Cisco Wireless :: 802.11 WAP4410N To WAP4410N Backhaul Using N Protocol?

Apr 30, 2011

I have the following equipment:
Cisco 871W router
2x WAP 4410N APs running

I currently have 1 AP connected to the router via copper.  The AP to AP link is over 802.11.  I have attached a diagram reflecting the current topology.
The AP-to-AP link will come up utilizing B/G/N mixed mode; however, the connection is basically unusable.  About 30% of the traffic is dropped, while the packets that do make it have a consistently volatile latency, anywhere from 15 to 1500 ms. I have had success using G-only and B/G mixed.  The link is stable (I have had the best results with B/G).  The problem is, I didn't buy the 2nd 4410N to run the G protocol.  I would like to connect the APs running either B/G/N (hopefully negotiating to N) or N only.  I am wondering if there is a certain configuration I can utilize (perhaps using WDS repeater or bridge versus Wireless Client/Repeater?), or a firmware upgrade set for release that can make this happen for me.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N V1 Instead Of V2?

Sep 21, 2010

Well, I sent mine back and they shafted me with a v1 unit.I don't see how you can know what the problem is and still send me a v1 unit.
I contacted SB support and they said no guarantees on getting a v2 unit.
Now I must PAY to send another unit back.With no guarantees, I don't know.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410n Won't Power On?

Dec 4, 2012

I have a WAP4410N that stopped powering on with PoE.  The PoE light comes on but the Power and Ethernet light remain off.  The link light comes on the port on the switch.  I have tried multiple switch ports and tried a different switch. 

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N As Repeater

Jul 20, 2010

I would like to ask for assistance on how to configure one unit WAP4410N access point to work as repeater to one unit WRT120N wireless router.
As a background, I had one WRT120N already in my house before I bought one WAP4410N as advised by a Linksys guy. I wanted to wirelessly extend the signal of my WRT120N wherever its signal is so low around my house. The WAP4410N should work as repeater to WRT120N.
I already configured WAP4410N to work as repeater by enabling all the  choices in its wireless AP mode like the  “wireless WDS repeater” and the “wireless client/repeater” but to no avail. I successfully setup a similar scenario before using the old pair of one WRT54G and one WAP54G. I replaced the old  pair with the newer one ( WRT120N and one WAP4410N).
Is the tandem of WAP4410N and WRT120N can be configured technically as like as what I wanted? Do I need to upgrade the firmware of both devices? Did I miss something in the configuration?

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Cisco Wireless :: How To Get CLI Commands On WAP4410N

Jan 20, 2013

I need enable WPS function on WAP4410N. This is possible with CLI command #set wps enable. But how I can connect to WAP4410N with CLI?

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N As AP And Another One As WDS Repeater

Mar 9, 2011

We have a WAP4410N as a Access Point and a second WAP4410N as a Wireless WDS Repeater. The settings are as of below.
We couldn't get the mobile users to get connected to the Access Point. But if we uncheck the option "Allow wireless signal to be repeated by a repeater.", it works.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N - AP Configuration

Apr 30, 2012

Router: Cisco WRVS4400N secured with WPA2WAP: Cisco WAP4410N . Router was working well but signal too weak in distant rooms. So, purchased a WAP4410N but am unsure about AP configuration. From reading the docs, I understand these to be the relevant choices:
1) Access Point -- Wired connection through built-in Ethernet port. (Not Desired)
2) Wireless WDS Repeater
3) Wireless Client / Repeater (What is difference from WDS Repeater?)
4) Wireless WDS Bridge
Desired Result:Simply extend the network. As a laptop is carried from room to room, laptop should switch to the strongest signal seamlessly, without user doing anything manually. No matter where I am, laptop should see entire network. Also, I prefer that the WAP not require a wired Ethernet connection (that is, I would like the WAP to receive/repeat the router's wireless signal No Ethernet Cable Required).
1. Which of the above 4 settings is best for achieving desired outcome?
2. What should the SSID be on the WAP? Same as on the router?
3. Should both the router and WAP be on the same channel? (I suspect not, but included docs sound like they should be..?)
4. Should both the router and the WAP have the same wireless security setting (WPA2) and pass phrase?
5. On the router, under the Wireless menu --> WDS sub menu there is a check box: "Allow wireless signal to be repeated by a repeater".  I assume this must be checked?
6. I understand that Microsoft's built-in Wireless Zero Configuration service does not disambiguate APs which share the same SSID and may not always roam with the strongest signal.*** We need to move from area to area and seamlessly retain the network signal. Is this still a problem in Windows7? Is there a workaround for XP's WZC deficiencies?
Is there anything else I should know? [URL]

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N LED Flashing

Feb 7, 2012

We have two WAP4410N access points that are behaving identically. When connected without an ethernet connection, the Power light comes on and stays on. However, as soon as you attach an ethernet cable, whether it's attached to anything on the other end or not, the LEDs on the devices start blinking - first the Power light, then the Wireless light, repeatedly. They continue to do this, even when the ethernet cord is removed.
In addition to this, I cannot ping the IP, even when the WAP directly connected to a PC in the same subnet. I tried a hard reset, but I can't even ping the default IP.
Both WAPS have a very basic configuration. Neither of them are running upgraded firmware.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Cannot Disable WPS

May 3, 2011

Would like to report that WAP4410N Access Point cannot disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Tried both firmware (19/JUL/2010) and the latest No Disable option in both firmware.
If you do not change the default IP or default SSID for example, The WPS is disable by default. Once you change default IP and SSID for example, the WPS is then enabled. There is no Disable Option for WPS.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410n Not Reachable?

Feb 7, 2012

I have a wap4410n. It was performing poorly. Only letting some computers on the wireless while not letting other. I was able to login into the device and I went through each of the settings pages to see if there was anything set wrong. I soon found there was a firmware upgrade available.
So over a wired connection I started the firmware upgrade after waiting 10+ minutes I was unable to reach the device and the web page said it was waiting for the ip address of the device. So I rebooted the device.
I can not ping the device. I can not see it on any subnet. I have tried the reset button multiple times.
The ethernet and power lights are on.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Not Transferring Anything

Sep 21, 2010


1) HP nw8440 with Intel PRO/wireless 3945ABG, running Vista Business, all latest driver & Win updates (ok, missing the last few that should arrive soon);

2) Dell m4400 of some sort  (supports 802.11n) running Windows 7 beta. This user says wifi works flawlessly in his home environment.
Transfer type: not even transferring anything - just sit there watching it... pings to otherwise speedy servers up and down like a yoyo followed by drop of ping transmission. At one stage I even saw the unit not responding to pings or admin website directly off LAN port once the problem had occurred - all leds looking normal, but no ICMP response. power cycled the unit, and it all started working again.
Only AP in our network - others in neighbouring buildings, but not under our control.
Can't say I've verified no overlapping IP's. will check tomorrow.
Re logging, I have syslog going off to neaby Linux server... despite having all the log types enabled, the only types of messages I see being logged are those about clients trying to connect, and options being changed. No sign of any error messages.
Ours is also a straight forward network - no Vlans, just one SSID, WPA-Personal/TKIP. Thought it might be to do with MAC filter, so disabled that, but no improvement. Tried channels 6 & 9 so far. I know in years gone by there has been plenty of talk re interference from microwave ovens etc - any chance of this being the culprit? Haven't toyed with any of the options on the Advanced tab under Wireless.
Tried switching back to BG instead of BGN (the Dell has N support) but that didn't work either.
Is there any chance this has anything to do with Vista/Win7 compared to XP? I've not tested with an XP client OS, but the somewhat vague report from a more distant XP user on the network was that he wasn't having problems at around the time we were, though I'd need to probe him more to be sure.
The AP was purchased around 1 week ago, and came with 1.0.12 (latest) installed. I also did a factory reset upon first use, before configuring. WPA key has 13 charcters, being a mix of numeric, alpha (both cases) and special (!@#$ etc...) characters.
This is decidedly embarassing for us since we were finally able to ditch the old Dlink AP we hated so much - but so far this Linxsys/Cisco ain't faring much better. Bring on 1.0.13 I say... :)
Edit: the unit is in regular/default AP mode, with own IP being static (SBS DHCP server has that MAC hard coded to that IP also). I presume teh AP's MAC is the same whether on WiFi or LAN port (??).

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Cisco Wireless :: Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting WAP4410n

Jan 21, 2013

After hours of testing and configuring I can say it’s not the same issue as discussed in the link above. I have the same problem as mentioned at the beginning.
Our set-up: We have Mac, windows and mobile clients and Cisco networking equipment. We would like to use the WAP4410n as our access point.  However, 10-20 minutes after connecting to the access point, the connection doesn’t work anymore. It happens randomly and not only during large file transfers. It also happens when I’m not even using the computer. After disabling and enabling the wireless interface on the client I get back the connection (for the next 10-20 minutes).
I not only tried to change all different settings on the access point (channel, encryption mode, ssid, channel bandwidth, ...) but I also changed settings on the Mac (disable IPv6) but it’s still not working. Of course I also tried older firmware’s.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410n With POE Injector

Nov 14, 2011

We are looking at purchasing two of the WAP4410n Access Points to add wireless in one building, and possibly replace Wireless G in another. In our building already configured, we have POEs set up and this has worked to centralize everything that has to be monitored.  We would like to do the something with the WAP4410n.  With the access points we already have, they are Pre POE so there was only one device that would work.  With These they are standard POE, Does that mean I can use any POE Injector that is using this standard?
Also, are problems that first existed these access points being worked out or been fixed?  I want these to be minimal attention required since I am the IT person here and I don't work in this building, I work in the other building which is walking distance but I do want to avoid problems if possible.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Way To Add Another Repeater To Configuration

Dec 10, 2012

I would like to provide WiFi in a big house of 4 floors so I have installed 1 WAP4410N wired to the Internet router to act as access point and I have configured 3 others WAP4410N as WDS repeater of the first one.In the first one (the AP), I have checked the option "Allow Wireless Signal to be repeated by a repeater" then entered the 3 repeaters' MAC addresses as allowed devices to repeat the signal.
Is that configuration OK ? Is there any way to add another (a fourth) repeater to this configuration ? Because there is only 3 fields to specify allowed repeaters' MAC addresses in the AP.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Access Points Set Up

Apr 9, 2013

I've had some long standing issues that I've tried various things to fix.  I have two WAP4410N access points set up at a smaller sister company.  Wireless clients (laptops) are not receiving DHCP assigned IP addresses.  If I type in an IP manually, it works fine.The sister company has a point to point T-1 connection to our main building.  Our main building has the DHCP server.  The router on the sister company end is configured as the DHCP relay. 
I've upgraded the firmware three different times in the past to hopefully resolve the issue, but no luck.  Just today, on one of the WAP4410N's, I upgraded to the firmware (backing up config, reset to factory default, upgraded firmware, reset factory default again, restored config).  After the first reset to factory defaults, the Access Point itself picked up a DHCP address from the server, and I verified this in the DHCP console on the server, so I know that the DHCP relay is working.  However, my laptop would not get a DHCP address when connecting wirelessly through that access point.  It is a Windows 7 Enterprise laptop.  I also could not get a DHCP IP with my iPhone connecting to wireless, to rule out specific issues with just a laptop.I have the DHCP lease times for the subnet that these WAP4410Ns are on set to 2 hours.
To put a cherry on top, there is one laptop that stays in a lab area at all times, connecting wirelessly, and it DOES get a DHCP IP address (I can see in the DHCP console that the lease for this laptop continually renews as needed).  I do remember on initial config when I couldn't get it to work, that I did a manual set up, gained connection, then switched it to DHCP...but that doesn't work for any other laptop.Why would the access points get DHCP address, but not anything connecting to the Access Points?

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Drops The Connection?

Jan 19, 2012

We have a 4410N that all the time drops the connetion. We have approx 25-30 users using wireless. But when they try to connect or are connected, the router drops the connection like a yo-yo. The firmware is updated with no difference.
The wireless connection is very unstable. It's configured with WPA2 Personal and is connected through a POE-switch with IPv4. The logs don't answer the questions why it drops the connection.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N AP To Use Mac Address Filtering

Jun 8, 2012

i am using two  Cisco AP 4410N series in my network .Wants  to use MAC address Filtering but it supports  only 20Nos  of MAC to add in the AP.
Is there any way like IOS upgrade the AP supports more MAC Address to add.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N As Simple Wi-Fi Bridge?

Feb 13, 2011

I have a room cut off from the wired network by concrete walls (there are windows and it's a very short distance).  There is a device in that room with a wired network adapter than needs access to the network.  We'd like to use a pair of WAP4410N devices to get that room on our wired network over a simple "wireless bridge."
Would the following work?
Connect one WAP4410N normally with WPA2 Personal encryption and connect it to our wired network.  Enable repeating of its signal.Set up the "remote" WAP4410N in the "cut off" room.  Give it the same SSID and Encryption settings.  Enable "Wireless Client Repeater" mode and uncheck the box labeled "Allow wireless station to associate". . . then use its RJ45 network port to connect to the wired device in the room.  My biggest concern is the part in bold.  Will the network port on the "remote" repeater function like that?  So that any devices (or a switch) plugged into it will then be "forwarded along the bridge" to the main/local AP and then onto our network?

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Cannot Get WAP Function As Repeater

Mar 7, 2011

I have a WRT160N and a WAP4410N but can not get WAP function as a repeater. I have already put as Wireless Client / Repeater and Wireless WDS Repeater. I notice they are both with the same settings security. View attach file.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410n Not Responding And Will Not Reboot

Feb 25, 2012

We are running two WAP4410n devices in our office. One of the devices recently appears to have died.  No ethernet, wireless, or POE lights passing packets, however the power indicator stays on steady.  Have attempted a direct connection to the box straight from a computer with both straight and cross-over cables.  Device will not even do a factory reset via the reset button.Device cannot be reached via web-interface either.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Configuration With 6 Repeater

Sep 4, 2012

configuration WAP4410n.I configure 1 wap4410n mode access point, is ok.I place 6 wap4410n in building as wireless repeater.I can not configure the right sequence.How do I set up 6 repeaters with access point ?

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Cisco Wireless :: Weak Signal For WAP4410N?

Sep 14, 2011

I currently have a  WAP4410N connected to an ethernet switch and the signal is very weak when attempting to connect to the AP from 4 rooms away. The structure is all block and the signal does not do well between the solid walls. I would like to roam from room to room on the same SSID. how to have the second WAP4410N repeat the original signal and reaplify it from the first WAP to solve this issue. Also, I cannot connect the second WAP to the ethernet switch it must be wireless.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Cannot Add Additional SSIDs

Mar 29, 2012

I want to split the usage of the AP so that visitors are on their own wireless connnection and VLAN.We have 2 WAP4410N APs.  One AP acts as a repeater for the another AP.They are both in firmware.We are using WPA2 RADIUS authentication, and would like for visitors to use WPA2 PSK. Under Wireless tab, I have 1 SSID, but the other 3 available boxes for SSIDs are greyed out.When I click in them, they will not allow me to type an ID.I watched a video of how to add SSIDs and VLANs, and it looked simple enough.He just clicked in the box and was able to add more IDs.Could my current config be preventing me from adding additional SSIDs?

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Cisco Wireless :: 2 Different WAP4410N Stops Responding?

Sep 21, 2010

I reconnected 4 laptops today on 2 different WAP4410n APs. The user will let me know if they get disconnected. Yesterday I even reflashed the firmward on them. Also in order to reconect to one of the Waps I had to cycle the power.
The laptops are different One is a Dell Latitude c840 w/ Links wireless card and the other is a IBM t41 i believe.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Won't Repeat Signal

Jan 17, 2012

we purchased 8 WAP4410N access points to cover our entire school with wireless internet. 2 of those could not have access to a wired network accesspoint, so we wanted those to repeat the signal of 2 others. The ones who are to provide the signal are set up as access points, with the option to allow the signal to be repeated enabled. The mac adress of the other access point is provided, and the channel is set to 6. The 'repeat' 4410N ones are set up as wireless WDS Repeater, with the mac adress of the remote access point entered through the site survey. The channel is also set to 6.
When I connect with the 'repeaters' however, I only get limited access, cannot get on the internet, and I cannot change the network settings in Windows 7 from 'public' to 'business'.

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Cisco Wireless :: Can't Configure SSID More Than One In Web UI Of WAP4410N

Oct 12, 2011

I can't configure the SSID more than one in the web UI of the WAP4410N. Except I can type the first SSID1, the rest SSID2 - 4 are grey which not allow me to type in anything. ( See attached the screen shot ) My current version is 2.02.1 and I was using IE8 under windows 7.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Shows Only One SSID

Feb 22, 2012

I have a 4410N set up on my network. I'm using 4 VLANs on my network, of which, I use my default VLAN 1, as the "public" VLAN which we use to give our clients free WiFi. I would like to have two SSIDs visible from the access point, one unsecured and connected to VLAN 1, and the other secured with WPA2 and connected to our office VLAN on which various servers and resources are available. My preference is for both SSIDs to be visible, as there is not a major security issue and as the only IT person, I do not have time to configure every computer which uses the network with the SSID, but I'll do that if I have to.
I set up the 4410N with it's first SSID using our public WiFi name and did not put any security on it. I went to the VLAN page and set it to use VLAN 1 as both the default VLAN and the VLAN for the first SSID. Then I went back to the Basic Settings page and added a second SSID and chose "Enabled". I went to the Security page and left most things as default (Wireless Isolation between SSIDs is enabled) and changed the security settings for the office SSID to WPA2-Personal. Finally I went to the VLAN page and set it's VLAN to 4.
When I go back to my computer, or from other wireless devices, I only see the public SSID, not the office. I do see on my computer (Win7 x64) an "Other Network" option, but the signal strength on that network is significatnly weaker than that of the public SSID. Also, if I try to connect to it using the office SSID name and the password I set, it doesn't connect.
Am I completely misunderstanding how multiple SSIDs are supposed to work? I am working from a lot of assumptions here.
PS I have no clue if this would affect it, but in the interest of listing all possible factors, the 4410N is powered via PoE and the switch port it is connected to is set to 802.1Q with 1-4 set as the VLANs.
After posting this I discovered that in the Wireless Status page, both SSIDs are listed, but only one (the public SSID) has a MAC listed. I assume I need to add one somewhere. Where should I do this, and what's a "safe" MAC to use that won't conflict with anything?

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Cisco Wireless :: New Firmware Required For WAP4410N

May 11, 2011

as the subject .. All those who have the WAP4410N ...want the new firmware and solve the AP problems of stops an repeat.  believe in CISCO.

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Cisco Wireless :: Setting Up Another WAP4410N As Repeater?

Apr 20, 2011

Currently I have a WAP4410N setup and would like to add a second WAP4410N but as wireless repeater. I want my users to have wireless access without the need to keep changing the wireless connection based on their location within the factory.

The AP Mode on teh WAP4410N gives me the options below, but I am not sure which one is the correct one:

Option 1 - Wireless WDS Repeater
Option 2 - Wireless Client/Repeater

Below is the link from cisco with explanation. [URL]

Also, if have WAP54G, can I setup this unit to be a wireless repeater with the WAP4410N devices? or all repeaters must be of the same model? Existing WAP4410 is setup to operate at Wireless B/G Mixed mode.

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Cisco Wireless :: Can't See WAP4410N On Domain Network

Apr 4, 2012

I had to set up security connected directly to laptop but when I connect the WAP4410N to the domain network I can not access it using url...What can I do to access this box before I put in its final location, on top of the office. is there something that needs to be set for it to communicate inside the domain network?

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Cisco Wireless :: Connecting To WAP4410N With HTC Desire

Feb 20, 2012

Having a bit of a strange issue with our Access Point at the moment. I recently set up a WAP4410N as our main WiFi hotspot using WPA2 encryption and it seemed to be working fine for all users, We had no issues when connecting Windows 7 laptops or windows phone 7 phones.However, we have a few people in our office that use HTC desire phones and while the phone will connect to the network it will not allow the user to browse the web or access any internet enabled features on their phone.The more puzzling thing is that a user with a HTC wildfire phone is able to connect to the hotspot without issue meaning it can't be a general Android issue.

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Cisco Wireless :: New WAP4410N Does Not Connect To Internet?

Aug 31, 2010

I just purchased a WAP4410N yesterday and connected it to the switch.  I can see the WAP4410N, can connect to it, but cannot connect to the internet.  I thought this was enabled out of box.  What do i need to do in order to activate internet connectivity?

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Cisco Wireless :: WET200 And WAP4410N And WPA Connection

Feb 9, 2011

after reading the many issues reported here about the WET200's WPA abilities (or lack thereof), I doubt that there will be an easy solution to the issue I'm having, but it's worth a try.The setup consists of a WET200 that should bridge two devices in a remote room to our main network. The AP is a WAP4410N, which works beautifully with all other connected devices. The WAP4410N is set up in 'WPA2-Personal Mixed' mode, and only b/g (as n was giving other, unrelated trouble). The WET200 sees the network just fine, is able to connect and receives an IP from the DHCP server. The devices behind the bridge also have connectivity - all well so far. However, at a certain point in time, which i _believe_ to coincide with the key renewal on the AP, the bridge loses the connection to the AP, even though it reports its WLAN status on the web interface (via LAN) as connected. The AP's log shows the following (MAC address is the WLAN interface on the WET200).

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