Question About Conversion From Bits To Bytes

Nov 16, 2012

I used speed test and got 50 mega bits per second. I tried re downloading tf2 and i was getting 80 kilo bytes, and I am using windows 7. Doesn't 8 mega bits equal 1 mega byte?

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Receiving Way Too Many Bytes?

Feb 12, 2011

For the last 3 weeks or so (right around the time I upgraded to IE8), my computer has been receiving a ridiculous number of bytes compared to what it sends.Within 5-10 minutes of logging on (I still use dialup), a check on the status shows around 100,000 bytes sent and over 2,000,000 received.I've been online for around 40 minutes, and it currently shows 650,000 sent (23% compression rate) and over 5,000,000 received (4% compression rate).Of course, the browser starts lagging and freezing after a while, which I assume is from the large number of bytes being received.

At the same time, there's a noticeable lag when I try to run programs, even when offline. For example,I click on my ISP connection and nothing happens for 5-6 seconds, then the dialog box appears. This is something that's never happened before. I'm running XP Home and no one else has access to my computer.I'm using the standard Windows firewall.I've run my AV and spyware programs multiple times (nothing found), cleaned my temporary files and cookies, even adjusted the FIFO buffers (the last thing I tried was turning the buffers off). I've been running Disk Cleanup everyday (which lags and runs slower than ever before), but it doesn't solve anything.I don't know how to adjust the compression rate for bytes received to see if that works.

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0 Bytes Of Free Space On CD-ROM?

Oct 22, 2012

Why do i have 0 bytes of free space on my cd rom??

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5510 Don't Have Bytes Rx

Jan 2, 2013

I have a problem with my vpn between two ASAs, I review the running config of two devices, but I couldnt see anything out of normal.As you can see in the image the VPN is up, but in the ASA 5510 I don't have Bytes Rx (ZERO), I tried to config again two ASAs but I have the same trouble.

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Sent And Received Bytes Increasing When Idle?

Jan 20, 2011

When i check the status of my Internet Connection I notice that the sent and received bytes keeps increasing. I'm sure there are no downloads taking place that I'm aware of. No torrent clients, no antivirus nothing. I checked my PC for malware but that didn't work. As a result of this, i keep getting high pings in online games and can't even watch videos in youtube anymore. like, some software to monitor all the programs that use the itnernet connection without my knowledge or something??My primary concern is gaming (Call of Duty 4) so I wouldn't mind this idle downloading (whatever it is) as long as the major chunk of my internet connection is directed towards Cod4!

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Broadband :: Bytes Not Increasing In Network

Jun 7, 2012

This has been happening of late. When i check the status of my Internet Connection I notice that the sent bytes will be more than 200 and received bytes will be low as 2 to 4

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Constant Sending And Receiving Bytes

Jul 28, 2011

When i look at the network wirless connection status something is constantly sending and receiving Bytes and lots of them.the modem gets warm from all of the activity.

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Sent And Received Bytes Keeps On Increasing Even When Idle?

Jan 20, 2011

This has been happening of late. When i check the status of my connection, i notice that the "sent" and "received" bytes keeps on increasing when i'm idle. I'm pretty much sure there's no downloading of any sort in progress that I'm aware of. As a result of this, I can't watch videos in Youtube or play online games due to high ping. 

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Can't Connect To Workgroup Network 0 Bytes Received?

Jan 31, 2012

We have a new router (D Link) at offices which is fixed with LAN wall points on different places , we want to use it .I connected computers to the LAN points with regular lan cables , it gives me the alert (connected) but no bytes received .I tried to ipconfig an here's what i got :Windows IP ConfigurationEthernet adapter Local Area Connection 2[CODE]

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Cisco VPN :: WRVS4400N And VPN Connection Over AES-CBC (256 Bits)

Jan 19, 2012

at our office we have a brand new WRVS4400N with fw preinstalled.In order to make a VPN connection to our cliente, we need to establish an IPSEC VPN with AES-CBC encryption, but in the drop-down list I can only select 3DES.Does v2.0.2.1 fw update include AES-CBC encryption?In negative case, how can we add this type of encryption to the router?

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Cisco WAN :: 887 - DMT Bits Per Bin Not Working On ADSL2+

Feb 18, 2012

I used to have a 877w in the same place and same setup as my current 887, this time though the DMT Bits Per Bin just will not populate on ADSL2+ altough it did work when it sync ADSL1 (same line/DSLAM, just came up ADSL for some reason).

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Cisco :: Padding Bytes At L2 Layer In Receiving Station

Mar 28, 2013

I am blocked with the below doubt for my issue resolution. When a ethernet frame for eg:ARP Packet of minimum length (64 bytes) is received at the end station, will the L2 layer remove both FCS and extra padding bytes(18 padding bytes for ARP)? Or removal of the padding bytes is dependent on the implementation?

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Cisco :: Cannot Increase MTU To Support Extra Four Bytes Of VLAN Tag

Oct 22, 2012

We have an EHWIC for a 2900 router. Apparently, this card supports QinQ.. However, there is no usual MTU command. Therefore we cannot increase the MTU to support the extra four-bytes of VLAN tag. We have tried 15.2 and 15.1 code. May be the command is different. I'm about to go and do some digging elsewhere.The card is EHWIC-4ESG.

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Protocols / Routing :: 3 Bits - How Many Subnets Usable

Jun 18, 2011

I know how if u borrow lets say 3 bits u can make 8 subnets but how many usable subnets?

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Password Needs To Be 128 Or 256 Bits Depending On Network Configuration?

Feb 4, 2011

I'm at my brother's house and I'm trying to connect to hs wireless network. I know the password but whenever I try to enter it it gives me a message that says, "The network password needs to be 128bits or 256 bits depending on your network configuration. This can be entered as 8 to 63 characters or 64 hexadecimal characters." From other forums I've looked at it says that I need to get to the router settings page. It gives me an IP adress to paste into the web browser but it doesn't come up as anything. What the heck?

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Cisco WAN :: Management And BITS Ports On ASR1002

Aug 30, 2011

We recently purchased a Cisco ASR1002 router with four on-board Gigabit SFP-style Ethernet ports. However, when I do a "show ip interface brief", I see that there's an extra Gigabit Ethernet port. See the last interface in the following output:
ASR_1002_router#sh ip int b
Interface                         IP-Address       OK?     Method Status          Protocol
GigabitEthernet0/0/0       unassigned      YES  manual     down                down

On the router itself, in addition to the four Ethernet SFP ports, there are four additional RJ-45 ports. They're labeled "BITS", "MGMT", "CON", and "AUX". I know what the Con and Aux ports are, but what are the Bits and Mgmt ports? And is one of them the Gigabit Ethernet interface that I see listed at the bottom of the output? And if it is, is there anything special about it, or is it just another routed Ethernet port? Can I do something special with it, like out-of-line managment?

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How Many Bits Must Be Reallocated From Host ID To Network To Create 16 Subnets

Jun 30, 2012

How many bits must be reallocated from host ID to network ID to create 16 subnets?( i did read the discussion on another page and still no clue). For the Class C network address , which of the following subnet masks provides 32 subnets? How many host bits are necessary to assign addresses to 62 hosts ??

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Error Message - Network Password Needs To Be 40 / 104 Bits Depending?

Apr 24, 2012

So I have an issue with getting a laptop hooked onto the router signal. The router is a brand spankin new Linksys EA4500 and the laptop is an IBM which is running Win XP (not sure of SP version as it is a customer's comp. at a hotel I run). Anyway, the error message I am encountering is:The network password needs to be 40 bits r 104 bits depending on your network configuration. This can be entered as 5 or 13 ascii characters or 10 or 26 hexadecimal charactersAt first I thought is was my router password since it contained a $ symbol so I changed it to only letters and numbers but still didn't work. I have never encountered this error message on any laptops and no other rooms have been affected.

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Cisco VPN :: Error 442 Client In Windows XP 64 Bits SP2

May 22, 2011

running cisco VPN client over Windows XP SP 2 64 bits.
I get the error 442 Failed to enable the virtual adapter. I have seen a number of solutions, but can not find solutions or workarounds for Windows XP 64 bits.

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Cisco WAN :: Does 837 Router Support 2048 Bits Certificates

Oct 16, 2012

Does the Cisco837 router supports 2048 bits certificates?

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Cisco VPN :: Generate Public RSA Key Of 4096 Bits On IOS Router

Aug 31, 2011

Is it possible to generate a public RSA key of 4096-bits on an IOS router? We are running 12.4(24)T5. Have been going through some cisco doc and found this:
Cisco IOS 4096-Bit Public Key Support in IOS 12.4(11) and later.
However when I issue the command,crypto ca trustpoint exampleCAkeys, rsakeypair exampleCAkeys ?
it only shows me the maximum of 2048. Am I missing something? Currently our root cert has a public key of 2048 and the routers a key of 1024. The goal is to increase the root cert and our routers cert to 4096-bits. If that's possible.

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Cisco WAN :: 881 / Memory Allocation Of 65536 Bytes Failed From 0x81F083F4 / Alignment 16

Oct 31, 2011

We have a Cisco 881 router, which is crashing.  We have seen that the ARP cache fills up so much it causes things to crash, our phones go down..  We dont know why this however IP CEF seems to be doing it, when we disable it goes away however disabling IP CEF causes our L2TP tunnel to become inoperable also.  So why does IP CEF cause thousands of AR entries and how can we limit that!?  Below is the error, sample of the ARP cache and our config.  You will notice we also have a /31 given to us on WAN interface, this was given to us by our service provider.  This is really strange I cant find other examples on internet.
The error:

Nov  1 04:21:57.474: %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 65536 bytes failed from 0x81F083F4, alignment 16
 Pool: Processor  Free: 55176  Cause: Not enough free memory
 Alternate Pool: I/O  Free: 2352  Cause: Not enough free memory


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Cisco :: 5500 - Count Bytes For Some Interesting Traffic Crossing Firewall In It?

Mar 20, 2013

I need to count the bytes for some interesting traffic crossing the firewall in ASA 5500. Packet Capture is so far as I need, cause I only need the number of bytes during a long time for about 3 months (source host - destination host)
capture capin type raw-data access-list cap buffer 33554432 interface inside circular-buffer [Capturing - 33553570 bytes]
I need to get only the exactly amount of "33553570 bytes" The pcap file is not needed

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Cisco WAN :: 1941 - Why 5 Minute Input / Output Rate 0 Bits

Nov 23, 2010

when i type "show interface" command on 1941 router,  shows below print. Why 5 minute input-output rate are 0 bits? Can it be a bug?
5 minute input rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec
5 minute output rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec
304015 packets input, 151607798 bytes, 0 no buffer


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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: WMP300N Fixed Drivers Windows 7 32 / 64 Bits

Aug 3, 2012

who had a WMP300N with the Broadcom 4329 chip (PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4329&SUBSYS_00601737&REV_01)Since i got my WMP300N all that i got is a really a big headache, since the drivers DOESN'T are meant for Win 7 (x86/x64), and the guys at Cisco/Linksys really are so kind to bring an unstable driver (v6.100) that they claim is for win 7.
i, as same as a ton of users, really get dissapointed because the driver in the cd does not work on win 7 and the 'official updated driver' is useless as well, and in the end lost a lot of time searching almost in the entire internet for a solution, that some pages claim to have, but the info is oudated, or the links are in a insurmountable-almost-titanic search, i somehow managed to gather all the required files that i'll put at disposition of those like me have a bad time with a supposed to be a pretty good wireless card.
1- bmc 4329 v4.100, this one is the most 'stable' and works pretty well in 32/64bits, it had a modded .inf wich enables a few features that various users will find pretty useful, when the installer prompts a warning about an unsigned driver, you had to allow the installation
2- bmc 4329 5.100, this one is working too on 32/64 bits, i'm posting it because some people got problems with the 4.100 version, however, the 5.100 is a stock unmodded driver, so maybe it will give connection issues.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 802.1 Span And Wireshark To See P-bits And Vlan Tags

Dec 30, 2009

I do not see 802.1Q tags nor do I see p-bits (COS) in my wireshark captures. My setup is not working and I have no way to verify (sniff) that the 6509 is setting the p-bits to 3. [code]

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Cisco Firewall :: Can ASA5505 DHCP Support 22 Bits Subnet Mask

Feb 11, 2013

I have an ASA5505 which provides internet (just internet) for about more than 600 pc/laptops. Can 5505's DHCP support this number?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 / Crypto Errors CTM ERROR / Failed To Allocate X Bytes Of Memory

Oct 9, 2012

I am currently getting a strange error when trying to use and crypto services on our ASA 5520 (8.0.3)Initially I observed that a connected VPN had dropped.Then when I attempted to use ASDM or SSH I was blocked.
In the end I opened telnet as a test and this was successful. Syslog also shows that traffic is passing as normal.The only obvious error I can see when observing various debug traces is this;
FW02# CTM: rsa session with no priority allocated @ 0xCF1FBBA0
CTM: Session 0xCF1FBBA0 uses a nlite (Nitrox Lite) as its hardware engine
CTM: rsa context allocated for session 0xCF1FBBA0
CTM: rsa session with no priority allocated @ 0xCE7A5EA8


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Cisco WAN :: 3750G LC To SC Conversion

Nov 1, 2011

I have a core switch Cisco3750G with 4 SFP slot populated with GLC-SX-MM module.Now in these 4 fiber GLC-SX-MM modules 3 are connected to 3 floor switches which are having the same GLC-SX-MM.Each link is configured as a TRUNK and allowed only that floor VLAN and working fine.Now the 4th GLC-SX-MM module has to be connected to a single desk top PC using a FIBER to UTP convereter,which is SC to UTP .Now patch pannel is LC ,I used a LC to SC fiber patch cord,but link is not coming up,in this situation if I used both side SC convereter then link is up.
All 4th GLC-SX-MM modules are checked and it is working fine.Only the forth floor link is not coming up,if I use the UTP to Fiber SC type connector in the CORE switch for teh 4th Floor then it is working.How to resolve this issue,Whether I need to use the UTP to Fiber LC type convereter in the fourth floor instead of SC type converter,logically when I use the LC-SC type patch cord and connecting to SC type converter it should work.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA NAT 8.x To 8.4 Conversion?

Jun 13, 2011

I have 8.2 configuration that works:
global (inside) 1
nat (outside) 1 access-list Servers outside
static (inside,outside) netmask

It is remote monitoring ASA, so I need to nat user networks (10.1.x.y, 10.2.x.y) to something that I can use (10.16.x.y, 10.17.x.y...)
Also, since it my device, I have them configure snmp and syslog server on client's network to use, so I have dynamic NAT for two SNMP servers and static NAT for one of them (which is syslog server).
create 8.4 version, so I can apply it? I tried few things, packet tracer shows that they are NATed, but I have only Denc packets, because hosts see request coming from my public IP...

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Cisco :: NAT / Unicast To Multicast Conversion?

Feb 8, 2013

I am planning to get the unicast streams from different 2-3 sources over internet, and I am doing NAT for port-forwarding all those unicast streams to a one private IP. Attached is the setup for your understanding.Setup: - Both unicast streams will be hitting to One Public IP ( on UDP/TCP Port 1234, 1236 & 1238 only & the same ports need to be forwarded to natted One Private IP (

1)NATTING these 2 unicast streams into one private IP( by checking Source & Destination based IPs and ports, but in below configuration I cannot achieve on checking Source & Destination based IPs and ports

Router configuration:-

interface GigabitEthernet0/0
description ***Connected to Internet ***
ip address
no ip redirects
no ip unreachables


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Wireless To Ethernet Signal Conversion?

Jul 16, 2012

I need to get a connection through a 3 storie structure.

On each floor, I have a cluster of servers set up. Conventionally, I would thread cat6 cables through the building but due to various reasons I cannot do that.

On the ground floor there are 2 ground lines which project a wireless signal.

I'm wondering, is there some way I can convert the wireless signal into an ethernet line? Perhaps through some kind of interfaced adapter. I've thought of buying a throwaway laptop and bridging the connections manually but I'd prefer to avoid that option if there are feasiable alternatives.

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Cisco VPN :: 3060 - ASA 5520 Conversion

Sep 24, 2012

We are about ready to embark on moving all L2L and network extensions (Cisco ASA 5505s) from the Cisco VPN 3060 Concentrator to a Cisco ASA 5520. We would like to know if there is a simple method to doing this such as a converter?  Also, are there any lessons learned?  We are running 8.4.3 so we know that NAT configuration has differed.  Can the configuration from the 3060 be modified in anyway in configuring the ASA?

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