Windows 7 Connects To Wifi But Has No Internet Connection?

Aug 23, 2012

I have a Lenovo G570 model 4334(i3) and it is connecting to my wireless network but has no internet connection ( an alert sign on signal bars appears). I tried turning off, reseting my router and nothing happens. Also, a desktop(direct connection), a laptop and my Galaxy SII connect to wifi without a problem.

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Windows 7 Connects Via Wifi - None Via Lan

Sep 20, 2011

I decided to get rid of my wifi and go straight LAN wired internet connection to PC. The wifi connected fine, but when i plugged in LAN wired connection windows 7 does not detect connection. I searched through control menu and nothing. When connected to Asus Z68 motherboard orange steady light turns on motherboard. Also connected same wire to laptop via lan and windows 7 connects automatically.

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Cabling / Cards :: Windows 7 - Wifi Connection With No Internet?

Aug 20, 2012

I have a Windows 7 based Dell computer and it can connect to the wifi but not the internet. I have 2 android phones and ASUS netbook with Windows 7 Starter that have internet access.I've tried the netsh commands as admin. I did download Xirrus WiFi Inspector but it tells me nothing new. I've tried drivers. I did a system restore to a point prior to updates and it worked fine until I installed the new updates. These are my results from the ipconfig command:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : OwlAlwaysLoveU
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid[code].....

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Xp Wifi Connects But No Internet

Jun 12, 2012

I have an old XP laptop which is now used for my wife on her embroidery machine and have tried to integrate it into the home wifi. The other three PC's/laptops all have win7. Is the XP not compatible? It sees and connects to the wifi with full strength, but I cannot access internet at all.

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Windows 7 Computer Connects To Router But No Internet

Aug 29, 2011

I have a windows 7 computer that was connected wirelessly to my router and internet worked fine. One day i woke up and the internet would not work. The computer is still connected to the router but no internet access.There are other computers on the network that connect fine.I have also tried connecting my computer directly to the modem and still no internet.Running windows diagnositc tells me there is no default gateway available. Ive cycled the modem and router probably a million times and even taking the pc to another house to try on a different router and still no go.

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Internet Only Connects With Ethernet Cable On Windows 7

Sep 4, 2012

I have a new ish Dell laptop with Windows 7 We recently got a new router in our house however it will connect wirelessly only eith ethernet cable.The other laptops in my house work fine but not mine!Mine is the newest Every now and again if i reset the box it works but only for 1 minute.I have tried most common testing I've seen on my laptop and used my suppliers handbook etc..

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Home Network :: Windows 7 VPN Connects But (No Internet Access)

Feb 18, 2012

I am running a VPN server on my desktop at home, with all the default settings, and i checked the box that allows clients to connect over the internet. this is win7 x64 computer. I opened up port 1723 with PPTP protocol on my E4200 router.On the client i am running win7 x64 as well. I am able to connect to the vpn, from another internet connection, but there is no local network acess. It says the status is No Internet Access. and the IP that is assigned is the 169.x.x.x one that windows defaults when it doesnt find a dhcp server.How can i get the client to connect with full local network access. Right now being connected to the vpn, it means nothing, i have no access other than being "connected".

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Windows 7 Connects To Home Network But No Internet Access

Apr 1, 2013

It is a Satelite 733. Have pinged without any response however the wifi or hardwire will show connected to the local net.I have four other units surfing the web fine and wifi picks up ok except for one unit that my neighbor need will not connect no matter what. Have updated all the drivers, uninstalled and re-installed devices, reset ip, dumped the dns several times, etc.So here is the ipconfig stuff....ignore the cable connect I only have the wifi on at the moment. I have stared at this to the point where I know naathing .Is the tunnel adaptor the indication that the card is out? Oh and I tried taking out IPV 4 on both channels and nothing so I left one with 4 on and the other with it off just as something else to try. [code]

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Windows 7 Laptop Connects To Network But Not Internet?

May 24, 2011

I have a wireless network set up in our small office.  I just bought the DIR-655 and installed it (did have a very old Netgear router).  I currently have two wireless printers, a MAC and a couple of iPhones that can connect to the network and internet.  My desktop is plugged in and also connects fine.The BOSS just came in with his fairly new Win7 laptop and I connected it to the network, however, no matter what I try, it won't connnect to the internet.  I can see his laptop in the network, it can see my computer and it says that it is connected to the network.  It also says that it is not connected to the internet.  I ran the troubleshooting (by clicking on the "X" between the network and the internet in the Network and Sharing Center) and it said it couldn't find the problem.  The Win7 laptop has no problems connecting to the old network, nor any others that it encounters.

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Computer Connects To Wifi But Internet Access Stopped After 5-10 Minutes

Mar 31, 2012

My computer connects to an unscured wifi near my home and i have internet acces for a few minuets, then it just stoppes. Sometimes if i reconnect it will run for a few more minuets 5-10. I have tried two different computers with same results. about a month ago the connection worked fine. This just started recently.I can connent and access internet at other public places with no problem. It seems only this network i have trouble with, why?I am running XP on one, and Win 7 on other, same results.I have read alot of things and tried them all,

-resetting internet options
- changing tcp/ip
- system restore with no results.

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Acer Aspire 7551-7422 Wifi Connects To Router But No Internet?

Dec 22, 2011

I just bought an acer aspire 7551 and did a clean install of windows 7 x64 ultimate, installed all the drivers and connected to my router. the laptop will connect to the internet through an ethernet cable but will not connect through the wifi card, I've already downloaded 4-5 different versions of the driver.

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Protocols / Routing :: Tp-link Router Connects Using Pppoe But No Internet Over Lan Or Wifi

Jul 4, 2012

I have TP-LINK TL-WR740N router and I am trying to configure it to work with my Broadband cable over PPPOE.The router once configured show status as connected with a proper IP and DNS servers. When I use the routers inbuilt ping utility to ping Google or any other site I get a reply.But when I connect my computer to the router on the LAN port I see no internet on my computer. I am able to ping the router address but not google.I tried disabling all Firewalls and Antivirus I have but problem still the same.Also I tried connecting over WIFI but still no internet.I also called up TP-LINK helpline several time and got my router replaced. They also tried a few settings on my machine but no success.

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Laptop Connects To Wifi Network / It Shows No Internet Access Message

Sep 29, 2012

Laptop connects to wifi network. But it shows "No Internet Access" message.My Macbook connects to the internet just fine and the wifi on my iphone works as well.The ethernet on the laptop works and I am able to access the internet this way. The laptop does connect to some of the other access points but I've had issues with my router.I tried the usual debugging mechanisms - disable/enable adapter, reset the router, reset the tcp/ip stack. [code]

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Internet Connection Crashes When Flatmate's Laptop Connects?

Dec 17, 2012

I've had some trouble with this and I post here, because I ran into this topic which is almost the same as my problem.Recently I started renting out one of my rooms to this guy with a Windows laptop. Everything I have is Apple:- iMac (with Windows in dualboot)- Macbook (with Windows in dualboot)- iPhone iPad- Airport Extreme (that is connected to the modem/router from the ISP by cable to create its own, more stable, wireless network)I never had any trouble with this network, not when my Macbook is running Windows or when classmates come over to work on a project (some have Windows), but as soon as this guy moved in, the internet started acting weird.Example: The internet is working fine, but when my flatmate comes home and opens his laptop, the internet crashes. Any process that was already connected, continues to work fine (e.g. a downloading torrent-file), but any new "assignment" for the internet just creates an error in Chrome ("the page does not exist" or "the server took too long to respond" for example). At those times, I can't even connect to my router through, but the WiFi still works (I can stream videos over the network from iMac to iPad without a problem). After about 2 minutes, the internet is up again, only to repeat the above after about 10 minutes.

I now have denied his MAC-address access from our router, because it was impossible to do schoolwork or just basic browsing, but I would like to just give him access of course! (it's in the contract)I'm going to call my ISP tomorrow and ask what they think is wrong, but I'm 99% certain it's my new renter's laptop. He claims his computer is completely clean, but I'm suspecting there is some kind of process running that just clogs all DNS-requests (or am I saying something weird now?

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Wireless Xbox Drops Connection When Wired Pc Connects To Internet?

Apr 21, 2011

I'm using a wireless adapter with my xbox because for some unexplainable answer the wired ethernet port quit working, but when my dad uses the internet on his wired pc I get booted off xbox

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Dell :: WLAN Connects To Router But No Internet Connection On 15R 3521

May 9, 2013

on brand new 3521 laptop with Win7 Pro the WLAN connects to selected wireless router but fails to establish internet connection.

WLan Driver 1703 was duly installed after the Chipset driver were installed , as recommended.Other mobile devices happily connect to same router. Ubuntu on this laptop was also happy to connect to internet on WLAN, only Win7 fails.

Turned off Win7 firewall , but no change. Shows unidentified connection in Network and Sharing Center.   Router SSID etc were correctly entered. Deleted WLAN profile and reentered , no change.

Tried to connect to another wireless router with same result. I can only run this laptop on wired connection to the router. I am at a loss as to what other steps I could take to fix this WLan / internet connection.

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Windows Xp Keeps Dropping Wifi Connection?

Apr 15, 2012

I have 2 computers. One is a Win 7 and the other is Win XP. They both can be connected to any of 3 WiFi connection in my building. I have no trouble with the Win 7 computer, but the Win XP computer keeps dropping the WiFi connection and get different error messages.

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Can't Maintain Wifi Connection In Windows Vista?

Jan 26, 2013

I borrowed a laptop from my sister while my laptop is out of commission. I've been trying to use the wifi, but the connection keeps dropping. I've tried following different pieces of advice from the internet, and I still can't get it working[CODE]

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Airtel Wifi Connection Not Working On Windows Vista?

Jun 9, 2011

I've a Airtel Broadband connection with a Beetel WiFi Router. I've installed Windows Vista on my laptop. Though the network icon in the Task Bar shows that its connected I'm not able to connect to the internet. I've tried different browsers but failed. Also I've tried to ping websites in command prompt even that is not working. The connection works absolutely fine on my brother's Dell laptop hence I'm sure that there is no problem with the Router.

Here is the complete system configuration you would need to know. Dell Latitude D630 Laptop. Windows Vista 32bit OS. Beetel WiFi Router.

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Windows 7 Changing Wifi Password For Existing Connection?

Oct 5, 2012

There are a lot articles on the web about changing a wireless connection's password or security key. Pretty simple. But my computer does not remember the change and when trying to reconnect it still has old password and fails.

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Windows 7 Laptop Unable To Connect To Full Wifi Connection

Jan 20, 2013

My laptop is reading a full WiFi signal from my router. I am currently connected to the router via Ethernet on the same laptop. I've been reading tons of old threads to troubleshoot this. I'm at a loss. I have used this current networking hardware for more than a year without any problems. I do have a pretty old router but my iPod connects to the WiFi no problem at the moment. Here's what I've tried so far:

- soft reset of router
- power cycle modem and router
- removed saved network information from the laptop


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Windows 7 Laptop - No Connection To Wifi Although Ipad And Phone Connect

Mar 25, 2013

My laptop, windows 7, is telling me there are no connections available. My iPad and phone are connected. I've removed my wifi network and replaced it, I've restarted my laptop, I've deleted other networks.

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Cabling / Cards :: Wifi Connection Fail On Laptop Running Windows 7?

Mar 7, 2011

I have an asus K52f laptop running windows 7, and i cant connect to my schools wifi router, some Cisco model. However i can connect with my iTouch and most apple computers can connect. My friend who has an HP on Win7 was able to connect. I asked him how and he said something about changing the properties of the network card so it was on cisco. Im not sure what he meant, and when he tried on my computer he said i needed to update the card something

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Hp Laptop No Longer Connects To Wifi?

Oct 26, 2012

A couple weeks ago my HP laptop stopped working. It would not boot and I had to put in the recovery discs to get it working again. Before this the laptop had connected fine to my home wifi secured with WPA2-PSK[AES]. After this problem tho it refuses to connect while it is secured. When not secure it functions fine and I am currently using it to type this post. I would have no problem continuing to use the wifi unsecured but another member of my household works with confidential medical information from home and is worried about the lack of security. I have attempted the trouble shooting tips on the support website already. My computer model is HP G60-235DX and the router is a Netgear N300 model WNR2000v3[CODE]

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Wifi Connects After Using Troubleshoot Option?

Aug 14, 2011

I have an adsl router and windows 7 ultimate. The connction status sometimes show's limited connectivity when I click on disconnect and connect again it prompts for troubleshoot connectivity problem, on clicking this it runs a few checks and brings up a window saying connectivity has been fixed and then my internet work's fine. This problem sometimes does not occur all the time. Sometimes after i switch on the router and then the wifi switch it connects just fine.

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Phone Not Connects Automatically To Wifi

Dec 30, 2012

I have a home network using WEP 128-bit router and my phone is Motorola Atrix with AT&T. until I did the jellybean update to android my phone connected automatically with my home wifi but now it won't connect at all. In all other placed with wifi or hotspots it connects automatically and even with secure networks it saves the password and stays connected. I tried my local AT&T store and they said all my settings in the phone were right and suggested I reboot my router which I did. Nothing has corrected the problem. The wifi doesn't stay on long enough for me to put in my password to connect.

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Macbook Connects To Wifi But Won't Browse Web

Sep 17, 2011

My MacBook works fine with my linksys router and RR internet. My wife's toshiba laptop running vista establishes a connection, but will not browse the net. My neighbor says she's having the same problem with her PC when trying to connect to my router (we live very close together).

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Linksys Ae2500 - Everything Connects To Wifi But Pc?

Sep 3, 2012

I recently moved into a new apartment and after receiving the code to the wifi that is included I started connecting all my devices. My Xbox 360 connected flawlessly. But my PC simply will not connect, I am running Windows 7 64bit with a Linksys AE2500 wireless adapter.

Quick note: I have checked that IPv4/IPv6 are set to automatically set to obtain IP Addressees and the DNS Server.

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(windows 8) Wifi Connected But No Internet?

Nov 16, 2012

Bought my new Sony Vaio today that of course came with Windows 8. I have completed the setup and installed Norton 360 and Office and tried (unsuccessfully) to uninstall McAfee. Now when i boot up the computer the WI-FI connects (with a full, four bar connection) however, when i try and open IE or the store, I get a connection issue saying there is no internet access

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Share Wifi Internet Using Lan In Windows 7?

Feb 4, 2012

I have 2 lap tops with windows 7 with wifi and 2 windows 7 desktops which do not have wifi connectivity, I have made a adhoc connection and shared the network making one lap top as a hotspot. How to connect the rest of two desktops using LAN?

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Windows 8 - Wifi Connected But No Internet?

Nov 16, 2012

Bought my new Sony Vaio today that of course came with Windows 8. I have completed the setup and installed Norton 360 and Office and tried (unsuccessfully) to uninstall McAfee. Now when i boot up the computer the WI-FI connects (with a full, four bar connection) however, when i try and open IE or the store, I get a connection issue saying there is no internet access. I am using the same Wi-fi network to post this on this forum, so it seems the issue must be on the Vaio side?

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Laptop Not Connects To Either Wifi Or Wired Network

Jan 10, 2012

I have a two year old Toshiba laptop that no longer connects to the internet either via ethernet cord plugged into the laptop nor my home wireless network. I have disabled the firewalls and the problem continues. The Network Connection screen shows the computer connected locally but not no internet connection. The laptop is running Windows Vista.

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Xp Wifi Connects To An Open But Not Secure Network

Jun 9, 2011

I am working on an Acer netbook One series ZG5. The issue is that it will not connect to a wireless network if any of the security authentication protocals are activative. It will connect and operate fine via the hardwired RJ45 ethiernet connection. If I set the network up on the wireless router to an open network I can connect to it just fine. I have no issues opening IE8 when connected to an unsecured network. This box did work until I was reimiaging an desktop that had issues and used a usb thumb drive to store files from the desktop to the netbook prior to wiping the desktop.

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