Cisco Firewall :: 2195 Open Inbound And Outbound Ports On PIX

Feb 5, 2013

-I need to configure the following on my PIX:
TCP port 2195 - outbound
-TCP port 2196 - inbound
How would I configure this via ASDM?

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Cisco Firewall :: UDP Port 9500 Open Inbound / Outbound To Specified IP Addresses

Feb 28, 2012

I have a weather station at our high school that needs UDP port 9500 open inbound/outbound to specified IP addresses.

Cisco PIX Security Appliance Software Version 8.0(4)
Device Manager Version 6.1(5)57

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Cisco Firewall :: Asa 5510- 2 IP's Outbound Fail-over With RTR Inbound Possible?

Jan 30, 2012

I know I can use the RTR statement to determine when the primary ISP circuit goes down via this technote: url...My question can I assign static Nats on the backup ISP connection to the same inside servers in the dmz.?Example is mapped to ISP1 ExternaIP of Can it also be mapped to ISP2's way I can get my DNS changed and my inbound traffic to servers in my DMZ on the asa 5510 running 8.0.3 code can continue to receive Inbound traffic.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 7.2(3) - Inbound And Outbound TCP And UDP Access

Nov 20, 2011

I'm running a Cisco ASA 5510 with version 7.2(3) and I've been tasked with permitting some inbound & outbound TCP & UDP ports to/from a specified address space on the internet. 

In looking at my current ASA config I see other access lists already configured so I'm assuming I can just set up a new access list in similar fashion, but I wanted to verify here first.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5505 - Configuration To Allow Inbound / Outbound Mail Communications

Dec 26, 2011

I’m trying to configure my ASA 5505, in order to allow my inbound and outbound mail communications. Here with this mail I’ve attached a diagram which illustrates my exact network setup along with ip addresses.

In this setup I’ve enabled port forwarding on my ADSL router (port 25 and 110) and configured the ASA accordingly, and my mail server is located inside my network.

My problem is currently I can send mails from my inside network to outside but my not receiving any mails which originate from outside. I’ve attached my current ASA configuration as well,

C:UsersSuthakarDocumentsOffice_DocsThakralABC Computers

Final config on ASA5505

host name Cisco
enable password 8Ry2YjIyt7RRXU24 encrypted
password 2KFQnbNIdI.2KYOU encrypted
!interface Vlan1
nameif inside
security-level 100
ip address
[Code] ......

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 - Open Outbound Port For Specific IP

Dec 6, 2012

We have a ASA5510 and I need to open port 22 for a speacific IP in our LAN outbound only.      

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Cisco Firewall :: Opening Outbound Ports On ASA5505

Oct 2, 2012

I need to open some outbound ports in order for our CCTV company to receive alarms from our internal CCTV Machine.
The ip addresses of the company who access the CCTV are as follows:
The above are fixed IP addresses. The internal machine is on
The outbound ports that I need to open are the following:
I have access to the current config if needs be.

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Cisco :: Inbound And Outbound Traffic In BGP?

Dec 6, 2012

I have two ISP, I want to divide Inbound to ISP1 and Outbound to ISP2.

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Cisco Firewall :: Allow Ports 18082 And 18086 Inbound (ASA5510)?

Oct 18, 2011

allow ports 18082 and 18086 inbound to one of my internal servers. how to create a static nat rule but I dont know how to only allow those two ports.  I dont want to open the server to all ports. This is what I am doing via ASDM v6.1:

Configuration-NAT Rule-Add=Add Static NAT Rule
Interface: inside
Source: my internal IP address
Interface: outside
Use IP Address: my available external IP address
Now under PAT I assume that's where I put the ports, so I place a checkbox on Enable and select TCP.  Then I enter 18082 on both the Original and Translated Port boxes.  I tried adding 18086 by entering 18082-18086 or with a comma as a separator but it doesnt allow it and spits an error saying that the format is incorrect.
click [OK]
Now is that how I add a single port to forward to my internal server?  Do need to create another Static NAT Rule including the second port of 18086

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Cisco Routers :: RV 220W - Create Matching Inbound And Outbound Rules

May 15, 2012

RV220W - I'm trying to create a one-to-one NAT connection to a PC on my network. I have 5 static IP's assigned by my ISP. I've gone through the step of 'registering' each IP in turn on the WAN port, and pinging that IP from an external device until it starts to respond, then I set the WAN IP back to the one I want to use to manage the device.
I think what I want to do is simple. I simply want to NAT ALL traffic hitting my 2nd IP address, let's call it (not the real value) to internally. I want ALL ports both UDP and TCP to be forwarded. This Server is then going to be one end of a VPN tunnel going to another site, but I don't want to complicate things with that for now. So I can't even seem to get one-to-one NAT working! I created the one-to-one NAT on the Advanced tab of the firewall and created rules for all ports for UDP and TCP, but I can still never 'see' the internal server from the Internet. Also, the server will not get out to the Internet (can't hit Google, etc).

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Inbound And Outbound Per Port Bandwidth Limitation 3560

Feb 21, 2013

I'm intending to purchase a switch for work,and I need to limit the bandwidth of one of the ports to 25 Mbit upload and 25 Mbit download (we have 100/100 Mbit connection and the customer is only paying for 25). I been trying to find information on how this could be "properly" done and what kind of switch I need to buy. As far as I have understood, most L2+ switches support outbound rate limiting, but not inbound, and as I only want the customer to have 25 mbit up and down, I need both.
I been looking at a Cisco Catalyst 3560 switch, and I'm first and foremost wondering if I can limit the inbound AND outbound bandwidth on this switch? Perhaps it can even be done on a simpler, cheaper, switch - as I rather not spend more money then necessary?
Lastly, how to do it, limit the inbound and outbound bandwidth on a single port (perhaps on the above mentioned switch, if possible), to 25 Mbit?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Outbound Versus Inbound Access Lists On Catalyst 3750X?

Mar 17, 2013

I want to configure accesslists on my Catalyst 3750X-switches to protect different VLANs/networks. Any best-practices about inbound versus outbound accesslists? In my head it is more readable and easier to understand the config when accesslists are assigned outbound on the VLAN to protect instead of assigning them inbound on all possible source-VLANs. But of course, from a performance point-of-view it is better to use inbound access-lists to avoid un-necessary routing etc.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Block Outbound And Inbound Traffic On TCP 5222 / 5223

Oct 23, 2012

I am trying to block outbound and inbound traffic on TCP 5222 and 5223 on E2500 but cannot figure out how. The reason is I have kids in my house using KiK (texting app) on iPads, iPods etc.  My goal is to eliminate this applications ability to function for ANY wireless device connected to my WLAN. 

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Cisco Firewall :: Open Ports On Firewall ASA 5510

Apr 18, 2012

We have setup new ip camera system and as per our vendor to access the camera from outside we need to open,TCP ports and in firewall and forward to our camera server.
Let say our public ip address is and our local ip address for the camera is We have cisco asa 5510.

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Cisco Firewall :: Open Ports On ASA 5510

Dec 1, 2011

I just finished implementing a VOIP install and I am trying to setup some softphones and in order to allow the softphones to work I need to open some specific ports for outbound.  I am not a Cisco guy, I am a Windows Administrator that also has to maintain my Cisco infrastructure. 

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 Open Ports For DVR?

May 9, 2013

I have an ASA 5505 with ASA version 7.2(2) and ASDM version 5.2(2) and I am attempting to open ports 88 and 5445 and forward them to the IP address of my DVR.  This is all new for me.  I see several posts for other software version to do this same thing but my version appears to be older?

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Cisco Firewall :: Defaults Ports Open On ASA 5520

Jul 10, 2012

what are default ports are open on asa 5520 from outside interface  (Zero level Security ) to inside interface  (Security level 100)

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5501 - Need To Open Required Ports

Nov 27, 2011

I have an ASA 5501 running latest code. Per the article at [URL], I need to open the below ports. I have 5 Xboxes (when people come over) and they all have a static IP. My network is 192.168.0.x and is a /24 network.Xbox LIVE requires the following ports to be open: Port 88 (UDP)Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)Port 53 (UDP and TCP)Port 80 (TCP)port 1863 (UDP and TCP) (Kinnect)  I defined the various network ports as a service and then created 5 hosts called xbox1, 2, etc with a static IP. I dont have access from the command line (forgot telnet and ssh passwords) , so from the gui, what do I do next?

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Cisco Firewall :: Open Ports On ASA 5505 For VoIP?

May 5, 2013

I'm working on setting up a PBX server in our office, and I'm having trouble getting a port opened for SIP on my ASA 5505.I created static NAT rule for SIP traffic from internal server to the outside IP address.I created access rules on outside interface to forward port 5060 to internal PBX server ( also disabled sip packet inspection on the ASA.I'm still receiving a message from the PBX that the firewall is configured incorrectly. 

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Cisco Firewall :: 3230 - How To Open Range Of Ports On Pix

May 8, 2011

I need to open the following ports on a pix:
-tcp 3230 to 3235
-udp 3230 to 3253

How do I open the ports?

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Cisco Firewall :: CLI Command To Open Ports 80 / 443 And 1882

Aug 23, 2012

I need top open ports 80, 443 and 1882 to a specific external client (IP address).

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 8.3 - Unable To Open Ports?

Feb 19, 2012

I got a situation here for Nat-ed IPs i configured. I expected to open some ports on the interface to allow certain traffics to pass through, yet there are some of them are failed. Down is my current config.
object-group service DM_INLINE_SERVICE_1
service-object icmp
service-object tcp destination eq https


The only ports opened are 443, www, 3389 while ports domain, 5061,3478,3389. how to open domain, 5061, 3478, and 3389 ports on my ASA .

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Cisco Firewall :: List Ports Open On ASA 5505 Appliance?

Oct 12, 2011

How to list ports open on Cisco ASA 5505 appliance? I have tried to see using Cisco ASDM launcher, but no luck.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT160N V2 - Open Up Ports To Get Open Connection On Xbox

May 23, 2012

I have the port numbers but do not know how to proceed from there.   Router is a WRT160N V2.

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Cisco :: Outbound Calling To Two ISDN BRI Ports?

Oct 21, 2011

Both of these ISDNs are up, this gives us 4 channels. Someone said they recieved a busy tone when they attempted to dial out. I looked over the system and seen there are two outbound pots dial-peers. Each dial-peer references one of the BRI ports. The preferences are the same on each dial-peer. I think what is happening is that the system is randomly selecting one of the dial-peers due to the preference, even if both channels of the BRI are in use. How does the system know if that port has both channels in use? I've not used ISDN before, so tried to enter the B-channel sub interface and the system (UC500) tells me I cannot do this. I was thinking about adding each channel into a trunk group and then referencing the trunk group in the dial-peer. I can obviously add both BRI's into one trunk group.

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Cisco WAN :: Opening Some Inbound Ports On PIX Version 6.3(5)

Oct 16, 2012

I have been asked to open some ports in order for a CCTV company to connect to an internal CCTV server on our LAN.
We have a Pix running PIX Version 6.3(5) I am ok configuring an ASA for the above but not a Pix.

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Cisco Routers :: RV110W - Firmware Download Page And Inbound Access To Mapped Ports

Nov 22, 2011

I saw a reference to release notes for firmware (I think that was the number) for the RV110W but if I browse the firmware download page I only see available for download.  Is this available somewhere or am I confused and saw a reference to something else? 
I have an installed RV110W at a client site that has to be rebooted about once a week since it stops allowing inbound access to mapped ports.  For example, it stops forwarding connections on Port 25 to the client's e-mail server.  I thought for a while there was a software issue with the e-mail server but after days of eliminating all other likely issues I rebooted the router and everything was fine.  Now the problem recurs about once a week and rebooting the router always fixes it (this is week 3).  Forwarding to ports 80, 443, and several others also stop working.

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Cisco WAN :: 877 / Can't Open Ports Outside

Feb 10, 2012

I have a Cisco 877 connected to a VSAT modem, and I can't open ports outside, I dont know why?The Cisco 877 Fa0 port is connected to the VSAT modem at VLAN9, and the rerst of ports are connected to the local lan network at Vlan2. I can enter to Internet, but I can't open port outside. ADSL over pots is not used here.I need to open port 81 for ip address and I dont know why this isn't working. Also if I do: sh ip nat translations I see this:
sh ip nat translations
cisco877#sh ip nat translations
Pro Inside global      Inside local       Outside local      Outside global
tcp 172.30.xx.122:81   ---                ---
udp 172.30.xx.122:81   ---                ---


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How To Allow All Ports To Open

Feb 2, 2013

How can I allow all ports to be open? I don't really want my 1811 to block any traffic. I tried the command access-list 1 permit any which allows me to surf the internet, but when I check my web server, and port 3389 (Remote desktop) on it says those ports are blocked.

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Cisco WAN :: Open Ports On ASA 5505?

Dec 26, 2010

I need to open ports 25, 993, 995, 443 and 465 to setup MS-Exchange.  I don't have an inhouse IT guy and this seems pretty straight-forward in theory but I can't figure it out I need to open ports 25, 993, 995, 443 and 465 to setup MS-Exchange.

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Cisco VPN :: 5510 - How To Open All Ports

Jan 22, 2013

I'm setting up a second exchange 2010 server at a DR location and have been experiencing some problems.  The two sites are connected via a pair of ASA5510's using the point to point VPN.  I want to rules out any possible VPN issues that may be blocking ports and wanted to see if there is an easy way to do this and simply allow all traffic without any restrictions between the two ASAs.  I've attached the scrubbed configs here...Ewing is the primary site and DBSi is the DR site. 

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Cisco WAN :: Open Ports In 1841?

May 14, 2011

what command should I use to see all open TCP and UDP ports on my router?

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Open Ports To IP's On Games?

Mar 9, 2011

I was told i need to open certain ports to certain IP's,what ports need to be opened to what IP's for the folowing game as im close to giving up.The games are as follows - Call of Duty 4, Counter Strike 1.6 and Source, Warcraft III, and StarCraft 2

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