Home Network :: Chaining Ethernet Switches And Access Points

Dec 22, 2012

i have a network at home where 2 Ethernet switches (denoted as #1 and #2 in the diagram below) are chained ,then 3 wireless access points is connected to the 2nd switch. family laptops want to access the internet using wireless access points. any problem with this configuration ?

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Home Network :: Setting Up Wifi With Multiple Access Points?

Jan 27, 2012

Well this process is self explanatory, setting up the network is easy but im running into trouble with my wireless devices connecting to the strongest signalIm not exactly sure if there is a fix for this yet or if they have not made a protocol to fix it. I have a big house with solid wall in which i have setup 3 wifi's. 1st Modem/wifi Router, 2nd Wifi access point, 3rd wifi access point. Now the problem im having is moving between the access points my devices such as my ipad are changing from one access point to the next whilst moving throughout the house (that is until it loses the first signal I believe or you turn your ipad wifi off/on so it reconnects back to the strongest/closest access point).

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Home Network :: Multiple Access Points Connected By Wireless Bridge?

Sep 27, 2011

I have a router that is capable of wireless N at 5.0GHz but can't run simultaneous with it's 2.4GHz band a/b/g (Cisco Linksys E2000), so I have a second router acting as gateway for my b/g devices (and a few wired only that are nearer to it). They are connected LAN port to LAN port with 50ft of cat6 and the DHCP server running on only one router. I know this is pretty standard for multiple access points, and it works very well. But I'm moving, and in the new house, the internet access will be on one floor with the wireless N router, and the other router will need to be in the basement on the opposite end of the house, and running networking cable through the floor and walls is just too much trouble. My question is, can I replace the previous wired method with a wireless N bridge attached to the LAN port of the router in the basement and have it function in the same way as it did when it was wired, with only the DHCP server running on the wireless N router, and all devices attached to either router able to see each other? I would assume so, but I would like to know from anyone who has experience with it before I go buying the bridge.

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Home Network :: Use Access Point As Ethernet Card?

Jan 23, 2012

May I use an access point as wireless receiver to have internet on RJ45 interface?Is possible that internet source for AP to be on antenna, not on RJ45?

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Setting Up Multiple Ethernet Access Points?

Aug 17, 2012

I need to have 7 individual ethernet outlets on my home network for rooms, living room etc. My router has 4 ports on it. What should I do to get the additional 3 outputs I need? Can I just plug a switch into my router for the additional ones I need? Or do I need a router with additional ports?

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Home Hub - Add Wireless Access Points?

Nov 10, 2011

BTW the halls are next to each other.The house and the 3 halls are in the vicinity however not attached together(i.e. wall to wall). The distance between the house and the first hall is approx 1 road width distance.ISP is Virgin and the internet was installed this year hence has the latest Virgin Home Hub.I am aware that i probably require 3 wireless access points (1 for each hall).The first wireless access point will need to be connected with a RJ-45 cable running from Home Hub. Can i connect the Wireless access points up together or do they all need to come from the ADSL hub?I am not sure what Wireless access points would be best and how to go about connecting this all up

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Home Network :: TP-Link Wireless Access Point / Ethernet Switcher (TL-SF2005D) Fails To Connect?

Jun 6, 2011

I have just bought a TP-Link Wireless Access Point (TL-WA&01ND) and an ethernet switcher (TL-SF2005D).I have put the access point into client mode, allowing me to put it in my room and wirelessly connect to my router, allowing me to plug my PC in over ethernet and use the internet. However, after much fiddling with settings I cannot get it to work, as it continually searches for a network, and then fails to connect, despite the fact it is configured to use the network?I already have a similar setup with a netgear wireless G access point which works, and so I dont understand why the new box cannot do this when using what I believe to be the same settings.

Secondly I have an ethernet switch box which I bought to connect to the access point and switch the ethernet signal between my two PCs, my xbox and PC. This works fine with my primary PC (over my old access point) but when I try to connect my PC i get a DNS failure with auto IP settings and a gateway failure with manual settings, and other devices refuse to connect.

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Cisco :: AIR-AP1252G-A-K9 Rebooting Switches And Access Points

Apr 19, 2012

we are running 43 Cisco AIR-AP1252G-A-K9 wireless access points using POE in our facility.  These are connected to Cisco switches in various locations throughout the warehouse.  I have read many varying opinions on this matter some say do reboot some say never.  Do these access points and switches need to be reset on a routine basis to insure reliability and performance?

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Cisco Switches :: SG300-28P And Aironet Access Points

May 14, 2013

Does Cisco SG300-28P provide enough PoE to power access points 1550 and 1600?

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Routers / Switches :: Netgear Fs605 Ethernet - Wifi Printer Access In Network?

Apr 5, 2013

I use a Netgear FS605 Ethernet Switch to connect a wifi modem to my network and thus to the internet. People in that room can jump online via the wifi modem. You can also print to the wireless printer in that room via that wifi modem being local. However, I can no longer print to the wifi printer from anywhere else in my network (I could before I got a new router and wifi modem in there).Would this be a problem with this Switch or with the modem e.g.

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Home Network :: Setting Up Networks With Multiple Locations / Wireless Points?

Feb 11, 2011

setting up networks with multiple locations and multiple wireless points.For example: My sisters' home has here modem in her main computer room, it has a Belkin router hooked to the modem. Then a line goes from there to my nephew's room where I tried to expand their network by adding another router. I really just wanted an access point, but they don't seem to sell these as much as they used to. Anyway, I had it working, but it was two different networks, NETWORK1 and NETWORK2. So they had to swap networks when moving around the house. what would be the best hardware setup to provide both sides of the house with some Hardwired access as well as wifi access? Right now, we have two routers, a DIR615 (or something like that) and a Cisco E1000, and again hardwire going from the main computer room to my nephew's room.Also, in my house, I have lots of stuff... I have an Actiontec Router from FIOS, feeding a small hub as well as a switch in my main room. Which then feeds a Ps3, Wii, laptop, Denon reciever, and Access Point... and also feeds my Apple TimeCapsule, which also feeds my printer. My wireless devices range from cameras, iphones/ipads, and a wifi unit (I forget what it's called, but it connects my DVR wirelessly to my network, and the DVR itself doesn't have wifi).

my question about my setup is, should everything be on one network... as in let the ActionTec handle most of the duties and use switchers and accesspoints to extend the network. Should everything be on the same wireless network and channels? Like if I used my access point to extend, do I want the same settings as my main wireless router, and would that be the same for the Apple Airport Extreme?Also, does having all these wireless networks going create any kind of hinderance on my performance. For example, the PS3 has some sort of wifi in it... it produces a SSID, but I never connect to it. Should I make sure that's off? And in my main room, should I go with just the AirPort extreme over using it and the Wireless Access point.

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Home Network :: TL-WR340GD - Port 80 Blocked At Random Points Of Time?

Apr 15, 2012

The problems looks like this: I'm able to browse the web without any problems until at random points of time - might be 2 hours after I turn on my PC or 5 or even half an hour the port 80 gets blocked - actually more like it hangs it self. As whatever I try to open i get "waiting for response" going and going. It's not even returning "page not found" error or anything. To top everything all other ports work fine - i can use https, ping run tracert - no problem there.

I've spend two days looking for some answer on the web but came up empty. I've scanned for malicious software with ad-awar and malwarebyte anit-malware - nothing came up. After restart of the pc everything comes back to normal but its frustrating needing to do that every now and then.

My home network looks like this: I have some broadband modem that is connected to local wifi TP-LINK router (Model No. TL-WR340G/TL-WR340GD). There are four devices using this connection - two pc's (laptops), android phone and android tablet.

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Home Network :: Latest Ethernet Cable For Home Wiring?

Sep 20, 2011

I'm currently in the process of buying the new property, which is in the build process and would like to put some cables across 3 floors, which would be connected to the router downstairs.

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Adding Two WLAN Access Points To Existing Network?

Apr 11, 2012

Here's the deal. My internet provider provided me with a shitty router with a lot of settings locked. I can't change DHCP settings or add custom static IP addresses. This sucks. The wireless function on it sucks also.I added an extra router to the network so I have good Wifi in my living room. I turned off the NAT, firewall and DHCP on that one, so it's a simple switch with a wireless access point now.Now here's the deal. The DHCP server of the provider's router hands out IP's from to ( is the router's own IP address).I gave the added switch/access point the IP address in its own settings. The original router doesn't 'see' the switch now anymore because it's out of the DHCP's range. When I gave it an IP address within the DHCP's IP range, I got all kinds of conflicts (as expected).

I guess this is a solution since it works, but I'm open to other suggestions since it doesn't seem to be the best way of doing things. Besides, I can't access the access point's web interface anymore since it doesn't have an IP address within the network now. It isn't important because I don't need to change any settings anymore, but still.I'm going to add a second wireless router to replace the built-in wireless function of the provider's router. For some reason it sees its own wireless network as a separate network or something. When I roam from the new access point wifi to the provider router's wifi, everything gets confused because it tries to give the laptop a new IP address.

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Routers / Switches :: Setup An Home Network With A Wireless Router And Use Multiple Switches?

Jan 29, 2011

I want to setup an home network with a wireless router and use multiple switches for wired connections through out my home. I currently have an Airport extreme hooked up to a cable modem and a leviton gateway hooked up to the Airport. The 2 computers connected to the Leviton are on a windows 7 homegroup and share fine, but won't share or discover any wireless device connected to Airport. My main goal is to have a wireless/wired network with all computers sharing information with each other. I want 2-3 wired switches/gateways with a min of 2 devices connected to each, connected to my wireless router whiich is connected to cable modem.

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Linksys / Cisco WRT120N - Roaming Wireless Network With Two Access Points?

Jul 15, 2011

The old configuration was a Linksys/Cisco WRT120N plugged into a NETGEAR ProSafe VPN Firewall FV336GV2. I will list the settings below, but the short of it is that the WiFi router was in charge of getting the wireless clients but the Firewall was the one that assigned IP addresses and all that. This setup worked out just fine except that the WiFi router was in the basement and clients could only connect to it while still in the basement. They wanted to be able to connect to the network wirelessly while on the third floor, but couldn't even see the basement router from there. We shipped out an identical router configured beforehand exactly the same way, save for its MAC address and local IP address (those having premonitions, during troubleshooting I try setting different radio channels as well). The client plugged an Ethernet cable from the wall to port #2, and a desktop to port #3.

The desktop has internet access. Wirelessly, however, had issues The client only had a single laptop to test with, an XP SP3 machine. Unfortunately I couldn't pull specs from it as of this post, so I don't know if it connected by G or N. This laptop, which worked fine in the basement, wouldn't connect upstairs (it would sit trying to get an IP address forever) until I had him "forget" the basement network. At this point, he was able to connect to the upstairs router and access the internet. However, he could then no longer use the access point in the basement. I tried the same troubleshooting steps, like having him delete the wireless profiles from his network card and rebooting the router, but he couldn't even see the basement router while down there anymore.

Occasionally, it would show up for a moment, then disappear before he could connect to it. To make sure it was the basement router that was briefly appearing, I renamed the upstairs router to something else; this confirmed that indeed it was the basement router that was doing the "now you see me, now you don't" act. I then tried setting the basement router to Channel 1 while leaving the upstairs one at Channel 6. Still nothing, even though the laptop was about 25 feet away from the basement router and I had him wipe the wireless profile again. Rebooting the computer didn't solve the issue either. After this, I named the upstairs router back to the same as the downstairs one and had him go upstairs to test; he could connect to it right away.

I figure this is either a configuration issue on the laptop or routers (or firewall). Unfortunately, there weren't any other wireless clients to test with, and I'm not sure there will be when I continue troubleshooting on Monday. By the way, I looked for a "bridge mode" option on the WRT120N and couldn't find one; I'm told that the firmware doesn't support it. I don't feel comfortable putting on alternative firmware unless it's literally the only thing that will solve this. The configurations for the networking equipment are listed below.

NETGEAR ProSafe Firewall:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP Server: Enabled
Starting IP address:


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Home Network :: How To Network My House Using Ethernet Cable

May 8, 2012

I am currently wanting to make a wired network to save buying a wireless router. The house is unfinished so holes can still be made. I need network modular outlets in 8 rooms, I want to use some type of ethernet cable and connect wire them up to a multi outlet on a wall elsewhere. So I can connect to these without there being loads of wires everywhere. The problem is I don't know which ethernet wire to buy and also I don't know which outlets, tools etc. I need to buy also. I preferably would like the network to have speed of about 1gb. How to wire these and if there is a specific way of wiring them.

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Adding WAP To Ethernet Home Network?

Jan 26, 2012

I would like to set up a WAP at home so that we can choose when different members of the family have wifi access.I am currently using ethernet and a Thomson Speedtouch 546(i) V6 router. We have 3 laptop PCs and an imac, also a PS3 and Wii

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Cabling / Cards :: Network Of Wifi Access Points With External Server Authentication

Apr 6, 2013

I'm planning to create a network of wifi access points all in different locations. Those locations all have different wifi routers and networks. I'm looking for a easy solution that let easily setup those networks to ask authentication credentials (in a browser page, once a user is inside the wifi and wants access the internet) by an external server possibly without overloading too much that server.

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Home Network :: Wireless Connection Sharing Over Ethernet?

Aug 11, 2012

I'm sure this may appear to have been asked before but I've scoured the Internet and can't find anything exactly applicable to the setup I'm trying to achieve. I had a sky ADSL connection in my living room that had my tv, ps3, NAS and netbook wired in. I've since changed to a sky fibre connection but this had to be installed in the master phone line which is upstairs. This obviously isn't a problem for all of the wireless devices around the house including the netbook and ps3 in the living room. The NAS and TV are still wired to the old router so can see each other with no problems. Any pc trying to connect to the NAS can just switch to the old router via wifi if desired. The only problem I have is that the TV can no longer access the Internet.

I initially tried to use ICS on the netbook (it's left on permanently) - it's wired to the old router and wirelessly connected to the new one. This appeared to be working for a while but is no longer playing ball. I've tried bridging the connections and the tv and NAS both had Internet access but it's very sporadic.Is this a reasonable setup or should I be looking for another solution? I can specify a manual ip, subnet and default gateway on the tv if necessary - I was going to point it towards the bridge's gateway but I don't know about IP?

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Home Network :: How To Get More Ethernet Ports Available To Use / Without Losing Sky Router

Oct 27, 2012

I have Sky Fibre Optic Broadband, with a router supplied by Sky, (You can't use any other router, as username/password for internet is already put into router & they will not give you details when you phone them). The router they supply has only four Ethernet ports on. One is used by Sky to give you Fibre Broadband, thus leaving you with three.I have five devices that must use Ethernet, as they do not have wireless.How do I get more Ethernet ports available to use, without losing the Sky router, as Sky will NOT let you use any other router.

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Home Network :: Using Both Wireless And Wired Ethernet Connections On Laptop

Aug 17, 2011

I have some servers running in my office and I have hooked them to a wireless router. I want to access those servers from my work laptop. At this time, I have to disconnect from my company network and assign static IP to wireless interface to access those servers. is there a way to configure my laptop so that i can be hooked to my company network through wired interface and can access my servers through wireless interface which is configured with static IP

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Home Network :: Ethernet In - Wall Updated With Setup Pictures

Mar 16, 2011

My internet (via wifi) works just fine. But here is the situation that has me baffled-I have a house that has ethernet wired ports in each room, then there is a central hub in my closet. In the hub, I have a grey ethernet cord that is labeled 'service'. This service wire connects to a board that features 12 ethernet ports, 1 of which says 'in', 1 says 'security interface' and has a little nub in it, and the other 10 are not labeled. The grey wire is in the 'in' port.So I am left with 10 ports- port 3 of 10 has a (phone cord size) cord in it, connecting into the 'line' port on my Qwest modem/router. (Qwest set this all up for me, by the way). The modem/router is obviously plugged into the wall. Now- remaining loose in the hub are 9 ethernet cords- 5 blue, 4 green. Each one of these is written on in sharpie, and has a room label on it. 'Family, living room, kitchen, etc...'. So, pretty obvious, I simply found which cord corresponds to the room I am trying to use (family GREEN is one, family BLUE is another). These 2 wires correspond to the top port, and bottom port of a switch plate that is in my family room. Now- inside the closet hub I plugged family GREEN and family BLUE into the back of the ROUTER, ports 1 and 2 (of 4 available). Now- I went back to the wall- connected ethernet wires into the wall plate and then into the ethernet devices I am trying to use (slingbox and directv dvr). Neither are working.

If I go to setup menu on dvr it says it cannot find a network, not getting an ip address. is that the slingbox red lights are both solid (which means there is a connection), and if I go back to the router ETH1 and ETH2 are lit up on the front, again implying that I have a valid connection. This isn't rocket science, but I must be doing something wrong. Are the family GREEN and family BLUE supposed to go into any of the 9 remaining ports that are open inside the closet hub? Because my thought was- let's say hypothetically I wanted to use every available wall jack in my house. There are 9 wall jacks total, but there are only 4 ports on the router. So this would not work. But, there are 9 ethernet ports open on the board in the closet. So I must need to use the ports in the closet, NOT on the router? If so, are these closet ports specific? Because (remember I have a phone like cord coming out of port 3, going into the 'line' port on my router/modem) I took this phone like cord out of port 3, plugged into port 4. and 5, and 6, 7, etc... and none of them would allow my wifi to work- the INT light goes off on the modem/router at that point. But when I plugged back into port 3 (where Qwest originally put it), INT lit back up and wifi worked again. So this makes me think that these 10 (9 remaining) ports are specific somehow? I know this was a lot to read. End result I am looking for- continue to use my wifi on the computer (the ONE place in my house there is no wall jack lol), and connect my slingbox and my directv dvr to the wall jack in my family room so I can (have slingbox) and get On-Demand content for directv.

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Home Network :: Can't Print To Wireless Printer From Ethernet Connected PC

Mar 1, 2011

I am currently having a problem connecting a hardlined (ethernet connected) PC to a wireless printer. I want to know first of all if this is even possible. If so, how can I make this work? I know just enough about networking to be dangerous, but not enough to see what I am doing wrong. My network structure is as follows:
a 2Wire wireless modem/router provided by my ISP. a win xp laptop connected wirelessly a vista laptop connected wirelessly a win xp pc connected via the 2Wire ethernet port a Lexmark 4530 printer with wireless adapter connected wirelessly wireless config is WPA-personal (TKIP)

The laptops are able to print to the printer, but that is only because I used the CD for the printer to setup the wireless printing. When I look at the network neighborhood on both laptops, the printer does not appear. This leads me to believe that the printer is not connected to the network, the laptops have just created a printer connection (the port designation leads me to believe this as it just shows Lexmark 3500_4500 and not an actual address). The hardlined PC can connect to the internet, but is not visible to either of the PC's. When I try to type in the IP address listed on the printers config page, it doesn't see it. I can ping it, but can't connect. I think my problem is in the connection of the wireless printer. I can see it in the connection screen of the 2Wire status page, but I have a funny feeling it isn't configured properly. There appears to be no way to configure the printer outside of using their "wireless connection utility wizard" on the CD.

There is one other twist to this, I have a Dlink DGL4300 wireless gaming router that I use for my XBOX and to give me additional hardline ports for other things. I don't have it connected right now (my box is out of commission waiting on parts), but I did have it connected behind the 2Wire before without any problems. I would like for it to remain this way once I have the printing problem resolved. I am using DHCP right now with auto assigned IPs, but I can reconfigure the network to whatever will allow me to get this to work properly.

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Routers / Switches :: How To Access Work Files From Home

Feb 14, 2011

Until recently when we changed the router at work, I can access work files from my laptop and notebook from home. It seems the problem is probably from my home wireless router supplier by-aol as I can access work from my laptop anywhere else except my home. But then I have been able to do so until the work router was changed so i don't know what could be wrong?

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Chaining 2 Routers Together?

Sep 14, 2012

I have a cisco router and a motorola router. I recently decided to run a 50ft cable across my house and put the motorola one on the end of it to extend my wifi since its weak at the other side of the house. So the setup is like this, Cable modem plugged into cisco, 50 foot cable plugged into numbered port on cisco. 50 foot cable also plugged into number port on the motorola. I have set the motorola to a static IP and disabled dhcp on the motorola.

The problem im running into now is nothing works while connected to either router unless i manually set the IP address. I run a PS3 Media Server which is the reason i disabled DHCP on the 2nd router since it seems to have to be in the same ip range to see my PC thats plugged directly into the cisco router.

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Routers / Switches :: Cannot Connect WiFi N Ethernet Network

Apr 10, 2011

What i am trying to do is that i have a server in my store which has a running software for the store. I have a TP Link Wifi card installed in my pc.. i need to access the server using an ip through the ethernet cable. And i access the internet via the wifi device installed and running in my pc. the problem now here is that i cannot access both of the simultaneously. If i connect back the ethernet cable the browser does not browse or the internet does not work.. and i can access my server software.. as i unplug the ethernet cable my wifi card installed starts working all good and i can use the internet.. i have tried a little of soultions but have not been successfull enough to use both the connections simultaneously..

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Daisy Chaining Two DLink DI-524 Routers?

Jul 28, 2012

Suggestions on how to do this? Been trying in vain to get this to work all day...

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5500 / SSL ID Certificates Not Chaining To CA

Oct 6, 2011

I've tried to piece this together with  SSL Remote Access VPNS, Understanding PKI and the Cisco's ASA 5500 Series Chapter 73 Configuring Digital Certificates. Below is a  basic config I use to create the CA and ID certs on ASAs. I use the ASA as the CA server. When I export the SSL trust point it doesn't show chaining from the CA. Since there is no chaining when I load the CA certificate in the Root Store I still an SSL Certificate error.  Instead I have to load the SSL Trustpoint Certificate.

crypto ca server
  smtp from-address admin@Cisco.local
  lifetime ca 3650
  lifetime certificate 3650
  lifetime crl 24


I originally thought it was a problem with enrollment self in the trustpoint, but I cannot figure out the steps to complete enrollment terminal.  I got to the steps of crypto ca enroll Identity_Certificate and displayed the certificate request. At that point the sh crypto ca trustpoint Identity_Certificate is pending enrollment. I can not find the command for the CA that allows trustpoint enrollment. If I try to crypto ca export Identity_Cetificate identity-certificateit says trustpoint not enrolled. Of course if I take the enrollment request and attempt to crypto ca import Identity_Certificate certificate it fails because it's not the cert.

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Routers / Switches :: No Internet On 2nd Router Installed On Home Network?

Mar 23, 2012

I have 2 linksys routers installed on my home network. The primary router is a linksys WRT360n and is stationed inside the main home, while the 2nd is a linksys WRT160N located in my office. I've connected them via the lan to lan configuration and have disabled DHCP server on the 2nd. I can access the 2nd router via my primary PC but am unable to access the internet or see the primary from the PC connected to the 2nd router.

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting To Kguard H264 CCTV Outside Of Home Network?

Jul 1, 2011

I have a Kguard H264 CCTV system installed that is connected to my BTHome HUb 2 via ethernet cable.The CCTV system is registered on the home hub and has a direct ip address of and is configured to forward port 80 which is correct.Problem is how do i now connect to the CCTV system outside of my home network i.e. using my work computer?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3000 Setting Up Ethernet Network Of Rockwell Stratix Switches

Nov 13, 2011

I'm setting up an Ethernet network of Rockwell Stratix switches (badged Cisco 3000 series with extra firmware) and need a switch to obtain a gigabit port to a server as the Stratix switches only have 2 gigabit ports per switch and the network is in a ring.  The Ethernet ring is in fibre and I would want copper to the server.  The switch would need REP (Resilient Ethernet Protocol) to be compatable with the Stratix set up.  Is the ME 3400G-2CS AC a workable option?

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Linksys Access Point :: E4200 / E1500 - Cascading Routers Versus Access Points?

Nov 24, 2011

I am trying to find an effective way to extend the wireless signal across our home. I have tried various different solutions. Currently, I have an e4200 primary router that is cascaded with two additional e1500 routers that have been configured as access points. The Linksys support team hosted my computer and configured the devices. The e1500 routers are connected via ethernet wires running through the walls. And, this seems to be working well. Here's my question. The e1500 routers are configured with different SSID names, which Linksys advised was required to avoid conflicts in communications from the three router devices. Is there any way to configure this set up or something similar so that the entire wireless network has the same SSID and is seamless. In the current configuration, I have to specifically connect to the primary router or one of the two access points.

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