Wireless :: Connecting Two Wgr614v2 Routers Together?

Jan 29, 2012

Connecting two wrg614 routers together. Have cable one as my provider. Both are wireless routers, however I want the second router to have only 3 pc hardwired in, no wireless.

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Connecting Two Wireless Modem / Routers That Are Far Apart Together

Jan 10, 2013

I have two wireless modem/routers - a Ugo Mach5 CN458 and a Swift 4G - in two branches of my company that are distance apart and i want to connect them together so that they can be on the same network and workers in both branches can communicate and share files.

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Connecting 2 Wireless Routers To Same Network?

May 2, 2012

I am on the Verizon wireless router connected to my laptop and the xbox wired to laptop. I have another wireless router that i want to connect because the main router is in the basement I am on the second floor. How do I connect the xbox to the 2nd router wired?

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Connecting Two Wireless Routers On Different Networks?

Jun 16, 2011

i have two linksys wireless router on different networks that i want to connect. how do i go about it?

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WRTU54G-TM And E1200 - Connecting Two Wireless Routers

Aug 21, 2012

We have a Linksys WRTU54G-TM that serves both as a hotspot and phone line (T-Mobile). But since it's a G, the radius doesn't cover the whole house. So instead of buying an antenna, we bought another router (Cisco Factory Refurbished Linksys E1200 Advanced Wireless-N).

So the question is: How do we connect both routers to one modem properly, the N-Wireless to be used when necessary?

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Constant Drops When Connecting 2 Wireless Routers?

Aug 30, 2011

Basically my sister, who lives in a flat attached to the side of my parents' house, wanted me to find a solution for her to get internet, as there is no signal from my parents' wireless down in the flat.Originally I tried an old belkin wireless range extender I had lying around but even then the signal was extremely weak and the connection was too slow.So, I decided I would get some powerline adapters. But, of course, my sister needs wireless, so I figured I would use the powerlines to connect a second wireless router to the existing one.And so begin my real problems. The thing is, it actually worked fine at first. I set up a new wireless network, and had the ethernet from the powerline running in to the WAN port of the second router. But, every few minutes or so the connection would just die suddenly and take a while to come back (the connection was still there, but the browser just gave DNS errors etc).So I did some googling and fount a lot of people saying that I had to A) plug it into one of the LAN ports, not WAN, and B) disable DHCP on the second router.However when I do this I simply cant load anything at all. I'm thinking maybe there's some additional setup regarding static IPs or something that I need to do when I disable DHCP?

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WRT54G - Connecting Two Wireless Routers Via Powerline Network

Feb 3, 2012

my goal is to share my cable modem signal over my two story house using two wireless routers. The delima is that the routers don't support wireless bridging and if they did, the signal is too weak to make it worth while.

The remedy I came up with... buy a pair of powerline network adapters and connect one router to the other so I could have a good signal upstairs and then a good signal downstairs.

Downstairs, I have the cable modem connected to the Linksys WRT54G router, which has a line out to my blu ray player, wirelessly feeds a PC downstairs and then has a cable run to the powerline adapter.

Upstairs, I have a cat5 connecting the powerline adapter (which was tested and works with laptop) to the data input port on my second wireless router, the netgear wndr3400.

I can't get the netgear upstairs to pull an IP address from the linksys router downstairs over the powerline network.

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: AE1000 Tries Connecting To Other Routers?

Aug 13, 2012

I'm using my AE1000 to connect my computer in my home office to the router downstairs.  The problem I'm having is my neighbor's routers show up on my network connections and it ends up slowing down my internet.  Is there any way I can keep my adapter from trying to connect to my neighbors?

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Cisco Routers :: SRO527W Wireless And Wired Not Connecting

Mar 5, 2013

in our small office, we are using Cisco SRP527W (Router/ADSL Modem all in one ) and D-Link DGS-1210-16 (ports) as our main network devices, our 3 desktops (Windows XP), Avaya phone system and one Brother MFC 6490CW are wired connected to our D-Link switch, port1 of the switch is connected to lan port 1 of our Cisco router, we also have 3 wireless devices connected to the cisco router throught wireless signal (one Broher MFC J6910DW printer, one laptop with Win7, one all-in-one desktop with Win8), as we know, both Switch and Router support Vlan feature, but at the present, I just use default Vlan (Vlan 1) for all our data traffic, I created a DHCP Pool in Cisco router to provide IP address to all our devices (DHCP Pool: -, Default gateway is,  All wired or wireless devices can get right IP address,and all of them are able to get on to the internet, the problem is wireless and wired devices can not talk to each other, for example, my laptop is using wireless connection, when I try to ping a desktop which is wired connected to switch, there is no response, however, if I cable connect my laptop to switch, I am able to talk to the desktop and use its shared resource.

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting A Cable Modem To Wireless Router?

Feb 7, 2011

I am trying to connect a Netgear wirless router to my cable modem. I have followed the instructions on the set up wizard but it fails to get a connection with the IP and DNS info I provide.I got the IP address info by connecting intially direct from the modem to the PC and then went to Run CMD and type ipconfig /all. I then started the set up wizard and followed the instructions, turning things on in specific order etc. After input the IP and DNS info it reports an error and tells me to check the address information is correct.My internet is a static IP connection (so it tells me and the IP information doesn't change).

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Connecting 2 Belkin F5d7230-4 Wireless Routers And Share Internet?

Mar 1, 2011

I have two BELKIN f5d7230-4 wireless router my goal is to connect the two wirelessly and share the internet connection.

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Belkin AC900 / Connecting Two Wireless Routers To One Cable Modem?

Dec 8, 2012

I have linksys router connected to my cable modem. I want to change it Belkin AC900. How can I keep the linksys connected until I have tested set up for Belkin AC900 router.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT320N Connecting Two Gigabit Routers?

May 4, 2012

I have what should be simple.  Home network on cable.  WRT320N is main router cabled to desktop with GB card.  It is hard-wired to a Netgear WNR3500L (also gigabit).  That router is hard-wired to a desktop with GB card.  For testing I connected a second machine hard-wired to the WRT320N with a 10/100 card.  All machines recognized cards properly at correct speed.  I ran LAN Speed Test between machines.  Speeds were comparable between machines regardless of cards.  GB -> GB was mid-30's write, mid-80's read with GB -> 10/100 a couple of ticks slower but not significantly.  The LED's on both routers will show different color if GB connection and both showed GB for the desktop connection but not the interconnect between the routers.  The routers are connected at about 100' with CAT5E and straight-through.

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Belkin Routers :: Connecting Canon Wireless Printer To N150?

Nov 27, 2012

I can't seem to get my Canon MG5220 Wireless Printer to connect to my Belkin N150 wireless router. The printer sees the belkin wireless router network name but cannot connect to it( after entering the correct security key). It worked fine with a previous wireless router. My desktop PC is connected to the belkin router via direct ethernet, and I want to be able to access my wireless printer which is located in another room from my PC. I think I remember reading that the canon mg5220 may not support WPA2 security, but Its only a year old and would prefer not to regonfigure my router's security setting. how I can get this printer to connect to my router? Any other ways to access this printer from my PC which is connected to LAN via ethernet?

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Cisco Routers :: Connecting 7921g Wireless Phone To SRP527w?

Feb 9, 2013

Is it possible to integrate a wireless voip cisco 7921g (sccp protocol) with  an small business modem router Srp527w (sip protocol), even if if  is  by connecting another device (like an access point)  between both? I know skiny is cisco property and sip is an open source protocol, so I do not understand why cisco does not implement the skinny protocol in his  Srp527w.

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Huawei B683 / Connecting Two Wireless Routers With Crossover Cable?

Mar 10, 2013

I tried to bridge two wireless routers wirelessly, but after extensive research I came to the conclusion that this wasn't possible.

Now I am trying to connect these two routers through a cat5 cross-over cable and I wanted to know whether can I disable DHCP on the router which has internet, and enable the DHCP of the router which is connected to the printers, because I have a few systems that shouldn't be connected to the internet.

What I had in mind is if I switch the DHCP OFF on the internet router and turn it ON on the Huawei B683 router, I could add those devices' MAC addresses to the internet gateway router to deny them access to the internet..?

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Belkin Routers :: N300 - Connecting 2 Routers In Series?

Dec 29, 2012

I have two matching N300 Belkin routers. The cable modem feeds into modem1 and modem1 feeds into modem2. I get a good wireless connection on modem1. Modem2 shows up on a wireless scan and it accepts the password. It however will not connect.

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Belkin Routers :: Connecting Two AC1200 - Only One Should Act As DHCP Server And Broadcast Wireless?

Jan 13, 2013

I have two AC1200 routers? how do i connect one ac1200 to another ac1200. Only one should act as a DHCP server and broadcast wireless; the other should be simply just a hub (vs. me having to buy a separate hub). What are the correct settings and connections?

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Belkin Routers :: Connecting 4TB Seagate BackupPlus USB HDD To ShareMax N300 Wireless

Jan 26, 2013

I am trying to connect a Seagate Backup Plus 4TB USB HDD to the USB port on my Belkin ShareMax N300 wireless router. The router does not recognize this HDD. I know that the HDD is functioning because it works when I connect it directly to my laptop USB. I also know the Belkin USB port is working because it recognizes a 4GB USB memory stick and a 320GB Toshiba USB HDD. Is there a fundamental compatability problem, or is there some configuration that must be performed (e.g., reformat from NTFS to FAT32, etc.)? I saw some message traffic on the Belkin support site that indicated some issues with earlier versions of Belkin routers using larger HDDs (e.g., 4 TB). My router has a serial number 121026G3101468, model number F7D7301 v1.

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Cisco Routers :: RV 180W - Application Connecting To Apple TV Using Wireless Network?

Feb 8, 2013

i have issue for Remote App to connect to the Apple TV using the Wireless network setup in my 180W.My wired Mac is able to connect to wireless connected Apple TV but my i phone (4, 4S and i Pad) are not able to connect to apple TV.

Do I have to enable some setting for this to work. It used to work in my very old Buffalo router with tomato firmware.
If I connect the Apple TV to wired network it works fine. Instantly it shows up in i Phone Remote app, but not if its on wireless network.

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Cisco Routers :: Connecting Amped Wireless AP600EX Access Point To WRSV4400n

Aug 10, 2012

I am having trouble connecting the Amped Wireless AP600EX access point to my WRSV4400n. As soon as I plug the range extender into the router, instead of it receiving an IP address, it crashes the router. I have updated the router firmware to 2.021. I have checked the box in the WDS menu to "allow wireles signal to be repeated". I will check with Amped, but are there any known issues between this router and the Amped Wireless family of range extenders?

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Connecting 2 Routers Together?

Aug 18, 2012

I have moved my internet fro sky to virgin i still have my old router is it possible to connect them together so i get a better signal around my home.

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting 5 PCs By Using Switch?

Mar 7, 2011

I have switch.Broadband connection i want to share it among all 5PCs.By ising ICS and switch can do it??

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Routers / Switches :: Browser Not Connecting To

Aug 12, 2011

i m trying to connect to my linksys router set through my browser. i m unable to do so. using chrome browser the site192.168.0.1 is not connecting.

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Connecting Multiple Home Routers?

Feb 22, 2012

wireless networking in their home. Their home is built of bricks (inside walls and outside), so basically going about 10 feet around a wall will drop a wireless signal.One problem is that the router outside in the office has a separate network than the router inside of the house by the kitchen. They're both configured to use different SSIDs/encryption keys, etc, but they both are connected via ethernet cable. Problem is, moving from one side of the house, she has to switch her tablet/iPhone to the network being broadcasted by the first router, and then vice versa when going around the second wireless network.

Can I just simply configure the router inside as a wireless bridge and use the exact same SSID/encryption etc and have only one network show up regardless of which one she's closest to?I basically want to set up her network to where she just needs one wireless network, and no matter where she go in her house, she's connected to the same network (regardless of which router it's connected to), and still have internet access.

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Connecting Old And New Routers To Ports - DNS Cannot Be Resolved

May 17, 2012

we would like to get Internet from the new router and have it go through a second (old) router on one port and another wired connection on another port. Currently, when we connect the old router to a port, no traffic goes through and dns cannot be resolved.

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Connecting PC To XBOX Through Multiple Routers?

Aug 11, 2012

I have an upstairs office where my desktop pc is located. This pc is connected to the internet via a Linksys Router in my bedroom...

My XBox is downstairs and connected wirelessly to a Belkin Router downstairs. The Belkin Router is then connected to my Linksys Router to access the internet.

I can access XBox Live and the internet through both the XBox and my pc BUT the XBox doesn't see the computer on the network.. so I'm unable to stream files from my pc to the Xbox.

I'm attempting to stream movies from TVersity to my XBox but my XBox can't see my pc..

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Wirelessly Connecting 2 D-Link 624+ Routers?

Aug 7, 2011

how do you connect the router.

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Cisco WAN :: Connecting Two 1841 Routers Together

Feb 6, 2011

For educational reasons (a Videoconference class), I need to connect two 1841 router with each other. They both have HWIC-2T modules, but it's almost impossible for me to have the CAB-SS-2626X Smart Serial crossover cable on time. So, I was wondering if there will be some kind of a problem if I connect them through a UTP crossover cable using their FastEthernet interfaces. I suppose it will not "simulate" a serial wan connection but, would it work as a router to router connection?

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WNDR4500 - Connecting Two Routers For Internet Using Wi-Fi On Both?

Oct 10, 2012

I have two routers, one Apple router and a WNDR4500. The WNDR4500 is the second router and I need to have access to the computers and printers on the first router. Right now I have a cable from the first router (Apple Router) connected to the WAN port on the second router (WNDR4500). How do I set up so I can use both routers as wifi access-spots, both have internet and all the printers and computers are available on both? So I can print and share regardless of which wifi and router I'm connected to.

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Cisco Routers :: Connecting WRVS4400N VPN To Another

Oct 15, 2011

I'm having a heck of a time connecting the WRVS4400N VPN to another WRVS4400N VPN. both of the routers have the current firmware version V2.0.2.1: Router 1 is below, and router 2 has the matching configuration with as it should be the local group being that routers local information and the remote crew set up being router ones information. the status is up on both of the routers, but I'm unable to ping the remote gateway or any device behind it.[code]

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting A Printer To Two Different Modem?

Apr 23, 2012

Currently I have 2 different modem running in my working area which is modem A and modem B. Whenever user from Modem A( or Modem B( would like to print or scan something using the shared printer, I need to manually plug the cable into either Modem A or Modem B depends on the network the user are currently using.How I do previously is only set DHCP on Modem A and disable DHCP for modem B so that Modem B will share DHCP assigned by Modem A. Both modems connect to the same Switch with the printer cable so both network user can use it together.But the problem now is I have to enable DHCP for both modems and causing the previously method can't be use anymore. So is there any other way that I can link both Modem A and Modem B with each assign different DHCP to link with 1

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting 2 Modem In 1 Router

Apr 26, 2012

How to connect 2 cisco modem in 1 3com router.

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