Cisco Wireless :: Bonjour Not Working - Centralized WLC5508

Mar 24, 2013

I have the attached diagram and I followed the instructions from another posts / forum cases and the Apple TV is still not working.
My questions are:
1.-The WLC controller and AP must be in the same subnet?. This is not my case, the AP 3500 is operating in a remote location and I have a centralized WLC 5508.
2.- I already configured the Controller --- > General --- > Broadcast forwarding (enable) + AP Multicast Mode (Multicast / IP:
3.-I already configured the Controller --- > Multicast ---- > Enable Global Multicast Mode (selected) + Enable IGMP Snooping (selected) + Enable MLD Snooping (selected). Please see the attachment.
4.-Do I have to configure something in the Mobility Management --- > Multicast Messaging --- > (Enable Multicast Messaging + Local Group Multicast IP Address) ?????
The  Apple TV Device and Ipad are authenticated in the ISE using certificates with no issues and both got IP's from the DHCP for the WLAN Vlan assigned to the SSID activated (see pictures attached).

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Cisco Wireless :: Several Remote Sites And Centralized WLC5508

Nov 8, 2011

I have been asked to setup wireless and we have purchased WLC 5508 and 1142 APs.We have several remote sites and a  centralized WLC.  The requirement are to have a common SSID  (Corporate) advertised across all the remote sites and have that SSID locally switched, and have another two SSID Guest and Mobile tunneled back to the central site (WLC).I want all the wireless (Corporate) clients to use the same subnet as the wired clients at each remote site, the IP assigment will be done by a DHCP server at the central site. The Guest and Mobile users will use a common subnet each across all the site and this will also be handled by the DHCP server at the central site.
I have enabled H-REAP with Centralized  Authentication and Local switching but I'm not sure about the second  part which is to have a common SSID (Corporate) across the remote sites and localy switched whilst having the other two SSIDs tunneled back to the WLC. Cisco TAC told me to configure dynamic interfaces for each of the remote site but then he said I still wouldn't be able to switch the Corporate traffic localy if I use a different subnet to the wired subnet for the wireless clients.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG54G2 - Bonjour Networking Stops Working After Few Minutes / Hours

Oct 21, 2010

Running Firmware v. 1.00.19 here, which I reckon is the most recent version.
My network consists of two Macbooks, an iMac and two iPhones. It utilizes WAP2 encryption and all devices are well within range, the environment being free of interferences from any other WiFi signals (this is a rural area). 
My problem: Bonjour networking stops working after a few minutes or hours. When the problem appears, WIRED devices can see all other peers in the network (both wired and wireless), but WIRELESS devices cannot see any other peers whatsoever (wired or wireless).
I have heard that this could be because of a faulty implementation of uPNP by Linksys, and in particular a problem with multicast filtering (and unfortunately the modem/router's firmware does not provide any relevant settings). But I am not sure.
I purchased this thing with the express purpose to use it on a Mac-only network, and I am thoroughly disappointed to see that it does not work, especially since UPNP is supposed to be supported.

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Cisco Wireless :: WS-SVC-WISM-1-K9-D Centralized Forwarding Card

Feb 10, 2013

What this card is and what is it used for?
from show module command, it appears that it is a sub-module of the wism blade.
what is it's primary function?

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 WLC Redundancy - Regional / Centralized Model?

Feb 20, 2012

Our organization has multiple controllers at regional sites (one per region) & want to implement redundancy by placing one controller at headquarter's datacentre as a backup in case the site's failed.All our controllers are 5508 with loaded I did a search around and found multiple documentations of how to do it but all related to creating a mobility group?Is it possbile to implement this scenario without creating mobility group ? (As in Cisco docs for software release 7.0 June 2010 - quoted "Centralized and regional controllers do not need to be in the same mobility group" ) 

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Cisco Wireless :: 4404 / Remote Mesh AP With Centralized Controller?

Jan 2, 2010

we are in the midst of designing a wireless Mesh AP solution for our customer.
Customer Requirement:-
1. Customer wants to deploy REmote MEsh APs (1500 Series) with a centralized 4404 Controller at HQ site.

2. The Remote and HQ site is linked thru a leased line with 2 routers in between
Based on cisco's document REAP and HREAP is not supported in LWAPP Mesh APs. So if the Mesh APs were to be deployed at Remote sites (3 total). How this be achieved?

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 5508 - Bonjour Snooping

May 5, 2013

Have 7.4 installed and configured for Bonjour Snooping. All is working, but working too well. We have a large campus that house 2 schools and each school is complaining that they can see the other schools Apple TV devices.
I have played around with a few different scenarios to see if I can localize the bonjour traffic. I guess I am looking to create a logical split for bonjour devices among the schools. Apple came to the school and informed us that the I PAD has a limit of 64 devices that can be seen via the bonjour. At some point we will have over 100 Apple TV added.
so we have 3 wlc 5508's with 7.4.100. we have 2 SSIDs that span the whole campus using AP groups to segment the floors in buildings. So the schools are logically split with AP groups.
Here is what I have tried, I created few mDNS profiles and assigned the services for Apple TV - let's call them school1 and school2. I assign the mDNS profiles to the interfaces dedicated each school. Enable snooping on the W LAN with profile of none. The end result is that devices from both schools can be seen.
I tried to create new ssid for apple TVs and a new ssid for 1 schools teachers. I followed the v lan select example [URL]. End result is that devices from both schools can be seen. I have tried the mDNS without multicast enabled just like the video shows to no avail - I assume maybe my AP groups might be more complicated then the example of just 2 v lans. [URL].
I have tried combinations of things, but I must be missing something . In the webinar, Cisco said it will use filtering to restrict which  clients can see which services (Apple TV's, etc). What will Cisco use to  filter Bonjour requests? According to this article
The filtering options are: · Per W LAN/SSID · Per V LAN or AP  Group · Per Interface Group (which is a group of V LANs pooled together). A Bonjour service policy can be created and applied on any one of  the above criteria. In the future, we will support per-user Bonjour  service policies which will come as a RADIUS attribute from the AAA server. Read more: [URL].

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Cisco Wireless :: Apple IDevice Printing Via Bonjour On 5508 (OS 7.4.100)

Apr 1, 2013

I have followed the details here as closely as I can:URL
 I've upgraded to 7.4.  I've enabled IGMP snooping, increased the time out, decreased the query/hello interval, went into Controller> menu and set AP Multicast Mode to Multicast with the Bonjour multicast range of
Went into my WLAN and enabled Multicast VLAN Feature, and enabled my Multicast Interface as the same VLAN as the WLAN range.
The Lantronix Bonjour device is on the same VLAN as the WLAN (13).  Accessing the Lantronix device shows it polling printers on our wired VLAN.  However, no iDevice that joins the WLAN/SSID can find these printers.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2000 Bonjour Drops Out

Nov 11, 2011

I have an E2000 router that has an intermittent issue where Bonjour drops out. Suddenly my Apple TV won't see my computers, and my iPad won't see my network printer. This happens whether the Apple TV and computers are connected via wired or wireless interfaces.
Restarting the devices does not solve the issue.
Restarting the router solves the issue (until it happens again...)
My router is version 1.0, with 1.0.04 firmware.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT610N Incompatible With Bonjour

Sep 10, 2009

I read an earlier posting about an issue between SPI on the latest WRT610N Version 1.0 firmware and a user's Apple TV. This pointed me to a "solution" to a perplexing problem I was having.
I have 4 machines, 3 connected via WiFi and 1 on one of the wired ethernet ports. I also have 2 Apple Airport Express units for audio streaming as well as 2 iPhones connected wirelessly.
Now for the symptoms, which are all new since updating to firmware ver.
1. The WiFi machines see the Airport Express units and can stream audio to them. However, the iPhone Remote app has trouble staying connected to iTunes running on any of these machines.   A router reboot is a temporary fix, but connection is eventually lost again.
2. The wired machine cannot see the Airport Express units, nor can the Remote app pair with iTunes on that machine. It's as though no Bonjour-related functions work. Here, a router reboot also provides a temporary fix, but one that lasts only minutes.
Based on that prior post, I disabled SPI on the router and, lo and behold, the wired machine suddenly sees all Airport Express units and can pair with the iPhone Remote app!
I was going crazy, verifying that I was not having Windows Firewall issues, that there wasn't an incompatibility with Windows 7 (which I'm running on all), that this wasn't a Homegroup incompatibility of some sort, that Bonjour was up to date, etc. Only turning off SPI fixed the problem entirely.
So, Linksys ...Any firmware bug fix in the works for this? Can I safely go back to the prior firmware update without security or function concerns? If so, where can I get my hands on the older firmware file?

WRT610N Version 1.0 running

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1142 Standalone AP And Apple Bonjour Service

Aug 7, 2012

I am using an Aironet 1142 standalone AP and want to use Apples Bonjour Service between iOS devices e.g. iPad and Apple TV.I have found here some posts that suggest to disable igmp snopping but this didn't worked for me.All devices are in the same vlan/subnet. Do I need to configure something special?

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Cisco Wireless :: Bonjour Gateway Deployment Need Vlan Select 6509E

Apr 9, 2013

Q: If i m going to do a Bonjour Gateway deployment, do i still need the vlan select feature on the wism's or is enabling multicast enough?
Details of the Q:
I m working with WISM s and WISM2;s, 1130 and 3602 ap;s. Cores are 6509-E's.
i m going to implement a Bonjour gateway (which is an Aerohive ap, no wifi enabled, its just a Bonjour gateway)
This ap is connected with a trunk port (to a 6509-E) and has the wifi client vlans on the trunk as allowed vlans. It also has an allowed vlan for AppleTV;s which will be wired devices.
The Aerohive gateway gets an ip address in every wifi subnet, so far so good.
I was thinking that if i enable multicast :
- globally on the wisms, with mcast-mcast distribution
- on the SVI's for the wifi client vlans
- on te SVI's of the vlans for cisco aps
- on the SVI for AppleTV
- SVI for wism management
- SVI for the Bonjour gateway
then do i still need vlan select? Maybe a stupid question, but i m not sure how to interpret some things in this document.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 Breaks Bonjour / Zeroconf After A While?

Jan 10, 2013

After some time of usage (typically days), I notice that Bonjour networking degrades. That is, the various Apple computers on my network can no longer see each other via Apple's Bonjour protocol. They can still connect directly using IP addresses however. The only solution seems to be a reset of the router. Are there some detailed logs I can look into to determine what the problem may be? The logs shown in the web interface don't seem detailed enough.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WAG120N - Routers Compatible With Airplay And Bonjour?

Feb 20, 2012

what Linksys routers, e.g. WAG120N, are compatible with Airplay and Bonjour?

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D-Link DIR-825 :: Bonjour / AirTunes / AirPlay Via Airport Express Over Wireless Stops

Nov 13, 2011

My problem is this: Randomly, the DIR-825 will prohibit streaming to my AirPort Express via AirTunes. It'll also disappear from Bonjour Browser and AirPort Utility. I can connect directly to it, if I enter the IP into the AirPort utility directly.The only way to get it to come back is to either reboot the DIR-825, reboot the AE, or unplug the ethernet to the AE.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Apple Bonjour Packet Support For WRT110

Jul 10, 2011

Can the WRT110 forward Bonjour packets?  I have one WRT110 running my home wifi network with firmware version 1.0.07.  I've spent hours trying to get my iPad to print to a wireless printer (HP D110a).  I can print and scan from several wireless PC's on the same network but cannot see the HP printer.  I started with the WEP 128-bit and then switched to WPA for a while but no luck so I switched back to WEP.  I've read that other's have had similar problems with this and other Linksys routers.
From the iPad point of view I have iOS version 4.3.3.  When I try to Airprint, for example through the Safari web browser, I see no printers available.  I've tried many apps all with the same problem.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC5508 - Backup WLC Across A WAN?

Jan 29, 2013

Currently we have 20 remote sites, each with 2-5 AP's each. They all connect back to our Main Data Site in the US and register on a single WLC5508.

We do not have a backup WLC, but are looking to purchase one. What I would like to know is, are there any problems with the secondary WLC being installed in our Main Data Site in Europe? These two main sites are connected via a 10M MPLS WAN.
So all the remote sites could still connect to the WLC in the US, but in the event of a WLC failure in the US, they would need to fail over to the site in Europe

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC5508 Client Can't Get Its IP

Feb 6, 2013

I'm using WLC5508 /w 7.0..My client do not get its IP. Status shown "DHCP_REQD".I found in (Cisco Live) Troubleshooting Wireless LANs with Centralized Controllers  This related with Enable/Disable DHCP Proxy checkbox. I solved. with Enabling this.But,
1) Why this box have been working correctly for longtime? No one did diable/enable this feature on my box.

2) I guest, ver7.0 Disables this chechbox by default. Or not? I also have others two 7.2 boxes. Those are all Enabled.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC5508 - Client Cannot Get IP From Ex DHCP

Feb 4, 2013

I have a WLC5508 , we are using external DHCP for WLANs
one WLAN is able to get IP  from DHCP server but another WLAN not , the DHCP server is same , only 2 different scopes.
This is debug
*DHCP Socket Task: Feb 05 21:26:43.106: e8:06:88:9b:a8:04 DHCP received op BOOTREQUEST (1) (len 308,vlan 1, port 1, encap 0xec03)
*DHCP Socket Task: Feb 05 21:26:43.106: e8:06:88:9b:a8:04 DHCP processing DHCP


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Cisco Wireless :: VMware Cannot Get DHCP When Using WLC5508 V7.2

May 7, 2012

I have some problem about dhcp via VMware 7.1. My client connect the wifi and get ip address well, then, i turn on VMware (inside my computer) and set as the bridge mode. I found that my VM cannot get the ip-address from dhcp server and I using WLC5508 version 7.2. I try to connect via Switch, my VM get the ip address well.

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Cisco Wireless :: Configuration For WLC5508 To Be Used For Site

Jun 6, 2012

looking at doing the site survey before detailed implementation. we plan to use a wlc5508, AP3602, a good tripod/stand, PoE switch and AirMagnet to conduct the site survey. i'm inclined to use a single AP and just a guest SSID and let AirMagnet merge the readings on where i 'locate' the AP (on 1 VLAN)

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Cisco Wireless :: Mesh And Flexconnect With WLC5508?

Apr 4, 2013

A customer have a bad coverage in a corner of his branch office. He like to add a mesh AP (MAP) in the near of that corner.
I checked allready the documention about Mesh but i'm not sure if Flexconnect and Mesh works togheter. This MAP is in a branch office and the WLC is in the head quarter therefore he likes to uses Flexconnect togheter with Mesh.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC5508 WLC HA AP SSO And Number Of Interfaces

Feb 25, 2013

I have a customer who is going to deploy a WLC HA AP SSO setup. I have recommended them to have 4 Gigabit SFP modules in each WLC5508.The customer now asks if it is possible to only have one or two SFP modules in the standby unit ?  As he says it is properly not going to go in service one time within the next five years if he is unlucky.

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Cisco Wireless :: Setup DHCP On WLC5508?

Apr 17, 2013

Is it possible to setup DHCP on the WLC5508? If i have 2 or 3 VLAN with different Scope and IP range, how can i do?

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Cisco Wireless :: Upgrade WLC5508 To Version 7.4

Feb 6, 2013

We have five cisco WLC 5508 and one WCS .The WLC is running on version at present but we want to upgrade it to but on cisco site at download location , the below thing is mentioned...
WLC Version will need Prime Infrastructure Version 1.3 to be  managed, Version 1.3 is not yet available to download at this point of  time
Access Point Model----Cisco 3501i Series
So i want to know, can i upgrade it to this version when we are having the WCS in our network ?

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Cisco Wireless :: How To Import Configuration From 4404WLC To WLC5508

Feb 3, 2012

In one week I need to import the config from my 4404 WLC to my new 5508, then I just want to change the mgnt IP address of the 5508 and then bring it into the same mobility group.How do I import the config when the 5508 is straight out of the box?

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC5508 VoIP Connectivity Is Broken

Jun 22, 2012

I have a  WLC5508 and 25  LAP 1041. I use two wifi, one with RADIUS for data and other with wpa-psk for voip. The problem is the voip conectivity is broken.How can i improve the handover?

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC5508 With 6.0 Software - How To Replicate All Configuration

Sep 15, 2012

I have WLC 5508 with 6.0 software  and kept in main office and 10 sites are connected . I created Group and hreap for the sites AP.Now customer wants the secondary WLC to keep on one another site. And the customer is asking all the configuration like ap group and all should come to secondary wlc automatically . In future also if he create any new group in primary it should come in secondary wlc.And if primary goes down the secondary should controll all the sites and when comes up primary should taken care.Active standbye mode.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1552 Outdoor AP Disappears From WLC5508

Dec 30, 2012

My problem ist that i have 4 air-cap-1552e APs witch are powerde trugh Power Injectors. They worked fine for a few days but then the controller ( lose connection to them. Right now i have only one Joined AP. The other 3 are status not joined. I can Ping all 4 Aps and wifi clients are connected through them.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC5508 Link To Switch Core Down?

May 16, 2012

I tried to implement WLC5508 in my network but when I came to connect it to the switch core which is a Catalyst 4000 the link didn't get up. This switch module is a fastethernet, I wonder if that might be the problem since I also tried connecting my laptop to the WLC and the link got up.
If that might be the cause, is it possible to get WLC to 100 Mbps?

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Cisco Wireless :: Minimal WLC5508 CLI Configuration To Access GUI?

Sep 8, 2010

I have on my desk a WLC-5508 that I need to setup to ship to a remote location. Normally we configure 4402 model and this model/version appears to be much different. I am trying to configure just enough via the command line to access the GUI via a laptop directly connected to the device. I’ve gone through the Wizard Configuration Tool where you set the hostname, admin account, and management interface (among other things). We use LAG and tagged VLAN on the management interface. I’ve been told in the past this is how we configured the 4402 models via laptop directly connected once the GUI is accessible, but with LAG enabled I don’t understand how a laptop could communicate via trunk, so I've disabled LAG and set the VLAN to untagged. In either case the laptop does not communicate with the WLC. Skipping ahead to my current setup I see the following information via the CLI:

(Cisco Controller) show>interface detailed management
Interface Name................................... managementMAC Address...................................... IP Address....................................... Netmask.......................................


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Cisco Wireless :: WLC5508 - Ipad2 Can't Join Wi-Fi Using Wpa2 AES

Apr 12, 2012

we have a cisco WLC 5508 on which few SSIDs are configured, and two kinds of APs: AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9 and converted AIR-AP1141N-E-K9.
When in WLAN settings we leave WPA2 policy and AES encryption, iPads2 can connect without any problems to AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9, but there is no connection to converted AIR-AP1141N-E-K9.  MacBooks, iPhones are connecting without questions.

When we set WPA2+TKIP everything is cool, but other Apple devices can't rich 802.11n speeds((
With only WPA2+AES or both WPA2+AES+TKIP enabled on a WLAN the WLC gets such messages :
Decrypt errors occurred for client xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx using WPA2 key on 802.11b/g interface of AP xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
But I know that it can happen when you offer funny encryption combinations that client doesn't like (wpa1+aes, wpa2+tkip). But the advise to try to only enable wpa2/aes for some reason doesn't work.

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Cisco Wireless :: Configure 802.11n On WLC4404 Or WLC5508 In 2.4Ghz?

Aug 15, 2012

how to set up support 802.11n on WLC4404 or WLC5508 in the 2.4Ghz? WLC4404 supports 802.11n? or support this protocol only in the brochures? I spent a few days, but did not get the result. I'm connected at speeds 65/130Mbit, but the real speed tests never exceeded 45Mbit. The AP from the test laptop is 7-10 meters.I tested the laptops with a Linksys AP E1200-EE ( 40Mhz, FastEthernet uplink port...)and received nearly 100Mbit!
At WLC5508 able to connect at speeds 150/300Mbit/c but only in the 5GHz band, but real speed tests never exceeded 70Mbit.In 2.4Ghz range I connected at speeds of 130/144Mbit/c, but actual measurements showed no more than the 45Mbit.
All tested with iperf and with site
iperf -w64K -s
iperf -w64K -i 2 -t 300 -c x.x.x.x
Laptops: Asus (Atheros AR9002WB-1NG) and Sony (Advanced-N 6230).
My tests AP: 3501I-E and 1252AG-A
SW on WLC5508
AP tested in different variants - open system and WPA2+AES.


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