Sharing :: Setup A Home Network For Primarily Sharing Music / Pictures And Videos?

Jun 22, 2011

I wanted to setup a home network for primarily sharing my music, pictures and videos.I have a PS3 which can stream the video/music and display the pictures from a media server to my TV.I was wondering between NAS and a desktop computer? and wanted to know which was the better or cheaper solution? (2 much 2 ask for both)

Main Issues

--Will NAS work with PS3?

--Incase of a computer, i know i will be able to use logmein or gotomypc to Download files directly to that machine even when im not home and when i do get home its ready to go. Can the same be achieved with a NAS?What else should i consider? i.e. pros and cons of both.

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Setup Home Network To Run A DLNA Server For Videos / Music?

Dec 23, 2011

I want to setup my home network to run a DLNA server for videos, music, etc. I know that there are many new routers and NAS devices out there that now have the capability to run a DLNA server built-in. My question is, which would provide a better DLNA server: one that is built into the router or one that is built into the NAS device?

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Set Up A Home Group Can All Share Pictures And Music

Dec 12, 2011

How do I set up a homegroup so we can all share pictures and music, etc?

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Home Network :: Setup A DC++ HUB For Sharing Data Within The University Local Network?

Feb 13, 2011

I want to setup a DC++ HUB for sharing data within the university local network. We have addresses of the form 172.31.*.*. These addressed are accessible within the university bu non routable outside on the internet. My plan is to setup a local HUB for DC++ for sharing data within the university intranet. So even if internet is unavailable data can be exchanged through LAN. This HUB must not be accessable outsied the university should I do this all..implementing network sharing other than DC++. My basic idea is that everybody can share their data and the data is searchable from one common interface( Web interface is better option, if possible). And data featching should prefferably be from many hosts, using multiple connections so that speed can be improved..

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Home Network :: Ethernet In - Wall Updated With Setup Pictures

Mar 16, 2011

My internet (via wifi) works just fine. But here is the situation that has me baffled-I have a house that has ethernet wired ports in each room, then there is a central hub in my closet. In the hub, I have a grey ethernet cord that is labeled 'service'. This service wire connects to a board that features 12 ethernet ports, 1 of which says 'in', 1 says 'security interface' and has a little nub in it, and the other 10 are not labeled. The grey wire is in the 'in' port.So I am left with 10 ports- port 3 of 10 has a (phone cord size) cord in it, connecting into the 'line' port on my Qwest modem/router. (Qwest set this all up for me, by the way). The modem/router is obviously plugged into the wall. Now- remaining loose in the hub are 9 ethernet cords- 5 blue, 4 green. Each one of these is written on in sharpie, and has a room label on it. 'Family, living room, kitchen, etc...'. So, pretty obvious, I simply found which cord corresponds to the room I am trying to use (family GREEN is one, family BLUE is another). These 2 wires correspond to the top port, and bottom port of a switch plate that is in my family room. Now- inside the closet hub I plugged family GREEN and family BLUE into the back of the ROUTER, ports 1 and 2 (of 4 available). Now- I went back to the wall- connected ethernet wires into the wall plate and then into the ethernet devices I am trying to use (slingbox and directv dvr). Neither are working.

If I go to setup menu on dvr it says it cannot find a network, not getting an ip address. is that the slingbox red lights are both solid (which means there is a connection), and if I go back to the router ETH1 and ETH2 are lit up on the front, again implying that I have a valid connection. This isn't rocket science, but I must be doing something wrong. Are the family GREEN and family BLUE supposed to go into any of the 9 remaining ports that are open inside the closet hub? Because my thought was- let's say hypothetically I wanted to use every available wall jack in my house. There are 9 wall jacks total, but there are only 4 ports on the router. So this would not work. But, there are 9 ethernet ports open on the board in the closet. So I must need to use the ports in the closet, NOT on the router? If so, are these closet ports specific? Because (remember I have a phone like cord coming out of port 3, going into the 'line' port on my router/modem) I took this phone like cord out of port 3, plugged into port 4. and 5, and 6, 7, etc... and none of them would allow my wifi to work- the INT light goes off on the modem/router at that point. But when I plugged back into port 3 (where Qwest originally put it), INT lit back up and wifi worked again. So this makes me think that these 10 (9 remaining) ports are specific somehow? I know this was a lot to read. End result I am looking for- continue to use my wifi on the computer (the ONE place in my house there is no wall jack lol), and connect my slingbox and my directv dvr to the wall jack in my family room so I can (have slingbox) and get On-Demand content for directv.

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Sharing :: Windows 7 Won't Share Music With Xbox?

Nov 21, 2012

ok the title is not all that descriptive. windows 7 will share the music with the xbox if its on the c deive however i do not keep my music on the c drive i keep my music on a second hard drive and windows will not share the music on that hard drive even thogh i have told it to share that drive and gave it full permissions. what do i need to do to make windows 7 share my music hard drive with the xbox 360?

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Sharing :: How To Setup File Sharing

Jul 5, 2011

recently i was trying to share files between two computers using a networking switch.(windows xp) I tried using network setup wizard on the host computer it only gave me two drive options f drive and the floppy disc drive. so i selected f drive to copy files. I inserted a cd and clicked next but nothing happened. i tried clicking format button and it asked me to 'insert a cd to f drive' so I avoided the format button.My computer has a backup system which someone installed and im not too sure about it so I was wondering if f drive was referring to the backup system (sort of looks like an external hard drive with lights on it connected to modem) or maybe referring to usb port. I did not try using my usb yet. The second pc I noticed did not have network setup wizard on control panel and was not sure if i needed it. I heard that a router has a firewall and is more safer than using a networking switch. at this stage i dont need internet connection for the second pc

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Sharing :: Prompted To Enter Network Password After Turning Off Sharing?

Aug 9, 2011

Trying to create a network for file sharing, as have upgraded the 'server' (part of a Workgroup, not a Domain) from WinXP to Win7 and experienced problems ever since. Ironically the problems haven't mainly been with sharing files between Win7 and WinXP systems, but between 2 Win7 systems. I bought a new Win7 laptop and tried to connect it to the server, but it hasn't had Read/Write privileges over the files in the Win7 server. Entering a username and password to gain access to the servers folders has not been a problem, and as far as I know, opening files such as documents has not been a problem either. However, when trying to save an edited document, access is denied, and if I try to open an executable file (this is necessary for a node installation), it prompts me for a network password. Every combination possible of username and password from the 2 systems (including '' or 'SYSTEMNAME' before the username) has not worked. I tried syncing the times which was apparently a previous problem, but to no avail. I am unable to access Local Security Policy, as the server is running off Home Premium. I have tried creating a new workgroup, removing and changing passwords, enabling guest access to the network through the Windows Resource Kit Command Shell, creating identical users on both computers, but nothing appears to have worked.

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Sharing :: Create A Website To Allow Users To Legally Watch Videos In Streaming?

May 14, 2012

I would like to create a website to allow users to legally watch videos in streaming but I am struggling in understanding what the related cost would be from a storage and transfer stand point.

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Folder Sharing In Home Network?

Jul 5, 2012

I am using windows 7 and i have a folder which I share between other computers and laptops at home, but I want to share that folder as a web page, for example if i type the www or the ip address it should appear like a web page, i guess that way it will be faster then normal shared folder, is it possible that I assign an IP to that folder and forward it to the network users?

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File Sharing Between Two PC's In Home Network

Feb 11, 2011

I want to get the ability to share folders between my PC using a Wireless router. One of the pc's is a Desktop running using XP SP3 and the other is a laptop running Vista SP1. how to set up away to just share certain folders between the two machines?

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Home Network :: Sharing A Wireless Connection?

Jan 9, 2013

I have a PC that connects to a wireless connection. I would like to share this connection with MORE THAN ONE PC. I have read it is possible to share it with ONE other PC via a crossover cable.I would like to share this to a router so that the PCs connected to the router can use this connection. Is this possible?If so, what would I need?(Other than a crossover cable and router)Side note: I'll be sharing this connection to a wireless router - so I'm hoping to basically relay the connection that way.I know it is possible to buy extenders that extend the range of wireless connections, but this is where the restrictions come into play...-We are not able to network these computers on the wireless network, as we do not manage it and have some quite strict privileges.-The router will also be used to share a hard drive via USB.

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Make A Home Network For File Sharing Only?

Feb 7, 2011

I have a desktop and a laptop each using xp. Each is set up to connect to the internet wirelessly, through different networks. I do not wish to disturb those settings.I want to set up a third, ethernet network, linking the desktop and laptop, for file sharing only, no internet.

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Home Network :: Sharing Programs Between Two Computers

Jan 1, 2012

How do you set up a network of 2 computers so that one computer without the actual software on its hard drive can run programs that are on the other computers hard drive?

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Home Network :: Backup And Printer Sharing?

Dec 30, 2011

I have decided to set up a simple network at my home. I have got 2 PC's (one ground floor, one up staris), printer, TV and router.Now, my router has got only 4 sockets for RJ45 (no usb connection available). My target is to have one storage hard drive of 2TB for sharing pictures, files and automatic backup from PC's. Make of my router is D-link DIR-615. I want to have PC's connected by RJ45 for quick file transfer and TV as well to load movies from external/network hard drive so 3 of 4 ports are already used.I want to have my printer online in network all the time, so any PC can print at any time without connecting USB cable. Also I do not want to plug my printer into PC downstaris and share it in the network because if PC will be switched off, PC upstaris won't be able to print. So I want all my devices have connected to the router. Printer does not support ethernet interface as well (only usb connection).I've got a choice to buy an External Hard Drive (USB) or Network Hard Drive. I have choosen these two:


As I said, I got 2 devices to connect to my network, and there is also one port available. I know, we got many different hubs etc, but what about printer? It supports only USB 2.0.I have also found very basic NAS on ebay:


I thought I could by external hard drive because it is cheaper than network, and connect it together with my printer to this NAS and then NAS to router. Will I loose file transfer speed?

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Sharing Files Over Home Network With Windows 8?

Nov 6, 2012

Okay so I had all this set up to be simple back in windows 7.

Basically, what I did was turn off password required sharing or whatever, so all I had to do was click on networks in the left side panel when i was in My Computer and click on say, my wifes laptop and it'd open the public folder she had there, and I could drag and drop stuff into and out of it. And same for her and seeing mine.

Now that I have windows 8 on my PC It's all buggered up.

I didn't change ANY settings on HER laptop, but when I try and access it (I used it to back up important files while fresh installing w8) it's asking me for a username and password

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Sharing Printer / Home Network With Windows 7 And XP?

Jun 2, 2011

I've got a modem which feeds a wireless router; plugged into the router via ethernet cables are my personal computer in my room and an office computer. Connected wirelessly is my kitchen PC. My printer (Canon MX330) is not wireless/bluetooth and is connected via USB to my office computer.

Office / Kitchen Computers: Windows XP My Personal Computer: Windows 7

I'm trying to set up a network/file sharing system, and more importantly, I'm trying to be able to print on a computer other than my office computer.

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Windows 7 HP Home Network File Sharing?

Feb 9, 2012

I finally got my 2 computers networked and seeing each other but when I try to share a file from comp B to comp A all I get is the data files, no .exe or application files. Can I not run a game stored on another network computer?

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Home Network / Configuring Internet Sharing

Jan 14, 2013

I have a home wi-fi network that connects through a router/modem to the Internet. There are three up-to-date Windows Vista (Home edition, I think) laptops on the network all of which connect wirelessly to the router/modem. The network is password protected (for security purposes I turn off network discovery. And I don't use file sharing between the laptops). In other words, I have three laptops connected to a common wireless Internet connection (the router/modem). I also have a desktop computer (that I use for projects and gaming), but I don't have a wireless network adapter nor a long enough ethernet cable to connect to the router. I don't have any technical problems connecting to the Internet using a crossover ethernet cable. It's just impractical as I have to dismantle the whole desktop computer system (printer, monitor, scanner, etc etc) and carry it to a different room within cable distance of the router every time I need to update the software or activate a new application.

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Home Network :: Wireless Connection Sharing Over Ethernet?

Aug 11, 2012

I'm sure this may appear to have been asked before but I've scoured the Internet and can't find anything exactly applicable to the setup I'm trying to achieve. I had a sky ADSL connection in my living room that had my tv, ps3, NAS and netbook wired in. I've since changed to a sky fibre connection but this had to be installed in the master phone line which is upstairs. This obviously isn't a problem for all of the wireless devices around the house including the netbook and ps3 in the living room. The NAS and TV are still wired to the old router so can see each other with no problems. Any pc trying to connect to the NAS can just switch to the old router via wifi if desired. The only problem I have is that the TV can no longer access the Internet.

I initially tried to use ICS on the netbook (it's left on permanently) - it's wired to the old router and wirelessly connected to the new one. This appeared to be working for a while but is no longer playing ball. I've tried bridging the connections and the tv and NAS both had Internet access but it's very sporadic.Is this a reasonable setup or should I be looking for another solution? I can specify a manual ip, subnet and default gateway on the tv if necessary - I was going to point it towards the bridge's gateway but I don't know about IP?

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Home Network :: Sharing An Apartment Internet Connection?

May 29, 2011

I live in an apartment and I am forced to only use the apartment's internet service to go online. There are two ways to access the apartments network; via ethernet port or wifi. Once im connected and try to browse, I will first be taken an http login page to enter my username and password. The problem with this is I can only use the username and password for one computer at a time. Trying to get my second laptop to access the web using the same user and password will give me an error saying it is currently being used. As I have two laptops (work and personal), I would like to share the internet connection using a device that will allow either or both machines to connect simutaneously. What device will I need?

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Home Network :: Protocols Used While Sharing Files In Windows?

Oct 12, 2011

I want to know which protocols are used to share files via lan.Both the machines are running windows.

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Home Network :: Connecting Two Computers For Sharing Files

Jul 20, 2012

They both have laptops and share data via a flash drive and emails between the two laptops.This is the scenario, They both input data into one excel spreadsheet on laptop 1. Laptop 2 works on data, puts it onto a flash drive then goes to laptop 1 and opens the spreadsheet and enters data from flash drive.My thought is wouldn't it be great if they could use some type of VPN? They could both work from home and access each others computer files, spreadsheet and databases.

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Sharing :: Can't Access Files On A Computer On Home Network?

Mar 5, 2013

I am trying to transfer files from Laptop A to Laptop B. I can transfer files from B to A, but I can't transfer them from A to B. When I try to, I get an error message saying "Windows cannot access Laptop A".It then gives me the option to diagnose the problem (I'm using Vista on both laptops, by the way). When I click that, it gives me the error of "Cannot communicate with Laptop A. We pinged the remote host but did not receive a response".Laptop A is connected to the network according to it, it can access the internet fine and can access other laptops on the network fine. I have disabled the firewall, shared the folders appropriately, made sure they were both on the same workgroup (they are both on the default Vista WORKGROUP), and still nothing.

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Home Network :: Add Printers To Local Wireless Network Without Sharing From Computer

Mar 3, 2012

I have a home network running all Mac computers (though can run Windows VM if necessary) and a pair of USB printers. The wireless router and cable modem are in one room, but the printers are in another. I'd like to find the most practical way to add the printers to the local wireless network without sharing them from a computer. I've tried that for a while, but don't want to leave a laptop connected 24/7 just to enable wireless printing (rather defeats the purpose of a portable computer). I don't have any wired network lines in the home, and am not excited by the idea of running any cables.

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Home Network :: How To Manage Data Sharing In A Little Intranet On Windows

Mar 10, 2012

I should set up a network for a little enterprise.The requirements can be summarized as follows:

- All the "business" softwares have to be stored in a single computer (let's call it "the server"). The other computers (in this case there should be at most 2 or 3 computers) can execute these softwares through the server. So there are no local copies of those softwares on clients, only on the server.
- The main computer (the server) shares also a printer.
- All the computers in the network, are interconnected through a single wi-fi modem/router. Some of them are connected through the wi-fi interface and others through an ethernet cable.

the server, in order to perform some special procedures, has to connect to a special modem which connects it to a remote private network. In order to do so, the server disconnects from the local enterprise network because Windows does not allow me to stay connected to more than one network at the same time.The remote private network does not require to disconnect from any other network, it's just a constraint imposed by Windows.In the meantime, clients are not able to execute softwares anymore and cannot print anything.when the server is connected to the private network, it still needs to execute the "business" softwares.

Is it possible to keep the server connected to both the networks without denying the access to softwares, data and printers to anyone? If yes, how?If not, how can I design the topology of the network in order to share softwares and other data among all the computers (server and clients)? It's important that when the server connects to the private network every computer (including the server itself) can still access softwares, data and printers.

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Home Network :: Sharing An ADSL Connection Using A Wireless Router?

Jul 6, 2011

I Got a new ADSL connection,They provided a ADSL Modem. To connect tot he ADSl i have to enter the username/password in the this case how can i make this ADSL connection to wireless? coz Me and my friend want to use the same connection.

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Network Adapter Missing - Can't Connect With Wifi At Home For Sharing

Jul 28, 2012

Network adapter missing - Can't connect with Wi-Fi at home for sharing

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Does A Low Internet Speed Affects Home Network Sharing Capabilities

Sep 16, 2012

Can I have two wireless networks running in the house? Does a low internet speed affects my home network sharing capabilities? Can I have one network with internet and the other one just intranet. I would like to stream using DLNA without affecting my internet speed. I have D-link router DGL-4500 and another router Cisco Linksys E1000 new in a box.The internet provider in my area only provides up to 750KBps. I have a large number of internet enable wireless devices and most of the time the connections is not even fast enoguh to even stream youtube video

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Music And Videos Take Too Long To Buffer?

Feb 23, 2012

I use to could be able to watch videos and listen to music, and download at optimal speeds, I could even watch HD if I wanted to, but now all of a sudden (starting at least 3 weeks ago) videos, downloads, and music seem to run super slow no matter what quality I have it on. It takes 5 minutes to buffer a 3 min video, and if I want to watch a show, it take like 2 or 3 hours to fully buffer. My internet still goes fast, and I have trendmicro antivirus, as well as ccleaner, i updated my drivers, i have ie9 and adobe flashhplayer 11.1, i updated everything in windows update, i unplugged the modem for awhile and shut down more often, and opened it up and blew all the dust out. I don't know what else to do. I do have a cisco E2000 wireless router if that's a problem, and both my ps3 and my computer are on the connection, but my computer was working fine with both on the same connection for a year. I go on the http: cisco place, and i renewed ip settings, and nothing worked.

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Home Network :: OpenVPN ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) With Xbox 360 Device

Jan 21, 2012

recently I've connected to my OpenVPN and everything works fine on my PC I'm getting okay speeds and the VPN IP appears on [URL]The problem is I wanna use internet connection sharing to play Xbox Live while connected through my VPN and I'm having issues.My Xbox isn't even recognizing my wired connection.This is the setup:Wireless Connection > Desktop > OpenVPN > Wired connection from desktop to XboxWhat I think I'm doing wrong is not specifying the correct home networking connection for my LAN 3 (Tap-Win32 Adapter OAS)I tried sharing the LAN 3 connection and set the home networking connection to my Wireless and it disconnects me from my wireless network.

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Sharing :: Not Able To View Network Sharing

Apr 21, 2013

Im on windows 7, I was able to view people on the network, able to access their public folders, but all of a sudden when I click on network, it just says at the top "Network Discovery and file sharing are turned off. Network computers and devices are not visible, Click to change..." I click on it and it doesn't do anything at all, same message comes on. SO i thought Ill change the settings, I see that Network Discovery is off so I turn them both on, save changes and then try again, same message appears, I go back to settings and see that they are switched off again, it doesn't stay on.

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Sharing :: Unable To Send Personal Cloud Storage In Home Network (two Routers)

Nov 16, 2012

i have two routers in my home one is my main router which is Netgear N600 and another Airlive router that is acting as a access point in the second floor attached by an ethernet cable from my firs router (Netgear n300). I bought WD 3TB network storage and plugged it to my Netgear router, i am able to access my files wirelessly from WD without any problems. However, i can't access WD if i am connected to Airlive.... well i can but it takes time to appear in my finder and when i tried to install quick view for WD it can't find WD in the network if i am connected to Airlive but it dose appear as soon as i am connected to Netgear.

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