Uninstall / Reinstall Home Network Under Windows 7?

Dec 30, 2012

I have a home network, hard wired 2 PC's & printer to a Linksys wireless 6 router. I use the wireless capability for WiFI to my two TV's. My son was able to get on the internet without using a password. When I map a network drive I must use ID and Password. I have a firewall. Is my home network vulnerable? My son see "Linksys" as a open wi-fi resource with his MAC, but since he is unable access my network printer

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How To Reinstall Network Adapter Driver To Windows Xp?

Aug 31, 2012

during an electrical storm my computer deleted my network adapters. How can I get them back on my computer?

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Upgrade Windows 7 - Reinstall Wireless Network Adapter?

Feb 4, 2012

i upgraded my laptop from window 7 home to windows 7 unlitmate and the wireless network adapter has been removed is there a link i can download to re install it so that i can connect wireless again?

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Wireless Network Adapter Missing After Windows Vista Reinstall?

Feb 28, 2011

I have a Gateway Notebook Model ML6720 that has built-in Wireless. The PC was heavily infected by Virus and I had to re-install Vista Operating system. Now, it will not detect the Wireless Adapter. I went to the maufacturer's website on another computer and downloaded the driver and installed the driver on the laptop. However, it did not work. The blue "wireless" light on the laptop is "lit", however when I go to "Device Manager" and look at the Network Drives, it only shows the wired Ethernet option.

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Dell :: Inspiron 15r Network Controller Not Installed After Windows 7 Reinstall

May 18, 2013

i have to re-installed windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron 15r but now can't connect to the internet, the device manager shows the network controller in not installed at well as the PCI Simple Communications Controller.

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Dell :: Latitude E5420 - Wireless Network Not Working After Windows 7 Reinstall

Feb 7, 2013

I did a custom reinstall on my dell latitude e5420 laptop using dell windows 7professional 64bit sp1dvd and now my wireless network is not working. I tried turning the switch on and off, restarted my laptop, and I also went to dell suport and downloaded all the recomended drivers and it still doesnt work.

I went to device manager and noticed that under "other devices" there is a yellow exclamation mark on the network controller.

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Cisco Routers :: QuickVPN V1.4.2.1 (RV082) Uninstall Freezes In Windows 7

May 29, 2013

I installed QuickVPN v1.4.2.1 as it was in the download section on Linksys: [URL]

for the RV082 router we have. It connected but the program seemed buggy as there seemed to be no way to close the program after I used it so I wanted to uninstall it and install a more recent version of QuickVPN (side question: is it possible to VPN connect to my RV082 router with a different version of QuickVPN?).
I have Windows 7 Professional 64bit SP1 with all the latest updates. When I try to uninstall the program, at about the 25% mark of the window for 'QuickVPN Client Setup is preparing the InstallShield Wizard, which will guide you through the rest of the setup process. Please wait.' it seems to stop responding as holding the mouse over that windows just displayes a ring which goes round and round. I regret installing this buggy software on my PC.

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Home Network :: Windows 7 Laptop To XP Home Desktop Wireless

Mar 13, 2011

I have been having a bit of trouble with networking my two machines to share files and allow printing i have a win 7 laptop and a xp home desktop. I share a net connection via 02 wireless box both systems have wireless i have tried many things

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No Wifi After Windows 7 Reinstall

Aug 14, 2012

I have a pretty new HP laptop Probook 4530s. It came with an absolute ton of bloatware and no matter how hard I try it seems to slow start up times and effect general performance. I thought I would download and reinstall an entirely clean version of Windows 7.I could not for the life of me get wifi to work afterwards. There are a load of drivers for wifi on the HP support website and I tried them all, not knowing which one was correct. No dice. The wifi card does not seem to show on device manager. It's like the system does not know the card is installed.There are some 'unknown device' errors on device manger so I assume that has something to do with it. The wifi card does show on bios, and after rolling back to the old bloatware system image, wifi is now back, so definately not a hardware problem.

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No Internet After Format And Reinstall OS Windows 7?

Feb 5, 2012

After formatting and reinstalling my Windows 7 64-bit OS on my hard drive, it can't connect to the internet. It says the Network Adapter is not found, so I plugged in my old hard drive and went on the internet to download the proper driver install for my network adapter, but there's one problem.I don't have an extra sata cable to connect them both at the same time so I can transfer the driver software from one hard drive to the other, and since the internet isn't working on the one I need to install the driver on, uploading it to a website obviously isn't an option.

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Can't Connect To LAN After Reinstall Of Windows Vista?

Aug 13, 2011

I just reinstalled my windows vista 32bit laptop and installed all network driversRight now I am trying to connect with my ethernet cable (LAN). I clicked on network connections, the LAN is enabled and the driver name is shown but there is no connectivity. Also, the IPv4 and IPv6 is not connected

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Dell 1525 Laptop - Reinstall Windows

Jun 29, 2012

I recently purchased a used Dell 1525 Laptop and in an effort to make it more "Mine" I decided to contact Dell and purchase an original CD so I could wipe the HD out and reinstall Windows.

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Getting Cable Internet Back Online After Windows Xp Reinstall?

Mar 13, 2011

I have an older (but still good) computer...it's gotten to the point of being somewhat less than functional due to remnants of old programs and viruses and such scattered thoughout it. After a few weeks of fighting it to get it to run properly I think at this point my best option is to reformat the hard drive and re-install the original OS from CD. I've already backed up all my important files to CD and DVD, pretty much ready to pull the trigger here.... Concerned about getting back online! I have cable internet (Bresnan)...I want to make sure I have the proper drivers and any applicable software to get back online, I know people have had problems with this after reformatting....The computer is a dell dimension 8400, I'll be returning it to a windows XP home edt. with sp2 from the OS CD, (circa 2004ish). I plan on putting a comodo firewall installation on a CD as well, so I have a functional firewall in place (instead of the crappy norton one that will get re-installed) when I go to get the sp2 updates and the sp3 and updates and not just end up re-infected again...

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Acer Aspire 1640z / Cannot Connect To Internet After Reinstall Of Windows Xp

Apr 28, 2013

I have an old laptop and thought it would be OK for grandson to use until he can use a better one.It runs XP home so I thought I would reinstall win before handing it over, however after the reinstall the laptop cannot see my Virgin modem.The model of laptop is Acer Aspire 1640z it has a button on the front to indicate wireless status but that is showing nothing at all it is just a clear white colour.I did search on here before posting and found a post that had been dealing with a similar problem, I downloaded "win XP -KB91702v3-x86ENU.exe" as was suggested in post but that hasn't worked.This is an old laptop but it was working and connecting to internet fine before I did reinstall.

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Home Network :: Reinstalled Windows 7 - Doesn't Have Network Adapter

Oct 6, 2012

reinstalled my windows 7 and it doesn't have the network adapter drivers,so i go and dowloand the drivers i install and it still says no drivers installed, and yes i got the right driver,i tryed everything just cant get it working

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Dell :: Dimension 5150 - After Windows XP Reinstall Cannot Setup Internet Connection

Oct 15, 2012

Recently, I re-installed windows XP on a newly formatted hard drive.  I tried to use the network setup wizard to create an internet connection via  a cable plugged into back of pc but the wizard says that it can not detect network hardware.  I believe the network card is built into the Motherboard. I tried to isntall drivers from the Dell Cd that came with the system but it fails to detect a modem. My system is a Dell dimension 5150?

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Home Network :: Setting Up Wifi Network From Windows Xp Pc?

Jan 28, 2013

I run a certain program in my PC and I need to make its data available to an iPhone app.I would like to broadcast it over WIFI from the laptop.How can I set up a simple wifi network so the iPhone can connect as described?I was thinking of wireless router connected directly to the PC.

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Dell :: Vostro 3550 / N1030 - Complete Reinstall No Longer Recognized By Windows 7

May 29, 2012

last week i noticed a lot of connectivity issues while surfing the web through wifi. my setup: dell vostro 3550, wireless adapter n1030, win7 64-bit after several attempts of fixing the issue following recommendations wrt the n1030 adapter (eg deactivating bluetooth, changing channels of router to 1 or 11, etc), I decided to complete erase all driver and hardware entries of the blue-tooth wireless adapter (like suggested in this thread: [URL]

afterwards i installed ALL available and latest drivers from dell or/and intel regarding this wifi adapter. the result is that the wireless adapter is again shown in the hardware manager and also in the system information of win7 which is great.BUT, somehow the win7 wifi network software/tools does still not recognize the adapter by the means of unplugging the lan cable i just see the wifi symbol with a red x. also opening the network and sharing console does not show the adapter to me although when clicking on "configure wifi networks" and "adapter properties" it is there and active "ready to use". additionally, the intel wireless diagnosis tool tells me that the adapter must have been deactivated or deinstalled. well, the tool is partially right, but the adapter was reinstalled and shows up in the hardware manager. somehow it missed that point ?

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Home Network :: 3 Windows 7 PCs - PC3 Cannot See / Access PC2

Aug 12, 2011

Three PC's all Win 7. Networking/Homegroup problem. In Network RV711 can see and access RC710 & Akoya. RC710 can see and access RV711 & Akoya. Akoya can see and access RV711. Akoya can see RV711 but not access RC710. Under Network Akoya can see RC710 but “You do not have permission to access...

In Homegroup. RV711 can see and access RC710 & Akoya. RC710 can see and access RV711 & Akoya. Akoya can see and access RV711. Akoya can see RC710 but not access RC710. Under Homegroup No other homegroup computers are available. In Homegroup the identical password is displayed on each PC. The Akoya is wired, the others are wireless. Summing up the Akoya cannot access the RC710.

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Home Network :: Windows 7 Can't See XP Computer

Mar 20, 2013

I finally was able to connect two of my computers up to share files. The only problem is My Win7 computer can't see the xp computer although the Xp can see the Seven. When I first set it up Explorer showed the name of the Xp but when I clicked on it the dialog said it couldn't find the computer. The Xp name was in all caps and when I checked on the Xp the name was all lower case so I tried to change the name. When I tried, the OK button was grayed out so I went in to So I clicked on More and was able (I thought) to change the name there. I had to reboot and when I did the computer had just appended the DNS entry I had to give to the original lowercase name.

I was finally able to rename the XP computer! I changed the name to NETBOOK all caps like I had originally thought it was. BUT it makes no difference to the Win7 machine it still can't see the XP machine. I did a refresh and the Xp's name NETBOOK showed up But I am still back where I started from because when I click on it a dialog box just says that it can't access ||NETBOOK.

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Home Network :: Windows 7 Ad Hoc Network Using Hostname?

Apr 28, 2012

I have setup an ad hoc network on windows 7 and I have apache httpd server running.I can connect to the network and access apache index.html page using the ip address from my iPade.g. windows computer name is test-pc and I have a virtual host setup in apache called mytestpc.comWhat do I need to do to access this from my iPad using http://test-pc or http://mytestpc.com

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Home Network :: Windows XP Cannot Connect To Secure WAP

Feb 28, 2012

My laptop suddenly stopped being able to conect to my home wifi router. It stays at "waiting for network to be ready" while at the back the wifi list stays at "acquiring network adress" for a couple of minutes and then resets to regular disconnected status. All my other wireless gadgets at home can connect with no problem whatsoever.Wifi strength is great and, when disabling security, the laptop connects without a hitch and very quickly. I tried all possible security combinations the router can give me, always using a second wifi device to check if connection and browsing was possible.I tried everything I googled: drivers, firmwares, ipconfig reset renew, started and stopped services, to no avail.

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Home Network :: Windows 7 Ip Change Logs

Apr 8, 2012

Are there any logs maintained in Windows 7 when someone changes his/her ip..I mean if I was previously at and then I change to would it get logged somewhere in my PC??How can I view it??And finally how can I destroy that log or stop this logging feature...

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Home Network :: Windows 7 Asking For Password On XP Machine?

Oct 9, 2012

I have 2 windows 7 laptops running wireless and a windows xp desktop connected by wire to linksys router. The desktop has no problems accessing the other computers.One laptop has no problem accessing the other computers on the network. The other laptop has trouble with the windows XP machine. It asks for login info, which there is none. I tested with the laptop wired and it seemed to access it normally. Also, it is not consistant. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I have gone through other posts and made sure that password requirement was off

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Windows 7 64 Bit Can't Connect To Home Network Printer?

Apr 5, 2011

I just installed Win 7 pro 64 bit on a new computer / hard drive. I can connect to my router which is hardwired to a computer running Win XP Pro 32 bit, but I can't figure out how to connect to my printer which is on that same network. I can access the internet, just not the printer - which is connected via Ethernet to the router.Is is possible that because Win7 is 64bit and the other computers on the network are 32 bit running XPpro - that it won't work? I have another XP pro computer that is connected via wireless that accesses the printer just fine.I have a netgear USB adapter on both the WinXP computer and also the Win7.Win7 is foreign to me. I can't find anywhere where I would 'join' the mshome network. It asks me about them joining ME.

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Ubuntu / Windows Home Network Not Working

Mar 19, 2011

My roommate is running dual boot Windows XP PRO (SP3) and Ubuntu 10.10. I am running Windows XP PRO(SP3). Is there any software, that can run on both OS and can create a home network that will work between XP and Ubuntu. He has Samba installed but I have read that that works on Linux not Windows so he can see me but I can't see him.

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Home Network With Windows 7 32bit And 64bit?

Dec 20, 2012

Would it work just fine using a desktop with Win 7 64bit hosting the domain for a small home network when there would be 2 dekstops with XP 32bit and a laptop with Win7 32bit?

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Max 1mb Transfer Rate On Windows 7 Home Network?

May 11, 2012

We have a small home office with three computers, two new comps with win7 64 and an old comp running Vista32. Up until last week, the two 7's accessed files on the vista machine via a public folder, and everything was peachy, speed-wise. Trashed the vista this week and replaced it with a new desktop running win7 64. I backed up the old comp's files on the new comp, set up the new win7 home network, and everything went to hell. Both of the 'old' win7 machines can access files on the new, but the speeds are unbearable. It takes, literally, over 10 minutes for Accubid to load (accessing files on the new desktop), whereas it was pretty much immediate before. Quickbooks freezes for a minute and a half before it finally connects. A 60mb PDF file takes two minutes to copy. It even hiccups when I save a freakin' Word document. After some research I found that window's new home sharing network kinda sucks, so I turned it off on all machines and mapped network drives. Nothing.turn off remote differential compression, so I turned it off on all machines. Nothing. I disabled flow control on all machines. Nothing.The weirdest thing I did - I disabled auto-tuning and restarted all computers. I then opened Accubid and it opened immediately! I restarted the program 6 or 7 times, and each time it came up within seconds. I was ecstatic. Then my boss came in 5 minutes later and I opened Accubid to show him I finally fixed it. It took 10 minutes to load again, and I haven't been able to repeat whatever I had done since.

My ISP is ATT.
Modem - D-Link DSL 520B
Router - Netgear WNDR3800

Network is wired. Again, access to internet is blazing. Access to the computer 6 feet away from me is not.

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How To Get Windows 7 Box To Recognize Home Network PCs And Printer

May 6, 2011

I've got a small wireless home network that currently has 2 computers - my desktop is running XP Pro, and a laptop that my wife uses running XP Home. I've recently bought a new laptop that is running Windows 7, and although it picks up the wireless feature of the network (it has wireless internet access), I can't seem to figure out how to get this new Windows 7 laptop to see the other PCs or the printer connected to my desktop. I've tried a couple of the "how-tos" online, but I must be doing something wrong. getting my Windows 7 box to see the other PCs and printer on my network

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Can't Network Windows 7 With XP Home - Login Error

Sep 3, 2011

I have 2 PC at home and would like to network them together so i could share the resources between them. But i could only manage to setup 'one way' - the XP Home could access the Windows 7 Ultimate but not the other way Whenever i double click on the XP Home, it will prompt me to login. But no matter what i enter, it will say its wrong. What weird is the 'domain'. The login dialog will show that im login into 'Domain: Windows7PC' when im trying to login into the XP. And after i have enter 'wrongly', it will show the username as 'Windows7PCusername' and ask to try again - it means im login into the Windows 7 And if i try to prefix the PC's name in front - \WindowsXPusername then it will prompt \WindowsXP is not accessible..... The specified username is invalid

Here is my 'settings'-

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
Windows XP Home SP3
Both is on the same Workgroup/IPGroup/Netmask
Both has File & Printer Sharing Enabled
Have patch XP with KB922120v6


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Sharing Files Over Home Network With Windows 8?

Nov 6, 2012

Okay so I had all this set up to be simple back in windows 7.

Basically, what I did was turn off password required sharing or whatever, so all I had to do was click on networks in the left side panel when i was in My Computer and click on say, my wifes laptop and it'd open the public folder she had there, and I could drag and drop stuff into and out of it. And same for her and seeing mine.

Now that I have windows 8 on my PC It's all buggered up.

I didn't change ANY settings on HER laptop, but when I try and access it (I used it to back up important files while fresh installing w8) it's asking me for a username and password

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Sharing Printer / Home Network With Windows 7 And XP?

Jun 2, 2011

I've got a modem which feeds a wireless router; plugged into the router via ethernet cables are my personal computer in my room and an office computer. Connected wirelessly is my kitchen PC. My printer (Canon MX330) is not wireless/bluetooth and is connected via USB to my office computer.

Office / Kitchen Computers: Windows XP My Personal Computer: Windows 7

I'm trying to set up a network/file sharing system, and more importantly, I'm trying to be able to print on a computer other than my office computer.

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Windows 7 HP Home Network File Sharing?

Feb 9, 2012

I finally got my 2 computers networked and seeing each other but when I try to share a file from comp B to comp A all I get is the data files, no .exe or application files. Can I not run a game stored on another network computer?

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