Cisco Wireless :: 4404 / Remote Mesh AP With Centralized Controller?

Jan 2, 2010

we are in the midst of designing a wireless Mesh AP solution for our customer.
Customer Requirement:-
1. Customer wants to deploy REmote MEsh APs (1500 Series) with a centralized 4404 Controller at HQ site.

2. The Remote and HQ site is linked thru a leased line with 2 routers in between
Based on cisco's document REAP and HREAP is not supported in LWAPP Mesh APs. So if the Mesh APs were to be deployed at Remote sites (3 total). How this be achieved?

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Cisco Wireless :: Several Remote Sites And Centralized WLC5508

Nov 8, 2011

I have been asked to setup wireless and we have purchased WLC 5508 and 1142 APs.We have several remote sites and a  centralized WLC.  The requirement are to have a common SSID  (Corporate) advertised across all the remote sites and have that SSID locally switched, and have another two SSID Guest and Mobile tunneled back to the central site (WLC).I want all the wireless (Corporate) clients to use the same subnet as the wired clients at each remote site, the IP assigment will be done by a DHCP server at the central site. The Guest and Mobile users will use a common subnet each across all the site and this will also be handled by the DHCP server at the central site.
I have enabled H-REAP with Centralized  Authentication and Local switching but I'm not sure about the second  part which is to have a common SSID (Corporate) across the remote sites and localy switched whilst having the other two SSIDs tunneled back to the WLC. Cisco TAC told me to configure dynamic interfaces for each of the remote site but then he said I still wouldn't be able to switch the Corporate traffic localy if I use a different subnet to the wired subnet for the wireless clients.

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Cisco Wireless :: 4404 Guest Anchor Controller With 5508 Foreign Controller?

Aug 12, 2012

I know that the 3600 series APs are not supported on the 4404 WLC.  However, would the following scenario be supported? I would like to use the 4404 (software rel. 7.0) as a guest anchor with a 5508 (software release 7.2) as the foreign controller supporting series 3600 APs.  I ask because the APs do not need to join the guest anchor.

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 - LAP And Mesh AP With Controller Concepts

Jan 29, 2013

I have one controller 5508 that will hold 50 LAP 1262 and another Controller that will hold another 50 outdoor mesh access point 1552. Both controllers (not redundant) are at the HQ while the access points are distributed between HQ and 3 branches.
The requirements is to have the SAME 4 SSIDs on MESH and LAP each have a security type (, wep,wpa,dot1x...) on HQ and Branches. Now, in the HQ I don't think I will face a problem since the WLCs is on the same LAN, so 5 interface v lans will be configured one for the WLCs and access point and another 4 interface v lans for the 4 SSIDs.
Now, for the remote sites I need to create another vlan on the switch with DHCP and option 43 ..... for the access point to register with the controller.
But here, do I have to create another 4 interface v lans (4 different sub nets) that should be bidden to the SSID as in the HQ?

Or the Access point will encapsulate all the traffic including the client traffic? Note that I have outdoor mesh access point and Lightweight access point and the BW link between the HQ and branch is 100M.
Also Can I have roaming between the same SSID that broadcasted on MESH and LAP knowing that each have different controller.

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Cisco Wireless :: 802.11a Mesh Outdoors With 5500 Controller

May 27, 2012

I am working on a project that will involve 5500 controllers managing 1260 series N rate A/Ps. There may be a requirement for MESH but my previous experience using Motorola 802.11a radios is that random, intermittent radio detections resulted in the MESH network having to keep re-forming resulting in less than 100% availability.
What's peoples experience in the UK is 802.11a outdoors?
Ideally i would prefer to use 2.4GHz and repeater access points for those areas not serviced with data connection but I cant find any info' so far on how whether the 5500 controller is able to manage repeater access points.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1552 - Controller Based Mesh Configuration

Jun 26, 2012

I have to install a wireless mesh network shortly using Cisco 1552 APs.  This will be controller based using 5508 controllers.  The controllers currently have some 1262 APs configured in a mesh and bridging configuration so happy that it all basically works.  My question is - what is the "config mesh range' command doing on the controller ( or setting the Range(RootAP to MeshAP) setting on the controller mesh GUI.  The default setting is 12000feet and I have left it at default at present.  Just interested in what this is used for - I assume it alters the mesh protocol parameters somehow ( or the RF parameters perhaps ) as it suggests in the guide that mesh APs will reboot following this command being changed.

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Cisco Wireless :: New 1552AP Mesh With 5508 Controller Version

Dec 12, 2011

New to working with Wireless and the Cisco Meshing concept so have a few questions to ask.I currently have the majority of the mesh setup and configured.  I have a setup with two RAPs with 9 MAPS connecting to each RAP.
First question is how many MAPS can connect to a RAP generally?Secondly how can I block other cisco AP's that are not in my mesh network from trying to connect to my AP's
The below is constantly hammering the logs for 6 devices that are Cisco close to my mesh that are not mine.
Sat Nov 12 23:31:53 2011
Mesh child node '58:35:d9:aa:db:4f' has changed its parent to mesh node '88:f0:77:b7:c6:e0' from mesh node '88:f0:77:b7:c6:c0'.
Mesh Node '58:35:d9:aa:db:4f' failed to join controller, MAC address not in MAC filter list.
I have only added the MAC addresses of my AP's in to my AP Policy under security.  Would these other AP's affect the mesh in any way?What I am seeing is the AP's constantly changing the child to parent relationship.  I have inherited this network and they have about 20 AP's all within a square mile which is absolutely overkill.  Would this close proximity of AP's together be the cause for the constant child parent changes?
How close should I have RAP's together.  The network was setup so two raps are about 20 metres apart and the AP's on one side connect to RAP1 and the other to RAP2?How do you deal with Radar?  The install is pretty much next to an airfield with radar running and a few times I have seen all the AP's disconnect and change channels.

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Cisco Wireless :: CAP3501 With 2504 Controller Not Working MESH?

Mar 17, 2013

CAP3501 + Cisco 2504 controller, not working MESH? So it should be, or what I am doing is not correct.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1510 Mesh AP With 5508 WLAN Controller

Feb 24, 2013

We had our wireless mesh network running with 4400 Controller and 1510 A.Ps. Now that we have bought new 5508 Controller (with SW: 7.2) and 3600 Indoor APs, we are unable to add legacy APs on our new controller. After a wild googling I have found that for 1510 APs i need to be on SW ver: 4.0. But that will lead into another situation i-e I wont be able to have my 3600 APs on WLAN Controller.

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Cisco :: Wireless Lan Controller 4404 Exclusion Setting?

Nov 12, 2012

I have a Cisco 4404 wireless lan controller managing about 85 AP's.
The wireless side is setup for a private wlan and a public wlan.  On the public side, users are directed to a captive-portal agreement page before they can get on the internet.  My question is if there is a way for a single client, specified by either mac address or static IP , can be connected to this wlan without being prompted for the agreement page?  I would like to setup a wireless printer for guests connected to this public side.                  

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Cisco Wireless :: 4404 Controller Compatibility With Nexus

Oct 9, 2012

I have two questions -

1) Is it possible to connect Cisco 4404 Controller (or ny other controller) to Nexus 7K series.

2) If yes, then what will be the configuration. Will it be similar to link Aggregation with Catalyst 6500 Neighbor Switch.

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Cisco Wireless :: Can't Join 1121-AG To Controller 4404 WLC

Jan 4, 2012

Iam having trouble to conect my 1121-AG AP`s to my 4404 WLC.
My WLC version is
I can see he AP is getting an IP address from the controller(internal DHCP). But from some reason they can`t connect to the WLC. I have tried many things such as:

1)reset to default settings

2) move the AP to Autonumos mode and back to LWAPP mode --  didnt work.

1 of my AP 1121AG is working properly.

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Cisco Wireless :: 4404 - Changing WLAN ID On Controller

Jun 17, 2012

Our company has 8 4404-100 Cisco wireless controllers and each WLC has 8 W LANs configured. They are all working fine. However, the WLAN ID sequence is not consistent. I'm wondering if it's possible to change the WLAN ID on these WLCs without (or slightly) impacting the users. I don't want to re-configure all the WLAN profiles.

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Cisco Wireless :: 4404 / Error When Adding Controller To NCS

Sep 10, 2012

This is what the Log shows when I try adding a 4404 to NCS 
[2012-09-11 12:37:04,199] [ICE Service[ 1]Thread: 7] [inventory] [INFO ] - Complete inventory for deviceid 11020009 at Tue Sep 11 12:37:04 EST 2012. Total time taken to collect inventory in milliseconds = 1304
[2012-09-11 13:48:41,707] [http-443-10] [inventory] [INFO ] - Device with id 11020010 is managed state now, initial inventory collection started
[2012-09-11 13:48:41,768] [http-443-10] [inventory] [INFO ] - Initial inventory collection completed for device with id 11020010 without exception
[2012-09-11 13:48:41,822] [ICE Service[ 1]Thread: 8] [inventory] [INFO ] - Enter collect inventory for deviceid 11020010 at Tue Sep 11 13:48:41 EST 2012
[2012-09-11 13:48:41,960] [ICE Service[ 1]Thread: 8] [inventory] [INFO ] -  Called device ID = 11020010.
[2012-09-11 13:48:42,045] [ICE Service[ 1]Thread: 8] [inventory] [INFO ] - Invoking FeatureRunner [returned result: mib2-bootstrap] for MNE collection of device: 11020010)
[2012-09-11 13:48:42,159] [ICE Service[ 1]Thread: 8] [inventory] [ERROR] - No matching device profile found.......


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Cisco Wireless :: Configuring 1552E MAPs In MESH Topology With Controller?

Mar 21, 2013

I have to build a MESH topology with 1 Root Access Point and 4 Mesh Access Points which are 1552E.I have a wireless controller which is a WiSM 2 card into a 6500 chassis.I want to know if there is a pre-configuration to do on the AP before installing it, or if they are automaticaly discovered by controller (even for MESH AP which are NOT wired to LAN) ?

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Cisco Wireless :: 1552E Outdoor Mesh AP With 2504 Or 5508 Controller?

Sep 7, 2012

which controller I should use with 11 1552E AP ? I know 5508 will work with the AP's, but would the 2504 also work? If 2504 will work, I will go for the 2504 since its a cheaper solution.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1250 AP - How Many SSID Can Be Created In 4404 Controller

Jul 7, 2011

How many SSID can be create in a 4404 controller and also in standalone 1250  AP? How many VLANs can be created in eac one?

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Cisco Wireless :: Adding 1200 And 1130 Access Points To 4404 Controller

Mar 17, 2010

We recently acquired a 4404 Cisco controller for our network and have been adding our 1200 and 1130 Access points to the controller.This was accomplished by upgrading the APs to LWAPP and then they would automatically be discovered by the controller and then join. Lately, new 1131 APs that have undergone the same process, are not joining the controller. They are discovered but then the close the connection. We are running a flat network so all devices are in the same subnet.Software Version of the controller [code]

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Cisco Wireless :: 2600 Series Access Points Compatible With 4404 Controller

Mar 4, 2013

If the 2600 series access points are compatible with a 4404 controller running code? I was looking for a compatibilty matrix for the AP to controller to code comparison but couldn't find one.                  

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Cisco :: Redundancy For Maxed Out 4404 Controller

Apr 27, 2011

We currently have a 4404 controller that is approaching 100 AP’s (their max).  The boss would like to add redundancy into the project.  Which leaves me with a lot of questions and I am fairly new to cisco WLAN controllers.While a second 4404 would cover for redundancy would that be true if the AP’s pass the 100 mark?If I get a bigger controller that can support more than 100 (5508?)can the existing 4404 still work in the plan as a backup?Or do I just need to purchase two bigger units and auction off the 4404?

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Cisco :: 4404 LAP Same SSID To Remote Site With Different IP Range

Aug 16, 2011

Currently I am working on a setup for a client that has sites connected through a highspeed ISP VLAN connection, (ATT Opt-E-Man).  Due to MAC address translation restrictions from the network provider the client VLANs are not allowed to exist on their point-to-point (sort of) connection. Notice the ISP VLAN changes but it is the same physical connection at Site A.  Internet is only available through a seperate physical connection at Site A.  A Cisco 4404 is sitting at Site A sending out a single SSID to all the different Sites (yes more than just what I showed).
Problem, all the wireless clients are getting IP's based on VLAN 10 from the site where the 4404 controller sits.  I would like the AP located at remote sites (B and C for example) to use the same SSID but have the clients still get IP's based on the VLAN for that location.  This way when they dock and undock the gateway does not crash out.

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Cisco Wireless :: WS-SVC-WISM-1-K9-D Centralized Forwarding Card

Feb 10, 2013

What this card is and what is it used for?
from show module command, it appears that it is a sub-module of the wism blade.
what is it's primary function?

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Cisco Wireless :: Bonjour Not Working - Centralized WLC5508

Mar 24, 2013

I have the attached diagram and I followed the instructions from another posts / forum cases and the Apple TV is still not working.
My questions are:
1.-The WLC controller and AP must be in the same subnet?. This is not my case, the AP 3500 is operating in a remote location and I have a centralized WLC 5508.
2.- I already configured the Controller --- > General --- > Broadcast forwarding (enable) + AP Multicast Mode (Multicast / IP:
3.-I already configured the Controller --- > Multicast ---- > Enable Global Multicast Mode (selected) + Enable IGMP Snooping (selected) + Enable MLD Snooping (selected). Please see the attachment.
4.-Do I have to configure something in the Mobility Management --- > Multicast Messaging --- > (Enable Multicast Messaging + Local Group Multicast IP Address) ?????
The  Apple TV Device and Ipad are authenticated in the ISE using certificates with no issues and both got IP's from the DHCP for the WLAN Vlan assigned to the SSID activated (see pictures attached).

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 WLC Redundancy - Regional / Centralized Model?

Feb 20, 2012

Our organization has multiple controllers at regional sites (one per region) & want to implement redundancy by placing one controller at headquarter's datacentre as a backup in case the site's failed.All our controllers are 5508 with loaded I did a search around and found multiple documentations of how to do it but all related to creating a mobility group?Is it possbile to implement this scenario without creating mobility group ? (As in Cisco docs for software release 7.0 June 2010 - quoted "Centralized and regional controllers do not need to be in the same mobility group" ) 

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TP-Link Dual-Band Wireless :: TL-WDR3600 - Create Virtual USB Port For Printer Controller In Remote PC

Feb 21, 2013

Region : Hongkong
Model : TL-WDR3600
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version :

When using the USB printer port share function, I found that some PCs, which had never physically connect to a USB printer before, will not have the virtual USB printer port in the port selection. In this way, TP-Link's USB printer controller will not be able to setup the connection. The PC will not be able to use the shared printer from my can I create a virtual USB printer port in the remote PCs (without need to physically connect a printer to them) or other method to use the shared printer?

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 7.0 Mesh Configuration

Feb 16, 2013

I have Cisco WiSM running on and 1522 Outdoor AP. I a trying to configure Mesh and I followed the Cisco deployment guide.I had added the MAC address of my AP in the Mac-filter list Configured the Root AP and Mesh AP.Configured the Mesh Parameter.Currently my issue is after removing the client from Ethernet its no more seen in the controller. There is also no information in the neighbour output.

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Cisco Wireless :: AP1242AG Mesh Without WLC

Jun 2, 2012

I have seven autonomous AP1242AG (c1240-k9w7-tar.124-25d). Can I configure them to a mesh without WLC? [code]

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 4404 Gives A Log

Oct 9, 2012

I have a Cisco WLC 4404 with version software and it gived me a this logg
Oct 9 15:43:08 WLC_4404_CC: *osapiReaper:
Oct 09 15:41:49.549: %OSAPI-3-FILE_OPEN_FAILED: osapi_file.c:370 Failed to open the file : /proc/895/stat.(erno 24)

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Cisco Wireless :: Mesh AP1522AG Not Responding?

Sep 17, 2011

We have a Cisco 1522AG configured as a MAP in our production network. Last week the AP went down. On investigating it keeps rebooting itself. constantly showing 4 orange leds, Maybe cant find the WLC? Is there a way to console into these devices to see whats happening in the background while its booting up or even reset it back to the factory defaults?

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Cisco Wireless :: Flex7500 - Can't See SSID With Mesh APs

Jan 13, 2013

I have setup'd two 1142 AP's as mesh.The sceneario is like this:
MAP ------ RAP---------SW----------Router
I've done all the configuration through my WLC (Flex7500) and the mesh neighborship is up.The problem is not the MAP nor the RAP broadcasts my SSID.I've joined them to the same SSID and nothing.

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Cisco Wireless :: Mesh And Flexconnect With WLC5508?

Apr 4, 2013

A customer have a bad coverage in a corner of his branch office. He like to add a mesh AP (MAP) in the near of that corner.
I checked allready the documention about Mesh but i'm not sure if Flexconnect and Mesh works togheter. This MAP is in a branch office and the WLC is in the head quarter therefore he likes to uses Flexconnect togheter with Mesh.

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Cisco Wireless :: Enterprise MESH In Release 7.0 MR1

May 11, 2011

I'm looking for documentation on the Enterprise mesh solution based on 7.0 MR1...In this release e.g 802.11n APs are supported and clean air for the client radio etc...The current Cisco Mesh Access Points, Design and Deployment Guide is based on the previous 7.0 release.Apart from the configuration guide I can't find any additional guides.

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Cisco Wireless :: AP 1552 In Mesh Mode (MAP)

Sep 14, 2012

I'm trying to become famillar with Cisco Mesh AP's deployment. As I know RAP's (Roof-top AP's are AP's with Ethernet/Fiber connection to the network). I connected these AP's via L2 switch , they can reach WLC and everything looks fine.
No I want to connect few MAP's to my RAP's. But of course firstly we will need to set-up IP addresses for these MAP's? But how? There is no "configure terminal" option at all ( on mesh AP console) .
Exec commands:
access-profile   Apply user-profile to interface


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