Routers :: SA520 DHCP Lease Clients Removal

Nov 26, 2012

Is there a way on the security appliance SA520 to remove someone from the DHCP lease client manually rather than setting the DHCP lease time to expire in less time like 4 hours or 2 hours. I was able to do this on other routers by highlighting the connected device and click remove. If not any recommendations on how to handle the device that are attached via DHCP and the person is no longer here, but the lease time is not up. I have set DHCP lease time to 4 hours.               

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Cisco Routers :: RVS4000 Is Not Renewing DHCP Lease In Auto Mode

Jan 25, 2012

my RVS4000 is not renewing DHCP lease in Auto mode. Connection lost after 24 hours.
WAN Internet interface is physically connected to cable modem - Motorola SBV6120E. Setup as DHCP server. Cisco RVS4000 is obtaining DHCP public IP without any issue, the problem is that the connection drop every 24 hours and I need to release/renew DHCP each day to be able to communicate after 24 hours. After I loose connection I need to release DHCP, the WAN interface goes down and I need to renew DHCP then. I receive the same IP address and connection is againg UP and working.
tried to load new firmware  and also setup the router with default configuration, but without any change. as there is no auto-reboot function, it is really annoying to log into managment interface each day. I also loose remote access after 24 hours, so I am not able to access the rotuer from outside. My local provider do not support static public IP on WAN, therefore I have to use DHCP.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG160N Static DNS - Setting Up Static Dns 3 On WAG?

Jul 26, 2011

I've been having a problem with setting up static dns 3 on my WAG, what has been set is...
Static DNS 1:
Static DNS 2:
Static DNS 3:
Now if I look in my router status screen 1&2 are correctly displayed but the 3rd entry is showing my ISP's DNS,

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Cisco Routers :: RV180W - Firmware UC 100%

Mar 19, 2013

i've installed the new firmware on my router and now the UC is showing 100% all the time. I've tried to factory reset it, it's doing the same thing. If I downgrade to previous firmware, it goes back to normal . I've only 1 PC in my network (test lab), so no big traffic here. is it a bug ?

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DHCP Reservation Can't Set A Static IP

Feb 7, 2012

I have a Blackberry Playbook and have come into a problem with it.I can't set a Static IP on it so would setting a DHCP Reservation in my Linksys E2500 router act as a static IP?

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Cisco Routers :: RV180W Firmware 1.0 Required

Mar 11, 2013

need The Firmware for the device....URL

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Home Network :: Static DHCP With DD-WRT?

May 28, 2012

For numerous reasons, I want to bind my DHCP clients to static IP addresses, but can't figure out how to do it in DD-WRT.

I've googled, but every link I click times out (for this specific search- my uplink is otherwise fine).

I know I can do it with hardcoded IPs, I'm just curious how static DHCP is done (and yes I am aware that Static is a contradiction in terms of DHCP. I want a given MAC to always get the same IP) and would like to have some info on this.

(call this reserved DHCP if you prefer... )

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Static IP From ISP On Windows Server With DHCP?

May 7, 2011

I have a machine with Windows Server 2003 running an Exchange Server in a office with 5 workstations attached. The server is being used for a basic outlook calendar across the various workstations, nothing major. Our current ISP provides us with a Static IP address. The party that installed and configured the server set it up to run the DHCP server on the server PC itself. As in, the machine running windows server is also running a software DHCP server for the entire network. THE SETUP: As of right now we have a wall port (internet access) with a cable running to a 8 port unmanaged netgear switch that has cables hooked up to the 5 workstations as well as the server itself. Pretty simple.THE QUESTION: How do I configure the ISP static settings on the DHCP Server portion of the Server PC? We may be getting a new ISP with a dynamic address OR a new static address. WHAT I'VE TRIED: I've tried configuring the IP address on the Server PC the way I would via the NIC adapter settings but it already has a internal IP address from the DHCP Server running on that PC so changing that was no good.

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Static IP From ISP On Windows Server With DHCP

Aug 22, 2011

I'm totally new to using Windows Server 2003 (or any windows server edition) but I do have a basic understand of networking. I have a machine with Windows Server 2003 running an Exchange Server in a office with 5 workstations attached. The server is being used for a basic outlook calendar across the various workstations, nothing major. Our current ISP provides us with a Static IP address. The party that installed and configured the server set it up to run the DHCP server on the server PC itself. As in, the machine running windows server is also running a software DHCP server for the entire network. As of right now we have a wall port (internet access) with a cable running to a 8 port unmanaged netgear switch that has cables hooked up to the 5 workstations as well as the server itself. How do I configure the ISP static settings on the DHCP Server portion of the Server PC? We may be getting a new ISP with a dynamic address OR a new static address.

I've tried configuring the IP address on the Server PC the way I would via the NIC adapter settings but it already has a internal IP address from the DHCP Server running on that PC so changing that was no good. I guess what I'm basically looking for is a screen like this (I hope you're familiar with the configuration pages of Linksys Routers) url...

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Cisco WAN :: 861 WAN Changed From DHCP To Static IP And Now Can't Ping

Jan 21, 2011

My old office uses Cisco 861 as a VPN router, with the WAN side setup to receive a dynamic IP assigned by Time Warner cable.  Now we switched to a new office, with TowerStream which provide 4G SLA'ed 10Mbit service with static IP, and I get a Cat 5 ethernet down from it.
So all I did, was to go my "interface FastEthernet4", and typed ip address speed to "speed 100" and "full-duplex" (as instructed by the ISP).
I also did "ip default-gateway", which is the default gate way assigned by the ISP.I also typed "ip name-server" to setup the new DNS, am I doing anything wrong?  I can't even use the router to ping google, but if I connect the laptop directly to the outside line, then it works, so I know the outside line is good.
Why can't I connect to the internet?  I wasted several hours already trying everything in my book to trouble shoot a supposedly very simple configuration change.  Do I need to change something related to NAT when changing to Static IP?  My NAT was working just fine before when under DHCP.
The below is my full config (some IPs changed to preserve anonymity):

Building configuration...
 Current configuration : 16628 bytes
version 12.4
no service pad
service tcp-keepalives-in
service tcp-keepalives-out


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Cisco Routers :: RV180W Worthless With Current Firmware?

Feb 3, 2013

Having just installed a new RV180W router for a customer last week, I am beginning to regret my decision to to go with this model. Issues are as follows:
1. Users connecting via VPN can not browse web or receive email until the disconnect from the VPN.

2. Internal users experiencing very slow web site access and page lockups (speed test shows a good 15MB connection rate)

3. No clear setup for an isolated 'guest' WiFi network.
All of this happened as soon as I replaced the old, stable RV042 with the new RV180W.

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Can't Connect Via Static IP But Works Fine Via DHCP

Feb 5, 2011

I am having trouble connecting to the internet, but not my network, when I assign a static IP to my machine. However, when it's set to DHCP, it works just fine.

Pertinent info:

-I'm connecting to a Linksys WRT610N router via a wireless USB adaptor, Netgear WNDA3100v2;

-Service is Time Warner Roadrunner cable;

-There is no IP conflict as I've got DHCP range set from .200-.249 and this machine's static is .100;

-All the other devices in the house are on static starting with .101 up and they all work fine, both wired and wirelessly;

-Can see and connect to all devices in the LAN, including the router, but nothing outside

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Cabling / Cards :: One LAN Port Using A Static Ip And DHCP

Feb 22, 2012

I have my boss's (president of the company) laptop, wired LAN port, setup with a static ip so his laptop will bypass his company's web filter, and was going to let him use the wireless for home and travel. However, what if he needs to use his LAN port on a different network that doesn't support the ip's of our company's network? I need to see if there is a way, utility, or something that can be done to allow him to have a static ip assigned to that port and use DHCP (for when he is on other networks) so he can bypass the web filter.

I have a rule on the FW to allow his static ip to bypass the web filter. I have tried the alternate configuration inside XP and editing the registry to assign that nic dual ips, but I still get blocked on the filtered webpages. For now I have just emailed him the steps on how to switch it manually.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5500 Static Dhcp Binding?

Sep 30, 2011

Can the DHCP server on an ASA be configured with static bindings like IOS routers can?

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Cisco Routers :: Download Firmware For RV180W Wireless-N Multifunction

Jun 5, 2012

I am trying to download firmware for an RV180W Wireless-N Multifunction VPN Firewall Router. I found updates for a 110 in BIN format (router only updates from IMG). Currently running stock firmware on that router and need the update.

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Cisco WAN :: 876 - DHCP Client Injects Static Routes In Config

Aug 8, 2012

I have a Cisco 876 router running 12.4.(15)T5, configured as DHCP client.  This works nicely.
A Cisco 886 router, running 15.1 software also works with the DHCP client.  This also works but has the following strange beheaviour: In the running-config an ip route <dhcp assigned address> appears. Also - some other static routes that are in the config using the dhcp keyword are duplicated with the dhcp-assigned address
Now - when a write mem is done, these dhcp-generated route entry's are stored in the startup-config...
This beheaviour is completely different and VERY unwanted.  After a change from DHCP server the config will simply stop working, when a write mem was done at the first DHCP situation.
Should we stop using write mem commands when a DHCP client is active in IOS?  Is it a bug? Is it a feature?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 861 Need DHCP Server With Static IP Addresses

Feb 2, 2013

I used to use a CentOS self-made server for intranet for my little office, but I bouth few days ago a Cisco 861 router to replace the linux box.
1. I have 2 public IP classes from my ISP. 1 class is limitted to 80mbit upload, the other to 30mbit upload. So I need some sort of DNAT to be able to know exactly which intranet computer uses big internet and which one limitted internet.
2. I need DHCP server and with static IP addresses (one computer must always have the same IP address, etc).. i have my needs for this.
3. Also I need external access to some servers inside (web, ftp, etc) [code]
So far so good, all looks simple and I can achieve this in 2 hours on a centos linux box (correct routes, ip forwarding enabled and few iptables rules for NAT/SNAT/DNAT).
But on this brand new Centos router well, i'm not even successful in pinging the outside world, nor the inside world I'm tired of reading the forums, the documentation..i want (at first) a simple scenario: vlan+dhcp, fa4 with 1 public ip address and ACCESS to the real world. I wasn't able to achieve not even that much. [code]

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Cisco Switches :: SG300 DHCP Static Reservations Are Not Working

May 19, 2013

I'm having troubles with this firmware in a SG300-28 switch. Actually the DHCP server, a new feature in this firmware release, doesn't work correctly. DHCP static reservations are not working: CLient ID and MAC address are not recognized correctly, and the DHCP server assigns the first free IP in the pool, rather than the reserved one.If Cisco engineers read this, plese correct the issue.

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TP-Link ADSL2+ Wireless :: W8960n - Static IP Outside Dhcp Range

Feb 25, 2013

Region : Australia
Model : TD-W8960N
Hardware Version : V4
Firmware Version : TD-W8960N_V4_130205_Beta

I have an Optus Home Zone (mobile cell tower) that requires ports open.

123 UDP
500 UDP
4500 UDP

I have assigned the Home Zone a Static IP outside the DHCP range and set the above Ports on the NAT, Virtual servers to that IP address.

I have used nmap to scan the ports and it provides open/filtered status for all of them.

Here is the kicker for me, i use a DGN3500 netgear (which keeps dropping WiFi hence its replacement) and enter the ports and it works straight away. Un plug and put the Tp-Link and nothing.

I use Eset Smart Security, could that be the problem?

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Cisco Wireless :: AP1142 Preferring DHCP Address Over Static Configuration

Jul 30, 2012

I'm experimenting a strage issue with some AP1142 that prefer getting new IP from DHCP server rather than using the static ip already configured.
I've got  more than a hundred of 1142 APs already conected to a 5508, all with static IP, all working fine for about a year.
As i installed 30 more AP, i enabled a dhcp scope on the controller to give IP to the new APs and when the new aps got registered i changed the configuration to static IP.
The problem comes when some of the older AP than have already static ip are gettig ip from dhcp scope.
If i look at my WCS, it reports that this APS are getting DHCP IP because they cannot reach the controller with their static ip. As this is impossible, because the static ip and the dhcp enable scope are in the same subnet in a layer 2 configuration and with the same gateway. (e.g: old AP; new AP(dhcp; gw
The problem comes when i disable the dhcp scope, all the older aps that got dchp ip from the wlc scope instead of using their staic configured ip are deregistered. If i reset every ap manually, from the swithc disabling PoE, they start to use the static ip and everything comes fine.
This is happening with about ten of fifteen APs from the 100 installed, that is the strange thing because this seem to be very random as the failing APs are installed in different building and connected to different switches.
As now i have disabled dhcp scope and all APs (old and new) have static ip everything is ok, but i will have to add some more APs shortly and every time i enable the dhcp scope on the wlc

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Disabling DHCP On Arris Router And Setting Static IP Address

Sep 9, 2012

My old modem from Roadrunner (Time Warner) died and the service man replaced it with a Arris TG852 modem/router. then my problems began. I would like to have the Arris modem act like a modem and not a router. The network governed by the DIR works fine but none of the clients can connect to the internet. Below are the steps I have both steps below, The DIR is connected to the Arris using the Ethernet not the Wan port.

1. I tried disabling DHCP on the Arris router and setting a static IP address for the DIR router. This worked for a bit and then quit. Some of the computers said there were duplicate IP addresses on the network. If fact the same IP address showed up in the DNS list of the Arris and the DIR routers.. even though the Arris router had DNS disabled.

2. After reading other forums. I enabled DHCP on the Arris and set it to passout IP address between and I then setup the DOR to pass out addresses between and then moved the DIR into the DMZ of the Arris. Still no access to the internet.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560 G - Static DHCP Client Drops Connection

May 31, 2012

i am not sure if this is something with my DHCP setup or not, but it certainly seems to be the culprit.  I am running a 3560G and using it as DHCP and to do V LAN routing (Geiger protocol).  I have 10 pools configured with a few static addresses per pool.  Now to get down to the problem.  I have a computer (and this problem seems to be a gremlin as it changes what computer is affected quite often) that will connect, get its IP, immediately disconnect, then send out a DHCP req again.  The computer has a static assignment in the pool, and for the brief second that it connects, it gets the right address.  If i move the computer to another v lan, all works right.  If i delete the static entry it will get an address in the right v lan no problem.  The command i have been using to add static entries is:

address client-id 01xx.xxxx.xxxx.xx
That seems to have been working on all my static routes except for a bank of computers in vlan3.  I have went as far as to delete the pool and recreate it, heck i even recreated the v lan and i am still having issues.   Below are some snippets of the running config for review.
The DHCP Pool for the affected LAN:
ip dhcp pool Dev3
boot file
dns- server
 [Code] .....

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Cisco Switches :: SG500 DHCP Server Does Not Assign Predefined Static IP Addresses

May 17, 2013

I upgraded my SG500 switch firmware to, since there is a new functionality DHCP server v.4 well I must say I came accross the issue I cannot solve. DHCP server assign dynamic address - no hassles. troubles start with static IP hosts.I defined a couple of hosts with static address within the correct subnet. I tried with hardware address and client identifiers. no luck. my switch does not assign the IP address I assigned to the suitable mac address. to define it I use both CLI & Web.

ip dhcp pool host HP-Elliteaddress client-identifier 01:d8:d3:85:cf:09:72client-name HP-Ellitedefault-router
ip dhcp pool host VAIO-Zaddress hardware-address 54:53:ed:1c:a1:46

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Linksys Wired Router :: BEFVP41 / DHCP - Set Static Table IPs For Security Camera DVR?

Jun 22, 2011

I have enabled DHCP but want to set static table IP's for my security camera DVR and one computer, the others can remain dynamic. I know in other routers I can attach a LAN IP to a mac address to keep it static but I can't see where I can do that with this router.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT320N - Setting Up Static LAN & Custom DHCP Pool

Dec 18, 2012

I'm following a tutorial that 'dumbs down' the modem and lets me use the router for everything.
It asks me to set up a static LAN IP (10.x.x.x range) and edit the DHCP pool of the router. When I'm logged in to the routers admin, it doesn't seem I'm able to do any of this.
Earlier in the tutorial it also asked me to set up a static IP for the router, which I did I suppose.
I've added a screenshot of the admin panel, in case that's relevant.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: RFC 3442 / IOS DHCP Server - Classless Static Routes On Clients

Nov 11, 2011

I was trying to find if it's possible to add the option for static routes for DHCP clients on Cisco IOS DHCP config mode. I'm looking to add a settings as defined on RFC 3442, like this one, set on ISC DHCPd server:
Global settings:
option rfc3442-classless-static-routes code 121 = array of integer 8;
option ms-classless-static-routes code 249 = array of integer 8;
And for the subnet declaration:
option rfc3442-classless-static-routes  24, 192, 168, 30, 192, 168, 10, 1;
option ms-classless-static-routes       24, 192, 168, 30, 92, 168, 10, 1;

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Cisco Routers :: Static IPs Behind RV220W

Jul 3, 2012

Picked up a pair of RV220W's for a project I'm working on.  I have several IP's available, 4 of which are assigned to/in use by a server behind the RV220W.  All 4 of these IP's are static external IPs.  How I can configure the RV220W so that requests to those 4 IP's get routed to the server.
Prior to purchasing this, I was under the impression what I was trying to do was called one-to-one NAT, but after reading the 'Help' document on the one-to-one NAT page, I don't think this is right.  Emphasis added below: Cisco RV220W Wireless-N Network Security Firewall Help FirewallOne-to-One NATOne-to-one NAT is a way to make systems behind a firewall and configured with private IP addresses appear to have public IP addresses.One-to-One-NAT Rule TableThis table lists the list of available One-To-One NAT rules configured by the user. Private Range Begin: start ip address in private (LAN) ip addressPublic Range Begin: start ip address in the public ip address (WAN IP), Public IP Subnet Mask: The Subnet Mask of the public IPRange Length: Range length maps one to one private address to public address up to the given range.Service: This column shows service to be accepted by LAN Host.The actions that can be taken on One-to-One-NAT rules are:(Check Box At First Column Header): Selects all the entries in the table.Add: Opens the One-To-One NAT Configuration page, to add a new entry. Edit: Opens the One-To-One NAT Configuration page, to edit the selected entry.Delete: Deletes the selected entries.
So according to their documentation, the server in question would need to be configured with a private IP.  Unfortunately, one of the applications I use is licensed via IP address and my understanding is that I cannot use the software with private/non-routable IP addresses.
Is the RV220W capable of not only securing the line (firewall, access rules, content filtering, port trigering & forwarding etc) but also doing what I was hoping to do (keeping the external IP's on the server, and routing appropriately)?

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Routers And Static Routing Table

May 9, 2012

I am currently using 2 routers. One is a 2wire router with stock firmware it is connecting to the internet and can't be altered all too much, it also has a PC connected to it. The other is a WRT54GL with Tomato on it with pretty much EVERY other PC and device connected to it, it is also connected to the 2wire and DMZ'd through it.What I want to do is somehow allow everything on the Tomato router to have access to the 2wire router's PC. (For media access or printers or whatever on Windows 7)

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