Convert Wifi Signal To Lan?

Dec 13, 2012

Convert Wi-Fi signal to LAN?

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How To Convert Wifi To Lan

Jul 26, 2012

I have a guest house in the back. I access the net there through my Dell laptop using WiFi. I have a television there that needs to have its operating system upgraded through the internet. All it has is a LAN connector. How do I get my Laptop to convert the WiFi to LAN so all I need to do is connect a LAN cable between my laptop and the TV? Or do I need to buy something cheap to convert WiFi to LAN?

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Convert Cable Internet To Wifi?

Sep 6, 2011

I have a cable internet.There is no other hardware that connects to the Cable.There is no modem or router.Just the RJ45 cable that I plug in to my laptop and go online.Now,I want to convert this to wifi.what router/modem will I require and possibly with the model number and something thats low in price.I will use only one laptop and no intention of multiple user.I dont intend to use printers either.I am using windows 7.The network adapters that are installed in my laptop are: Intel Centrino wireless N 1030.Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter and Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter #2,RealtekPCIe FE Family Controller?

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How To Convert Broadband Connection To Wifi

Jul 8, 2011

I have a reliance netconnect + broadband connection (usb device) which I use to connect my laptop. Is there any device/ software which will convert this to WIFI so that I can use the same connection for my other WIFI enabled devices?

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Convert Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 Into Wifi?

May 2, 2011

is it possible to connect toshiba satellite pro 4600 into internet without the use of cable? how to convert it to wifi?

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How To Convert Local Lan Connection In Wifi System

Jun 20, 2011

How to convert local lan connection in wireless connection.

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Convert Rg8u Wifi Cable To Ethernet?

Oct 13, 2011

Am trying to patch an RG8U cable from a WiFi dish to an ethernet cable for connection to a router.

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How To Convert A Rj45 Port To Receive Wifi

Jan 19, 2011

is there an adapter ( wifi reciver ) that plug into RJ45 port so RJ45 can receive wifi signal ?

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Lan Port For Wired Connectivity - Convert To Wifi / Wireless?

Oct 19, 2012

I have an equipment which has LAN port for wired connectivity to the computer. I can connect 10 such equipment thru LAN to the computer & display the data of all the equipments on computer screen. This LAN network I wanna convert to Wi-fi/wireless.

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Any Way To Boost Wifi Signal?

Feb 20, 2011

I have a wireless router that rests across the house next to the modem. The signal is too weak to reach to the other side of the house. Is there a way to boost the signal so I can get wifi from across the house or any other way to get an internet connection without several fifty foot wires going across the house?

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Wireless :: Cannot See Wifi Signal

Jan 20, 2013

I want to connect myself on my friend router by wifi but i cannot see the network what should i do ,what usb receiver anntena is the best or what i nedd to buy and is working 100 % maybe is 400 meter is the distance but sure is not 1 mile

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How To Get A Better Wifi Signal For Gaming

Jun 16, 2011

i get a bunch of lag when i play counterstrike, etc. In game, my ping is always tripling other players'. I know it isnt my computer because it is basically amazing. Im pretty sure it is my wifi because i'm in the top floor of my house and my router is in the basement. I'm using a usb wireless card. What can i do to get a better signal.

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How To Get A Stronger Wifi Signal

Apr 15, 2012

My parents ditched their Comcast cable last year. Their house association has provided 'Wifi' for everyone in the neighborhood as part of the association fee. However, signal is very weak, even though they are one of the closest to the Wifi Antennas. They have a laptop, two desktops, and one Ipad. Their laptop seems fine. Both of the desktop, however, are very slow. It's slower than 56k. It's almost unbearable. They still have all their modems/router from Comcast. I am wondering a way to get the Wifi signal, and use the Comcast Router to create a Wifi in their house again so they can print wireless and use netflix and things like that. I don't know the exact definition for it. I'm just wondering if it can be done.

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Strong Wifi Signal / No Connection

Aug 28, 2012

I just got a job at a School district that has an extremly old and basic network setup (No Firewall, only 2 accounts on the server Student and Teacher). They have two small buildings that have 1 wireless router on each floor about in the middle of the hallway. I am having a strange issue I haven't seen before with a windows 7 laptop that a few of the teachers in the district are having. They can see the wireless router on the network but everytime they try and connect it says "Windows Cannot Connect or is Denied Access". All the other laptops in the building connect fine.Heres what I have done so far.

-Power cycled the router, nothing.
-ipconfig /release, and renew, nothing.
-Getting closer to the router and connecting, nothing. (Also tried with a differant laptop in the room and it could connect no problem which confused me more)
-Updating the network card.(says it has the latest updates)
-Re-entering the network key, nothing

What I haven't tried is setting up manually a static IP. But do I need to do that? And if so how do I know which IP to give it is there a way I can generate a list of all the IP's on the network?

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Ps3 Networking Poor Wifi Signal

Nov 11, 2012

went to set up ps3 and see that the wifi signal is particularly bad (30%) for online.There is no possible way of getting the router near the ps3.I am think that a pair of tp-link powerlines may play a role here, but may be mistaken. What are peoples experiences. would something like that increase ps3 signal? would 200mbps or 500mbps be better (they do diffferent models). I understand that it would make the connection for the ps3 wired, but am I right in thinking the laptop would just operate over wifi as it does already?

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Laptop Wifi Signal Booster?

Feb 7, 2013

I have a laptop with a Bigfoot 1103 n wifi card and up til now it has been working perfect for our location.cWe had to move our office down a few doors and now we get NO reception at all. My laptop will pick up the network momentarily then loose the signal. My question is : how to boost reception?I have no access to the modem or router either. Do they make a decent booster that I can plug in my usb that will work with my current wifi card?

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How To Increase Wifi Signal Strength

Jun 3, 2012

I have computers scattered across our home, and in many areas it is not feasible to run ethernet cable. At one location (less than 30 feet away) but through multiple walls, I can barely connect to any POS (I have two). I added a stand alone antenna extension with long antennas on both the router and the WiFi card on the PC, however, this made zero improvement.What should I be looking to purchase to increase the signal strength? I've already tried different routers.

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Why Does Wifi Have Neighbors Signal But Not Mine

Aug 14, 2012

I recently built my gaming PC and everything works great. Except for when i try to use my wifi. Usually my wifi is really fast, but recently its been really slow or not even detecting my network. I tried disconnecting my modem and router but it still had no effect on the performance of my WiFi.

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Access Wifi Signal 1/2 Mile Away?

Aug 18, 2011

I need to get internet out to my shop computers.The shop is about 1/2 mile away form my house and there is a clear line of sight. I plan on using either a biquad or yagi antenna of some sort.

Can I use something like this?

http:[url]....(I think this would eliminate the need for a router? Also since this is all USB and comes with software designed around it, it should be fairly easy to setup.)Or Would I be better off getting a wrt54g flashed with dd-wrt to act as a repeater?

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How To Set A Priority Signal In Single Ssd Id In Wifi

Aug 30, 2012

How to set a priority signal in single SSD ID in wifi ?

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Wifi Receiver To Pick Up Signal 900 Ft Away?

Jan 7, 2013

I am in a community that has a wifi system and the club house is about 900ft awayWhat king of a receiver would I need to reach and receive that signal?

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Wifi Signal Is There But Won't Connect To Internet

Dec 6, 2011

Laptop got a virus and I used system restore. When the computer came back up, it would not connect to the internet.It is a wireless signal and the computer recognizes the signal is there, but it won't connect. The connection box says "Connections are available". It also says "Not connected" and "Limited access"

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How To Extend Wifi Signal From Neighbor

Aug 9, 2011

My friend has an internet connection and Wifi, it reaches my room but with poor signal, is there any way I can strengthen up the signal?

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How Many Times Can Boost A Wifi Signal

Mar 20, 2012

I've expanded wireless internet using WDS: routers, but only with 1 boost.Is there a limit on how many times I can use WDS routers to boost a signal AND get ethernet connections out of the receiving side?

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Good Wifi Signal But Cannot Access Internet

Apr 5, 2011

I am in a location where I can pick up great wifi signal, but when I connect to this unsecured signal, my page won't load. I ran a diagnostics & Association failed. I would also like to mention that I am also configured to use a broadband usb through a cell phone carrier, but if I can get the wifi free, I certainly don't want to pay for the broadband.By the way, it's an XP operating system.

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What A Yellow Star On Top Of Wifi Signal Bars Mean

Dec 21, 2012

What a yellow star on top of my wifi signal bars mean. It says i have excellent signal but when i put security key in to connect it tells me it cant. My other pcs connect and run with no problems.

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Losing Wifi Signal Intermittently Constantly

Dec 19, 2011

I've been having a problem with my wifi connection.I give my neighbor $15 a month to use his connection, so I have no control over the router.I'll be surfing along or just checking mail or whatever and out of the blue my connection stops. A little yellow triangle "warning" sign covers the signal strength meter in the lower right corner. If I click on the signal meter, up pops the list of wireless connections available to me and says that I'm connected, (but I'm not). So I go to the network and sharing center and sometimes this alone will restart the signal but usually I have to run the troubleshooter and the signal will come back with no explanation of what the problem is.While in the network and sharing center, my connection to the router looks clear and connected but shows a red X over the connection between the router and Internet.

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Boosting A Wifi Signal Using An Additional Router?

Nov 18, 2011

i'm connecting to the internet using a desktop pc and a D-Link DSL-2560U (modem + wireless router). The wifi signal is very low on the other side of the house. I also have another wireless router - a Trendnet TEW-431BRP, and i want know if i can put it in the middle of the two areas of the house in order to boost the wifi signal in that area. How can i do it?

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How To Increase Wifi Range Signal On Laptop

Aug 6, 2012

i want o increase the wifi signal for my laptop, i stay in a hotel so no access to the wifi router can i do that?

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Cannot Receive Wifi Signal In Family Room

Dec 31, 2011

I received three things for Christmas: 1. Linksys WiFi E1200, 2. Pandigital Planet tablet, 3. Roku.My family room is on the same level as my Wifi router but about 70 feet apart, but I cannot get a wifi signal in the family room on the Pandigital tablet, however, the Roku seems to be receiving the wifi signal because the Roku works.Is my tablet not working correctly? Can and should my son increase the signal strength of the Linksys

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How To Configure Routers / Wifi Signal Out With Same Network Name

Oct 20, 2012

Our Motel has a new CenturyLink DSL Wifi Modem at the office desk, and I'm trying to get wifi to all customers via (3) Linksys WRT110 wfi routers that are in the attic. How do you configure the routers so all put a wifi signal out with the same network name ? I keep getting limited connections & etc...

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How To Transmit Tv Signal Through Wifi Router To Laptop

Nov 5, 2011

I have a TV tuner card and Wifi router. Can I transmit the TV signal through Wifi router to my Laptop. How?

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Tp-link Repeating A Weak Wifi Signal

Dec 13, 2011

I bought TP-link wireless repeaters which i have failed trying to setup to an eircom zyxel dsl modem (ISP provided modem)i set it up as a universal repeater and had it auto latch on to the eircom modem but it just doesnt seem to boost the signal.i have turned all encryption and this doesnt work either. I have setup this situation using a netgear dsl modem and a netgear wireless router which if i remember i made a mac bridge, and it works i wasting my time trying to get a TP-link talking to a cheap isp modem? i was reading an article somebody wrote that was doing the same thing yet the modem wasnt the same as mine, they said they got it working using WDS...and that the tp-link doesnt know about WDS and you need to use telnet to change settings on the tp-link looked a real hassle anyway.

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