Routers / Switches :: Cat5e Wiring Colour Codes On Patch Panel?

Jun 16, 2011

my cat5 wiring seems to b wrong,so i need the wire combination of a cat5e cable on a patch panel

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Rj45 Patch Panel Wiring Standards?

Mar 3, 2012

info on RJ45 patch panel wiring standards. Is there an Australian standard that specifies exposed cable pairs be not more than 13mm at termination point (RJ45) wiring cat cable?

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Move From Patch Panel To Switch?

Mar 21, 2012

I currently have the following set up in my basement: Modem to 8 port router which has cables going into a patch panel which in turn provides internet access at 8 wall outlets throughout the house. My data/video streaming needs are expanding and I have had additional wiring pulled to the new locations. I would like to know if I can bypass the patch panel and go from the Modem to a 24 port switch to individual wall plates throughout the house.

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Cat6 Cross Over To Patch Panel?

Sep 17, 2012

Am running Cat6 cable to my cellar. I plan to run a face plate in the walls of all rooms where there will be an ethernet connection. Originally when I did this in a previous house I wired two rooms together i.e. a face plate in one room and the other end a face plate. I did a cross over cable for this so when connecting anything at the other end it would talk to the device in the other room i.e. room A NAS straight through to face plate, room B PS3 straight through to face plate for example.However as I will be connecting multiple rooms together in to a patch panel then switch / router how will this then work? For all rooms where there is face plate do I crossover all cable to the patch panel or straight through? If straight through to the patch are my patch leads then cross overs to the switch?

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IDF Ethernet Jack In Closet Patch Panel?

Nov 2, 2012

On my closet's patch panel, there's one ethernet jack that is labeled "IDF5", I was just wondering what it is used for.

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Networking :: Patch Panel Installation Of WNDR3700

Nov 14, 2012

Recently bought a NAS (Synology DS212j), upgraded to a gigabit router (Netgear WNDR3700), and now want to utilize the pre-wired ethernet ports in our condo. How to do this last part.

Do i just plug one of the LAN ports from the router into the wall using a Cat5e cable? Then the signal will be routed to all ethernet ports through the patch panel?

I located a patch panel in the closet, but not sure if its wired correctly or which connection goes where. I took some pics that you can see here: URL
you can see in one of the pictures that some of the cables are only connected at one side.

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Home Network :: Switch Need To Be Located Where Patch Panel Is

Sep 18, 2011

I am renovation my own house, and I have started to hard wire for the network/s, but I am also trying to incorporate so much more than any previous “wireless” setup I have had, well I am a bit confused to say the least.I would like to set up a home network and media server system which includes:Internet browsing (multiple rooms and wireless) File sharing, printer sharing, scanner etc¦ Music/Video sharing/streaming, TV etc.I have started wiring (we are renovating) with Cat5e, and have just replaced the old POTS (telephone) wiring with Cat5e and taken the individual telephone wires (including the incoming telephone cable) back to one central connection unit in a network patch panel. This has improved the speed of my DSL download connection speed from 1.2mbs to 6.2mbs¦. unreal!, so that did get me a bit fired up!I am currently wiring data points (Cat5es from each room) back to the same panel, but to be honest I am not really sure where to go from there! Also, I have wired Sat cables back to this point ready to be connected to sat TV (dish) in case if we get it. This patch panel is in a small passageway that goes through to the garage from the house. It is conveniently located next to the mains board which I have just replaced. My original idea was to put any extra needed equipment in the same location, but looking at it, I think that I may have to think again, for there is little room. I have found a small alcove in the upstairs games room which has a shelf, and which could take any hardware, also it will be dust free (unlike the place leading to the garage). I can run as many cables as needed from this location to the patch panel, but obviously I would like to know how many, as I am not familiar with networking on this scale, my only other experience being wireless setups. For example, would the switch need to be located where the patch panel is, or else can it be on the shelf with the other stuff? (away from the panel), and the existing D-link 4 port router?? is this no longer required?Im presuming i will need an old PC or some sort of media storage device here too... no ideas with this either. Have tried asking three different computer stores, got three different answers...?!

Have I dropped a clanger wiring to the passageway, when infact any server/switch or whatever wont be in the same location?Also, I am planning on getting a MAC book, and would like to use this on the system sometimes (might not be relevant), just thought to mention. And, I was thinking of trying Linux, as I am fed up with all the windows problems¦. But not sure if that is a good idea either.We have TVs in the (when its finished) media room, also three other areas, which I would like to get connected so that they will be able to get either TV or watch a film from storage¦ wow this is getting complicated¦ and if it matters I do have a PS3, which we only really bought to use as a TV storage system/recorder.

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Patch Panel To Firewall / How Current Setup Is Done There Is No Configuration Map

Mar 16, 2011

I have DSL, a firewall, patch panel and hubs.The network was already in place by three previous techs. I am not sure how the current setup is done there is no configuration map.The users in office 1 are all connected to a patch panel that then connects to hubs The second office users connect to a hub that then connects to the patch panel then connects to another hub.The internet is connected to a router that will be replaced with a firewall. Should it be setup like thisdsl modem > firewall > patch panel > hubs > Nodes

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Terminate Split Cat 5 For Data And Voice At Patch Panel End?

May 24, 2011

How do i terminate a split cat5 for data and voice at the patch panel end?

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: DPC 3925 Should Use A Switch Or Patch Panel

Oct 17, 2012

I am holding a DPC 3925 Cable Modem to connect to the internet. The wireless is great and all but i need something more.I need to connect another 8 cat6a cables to it to complete my home network. should i use a switch or patch panel or something?And not all 8 cable will be on wired. One or two connections are needed to extend the range of the wifi. What device can i use?I've got a ps3, NAS and media box that probably need the network connections to the main DPC 3925 Cable Modem.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750 Using Fiber Connection Using Patch Panel

Apr 2, 2013

I have a 6500 connected to 3750 using fiber connection using patch panel.on the gig port of the 6500 give of error in Input errors, CRC and FRAME.There is no error from the 3750 gigport.

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Routers / Switches :: Difference Between Cat5e And Straight Cable?

Jun 17, 2011

what is the difference between cat5e and straight cable?

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Bypass Patch Panel And Go From Modem To 24 Port Switch To Individual Wall Plates?

Mar 21, 2012

I currently have the following set up in my basement: Modem to 8 port router which has cables going into a patch panel which in turn provides internet access at 8 wall outlets throughout the house. My data/video streaming needs are expanding and I have had additional wiring pulled to the new locations. I would like to know if I can bypass the patch panel and go from the Modem to a 24 port switch to individual wall plates throughout the house.

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Routers / Switches :: 500 Ft Enhanced Cat5E Cable Ethernet Between Two Buildings?

Jan 27, 2013

A 500 ft Ethernet run with a mid-point POE extender, what should I use on both ends for best results? Looking for a possible switch at the termination end. I'm using enhanced Cat5E cable.CGMAN

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2900 All Switches Don't Have Cascade Cable Port In Back Panel

Jun 15, 2012

We have multiple cisco cat 2900 switches. all switches don't have cascade cable port in back panel. i want some sort of solution to manage those switch remotely.

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Cisco Switches :: Minimum Fiber Patch Cable Length For MGBSX1

Dec 14, 2011

I want to "stack" a couple 300 series gigabit switches with fiber using a pair of MGBSX1 GBICs and a single LC to LC patch cable.Is there a minimum supported patch cable length in this configuration?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Switches Support SM Or MM Fiber Patch Cords WS-C2960

Jan 23, 2012

we recived the following switches.

WS-C4507R-ECat4500 E-Series 7-Slot Chassis, fan, no ps, Red Sup CapableWS-C2960S-24TS-SCatalyst 2960S 24 GigE, 2 x SFP LAN LiteWS-C3750X-24T-SCatalyst 3750X 24 Port Data IP BaseGLC-LH-SMGE SFP, LC connector LX/LH transceiver 

The current situation that all existing Fiber Patch Cords cables & fiber cables coming from field are multimode. So, I think we have a compatibility issues. We need clarifications from your, what are the options that we can do to resolve this issue.Can we connect the above switches to multimode Fiber Patch Cords cables?

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Allow An OKI C5100 Colour Lazer Printer To Be Available To A MAC OSX / 2x Windows 7?

Jan 12, 2012

allow an OKI C5100 Colour Lazer printer to be available to a MAC OSX, 2x Windows 7 and a Windows XP machine over a network.I thought the best solution would be a usb stand alone print server. Is there any sort of device that will allow drivers for various OS's?

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG320N LED Indicators Colour?

Feb 18, 2011

My WAG320N has green led indicators, but i can see at 320N support page [URL] this router with blue led indicators. What the difference and why some shops sell green models but some sells blue ones?P.S. My WAG320N was purchased at Poland.

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Wireless :: How To Decode Hexadecimal Codes

Oct 9, 2011

how to decode hexadecimal codes: For example 404F10005EC4DC

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Cisco :: DTMF Codes Between CME And Asterisks?

Sep 27, 2012

When someone calls into the CME router and dial the number for the asterisks box (So now the CME is between the POTs connection and the asterisks box). The asterisks then asks for them to dial a number, they dial a number and the CME interperts the DTMF codes and send them to the asterisks box vida RTP EVENTS, these are UDP packets so it sends out a pile of them to make sure they are received. It sends out 8 packets normally but sometimes 14 (can't figure out the reason for the difference so far). When it sends out 8 packets the asterisks works correctly, when it sends out 14 it doubles the numbers (so I dial 1 and the asterisks box thinks I dialed 11). No matter if it sends out 8 or 14 of these messages it sends out 3 that have an end of even tag on them saying "hey this is the end of this set of packets"

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DLink Dir 615 - How To Find Security Codes

Jun 10, 2011

How do I find the security codes to enable me to connect to the internet wireless

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Cisco Wireless :: 1142 - Color Codes Are Not Giving Out Any Light?

Dec 8, 2012

We have deployed many 1142 APs on a site.When i have checked color codes , some of thems LEDs are static green which we have expected.But some of them are not giving out any light.But from the controller menu i saw them active and operating. And i can connect that APs but no led is lid.
When i get closer to the AP i saw a Red color which can not be seen from distance (Not Red flashing LED).What the possible error can be ? Is it a factory default mistake or so ?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1000 - Unable To Find Out Cisco Codes

Dec 2, 2011

I am trying to connect to my wifi with my wireless router it is a cisco linksys e1000 and and I tried connect and it said error so I went to manual set up.and couldn't figure out the codes to enter I couldn't find the cisco codss on the nintendo website.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 5508 - Multiple Country Codes And Mesh AP (2600)

Jan 23, 2013

Currently my solution consist of two 5508 controllers and several non-mesh and few mesh AP (2600) running in flexconnect mode in one single site in europe. Everything is going fine. However there is going to be a new site in Canada. I found some documentation saying that multiple country code is not available for mesh ap. Mesh ap are not going to join controller if multiple country code configured . but all this documentation is regarding version 7.2 and older. Im running version and on configuration guide I don't find anything related to that.

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Wiring A House For Ethernet (Cat 6)

Feb 4, 2012

I'm considering wiring my house for Ethernet (I've chosen Cat 6 cable.). I've read some online guides about this. However, I can't seem to find any that would work with my house, which is a Pueblo-style flat roof with parapets. However, I want to tear out as little drywall as I can. There's already wiring for coax and phone.

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Wiring A Home For The Networking Future?

Oct 17, 2012

I am purchasing an older home and I am going to have to rewire the networking to the house. I have decided that I am going to push forward with Fiber Optics as my main networking vehicle. As a side I am going to run COAX and Cat-6 along the same cabling routing. The Ethernet and Coax are fairly straight forward, as long as I don't go over 100meter's Cat-6 will do just fine, and can be terminated to a traditional router. The Coax will be to a splitter for television purposes only. Now the difficult and hard to find information on: My plan for the fiber is to run a zipcord Single Mode fiber line to each room of the home. I am using Single Mode Fiber because it has the highest bandwidth for future applications. These runs will be homerun back to a distribution box next to the other comms where it will plugged into a Fiber Optic Switch to network the rooms together. I am going to run 3 lines to my basement (for a home server, office, and HTPC for the basement theatre.), One line to each of the following rooms: Kitchen, Living Room, and Bedrooms. I have bought off the internet the following: 1000ft of SM Zipcord fiber ($199), 4 Fiber Optic Nic's with PCI-Express 1 connections (for $20 a piece, they only run at about 2GB/s, but I can upgrade these in the future as price comes done), 1 16-port 10GB Fiber Optic Switch with trancievers ($140), Terminals and tools: $300.

I have is about connecting my Home Fiber to the internet. I am going to start running Verizon Fios, and that is not a true fiber optic solution because they run a Fiber to their Media Converter and then Coax from there into the house, but I have talked to them and they said they can run the fiber cable into the home. I am wanting to connect that cable straight to my Fiber Optic Switch which would then be connected directly to my computers, as well as a fiber optic wireless router, and then from my switch to their ONT for tv and phone. My question is will this work? What kind of problems will I run into, and what other hardware do I need to get this up and running. I basically do not want to run copper to any of my devices..I either want them to network wirelessly or with a fiber line. (even the wireless will be running fiber since will connect directly to the fiber line via the fiber switch.)So it is expensive, but I believe it is worth it. 200ft of Cat-7 copper costs $199 vs 1000ft Fiber at the same price..and the fact that Cat-7 does have a life-limit on it's bandwidth where as fiber is the future.

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Cabling / Cards :: Re-wiring An RJ-45 Connector?

May 7, 2011

I just need to add new connectors and I'm good to go. The PCs have cabinets with Ethernet sockets in them and these will also need re-wiring with a RJ45 jack then a faceplate mounting as they are totally bare at the minute.Also, I think I need to learn this as a whole, it will become a regular thing, do I need the following tools to do the basics of cabling ?RJ45 Network Crimp Tool 10 Boots & Ends Crimping Kit - Buy RJ45 Network Crimp Tool 10 Boots & Ends Crimping Kit online at and read reviews. Free delivery to UK and Europe!|cat:3516420|prd:3516420[CODE]

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Wiring A 2 Pair Cat 5 Cable To A RJ-45 Connector?

Oct 31, 2012

I have a long 2 pair cat 5 cable which I want to use to connect a ADSL modem to my desktop (located in a different room). I took the cable to few local computer dealers but none of them could connect an RJ-45 connector to it. They can only connect a 4 pair cat 5 cable. Connect a 2 pair cat 5 Ethernet cable to a RJ-45 connector. Kindly use simple language. I have attached an image of the cable for your reference. [URL]

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Wiring Cat5 To Phone Lines?

Jan 31, 2013

I was recently tasked at work to reinstall phone lines after a remodel. We have 2 phone lines with two phones and a credit card machine. I ran into a piece of equipment and I have no idea what it is so my research into the subject has been halted.

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T568B Wall Jack Wiring?

Jan 4, 2011

I'm wiring up the house with CAT6 (I've never done this before). Someone told me to use 'T568B' termination. Every configuration I see on net looks different, and I'm getting confused.

The jacks have double colour coding for each wire as pictured here:I take it 'A' is for T568A, and 'B' is for T568B?So this is how I should arrange the wires for T568B:

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WRT54G How To Home Ethernet Wiring Box

Sep 20, 2012

I have just moved into a new home and there appear to be ethernet lines running to several rooms, all converging in a wiring box. However, I can't figure out how to make this thing work properly.

The blue cables I'm holding in this picture apparently run to the other rooms of the house. The yellow cable goes to my WRT54G router. A cable modem is plugged into the router. Wireless networking is functioning properly.

If I plug my laptop directly into this box, and disable wireless networking, I can reach the router from the laptop, and the light for the yellow cable going into the router turns on. However, if I plug any of the blue cables into any of the ports on this box, the laptop loses connectivity and the link light on the router turns off, as though the router were not plugged into the box at all.

The cables are cat 3e. There is an alarm system, but it is not active, and I don't think it's actually connected to the box at all. The top-left port is marked "RJ31X Line Intercept", and there is a jumper that can be plugged in there, but it doesn't seem to matter whether it is or is not plugged in.

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Cat5e / 6 Can Use The Same Network

Jul 4, 2011

I have the existing network all cat5e cables. can I add one more node using cat6 cable.

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