Cisco IP-PBX - ACL Between VLANs

Aug 29, 2012

I manage IP-PBX(VoIP) in my work place which is consists of switches and a router as shown below,My intend is to seprate between Vlan 1 and Vlan 40, 41.(no packet exchange between vlan 1 <-> vlan 40,41)the Vlan 1 has C class 1 and Vlan 40,41 has C class 40,41.

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Cisco Firewall :: To Deploy ASA5585 In Between User Vlans And Server Vlans

Jun 1, 2012

WE have to deploy ASA5585 in between User vlans & server vlans. we have to find all the ports that needs to be opened on firewall. any tools to do same.

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Cisco WAN :: How To Set Up 2 Vlans On 891

Jul 8, 2012

Site A will have the ip address of 192.168.1.x subnet mask and will need to commmunicate with Site B (ip address 192.168.100.x subnet mask Neither site needs internet access, so I don't have a default gateway. I have a cisco 891 with the ip address of I don't have anything set up on the cisco right now (no running config). Is this possible to set up?

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Cisco :: Ping From Pc Over Two Vlans?

Jan 19, 2013

when we ping from pc in lan 1 to pc in lan 2, what protocols we walk through in request and in response??

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Cisco :: Bridging Two VLANs?

Sep 14, 2011

I have a 3 building client currently on a single LAN/subnet/VLAN1. The client wants to install two public APs in their other buildings. I have selected the Cisco WAP4410n for a few reasons, Price, as budget is a factor for them, the 4410n can have up to 4 SSIDs, and can accommodate different VLANs, and it is PoE.

The public side is to have no access to the LAN, just the internet.According to the documents I have read on the 4410, I am to create two SSIDs, one not broadcasted (VLAN1) and one that is broadcasted and public (VLAN2) Both SSIDs would be Isolated from each other.

I assign the switch port attached to the AP to VLAN2, but cannot access the internet. I believe that the two VLANs need to be bridged in either a L3 switch or a router, is this correct? Is that the only way I will be able to get internet access in this situation?A while back someone posted a link to a Cisco workshop. It was set in a spaceship, and the student, me, had to get internet access to different parts of the ship by installing different APs and antennas. Also had to give the people and aliens on the ship different levels of access.

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Cisco :: Getting Bridge Between 2 VLANs?

Oct 2, 2012

if I want to bridge between 2 VLANs ,can I use IRB like I would use in a router for bridging to ethernet interfaces for example?

Config example:
bridge irb
interface vlan 10
ip address
bridge-group 1


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Cisco WAN :: Unable To Set VLANs On UCS 520

Jun 12, 2011

I am trying to configure a UCS 520 and need to setup the VLAN for the phones.  I tried to use the vlan command from the config prompt and also from the vlan database and each time I get the following message:
% not enough space on flash to store vlan database. trying squeeze...
% error squeezing flash - (Operation not supported on this file)
Error on database apply 40: NV storage failure
Here is what my nvram is showing:
UC520#dir nvram:
Directory of nvram:/
   246  -rw-        6461                    <no date>  startup-config
  247  ----        1933                    <no date>  private-config
  248  -rw-        6461                    <no date>  underlying-config
    1  -rw-         577                    <no date>  IOS-Self-Sig#1.cer
    2  -rw-           0                    <no date>  ifIndex-table
    3  ----          61                    <no date>  persistent-data
262144 bytes total (250626 bytes free)

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Cisco WAN :: SRP 521 How To Create Two VLANs

Mar 4, 2012

I have problem with device cisco srp 521 , my problem is haw to create two VLAN-s first will be to WAN link, second for Management.

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How To Tie The Two Vlans Together

Sep 21, 2012

I got my switch running as a router and several vlans running on it. My question is how do i tie the two vlans together so they can communicate? I know this might be a beginner question.

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Cisco :: DHCP Not Working With Several VLANs?

Mar 25, 2011

i'm having troubles with a DHCP server, which is unable to give IPs to hosts that are on a different VLAN than the server.I have this little scenario, one L3 switch (SGE2010-48 without PoE) with 7 different VLANs configured in[CODE]

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Cisco :: VLANs Not Switching On A New Router?

Jun 20, 2012

I just got seriously nice toy to play with, Cisco SG300-10P - I know what you thinking now but with very tight budget...anyway.I configured two ports for VLAN101, Access, but when cabled in and out, it didn't work. Got Linksys switches setup the same way and they work like a charm (and I believe this should too).

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Cisco :: Can QoS Be Retained From Layer 2 To 3 Without VLANs

Feb 9, 2013

I have a question about QoS and how, or if, it functions between a layer 2 switch and a router. My question is, can a frame's COS sent from a layer 2 switch to a router be recognized and converted (mapped) to a DSCP setting without the use of a vlan (not the native vlan1), and can the reverse be done from a router to a layer 2 switch? Can QoS be preserved as it passes through the different devices? I know, pretty basic, but I have to start somewhere.

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Cisco :: Native And Management VLANs?

Jun 2, 2012

The management VLAN(the one I use to connect to the devices) and the native VLAN dont have to be the same VLAN ,right?They are independent and can be different. For instance I can use VLAN 5 for management and 10 as the native VLAN

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Cisco :: Connecting Two VLANs Via An ASA 5505?

Mar 20, 2013

routing between VLANs on my ASA 5505. I am very technical system wise, but my knowledge of routing and switching is very shallow.

What I am trying to accomplish: Small lab environment with basic services split onto two seperate VLANs (such that DHCP would need a relay on the second VLAN to deliver leases). No external network connection as of right now (so no Internet).

My current configuration:
Cisco Catalyst 2960
As you can see below, the two VLANs I am trying to set up are vlan101 ( and vlan102 (

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Cisco :: 255 Finding Unused Vlans

Apr 17, 2012

We have created more than 255 Vlans during last 5 years, and we know that eye-catching part of which are unused, I took a report from campus manager searching for Port Attributes to find out which port is assigned to a specific Vlan but as long as there are numerous ports in trunk mode connecting to Virtual servers I can not find out if unused vlans which I exclude from the report I took are really unused or not , how can I find the unused Vlans.

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Cisco WAN :: 3750G Routing Between 2 Vlans

Nov 7, 2012

Our network system has 125 different Vlans (Cisco) and I would like to be able to route between only 2 particular Vlans, I know with the command “ip route “ in our layer 3 switches (ws-c3750G -12S) I would be able to route among all Vlans but I need to be able to route between 2 Vlans to be able to access the PCs in vlan 1 from vlan 2 and wise versa

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Cisco WAN :: Configuring Two VLANs On 871 Router

Apr 23, 2013

I use the cisco 871 router as a firewall to my home-office. I have configured two vlans for each seperate port. That is, FE0 configured as VLAN 10  ----> connected to Layer 2 Switch,  FE1 configured as VLAN 20 ----> connected to another Cisco Layer 2 Switch,FE2 not in use, FE3 not in use and FE4 is connected to WAN.I got 100Mbps speed from the ISP, but I can see that I only get 50mbps even connected to VLAN 10 or VLAN 20.Does configuring two VLANs on Cisco 871 router divides the bandwidth (to Internet) into half?

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Cisco Switches :: Wake On LAN (WOL) Across Different VLANS On SG-300-10?

Sep 9, 2012

I am trying to get WOL working across different VLANS on a SG-300-10 Switch in Layer 3 Mode.  To achieve this, I've setup an UDP-Relay (GUI menu IP Configuration) for UDP-Port 7 to (this should flood all interfaces with the paket), however, WOL doesn't work across different VLANS.  When I am connected directly to the corresponding VLAN, WOL works fine within the same subnet. 

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Cisco WAN :: 877 - Routing VPN Traffic Between 2 VLANs

Oct 10, 2011

I have a cisco 877 router setup with 2 vlan's and 2 dialers, each vlan routed to a dialer. I have some ports forwarded to my vlan 1 incl vpn traffic. I need to get vlan 2 to be able to vpn to vlan 1, and see some of the servers on vlan 1 which are forwarded from router without allowing normal traffic between the 2?

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Cisco WAN :: C3750G Routing Between 2 Vlans

Sep 2, 2012

Our network system has 125 different Vlans (Cisco) and I would like to be able to route between only 2 particular Vlans, I know with the command “ip route “ in our layer 3 switches (ws-c3750G -12S) I would be able to route among all Vlans but I need to be able to route between 2 Vlans to be able to access the PCs in vlan 1 from vlan 2 and wise versa.The IP range of vlan1 is 10.0.8.XXX /24 and Vlan2 10.0.11.XXX /24.

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Cisco :: How Many VLANs Can Be Managed With AIR-AP1252AG-E-K9 AP

Jul 19, 2011

How many VLANs can be managed with the AIR-AP1252AG-E-K9 APs ? My customer wants to manage 4 VLANs, data, voice, guest and another.

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Cisco WAN :: 3550 Vlans Not Able To Communicating With Each Other

Dec 1, 2011

We have cisco 3550 switch i have configure 3 vlans in this switch. i have enable routing between this vlans but vlans not able to communicating with each other.

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Cisco Switches :: How To Use Different VLans Outside Another Gateway In SG-300 28

Mar 22, 2012

How shall i use different vlans outside another gateway in sg-300 28? Example:

vlan2 gateway outside router gateway
vlan3 gateway outside router gateway
should me doing in sg-300 28?

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Cisco :: Filter Unnecessary Vlans Going Through Trunk Between N5K And N7K

Jul 27, 2012

We have our aggregation layer here composed of two N7K with vPC between them. Every access switch is a N5K. Security policies state that we have to filter unnecessary vlans going through the trunk between N5K and N7K. So we use the 'switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,20,30' command. My question is: Do I have to include the native vlan id on this command?

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Cisco :: Two Voice Vlans On The Same Physical Port?

Nov 21, 2011

Can I configure two voice vlans on the same physical port?

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Cisco :: DHCP Server With Multiple VLANs?

Jan 26, 2013

How to configure DHCP server if i have 2 vlans. I know how to configure rest of the network, just i don't know server.I use packet tracer and i attached file with my network. PC1 is on VLAN1 and PC2 is on VLAN2.I want ip addresses in vlan1 to be from and in vlan2 from I would like to do it just like in the designed network, without router.

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Cisco :: Multiple VLANs Inside The Same Subnet?

Apr 4, 2013

The network topology is like this. Router with DHCP_Server on it.


My question is how to configure the router so that all devices on all 3 VLANS can obtain IP from the router. I've tried to enable proxy arp on all interfaces and create sub interfaces and trunk them to their appropriate vlans, but I can't specify the gateway on all trunked sub interfaces because I get a warning that addresses overlap. Then I tried to set access-group on all sub-interfaces and still doesn't work.

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Cisco Firewall :: Configuring VLANs On 5515-X Is It Possible

Mar 29, 2013

I am trying to connect 2 VMWARE servers directly to my 5515-X firewall. [code]ASDM will not let me assign the same VLAN to both Gi0/2 and Gi0/3. I dont want to connect my VMWARE servers to a switch first (that just adds one more component that can fail).

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Cisco WAN :: 871 Router - Way To Split Network Into 3 VLANs?

Sep 12, 2011

I have a network that I want to split into 3 VLANs, One for the main traffic, another one for the kids so I can control the sites they visit via opendns and the 3rd for the playstation and the Wii.  The catch is that I only want the kids network to access the printer and the NAS on the main network, and then the 3rd network not to be able to access the other 2 vlans.  I am trying to perform this via a Cisco 871 router

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Cisco Wireless :: 1142 Converted To LAP And VLANs

Jan 22, 2012

I just converted AP 1142 to LAP using the image "c1140-rcvk9w8-tar.124-21a.JA2.tar".
The WLC is a 5500 with 2 NIC : one on 192.168.0/24, one on a specific vlan 10.20/16
The main management interface is on 192.168/24 but we defined as management the interface on the 10.20/16 network.
For the access points, we use ports on a native VLAN on 10.20/16 with other available VLANS which are used for the wlan networks
We have 1152 APs which work fine on this config but that needed to be registered on the 192.168/24 network, then we moved them in their VLAN 10/20/16 and they work fine.
We also have 1142 APs which have been upgraded to LAP. These AP do not work with our architecture. They register correctly on the 192.168/24 network, but do not give access to the wlan VLANs. If they are moved in the 10.20/16 network, they don't register to the WLC (message : Timed out while waiting for ECHO repsonse from the AP). The AP do not get an IP.
is there a restriction with VALNs on these AP ? or is something false ?

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Cisco Routers :: RV180W Do Not Allow VLANs To Communicate?

Oct 3, 2012

I just recently switched from the WRVS4400N to the RV180W. I have 4 VLANs, and I want VLANs 1, 2, 3 to communciate freely, but I DONT want VLAN 4 to communicate with anybody, just Internet access. On the WRVS4400N, I was able to do this using the Firewall > IP Based ACL. I notcied that the RV180W, does not have such an option. I am sure there is something I am missing, I just cant find out how to isolate VLAN 4.

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Cisco WAN :: 2811 / Connection Between Two Vlans On Same Router?

Mar 21, 2013

We have two 2811 router with configured interfaces:

interface FastEthernet0/0.380 encapsulation dot1Q 380 ip address no snmp trap link-status crypto map clientmap!
interface FastEthernet0/0.382 encapsulation dot1Q 382 ip address no snmp trap link-status
interface Vlan1 ip address ip nat inside ip virtual-reassembly
ip route
ip route
interface FastEthernet0/0.197 encapsulation dot1Q 197 ip address ip nat inside ip virtual-reassembly no cdp enable
interface Vlan1 ip address ip nat inside ip virtual-reassembly ip tcp adjust-mss 1452 
So my case is: computer from router1's network can ping (router2 -FastEthernet0/0.197 )computer from router2 network can ping (router1- FastEthernet0/0.380),but can't ping (router1- FastEthernet0/0.382).

How can i connect vlan 380 and vlan382.I want the three vlan to see each other.Is this happen with IRB or not?

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Cisco Wireless :: Using VLANs With 1310 Bridge

Dec 18, 2012

I am trying to setup a wireless link between two locations, and be able to pass VLANs through the Wireless link.Currently I have two 1310 bridges.I followed the information at url..., but it is only passing VLAN 1 across the link. I cannot figure what the problem is.Both Bridges are running c1310-k9w7-mx.123-8.JEA3. [code]

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