Sharing The Email Account In Mircosoft Outlook?

Aug 17, 2012

My company have an email address info@... which we currently have forwarded to a hotmail account and we work out of hotmail. We'd like to step it up a gear and be able to share the email account in Mircosoft Outlook (not Hotmail) across 2 different shops across London so both shops have access to the email address in Outlook. We would ideally like to know when an email has been replied to or deleted .etc. across both shops. We have a website, and web server with our hosting.

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How To Create An Outlook Email

Feb 15, 2011

How to create a Yahoo E-mail Address?

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Cannot Connect To Hostmonster Email Via Outlook

Aug 9, 2011

I work in a two-person office that uses Comcast as their ISP. All of a sudden neither of us can't access our email via Outlook 2007 using hostmonster's servers. I was also unable to ping their IP Address from the command prompt though I could ping any other web site I tried successfully. Comcast says they are not blocking it. When I went home where I use Comcast I was able to access my email. I removed Webroot's security software which did not work. Windows Firewall is now being used.

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Changing Default Server Setting For Outlook Account?

Feb 23, 2013

Can I receive an answer to how can I remove the default from my Windows Outlook Account. This is a pop-up server that I wish to disconnect so I can use other facilities. This is the default server and it is no longer relevant to my location our current

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Cannot Send Outlook Email Using Wifi Outside Home

Oct 12, 2011

I use MS Outlook (Office 2007) to manage my e-mails. This works fine on my own wi-fi at home. However, when I am in Portugal and I connect to wi-fi in a coffee shop for example, and I load up Outlook, then I receive my e-mails fine, but I cannot send an e-mail.

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Outlook Express No Email On Laptop Wireless?

Sep 21, 2012

I received 3 emails on my laptop and haven't received another since. Why isn't my emails coming through on my laptop but coming through just fine on my desk computer?

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Check Outlook Express Email From Windows 7 Computer?

May 26, 2012

how can I transfer my outlookexpress emails from my Computer window xp to my laptop window 7

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Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 / Can't Access Email From School Computer

Aug 29, 2011

I'm an intern in an elementary school. We have here two administration computers in which I and all the teachers have access to. One of the teachers has told me that she cannot access her email (Microsoft Office Outlook 2003) from one of the computers.

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Could Not Regain My Email Account

Jan 25, 2012

Someone tricked me by sending false email and gained control of my email address. I tried to log on and change my password but I cannot. How can I regain control. I am not experienced with computers. I would also like to learn more about computer basics to start.

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Sharing Outlook Calendars Over 2 Domains?

Apr 4, 2012

My company have just set up a new subsidiary. I have had a request from my Managing Director asking if it is possible for us to share calendars with the other company so if he wants to make a meeting appointment he can check if Joe Bloggs from the subsidiary is free.There is domain A (parent company) and domain B (subsidiary)Both us and the subsidiary are currently running Microsoft Exchange 2007 on windows SBS 2008 server with mainly windows 7 clients with Outlook 2007-2010?Is it possible to share calendars between the 2 domains?

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Wireless :: Cannot Log On To Hotmail Email Account

Aug 29, 2012

I have a HOTMAIL email account and I have not been able to log on to my account for several weeks. The screen stays blank and nothing comes up. How do I log on?

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Receiving Email From A Closed Account?

Apr 13, 2012

if an email can be sent from a persons private account after the account has been closed.

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Home Network :: How Mail Transferred From One Email Account

Dec 25, 2011

1)how is a mail transferred from one e-mail account to . Also explain some features of SMTP Protocol .

2)Write the Syntax and meaning of functions which convert from the network format to the host format.

3)Sketch the different scenario of how computers are connected together in a LAN.

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TP-Link 3G/3.75G Router :: New Email Account Not Working Through TL-MR3420?

Nov 19, 2012

Region : Argentina
Model : TL-MR3220
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version :

Region : Sweden
Model : TL-MR3420
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 3.12.21 Build 120523 Rel.37880n

I recently got a new email provider with a webmail. But I can not access the email from my home network. I have tried both my computers so I suspect that it can have something to do with my router. I have also set up the new email account in Outlook and in other networks it works fine, also the webaccess works fine in other networks. It seems that the problem is only related to my home network.i have talked to my ISP provider and they say that all is opened in there network. i have tried to clone the MAC address and that did not solve my problem. I also read the one could change the MTU size from default 1500 to 1440, that did not work either.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ISE - Cannot Create Guest Account From Email Address

Aug 23, 2012

I cannot sponsor a guest account using his/her email address. When I try to create a guest account, its show as file attached.
For example,      ->>>>>> cannot create    ->>>>>> can create
ISE version
Patch version 1

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Sharing :: How To View A Websites Files / Folders Without Account

Oct 24, 2011

How can I view a websites files/folders without an account? I'm not trying to 'hack' anything or obtain any data which isnt mine, Theres a website with drivers on it but I dont want to download each 1 indivudually, I would just like to view the folder via filezilla then and queue them all for download.

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Sharing :: Send A Word Document Via An Email?

Jul 16, 2011

I was trying to send a word document via e-mail I put the wrong information and now I cant fix it.

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Sharing :: Attach File To Email Via Remote Upload?

Jan 11, 2012

are there any free services where you can remote upload a file (zip file 25MB) and have it sent to me via email as an attachment. not a link where i have to download the file.

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Sharing :: Delete Archived Email Back To 2009 In Road Runner?

May 3, 2012

How do I delete archived email back to 2009 in Road Runner?

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Cisco Firewall :: FWSM 4.0 Email Server Cannot Connect To Email Gateway

Aug 8, 2012

I have a question about NAT behavior on FWSM 4.0. The problem is email server (Company A) cannot connect to email gateway (Company B) on the outside network and it randomly happen. I got this error from server guy "Detail: xlate has blocked the connection between A’s mail gateway and B’s mail gateway". It work fine again after clear xlate on firewall. [code]
1. How FWSM create xlate table like that? I mean it look like NAT0 for but it doesn't has any nat rule for on firewall.
2. What does it mean "connections 24" at the first of line? In the normal time, I only see the connections is 0 like the second line of xlate
3. After clear xlate global, the first line of xlate table is gone then email server can connect each other. Does is a bug on FWSM? or This is a normal NAT behavior of FWSM.

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Wireless :: Deleted Item Email Troy From Incoming Email?

Mar 21, 2011

I deleted an incoming email titled troy from my email inbox by mistake I need to recover this email as it came from my son in bali [URL] edited by moderator: Deleted Email address to prevent Spam

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Outlook Won't Accept POP 3 Password

Nov 16, 2011

Since Monday, when I have tried to access my emails in Outlook, a box pops up saying Enter Network Password The box is already prepopulated, with Server: User name: my email address and a password that shows up as a bunch of stars.

Clicking on "ok" or "cancel" just causes the box to pop up again. (I can still access my emails on Hotmail, BTW, and all internet is working fine). I access the web through Qwest/Century link and MSN.

I am hesitant to delete the password 'cause who knows what it is?? It is NOT my Windows Live/Live Mesh password, as it has one too many stars. But the box came up prepopulated so I assume at some point this was the correct password.

In the past when this happened, you could call Qwest/Century Link and they would walk me through (as best as I remember) redoing all the pop 3 settings. Now, they say they "don't support" MSN.

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Configuration Of Outlook Messenger?

Jul 24, 2011

i want to configure outlook messanger on my machine how to do it

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Outlook Will Not Open Over VPN

Sep 4, 2010

just upgraded from a Netgear 'G" router to the DIR-655, love the features of the 655 including the USB port. This is the issue, when I connect VPN to my job, I can see all of my files, databases, spread sheets, etc and use them no problem at all. Have a 25 meg connection via Comcast.I can not open my outlook 2003the program opens, however it just sits at trying to connect and then time out. Have tried for 10 days now with no luck. Lan team at job state that "N" routers are blocking traffic and ports that outlook needs, 5 other users have this problem at work.

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Outlook Keeps Losing The Connection To The PST File

Mar 15, 2012

Outlook keeps losing the connection to the PST file on the server. I then have to close outlook and restart then it works fine. But after a while when I have not looked at it, it loses the connection again and again. I can send and receive e-mail.

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How To Send Messages On Outlook Using Wifi

Dec 4, 2012

I am using a verizon wifi unit. I us outlook 2007. I can receive emails but I cannot send emails. How can I adjust the settings to send emails using my wifi?

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What Is Outlook Offline And Online Mode

Apr 5, 2011

I have been using outlook for a while but I don't know what is offline or online mode.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.1 With Outlook Web Access

Jun 26, 2011

I have an AD User, lets call them workauser and there password just expired, so next logon to the domain they need to change there password.They decide while at home to connect to Outlook Web Access, which authenticates to via ACS 5.1 to AD, when they try and connect they are denied with the following message in ACS -
24407 User authentication against Active Directory failed since user is required to change his password Authentication failed.
Check the password expiry under Account options in the properties of an  external database user. If the password is expired and the Enable Change  Password is turned on in the Users and Identity Stores: External  Identity Stores > Active Directory page, then the password will be  changed.
Now, our OWA is not configured to allow password resets, so they must call in to have there password reset, or they can connect via VPN and our ASA allows them to change there password as configured under Identity Stores > Active Directory > Enable Password Change
This VPN password change is successful although OWA still will not work. The only way to fix it is to select passwsord does not expire within AD. Let it replicate, then de-select password does not expire and let it replicate.
This is pointing to a OWA issue in my opinion, although ACS is somehow involved, is it possible that ACS caches authentication, or because OWA does not allow password resets, it keeps responding with user required to change his password?

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Wireless :: Outlook Express On Two Platforms At The Same Time?

Nov 30, 2012

I have a mac and an android connected to a wireless network and can not open outlook express on both at the same time. Is that just the way it is.

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Cisco :: Outlook Try To Reconnect Many Times When Connect Using VPN?

Jul 30, 2011

When I connect to the exchange server by using Cisco VPN, microsoft outlook display warning "microsoft try to reconnect ... " many times, at that time I cannot send or receive email, it failed. The VPN still connected so I don't know why? At first I think the problem from MTU so I decrease the MTU but the problem still happens.

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Get Outgoing E-mails To Be Registered On Outlook Server?

Mar 19, 2013

how I could possibly get all my e-mails of which I send my clients through my outlook to be registered on my Home-outlook, Office-Outlook and my mobile-outlook? like on the server? something similar to when you open yahoo or G-mail from any given location you can view your sent Items,inbox etc.

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Get Outlook To Connect To Gmail IMAP Servers?

Jan 5, 2012

how to get Outlook to connect to Gmail IMAP servers when the ports are blocked through a firewall. Opening the ports in the firewall is not an option?

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Outlook / Exchange Port Block

Aug 22, 2011

I can connect to Internet perfectly fine.  I can even VPN back into my office.  However, once connected via VPN and I launch my Outlook Client, I'm not able to connect to get emails.  When I run a "netstat -a", I get my "SYN_SENT" to all my office domain controllers and exchange servers.However, if I connected via my Starhub USB Broadband dongle, everything works perfectly fine.What settings do I need to do on my router?  I tried port forwarding and application rules but none worked.

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