Home Network :: Latest Ethernet Cable For Home Wiring?

Sep 20, 2011

I'm currently in the process of buying the new property, which is in the build process and would like to put some cables across 3 floors, which would be connected to the router downstairs.

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WRT54G How To Home Ethernet Wiring Box

Sep 20, 2012

I have just moved into a new home and there appear to be ethernet lines running to several rooms, all converging in a wiring box. However, I can't figure out how to make this thing work properly.

The blue cables I'm holding in this picture apparently run to the other rooms of the house. The yellow cable goes to my WRT54G router. A cable modem is plugged into the router. Wireless networking is functioning properly.

If I plug my laptop directly into this box, and disable wireless networking, I can reach the router from the laptop, and the light for the yellow cable going into the router turns on. However, if I plug any of the blue cables into any of the ports on this box, the laptop loses connectivity and the link light on the router turns off, as though the router were not plugged into the box at all.

The cables are cat 3e. There is an alarm system, but it is not active, and I don't think it's actually connected to the box at all. The top-left port is marked "RJ31X Line Intercept", and there is a jumper that can be plugged in there, but it doesn't seem to matter whether it is or is not plugged in.

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Cabling / Cards :: Home Network Wiring With Pair 1-2

Jun 10, 2012

I am converting my home phone jacks to network enabled jacks. The house phone system was wired with Cat 5e. All the wall jacks are terminated properly with RJ-45 connectors. At the junction box outside I have connected the 4 pairs to their color equivalent.I have also purchased a "patch board" to terminate and combine all the wiring in one spot.Once all the wires are connected, I tested the wiring (Sperry cable tester).It tells me there is a short in 1-2. I've made it this far and I'm really close, I just need to know which pair I need to focus on. Is pair 1-2 Orange/OrangeWhite, Green/GreenWhite, etc?

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Home Network :: How To Network My House Using Ethernet Cable

May 8, 2012

I am currently wanting to make a wired network to save buying a wireless router. The house is unfinished so holes can still be made. I need network modular outlets in 8 rooms, I want to use some type of ethernet cable and connect wire them up to a multi outlet on a wall elsewhere. So I can connect to these without there being loads of wires everywhere. The problem is I don't know which ethernet wire to buy and also I don't know which outlets, tools etc. I need to buy also. I preferably would like the network to have speed of about 1gb. How to wire these and if there is a specific way of wiring them.

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Wiring A Home For The Networking Future?

Oct 17, 2012

I am purchasing an older home and I am going to have to rewire the networking to the house. I have decided that I am going to push forward with Fiber Optics as my main networking vehicle. As a side I am going to run COAX and Cat-6 along the same cabling routing. The Ethernet and Coax are fairly straight forward, as long as I don't go over 100meter's Cat-6 will do just fine, and can be terminated to a traditional router. The Coax will be to a splitter for television purposes only. Now the difficult and hard to find information on: My plan for the fiber is to run a zipcord Single Mode fiber line to each room of the home. I am using Single Mode Fiber because it has the highest bandwidth for future applications. These runs will be homerun back to a distribution box next to the other comms where it will plugged into a Fiber Optic Switch to network the rooms together. I am going to run 3 lines to my basement (for a home server, office, and HTPC for the basement theatre.), One line to each of the following rooms: Kitchen, Living Room, and Bedrooms. I have bought off the internet the following: 1000ft of SM Zipcord fiber ($199), 4 Fiber Optic Nic's with PCI-Express 1 connections (for $20 a piece, they only run at about 2GB/s, but I can upgrade these in the future as price comes done), 1 16-port 10GB Fiber Optic Switch with trancievers ($140), Terminals and tools: $300.

I have is about connecting my Home Fiber to the internet. I am going to start running Verizon Fios, and that is not a true fiber optic solution because they run a Fiber to their Media Converter and then Coax from there into the house, but I have talked to them and they said they can run the fiber cable into the home. I am wanting to connect that cable straight to my Fiber Optic Switch which would then be connected directly to my computers, as well as a fiber optic wireless router, and then from my switch to their ONT for tv and phone. My question is will this work? What kind of problems will I run into, and what other hardware do I need to get this up and running. I basically do not want to run copper to any of my devices..I either want them to network wirelessly or with a fiber line. (even the wireless will be running fiber since will connect directly to the fiber line via the fiber switch.)So it is expensive, but I believe it is worth it. 200ft of Cat-7 copper costs $199 vs 1000ft Fiber at the same price..and the fact that Cat-7 does have a life-limit on it's bandwidth where as fiber is the future.

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Netgear GS108 - Wiring Home With Cat6

Mar 19, 2011

I want to wire the house for Cat6, the current home we live in I had ATT Uverse installed (but I hated it and now with the bandwidth caps I would pass regardless) and they installed Cat5e. I love having a hardwired internet connection in each room so the new place needs to have this done.

-Professional Networking Tool Kit (I was going to buy the stripper/crimper/punch tool but I thought the testing tool would be nice to have)
-1000ft Bulk Solid Cat6 cable 24AWG
-Cat6 Punch down Keystone Jack

Then just zip ties for cable management, cat6 solid plugs + inserts, two hole wall plates and black relief boots. I already have a Netgear GS108 that I'll be bringing with me, if that ends up not being big enough I will just buy a bigger one in the future. I'm planning on running two cables to each room of the house for a total of 12 cables (not all of them will be hooked up, I plan to make sure to label each one at the central location where I'll be keeping the cable modem and switch. Each bedroom will only currently use one port with the spare bedroom not using any but when I'm running cables I'm going to run them all for future proofing our new home. I was thinking of putting the wireless router I have in the living room as if any place will need more than two ports it will be the living room (Receivers, TVs, Bluray players, DirecTV boxes will all end up using RJ45 as I upgrade them).

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Windows XP Home PC Won't Connect Properly Via Ethernet Cable To Router (Belkin N150)

Mar 27, 2011

My WinXP Home PC won't connect properly (limited connectivity/no internet) via ethernet cable to my router (Belkin N150). Ipconfig /all shows the IP address as but this is determined by an entry in the registry at HLMSYSTEMCurre....'DhcpIPAddress' - REG_SZ - Also listed at 'IPAutoconfigurationAddress'. My laptop connects fine plugged into the same port getting it's IP automatically ( and getting internet fine. I've tried adding a DWORD entry 'IPAutoconfigurationEnabled' = 0, also tried deleting the 2 values.Tried setting the IP manually to - limited connectivity goes away but I get no internet connection from the router nor file sharing.

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Adding WAP To Ethernet Home Network?

Jan 26, 2012

I would like to set up a WAP at home so that we can choose when different members of the family have wifi access.I am currently using ethernet and a Thomson Speedtouch 546(i) V6 router. We have 3 laptop PCs and an imac, also a PS3 and Wii

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Home Network :: Wireless Connection Sharing Over Ethernet?

Aug 11, 2012

I'm sure this may appear to have been asked before but I've scoured the Internet and can't find anything exactly applicable to the setup I'm trying to achieve. I had a sky ADSL connection in my living room that had my tv, ps3, NAS and netbook wired in. I've since changed to a sky fibre connection but this had to be installed in the master phone line which is upstairs. This obviously isn't a problem for all of the wireless devices around the house including the netbook and ps3 in the living room. The NAS and TV are still wired to the old router so can see each other with no problems. Any pc trying to connect to the NAS can just switch to the old router via wifi if desired. The only problem I have is that the TV can no longer access the Internet.

I initially tried to use ICS on the netbook (it's left on permanently) - it's wired to the old router and wirelessly connected to the new one. This appeared to be working for a while but is no longer playing ball. I've tried bridging the connections and the tv and NAS both had Internet access but it's very sporadic.Is this a reasonable setup or should I be looking for another solution? I can specify a manual ip, subnet and default gateway on the tv if necessary - I was going to point it towards the bridge's gateway but I don't know about IP?

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Home Network :: How To Get More Ethernet Ports Available To Use / Without Losing Sky Router

Oct 27, 2012

I have Sky Fibre Optic Broadband, with a router supplied by Sky, (You can't use any other router, as username/password for internet is already put into router & they will not give you details when you phone them). The router they supply has only four Ethernet ports on. One is used by Sky to give you Fibre Broadband, thus leaving you with three.I have five devices that must use Ethernet, as they do not have wireless.How do I get more Ethernet ports available to use, without losing the Sky router, as Sky will NOT let you use any other router.

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Home Network :: Use Access Point As Ethernet Card?

Jan 23, 2012

May I use an access point as wireless receiver to have internet on RJ45 interface?Is possible that internet source for AP to be on antenna, not on RJ45?

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Home Network :: Advanced Home Network Setup (3 Subnets) And Port Forwarding?

Feb 24, 2013

I have a Time Warner Cable business class service with no static IP, with a wireless modem which is plugged to a CAT5 distribution panel. On the jacks (2 other rooms on the house) I have a Linksys E3000 and a Linksys Valet router for signal boost and gadgets usage (TV, cameras, etc).The main router (TWC) has it's own external IP which TWC assigns to me and internally distributes via DHCP the range 192.168.0.x. With that said:

- The E3000 has a IP -- this is fixed setup on the TWC router (ubee brand) by MAC address
- The Valet has a IP -- this is fixed setup on the TWC router (ubee brand) by MAC address
- The main router has the as the gateway and web-interface

Whenever I connect something to the E3000, it is distributing the 192.168.1.x range and the valet 192.168.2.x range.That works perfectly for my home based business until I decided to use more stuff on the network such as a IP printer, IP cameras, etc.

- The IP cameras are connected to the E3000 due to signal strength and I have manually assigned them the and IPs and ports 9001 and 9002.

- The printer is connected to the E3000 and I have manually assigned the IP

Issue 1: Port forwarding On the main router (TWC - UBEE) I have tried to setup a port forwarding by informing the Local IP as (E3000 IP), Internal Port 0, Public Interface IP (, Ext Start Port 9001, Ext End Port 9001, Protocol - Both, Enabled Yes. On the E3000 I did the same config (screen shot attached e3000.png).This is not working properly. I can't get into the camera.

Issue 2: Printer/ The printer is only accessible if I connect to the E3000 (because it is on the 192.168.1.x network)

Issue 3: How to configure all the devices on the same subnet? If I want everyone to be on the 192.168.0.x network, how to configure properly the E3000 and the Valet? I have tried to force them into the same network but it would not work properly. It would not get an IP from the UBEE router (main).

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Home Network :: Using Both Wireless And Wired Ethernet Connections On Laptop

Aug 17, 2011

I have some servers running in my office and I have hooked them to a wireless router. I want to access those servers from my work laptop. At this time, I have to disconnect from my company network and assign static IP to wireless interface to access those servers. is there a way to configure my laptop so that i can be hooked to my company network through wired interface and can access my servers through wireless interface which is configured with static IP

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Home Network :: Ethernet In - Wall Updated With Setup Pictures

Mar 16, 2011

My internet (via wifi) works just fine. But here is the situation that has me baffled-I have a house that has ethernet wired ports in each room, then there is a central hub in my closet. In the hub, I have a grey ethernet cord that is labeled 'service'. This service wire connects to a board that features 12 ethernet ports, 1 of which says 'in', 1 says 'security interface' and has a little nub in it, and the other 10 are not labeled. The grey wire is in the 'in' port.So I am left with 10 ports- port 3 of 10 has a (phone cord size) cord in it, connecting into the 'line' port on my Qwest modem/router. (Qwest set this all up for me, by the way). The modem/router is obviously plugged into the wall. Now- remaining loose in the hub are 9 ethernet cords- 5 blue, 4 green. Each one of these is written on in sharpie, and has a room label on it. 'Family, living room, kitchen, etc...'. So, pretty obvious, I simply found which cord corresponds to the room I am trying to use (family GREEN is one, family BLUE is another). These 2 wires correspond to the top port, and bottom port of a switch plate that is in my family room. Now- inside the closet hub I plugged family GREEN and family BLUE into the back of the ROUTER, ports 1 and 2 (of 4 available). Now- I went back to the wall- connected ethernet wires into the wall plate and then into the ethernet devices I am trying to use (slingbox and directv dvr). Neither are working.

If I go to setup menu on dvr it says it cannot find a network, not getting an ip address. is that the slingbox red lights are both solid (which means there is a connection), and if I go back to the router ETH1 and ETH2 are lit up on the front, again implying that I have a valid connection. This isn't rocket science, but I must be doing something wrong. Are the family GREEN and family BLUE supposed to go into any of the 9 remaining ports that are open inside the closet hub? Because my thought was- let's say hypothetically I wanted to use every available wall jack in my house. There are 9 wall jacks total, but there are only 4 ports on the router. So this would not work. But, there are 9 ethernet ports open on the board in the closet. So I must need to use the ports in the closet, NOT on the router? If so, are these closet ports specific? Because (remember I have a phone like cord coming out of port 3, going into the 'line' port on my router/modem) I took this phone like cord out of port 3, plugged into port 4. and 5, and 6, 7, etc... and none of them would allow my wifi to work- the INT light goes off on the modem/router at that point. But when I plugged back into port 3 (where Qwest originally put it), INT lit back up and wifi worked again. So this makes me think that these 10 (9 remaining) ports are specific somehow? I know this was a lot to read. End result I am looking for- continue to use my wifi on the computer (the ONE place in my house there is no wall jack lol), and connect my slingbox and my directv dvr to the wall jack in my family room so I can (have slingbox) and get On-Demand content for directv.

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Home Network :: Chaining Ethernet Switches And Access Points

Dec 22, 2012

i have a network at home where 2 Ethernet switches (denoted as #1 and #2 in the diagram below) are chained ,then 3 wireless access points is connected to the 2nd switch. family laptops want to access the internet using wireless access points. any problem with this configuration ?

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Home Network :: Can't Print To Wireless Printer From Ethernet Connected PC

Mar 1, 2011

I am currently having a problem connecting a hardlined (ethernet connected) PC to a wireless printer. I want to know first of all if this is even possible. If so, how can I make this work? I know just enough about networking to be dangerous, but not enough to see what I am doing wrong. My network structure is as follows:
a 2Wire wireless modem/router provided by my ISP. a win xp laptop connected wirelessly a vista laptop connected wirelessly a win xp pc connected via the 2Wire ethernet port a Lexmark 4530 printer with wireless adapter connected wirelessly wireless config is WPA-personal (TKIP)

The laptops are able to print to the printer, but that is only because I used the CD for the printer to setup the wireless printing. When I look at the network neighborhood on both laptops, the printer does not appear. This leads me to believe that the printer is not connected to the network, the laptops have just created a printer connection (the port designation leads me to believe this as it just shows Lexmark 3500_4500 and not an actual address). The hardlined PC can connect to the internet, but is not visible to either of the PC's. When I try to type in the IP address listed on the printers config page, it doesn't see it. I can ping it, but can't connect. I think my problem is in the connection of the wireless printer. I can see it in the connection screen of the 2Wire status page, but I have a funny feeling it isn't configured properly. There appears to be no way to configure the printer outside of using their "wireless connection utility wizard" on the CD.

There is one other twist to this, I have a Dlink DGL4300 wireless gaming router that I use for my XBOX and to give me additional hardline ports for other things. I don't have it connected right now (my box is out of commission waiting on parts), but I did have it connected behind the 2Wire before without any problems. I would like for it to remain this way once I have the printing problem resolved. I am using DHCP right now with auto assigned IPs, but I can reconfigure the network to whatever will allow me to get this to work properly.

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Home Network :: Playing MPEG-2 File In Webpage From Home Server?

Dec 20, 2012

I have setup a webserver on my home PC and I have forwarded port 80 on my router to the IP adress of the PC that is running the web server. The web server is working great; I can get to my web pages from outside of my home by going to http://MyIpAddress/Anyway, the problem is with the Windows Media Player plugin I'm using. I want to embed 6GB MPEG-2 videos into my web pages. I have some videos on my PC and I want to be able to watch them remotely by connecting into my web page. It works fine when I'm at home; other PCs can connect and play the videos no problem. The problem is when I'm at work. When I'm at work, I go to my web page (via my IP address in a web browser) and the Media Player plugin says "Connecting" for a minute, then it says Ready, but the video will not play. I tried using a smaller, AVI file (680 MB) instead to see if the problem was streaming such a large file, but the video still would not play.Do I need to foward more ports on my router so that Windows Media Player can connect back and get the information it needs?

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Home Network :: Cable TV And Powerline Networking

Mar 11, 2011

I would like to set up a TV in my spare room which does not have a coax plug. Because of the set of my house running coax cable to this room, although possible, is something I am hoping to avoid. This is because if I was to run the cable on the outside of the wall it would get in my way and it will cost $300 to $400 for a tech to come out and run it through the wall.My first thought was to set up an old computer in my living room and have it connect to a cable box. Then I would send the video signal over the wireless network. The problem is that I cannot change channels on the other end. I have been reading up on power-line networking and it looks like a good option for my problem. I was hoping to find a device that will allow me to plug coax cable into it in the living room send the signal through the power-line to another device in my spare room where my TV receiver would be located. Is there anything like this out there on the market? If not are there any other options I can look at?

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Home Network :: Wifi Or Rj-45 Crossover Cable?

Mar 29, 2012

Ad hoc network may created between two PCs either with, wifi or a RJ-45 Crossover cable?

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How To Connect Laptop With A Home Network Without Using A Cable

Feb 10, 2011

How to connect laptop with a home network without using a cable??

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Home Network :: Internet Is Not Working While Using 24m Cable?

Aug 10, 2011

I have a modem which is allowing me to go online at home. Unfortunately, the cable that goes with this modem is too short (just 2m).This week, I bought a cable (internet cable) of 24m and I expected to be able to move around while being connected and surf the internet but internet does not work when I am using the new cable. We have tested the cable (using a cable tester) and the cable seems to work fine. When I use back the old cable (which is very short) internet is working perfect.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG160Nv2 For Home Network?

Sep 30, 2012

To connect WAG160N to a Dell switch 5224 do I need a cross cable or a simple one? Do I need to use port 1 of WAG160N or any port ?

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Home Network :: Use Internet Of Workplace From Home Via Dial-up Connection?

Oct 3, 2011

I have ADSL modem in my workplace that is connected to a switch and other workplace computers are connected to this switch so the ADSL internet is shared in LAN network.(in each of computer I set default Gateway to ip of modem .....)I want to dial my workplace from home and then use of workplace internet or connect to workplace LAN.(such as VPN or Port Forwarding or I don't know...)

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Home Network :: Windows 7 Laptop To XP Home Desktop Wireless

Mar 13, 2011

I have been having a bit of trouble with networking my two machines to share files and allow printing i have a win 7 laptop and a xp home desktop. I share a net connection via 02 wireless box both systems have wireless i have tried many things

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Home Network :: Connect Two Computers Using A Crossover Cable?

Jul 3, 2011

I'm trying to connect my two computer (XP and Win 7) using a crossover cable. I set the the IP as and computers can see each each other and I can access the public folder of the win7-machine on my XP-machine. However, if I try accessing the xp-machine it says:

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Home Network :: Why Maximum Length Of UTP Cable Is 100 Meter

Mar 17, 2011

as we know twisted pair cat 5 has maximum length 100 meter?

is because the voltage will decrease"weak" at the receiver "because the resistance of cable"? or because the noise will increase?

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Home Network :: New Cat6 200ft Cable Not Working?

Nov 15, 2011

I just bought and received a Cat6 200ft Ethernet cable from Amazon, linkIt is going from a router to my PC and is not working. My old Ethernet cable works just fine from said router to PC. I do not know why this one is not working. I tested the cable out on my laptop and it works fine for that. I am not sure what info to post about my PC, but I am using an Asrock z68 Extreme3 Gen3 motherboard as my lan connector.

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Home Network :: Notified When Somebody Tries To Connect On Home Wifi?

Nov 24, 2011

My Wifi network has a wpa2 password that is a random string of characters and numbers and yet last month a rogue IP Address kept popping up on my DNS list. It has to be coming from my neighbor who's bedroom is about 15 feet away from my router. So unless someone is sitting out on my front lawn to do this then it must be him.I've been looking for software that will notify me when a connection my router is attempted and kudos if it also asks my permission first would be great.There are wifi packet sniffers out there like Cain&Abel, Airsnort, that sort of thing but I am not quite savvy enough nor do I want to turn this into a complicated hobby but just need a basic warningin case something gets past my passwords again

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Home Network :: Convert UTStarcom WA3002G4 Into A Hub For A Home LAN?

Jul 9, 2012

Following are my components at hand.

1. My super awesome desktop with the regular gigabit, on board lan card (on Win7).

2. A laptop, with wireless connectivity (again on Win7).

3. A modem, UTStarcom WA3002G4 with an internet connection from BSNL.The modem is a wireless modem.

I want to be able to connect the laptop and the desktop in a single LAN connection, so that

i)I may play NFS Most Wanted on both the laptop and desktop through the LAN play.

ii) I may share files and folders, fast and without any hassles.

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Home Network :: Need To Extend Reach Of Wifi Network At Home

Oct 20, 2011

Here's the layout: Cable modem in the basement. Several devices in which I'd prefer a wired connection in the basement. Upstairs on the 1st and 2nd floor of the house are many devices in which wifi is fine or preferred.Here's the problem: As you might guess, wifi is weak upstairs and certainly on the patio and 2nd floor. I have an access point upstairs that I've experimented with but it is flaky.

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Home Network :: Install A Wireless Network In Home Environment?

Nov 10, 2011

How to install a wireless network in home environment?

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Home Network :: Need Input On Network At Home Newly Wired

Jan 14, 2012

I am a new student in networking, taking the CCNA courses, and now want to rewire my home. I currently have a cable modem and E2500 setup running my network. I want to get the modem and router out of my computer room and in the basement where the cable enters the house. I want to do this to clean up the computer room wiring a bit and to run line drops to different rooms in the house where the internet will be utilized.Currently there are two PC's, a laptop, a tablet, sometimes a phone, and an XBOX using the internet. I want to get my printer back up and running on the network but thats another story. Only one PC is currently hardwired. I would like to run two cables into the room with the PC and XBOX that are currently using wireless, at least two into the computer room for the PC and network printer, and one or two into the living room for the blue ray player and possibly an internet tv.

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Home Network :: Can't Get D-Link DGL-4500 To Accept Home Network?

Sep 10, 2011

I have a D-Link DGL-4500 router and my landlord recently ungraded our internet connection. However, now I get this error message when I try to hook it up to the ethernet hub,"The addressing of the Internet side learnt thru DHCP conflicts with the addressing selected for the LAN side. Internet communications will be disabled until you have changed the LAN side addressing to resolve the problem."

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