Laptop Cannot Access Files From Desktop With External HD Connected

Apr 19, 2011

Recently my laptop, which is successfully connected to the wireless network, has failed to recognize shared folders on my desktop and the external hard drive connected to it. Laptop running 7, desktop running XP Pro. 2 days ago it was working fine. Yesterday it stopped working. I have made no changes that I can think of. All of the folders on the desktop and external drive that I want shared are set up for sharing. So, my question is, what do I need to do to again be able to read and write to these folders, especially the ones on the external hard drive. I believe the adjustment has to be made on the desktop, either in the network connections or the file sharing, but the laptop may need adjusted as well.

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Can't Access Wireless Laptop Files From Wired Desktop

Sep 7, 2011

I can't access my wireless laptop files from my wired desktop. I have tried to set up a homegroup, and it actually worked for a week or two, but now we are unable to access the homegroup or the printer.

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Can't Transfer Files From Laptop To Desktop?

Feb 5, 2011

I got a new laptop for Christmas and set up a new router which is working fine but now I can't access the laptop via the desktop. When I click on the laptop icon on the desktop network area windows asks for a username and password which I never set up and have no idea what the are. Any step by step guide to set up my network properly so I can transfer files back and forth.

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Sharing :: Put Files That Are On Desktop On Laptop?

Sep 29, 2012

Don't know if in right place and not sure how to use this stuff i',m 61 and not real computer literate and don't type very well but i would like to know how to get 2 of my programs that are on my desktop and use on laptop but want to get on there with all the info in there so i don't have to retype it all again.

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How To Transfer Files From Laptop To Desktop PC

Jan 20, 2013

I have a laptop PC with WiFi, so I download a bunch of stuff on here. Then I have my beast/monster desktop gaming PC with a kick-ass geforce gtx 650 Ti, and an i7 processor, etc etc.... The thing it DOESN'T have is WiFi, or any internet capabilities at all (until I get a WiFi card in it or something).I have some 4 GB movies in my laptop, and so far what I been doing to transfer those movies to my desktop PC is saving it in a USB memory stick from my laptop, then taking the memory stick to the desktop PC and saving it there. I have regular Ethernet cables, would that work? What do I need to do to transfer files from my laptop to my desktop PC more efficiently and fast?

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Cannot Share Files Between Windows 7 Laptop And XP Desktop

Aug 31, 2011

I have a Toshiba Win 7 laptop and a custom-built (JNCS) XP desktop. Both access the Internet thru a D-Link router. I would like to be able to access the working files on each computer from the other. I have changed the workgroup name on my Win 7 laptop to the same name as the workgroup on my XP desktop. I have gone thru the instructions Microsoft gives you, but they are FAR from clear because things don't happen or choices are not available that they reference.

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Sharing Files Between Desktop And Laptop Using A Router?

Aug 5, 2011

I have been trying to share drives between my dekstop and laptop using a router. I have connected both PCs to the router and has made changes to the file sharing enability to both. However, when I changed the ip address to and respectively, the one using the ip add could not access internet. And if I set both to default networks, my laptop failed to see the shared drive.

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WGR614 V9 - How To Transfer Files From Desktop To Laptop (XP)

Jan 19, 2012

how to transfer files from Desktop (XP) to Laptop (XP). I am using a Netgear Wireless G router WGR614 v9

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External HDD Sharing From Desktop To Laptop?

Mar 11, 2012

The setup:Desktop PC Win 7 home to Linksys router to ModemLaptop PC Win 7 home wifi to linksys router etcTwo external HDD, USB, (Mybook) connected to the Desktop.I've been able to use the setting to make a Home network, same workgroup name, basically set it up so that I can use the laptop to access the "libraries" on my desktop like the docs, photos, etc.Now, my plan was to be able to use that laptop to access the USB HDD connected to the desktop. I tried using the fhile sharing wizard, (right clicking and "include in library" and a link does appear. I try right clicking and "share with homegroup" in the libraries tree.I get an error: "The File Sharing Wizard can't share the root of a drive"With some research, I've set the HDD sharing on (checked the "share this folder" box) and under Security set it to "everyone".When I get to the laptop, I see the link to My Book in Homegroup. But there's nothing in it.

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Sharing :: Cannot Access Files On Server Files From Laptop?

Apr 17, 2012

I have a server connected to my router with a CAT5. I usually manage the server from my laptop connected to the router via WLAN. I often need to add files to a public folder on the server so it can be dowloaded by my clients when they need them. I can access my personal laptop from the server, but I cannot access the server's files from my laptop. This is recent and used to work fine. I also cannot acces other personal computers on my network that I often connect to

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Cabling / Cards :: Laptop Not Working When Desktop Is Connected

Jul 29, 2011

My Internet connection works completely fine when all I have is my laptop connected to the wifi, but when my desktop also connects to the internet, than my laptop's internet doesn't work at all until i shut the desktop down.

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Connected To Network Can't Access Server Files

Aug 7, 2012

There are no IT employees at my small company and everyone else has started coming to me with their computer issues. Normally it's fairly straight-forward, but I've never come across this one before.We've got a computer that's connected to the network and has internet access, but cannot access the network drive like the other computers can.The shared drive is found under computer --> network location.The operating system is Windows 7.I've tried disconnecting from the network and reconnecting, and mapping the network drive.

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Connect CAT5e Cable From Laptop Connected To Wireless Network To Desktop

Feb 6, 2013

Can I connect a cat5e cable from my laptop connected to my wireless network to my desktop and receive internet on the desktop?

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Cisco VPN :: 1841 Connected But No Access To External LAN

Mar 12, 2012

my configuration of Cisco 1841.
I was able to configure the cisco to accept VPN connections from clients. But when i am connected i can not access the VPN LAN. My cisco VPN client shows all the time Packet Decrypted: 0 when connected. I tried the split tunneling configuration based on the example on for split tunneling.
I include config for better understanding. The outside interface is fa0/1 with ip w LAN Inside interface fa0/0 with ip w LAN is
IP for VPN clients - 105

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Can't Access Windows 7 Pc Files From Vista Laptop

May 7, 2011

I have one laptop (Windows Vista) and one PC (Windows 7) in my house and I am trying to share folders between them. The problem is I can access my laptop's files from my pc, but I can't access my pc's files from my laptop.

And when I go to Network and Sharing Center, on "View your active networks" part, I click joined to give check mark on Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents, and Printers (the default setting: only printers that got checked). After I checked those all, I click "Save changes". But, if I go back to click "Joined" It was set as default, it is like it doesn't save my setting.

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Unable To Access Files On Sony Vaio Laptop?

May 28, 2011

I have a desktop computer, Sony VAIO laptop, and a Motorola router. The computers are both running Windows 7 Professional. The desktop computer is running 32 bit Windows and the Laptop 64 bit.

My network appears to be Windows Homegroup which got setup after a crash of the desktop. Previously, I ran a network setup with Motorolas tech support and it ran fine (before crash and reinstall on desktop computer). I had access back and forth between both computers. I would rather not run Windows Homegroup but it looks like I am stuck with it if there is no way to remove it and resinstall another network or unless I can have two networks on my computer.

The error message that I get when trying access my laptop from the desktop is

"Windows cannot access \name-VAIOackups You do not have permission to access \name-VAIOackups"

I have set file sharing on both computers and am running all files as administrator. How can I regain access between these computers?

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Wired Desktop Connected To Network But No Internet Access

Apr 1, 2011

My wired desktop cannot access the internet. Its still connected to my home network however. Every other computer on the network can connect to both the network and the internet just fine. the wired desktop is running windows xp. I have tried renewing the ip address, resetting IE settings, disabling the firewall, and I am currently running an anti-virus scan.

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HP Pavilion W1907 / Desktop Is Connected To A Wireless Network But Can't Access Internet

Dec 10, 2011

So I have a Windows HP Pavilion w1907 desktop. My computer says that I am connected to a wireless network. However, I cannot use any programs, like AIM or Mozilla Firefox, iTunes, or any other programs that require internet connection to work. I visited the Network and Sharing Center, which says I'm connected to an unidentified network but not the Internet.

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HP Pavilion W1907 Desktop Connected To Wireless Network But Can't Access Internet?

Dec 10, 2011

So I have a Windows HP Pavilion w1907 desktop. My computer says that I am connected to a wireless network. However, I cannot use any programs, like AIM or Mozilla Firefox, iTunes, or any other programs that require internet connection to work. I visited the Network and Sharing Center, which says I'm connected to an unidentified network but not the Internet.

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Laptop Wifi Access For Desktop?

Sep 18, 2011

I have a Mac G5 desktop that has no wireless capabilities. I also have a Gateway laptop for work. It runs windows 7 and obviously has WIFI. Can i connect my Desktop to my laptop to use the wifi to connect to the internet?

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Can't Access Wireless Network From Laptop And Can't Find It On 2nd Desktop Computer

Jun 21, 2011

I have a Linksys wireless G Router (WRT54G5 model) and I've recently had some problems with it. First problem, I cant find my wireless network from my desktop, but it shows up on my laptop but it wont let me access it from there. The power, wlan, port 1, and internet led lights are all on and green. How can I get my wireless network to show up on my desktop and how can I access it from my laptop? If I unplug my router for 30 seconds and plug it.

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Laptop Connected But Says No Internet Access

Mar 30, 2012

Everything worked fine until I went to move my desk to a different area and had to unplug everything. Upon plugging everything back up - my desktop internet works fine, but the laptop says "Connected but no internet access". I've tried working on it for 2 hours unplugging and replugging cords back up and I can't get any internet access on my laptop. I am using a cable modem. Currently I have the blue ethernet cord running from the modem, directly into my computer. I also have a grey cord that apparently was plugged into the router somehow but I don't remember how exactly I had this one plugged up. The cable modem only has one jack, for "ethernet". The router is a Linksys WRT54G and has 4 numbered (1-4) jacks in the back and then one jack for "internet". The laptop is running Windows 7, and the desktop (which the internet runs fine on right now) is running Vista.

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Sharing The Files On Desktop

May 23, 2011

My aunt wants to use her laptop at the house and access her computer at the office. How do I do this? Laptop has windows 7 and office has Windows xp.

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New Laptop Connected To Network But No Internet Access

Jun 30, 2012

I just bought a new laptop and have had issues with it from day one regarding the internet. It connects me to the internet, but then after a few minutes on the task bar where it tells you what you are currently connected to a yellow (!) shows up. It tells me that I am connected to my network, but it says that I do not have any or sometimes even limited internet access. I have other computers in the house (3 laptops, sometimes 4, and 2 desktops) that do not have any issues connecting or staying connected to the internet. The laptop with the issue has Norton installed on it and it is with Windows 7. My ISP is AT&T, DSL. My router is a LinkSys router.

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Vista Laptop Is Connected But No Internet Access

Apr 23, 2011

My os is vista I have belkin Wireless router Iam trying to connect my laptop to wont have any problem outside of home but at home i click on connect to a network and click on my wireless network and it says sucesfully connected but it is not connected to internet network and sharing center shows unidentified network?

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Can Transfer Files To External Hard Drive And Stream Data Over 5 Hz Signal

Jul 8, 2012

I am going back to college and I will need a router. Both my roommate and I were on the same router went over our bandwidth usage a number of times last year. I've done a bit of research and have come up with a few options: Asus rt-n56u, netgear wndr 4500, and the apple airport extreme. Both my desktop and laptop pc so I'm not sure if that effects the outcome. I am going to need a usb port for an ext hdd, which all of them have. All of the routers have a 5hz signal for better streaming. Would I be able to use the apple airport? It seems the have the best reviews. But I question the compatibility and some of the reviews due to possible fanboyism. Also, If I connect my desktop to the router via a crossover cable and have an ext hdd hooked into the router can I transfer files to the ext hdd and stream that data over a 5 hz signal?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E3000 Cannot Delete Files From External Drive

May 5, 2011

I correct in understanding that when an external hd is connected to the e3000 via usb, that i can read and write to it, but i cannot delete files from the external drive?  i have been trying to figure this out for a while and cannot delete files after i write them. 

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Accessing Files Through Remote Desktop?

Mar 18, 2011

I seem to be having a real hard time getting the hardware for my scanner to be networked and i am trying to think of some different ways to do it and i think this might work.So our server is off site and we all access the server via remote desktop on our individual computers. ie) there is one computer that we all access with our own computers.We need our scanner to send the files to the server so that anyone logged on to the server can access it.But our server is off site and we cant connect our scanner to it.But since we have many computers here, I was wondering if there would be a way to plug the scanner in to MY computer at the office, have the offsite computer use the same remote connection to access my computer so that everyone else logged on to the server can access the folder where the scans are sent to.I know that there are ways to make my local hard drive accessible while im logged on to the server. So is there a way to allow everyone else on the server to access my local hard drives?

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Acer Laptop Is Connected To Network But No Internet Access?

Nov 23, 2011

about a few weeks ago, my internet on my acer laptop stopped working. it says i am connected to the network, yet there is no internet access

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Acer Laptop Connected To Network But No Access To Internet

Aug 18, 2012

My xps 17 with the McAffee anti-virus is apparently connected to the network but it doesn`t have internet access. I don`t really want to uninstall my anti-virus.

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EMachines E527 Laptop Connected But No Internet Access?

Jul 18, 2011

I have an eMachines E527 laptop and until this week I could get on the internet no problem. However, all of a sudden I can't get on at all. The "Network and Sharing Center" shows that I am connected to the network but have no internet access. When I try to diagnose the problem, it says "Your broadband modem is experiencing connectivity issues," yet at the same time my family has 4 other computers that can effortless connect to the internet.

P.S. I can copy and paste the results to the "cmd:ipconfig/all" if needed.

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Connected With Limited Access - Laptop Windows Vista

Nov 19, 2012

I have a laptop with a wireless connection to a netgear router. My Internet work perfectly, however after a certaiN amount of time I can't access the Internet although it still stats that I am connected. It reads " connected with limited access". I then have to restart my laptop to gain Internet access again. I have other computers and laptops and tablets that don't share this problem.

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Laptop Suddenly Says Connected With Limited Access To Wifi?

Nov 20, 2011

I use a laptop and recently the wifi has stopped working for me. I can still connect completely but it says with "limited access," which results in me being unable to access the internet at all. The rest of the computers in the house work fine on the wifi and I double-checked the securtiy settings (WAP2 and all that) and it seems fine. What can I do? Tethering to my phone allows me to get on the internet and the computer connects successfully, but no websites will load whatsoever.

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