Windows Detects Wrong Network Card

Jun 22, 2011

I run a windows 7 x64 and I am currently running a Intel (r) 82579V gigabit network adapter. The thing is, the driver was made for 82579LM and V versions. Most of the time, my computer reads the adapter as the LM version, in which the ethernet just won't work. Once in a while it gets the V version and everything is alright, but i can't live with such uncertainty. Mostly people suggest i should just buy a new motherboard (?) or a new network adapter, but i'm sure it's a software problem. Shouldn't there be other solutions? The card itself is integrated.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG160 Windows Detects Modem / No Signal At All

May 26, 2011

 I cannot get wireless collection to work up stairs with the WUS600N Adaptor at all,and with the modem 20 feet from from my laptop downstairs i am only getting 3 BAR SIGNAL STRENTH.Just had Replacement WAG160N  ALEX A V2 as my other one died ,(did not have a problem with the one sent back for replacement) Have the latest firmware 00.20 installed model serial No is SSH10JA11079.WUS600N V1 latest drivers for windows 7 .03.10.Windows detects the modem ok, but there is no signal at all up stairs and with the modem downstairs even the wireless on the laptop (15 feet from the modem) is only 3 bar signal strength ,did have this problem with the one  I sent back. I have gone through all the wireless channels setup in the set up page with customer support (5 hours!)

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Windows 7 Laptop With Atheros AR9285 Network Card Can't Connect To Wireless Network?

Aug 21, 2012

This past weekend I went out of town and took my Windows 7 laptop with me -- since I returned home, it has been unable to connect to my wireless network. Other devices in my home connect to the network just fine, and the problem laptop has always been fine until now. My network card is an Atheros AR9285, and I'm attempting to connect to a Medialink router with WPA password protection and AES encryption.My wireless network icon in the task bar has a yellow sign with an exclamation point in it. It says "No Internet access."

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Laptop Detects Wireless Network But It Does Not Connect To It?

Jun 19, 2012

my laptop detects my wireless network but it doesnt connect to it

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Laptop Detects Wireless Network But Won't Connect?

Sep 27, 2011

I have a Gateway laptop the was recently brought back from the dead (basically)... So once the rescue and recovery was done some of the drivers were lost including the wireless adapter. I found most of the drivers and was connecting to the internet wireless fine. I just got internet installed in my house a few days ago, in the beginning the laptop would connet to the internet through the gateway set up in my home. Someone reset my modem back to the default settings by mistake. So I reset everything back to the way it was but now the laptop wont connect. I thought it may have been a problem with the modem but when I checke it it says everything is working fine so Im assuming that its something wrong with the laptop. It connects fine if I plug the ethernet cord in and I get the 'wireless networks detected' message and when I clikc on it my network is displayed but when I try to connect it says windows is unable to connect to the selected network. the network may nolonger be in range.

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Netgear Wna1000 - Wireless Detects Network But Won't Connect

Dec 3, 2011

Im running W7 64 bit and i have a netgear wna1000 and it detects networks but wont connect to them

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Windows 7 Network Card Not Functioning?

Sep 14, 2012

I have an ASUS M4A785-M MB with an on-board LAN and all of a sudden stopped working yesterday. I have it connected to a 4-port D-Link network switch which has one other computer connected, and the switch is hard-wired to my wireless router.

Here are the trouble-shooting steps I've tried:

- uninstalling/re-installing the driver
- tried using different wires.
- by-passed the switch
- used the wired connection with the other computer
- tested the wire for my troubled computer on the other computer and it works fine
- pinged the loop-back IP address ( and it tested ok
- bought a new NIC and still no connection

When I go to Network and Sharing Center, it shows my Home GRoup but then has the bid red X from the Home Group to the Internet.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Speaker Detects Wireless Network / Can't See Airplay Logo In PC

May 10, 2012

I have a DIR-665 and I'm trying to install a B&W zeppelin air speaker, the speaker detects the wireless network but I cant see the airplay logo in the PC, mac, ipad or iPhone. Try with another router and ir works. try with a wired cable but still the same problem. IS there any issue with this routers and airplay, ATV or similar items? [code]

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Dell :: D600 Detects Wireless Network But It's Unable To Connect With It

Dec 28, 2008

I am using Dell D600 with WINXP SP2. It detects the wireless network but it is unable to connect with it. I have tried all tools available on dell site but nothing worked.

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Network Card Not Detected After Windows 7 Installation

Jun 2, 2012

Recently I dual-booted my PC from Windows XP(On which the LAN card was working and i was able to access the internet) to Windows 7.Then i formated the drive on which WinXP was installed. Sometime later i noticed that the LAN card (Atheros A8151 PCI-E Ethernet Controller) was not working i went into the adapter settings in network control in the control panel and there was no adapter. i checked the device manager and there was no option called NETWORK ADAPTERS.

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Windows 7 And N Wireless Card Drops Network Connection?

Dec 27, 2011

I got my wife a new laptop in October, and it runs on windows 7, since the 25th of december she has been having connectivity issues with her wireless card. She had 2 bars on her signal strength, and I wanted to take the signal strenght out of the equation, so I got a N range booster to put in the room she is usually in, she now has a signal strength of 5 bars. However she still loses connection to the internet.

ISP is Bell Fibe 25 Router is the bell modem/router in one. My son's Laptop goes in that room, and has no issues. I have made sure the drivers are up to date on both the router/modem, and on the laptop itself. The only thing I cna think of is that it is the card itself that is faulty.

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Setup 2 Network Card Windows Server 2008?

Aug 16, 2011

First network card have the static IP address 82.x.x.30 from the ISP.The second network card have 2 IP addresses: 192.x.x.0 and 82.x.x.1 ( first IP is for LAN and second IP is for routing the additional IP class).In other words if i have the computer "Z" with configuration: IP: 82.x.x.100 Sub: and GTW:82.x.x.1 i can access the internet but practically with with the IP from ISP wich is 82.x.x.30

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E900 Connects To Internet But Not Detects Work Network

Mar 21, 2013

I have an E900 I replaced an old Airport Extreme with. The reason was for increased download speed. The Apple router I used saw my work network and I could access files and printers; no changes to my Mac were necessary. It worked out of the box. The new Linksys has Internet connectivity but will not see my work network at all. I have looked into the old settings and cannot figure out how to make the new router see my network. I called Linksys but no dice. What settings need to be changed to see the work network? It is connected to the same ethernet cable as the other router that worked fine.

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Cabling / Cards :: New Windows 7 Install Network Card Not Picking Up Networks?

Dec 5, 2012

I just installed windows 7 on a new machine I built myself. I ran the driver cds for the motherboard and GPU.

I have 2 wireless cards I have tried neither will pick up any wireless signals.

One is a Linksys wireless-G pci adapter Model wmp54g the other is a broadcom netlink gigabit adapter also wireless.

I have tried the newest drivers by downloading them but still no luck.

I am currently tethered to my phone.

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Cisco VPN :: C5510 Windows 7 VPN Client 5.0.07 0410 Wrong Default Gateway

Jan 21, 2011

This is terminating on an ASA c5510 sec+ running 8.3(2)  Client devices running XP with the same VPN client get an address from the ASA pool e.g. with no default gateway. Users are able to connect without a problem.  Windows 7 (32bit) clients with this same VPN client get this address but get a default gateway and are unable to connect for obvious reasons.

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Cisco :: PIX515 - VPN Client Get Wrong Default Gateway In Windows 7 64bits

Sep 17, 2011

After we change the firewal from PIX515E to Fortigate311B, one notebook which installed Cisco PN client in WIN7 64bits can not access VPN because the default gateway is not correct. For example the IP get from Ip pool is but the default gateway IP is ?

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Home Network :: PC Keeps Connecting To The Wrong Router?

Feb 18, 2012

I'm in university halls, using the university wireless network. The network seems to be a large number of routers all with the same SSID on the same network.Usually my connection is great; but sometimes my computer decides to switch to the router from another flat. A few minutes ago my wireless config utility told me I was connected to the flat 24 router. I am now connection to the flat 26 router. It wouldn't be much of a problem, only it's give or take, around 140 times slower because of how far away it is. Heres a quick comparison of the speeds:ad Connection: (The ping here is very mis-leading, it took several minutes to calculate the ping and several more minutes simply to start the download whereas on the previous test it was instant)Here is one I took in December which shows how bad the ping can get:How do I tell my computer to ignore those other routers with the same SSID? They have different MAC addresses, is there something I can do with that? Windows can't tell the difference, I have to do it through the driver software that came with my Edimax wireless card, it recognises each router seperately but ultimately it always recognises it primarily by it's SSID. Sometimes it sticks to the good one, sometimes it changes every few minutes and I have to manually change it back and it is very frustrating, can't it just ignore the bad connection completely?

I can't login to change any of the router settings and the router doesn't have any ethernet ports for students to use, so I need a solution from the PC end (If I could i'd simply change the SSID to something slightly different so it didn't clash, then there would be no problem). The router is literally right outside my door, but my computer insists on switching to the one 50 metres away instead

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Icon Shows Connected To The Wrong Wireless Network?

Nov 29, 2012

when I hover my mouse over my signal bars it says I am connected to a network named 'home-9C78' but when I click to bring up my list of available networks, it says I am connected to a network named 'Reshiram' Reshiram is the name of my network and there is NO 'home-9C78' ANYWHERE in the list!!! I don't know where my computer gets this home-9C78!!! and I NEVER ever connected to a network with that name!!! it is supposed to be 'Reshiram

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Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card - Wireless Network Card Error

Apr 20, 2012

I think I am having problem with my network card I am running windows 7 with Dell wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card lots of times the signal is low and I get the error message no internet connectivity or some other error message that I am not being able to connect to the network provided by my wimax modem, Is there any program that I can download to test if there are any errors related to the network card or any way to fix this?

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Cat5e Detects Phone But Not Ethernet?

Oct 19, 2011

I have a house with a Leviton Enhanced Infraestructure Platform that distributes cat5e wiring to multiple outlets throughout the house. The problem is: Some cables will not transmit the Ethernet (internet) signal, but when I connect a phone line to it, it works. So the cable integrity is fine, but somehow connecting the internet router to it will not make it work.

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Detects Router But Laptop Does Not Identify

Dec 11, 2011

I have changed the wireless router and reset and kept the same old Name and password. This is functioning satisfactorily and my all other devices such as lap top, mobile etc are connected. But another laptop is not identifying the connection and hence unable to connect to internet. I have tried diagnostic and repair tools but have failed.connect my device to internet via wireless router?

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Laptop Detects Not All Available Wireless Connections?

Sep 11, 2012

Laptop detects not all available wireless connections and at the same time on existing connection is very poor signal strength. I make this announce when I compared my and my friend laptop wireless connections, his laptop detects more than ten available connections (when my ASUS K55VD with "Atheros AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter" finds just two, no more and both are on very poor signals). I have to be in the same room where is rooter if I want to use the Internet, and as for my friends they can use same wireless connection all above the house. I tried to re-install all network drivers on my Laptop, use programs like Xirrus Wi-Fi inspector, but also, no more than two available connections with poor signal strengt.

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Wireless :: Lights On Wifi But No Machine Detects It

Jan 17, 2011

After having my modem and router switched off for about 3 hours (removing trojan on one machine) neither of my laptops or Nokia N8 can connect. The LAN is fine, all lights are showing ok on the router, inc WLAN, but no machines can detect the wireless signal?

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Computer Detects Wireless Router But Can't Connect

May 5, 2011

So a few months ago I bought a wireless router, and I've been using it just fine with my laptop ever since. however, my father-in-law has a laptop and he can't connect to the router. and the other day I bought a brand new desktop PC, and it can't connect tot he router either.both my FIL's laptop and my new desktop detect the wireless router, then when connecting ask for the passphrase. so i put in the passphrase and hit connect, and it says that it couldn't connect (quite the vague error message).

I tried putting in an incorrect password, and an error message comes up saying that the passphrase is wrong, so I know thats not the problem. Next I dissable all security, and both are able to connect to the router just fine, but not with the WEP pass phrase.I don't understand why they can't connect since I have the proper pass phrase. I also have a nintendo DS and Wii, both of which are able to connect to the wireless router with a passphrase, but not without.

so, if I have no security all 3 comps can connect but not the wii or DS. and if I have the WEP security on, only 1 laptop and the Wii/DS can connect. furthermore, my DS requires a WEP security key to anyways, what would cause the problem with the laptop/desktop recognizing the wireless router, validating the password but not actually connecting? but being able to connect without any security?

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Samsung 5700 Blu-ray Detects But Not Connects

Dec 21, 2011

I just set up my 655 and it hooked up to the internet right away.  I also connected my x box and wi-fy iphone without a hitch.  THen I tried to connect my blue ray player that has a wireless feature.  My last dlink router recognized the blue ray without a problem.  With the 655, the blue ray can see my router and network, but can't connect, saying their is a dchp issue or I need to fix the IP address. Dlink support told me to upgrade firmware but my version is 2.0, and the only thing I can find is a V1.34. 

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Lan Card Not In Windows 2000 Hcl

Oct 6, 2012

Am switching from windows95 to Windows 2000 Professional, & During the Pre - Installation preparations, I discovered that the Machine contains a LAN Card, But i cant find it in the HCL FOR WINDOWS 2000 PROFESSIONAL.What should i do to get the system back in the service?

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Cisco :: How Spanning Tree Protocol Detects Loops

Sep 6, 2012

For last few days I've been reading about Spanning Tree Protocol ,L2 protocol and understood how it prevents loop in network ,various steps in STP but one thing i wanted to know how STP actually detects the loops in network so that it can prevent it.Somewhere I read STP uses BPDU as probe and detects loops I mean how it happen is when switch send a BPDU with Destination Address as multicast and receive same BPDU again mean there is loop in network .But is it how STP detects loops in network?

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Windows Not Detecting Wireless Card?

May 30, 2012

Just re-installed windows on a laptop i got, i got all the drivers installed, but i cant seem to get the wireless card to show up, i know it has wireless because it was my moms laptop before she got a new one. Ive gone to dell support site and literately downloaded all the drivers on the page. Device manager doesn't seem to be detecting the card at all, the dell Wlan utility wont even start ive reinstalled the driver multiple times i even tried the intel site for drivers.

The big problem is i don't know what wireless card it is and its hard to find out because the support pdf for the laptop shows multiple possible cards.


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PCI Wireless Card Does Not Support Windows 7?

Aug 5, 2012

I have found this device to connect my pc to my network. My pc will be running win 7 but in the description of the product it says that the device does not support win 7Does this means that the device will not be able to operate at all with win 7??

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG160N Desktop Detects Modem But It Fails To Connect

May 17, 2012

I'm using Linksys WAG160N - ADSL Modem/Router on one Desktop with Linksys WUSB Adapter. This connection is working fine.Recently I decided to add another Desktop wirelessly to share network, files and internet access. The second desktop is located in another room (approx. dist. is 30 Ft.)The second desktop detects the Modem but it fails to connect and it shows limited or no connectivity.
1. Allow Internet Access to both the desktops without loosing connectivity or without comporomising on speed.

2. Allow file/disk haring of desktop 2 with desktop 1.

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Windows 7 Driver For BT Speedway ISDN PCI Card

Dec 7, 2011

I have a (legacy) bt speedway ISDN card currently in a machine running XPI want to move it to a newer machine running Win 7.Does anybody know how to find the drivers?

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Broadband :: Setup Computer With 2 Lan Card Windows Xp

Oct 8, 2011

how can i share my Internet connection using 2 LAN card without router to my another pc

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Wireless :: How To View NIC Card Settings In Windows 7

Jul 21, 2011

Trying to get on internet in Windows 7. Have connected to wireless network. Am hardwired to router and yet cannot connect to Internet. Wireless Network Connection 2 is not connected and therefore not going to the Internet

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