Extending Existing Wired / Wireless Network?

Jun 8, 2011

I have an existing network in a 300 year old structure. There is a base router from which there are 3 wired (ethernet) lines to parts of the structure. Due to the structure itself (near 2 ft thick walls - masonry) the wireless from the base router reaches only a short distance. I would like to "extend" the wireless reach using those 3 existing runs. So - can I add 3 more routers or should I go with Wireless Access Points or what else would work?

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Extending Network To Go From Wireless To Wired?

Feb 17, 2013

I want to go from my asus rt-n66u router wirelessly to another device that I can plug an ethernet cord from a desktop computer. I work on computers and my workstation cannot be close to my router. Instead of installing a wireless adapter everytime I work on a computer, I want something that I can plug an ethernet cord into that will connect wirelessly to my router. I just want to get an internet connection to my work computers without having to run an ethernet cord across my front room. I have read so much about bridging and access points but can't really figure out what would be best or what my router is capable of. I have tried in WDS mode and couldn't get to work with another router I have and also read it cuts you bandwidth and also forces you to use WEP securit

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How To Add Asus Rt-n66u To Existing Wired Network

Aug 22, 2012

Just got the rt-n66u to add to my existing wired network. Can I just disable the DHCP on the 66U and set its IP address to something that's outside the range on my current router?

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Extending Range Of Wireless Or Wired Internet Connection?

Sep 8, 2012

want to get internet and video signals from mu log home to my pole barn -- about 150 - 175 feet.

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Adding Wireless AP To Existing Wired Lan?

Feb 4, 2013

I currently have a wired network which starts with a cable router downstairs which is a virgin media netgear box with firewall and DHCP turned on. I have a NAS server and a smart tv which run off ethernet connections to this router.then have a cable run upstairs to a TPlink gigabit switch which is connected to a PC and a printer (in my study). All this works just fine, no configuration needed.I have a TPlink wireless router, a TL-WR743ND. I want to use this to connect to the switch upstairs (not downstairs - my stone walls limit any wireless access point) to provide wireless network coverage for my house.So I figured I should configure it with a dynamic IP address (ie it gets it from the netgear DHCP), turn off the TPLink's DHCP and firewall, and then any wireless devices attached to the TPLink by wireless should have access to printer and NAS

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Adding Wireless Router To Existing (wired)?

Feb 11, 2011

My wife has a home office with her office computer connected to our modem via a cisco router. Our home computer is connected via this router as well. I want to add a wireless router (netgear) so I can use my laptop anywhere in the house.

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Extending A Wireless Network From An Extender

Dec 28, 2012

Is it possible to extend a wireless network from an existing extender?I have a BT Home Hub extended to a Netgear Extender.I have tried to extend this on from the netgear with an Edimax without success.Is there anything from www.ebuyer.com that I could try.

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Extending Wireless Network With Second Router?

Apr 29, 2013

I live in a house with three floors. I have a Virgin Media Superhub on the ground floor with the 30MB package. Whilst the wireless signal quality and speed is good on the ground and first floor, it is intermitent on the second floor and my son wants to connect his PS3 with a wired connection for speed.

I have a N wireless router that I was using before I receiced the new Virgin Superhub. I want to ask if I can connect the old wireless router in my son's room on the second floor and connect it with a Cat5e ethernet cable to the Superhub on the ground floor. This way, I will have a wired connection on the ground floor for my desktop computer, my son will have a wired connection for his PS3 and laptop and his own wireless network.

I just want to know if this will work with an ordinary cable wireless router? Or do I need some sort of special access point? If this will work, do I connect the cable from the Superhub to the WAN port of the old router, or to one of the four other ethernet ports?

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DIR-655 Router / Extending Wireless Network Via Ethernet?

Oct 31, 2012

I have a DIR-655 router downstairs on one side of my home. Upstairs on other side of my home wireless signal is really hit and miss. I do have ethernet in the area of my home where I am wanting to extend the signal. Is there a device I can plug into the ethernet to extend my wireless signal without creating a new network or ssid?

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Wireless :: Extending Signal Range Of Wifi Network

Feb 8, 2013

Sending WiFi signal about 1/4 mile from my home to where my daughter lives so she can use her Samsung Galaxy2 Tablet on WiFi.There are homes, condos and trees in between us, so it is not a clear path.So far this is what I have done.I am using a modem and a Netgear WNR834B Wireless N Router.I connected a Hawkins Laptop Extender (HWREN Wireless 150N Mini Extender * single antenna outlet) into the router and connected a WiFi cable from the Hawkins to my tower outside above my roof and have attached a 10 dbi gain Trendnet antenna (omnidirectional) to the cable.But still the WiFi signal doesn't seem to be very strong at all when I test with my phone.And obviously, my daughters tablet does not see my router when she has her tablet search for WiFi.I also tried a 14dbi WIfi ASUS directional antenna and basically came up with the same outcome... she could not see the WiFi signal..My daughter lives in a condo and is not capable or allowed to install any outside antenna system whatsoever.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Extending Same Network In 2 Different Rooms Using E3000?

May 11, 2011

I have a Linksys e3000 and a Linksys WRT120NVery simple setup. the 3000 is in my office. There is a cable that goes from this routerto the living room across the house, it is just laying there. Since I cannot get a wireless signal into that room,I would like, using the cable that is hanging there to make use of the other linksys and provide a wireless signal to the living room, all under the same network. In essence, extending the wireless network using the cable in the living room that is connected to the main router in my office.My question is, without touching the master router, how would I set the 2nd router in the living room up?I understand that DHCP on the 2nd router needs to be turned off, and a channel selected so that it does not overlap. Same SSID, Sam WPA2 key.Or would there be a device better suited for this?I do not want to extend the 2 rooms wirelessly I want to use the cable, then use the wireless in the living room for wireless devices etc.

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Connecting Linksys E1000 To Existing Wired Router?

Feb 16, 2011

i need to connect a linksys e1000 to an existing dlink router. i have tried several solutions that i have found on the internet, but none have worked. i need DETAILED instruction tailored to e1000 specifically because i am having trouble with dhcp definitions as i have not done this in years. i can get it to work, but i have to maintain security and everything i have done still allows me through to dlink router.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Extending Wifi Network Beyond Firewall

Dec 6, 2012

I am trying to extend the wireless network at our church beyond a firewall to another area of the builing. We have a cat 5 cable run through the firewall to the other side. I have a brand new Linksys E2500 router. Can I assign an IP to this router and connect it's WAN "Internet" port to one of the ports on the main router that is connected to the cable modem and use it to extend our network? 

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Cisco Wireless :: E3000 With WAP4410N As Repeater For Extending Network Coverage

Dec 20, 2010

I am trying to setup an E3000 router and extending the network with a WAP4410N acting as a repeater.

I am faced with the same problem and it looks like it all comes down to this: without the WAP4410N having a physical connection to the LAN, it will not connect to the E3000 as a wireless client whether it's configured in AP mode: WDS Repeater or in client/repeater.
I've tested with various permutations that have been explored in the various discussions: matching channels/bandsmatching and non-matching SSIDs matching security settings using site survey to set the mac address of the E3000 (ensuring it's the MAC of the 2.4Ghz wireless)setting a static IP on the WAP4410Nensuring both devices are on the same subnet. Any way to be truly successful with this pair up of E3000 & WAP4410N or is it simply a technical product limitation?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Extending E4200 Network With Apple Airport Extreme?

Sep 22, 2011

I've recently purchased an E4200, and while it works great, I'd like to use my Apple Airport Extreme (2nd generation) to extend my network to another part of the house that doesn't get as great of a signal.  I've become very frustrated trying to accomplish it, and I'm not sure if the problem is more from the Linksys end, the Airport end, or if it's just me.  

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Cisco Wireless :: 1240AG Extending Wireless Network

Nov 8, 2012

I have an Aironet 1240AG.  I resides inside a building with its antenna placed on the outside of the building.  In direct line of site, I have a light pole to which I could attach another wireless access point to extend my wireless network.  This access point would have to be "rugged".  Also, it would have to be able to be bridged to the current access point.  In reviewing outdoor wireless access points, it appears that the 1552 is the way to go.

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Add A New Computer To An Existing Wireless Network?

Sep 7, 2011

What is the procedure for adding a new computer to an existing wireless network? Both computers are running on Vista and two on Windows 7

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Add Another Wireless Switch To Existing Network?

Sep 21, 2011

I already have a wireless router but the signal strength doesn't seem to penetrate brick walls well. I want to add another wireless switch to access the same Internet but am not sure exactly what I should purchase. I know I don't want another router, so what should I buy?

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Connect A Dir-301 To An Existing Wireless Network?

Jul 4, 2012

I have a DIR-301 router connected to a Virgin cable modem. It provides the Internet to the PC and wirelessly to other devices (like my iPhone, my wife's Android phone and my iBook) with no problems.I recently bought a Sony TV that has an ethernet port on the back. The Sony wireless dongle they offer (UWA-BR100) is stupidly expensive, so I thought I'd try a wired connection via an access point.I bought another DIR-301 from eBay, as it was advertised as an access point which I thought would give the TV an Internet connetion.I've tried everything I can think of and have been advised, but I can't get a connection via the TV.

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Wireless Network Joining An Existing LAN Network?

Nov 26, 2011

we already have an existing network tru a switch hub and other two pc access internet through a wireless router and this wireless router is connected to the switch hub together with the other pc our problem is we cant share files and folders to the other two pc using wireless..How can we share files to other two pc.

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Extending Network Using Wifi For 360?

Sep 9, 2012

have a netgear dg834gt and an asus dsl-g31. i can connect either to my internet connection as a wireless router.i have an xbox 360 (upstairs) with only an ethernet conection.id like to connect the xbox 360 to one of the routers via ethernet then the router to connect via wifi to the main router to the internet (downstairs)its a long way with no direct route for a cable but a good wifi signalis this possible?i understood i needed to create a bridge?here are a setting option in the asus for a bridge but im lost on set up.

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Connecting Computer To An Existing Wireless Network?

Oct 15, 2012

How can I connect my computer to an existing wireless network?

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WGR614v.10 - Add Router To Existing Wireless Network?

Sep 19, 2012

I moved into an apartment complex that has wireless already set up, but it is so slow! I heard that if I connect with my own router then the speed will be faster. How do I configure my router for that? I have a netgear WGR614v.10 and am using a macbook pro.

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How To Install New DSL Modem To A Existing Wireless Network

Feb 28, 2013

I have a wireless set up at home and recently had to replace my DSL modem (due to my cat knocking over my coffee cup and spilling coffee on my old modem) I have managed to connect to the internet directly through the modem, but want to connect wireless. How can I connect my new modem to my old wireless network?

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Connect Netbook To Existing Wireless Network?

Nov 30, 2012

I have an existing wireless network, and wish to add a Netbook to it. The Netbook can detect the network, but will not join it. It says the signal is strong, but still will not join the network. The computers cannot detect the Netbook wirelessly either, although network discovery is turned on.

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Cisco :: E2000 Wireless AP With Existing Network

Aug 4, 2011

I have been deploying various wireless AP's in my network for years and years.  We have a Cisco network with at least 30 different subnets, and we use EIGRP as our dynamic routing protocol.  I have always wanted our AP's to act like a switch instead of a router.  So I have always disabled DHCP, assigned it a static LAN IP address, and plugged it into my network on one of its 1-4 switchports, and not using the "internet" port.  This goes for all my routers (varying Linksys/Cisco models, and even a couple old Netgears).
I have been realizing lately that once I get an AP build and sent out to the remote location (on a different subnet), I can usually no longer web into it.  I am in the middle of deploying an NPS server to do 802.1x authentication, and I'm realizing that the E2000 I'm using cannot ping or see the NPS server which is on a different subnet.  So, I'm sure I'm missing something.On this E2000, I have disabled the SPI firewall, turned off NAT, enabled dynamic routing, etc.  But I can't ping devices on another subnet from the E2000.  I also can't ping url... or other URL's from the E2000.  It will not resolve them.  (My DNS servers are on another subnet... same subnet as the NPS server). [code] Is there something I'm missing on my wireless APs?  Do I need to configure my Cisco routers to use RIP in addition to EIGRP?

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Extending Wifi Network At Home?

May 8, 2012

have a home network setup that works completely fine everywhere in the house except one room. That room happens to be my son's room that has his Xbox 360 in it. He wants to play online but I cant get a signal back in there and if I do it is extremely weak. I have a linksys E2500 router connected to my cable modem that is wired ot one computer and then my 2 laptops connect to the wireless from that router. The Playstation 3 that is about 15 feet away works fine as well. All our ipods and iPhones work well too. It is only his bedroom where we run into trouble with any of these devices. I actually just upgraded to the E2500 about 2 months ago, so I have a Motorola WR850G sitting around. Can I use this closer to his room to lengthen my signal or how can I proceed to get him a better signal

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Cisco :: Extend Existing Wireless Network Using Ethernet

Jun 9, 2012

I have an 802.11n/g wireless network throughout my house. I also have several ethernet ports. I want to use the ethernet port to connect to the network and extended the existing wireless network (same SSID). I know AirPort devices from Apple can do this but I wanted to know if anything else could as well. It is too slow when I try to wirelessly extend it (not using ethernet at all).

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Wireless :: Lexmark Wifi Connection To Existing Network?

Jun 11, 2011

I need to know what to look at to get wi-fi connection to my existing linksys wrt54gs2 v1 network

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How To Edit Existing Wireless Network In DLINK Router

Feb 19, 2011

I want to edit existing wireless network in DLINK router. But I can't find any option to do it. If I go to "wireless settings" option, it shows the three options "wireless network setup wizard", "add wireless device with WPS", "manual wireless network setup", but I cannot find any option to edit the wireless network that was already set up.

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Adding Additional Items To Existing Wireless Network?

Feb 17, 2011

ive got 2 laptops on my wireless network and have just bought a pc. it dosnt seem to be finding my connection so i cannot get it onto my wireless network?

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Extending A Network With Additional Wifi Router?

Jul 25, 2012

As my original Innbox V50U modem/router does not have a strong enough wifi signal I had to add in an additional wifi router - I used a Cisco Linksys E4200.The problem is that if I connect my laptop to the cisco router I can see the Innbox router but not vice versa. There is an additional problem as I have a wireless printer that is connected to the Cisco router. If I connect to the Innbox router I cannot use this printer as I cannot see its IP address.I read somewhere it might be down to the subnet mask. both are set to if this is n00b stuff but I have not had this problem before, I just naturally though the two networks would be able to talk to each-other.

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Routers / Switches :: Adding A Wireless Conection To Existing Network

Dec 22, 2011

Add wireless conection that can't see network. I have an existing working hard wired network. I want to add a wireless connection that has access to the internet, but not to the other devices on the original network.

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