Protocols / Routing :: Cannot Access A Certain Website?

Nov 28, 2011

I can access the website in other places(such as my library, another house, my university, my towns book store, etc.) but not at my own house. I can access the website anywhere but my own home! I contacted my ISP provider and he said that the website was not blocked by the ISP provider because the ISP consultant was able to access the website .I know the problem isn't rooted in my computer and believe that the problem is IP related because I was not able to access the website on either of the three computers at my house.

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Protocols / Routing :: Unable To View Website?

Oct 14, 2011

I'm going to list out my problem, to make it faster to understand.1] My domain name is registered with a company, X.2] My webhosting is hosted by another company, Y.3] My web developer, Mr. Z is trying to do his bit and upload my website.Here's what happens:Mr. Z tells me that he's not able to upload my website and is getting the error "Connection timed out" and "Could not connect to server" on his FileZilla or something. He also tells me that there is a problem with my domain registry.Now, Company Y tells me that the domain name's A-records has to be pointed to the correct IP address [which is, of course, the webhosting IP I bought.]Company X tells me to login to my account and add an A-record pointing it to the correct IP address. I did that.But still Mr. Z tells me he's getting the same error and is not able to connect to the domain name.Now, when I ping my website on MS command prompt, I get a "Request timed out" error.

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Protocols / Routing :: Can't Access Google Servers?

Jun 9, 2011

My computer won't connect to any of Google's servers. ANY of them. Gmail, docs, reader, nothin. I can visit youtube, but I cannot get to the log-in page. EVERY other site works pretty well. Heck, even using a site that uses a Recaptcha it doesn't load the recaptcha!Nothing wrong with my hosts file.

Tracert results in 6 successful hops and then times out (I think at my ISP?)
the last 2 successful hops are
And then
Then all time outs

My other PC is connected to the SAME wifi network right now, and I'm posting from it, and it works fine. Both are on XP. Reboots haven't worked. Happens on all browsers. Every other website I can find is just fine.

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Protocols / Routing :: No Internet Access With New Router

Dec 18, 2012

I have a little problem with installing my new router. There were quite a lot of problems with the old smc, so I've bought a TP-Link router. I installed it just alright, it said congratulations, you have internet. I don't have though, not even on the directly plugged computer. It's kind of frustrating, since the old router is still working like before. So I plugged an ethernet cable from the old router's lan to the tp-link wan and with that, the new network is working just fine. The problem with the internet access occurs only, if the router is directly plugged to the modem. (The computers do find the network but the connection is kind of offline.) I don't really know what could be the problem, since I'm a little new to routers. I've read almost everything in the new router's manual and I'm pretty sure it's installed correctly. (ADSL username and password copied from the old settings, mac address copied, all ip addresses pinged, done power cycle etc..) I thought about resetting the modem, but I'm a bit afraid of losing the old router's internet connection as well.

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Protocols / Routing :: Cable Blocking Access To MSN?

Jan 16, 2013

We have three home systems connecting to the internet. Our cable/phone/internet provider upgraded their phone service to digital and installed a new modem/router combo (three months ago). Since then we've not been able to access on our XP laptop and droid tablet but can access it on our windows 7 laptop. When the router settings are changed to "Bridged" and the router firewall is turned off, we can connect. We've changed the modem and the problem still continues. Our cable provider is stumped and so am I.

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Protocols / Routing :: No Internet Access After Reset The Modem?

Dec 12, 2012

I have reset the modem but after resetting it I can't go for internet anymore with computer or wifi . And after that I notice that my wifi is not under any security which is free for all.can I know how to fix this problem ?the main problem is mostly that can't go internet after reset it

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Protocols / Routing :: Opening Port 80 For WAN Access To Localhost?

Dec 22, 2012

So I am working on a website with MySQL/PHP that I have been developing on my Linux box. I wanted to show a friend my progress so I temporarily opened up port 80. So he was able to just type in my public IP and it brought him to my localhost index.

My question is, when I type in my IP address in the URL bar, does the web browser automatically just assume port 80? What happens if I want to have 2 different servers from the same local network and one is running through port 80 and the other is running through port 90? In this case, would I have to type ":90" to access the machine running on port 90?

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Protocols / Routing :: DI-524 Can't Access Username / Password Field

Jun 26, 2012

I did not know the username and password for my DI-524 so I wanted to do a reset...used a paper clip and held the reset button for ten seconds, unplugged it, powered it up, and as per online instructions tried to type in to access the username and password field so that I could enter "admin" and blank password. Here's where my lack of knowledge comes in. I am working off a MacBook with no Ethernet connection, just wifi. Is what I am trying to do even possible? Or does the computer I configure the router with have to be hardwired to the Internet while I do it?

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Protocols / Routing :: How To Restrict Access On Apps Using A Router

Jan 26, 2011

I am wondering how to restrict access to certain applications; software and hardware via a router.

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Protocols / Routing :: To Make People Access The Application On Server

Apr 16, 2013

I have a computer named server and it ip is and a live ip xxxxxxxx which is a private ip. on this system my oracle middle wear is running.I just want that people may access my application which is running on 'server' through public ip. Is it possible. If it is. then how.=]

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Protocols / Routing :: Port Forwarding To Access Share Point

Mar 31, 2013

I've been trying to configure my router which is linksys E1000 to forward port to my sharepoint server. Here is what I have done so far, setup single portforward to i.e 192.168.xx.xx using port 4848.Now my question is, do I need to configure sharepoint to receive this incoming connection. I do need to have my sharepoint be accessed anywhere on the web.

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Protocols / Routing :: Access Secondary Subnet From Remote Location?

Apr 12, 2011

Main Site allows communication from Remote Site via VPN to Windows ServerMain Site also has a secondary subnet that communicates ONLY through internet but NOT to the Windows Server.Sonicwall 192.168.168.x is main siteRemote Site is 192.168.0.x connecting to Main Site to access shared folders on serverSecondary subnet at Main Site is 192.168.0.x using Windows XP PC's. They are accessing a linux server at which Main Site has no access to.VPN remote ip's are 192.168.0.x - they can successfully access the Windows Server at BUT NOT Want to connect Remote Site to Secondary subnetWilling to make router changes or whatever is necessary to get Remote Site to access Secondary Subnet with the only exception that the Secondary Subnet REMAINS.VPN DHCP is turned off but willing to turn it on.Willing to make the Linux Server 'discoverable' on the Windows Server. Don't know linux at all but another co-worker set it up and can make changes.

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Protocols / Routing :: Can't Access Wireless Repeater Set-up / Admin Page

Dec 27, 2012

I have two wireless repeaters and can no longer access their set-up / admin page via default IP,I don't know the brand of the repeaters, which are commonly sold on eBay. Here's one example: eBay Item # 300829809133, They work well as repeaters, but it's frustrating that I can no longer access their set-up / admin page via default IP Right now I have only one repeater plugged in and connected to my laptop via ethernet cable. The 2nd repeater is unplugged. The Wifi on my laptop is switched off and disabled, so I'm actually connected to the Internet via my laptop's ethernet port via ethernet cable to the repeater's ethernet port, then via wifi signal from the repeater to my Zyxel wireless router and Comcast cable modem. If I'm connected to the Internet via the repeater, why can't I access the repeater's set-up / admin page using default IP When I enter into Internet Explorer, I get only the error message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

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Protocols / Routing :: Can't Get Access To Router After Changing DSl Up-link To Ethernet

Jun 15, 2011

I recently bought a tenda w548d Version 2.0 Adsl2+ Modem router. it worked fine with its default settings and wired connection was ok when i chose DSL uplink while installing its driver from CD. But it couldn't connect wireless. There were strong signals but connected computer couldn't get access to the internet. so i tried using ethernet uplink instead of DSL uplink while reinstalling the software Since then the light of ADSL never lights, even it never blinks. now the software on the cd can connect to the router. i cannot access its settings using IP address in browser, the page wouldn't load. I am so worried. Can i revert the setting back to dsl uplink?I can connect to the internet very smoothly using my old router so you can't blame my phone line or lan wire. I have tried reset the new router many times but still the ADSL light never lights up. And the ADSL light is ok because when i turn the router on, it lights with all the others.

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Protocols / Routing :: Buffalo WHR-G125 - Can't Access Router Settings (404 Error)

Aug 31, 2011

I have a Buffalo WHR-G125 router which was given to me for free by my ISP for being a loyal client. At home I have a computer, a laptop and a netbook. The router is connected to the computer and I have no trouble accessing the Internet on all three of these devices. I can open pages, download etc.

However: However if I decide to host a server on some game, my friends cannot connect. After doing some research, I found out that certain ports are "closed" (whatever that means) and I need to open them in order for everything to start working again."

Anyway, I checked the infamous site "" for instructions on how to open these ports. It was all fine and dandy, until the point where they stated I need to access my router settings page ("default gateway" or whatever, you'll have to excuse my ignorance). I entered "ipconfig" in cmd and it turns out my default gateway is So I entered this in the URL bar of my browser and got a nasty surprise:

"404 Not Found The requested URL was not found"

I am truly stumped. The address is not accessible on neither the computer, nor the laptop or the netbook. I tried some automatic port forwarding software, but it didn't seem to do anything for me.

The only reason for this I can think of is that my ISP is probably blocking the router settings page for some reason (and how unfortunate, I can't even complain, because it's free, after all).

I tried asking on the official Buffalo forums and even tried asking for support and got pretty much the same message: "Try resetting. However, if it's flashed, you can't do anything.".

Not exactly sure what to do right now. My worries:

1.) I'm not even exactly sure how to reset the darn router

2.) I'm scared that reseting won't do a thing and even if it does, I'm not sure I'll be able to reconfigure the entire thing by myself and the worst case scenario, not having internet at all.

Is there any way to access the friggin router settings page?

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Protocols / Routing :: Unable To Access Any Sites Except Google Sites

Jul 8, 2012

MY ISP installed one router in my lab.for internet connectivity they mail me steps :connect your Laptop directly to gi0/3 port to check internet connectivity with public ip 1.1.1.x and Gateway with subnet mask after connection I surprised because I am able to access only google sites like gmail,google search etc. but I am able to ping/traceroute all sites.from browser I am able to access only google sites only.In Router no firewall no such access list.

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Cannot Access One Particular Website

Jan 21, 2012

for sometime I have not been able to access any google website. I can access all others?

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Can't Access One Website

Feb 20, 2013

So recently i decided to try to play some rune scape since i played it through my childhood and wanted to try again, it went fine first 2 days, and after that i can't access the website at all. I've tried to ping it, and all that comes up is that request timed out, tried flush dns, restarting router/modem and even to change ip (which i did not succeed with).However i found this "solution" url... and reading the top comment, it says that "This problem occurs when viewing the same site over a router from more that one computer or application at the same time for a period of time." And i have done exactly that in the past days the site was working.

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Can't Access One Particular Website

Apr 24, 2012

I'm trying to reach [URL] and just keep getting a timed out message. I had this problem before once and gave up trying to solve it and then one day I came across a post at SWI in my google results and amazingly, I was able to access the site. I have no idea what was different on that particular day.

Same symptoms in Firefox and IE so I don't think its a browser issue.

Tried accessing the site through the IP address - same result.

Tried safe mode with networking - same result

I reset my router a few days ago because of another issue but I haven't reset it since this problem began. I have tried restting my router dns to opendns and also google public dns, neither of which has made any difference.

I got a friend to confirm that the site is not down, as I suspected. Tried to ping the site using this and the only 2 UK locations on the list said 100% packet loss - is this relevant?

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Cannot Access Certain Website But Others Are Ok

Mar 17, 2012

I'm having problem accessing for months. I can access other websites except it. Some days I can access it and some days I cant. Just this morning I accessed it and then I returned during the afternoon and I can't access it anymore.

I tried doing the tracert in command prompt

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:


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Can't Access Only One Website?

Dec 9, 2012

For the last couple months, I have had a serious problem with connecting to one (and only one) website: (Ball State University, This occurs from my home using a broadband connection. I say serious because this is my work website and I am an online instructor. Not being able to access BSU creates a serious problem for me. Note that this is 1) only an intermittent problem (only happens every few weeks, lasts for a day to a couple days, typically), 2) occurs with any and all browsers that I have tried, 3) occurs cross-platform (Mac or Win), on multiple machines, 4) goes away when using a neighbor's wi-fi signal from my home, 5) goes away when using these same machines with any other IP address (at McDonald's, BSU, etc., etc., etc.)Tech support at my IP suggested that we download virus software and confirm that the system is not infected.

We did this, but let me call your attention to the fact that 1) this is occurring to ALL of our computers simultaneously -- even though they are running different operating systems and that 2) there are virtually no viruses that infect more than one OS. So, the likelihood that this is a virus is very, very, very small. Furthermore this is intermittent (not typical of viruses), and two goes away when using anything other than our Ninestar ISP IP. Hopefully, you are beginning to see a trend here.Ninestar tech support has also suggested that the problem might be with our wi-fi router. However, that is not the case, as this problem exists even when hard-wired directly through the Ethernet (no wi-fi).

As far as I can tell, that pretty much isolates this problem to two sources:ttp// (Ball State University) and my ISP (NineStar). We have contacted Ball State and they have had no other reports of this problem. Since they have thousands of connections made per hour from the same platforms (PC and Mac) running the same software, that makes it very unlikely that the problem lies with them. Today, with BSU still unaccessible, I decided that I should force a reboot on the entire Ethernet system at home.

There is a box in my garage that is designed to route the signal to my phones, my cable, and my internet router so I powered it down just in case. This didn't make a bit of difference. Ethernet still works fine for all sites except I also pinged BSU. Timed out on both Mac and PC via direct Ethernet connectionFinally, I have used proxies to visit BSU, but since they don't handle encrypted signals, this doesn't really . No email, no Blackboard, pretty much only viewing their website is possible.

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Cannot Access A Particular Website But Others Can?

Aug 21, 2012

I've been trying to access a particular website for several days now, but every time I try to I get the "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to" error.The website in question is:I know that it is working as other people who I know post on the forum have not had the same problem.I've tried the standard things of clearing cache, switching wireless router off/on but still nothing.

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Cannot Access Personal Website

Jul 10, 2012

I can't seem to be able to access my personal website from any of my home devices: computer,2xlatop,android phone all give me the same message: "Cannot connect to" I've been trying to connect with Google Chrome, IE and Firefox yet none of them work on either of the devices. I've asked other people to connect to the website and everyone says it's working just fine. I even used teamviewer on another computer in America and saw myself that it was working just fine. Also using the website : url... lets me connect just fine to website but It's rather annoying having to use a proxy server to do all the intensive forum work. I've been reading around all the forums and have found people with the same problem but none of them actually posted back saying how they fixed it. I was literally editing a blog page when I clicked on update and the website didn't let me connect anymore. I've tried flushing the DNS through CMD line with the "ipconfig /flushdns" command but it has yet to do anything. I restarted the rooter in the hope it will work but no succees. url...

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Cannot Access Specific Website

Sep 22, 2012

I've gone through a variety of diagnostics and I honestly don't know what to think. It's not my computer, as I can access the site on this computer on a different network. It's likely not the whole of my LAN network either, because my kindle can access the site through it. I can always access it on this computer with a proxy as well. I can ping it fine, and tracert it equally as well.I've tried everything from socket fixes, DNS flushes, getting new WAN IP addresses. When I got a new WAN IP address the first time the site was accessible once, and then it stopped again after that. I can't clone the MAC address from the router, because it doesn't allow it.

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Unable To Access One Website

Feb 21, 2011

It's a safe site that I have used before and that others can still access. The last time I was able to access it was around New Years. I have tried quite a few times since without any luck. (I had hoped the problem would simply "go away"....).


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Cannot Access A Specific Website

Feb 14, 2011

For some reason, there is a specific website that I cannot access. I am a member of the website and they have a community forum for contacting them and requesting support, but obviously I cannot contact them if I cannot access their site!

The website is [URL]. I read in another post that I should do the TRACERT command and post the results so I am doing that here.

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How To Access Blocked Website

May 11, 2011

My internet provider have blocked a website. I know there is a way to bypass the block and go to the website, without using websites such as Hide My ***! Free Proxy and Privacy Tools - Surf The Web Anonymously.

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Can't Access A Specific Website

May 26, 2012

Ever since last night ive not been able to get onto a site that i use every single day. I can get on the site through my 3g on my phone and ive tried it round my friends house and it works perfectly.Tried releasing and renewing my IP Address, no effect and have just ran a Tracert:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Tracing route to []


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Can't Access Google But Can Get On Any Other Website

Feb 16, 2012

I can get on any website except if its anything else such as or gmail it works fine but I cannot get on the main google page. Can't ping it either.

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Cannot Access Certain Website Via Network?

Jan 17, 2013

We have been noticing a strange issue since upgrading to Comcast Business with a new Motorola 6580 modem/router:certain common websites can no longer be accessed via the network (although they load fine when accessed via smartphone 3/4G)I already did some reading on the subject and it looks like the Firewall is to blame:when I switch Firewall to "Off", everyone can access the websites ok,as soon as I switch Firewall back to "Low" - no more website access.Question: is there any workaround for this issue other than turning off the Firewall?

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Can't Access A Specific Website?

May 26, 2012

Ever since last night ive not been able to get onto a site that i use every single day. I can get on the site through my 3g on my phone and ive tried it round my friends house and it works perfectly.Tri[CODE]

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Cannot Access Particular Website On Network Only

Nov 5, 2012

I was able to access my website [URL] just fine before I changed the cPanel password. Now I cannot even load the site or load the cPanel login page here: [URL] All I did was change the cPanel password. When I use another computer that is NOT on my network, I can connect to the site fine. I'm assuming that my network is blocking it for some reason after the cPanel password change. I tried the IP address in the address bar as well (still no go). Cannot "ping" the IP address either. I reset my modem and router as well. Cleared cache in browsers as well.

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Cannot Access Our Own Website Or Emails?

Jan 26, 2011

We updated our business website in December and moved the hosting to our web designer's servers.Very shortly afterwards, we discovered that we could not view our own website, nor access our emails, which are hosted through our web domain name via cPanel.We run two Apple Macs through a Linksys router connected by two ethernet cables. We also have a Vonage internet phone connected to the network, which works either connected directly to the modem, or routed through the Linksys.We had this set up since March and had never had any problems until we had the new website. We don't know if its related, or just a coincidence.

We first went through a process of elimination:

First we connected the computers directly to the modem (one at a time, as obviously both can't connect directly) and we could access our emails and website absolutely fine. Not a solution though, as we need access on two machines.This led us to believe the problem was with the router. Both the Linksys and the Vonage device (box that the phone is plugged into, which is in turn connected to the internet) work as routers and we could view both router's home pages through their ip addresses.

We first called Vonage customer support, and no matter what they suggested in the nearly 2 hour call, nothing worked.We found a solution that suggested changing the MAC address of our router. After looking at the settings of the Vonage box, we couldn't work out how to change the MAC on this, so we changed the MAC of the Linksys instead - and it worked. We could view our emails and website again.However, plugging the Vonage box back in resulted in us losing access to our emails and website again. The set up solution worked for about a day before the same problems came back.

So we again unplugged the Vonage phone device and just ran our two Macs from the Linksys router - all fine, for a bit.A couple of days later the emails and website became inaccesible again. In desperation I changed the Mac address of the Linksys router and we were up and running again.

This solution worked for another day or so, until the old problems arose again.Now, whenever we reset the Mac address of the Linksys, it works, but emails and the website become inaccesible sometimes as soon as half an hour afterwards, sometimes longer, but however long we can gain access to the emails for, we constantly have to stop to reset the router, then restart everything.We now know that its nothing to do with the Vonage phone, so I'm discounting that from the equation now. Also, we've just tried running each of our computers in turn when plugged directly into the modem via an ethernet cable. Interestingly, one machine works fine, and can access the emails and our website, but the other machine now can't access the email or the website, but loads all other sites fine. Is this significant?

We've been reading up on our problems again, and it has been suggested that the issues are being caused by the website/email server blocking our ip address and that we can solve this issue by having a static ip address instead of the dynamic one that Virgin Media assigns. As we are on a home broadband service, we understand that this isn't possible though. Surely, if Virgin reassigns ip addresses every session, our ip would be constantly changing, therefore if we were blocked by the website server, wouldn't it be more likely to be blocking a static one, not one that is constantly changing? And also, how come one of our machines can access the emails etc when directly connected to the modem, but the other can't?

Other solutions proposed have been:
-Get a new router
-Move our website to a new server
-Move our emails to a new server and access our own website through a proxy.

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