Cisco VPN :: Remote Access VPN Configuration On ASA 5550 Version 8.2

Oct 29, 2012

I have a problem relating to remote access VPN configuration on Cisco ASA 5550 verion 8.2(1). I used Cisco VPN client with a simple topology : laptop(client) -----( Internet) ------- (IP public) ASA. Now, I can ping from laptop to OUTSIDE Interface on ASA from Internet when I connect from Cisco VPN client to ASA , I was notified log on Cisco VPN client as below: [code]

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5550 - ASDM 7.0(2) Not Showing Bookmark Info For Remote Access VPN?

Nov 26, 2012

I have an ASA 5550 running 8.4(5) and have installed ASDM 7.0(2), but when I try to manage the bookmarks under the Remote Access - Portal when I try to edit an individual item in a bookmark list the screen does not display any information.  Is this a know bug, or do I need to have a specific java version for the new ASDM?  As a side note, I have not noticed any other issues with the new version of ASDM, only the bookmarks.  I initially tried to downgrade the ASDM version that I was using to connect, but it will no longer allow me to connect.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5550 / Basic NAT From Outside Remote-access IPSec VPN To Inside?

Mar 16, 2012

I cannot get this to work properly and I've even had a Cisco engineer from TAC set-this up... and it literally broke my inside network.  I have a VPN range of addresses..x.x.x.x on the Outside that needs access to a server on the Inside at y.y.y.y.  HTTPS/443 connectivity.  I need to NAT my VPN subnet/pool in order to talk to the inside host, as that host will not accept traffic from my VPN subnet, but obviously, will accept traffic from Inside my private network.
The Cisco tech entered the following static NAT statement to "fix" the problem - nat (outside,inside) source static VPN Inside-Network destination static Host-y.y.y.y Host-y.y.y.y For whatever reason, whenever this is configured on my ASA 5550 v8.3(2)25 the Inside interface starts proxy arping and assigns all IP addresses on my private network with the MAC address of the Inside interface. 
The y.y.y.y is on a remote, routed network within my private, corporate MPLS network.  My Inside private network (Inside-network shown in the static NAT above) is x.x.x.x.  Not sure why this happens, but it kills my entire network and I have to jump through hoops to quiesce the network and get everything back to normal.I've tried to Dynamic-PAT/hide the VPN range behind the Inside interface through ASDM and that seems to do nothing.The NAT statement above will break my network. How to NAT this connection without killing my Inside network?  Or, on how to properly hide my VPN subnet/pool behind my Inside interface and back to the VPN subnet/pool.

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Cisco VPN :: Remote Access On ASA 5540 Version 8.4?

May 22, 2013

I have two Firewalls one on MAIN site and another on BR site. I have configured RA VPN for both and i am able to access the internal networks of respective Firewalls. But the requirement is i want to connect to the Main site through RA VPN and access the BR SITE internal networks through that connection.

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Cisco Firewall :: Import ASA 5550 8.2 (5) In CSM Version 3.3.1?

Feb 14, 2012

if i can import an ASA 5550 8.2(5) in CSM version 3.3.1?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5550 - IOS Upgrade To Latest Version?

Jun 12, 2013

I have a ASA5550, with a IOS version 8.2(5).
I would like to upgarde to the latest version, and I believe it is 9.1.1.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 And 8.2 Remote Access VPN Configuration

Feb 11, 2012

ACS 5.2 , and I can't find document about how to configure remote access vpn authentication in ACS 5.2.

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Cisco WAN :: 1921 NAT / Remote Access Configuration

Dec 15, 2011

I have to open several ports from the WAN to LAN on a 1921:
For example:
Say I need port 41795 both UDP and TCP to go from the WAN to the LAN, can some provide me the context I have to follow?
Currently I have this in place
Another piece of this is that the devices that will need to be accessed remotely are on VLAN10 - will that cause a problem?
is installed at a clients home for a very complex Crestron network that included 5 Cisco POE GB switches, 2 VLANS, with VLAN10 utilizing QOS and is the AV network (VLAN1 is the computer network), 8 1142 WAP's, and this 1921.
=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~= PuTTY log 2011.12.16 19:52:41 =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=show runBuilding configuration...
Current configuration : 3340 bytes!! No configuration change since last restartversion 15.1service timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecno service password-encryption!hostname DHOWE_Router!boot-start-markerboot-end-marker!!enable secret 5 $1$JuTn$zn6CnXIm1bJGgPhtRCfB0.enable password ********!no aaa new-model!!no ipv6 cefip source-routeip cef!!ip dhcp excluded-address

[Code] ........

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Cisco Routers :: Remote Access Configuration On SRP527W

Feb 20, 2013

I'm using SRP527W router at the moment and there are 10 PCs in the office.First of all, I'm not expert on network administration at all.Anyway, I set up remote access for particular PC and it works good.I made it like this.Add "Port Forwarding Entry" in Network Setup > NAT > Port Forwarding menu.

- Type: Single Port Forwarding
- External Port: 3389
- Internal Port: 3389
- Protocol: TCP and UDP
- IP Address:
I need to set up another remote access for another PC (IP:'m not quite sure I can use 3388 port for remote access.However, I added another "Port Forwarding Entry"

- Type: Single Port Forwarding
- External Port: 3388
- Internal Port: 3388
- Protocol: TCP and UDP
- IP Address:
However, it doesn't work.when I tested internal network(use private IP -, it works fine.But when I tried through the Internet (use public IP, it returns "Remote Desktop can't connect to ...." message.How can I open 3388 port in router administration colsole(Services Ready Platform Configuration Utility)?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA5502 - Remote Access VPN Configuration Using FQDN

Apr 29, 2013

We have dns server(only Internal IP) inside our network, right now we have configured Remote Access VPN using Public IP and we connect it using the same Public IP. I need to use FQDN instead using Public IP.
Device : ASA 5520
Configuration Type : IPSec

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Cisco VPN :: 5520 Remote Access VPN (IPSec) Configuration Using FQDN

Apr 29, 2013

We have dns server(only Internal IP) inside our network, right now we have configured Remote Access VPN using Public IP and we connect it using the same Public IP. I need to use FQDN instead using Public IP. What is the configuration for this.
-Device : ASA 5520
-Configuration Type : IPSec

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5550 - Can Client Establish SSL To Remote Network

Mar 16, 2012

Device asa 5550 - But can a Client establish a SSL VPN  to remote network and devices on the remote network access local network printers? so you got one client one network A that creates a SSL VPN  to network B , can network B be configured so that automatic job come across the same ssl vpn to a Different IP?

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Cisco Firewall :: NAT On ASA 5550 V8.3(2) Remote Host Not Accessible

Nov 9, 2011

Not very familiar with ASA and NAT'ing in general so hopefully, this will make sense.
I've created a Site-to-Site IPSec VPN tunnel with one of our clients (who uses a PIX).  The remote user can connect to our local, private LAN servers without a problem.  However, when the remote user tries to connect to servers on our corporate network (which is linked over WAN routers from LA to Dallas) they cant get through.
When I run Packet Trace in ASDM on our ASA all is well until the packet attempts to traverse from the Inside interface back through the Outside interface (back to the remote client side of the VPN tunnel).
I see the following "error" within the Packet Trace tool;
Type - NAT    Subtype - rpf-check    Action - DROP
object network obj_any
nat (inside,outside) dynamic interface
I've attached my ASA config.  The remote client-side address is, its being PAT'd to and the remote host/network its not able to reach is ( /24 net mask).  The local segment in my LA network is and the servers in this network are all able to communicate with the remote client-side user at

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5550 - Failover Is Not Replicating Configuration

Nov 11, 2012

I discover an issue with my CISCO ASA 5550 because I'm looking at the vlans that I have configured and some vlans on the Stand by device had not an IP address configured, checking the configuration of the failover

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Cisco Firewall :: 8.0 To 8.2 Upgrade Would It Affect Configuration 5550

Apr 29, 2012

I am planning the upgrade of an ASA 5550 Active/Passive cluster from 8.0 to 8.2 according to the "zero downtime upgrade" documentation available in the web.
I do not have another cluster for comprehensive testing, but I executed a simple migration procedure on a tiny 5505 and neither licensing features nor the configuration (the command sintax) were affected by this process. I know this is something to care about if you go to 8.3, but this is not my case.I browsed the release notes of 8.2(5) and no special disclaimer was found by me with respect to this release. So everything should work just fine, but I would like to double check for input with respect to these two subjects:

1.Will the licensed features (vpn, concurrent connections, etc) be preserved?                 
2. Will the configuration be preserved ?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5550 Transparent Active / Standby Configuration

Dec 20, 2012

I am in the process of adding a new ASA 5550 as a standby box to an existing ASA 5550 running on transparent mode. Both are on version ASA 8.0(4) and ASDM 6.2(1). I have set the new ASA 5550 to transparent mode. The configurations are the following for the HA: [code]My questions are the following:

1. The management ip address is different than the ip used for the failover link. Since the firewalls are on transparent mode, does the failover ip needs to be the same as the management ip address?
2. Does any other additional config is needed for HA to work for basic active/stand-by failover?
3. Which is the best method to add the second box without disrupting the active box?

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Cisco Firewall :: 5550 - Apply New Startup Configuration To ASA Active Member?

Jun 17, 2012

I have pair of ASA 5550 and I am trying to copy a new config to my member1 (active) as the new configuration I want to use for the pair.  I want to copy this to start-up config on member1 and then reload member1 and have it copy the same config to member2 (stdby).  I guess I am trying to understand if I copy the configuration to member1 and reload it, member 2(stdby) will have become active and try to copy the old configuration to member1 which I do not want. 
get the commands straight that I need to execute to make sure the new startup config gets to both members without being overwritten?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 Identity NAT Configuration For Remote Access VPN And Site-to-Site

Mar 9, 2011

I am try to configure ASA 5510 with 8.3 IOS version.My internal users are and i configured dynamic PAT and are all internet .

i want configure identity NAT for remote access VPN.Remote users IP pool is to
i know to configure NAT exemption in IOS 7.2 version. But here IOS 8.3 version. configure NAT exemption for to my remote pool( to

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Cisco :: NAT Configuration In Later Version Of The ASA OS

Mar 27, 2011

Just trying to find my way through the new NAT configuration in later version of the ASA OS but having a few issues.

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Cisco WAN :: SSH Configuration In IOS Version 15.0(1) M2?

Jan 23, 2011

I configured the below in IOS ver 12.4(5a) is working fine (able login using Putty) , but the same configuration is not working in IOS ver 15.0(1)M2 (Not able to login using Putty)
hostname hostnameip domain-name domainnamecrypto key generate rsa
ip ssh time-out 120
ip ssh authentication-retries 2

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Cisco Security :: Disabling XAuth For Remote VPN Users On ASA 5510 Version 7.2(1)?

Jul 1, 2006

how to disable XAuth for Remote VPN users on the ASA 5510 running 7.2(1)? 
HPMFIRE(config)# tunnel-group vpn3000 general-attributes
HPMFIRE(config-tunnel-general)# authen
HPMFIRE(config-tunnel-general)# authentication-server-group none
ERROR: The authentication-server-group none command has been deprecated.
The isakmp command in the ipsec-attributes should be used instead.

I couldn't find anything under isakmp to disable it. 

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Cisco VPN :: Policy NAT Configuration In ASA 8.3 Version

Jun 24, 2012

How to migrate a following VPN (site-to-site) config from ASA 8.2 to ASA v8.3,ASA 8.2

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Cisco VPN :: ASA Version 8.2(2) - AnyConnect Configuration

Jul 26, 2012

configuring Cisco AnyConnect VPN? For some reason with the config below, I seem to get connected but then my internet connection randomly drops and reconnects.  Ive tried several different times to get this to work properly but Im obivously missing something here. 

ASA Version 8.2(2)
hostname FW01
enable password .MlTybcgwEXNF1HM encrypted
passwd .MlTybcgwEXNF1HM encrypted

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Cisco Firewall :: NAT Configuration On PIX 506 Version 6.3(1)?

Jun 23, 2011

I try to setting up a PIX firewall to server as firewall end point for a small network for Internet access.  I had include PIX configuration setup, I had replaced IP address information by sentence which describe them since IP Address is sensitive information in our network.
For some reason NAT process doesn't work in log I always receiving this kind of messages :

106011: Deny inbound (No xlate) tcp src inside:INTERNAL_HOST_IP/2490 dst inside:HOST_PUBLIC_INTERNET_IP/80
106011: Deny inbound (No xlate) tcp src inside:INTERNAL_HOST_IP/2490 dst inside:HOST_PUBLIC_INTERNET_IP/80
106011: Deny inbound (No xlate) tcp src inside:INTERNAL_HOST_IP/2491 dst inside:HOST_PUBLIC_INTERNET_IP/80PIX Configuration


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Cisco Firewall :: Not Able To Access ASA 5550 Through ASDM

Apr 22, 2013

We are having Cisco ASA 5550 appliance. from some days i am not able to access this ASA using ASDM. I am able to access ASA using SSH.[code]
At the same time standby firewall works perfectly fine with ASDM. I have tried by reloding the firewall, then it worked for 2 days & again stopped working.

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Cisco WAN :: Clear Configuration In IOS-XR Version 3.9 ASR 9010

Mar 17, 2011

What is the procedure to delete the full startup-configuration of Cisco ASR 9010 with IOS-XR version 3.9.Tried the following but unable to do it:erase nvram, Commit Replce.

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Cisco Firewall :: NAT Configuration In ASA 5510 IOS Version 8.3

Mar 8, 2011

Will give configuration of NAT for my internal users with with single public IP.
I new to configure IOS version 8.3.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Configuration Between ACS 4.2 And ISE Latest Version

Jan 26, 2013

We are a Small company with 400-Users and currently we are using ACS 4.2  at our company.we want to upgrade and use Cisco ISE Appliance instead.
I want to know is there any major changes in configuration between  ACS 4.2 and the ISE Latest Verizon.?
Is there any Hardware (Switch or Cisco AP ) compatibility issues with using Cisco ISE. (we are currently using Cisco Cat 3550 and Cisco Aironet 2600 APs  with the existing ACS4.2) What ISE Series & what Soft version are the latest so i can order ?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5550 - Acl Allowing Guest Access

Jan 26, 2012

I have an ASA 5550 at our main site with an external ethernet interface to our ISP for internet access.  I would like to allow 10.100.41.x/24 http / https access but block this network's access to all other internal networks including 172.17.x.x,,  10.100.1 - 40.x, and others.  I'm having trouble identifying what IP address to use as the desitination for the permit rule for access to the internet.  The rule that comes after the permit is to deny 10.100.41.x/24 access to internal network addresses. 

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Cisco :: LMS 4.2.1 - Backup Configuration Of WS-C4503-E Version Cat4500e

Oct 11, 2012

I have a Cisco LMS 4.2.1 on a Windows 2008 Server R2 platform and I would like to backup the configuration of my WS-C4503-E version cat4500e-universalk9.SPA.03.03.01.SG.151-1.SG1I create the job in Configuration > Configuration Archive > Synchronization and after the execution of the job, I check th status in Admin > Job > Browser: I don't know why the archive doesn't exist. It's a newly install.

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Cisco VPN :: Configuration IPSec Client At ASA 5505 Version 8.4

Feb 8, 2012

I want to configurate cisco ipsec vpn client at asa 5505. At my asa the software version is 8.4. Any link or some material to config ipsec vpn client at asa 5505 version 8.4.

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Cisco Firewall ::ASA 5550 - ADSM Created Access Lists

May 9, 2012

I am trying to unravel a ASA 5550 config that has been created over several years, by multiple people, some who used ADSM, some who used CLI.

None of them ever removed any lines from the configuration, and none did any documentation. When examining the actual configuration from a CLI perspective:

1. Does an ADSM- created access list end with any specific ADSM- added suffix?
2. When ANY access list is created in an ASA 5550, does it HAVE to be included in the access-group command to be functional? Can it also be functional if referenced in a "nat" command?
3. If the access list does meet either of the criteria specified in question #2, is it completely non-functional?
4. If an access list is applied to a logical or physical port that is shut down, is the access list functional?

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Cisco Firewall :: 5550 ASA To Host On Sl100 For Internet Access

Apr 24, 2011

I'm working on setting up a new ASA 5550, and have run into a question that I hope is easily answered.I currently have 4 interfaces, SL100 Inside, SL80 DMZ1, SL50 DMZ2, and SL0 Outside.  I was under the impression that each interface, depending on security level would pass traffic from higher levels to lower, but not allow traffic being generated from SL80 to SL100.
What I would like to accomplish is that any hosts on my SL100 Inside interface can access the "internet" which is connected to my outside interface of the ASA, which was very simple, just a permit internal subnets eq www / https / etc...
My DMZ subnets need to access a few servers on my internal interface, and need outbound access to the world as well.  Thinking that all traffic from my lower SL interfaces on the ASA would be denied, I entered a permit IP / DMZ subnet ------> any.  This worked great for giving my DMZ hosts access to the internet, but it also permit traffic from the DMZ to hosts on my Inside interface as well.

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