Cisco Wireless :: 1262 Maximum Number Of Clients In Work Group Bridge Mode

Dec 6, 2011

What is the maximum allowed number of wired clients behind a workgroup bridge? In other words, is there a limit on MAC addresses?I assume 1262 AP in WGB mode is connecting to a lighweight AP (1262 or 3502), latest IOS and WLC software. I wasn't able to find the answer from Cisco documentation.

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Cisco Wireless :: Maximum Clients Supported By Aironet 1262 AP?

Jan 9, 2013

How many maximum clients are supported by cisco aironet 1262 AP and also by a 5500 Wireless Controller?

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Cisco Wireless :: Using 1262 AP In Workgroup Bridge Mode?

Nov 18, 2012

Client has a building that is located 300Ft apart and would like to provide IP communications for 3-4 IP hadsets back to an IP PBX.   They do not want to dig up the parking lot so we proposed using a wireless bridge.   I noticed that Cisco discontinue the 1300 and 1400 Wireless Bridge.   Can I use a 1262 with external antenna in Workgroup Bridge mode to perform this functions?   I will put a Layer 3 switch on both ends to route traffic (3560C-8).   Should I use the Yagi antenna's for outdoor use? 

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 - Maximum Number Of Wired Guest Clients?

Jul 10, 2011

which is the maximum number of simultaneous wired guest clients on a 5508? And in a 2112 controller?
Wired clients count as wireless clients??
What about anchoring limitations, what is the effect of wired guest clients on the anchor controller?

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Maximum Number Of DHCP Clients?

Jul 11, 2012

I have a few sites using the RV042 with wireless access points and some of them have over 50 devices.In reviewing the documentation (specifically,[URL]), I came across this:Enable DHCP server: Check the box to allow the router to dynamically assign IP addresses to up to 50 connected devices. Uncheck the box if you have another DHCP server on the network or you want to configure static IP addresses for your network devices.Is this accurate?  Or will the RV042 allow more than 50 devices?

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Cisco Wireless :: Max Number Of Clients For 1242 Setup As Workgroup Bridge?

Nov 14, 2012

I have Cisco 1242 setup as a work group bridge. Is there a rule of thumb on the max number of wired clients that can be connected at one time?

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Maximum Number Of AAA Clients Supported By Single ACS5.3 Instance

Aug 7, 2012

what is the maximum number of AAA clients supported by a single ACS5.3 instance?

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Cisco Wireless :: 819 Work Group Bridge Through LWAPP Network

Jan 21, 2013

We are connecting a cisco router (819)  to wireless lan network (lwapp) through its wireless interface.
clients ---> 819 ---->AP (WGB) ------ lwapp ----- AP ---> LAN ---> servers.

since the clients are on the same subnet as the the VLAN on the lwapp, everything works great.When we add a new L3 VLAN on the 819 router, and we try to ping the clients from the servers, the packets can reach the clients but never received by the servers back. it seems like the bridge is dropping the packets when they go back from the client to the servers.when we use a GRE tunnel from the 819 to the LAN, everything works great.

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Cisco Firewall :: Cat6509 / FWSM - Default Route Per Bridge Group In Transparent Mode

Nov 14, 2011

I want to set up FWSM 4.1 on Cat6509 with multiple bridge groups in one transparent context. (as the manual says it can support up to 8 bridge-groups and the intent is to save security contexts) For a host in VLAN21 (b1_inside) to talk to a host in VLAN41 (b2_inside), traffic needs to be go out to MSFC which routed back the traffic through the FWSM. My question is how can I define a default route per bridge-group, I would assume FWSM should take the following two default routes per bridge-group interface but it won't;  

route b1_outside 1
route b2_outside 1
seems like it allows only one default route per the context and gives me an error - "ERROR: Cannot add route entry, possible conflict with existing route"
How can I achieve outside per individual bridge-group?
 FWSM  context config:
Interface VLAN11
nameif b1_outside
bridge-group 1
security-level 0
Interface VLAN21
nameif b1_inside


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Cisco Wireless :: 1262 Maximum Transmit Power

Jun 10, 2012

I will be doing a site survey using the client's Cisco 1262 with only 1 radio (g/n), 3 antennas.  What is the maximum transmit power, 20dBm or 23dBm? I need to set the transmit power in the Airmagnet to 50% or 3dBm down as recommended by Cisco.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Web Interface Doesn't Work In Bridge Mode

Jan 10, 2012

I recently bought a Cisco E2500 for work, and after setting the router to Bridge Mode, I am unable to access the router web interface.  I tried both the old IP address ( and the IP address that I entered when I was configuring Bridge mode, but I couldn't get either to work.  I have always tried resetting the switch to factory defaults and trying again to make sure I didn't type anything wrong, but to no avail.  The wireless and everything works as it should, I just can't get back into the router to change any of my settings.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Guest Network Doesn't Work In Bridge Mode On E4200

Aug 9, 2011

We have three brand new E4200 routers, all using the most current firmware (1.0.02).   They are all in bridged mode, however when I attempt to enable the guest network on each of them, the config shows it as active, but it never shows up as visiible SSID.   In previous posts, I've seen people saying that I need to do a complete hard reset of the router and re-enter all the configs again to get the guest network active.   Is this true?  I'd hate to think that I have to hard reset and reconfigure all three of these APs, just to get the guest network enabled.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG200G As Bridge Mode Does Not Work?

Aug 20, 2011

I have an ADSL Modem WAG200G Annex A, with latest firmware. I recently purchased a Linksys E2000 to upgrade my wireless to N, plus to get 4 gigabit Ethernet Ports for my NAS.
The problem is, I set WAG200G to "Bridge mode only", and from within E2000, I provided PPPoE credentials (user name and password), it does not work, no Internet connection!
Normally, with the WAG200G, PPPoE credential is set as followings (and it works)
Type: PPPoE Multiplexing: LLC Virtual Circuit: "0"  for VPI (0~255) and "33" for VCI  (0~65535) "Keep Alive" option
on E2000 Router, PPPoE does not have the above option for me to select. Only User Name and Password field

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Cisco Wireless :: Clients Supported By Light Weight AP 1262?

May 29, 2012

Recently, our company wireless AP 1262 connected more than 40+ clients, and sometimes the wireless access speed is too slow.  those clients are only for MES data transfer, the date no more than 10K of each stations. So I'd like to know if the one AP can support the network traffic if whole testers transfer the data to Database via this wireless AP1262? and the WLC no clients roaming option for which clients can connect to another AP around. I have checked the WLC and AP configuration. no option for clients roaming to another APs, do you know how to configure this AP's Clients move to another APs?If we setup the new APs in the location, does the clients will be auto connect to this new AP?

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: How To Configure WAG200G To Work In Bridge Mode

Apr 21, 2007

I'm trying to configure my WAG200G to work in bridge mode so that it can transfer my external IP address to my ISA server.My network map is very simple,Internet -- WAG200G -- ISA Server -- LANCan

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Cisco Wireless :: 1262 - AP Not Connecting In Mesh Mode

Dec 22, 2012

We have a few 1500 outdoor mesh ap's.  1262N are used to link to these 1500 and extend the coverage to places. All 1262 was configured as mesh. But upon installation, none of them actually register to the controller and join the other mesh ap's. They should be joining to the 1500's.
On testing, the 1500 joins the 1262N as mesh. however the 1262N does not join the 1500 as mesh even though the distance is less than 20m.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1262 - AP Mode Change And Its No Longer Online

Jan 9, 2013

We have a 1262 which was loaded with some recovery image for testing. After this, it doesn't get registered to the wireless controller.
we tried moving it back to autonomous mode and then again back to lightweight to have it join the controller. But it doesnt join the controller, debugs on the devices does not show any logs.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1262 / Crossing The Radios In Repeater Mode

May 16, 2013

I'm trying to configure Cisco 1262 AP's to allow me to use the 2.4 gHz radio for client access and the 5.x radio for the repeater connection back to a root AP connected to a LAN.
I have already configured the AP's to associate with each other via the 5.x radio, and have a client connected to the repeater AP via the 2.4 gHz radio.  From my laptop on the LAN, I can connect to the repeater AP, but I cannot ping nor otherwise communicate with the distant client.
When I use the 2.4 gHz radio for repeater mode, clients that connect to the repeater AP can be seen and communicated with.Is there something special that needs to be done to get my desired scenario to work?All radios are members of bridge group 1.

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Maximum Number Of Connections To A Wireless Router?

Jul 2, 2012

I have a BT Home Hub 3 and quite often get messages "cannot connect to network". I have many (>20) devices connected. Have I reached the limit? With four kids in the house the pressure to connect even more devices is growing.

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Cisco Wireless :: LWAPP Mode To Autonomous Conversion Aironet 1262

Mar 13, 2013

we have 1262 (AIR-LAP1262N-E-K9) and we dont have WLC..and i want to convert it to Autonomous mode..i did the below steps... with using this file  (ap3g1-k9w7-tar.152-2.JB.tar) download it from Cisco site. Step 1 The static IP address of the PC on which your TFTP server software runs should be between and Step 2 Make  sure that the PC contains the access point image file (such as  c1200-k9w7-tar.122-15.JA.tar for a 1200 series access point) in the TFTP  server folder and that the TFTP server is activated. Step 3 Set the timeout value on the TFTP server to 30 seconds. Step 4 On the PC where the TFTP server is located, perform these steps.

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Cisco Wireless :: Can C1200 Antennas Work On 1262

Mar 21, 2012

1. Can the C1200 antennas work on the 1262 ?
2. Can the 2.4Ghz antenna work on the 5Ghz ports on the 1262 ?
3. The 1262 has 6 antenna ports (3 2.4ghz and 3 5ghz), can the (3) 2.4 Ghz antenna be used only as i only have antennas for the C1200 Access point which are 2.4 Ghz.

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Cisco Wireless :: 7500 Controller - Maximum Number Of SSID

Apr 15, 2012

Is there a limit to the number of ssid's that can be supported in h-reap mode? I need to deploy at least 4 but the documentation does not necessarily say. I'm deploying these ssid's on a 7500 controller. 

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1140 - Maximum Number Of Users

Apr 26, 2013

I wanted to know if anyone can say with certainty how many clients can stay connected 'Aironet 1140 series. I state that I should connect WiFi in about 350 clients.

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: Maximum Number Of AE2500 To Be Installed On XP SP3 PC?

May 7, 2012

What are the maximum number of AE2500 wireless adapters can be installed on a PC running Windows XP SP3 using the windows wireless zero configuration? Recently I'm working on a program that needs multiple seperate wireless connections on a Windows XP SP3 PC. Each wireless adaptor is given a static IP address to respond to traffic at some specific ports. I can install four AE2500 adaptors without problem, but  it disconnects the first AE2500 device when I plug in the fifth AE2500 adapter. I've tried on different windows XP machines. They all get the same problem. I wonder if it is a limitation in the AE2500 driver.BTW I've also tried to install an Valet AM10 adaptor as the fifth adapter, it seems ok. Yet installing more AM10 adapters beyond the fifth (4 AE2500 + 1 AM10) requires some luck. It may disconnect the other AM10 devices when I plug in another AM10 adapter.

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Cisco Wireless :: Maximum Number Of Active SSIDs On WLC5500 With 3500i

May 20, 2012

I have a question regarding to the maximmum number of active SSID's on a WLC 5500 with 3500i, it's my understanding that the 3500i can support 16 active SSID's is it the same when connected to the WLC? Also, if possible would the WLC shutdown un-used Radios or maybe after hours?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 Maximum Number Of Port Forwards

Apr 19, 2012

Background: currently have a WRT320N, thinking of upgrading to an EA4500 assuming ONE feature has been improved: Port Forwarding.
Scenario: Currently I have a WRT320N router, and while it "does everything we need" it has one limitation that is now getting in the way: limitation on number of forwardable ports.  In the port forwarding panel, it has 15 total rows: the first five rows can be enabled for specificaly named services (SMTP, FTP, etc).  The last 10 rows are fully customizable in that we can set the name, ports and protocol. 
The problem is that of the 13 total ports I currently need to forward, only ONE of them is listed in that fixed list.  So, sadly, I can only use one of those first five rows.  I've now filled the remaining ten custom rows, and still have need for two additional ports (for now, may need more down the road).
Trying to get creative, I figured maybe I could just spill over to the Port Range Forwarding page and add a row or two there.  The only problem: it's buggy.  I've found that if the Single Port Forwarding list is filled, then the Port Forwarding Range entries don't work properly.  For example, if I wanted ports 12345 and 12346 forwarded to, they work fine with two single port forwarding entries.  However, if I delete those, add two other port lines I need forwarded (the single list being full again), and add a port forwarding range 12345..12346, they don't work properly, ports just are closed. Only the singles work, the ranges don't.
Question: Has the EA4500 resolved this issue and allow for either more lines (i.e. 20 customizable entries instead of 10), or, better, does it just have an [Add Entry] button to allow for additional rows to be created?  In today's day and age, where one single device (such as an Xbox) can take four rows, a 10-row limit is pretty sparse.  Comparing it to some competitors, for example the D-Link DIR-825 (aging, but still great) allows you to add as many as you want.
I realize "expensive" firewalls like SonicWall's have virtually unlimited customization, but I don't need many of the additional features and don't want to spend $350 on a "high-end" firewall to solve the problem of needing two more ports open.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1242AG / Maximum Clients Connected To AP

Mar 11, 2012

I have 1242AG. how many clients can be connected to this AP??

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Cisco Wireless :: Max Number Of Mobility Member In Group With WISM 7.0

Dec 5, 2011

I have a customer buys 12 x WISM and build up a mobility, when I add the final WLC to mobility, it prompts that there mobility group has reached the max of mobility member, but the total member is 23, according the configuration guide, it should be allow to 24 member, do I hit some bug? My using version is

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Linksys Access Point :: Maximum Number Concurrent Wireless Connections That WAP54g V3 Can Have

Apr 16, 2007

What is the maximum number concurrent wireless connections that a WAP54g v3 can have?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Maximum Wifi Clients On Wrt54gt?

Sep 20, 2012

I have a wrt54gt running firmware 1.0.04 in my house.  I have about 30-40 wifi devices.. Mostly smartphones connecting to the router.  If i look at the dhcp table there is about 35 computers listed.  The router is running on channel 2.
Lately ive noticed that certain devices can not connect after they are powered up.. It could be a tablet, pc or smartphone.  Most will error out saying they cant connect.  If i turn off a working device then the newly powered on device can connect.  It seems like i have reached a limit.
Setting a failing device to static ip does not work, the device never succesfully associates.  I tried upping the dhcp pool to 100 from 50. Is this just a limitation of the router?  Is there another router that i can buy that will work for me?

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Cisco Wireless :: 1142 - Maximum Recommended Clients Per Access Point?

Jan 24, 2013

We are about to upgrade our training facilities wireless and i have a few questions regarding the number of active clients we should target our design for.
We would be using 1142 and 3502I access points. I was thinking that  based on the belo we'd be able to support around 30-40 clients per AP.
Type of web use
Amount of bandwidth allocated per device


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Cisco Wireless :: 1242 - Max Number Of Voice Clients On AP

May 30, 2012

I have a high school wireless environment that was installed approximately 5 years ago with 1242AG APs. The install was done based on 2.4GHz coverage everywhere, not for 5GHz or for good density. The high school uses wireless cisco 7921G phones for all the staff and teachers. The issue we're running into is over the last couple years more and more students are bringing in iPhones and android phones that can connect to the public wireless ssid. And with the increase of these wireless devices in the classroom, we've been experiencing more and more call dropped on the wireless phones. I have collected information on number of clients on specific APs that are in the area of most of the dropped calls. At times some of these APs have a total of 40 clients associated to them, over half of which are on the public ssid. I have thought about putting all the phones on to the 5GHz radios, but the implementation of the wireless was only for 2.4GHz coverage, so we have coverage gaps on the 5GHz network. We're thinking about adding more APs but the budget isn't available yet for that, so we're looking at what we can do to make this better for the time being.
Main questions are:
Is there a best practices number of max clients per AP in a wireless voice network?
Are there any other options for preventing dropped calls on the wireless?
I should mention I have already looked over the VoWLAN Troubleshooting Checklist at the link below and made the necessary changes to assure we are following the items on the checklist as close as possible.URL

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Cisco WAN :: 7206 - Maximum Number Of Multilinks?

Dec 5, 2010

What is the maximum number of multilinks we can have on a 7206 router ?

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