D-Link DIR-655 :: List Of Changes For The Latest Firmware Version?

Jan 8, 2011

Where the list of changes for the latest firmware version can be found?  My new DIR-655 has firmware from May 2010, and I see the latest and greatest on the DLINK website is from September.  But it doesn't state what the changes are, so I'm not sure if I should upgrade or not.

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D-Link DIR-825 :: What Is The Latest Firmware Version

Dec 11, 2012

what is the latest firmware version for d-link dir-825? It tell me that i currently got the 2.60VT, is it the last one? If no, where can i download and how the latest version?

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Belkin Routers :: F9J1106 What Is Latest Firmware Version

Jan 31, 2013

Just purchased a Belkin AC1200 Router Modem and unable to locate the model number what is the current firmware version It is the UK model and I guess it must be very new?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: What Is Latest Firmware Version For WRT160n

Jan 20, 2013

what is latest firmware version is for router WRT 160n (v1). The Linksys site currently states that it is Ver.1.02.11 (11/08/10). However, on the admin page for my actual router it states v1.52.0 Nov 16, 2007.  These versions #s and dates don't jive. How could I have a supposedly newer version that is older than the most recent one posted? 

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Belkin Routers :: F5D9230-4 V5111 Belkin G Mimo Firmware Latest Version?

Apr 26, 2013

(F5D9230-4 v5111 Belkin mimo router ) is version 5.02.08 the most up to date firmware for my router?

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D-Link DIR-615 :: What Is The Latest Firmware For It

Dec 23, 2011

I bought the DIR-615 router from Futureshop awhile ago because my Linksys WRT54G router keeps dropping connection every couple of hours. I have to unplug the router and re-plug it in order for it work again. On the DIR-615 admin page, it states Firmware Version: 5.10. Is this the latest firmware?

I'm trying to upgrade the firmware because I still experience connection drops from time to time (but not as much as I did with WRT54G)... it usually occurs when multiple devices are pulling signal from the router (for ex. PC#1 + PC#2 + laptop). I've just disabled "Short GI" as mentioned in another forum post here.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Latest Firmware 1.35 - Configuration Settings?

Aug 11, 2012

I've been lagging really bad when my sister uses the laptop upstairs with wireless connection. Just 1 computer makes me have up to 100 ping, imagine 3. How can configure my settings so that i will stop lagging or configure so that i have priority.I have a Dlink 655 Version A4 with the latest firmware 1.35

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Router Needs Constant Reboots - Update To Latest Firmware?

Nov 13, 2011

I'm running a D-Link DIR-655 Hardware Version A3, Firmware Version 1.21. In the past, it has been flaky, and I considered updating to the latest firmware (1.3+ something), but everywhere I read (mainly this forum) said it might be WORSE for the router and couldn't even be downgraded, so I decided to ride it out.

Eventually the problem disappeared and I forgot about it, but now it's back with a vengeance. Recently I opened up a Guest Zone so my neighbors could borrow wifi, and I occasionally run torrents. Torrenting seems to definitely crash the router overnight, while it also seems to randomly bug out, possibly when the neighbors are using the Guest Zone. The Guest Zone might be responsible, but I have no idea.

For what it's worth, I don't think my neighbors are terribly tech-savvy, so I doubt they're filesharing or doing anything risky. They might have malware installed, but I don't know.

Is there a way I can diagnosis my precise issue, should I go ahead and update to the latest firmware to try?

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D-Link DIR-825 :: Intermittently Dropping Internet Connection / Latest Firmware

Feb 15, 2013

I've been having some issues with my DIR-825, it's been intermittently dropping internet connection.  This is across multiple OS (Win 7, Ps3 OS, iOS, etc.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Cannot Connect Network Radios After Upgrading To Latest Firmware

Mar 21, 2011

Cannot connect network radios after upgrading to latest firmware. Could connect before upgrading firmware but throughput was slow for computers and streaming. Now I can connect computers, but not radios.  They connect ok using Belkin and Linksys routers.

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D-Link DCS-942L :: Cannot View Playback After Latest Firmware Upgrade

May 12, 2013

I have a DCS-942L.  Everything was working fine on my setup until I upgraded the firmware the other day. In the mydlink.com website when I logged in that day, it stated a firmware upgraded was needed.  So I clicked on upgrade, let it run its thing and then tried to view the playback and now the thumbnails are just black and when I click on one, it looks like it is loading but then shows the quicktime icon with a question mark over it.  I upgraded my Quicktime component and that didn't fix it either.  So I went into advanced settings, downloaded the new firmware upgrade from there by saving the zip file and uploading it via the advanced settings website, and still nothing.  I have another camera, same setup, that I have not upgraded firmware on yet and that playback is working fine.

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D-Link DAP-1522 :: Wireless Settings Are Empty With Latest Firmware

Sep 10, 2011

With firmware version 1.31, the Wireless settings page is blank when a browser other than Internet Explorer is used to access it - for instance, Firefox or Chrome.All other pages appear and seem to work properly, only the Wireless settings page is empty. Luckily, the Wizard still works and can be used to set the Wireless settings for general purpose use. Older versions of the firmware worked fine with other browsers, including the Wireless settings page.

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D-Link :: DIR-615 Wireless Router - Latest Ddwrt Firmware Install?

Nov 27, 2012

I just have an old Dlink DIR-615 Wireless router. I have some problems with it and need to improve it... So, what is the best option... buy a new DIR-636L or 657 router or install the latest ddwrt firmware on the existing one?

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TP-Link ADSL2+ Wireless :: TD-W8960N - Latest Firmware Download Links?

Dec 15, 2012

Region : NewZealand
Model : TD-W8960N
Hardware Version : V3
Firmware Version : 1.4.0 Build 111130 Rel.56405n
ISP : Snap

I just bought a v3 TD-W8960N and I'm trying to see what is the latest firmware available?On the modem it came with 1.4.0 Build 111130 Rel.56405n.When I look on the website the listed latest version is w8960nv1_un_1_4_0_111108R40398.up (that is the file inside the zip package/link TD-W8960N_V1_V3_111108)Which is the newer version? The revision number on the firmware that came installed kind of looks like it is actually newer. But if it is newer, why is not available for download from TP-Link?

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TP-Link ADSL2+ Wireless :: TD-W8961ND Latest Firmware On Website Is Older Than Already In Router

Apr 7, 2013

Region : UnitedKingdom
Model : TD-W8961ND
Hardware Version : V3
Firmware Version : 3.0.0 Build 120524 Rel.05221

I have just bought this ADSL router. Of course, the first thing I did was upgrade the firmware, or so I thought.It seems that the firmware on the TP website is older than the one which was pre-installed onto the router.Website Firmware: 3.0.0 Build 120524 Rel.05221 ------------- i.e. 24.May.2012 Release 05221.Pre-loaded Firmware on router: 3.0.0 Build 120808 Rel.28888 -------------- i.e. 8.August.2012 Release 28888.I have foolishly uploaded the older firmware to the router from the website. I wanted to see what version number showed in the Router's Firmware page so I did a ROM backup, thinking I could always reload the "current" firmware. As it turns out, the ROM file is just the user settings backup.

It is sad that TP-Link doesn't provide change logs. Where to find later firmwares, or even what the change to the firmware was?And when we can expect a new firmware to be uploaded to the website?

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TP-Link Dual-Band Wireless :: TL-WDR4300 - USB Controller Can't Work After Latest Firmware Upgrade

Apr 13, 2013

Region : Denmark
Model : TL-WDR4300
Hardware Versin : V1
Firmware Version : 3.13.23 Build 121225 Rel.37950n

my TP-Link USB Controller after my latest firmware upgrade, and therefor my USB-printer (connected to the router) do not function any more, and i can not find a new software for the Controller

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TP-Link Dual-Band Wireless :: Wdr4300 V1 When Update To Latest Firmware It Became Unstable / Disconnecting

Jan 14, 2013

Region : Iraq
Model : TL-WDR4300
Hardware Version : V1

have TL-WDR4300 router hardware v1 but when update to the latest firmware it became unstable and disconnecting so I had to return back to older firmware the new firm ware released 12/25/2012 and it is noted for TL-WDR4300(UN) V1 my model is TL-WDR4300 V1 not (UN) so what is different between the two

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D-Link :: DIR-825 B1 - Firmware Version

Feb 14, 2013

Writing this hoping to see how DLink intends to respond to this very large hole. As someone who works in security this is 2 week old news to me but is probably new to everyone else "Hopefully not dlink devs".

So the DIR 825 along with millions of other routers are vulnerable to an outside upnp exploit basically means somebody from outside can root your router and for example open up whatever ports they want. Upnp has its own issues but it useful for those who don't want to open up a port every time some app might need a specific port but was never meant to be accessible from outside your network, Until now.

This is not some bizarre proof of concept or something that is even hard to pull off and what it would give is access to your entire private network and everything that might entail. You can test if your router is vulnerable at this link. It's owned by Steve Gibson. Many of you probably know of him, Somewhat of a celebrity in the security world. There is a upnp exposure test you can do right off the main page. It also explains whats happening and even shows you the code being used, Quite fascinating actually.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Firmware 2.07 For Hardware Version B1

Sep 23, 2012

My firmware version 2.00NA (shipping version) is still working well.

When I selected 'Check online for any latest firmware' using the existing firmware, I got a message that that v2.07 (dated 2012-2-21) is available.  Until now the router's check has always reported that I have the latest version. 

I need to find out from other persons whether or not v2.07 is a real upgrade or is it full of bugs.  I tried it once a long time ago and Shareport didn't work at all.  Immediately I re-installed v2.00 and I've been pleased with the original shipping version. 

What's the scoop on v2.07?

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Firmware Version 3.0 / 3.13 Won't Install

Nov 12, 2012

Recently he was having connection issues so decided to upgrade firmware and for some reason he did it through the management console (clicked the update to have it download the new file automatically and instantly upgrade instead of doing it manually himself).  Told him not to do that anymore. Anyway, it wiped the existing firmware obviously and did not update to the newest.  I came over to find it wouldn't connect at all.  I was able to get into the reset console (hold reset while powering on, manual set IP on computer to and gateway to an then pointed the browser to window shows the current firmware as version dated in 2007.I had downloaded the version 3.0 firmware and the most recent version 3.13 and had them on a flash drive, dropped them on the hard drive and attempted to flash first the newest and then the 3.  Neither one would take and the router remains down.  The page itself never changed after hitting SEND to upload the firmware, the browser displayed a progress bar for "uploading" and hit 100% then just sat saying "waiting for response from" until the browser timed out after several minutes.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Current Version 1.35NA - Upgrade Firmware?

Jul 17, 2011

I would upgrade the firmware before deciding to replace router with a new one. I noticed there have been several updates to the firmware since I originally installed the router with the current available firmware version of 1.35NA.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Version B Running Stock 2.0 Firmware - Cannot Connect To Internet

Aug 17, 2012

I have a DIR-655 Version B running the stock 2.0 firmware and a Motorola SB6120 cable modem and my ISP is comcast. I have had comcast come out and test my line and everything is fine. I have a desktop directly wired to the internet and several portable devices accessing the router.I cannot connect to the internet. My network is available and none of my devices ever indicate the network isn't available. When I try to load a website it just says "waiting for reply..." and nothing happens. The solution that always works is rebooting both the modem and the router. What is odd is that this problem comes and goes, I will go a week with zero issues, then I go all week with rebooting my stuff 5-8 times a day..What have I tried? I tried the settings that are recommended by Furrynuts to users complaining. I have also tried changing the wireless band settings to different channels as well.

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TP-Link ADSL2+ Wireless :: TD-W8961ND Firmware Version Incorrect?

Feb 9, 2013

Model : TD-W8961ND
Hardware Version : V2
Firmware Version : 120703

Region : United Kingdom
Model : TD-W8961ND
Hardware Version : V2
Firmware Version : 120703
ISP : Plusnet

I bought this recently on EBay and it works fine. I have just checked the firmware version and it displays as 120703 rel 29722. This version doesn't appear amongst the downloads - the most recent is 120427. Has somebody upgraded to the wrong software? Should I upgrade to 120427?

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TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless :: TL-WR702N Firmware Version Is Chinese

Feb 26, 2013

Region : United-States
Model : TL-WR702N
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version :

my Firmware Version is chinese i can't understand it.i go to tp-link.com go to support the last version is older with compare are old.

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Cisco :: Upgrading From LMS 3.0 To Latest Version?

Apr 26, 2012

Upgrading from cisco LMS 3.0 to a higher version.
Whatdoes it require?. What is the current version? What do we need for upgrading? Are there specific codes or new need to buy new products? In case of buying new products, which are the configurations?

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TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless :: Firmware For TL-WR741ND V4 Version 130325 Does Not Install

Apr 20, 2013

Region : Argentina
Model : TL-WR740N
Hardware Version : V4
Firmware Version : 130325

I have the firmware v130205 and the latest 130325 does not load as its size is too much by some bytes.(4096 vs 3969 expected.)

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Configuration Between ACS 4.2 And ISE Latest Version

Jan 26, 2013

We are a Small company with 400-Users and currently we are using ACS 4.2  at our company.we want to upgrade and use Cisco ISE Appliance instead.
I want to know is there any major changes in configuration between  ACS 4.2 and the ISE Latest Verizon.?
Is there any Hardware (Switch or Cisco AP ) compatibility issues with using Cisco ISE. (we are currently using Cisco Cat 3550 and Cisco Aironet 2600 APs  with the existing ACS4.2) What ISE Series & what Soft version are the latest so i can order ?

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Cisco Firewall :: 5505 Latest Version Of OS Available

Jun 20, 2012

I have a ASA5505 and currently running Version 7.2(4). I was wondering what the latest version of the software would available to me would be.
Here's a show ver
Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 7.2(4)
Device Manager Version 5.2(4)
Compiled on Sun 06-Apr-08 13:39 by builders
System image file is "disk0:/asa724-k8.bin"
Config file at boot was "startup-config"
Hardware:   ASA5505, 256 MB RAM, CPU Geode 500 MHz
Internal ATA Compact Flash, 128MB
BIOS Flash M50FW080 @ 0xffe00000, 1024KB

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Cisco :: What Is Latest Version Of Secure ACS4.1

Apr 10, 2011

I am working at a client site today whom has Cisco ACS employed.  Their current version is 4.1.  It has been some time since I have done any upgrades on this system.  What is the most current version for this appliance?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E-2100L - When To Get Latest Version

Feb 17, 2012

 When you will release the latest version for Wireless router Linksys E2100L?, because I bought a MAC with Lion and I can´t use my Router.

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Cisco :: R-PI-1.1-500-K9 How To Upgrade To Latest Version Of Prime Infrastructure

Apr 9, 2013

We just purchased the following items:
(1) R-PI-1.1-500-K9
 I want to know how I can upgrade to the latest version of Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 5505 Latest OS Version - 9.0.2 Or 9.1.1?

Apr 23, 2013

On the downloads page there's a 9.0.2.ED listed as the 'latest' but then if I expand the '9' below it I get to 9.1.1.ED. Which one is the actual latest? is there any way to tell the one that is not an 'interim' version I think 9.1.1 is also listed under interim?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5550 - IOS Upgrade To Latest Version?

Jun 12, 2013

I have a ASA5550, with a IOS version 8.2(5).
I would like to upgarde to the latest version, and I believe it is 9.1.1.

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