Internet Connection Dropping By Windows 7 Machines Only?

Feb 4, 2011

I recently added two Win7 computers to my ethernet network (one replaced an older computer, the other has brought the total to 4 machines). The original 2 workstations (XPpro) are fine, but the 2 new Win7 computers intermittently lose internet connection. They remain on the network, just lose internet. The 2 that are having the problem are wired directly to the first router, Linksys WRT160N. The 2 XP computers, that work perfectly, are wired 150 feet away, attached to a Linksys WRT54G used as an access point.The problem is much more severe on one of the new machines, with Win7 Home Deluxe - it stays offline about half of the time. The other, Win7 Pro, is occasionally waxed for 5 or ten minutes. Both use the Win7 default firewall & settings, I've added Avast free anti-virus but no additional firewall software. I have not noted any error messages other than the red X on the networking diagram, and the browser can't find page

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Internet Connection Dropping After Upgrading To Windows 7

Feb 28, 2011

I changed desktops to a new HP Desktop running Windows 7 and have been getting a headache every couple hours. Currently I have a Wireless network with a NETGEAR WGR614 V6 Wireless Router which worked fine until we changed computers. Now every couple of hours our internet connection looses connection on the main computer as well as other computer on the network that loose connection. Now once I come in and change the channel port on my router I get a internet connection but eventually its lost

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Toshiba Laptop Running Windows 7 Premium Internet Connection Dropping Out?

Feb 22, 2011

We have a new Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 PremiumWe have a sitecom modem router which is fairly new and already providing wireless to 2 other computers.I have connected to the router with the new laptop but for some reason it keeps dropping off the network, either saying "limited access" or "no internet access"t is well within range so I cannot understand why it keeps dropping off the connectio

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: AE2500 Installed In Windows 7 Machine - Dropping Internet Connection?

Mar 4, 2012

I am having problems after installing the ae2500 adapter in my win 7 machine had to remove malwarebytes and avg to get it to work but now it constantly has problems dropping the internet connection. I have to disable the adapter then enable it to reconnect to the internet. Are there other compatibility problems with this setup that I need to address?

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Lost Internet Connection With My Virtual Machines

Feb 18, 2013

Implement the procedures required so that machine 1 and machine 2 can communicate statically with one another. Outline the TCP/IP settings to be used on each of the machines and set this machine up accordingly.

I followed this guide [TUT] Setting a static internal IP (Windows and Linux)but what has happened is that now the two machines can't connect to the internet.

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Windows 7 Wireless Connection Keeps Dropping

Apr 24, 2011

This has been a problem 2 months ago and it is still not fixed My ping sometimes goes up to 500 and disconnects, usually every 10 minutes i disconnect from TeamSpeak3. My connection is 3 bars and drops down to 2 which is when it disconnects . My modem is only 4 meters away from me and another laptop is 2 meters away from it but it has perfect connection. My sister upstairs also has perfect connection. Im using Realtek 8185 extensible 802.11 b/g. Sometimes its worse and sometimes better but only by alittle bit

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Windows Xp Keeps Dropping Wifi Connection?

Apr 15, 2012

I have 2 computers. One is a Win 7 and the other is Win XP. They both can be connected to any of 3 WiFi connection in my building. I have no trouble with the Win 7 computer, but the Win XP computer keeps dropping the WiFi connection and get different error messages.

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Windows 7 Home Network Connection Dropping Intermittently?

Jun 28, 2011

I have a desktop computer and a laptop computer both running Windows 7 Home Premium. The desktop is connected to the router directly and the laptop is connected to the wireless network. When I restart both computers, I can see and access the other computer through the home network without problems. But after a while, sometimes just a few minutes, I can only see the other computer but cannot access it. Sometimes, I cannot even see the other computer. If I do a "ipconfig /release" and a "ipconfig /renew", it may sometimes correct the problem for a while.

I have looked at many related discussions on the web and none of the suggestions work for me.I have the firewalls disabled on both computers, as well as the ipv6 and IP service. I have also disabled the Bonjour service.I have turned a number of services, such as computer browser, server, workstation and many others to automatic as people suggested.

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Windows 7 Pro 64bit Machine - Wireless Connection Very Slow And Dropping Regularly

Dec 31, 2011

It's a Windows 7 Pro 64bit machine with a (newly installed) Asus P8H67 pro motherboard and an Edimax ew-7612pln pci-e card, the router is a thompson 585v8 router with the latest firmware on (upgraded as part of troubleshooting). I upgraded the wireless card drivers one time whilst it was disconnected, it appeared to work for a few hours but then dropped again it also went through a phase of connecting to the router as an 'unidentified network' with no internet access although I don't believe it was attaining an IP address. When it was connected the internet was pretty slow and anything like a file down load would knock it off completely. There were no errors at the time of disconnection in the event log (bar a DNS error or two saying it could not locate the website I was trying to get to before it failed), however the only information type events I noted were a few services stopping and starting and an odd one regarding the host not being able to find the 'master browser' which was identified as another laptop on the wireless network.

The machines are not in the same work group or in a domain, all other laptops and devices on the network work fine and are very stable - as was this one up until a couple of weeks ago. I've uninstalled a couple of pieces of software that were recently installed ; VMware player (which added virtual NICs upon installation and funnily enough made the wireless reconnect after a few hours of downtime upon installation...but the effect was shortlived) and some asus mobo utilities.

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Machines With Windows 7 Are Not Working

Jul 24, 2011

i have configured some machines into a workgroup. all machines are opening except two machines having windows 7 . they are showing a window for username and password as appears in a domain. how to correct it

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Set Up A Functional VPN Between Two Windows 7 Machines?

Oct 15, 2012

How can I set up a functional VPN between two windows 7 machines?


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Connect Windows XP Machines Together Without Domain

Oct 26, 2011

I have 3 machines running windows XP, they all belong to my company's domain. These machines have to leave our office but still have to be able to connect to each other and share a few folders on each. I used to do this all the time. I would make sure to turn on the "Server" service, set the windows firewall to allow File and Printer sharing, set the File and Printer sharing setting in the Local Area Connection properties, and set the proper sharing/security of the specific folder. Then as long as each machine used a specific local logon name that was the same on each machine, they would all connect to the shares and work perfectly.However now, I seem to not be able to get any of this to work on machines that have service pack 3. Is there something in sp3 that breaks this?Isn't there a way to still share files on these sp3 machines even though I'm not on the domain? (without changing the domain membership)

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Windows 7 Machines And Non-Operating Server

Sep 18, 2011

I am on my home network and I do have a Windows 2008 Server and hopefully I will have another one soon. I also have 2 windows xp machines and 2 windows 7 machines and a non-operating server.

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XP Pro Machines Can't Access Data On Windows 7 PC

Jan 18, 2011

I'm having problems in a mixed XP Pro (SP3)/Win 7 Pro (64 bit) network getting the XP machines to access data on the Win7 box. The XP machines are connected wirelessly to a D-Link DSL-2640R router modem and the Win7 machine is connected via an Ethernet cable.

Internet access from all machines works perfectly.The two XP machines can see each other either via mapped drives or My Network Places and can access files.The Win7 PC can access data on both the 2 XP machines.All machines are part of the same Workgroup and the network is set up as 'Office' on the Win7 machine.The XP machines can see the Workgroup, including the Win7 machine after I changed the network type from Home to Office, but can not access the data on it.I assume this is a permissions problem on the Win7 machine. I've made the root directory of the HD in the Win7 machine shareable as \Hppro3125hd via Advanced Sharing/Properties and in the Advanced Sharing tab I have set the permissions for Everyone to Full Control.

There is only one user (Garry) explicitly set up on the Win7 machine. I've tried connecting to the Win7HD via a mapped drive on each of the XP machines by logging on as a different user i.e. matching the user name from the Win7 machine but still no joy.Is there an easy to follow step-by-step guide to lead me through the necessary steps to allow the XP machines to access data on the Win7 box?

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Sharing :: Connecting Two Windows 7 Machines Wirelessly?

Aug 10, 2011

I am trying to connect 2 windows 7 machines wirelessly but without much luck.Both machines are connected to the wireless router and have internet connection. I have created a workgroup and put files into the the public folder, but still cannot get to the files even though the computers can see one another.

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XP Machines Unable To Connect To Windows 7 Shares

Jan 26, 2011

I have a Windows 7 machine sending shares across the network. Other Windows 7 machines have no problems connecting, but XP machines cannot connect. (Win7 can connect to XP shares).

I have adjust every setting that I have seen to no avail. This includes turning off HomeGroups, turning off password. Removing my password from my user account. Adding "Everyone" to each of the shares. I have even messed with the Local Group Policy Editor to send unencrypted passwords to third party SMB's.

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How To Connect Multiple Virtual Machines On Windows 7

Apr 22, 2013

I have installed 4 virtual machines using virtualbox on a windows 7 host and i'm searching how i could connect them so as they can communicate each other.

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Windows 7 And XP Machines - Network Resource Access?

Jun 20, 2011

We have a Windows 7 machine and two Windows XP machines. We use windows sharing of resources over a cisco wireless network. Sharing works fine on all computers for files and printers, however the DVD/CD Rom drives are not accessible.Sharing is enabled on all of these devices.When we try to access these DVD/CD Rom drives we get the following error message:Windows cannot access //computer name/resource name.You do not have permission to access //computer name/resource name. Contact your network administrator to request access.

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Keep Dropping Internet Connection?

Nov 10, 2012

I keep dropping my internet connection.

I have a NetGear N600 Wireless Dual Band Router model WNDR3400 purchased 4/26/11.

I keep restarting it and it's ok for a little bit but intermittently keeps dropping and coming back. I am in San Diego on using Cox Cable as a service provider, I guess it could also be the modem??

how to troubleshoot to determine if it's the modem or the router?

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Internet Connection Keeps Dropping

Apr 24, 2012

For the last couple of months we've been having problems keeping a connection to the internet. The green light turns red and everything loses connection while it cycles back on. I've tried everything I can think of and am at a total loss as to how to fix this.

The ISP has been out twice to check and replace all the lines and install a cat 5 line to no avail. I thought it might be an ip conflict dropping the connection so I assigned everything its own address and that didn't solve anything. I have a brand new netgear n300 router/modem that replaced the Actiontec one the ISP provided because I thought that might be failing, no change. The next thing I tried is to turn off and disconnect everything from the network except my laptop to see if it was a certain device causing the problems. It seemed to be going well for about an hour when I lost connection again. The next thing I tried is to hook it directly to the router and turn off the wireless to see if that worked any better, connection still dropped. When the guy was over here replacing the lines, he mentioned that he had just come from another house on our block having similar problems so now I'm thinking maybe they have to fix the lines on the poles. It seems to me that the most likely thing is that the connection is dropping from the ISP to the router, what I could try before I called them up to tell them the problem is definitely not on my end.

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WOW Internet Connection Keeps Dropping Out

Jan 29, 2011

My WOW internet connection keep dropping out. I recently went form AT&T dsl to Wow but as I surf my internect connection drops out. Could I have some software conflicts in my computer since I converted from At&t connection to WOW. I used a At&T Gateway 2 wire router before installing WOW. I don't have a router connect to WOW at this time. I am directly connected to their modem.

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Enabling File Sharing From A Windows 7 To XP / Vista Machines

Aug 3, 2012

I've created a workgroup on windows 7 Laptop to connect with 2 other system, one is PC with win7 and another is laptop with win vista, I've a wirless wi-fi switch. Problem to share file with Windows Vista only, PC with Windows 7 is working well, But Windows vista laptop can't connect with any of two systems...

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Internet Connection Dropping Out Intermittently?

Apr 3, 2011

Recently been taking my Laptop installed with Win7 Pro to a Friends and was sharing his Wireless connection from Belkin ADSL2+ wireless router and notice that every now and again the wireless connection would drop out and the only way to regain a connection to the reset the router. My friends network has two laptops on it connected wirelessly with Windows XP home edition SP3, and a Desktop PC with XP also on connected to router Via Ethernet, also a Windows Home Server and XBOX 360 also connected by Ethernet, My friend since updated his laptop to Windows 7 Home Premium and is using the Wireless connection which now finds intermittent loss of connection which can only be restored by Resetting the Router. why a Router should lose connection just by connecting a Win7 laptop wirelessly or is there more to it than that.

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Router Keeps Dropping Internet Connection

Mar 14, 2013

My router at work is working fine, at least for for its connection to the internet, it keeps dropping the connection.The router will be connected to the internet for say an hour or 2, sometimes more, and then it drops the connection. Usually a router restart(either from the web interface or by pressing the on/off button) fixes it, but only for a while.

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Internet Connection Keeps Dropping When Using Router?

Jun 10, 2012

My internet connection keeps dropping when using my router. I will have internet connection for a few hours and then it will drop. I thought it was a bad router (I had a Netgear N300 that is about 2 or 3 years old) so I bought a new Cisco Linksys EA2700 N600 router and the same thing happens. I can connect to the internet through just the modem and it works fine. Is is just a setting or something? BTW, I have an Arris cable modem that is several years old and my ISP is Suddenlink, and am running Windows XP Professional SP3.

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Wired Internet Connection Dropping Out

Jul 12, 2011

Basically for no apparent reason one day when I came home several weeks ago my wired internet connection has become almost unusable. The connection to the internet severs every couple of minutes, sometimes every few seconds. The only way to get my connection back is to either wait around half an hour and it fixes itself, or to use the ''diagnose connection problems'' in the INternet Explorer tools menu. For some reason this tool fixes the problem nearly everytime, how often I have to use this tool and wait for the internet. I cannot download many important things I need as the connection keeps severing and the download is 'interrupted' (within Google Chrome).I first tried reformatting my whole system, but to no avail. I am running a fresh installation of Windows XP service Pack 3.

I have a cable running from my wall (ADSL conection I believe) that connects into a router. This router is then connected to ANOTHER router via a blue network cable (Im not quite sure the reason for this my step-dad had it set up like this when I moved here. I think it is because the 2nd router does not have a jack that fits the ADSL line coming from the wall). I am wired directly from my computer into the first router. I have tried connecting to the other router to no avail. Chrome generally tells me that there is a DNS error when I try to load a page and the connection drops out. [code] Could it be a faulty router, faulty cables, or a software issue? I have the latest network adapter installed and power save mode is switched OFF. I would like to know if replacing the cables/router would fix things.

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BTHomeHub 3.0 Keeps Dropping Internet Connection?

Jan 29, 2012

I've had the new BT Infinity connection for about 4 months now, and everything has been ok - its very fast. But over the last 2 weeks the internet keeps dropping for some reason. The wifi connection is strong, but the internet isn't working. It works perfectly with Ethernet cable, but wifi doesn't want to work. I've used the inSSIDer program to find a free/empty channel as there are many bt hubs around, but it has no use.

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D-Link DIR-825 :: Internet Connection Dropping

Mar 4, 2012

I have seen several posts regarding internet connection dropping. Mine does the same. I have a cable modem in front of the router. The router is setup with two SSID's (one 2.4GHz, and the other 5GHz). So often the connectivity to ENET drops, forcing me to power cycle the router. Other then the two SSID's, the router setup is factory default. I need to debug this. I have noriced that the DNS IP addresses do not show up under setup. Where do I start?

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D-Link DIR-601 :: Keeps Dropping Internet Connection

Dec 30, 2012

My router keeps dropping my internet connection. I wonder If its the ISP cable modem that drops it and messes up my router forcing me to reboot. Drops it cause of some time out; or the like.If I can have the router periodically send a signal to my modem

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D-Link DIR 835 / Internet Connection Keeps Dropping Recently?

Jan 10, 2013

my internet connection keeps dropping recently. I first thought it was caused by my router, so I bought a new router D-Link DIR 835 but the problem still exists and seems even worse.

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Internet Connection Dropping Due To Ip Address Conflict?

Jun 17, 2012

This has been happening for a few months and I have had to reset the router every time and it usually works. I have 3 laptops, normally 2 are used and a roku streaming player connected to the tv. Both laptops are on windows 7 and sometimes the wifi suddenly stops working [sometimes only stops for some devices] even though i am still connected to the my router. Some times, a popup comes up that says that windows has detected an ip address conflict, so I think that that is the problem, but when I try to do ip/release, renew, it says that the media is disconnected to wireless network connection 2 even while i can access the internet.

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Dlink DIR 615 Router That Keeps Dropping The Internet Connection?

Mar 15, 2012

We have a dlink DIR 615 router that keeps dropping the internet connection. I checked with our internet provider about the connection and it is fine. The desktop has no internet issues just the wireless devices. We run a laptop, iPod, cell phone and tablet. Everything was fine until we added the phone and the tablet.

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Internet Connection Dropping And Reconnecting Every Few Minutes?

Feb 18, 2011

We recently moved in with some family, and we brought with us a Belkin N wireless Router. I set it up to their existing internet modem (I'm not sure what type it is or anything, I just know that the ISP is Optus) about halfway through January.

It's been working fine until Friday. Since setting it up, both my brother and I have (at different times) been playing Star Wars Battlefront II online. On Thursday night I was playing online fine, with no lag or anything (with a ping of about 138), however, ever since Friday it has been lagging non-stop. I have the same ping so I thought it must have been because we've gone over the limit for the month and the internet slows down.

However, every few mintutes (1 or 2 normally) the connection between my laptop and the network drops, and then within another few minutes connects again. I am running Windows Vista Business. My brothers laptop has the same problem, and he has Vista Home installed.

At first I thought it was a problem with the router, so I updated the firmware and restored the factory defaults, but the problem remains. When I get onto a website (if I'm lucky enough for the connection to stay) it normally loads pretty fast, so I dunno if we've gone over the limit or not (and I don't know the password to check).

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