Cisco Wireless :: WS-SVC-WISM-1-K9-D Centralized Forwarding Card

Feb 10, 2013

What this card is and what is it used for?
from show module command, it appears that it is a sub-module of the wism blade.
what is it's primary function?

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Cisco Wireless :: Several Remote Sites And Centralized WLC5508

Nov 8, 2011

I have been asked to setup wireless and we have purchased WLC 5508 and 1142 APs.We have several remote sites and a  centralized WLC.  The requirement are to have a common SSID  (Corporate) advertised across all the remote sites and have that SSID locally switched, and have another two SSID Guest and Mobile tunneled back to the central site (WLC).I want all the wireless (Corporate) clients to use the same subnet as the wired clients at each remote site, the IP assigment will be done by a DHCP server at the central site. The Guest and Mobile users will use a common subnet each across all the site and this will also be handled by the DHCP server at the central site.
I have enabled H-REAP with Centralized  Authentication and Local switching but I'm not sure about the second  part which is to have a common SSID (Corporate) across the remote sites and localy switched whilst having the other two SSIDs tunneled back to the WLC. Cisco TAC told me to configure dynamic interfaces for each of the remote site but then he said I still wouldn't be able to switch the Corporate traffic localy if I use a different subnet to the wired subnet for the wireless clients.

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Cisco Wireless :: Bonjour Not Working - Centralized WLC5508

Mar 24, 2013

I have the attached diagram and I followed the instructions from another posts / forum cases and the Apple TV is still not working.
My questions are:
1.-The WLC controller and AP must be in the same subnet?. This is not my case, the AP 3500 is operating in a remote location and I have a centralized WLC 5508.
2.- I already configured the Controller --- > General --- > Broadcast forwarding (enable) + AP Multicast Mode (Multicast / IP:
3.-I already configured the Controller --- > Multicast ---- > Enable Global Multicast Mode (selected) + Enable IGMP Snooping (selected) + Enable MLD Snooping (selected). Please see the attachment.
4.-Do I have to configure something in the Mobility Management --- > Multicast Messaging --- > (Enable Multicast Messaging + Local Group Multicast IP Address) ?????
The  Apple TV Device and Ipad are authenticated in the ISE using certificates with no issues and both got IP's from the DHCP for the WLAN Vlan assigned to the SSID activated (see pictures attached).

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 WLC Redundancy - Regional / Centralized Model?

Feb 20, 2012

Our organization has multiple controllers at regional sites (one per region) & want to implement redundancy by placing one controller at headquarter's datacentre as a backup in case the site's failed.All our controllers are 5508 with loaded I did a search around and found multiple documentations of how to do it but all related to creating a mobility group?Is it possbile to implement this scenario without creating mobility group ? (As in Cisco docs for software release 7.0 June 2010 - quoted "Centralized and regional controllers do not need to be in the same mobility group" ) 

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Cisco Wireless :: 4404 / Remote Mesh AP With Centralized Controller?

Jan 2, 2010

we are in the midst of designing a wireless Mesh AP solution for our customer.
Customer Requirement:-
1. Customer wants to deploy REmote MEsh APs (1500 Series) with a centralized 4404 Controller at HQ site.

2. The Remote and HQ site is linked thru a leased line with 2 routers in between
Based on cisco's document REAP and HREAP is not supported in LWAPP Mesh APs. So if the Mesh APs were to be deployed at Remote sites (3 total). How this be achieved?

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Distributed Forwarding Card For Supervisor Engine 2T

Dec 23, 2011

I was looking to 6500 series switches. I saw DFC4 module (WS-F6K-DFC4-A, WS-F6K-DFC4-AXL) and (WS-F6K-DFC4-E, WS-F6K-DFC4-EXL). Data sheet for supervisor engine 2T wrote that for maximum performance you should DFC4. I'm a bit confused. I didn't any useful information about it:

1. DFC4 is a separate module(consumes 1 slot)? Does it have any ports on it?

2. Is it a daughter card? If yes, should it be installed on supervisor or it should be installed on line cards?

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Dell 1390 WLAN Mini-Card / Can't Connect To DHCP And Port Forwarding Not Working

Dec 22, 2011

The first is I have a laptop running XP with a Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card built in to it. But for some reason when I'm using that wireless connector my computer won't connect to my router and give me a 192.168.0.x address, it gives me a regular IP address. I can surf the net and everything but I can't access files on other computers. But from it it'll allow me to connect to the router admin fine.Whenever I put the mac address in to my DHCP setting on my router it comes up * RESERVED INACTIVE * and never gives my laptop a local ip address.The other problem is on my computer I've tried to set up port forwarding but it won't open the ports. My router is a Motorola SBG6580 provided by my cable company. This particular computer is connected by Ethernet and not Wifi if that makes a difference.

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Cisco Wireless :: Migrating From WISM-1 To 5508?

Feb 5, 2013

We are currently upgrading from WISM-1's to individual 5508 WLC's. Is it possible to export the config from controller on the WISM to the 5508?

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Cisco Wireless :: Can't Console To WISM In 6500

Dec 19, 2011

I dont think my cards are faulty (4 cards in 2 6500 switches),I connect directly to my WISM cards, boot them (insert them), I see it turning on, enabling services, and as soon as the "username:" prompt apears, the Status led turns off and I lose console. [code]

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Cisco Wireless :: CAT6500 - How To Log Into WISM From Switch

Apr 9, 2012

we have two wisms in a cat6500, I wonder how can you log into the wism from the switch. to be more specifically, how can I know the processor number?

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Cisco Wireless :: 6500 AP Registration On WiSM

Mar 5, 2013

We have Cisco WiSM modules on our 6500 switch. I tried to register a 1142 access point to the WiSM. Is there any difference in the way an AP registers and appears on the WiSM as compared to the Wireless Lan controller?
I could see the AP get an ip from dhcp pool ( configured on the switch ) and Ap was visible on the cdp neighbor of switch.

However, i could not locate the new AP on the WiSM module. Do i need to add MAC address to the WiSM as same as WLC.

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 To Join With 2 WISM As Backup

Jun 20, 2012

I have a facility, where all the access points almost 250 of them are connected to two WisM's (One in each core switch ) . They are running in 6.0.199 firmware . These two WisM's are managed by WCS , which is running 6.0.188.
As i need to add more access points and to make fully redundant , 5500 controller was ordered and it has with firmware 7.0 installed. Couple of queries related with it .
1. Can 5500 be added in the WLC group, so that existing Access Points can be configured to use primary controller as 5500 and secondary / tertiary controller as WISM ?

2. Will 5500 be able to be detected by WCS , as the version of 5500 is 7.0 and WCS version is 6.0.188 ?

3. As WCS was already deployed and live, is it possible to upgrade, if the client has support contract like SUSA ?

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Cisco Wireless :: WISM V7.0 Interface Grouping With Different Subnets?

Sep 19, 2012

WISM v7.0 VLAN Select. If the VLANs subnet to be configured under interface group MUST be having the same subnet.
Eg. VLAN1 - mask
      VLAN2 - mask
Would these two VLANs be able to work together in interface grouping?

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Cisco Wireless :: WS-SVC-WISM-1-K9 / Getting The IP From Service-vlan DHCP?

Mar 20, 2012

WiSM WLAN Service Module WS-SVC-WISM-1-K9 in 6509e running VSS IOs s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI2a.bin having trouble to get the IP from service-vlan DHCP.The pertinent config is as follows.
vlan 300
name WiSM_Service_Vlan
!interface Vlan300
description *** WiSM Service-Vlan
ip address


The service IP is supposed to have been populated with an address from the dhcp pool. I am also unable to connect to it by doing a session switch 1 slot 4 processor 1. I get the following upon attempting to do so:
HO2NET0001##session switch 1 slot 4 proc 1

The default escape character is Ctrl-^, then x. You can also type 'exit' at the remote prompt to end the session Trying ...

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Cisco Wireless :: Software Upgrade Of WISM / 4400 / WCS

May 4, 2013

I want to upgrade software of the {WISM(Forign controllers 6.0.196) 4400(Anchore controllers 6.0.196) and WCS 5.2.0} to 7.0 code for all,

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Cisco Wireless :: 6509-E / WiSM Controller Unreachable From WCS

Jan 26, 2013

I am getting an alarm on WCS where a one controller is down, unreachable from WCS, while the other one is reachable on the same WiSM module. Upon investigation, Status of controller is shown as "Oper-Up" for all controllers on Supervisory engine. Hardware platform is Cisco 6509-E.
Slot  Controller  Service IP       Management IP    SW Version  Status
2     1    Oper-Up
2     2    Oper-Up
However, I can not ping the managment interface of the down controller while the other controller management interface is pingable. All these interfaces are in the same VLAN.
Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
Success rate is 0 percent (0/5)

Problem is fixed when I reboot the problematic Controller. However, this problem re-appears after some time. I am not able to figure out why controller is not able to ping its default-gateway which is an SVI interface on Supervisory card on the same chassis, and showing status UP/UP. Is it a software bug or backplane fault or any other reason ?

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Cisco Wireless :: 6509 - WISM Not Connecting After Reboot

Apr 7, 2013

We have a WISM in a 6509. The 6509 lost power (the UPS failed) and upon reboot the WISM isn't allowing AP's to connect. The WISM is blade 4. Upon consoling in, I get this error message for all 8 ports: 42w6d: %EC-SP-5-CANNOT_BUNDLE2: Gi4/1 is not compatible with Po407 and will be suspended (trunk mode of Gi4/1 is dynamic, Po407 is trunk)

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Cisco Wireless :: WS-6504E / WiSM Can't Function Normally After Upgrading From Version 6.0.182

Oct 13, 2011

I have a WiSM installed in WS-6504E, vesion 6.0.182. It can't function normally after upgrading to version7.0.220.When it was unstable, I found three strange condition 1. A lot of log looks like this*osapiReaper: Mar 10 14:53:39.282: %OSAPI-3-FILE_OPEN_FAILED: osapi_file.c:370 Failed to open the file : /proc/1059/stat.(erno 24)*osapiReaper: Mar 10 14:53:39.282: %OSAPI-3-TASK_GETTIME_FAILED: osapi_task.c:3431 Failed to retrieve statistics (/proc/<pid>/stats) for task 'fmcHsTask'2. Internal Temperature was showed "sensor failed"3. CPU User load is Zero?

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Cisco Wireless :: Samsung SCH-i569 Can't Work At LAP1131G With WiSM

Apr 9, 2012

The Samsung SCH-i569 Wi-Fi can't work at the LAP1131G with WiSM. It can associate to AP and get the ip address but about one minutes ago it had deauthentication and the phone's Wi-Fi status will show scanning. The phone can work at the Autonoumous mode or other 3rd party Fat AP.

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Cisco Wireless :: 6500 WISM / Layer 3 Roaming And DHCP?

Nov 16, 2012

Setting up a multi floor WLAN using a 6500 WISM Controller. Each floor has an AP group with the floor WAPs assigned. Each floor has a VLAN and the WLC has an interface configured. Each floor has a WLAN configured with the same SSID and the only change is the interface on the WLAN per floor.DHCP is remote on AD servers and each floor as a scope configured.Each floor works fine - we can get connected and get assigned to correct IP address. The issue we had with this setup was moving between floors. When we move up a floor the client loses connection to the inital floor (coverage - as expected). if we disconnect and reconnect it connects to the new floor SSID and gets an IP from DHCP.When looking into this - I then created an interface group and added all the floor interfaces into the group. I then applied the interface group to each floor WLAN and did soem testing - it worked as expected. I could now move between floors.The issue with this is though. When I was testing I already had an IP address assigned from DHCP - before I changed to interface groups. The issue is that the intial DHCP assignment no longer works and we cant connect to the WLAN anymore,

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Cisco Wireless :: WS-6504E WiSM Can't Function Normally After Upgrading From Version 6.0.182

Mar 9, 2013

I have a WiSM installed in WS-6504E, vesion 6.0.182. It can't function normally after upgrading to version7.0.220. [code]

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Cisco Wireless :: AIR-CAP1552I - Minimum WISM Support Code?

Feb 15, 2012

I am looking to install 2 1552I outdoor AP's. I can't find what the minimum code version is on the WISM controller that supports this AP.I am running on the WISM. Where can I find this information?

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Cisco Wireless :: Max Number Of Mobility Member In Group With WISM 7.0

Dec 5, 2011

I have a customer buys 12 x WISM and build up a mobility, when I add the final WLC to mobility, it prompts that there mobility group has reached the max of mobility member, but the total member is 23, according the configuration guide, it should be allow to 24 member, do I hit some bug? My using version is

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Cisco Wireless :: WiSM In Catalyst 6509 - Resetting To Factory Mode

Mar 7, 2012

I have been having some issues trying to stand up an older WiSM that has been incorrectly configured by my predecesssor and has a bad Mgt IP so I am unable to telnet or SSH into it, nor can I console or session into it.
What I would like to do is to change the Mgt address for the WiSM controllers (1 and 2) by way of the Sup (not sure that is possible) because as it stands they are set to and are unreachable even when directly consoled into them.
Core-A#sh wism status
Service Vlan : 52, Service IP Subnet :
Slot  Controller  Service IP       Management IP    SW Version  Status
3           1    Oper-Up
3           2    Oper-Up
Core-B#sh wism status
Service Vlan : 52, Service IP Subnet :
Slot  Controller  Service IP       Management IP    SW Version  Status
3          1    Oper-Up
3          2    Oper-Up
I hope to get this WiSM setup on Core A and get it configured like I have my Core B and then run them in a dual failover design with load balancing between the two.

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Cisco Wireless :: 6509 - WiSM Version 6 Cannot Modify Service Interface

Jun 19, 2009

although cisco sw advisor said that the best IOS for my hardware 6509 Sup720 IOS: (s72033_rp-IPSERVICESK9_WAN-M), Version 12.2(18)SXF16   suits the WiSM; And I tested it already with WiSM version 5.0 but when I've upgraded the WiSM to version 6.0 the service interface from the switch side says:

B5_Noc2_CS1(config)#int gig 4/9
% This interface cannot be modified
as the customer refuse to upgrade the switch IOS & He wants to use the latest ED WiSM sw 6.0;

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Cisco Wireless :: Cat6509 - WiSM Module Not Coming In OPER-UP Status

Aug 15, 2012

The problem is WiSM module not coming in OPER-UP status , it’s in  Started-Keepalive status.I did run debug wism events on cat6509 and seeing below logs:
It’s receiving garp request from controller and assign ip to controller but then keepalive time expired and it’s put the controller in started-keeplaive status.

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Cisco Wireless :: How To Create Guest Access In Wireless By WISM V 7.0 And WCS And ACS

Oct 6, 2012

how we can make guest access to our network like hotels by using our WISM v 7.0.220 and wireless control system and ACS ?

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Cisco Wireless :: 6513 - How To Access Memory On WISM To Delete Old Boot Image

Sep 22, 2012

I'm trying to upload a new software image (~86mb) from my PC to the WiSM2 controller on a 6513 chassis.

Midway through the transfer, the transfer stopped and I got this error on the log:

*TransferTask: Jan 01 00:28:33.124: %UPDATE-3-FTP_TRANSFER_FAIL: updcode.c:4508 Error FTP file Transfer [ftp_get], <28>, No space left on device.
How to access the memory on the wism to delete the old boot image?

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Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card - Wireless Network Card Error

Apr 20, 2012

I think I am having problem with my network card I am running windows 7 with Dell wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card lots of times the signal is low and I get the error message no internet connectivity or some other error message that I am not being able to connect to the network provided by my wimax modem, Is there any program that I can download to test if there are any errors related to the network card or any way to fix this?

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Cisco :: Is LMS 3.2 Supports WISM 2

Aug 9, 2011

Is Ciscoworks LMS 3.2 supports WISM 2?

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Cisco :: Wism / Web Authentication With Android?

Nov 11, 2012

web authentication when using Android devices. I've been testing it and it seems to be caused by certificates (as it has been said in others discussions). With https disabled in the WLC (Wism, the portal authentications loads, but no with https. In addition, another issue I've detected is the DNS resolution of my controller by when redirection takes place. With https enabled, DNS resolution and redirection works fine, so I don't think DNS server misconfiguration is the cause of the problem.I've only been able to see the portal with https disabled and entering manually

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Cisco :: WISM Upgrade From To Pre-Deploy Ap Images?

Jan 17, 2011

is there a way for pre deploying the new ap images? We have around 500 APs and my inspection windows isnt long enough to upgrade via controller......

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Cisco :: 6500 - New WLans Not Broadcasting From WISM To APs

Aug 2, 2012

There are 8 existing W LAN's in our WISM controller & it is working fine without any problem. Now the problem is any new W LAN's are not broadcasting from WISM to APs, I am able to create & enable it in WLC but it these W LAN's are not reflecting in associated APs.
FYI: WISM controller is in 6500 switch & FWSM module also in the same switch, earlier there was rule with any any traffic in the FWSM but recently we have removed the FWSM & all rules moved to checkpoint. We have check the in firewall there is traffic is blocking.

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